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The more you know

Do you know that it was one Robby Mook who started the Russia hacked the DNC server narrative? Did you know that is where the narrative was switched to “Russia hacked the ELECTION”? Did you know that that came right after the DNC server hack was “revealed” even though the actual “hacking” (really a download) had been documented to have occurred in late 2015 to early 2016. Did you know that interview was on CNN?. Did you know that the DNC was basically Hillary Clinton from late 2015 on? She controlled it ALL from funding to operatives.

Did you know there were several bait and switches in the narrative on Russia?
Do you know WHEN the narrative exactly changed from Russia interfered in the 2016 election to Donald Trump colluded with Russia? Hint, it was done by Rod Rosenstein. We were bait and switched folks, TWICE.

Vault 7 tells us the CIA had the means and opportunity to plant Cozy bear and Fancy bear malware that CrowdStrike “found” to begin the whole “Russians” hacked the DNC meme that was then introduced to the public by Robby Mook and CNN. The curious part is the FBI did not EVER get to examine the DNC server. Who did CrowdStrike work for, who were they affiliated with?

They used a joke folks and some slight of hands to bait and switch us in an attempt to cover up their past spying which DID begin in 2015. (From Russia hacked the DNC to “Russia interfered in the ELECTION” to Donald Trump COLLUDED with Russia) See all the switches?

The reason I think they MUST hide this ALL is because it was done BEFORE 2015 like say 2012 or maybe even earlier (after the 2010 election debacle). Maxine Waters of all people gave that info up. Obama was spying on EVERYONE and using it to his and his agenda’s advantage. That is why this ALL is being covered up if you want to get down to brass tacks. They simply couldn’t have the 2015 and subsequent spying revealed because it would open OLDER doors that they needed SEALED.

It WAS Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS in 2015, She is the KEY that opens the lock. ALL this is in my book and more, with proof. All we all needed to do was look, all the info is there, it has just been overwhelmed by all the chaff. (intentionally to obscure the truth) It was ALL overlooked by the MSM on purpose because they were in on it.

When I did my timeline, it is almost like an assembly line of moves and counter moves by Trump and the Cabal. It all came to a head in 2018 when there were almost weekly hearings in Congress by the ancillary players in the Cabal. They could have ALREADY gotten them indicted, but they didn’t want just the small fish, they wanted the whales, and I believe they now have the path to that. Once the smaller guys lead to just ONE of Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, or any other Senior members of team Obama, it all comes down, they only had ONE boss. Nellie is key, she was in on all THREE spying operations. Once she is in the sunlight, she will lead to either Clapper or Brennan or BOTH. Then the fun begins.

Admiral Rogers and Rosemary Collyer found and STOPPED the original scheme. Rogers found all the 702 about queries and did an audit, and stopped all the contractor access to the NSA database. (contractors like Fusion GPS (Nellie Ohr) were used to give Brennan, Clapper, and Obama plausible deniability) Rosemary Collyer found all the unmasking FROM those searches and ORDERED it stopped. (unmaking by senior WH people like Rice, Mook, and Power)

That is why the Russian narrative was invented, it was justification to renew the spying (by using Five Eyes and spies.)and cover up the old. They ALWAYS thought they would find something on Trump to stop him. They ALWAYS thought Hillary would win.

They were wrong, and they had to try and take actions to remove Trump before it was exposed. They “doubled down” . When that didn’t work and Trump would NOT resign, they “tripled down” and tried to use the 25th amendment. When that didn’t work, we have Mueller, whose job was to find ANYTHING to get Trump removed or Impeached. When that bit the dust, they covered what they could, and are now SCRAMBLING to quadruple down using Congress and the House. They will NEVER stop till they are stopped and put in prison. Trump really has NO choice. Even though this all leads to one person, it MUST be done. Again folks it is all in my book, and it is all sourced, all we had to do was look and have someone write it down.

Sample of Lies Innuendo Sedition Treason

Forward 3
Ch 1 Her Turn 4
Ch 2 “Extremely Careless” 8
Ch 3 The Pied Piper 12
Ch 4 Barack to the rescue 15
Ch 5 Nunes learns the truth 20
Ch 6 October Surprises 23
Ch 7 Prelude to a setup 26
Ch 8 Spies and lies 31
Ch 9 the Patsies 35
Ch 10 Whoa Nellie 40
Ch 11 Dossier distribution 44
CH 12The Ally takedowns 47
Ch 13 Comey troubles 54
CH 14 Peter, Andy, and Lisa 58
Ch 15 I smell a rat 61
CH 16 The Insurance policy 65
Ch 17 the dam is showing cracks 71
Ch 18 Fruit of the Poisonous Tree 74
CH 19 The Players 77
Ch 20 Epilogue 94
Timeline 95
Conclusions 102
END 108

Ch 1 Her Turn

This is a story of a very corrupt woman, Hillary Clinton, who thought that she was entitled. She was due, She had bit her tongue, enabled her womanizer husband, and “stood by her man” like a good little trooper while he rose in the ranks politically, to even one day become the 42nd President of the United States (1992-2000). She then stepped aside and allowed the “chosen one” Barack Hussein Obama to become the first African American President (2008-2016). 2016 was to be HER turn, and the Obama Administration was bound and determined to make sure that Hillary would have all the help an then some she needed to make that happen.

Hillary as Secretary of State, (2009-2013) had been embroiled in several scandals. From the Benghazi (Sept 2012) and Muammar Gaddafi (“We came, he died” March 2011) debacles in Libya, to the Syria and Russian/Crimean/Ukraine conflicts which came to a head in early 2014, but were propagated on her watch as Sec of State. Do you remember the plastic red “reset” button with the improper translation into Russian in March of 2009? How about the giving of technology to Russia help set up their own “Silicon Valley” inside Russia? Worse yet, the selling of 20% of the US Uranium market to Russia in 2010 known as the Uranium One controversy, which Hillary Clinton had to personally sign off on as Secretary of State. Many think that The Uranium sale was a quid pro quo with several wealthy Russian investors, who were tied to the Rosatom side of the Uranium One deal contributing approximately $145 Million dollars to the Clinton Foundation after the Uranium One deal went through. Also, On June 29, 2010 Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank with ties to the Kremlin and which was promoting Uranium One stock, paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for a speech in Moscow shortly after the Rosatom acquisition of Uranium One was announced. (I guess then Putin and the Russians were the “good guys”, and “colluding” with, and taking large sums of money from them were OK.)

The Uranium One issue is a scandal unto itself, with MANY of the players that will follow in this document being key actors in the actual deal going through. From Secretary of State Clinton, to FBI Director Robert Mueller, to the Podesta Group of Tony and John Podesta, to Rod Rosenstein, and Andrew Weissmann.
FBI Director Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Russian uranium giant Rosatom was centered in Maryland, Tenam’s (Tenam Corporation is the US representative of TENEX, a leading global supplier of nuclear fuel cycle products and back-end materials) home base. The U.S. attorney in Maryland was Obama appointee Rod Rosenstein. The investigation was an intelligence probe into Rosatom officials. The investigation obtained an eyewitness, William Campbell, known as Confidential Source-1 (CS-1) in court documents, recordings, and emails. The evidence indicates Rosatom oligarchs sent millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation to buy access during Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s tenure on the Committee on Foreign Investment of the United States (CFIUS). CFIUS is the government body that provided the approval of the sale of Uranium One to Rosatom. Hillary, as Secretary of State, was the head of CFIUS.(1)

Rosenstein and Weissmann would go on to decline prosecution of several Russian Rosatom officials for bribery involved in the case including Rosatom’s main executive in the United States, Vadim Mikerin whom Whistle blower William Douglas Campbell had accused of orchestrating a racketeering plot involving kickbacks, bribes and extortion that corrupted the main uranium trucking company in the United States. Guess who was a lobbyist for Rasatom during that time? That’s right, the Podesta group. Guess who are major players in the Special Council “Russian Interference” probe of Trump and his Campaign? Rod Rosenstein was the one who appointed the Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller’s top deputy in charge of most of the subsequent ancillary prosecutions is none other than Andrew Weissmann. It is all a big incestuous pile of the SAME players in all this mess.
Curiously, Rosatom, Tenam, and of course the Clinton Foundation were all cleared and approved in 2010 by Mueller and CIFUS, the sale went through. No conflicts of interest, no bribery, no quid pro quo. (Right.) This scandal was recently revealed to be under investigation again by John Huber. Stay tuned on this, but rest assured that there are simply too many connected players to be a “coincidence”.

Then we have the Clinton Foundation, purported to be one of the largest, corrupt, and most secretive “nonprofit” money gathering and distribution systems known. You and I would call that money laundering, the Clinton’s call it a “charitable organization” The Clinton Foundation was founded in 1997 as the William J. Clinton Foundation and from 2013 to 2015 was briefly renamed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. It is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code. The stated mission is to “strengthen the capacity of people in the United States and throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence.” Its offices are located in New York City and Little Rock, Arkansas. In reality, it was a place where foreign entities, governments, oligarchs, lobbyists, politicians, and investors would donate money in the guise of “charity” only to be granted political favors later, especially during Hillary’s time as Secretary of State (2009-2013).

Despite taking in more than 2.5 Billion dollars in “donations” an independent audit found that only a small portion of that went directly to the intended charitable destinations like Haiti. Most of the money was used on employee salaries, trips, and “administrative costs”. During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, it was revealed that several foreign countries like Saudi Arabia (25 million dollars), the United Arab Emirates (5 million), Kuwait (10 million), and Qatar (10 million) had made large donations to the Clinton foundation. Qatar even had paid Bill Clinton 1 million dollars for a speaking engagement on his birthday in 2012.(2)

Was this a “pay for play” scheme, a quid pro quo? After all, the person in charge of foreign policies that could be favorable or unfavorable to these countries was the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Reportedly between 2001 and 2016 Bill Clinton had racked up over 153 million dollars in speaking fees. Recall that during most of that time Hillary was running for President, an even bigger influence over policy than Secretary of State. Even Obama was weary of the Clinton Foundation. There was a 2008 ethics agreement that had been hashed out by top aides for President Obama and Clinton Foundation officials. The agreement provided an avenue for the foundation to accept donations from foreign governments that had never given before or were increasing the size of their donations. Those donations were to be submitted to the State Department for vetting. (The fox guarding the hen house? Who was Secretary of state?) But State Department officials have said the process was never used (Why am I not surprised). Curiously after the 2016 election loss, donations to the Clinton Foundation have reportedly dropped dramatically. WHY? Perhaps no more influence was available that could be bought and sold?

Like with the Uranium One scandal, the Clinton Foundation is also being re-investigated by John Huber. A good read on the Clinton foundation and the Uranium One stories is a book by Peter Schweitzer called ‘Clinton Cash’. Just now, on March 15 2019′ we find out from released Peter Strzok testimony that the DOJ had forbidden the FBI from investigating the Clinton Foundation during the time of Hillary’s email scandal. WHY? What were they hiding? Was this a bigger quid pro quo involving more than just Hillary? Even Obama? (This new angle will hopefully be looked at soon.)

In any case, Hillary had always avoided responsibility and accountability. She was infamous for her “At this point, what difference does it make” statements under Congressional testimony over the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi Libya (Jan 23 2013). Two private security contractors, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty, an IT person, Sean Smith, and US Ambassador Christopher Stevens were murdered in the Consulate at Benghazi Libya on Sept 11 2012 (an election year). Hillary and Obama had blamed the attack and the subsequent deaths on a pathetic, mostly unseen “anti-Islamic” YouTube video, never taking responsibility for HER actions of not providing adequate security in the powder keg that was Libya despite numerous requests from Stevens (we were the LAST major consulate left). She had failed to protect those DIRECTLY under her charge. In reality, Benghazi appears to have been used as a place where OUR weapons like Man-pads ( Mobile rocket launchers) , and Stinger missiles would be sold or given to the Libyan resistance. These same weapons would pass to Syria, and Yemen, finally winding up in the Syrian “freedom fighters” hands. You and I call them ISIS. That’s right, OUR OWN weapons were being passed to people that would later become ISIS who would then use those weapons to take over almost half of Iraq and Syria. ISIS was essentially created by OUR OWN government. They would also foment civil wars in Yemen and Libya. These wars would go on to cause a massive migration of Muslim “refugees” flowing through Turkey and into Europe. One cannot help but wonder if this was all a globalist plan. My only points of evidence to support this are thin, but not as thin as blaming the 2012 murder of four Americans on a “YouTube video”.
1)Why was our consulate moved from Tripoli to a known hotbed of “extremist” activities? (Benghazi is a port city, wonder what was being shipped and received)
2.Why was the security drastically reduced, outsourced to unreliable locals, and subsequent requests for more security denied? Did we think we were among friends?
3. Why were we the LAST major diplomatic contingent left in Libya?
4. Why was there a CIA compound not 1 mile from the “consulate” in Benghazi?
5. What was the CIA doing there in the first place?
6. Why when we had numerous assets available, like predator drones, and strike groups in Italy, was NO action taken to help the consulate or the private contractors who came from the CIA base?
7. Why were those private contractors ordered to stand down and not intervene?
8. Why was the task force that was to be deployed delayed NUMEROUS times, including to change in and out of uniforms?
9. Why did we not at least dispatch a few F35’s from our air base in Italy to break up the massacre at the consulate? Remember they were only about an hour or two away at top speed, and could refuel in mid-flight. The fighting wet on for over 13 hours, and those killed were STILL alive in the first few hours.
10. Why is their reportedly a predator drone live streaming the attack in real time video to the situation room at the White House. Was that predator armed?
11. Who gave the orders to stand down, and why?
12. Where was Obama and Hillary during the attack? Weren’t they the ones who were directly responsible?
13. Why did Obama and Hillary blame the attack on a YouTube video, and send Susan Rice to declare that on all the Sunday morning news programs?
14. Why was John McCain seen in a photo in Syria with the members who would become ISIS a few months later?
15. Why was ISIS allowed to form in the first place, let alone gather strength and take ground in Iraq and Syria?
16. Does this scandal tie in to the ones we are discussing? Was perhaps the Clinton foundation used to launder the money from those sales of weapons? Were that and other details of Benghazi discussed on the private email server?
17. IS that why the server was hidden and subsequently destroyed?

There is MUCH more to this story, and while it does tie in some of the players this document discusses, we must move back to the task at hand. May God have mercy on those who died and their families, and when this is all over, may they find peace, truth, and justice.

Ch 2 “Extremely Careless”

Hillary’s more recent and perilous scandal involved the usage of a personal Email server located in a basement in a closet of her Chappaqua NY house, and was later handed over to Platte River Networks (PRN) of Denver a private “mom and pop” IT security firm.
She was using a personal email account to conduct Government business AWAY from her secure SCIF (Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility) and far away from the eyes of either Congressional oversight or Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) accountability.
She was being investigated for having classified info in an unsecured place, a felony and a violation of the espionage act. Her server was discovered in March 2013 by accident when a hacker named “Guccifer” (NOT the same as Guccifer 2 discussed later) widely distributed emails sent to Clinton from Sidney Blumenthal (a former White House aide to Bill Clinton, and confidant of Hillary’s that was BANNED from working in the Obama Administration by Obama himself.), which Guccifer obtained by hacking Blumenthal’s email account(3). The emails involved Benghazi, and might have been “classified” Blumenthal had no security clearance. Congressional testimony and documents Clinton had to turn over on Benghazi (Summer of 2014) led Congressman Trey Gowdy to reveal that ALL Secretary Clinton’s emails were being routed NOT to her State.Gov email, but to, a huge violation of the law, especially if ANY classified info was in those emails. Many people speculate that numerous people in the Obama Administration were using the server to communicate, including Obama himself under an alias. (WHY? What did they all have to hide?)

A huge Congressional investigation was started March 2, 2015, which would lead to a criminal investigation by the FBI (July 2015). Hillary’s emails and the server, as well as her phones, IPADS, and laptops, would all be subpoenaed at that time. But to Congressional shock, tens of thousands of emails were missing, (Dec 5 2014) and it was discovered that the server itself had been wiped and destroyed by the program Bleachbit sometime between March 23 and March 31st by a Platte River Network employee. This was almost a month AFTER all those documents AND the server had been subpoenaed.
Hillary would claim that the deleted emails some 33000 of them, were for yoga, her daughter Chelsea’s wedding, funeral arrangements, and correspondence with her Husband Bill. (Who is widely known to NOT use email) Most of her Government issued Blackberry phones and IT devices were DESTROYED with hammers, a HUGE crime. Was this obstruction of justice? The few phones she did turn over were missing their sim cards, making them worthless…ANOTHER criminal violation. All that did not matter to Hillary; she was now running for President, all this would pass, after all this was HER time.

James Comey would clear Hillary of any wrong doing the “server scandal” (later called the Midyear Exam) on July 5th 2016(4), the heart of the Presidential campaign, even though Comey spent six minutes describing the things Hillary had done, and how they were all crimes, He came to the conclusion that no “reasonable” prosecutor would take up her case. (We later find, through released Page testimony that James Baker, the General Counsel for the FBI, in fact DID want to prosecute Hillary) Comey stated that even though Hillary had apparently violated the law, she had NO intent, and really did not understand the classification process, even though Hillary had been Secretary of State, a US Senator, and a First Lady and KNEW or should have known all about classified info handling. She had even put out guidelines to her own department FORBIDDING the EXACT thing she was doing (using a private email to do government business).

Comey concluded Hillary had not violated the “letter” of the law, gross negligence; she was only “extremely careless” and had no ‘intent” to do so, even though the hidden server, missing emails, and destroyed devices PROVED that in fact she did.
Despite the clear evidence, Comey declined prosecution. It would later be revealed by Comey that his original charging report had been changed by Peter Strzok to read “extremely careless” instead of the Comey words to the letter of the law “grossly negligent”(5), and also that it was Lisa Page who suggested that “intent was needed”, this occurred in MAY of 2016 BEFORE Hillary had even been interviewed.
Comey had inadvertently revealed that Hillary was being cleared of the crimes BEFORE she was formally interviewed. How nice of him to “fix” this little problem for her. Curiously Obama had used the nearly the EXACT wording that would be changed in the report when he was interviewed about Hillary’s case by Fox News Sunday on April 10 2016(6). Stating “I continue to believe that she has not jeopardized America’s national security,” Obama said in an interview on “Fox News Sunday”. “What I’ve also said is that — and she has acknowledged — that there’s a carelessness, in terms of managing emails, that she … recognizes” Had Obama just obstructed justice? At the least had he INFLUENCED Comey’s decision? Had he basically told the DOJ NOT to charge Hillary?

Now, we find out from the recently released Lisa Page Congressional testimony, that Obama’s DOJ had basically forbidden the FBI from CHARGING her, and that Lisa Page herself DID suggest the need for “intent” even though the law specifically says intent is NOT needed(7).
Mr. Ratcliffe: “Okay. So let me if I can, I know I’m testing your memory, but when you say advice you got from the Department, you’re making it sound like it was the Department that told you: You’re not going to charge gross negligence because we’re the prosecutors and we’re telling you we’re not going to –”
Ms. Page: “That is Correct.”
And then there is the actual law: 18 U.S. Code § 1924(8). Unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material States : “(a) Whoever, being an officer, employee, contractor, or consultant of the United States, and, by virtue of his office, employment, position, or contract, becomes possessed of documents or materials containing classified information of the United States, knowingly removes such documents or materials without authority and with the intent to retain such documents or materials at an unauthorized location shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than five years, or both.

It seems Ms. Page, Hillary, Comey, and Strzok have some explaining to do. Also just who in the DOJ had the authority to tell the FBI to NOT prosecute Hillary? It seems to me it could only come from the Attorney General or ABOVE level. I thought Loretta Lynch was recused? Sally Yates perhaps? Higher? Obama? Would that not be obstruction of justice if they did?
The fact that James Comey, the FBI director was having a news conference pronouncing whether or not to prosecute Hillary was a scandal it of itself. Why was the FBI director, and not the Attorney General Loretta Lynch making the decision? After all, the FBI’s job was to investigate crimes, NOT prosecute crimes. That decision to prosecute crimes was supposed to lie in the Department of Justice, and its head Attorney General Lynch. Why was Comey heading this up?

Well, it seems that AG Lynch had a conflict of interest, and was forced to recuse herself. She had had an “impromptu” meeting with Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, on a tarmac at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix Arizona on June 28th 2016, mere days before Hillary was supposed to be informed if she would be indicted or not for her private server.
The meeting was on a 110 degree day, and was pure “happenstance” according to both Clinton and Lynch. (Even though BOTH were under Secret Service protection, and BOTH would have ALL their activities cataloged) This meeting was in “secret”, and was revealed to the world by a local reporter who just happened to be at the airport that day. We all were NEVER supposed to know this meeting had happened.(9)
They had met for 45 minutes on board Lynch’s government issued plane, and had claimed they only discussed golf and grand kids. Even though it was 110 degrees, even though NO record of Bill Clinton or Lynch has ever been produced to validate that ANY golf was played that day by either, and despite the fact that Lynch has no grandchildren to discuss. We were all supposed to believe that NOTHING improper had happened, and that Hillary’s pending indictments had not been a topic. (Sure)
Lynch had previously DENIED that Hillary was even under investigation, and had instructed James Comey and others in her department to describe the blatant criminal investigation into Hillary’s server, NOT as an investigation, but as a “matter”(10) (HUH?)
Anyone with eyes could see that there WAS in fact a criminal investigation (Midyear Exam). Why would Lynch seemingly deny reality? Was the fix in? (YES, as we see there was already apparently a decision in place from the DOJ to not prosecute before Comey’s announcement or Hillary’s interview with Strzok, which BOTH happened after the tarmac meeting.)

Lynch was forced to recuse herself (Even though she insists she didn’t, she deferred the decision to the FBI and Comey) shortly after the meeting was discovered, and she named Comey as the arbiter of the “matter’. Why? Normally when an AG recuses a case, the task then goes to the next in command, the Deputy AG. At that time it was Sally Yates or Dana Boente. Why would they be bypassed for Comey, who reported DIRECTLY to Yates? Why was the FBI deciding whether or not to prosecute? I thought the FBI investigated crimes, and the DOJ prosecuted crimes found from those investigations. Was this abrogation even legal? The answer is yet unknown , as all things discussed on the tarmac that day are highly classified, and have not been released, even though there is probably both transcripts, audio and video of the meeting. Someday we will see, but rest assured this meeting was NOT about “golf and grandkids”, more likely, it involved a quid pro quo (Latin for: this for that) for Lynch in a future Hillary administration. Was Lynch offered a Supreme Court seat in exchange for “helping out Hillary”? One was coincidentally available as Anthony Scalia had just mysteriously passed away. We may never know the Truth, but those tapes SHOULD prove quite interesting indeed.

Hillary would be “interviewed” by Peter Strzok a senior special agent for the FBI and Special Agent David Laufman over the July 4th weekend(11). Strzok will be important later. Even though his interview with Hillary has been partially released in the form of 302 notes, we have not yet seen the full unredacted version. It was reported that Hillary seemed confused as to the security policy, and had “not recalled” many things that had happened, including that a “[C]” outside of a paragraph meant “classified” a widely accepted notation that anyone who had a security clearance, let alone a former Secretary of State, should have known. Curiously, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, two of Hillary’s top aides at the State department, were allowed to sit in on the interviews as “counsels” for Clinton. What the hell? Weren’t these too also implicated in this scandal? Didn’t they work with Clinton at State? Didn’t they ALSO have Clinton email accounts? Didn’t they know all about the hidden server? Weren’t they too therefore complicit? Why the heck would they be permitted to be there to “represent” Clinton as “attorneys”? Isn’t that an OBVIOUS conflict? At the least would these two not be witnesses against Clinton for their knowledge of the server?
Strzok, would later be implicated in text messages uncovered by the DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz between Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page (who was a lawyer for FBI on loan from the DOJ). Strzok would in those texts, profess his loyalty to Hillary whom he referred to as the “future President”, and his utter contempt for Donald Trump, who he said hoped would lose “100 million to zero in the upcoming election.”(12) Most of the 50000 or so texts from Page and Strzok have either been deleted(by Robert Mueller and his team or been “lost” by the DOJ. The few we HAVE seen paint a VERY biased picture by both Page and Strzok FOR Hillary and AGAINST Trump. We will come back to that later.


Times Up!

All this pearl clutching about Dems opening NEW investigations through Congress on SDNY, without seeing the BIG picture. If the Dems want to go down with the SS Cohen, so be it, the flailing should be spectacular. Cohen is a known and CONVICTED liar. He has as much credibility now as a fox in a hen house full of dead chickens blaming the rooster…IE NONE.

No one has seen the significance apparently, that TWO DAYS after Barr was confirmed, Mueller is wrapping up? WHY? Didn’t he just indict Roger Stone? So, that was it? NO, Barr has “pulled” Mueller’s plug. This farce is about to END and end BADLY for the Cabal. Once Mueller is kaput next week, I HOPE the Dems leak some some and innuendo. So DOES TRUMP!. That way, it will be MUCH easier to round up the cabal for prosecution for TREASON.

Gasp! you say, BUT they will leak info and use that to START NEW committee investigations which will lead to articles of impeachment. Right? WRONG! I am sure that is their plan, along with using PinocCohen. But, ONE very large 800 ton gorilla is sitting in the room that  is conveniently forgotten.

Once Mueller is a wrap, IT IS CLASSIFIED. ONLY Barr can decide IF and WHAT to release, IF ANYTHING. The MSM and Dems can hem and haw, the MORE they do or leak the BETTER. WHY? Well has everyone forgotten that Bar is now there? NOT RR, Not an interim, NOT Comey?

IF the Dems try ANYTHING further (Trump is hoping against hope they do, as there will be NO need for a campaign in 2020 Trump may win all 50 states) Trump will simply RELEASE the KRAKEN. You know ALL the “classified” docs, the FISA app, the 302’s, the IG report un-redacted, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to do with all this farce. That will be akin to dropping a 10 trillion megaton nuclear bomb into the swamp. DEVASTATION.

ALL the Cabal, foreign agents, spies, foreign Govt’s, Uniparty Congress and Senate, MSM facilitators and enablers, and ESPECIALLY OBAMA will look like the corrupt fools and seditious treacherous TRAITORS they are. It will make the forthcoming arrests easier for the masses to pallet.

ANY further attempts to “prolong”, tangent, or reopen this coup based upon the previous lie will to be considered TREASON. So, by ALL means Nadler, Pelosi, Cohen, Schiff, Schumer, Watters, and whoever else, jump into the boiling cauldron, the water is FINE.

Face it, some don’t want to admit it, but I will. This is OVER. The Dems and Cabal with their MSM sycophants tried, and they FAILED. Their time is UP. ANY further attempts will not only be seen by us (Trup supporters) as treason, but also as the politically motivated hit job it was and is by REGULAR non MAGA people.

The 25% or so of the hard left will NEVER see anything but Trump is bad, but the 50% of us will be vindicated, and the other 25% who were on the fence or against Trump will come over to OUR side, realizing that they had been played. ANY further attempts will mean not only Trump’s re election (that is almost a given now) BUT also the END of the Democratic party, possibly FOREVER. So if they feel “froggy” by all means jump!. Watch out for that first step though, its a loo loo!

The end to this nightmare is nigh!

Sigh, where to begin. Just because something doesn’t “appear” to be done, does NOT mean nothing is or HAS been done behind the scenes. Just because no one in the Cabal has been indicted YET does NOT mean they won’t be.
You may have “fallen” for the same trick that the Cabal have. They THINK they got away with it, they THINK they are winning. They are about to find out just how WRONG they are. Trump has played the “wounded duck” very well..too well it would appear to some, as even some of his supporters have took the bait.
Did it EVER occur to all you doubters that Trump has ALLOWED the Cabal to “drive” the narrative? did you ever consider that by going OVER the top on people like Cohen, Stone, Manafort, Papadapolous, and Flynn, that the Cabal has inadvertently set PRECEDANT on how THEY will be treated, indicted, tried, and sentenced? I thought not.

See it was perfectly OK to do the things they did to those people, they and the MSM told us so OFTEN. Now, when Cabal members are surveilled, their attorney’s offices raided, their homes raided by armed men at 3 in the morning, what leg do THEY have to complain on? Right, NONE. What was that old saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” The Cabal is about to learn that..BIGLY.

Trump has been kicking their asses for nearly 3 years. They have thrown EVERYTHING in their play book at him including the kitchen sink, and NOTHING has stuck. They themselves did indeed set the “narrative” They have screamed and broadcast it 24/7 for 2 years. “Collusion with Russia is BAD” ” We can’t allow foreign interference in our elections” it is impeachable, it is indictable. All we have heard right?

Well, ahem, Trump did not collude or conspire (that, if this was all real, would be the charge NOT collusion), they have looked for it for TWO years and all they have found is that the CABAL DID conspire with Russia, through Steele, Simpson, Clapper, and others.
They did use Five eyes allies and spies to interfere in the election and beyond. They did use our intelligence agencies and Government agencies, as well as CONGRESS in a conspiracy to keep Trump from office, then try to remove him, then cover it up.
Now, by setting the “narrative” what have the Cabal, including the MSM set themselves up for? That’s right…now you start seeing the BIG picture. They have used their own words to set themselves up for their own hanging.

Now we are in the END game for the Coupists. Trump has “set the hook”. He has ALL he needs now, hence the sudden FLOOD of info being released…ALL OF IT BAD for the Cabal and the Coupists.

Someone has been investigating, gathering, compiling, organizing into coherent texts, and RELEASING this info. WHO? My bet, the erstwhile Mr. Huber. You know, the guy who has been working…silently… with the OIG Horrowitz for the past year.

Huber DOES have subpoena powers. Huber CAN convene a grand jury or juries. Huber can INDICT. Horrowitz can investigate and corroborate. All this was done, hard as it is to believe, IN SECRET. Wow, what a novel concept in DC, a truly SECRET operation. NO LEAKS…NONE. WHY?

Perhaps the Cabal THOUGHT they were winning and safe and were going to get away with it AGAIN (like many here and elsewhere did). No such luck this time. They are (shortly ) cooked.

These people had to “appear” incompetent, feckless, weak, and possibly on the same team as the Cabal, to be EFFECTIVE. They too played the wounded duck well. ALL the facts, players, and EVIDENCE, must now be at hand. It is being slowly but steadily spoon fed to we the people. The Hammer is ready to drop, MANY will be shocked when it does, ESPECIALLY the Cabal and the MSM.

It took a LONG time to put this together. It took a LONG time to weed out all or most of the Cabal, and an even LONGER time to identify, isolate, and gather intel on ALL the players. This is going to be HUGE. BIBLICALLY HUGE.

I too wanted swift action, I too wanted justice, I too became despondent at times, I too thought at times they would win, I too thought it was too big to contain let alone stop, even for Trump. I was WRONG. Trump has played the long con on ALL of them, and they, thinking he was Elmer Fudd, bought it hook, line, and sinker. We and they are about to see the fruit of “playing wounded duck”

It will be the MOST watched TV of ALL time when this really hits, despite the MSM being on team Cabal, there are a few who WILL defect, realizing the tide has turned, and there is $$$ to be made, as well as trying to “atone” for their sins. The Cabal IS on the clock, and it is rapidly approaching ZERO.


O M G RBG and Roberts

There ARE no verifiable signs of life of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, . I myself debunked the concert “appearance” the other night. No pics it didn’t happen.  What cancer doctor would allow his recent post op 3x cancer survivor who just had a major part of her lung removed, to go out in the cold damp air to a concert with dozens of people and BILLIONS of germs?   Answer NONE…RBG is AT LEAST immune system compromised because of if not JUST radiation, and surgery, but also most likely chemo as well.  NO cancer doctor would allow that in ANY circumstance, UNLESS there is NOYHING more that can be done, and she is in Hospice.

The fact that not only is Roberts VOTING with the liberals, but ALSO allowing RBG to vote by PROXY ( she is NOT in chambers, and has NOT been there to hear oral arguments on the RECENT cases, she is supposedly reviewing the dockets FROM HOME) is proof that he is INDEED compromised. He should be investigated, found compromised and impeached. This is a FARCE.

Quick question for ALL who question that RBG is not incapacitated. Why do we suddenly see a RASH of state laws being passed in liberal cities and districts on late and even POST birth abortion? Why the sudden URGENCY?  Answer, because RBG is either dead, or incapacitated, and that fact CANNOT be kept from us (and Trump) much longer.


Then Trump will get to replace Ginsberg with Amy Coney Barrett, and not even traitor or Liberal in Conservative clothing Roberts will be able to STOP the overturning of Roe V Wade.

It will then TRULY be 5-4 with Roberts taking on his TRUE form of liberal and being REMOVED at least as chief Justice (the one who sets the agenda AND controls the judges on the FISC court.


O M G . I JUST figured it ALL out guys….GASP….This whole show of Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, and the subsequent coverup of the FISA and FISC abuses was NOT just to cover up for Obama and the Cabals Coup de tat, , but ALSO ROBERTS.

Once revealed in the declassification documents, this will take down not only a former President, but ALSO the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS. NOW it ALL makes sense. When you realize, as I just did, that ROBERTS was a VITAL part of the coup, it ALL FITS.

Roberts sets the SCOTUS itinerary, Roberts is in charge of WHO sits on the FISC court, Roberts REVIEWS FISC court findings, Roberts would be the presiding judge in ANY Presidential trial in the Senate.

Roberts has recently been CONSISTANTLY siding with the liberals since RBG had her surgery. Roberts is ALLOWING RBG (most likely her staff…liberals ALL) to vote by PROXY. ROBERTS IS A TRAITOR. O M G.

THAT is why the FISC cover up, IT ALL leads to ROBERTS. He is a Manchurian Justice. He is IN on the Coup at the ground floor. Who wants to bet that Roberts himself is somewhere mentioned in the classified documents?

THIS is EARTH SHATTERING, and to my knowledge, no one has seen it. Didn’t someone prophesize this? That Trump would appoint FOUR Justices, and One hidden would be “removed” WOW.  This coup attempt not only involved a former Preisdent (Obama), his senior staff ( Rice, Powers, Clapper, Rhodes, Jarrett), Members of the FBI(Comey, McCabe, Stryzk), DOJ( Lynch, Ohr, Page Priestep, Baker), CIA(Brennan), and State (Kerry).  It involved the MSM (Isakoff, Yahoo, Wapo, NY Times, CNN. MSNBC. Buzzfeed, and MORE it included  Six members of the current Gang of eight( Burr, Warner, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, MConnell  plus three former members in Feinstein, Ryan, and Reid.  Only Nunez, who tried to stop this farce and reveal it is safe.  McCarthy is an unknown at this point. This wide raging multifaceted Coup also included FOREIGN Govt intelligence agencies in the 5 Eyes (UK and Australia)  plus at least Three foreign spies in Halper, Steele, and Misfud.   All of three of them are at least tied to MI6 and also Brennan and the CIA.

Now the last piece just “hit” me.  Chief Justice of the SCOTUS is also in on it.  They thought they had ALL the bases covered.   from intelligence, to foreign Govt approvals, Five Eyes inquiries,  and intelligence agencies, to select MSM running a 24/7 psyop in TV, Print and the internet.  From DOJ, and FBI lawyers, administrators, and agents.  from Senior members of the previous Administration up to and including the former President.  From members of Congressional and Senate committees, to the Senior gang of 8 themselves.  From the State dept. and foreign spies, to John MCcain and his aide. From the Fisc court and justice Rudolph Contreras ( who not only approved at least ONE FISA app, he also was the judge who was forced to recuse in the Flynn case)to Chief Justice Roberts himself.

Hillary Clinton only laundered the money through Perkins Couie, and hired Glen Simpson and Fusion GPS for OP research, who then hired Steele.  I am sure She is in on it, but NO WAY she ran all this.  She may be a player, but they thought she would win and cover it up.  ALL this lies at the feet of ONE man, weather or not he was the “mastermind” (it had to be someone else..Jarrett perhaps as this was ALL VERY complicated) Obama sanctioned, approved, and was constantly updated via PDB.  HE ALLOWED it to continue from a smear network to keep Trump out, to trying a coup to remove Trump before he became entrenched, to now the cover up with the Mueller SC.

We are living IN history here folks.  This must NEVER be allowed to happen again, and those responsible MUST pay the ultimate price for their TREASON…DEATH.  When this history is written, MANY will go to jail, a few will pay with their lives.  Trump will go down in history as the man who SAVED the country from the attempted coup.  Obama and the cabal will go down in infamy as TRAITORS and failed coupists, even WORSE than Benedict Arnold.

Drink it in, research, listen, be awake, stay informed, and most importantly, TEACH your children and grand children about this treachery.  Show them what depths evil corrupt people will go to.  Teach them right from wrong, about the consequences of your actions.  Teach them about deeds and not just words.  Show them light vs dark.  Don’t turn away, face the truth…cold and harsh.  Learn from it.   God bless America, pray for his guidance and comfort in the days ahead when this is revealed, we will need it!