Fauci and his ilk LIED and people DIED

Well, here you have it. They all LIED, and people died and ARE and will continue to die from the fake “vaccine” I a lie of OMISSION (hiding the truth) is still a LIE.

READ. 1200 people DIED from getting the Pfizer “vaccine” in JUST the first 90 days. In a study group of @ 50000. That is @ 1 in 37 DEAD (1223), from the “vaccine” and that is JUST Pfizer, not all the others J&J, Moderna, etc.

This is also only the REPORTED deaths (IE CONFIRMED) that they could not obfuscate, lie or HIDE.

There were hundreds of thousands of “serious” not mild (their words not mine) Adverse Events. reported. JUST from Pfizer, just from the first 3 months.

They ALL knew and KNOW. This was Phizers own report that they gave to the FDA. Then the FDA not only approved and recommended the EUA, but they extended it AND let they put it into CHILDREN.

Let me put it this way. 1 in 37 DIED as an effect of taking a “vaccine” that has a lethality rate of LESS than 1/10th of ONE percent. Now, my math is not what it used to be, but 1/37 = .027% of the study group. NOT 1/10th of 1 % or (99.97 % survivability rate, and yes the numbers are likely off on the survivability rate of Covid in general due to FUDGING of the numbers by the CDC in NOT listing the denominator of RECOVERED or INFECTED, ONLY dead)

At BEST this “vaccine” killed just as many as Covid itself would have, and likely MORE, it also produced hundreds of thousands of “serious adverse events” that though they may have been CATASTROPHIC like stroke, heart attack, myocardia or pericardia, the subjects did not DIE…YET, but their lives are forever ruined and mass suffering abounds.

At BEST, this “vaccine” did NOT cure Covid, or stop Covid, it merely KILLED like Covid and had much worse adverse effects. The FDA, Biden, Fauci, Pfizer, big pharma, and likely ALL of them in the CDC, NIH, NAID, and others KNEW it.

They not only KNEW it, they are FORCING it on people (including CHILDREN as young as FIVE) under PENALTY, by “outsourcing” punishment through employers via OSHA, regulations, and withholding Federal monies.

Remember, this is just the FIRST batch of court ordered FOIA releases that Pfizer and the FDA have provided. MERELY 500 pages of likely hundreds of thousands. .

Keep in mind this was ORDERED by a court AFTER the FDA requested 55 YEARS to put out any info.

NOW you know WHY the RUSH to “mandate” and force people. Once the TRUTH is known, NO ONE will risk these “vaccines”. I would ALSO bet that their EUA and “protections” from redress (i.e. punitive damages) to those killed or injured by this FRAUD, and it IS fraud, will NOT hold up in court, leading to BILLIONS, if not TRILLIONS in damages WW.

The companies and the FDA and the fed govt are HIDING the TRUTH over MONEY.

HUGE profit NOW and to offset lawsuits later, after a few executive “retirements” with huge golden parachutes. Not to mention the kick backs to those that perpetuated, ENABLED, and fed this SCAM. cough, Dr Frankenstein himself ((Fauci)) cough cough, and don’t forget “the big guy”.

As many of you know, I work for a major research facility. I asked one of my colleagues, a friend and leading virologist, a “hypothetical” question.

“If the drugs you are producing, greatly beneficial though they may be, even LIFE SAVING, produced 1:37 DEATHS in the test control group, let alone significantly more serious Adverse Effects, would your drug make it to market, or get ANY sort of FDA approval, EUA or otherwise?

His answer?

Are we talking animal or human control group? (think clinical trials on humans AFTER being tested on mice etc.)

I said clinical on humans.

He said very seriously..NO!. We would not even MAKE it to clinicals IF there were that many deaths and/or AE in the animal group, and IF we did and that many humans DIED , let alone the AE, we would NEVER see FDA approval, EUA, OR even be ABLE to bring our product to market.

This is someone currently awaiting FDA approval for a REAL, clinically proven, life saving drug. It is STILL in testing after SEVEN YEARS, and it DOES in FACT save lives, and if approved would save THOUSANDS more, perhaps tens of thousands, and yet they are waiting, more study needed. This is someone who KNOWS the FDA, NIH, and CDC well, someone I TRUST.

We are being LIED to, and EXTERMINATED. The reason for the RUSH and punishment is that when more start dropping, and they will, and THEN this info gets out to the public sphere, and it WILL, they are literally TOAST, think Nuremberg toast. The pathology reports are GOING TO start coming in on all these “random” and “suspicious” deaths in the young. What do you think is happening to everyone else in this fraud experiment? How many are dying or injured “mysteriously” and they do not yet KNOW (or are having it withheld or lied to) the cause? Do you THINK some hospitals, and doctors and researchers are going to EASILY give up the cash cow that is Covid? No, not until the TRUTH sees the light of day, and THEN they will ALL dump Covid, the “vaccines” and Fauci protocols like a bad habit (to AVOID personal liabilities)

Remember, this is but the FIRST 500 or so pages. This is NOT the WORST stuff. This is the stuff they thought would be LEAST damaging. What do they REALLY know, and WHEN did they know it.

My bet? just like another Fauci gem, AZT, they KNEW from the very beginning, and HID it to make MONEY and gain POWER.

This has NEVER been about health, or saving lives, NEVER. They all, thanks to Pence, LIED to Trump and maneuvered him into the EUA, and “warp speed” Fauci and his projections of DOOM, the CDC and MSM manipulations to GET the EUA to be put in place, and now the hiding of the TRUTH.

I do not blame Trump, he was handed a LIE that MILLIONS would die if he did not act, and so he bought their schtick. He should have known better, and I think his first instincts were skepticism, but Fauci, Birx, and especially PENCE convinced him it was the only thing to do.

I think the REAL reason they did not release the “vaccine” until Dec 2020, after the election, was not only to hurt Trump in the election, but to stall the first sets of “adverse effects” from being “reported” to the FDA. These were reported on the first 90 days, so Dec to Feb. Trump was gone. I have some CHEAP beachfront property in Nebraska to sell anyone that believes if Trup saw this report in the first 90 days that he would have went ahead with the approvals, and mandates.

It would have RIGHTLY been SCAPPED and ordered back to the drawing board in favor of therapeutics like HCQ, Ivermectin, and monoclonal antibodies. Do you think it would have been “authorized” on CHILDREN? How about FORCING people to get it vs losing their job?

The “tells” in this fraud, fabricated projections, misleading stats, MSM hype, Govt pressure, Fauci, FDA, CDC, propaganda, death tote boards, cases counts (but NEVER listing recovered counts), the special monies (13K per Covid REPORTED case), the faulty protocols using Remdisivir and ventilators, known high risk actions, record big pharma profits, and “constant boosters”, the denial of viable, effective, safe, and CHEAP alternative therapeutics, the constant MSM fear porn of “new variants”, the Federal and state Govt power grabs, draconian and ineffective mandates for thee, but NOT the “elite”.

This is not a conspiracy theory, it IS a conspiracy of the GOVT and “elite” to take away or freedoms, our livelihoods, our security, our safety, and our health. ALL for power and money, not to “help” us, but to enrich and empower THEM. They are taking away OUR right to chose what is best for us and our families. Think vote by mail, election fraud, lockdowns, mask mandates, “vaccine mandates”. Oh, but Illegals and “refugees” are exempt from it all, in fact they will get “reparations'” as much as 450 K. Like the meme said, when Walmart, Planned Parenthood, and the liquor store are open, but your business, Dr, and churches are CLOSED, it is NOT about health or safety. When the border is wide open but we must lockdown it is not about RISKS. When we must “vaccinate” or lose our livelihood” but illegals and “refugees” do not and get PAID, it is not about concern over a “killer pandemic” or a “deadly virus or variant”

Think what we now know, that we did not 2 years ago, and what we will find out. It is going to be MUCH worse.

2 thoughts on “Fauci and his ilk LIED and people DIED

    1. As I just told Wolfe on Q tree. Remember, this is JUST the numbers they provided, likely WAY low, JUST for Pfizer, JUST the first 90 days. Who wants to bet the others are equally as bad, AND that MANY more of the original test subjects died AFTER the 90 day report was finalized and sent. The point I was trying to make are as follows

      1) this is the FIRST trove of 500 pages, and it is HORRIBLE and likely way low
      2) this is JUST 1 pharmaceutical company out of at least 4 that produce this RDNA abomination of a “vaccine” They all have reports and control groups too.
      3) These numbers are HORRENDOUS, no other drug, despite the benefits or consequences of not being produced, would have ANY shot in getting approved on humans, let alone CHILDREN with these types of results in the control clinical group, even if that group was 1 million, 1200 deaths is too much, especially when MANDATING people take it, 330 million or so. This abomination has likely KILLED just as many as the actual virus has, and that is just death, there are living nightmares WORSE than death like stoke, heart attack, nerve damage, and more. There were tens of thousands of these “adverse events” listed, imagine how many were HIDDEN or developed AFTER this “report”.
      4) This is the FIRST shoe, there are MANY more coming, and I will bet my gopher suit they are FAR worse than this. You do not give your WORST release first, if this was as bad as it was going to get, why ask for 55 YEARS to release it all, Remember, they are NOT Xeroxing these copies, they are merely handing over .pdf files, it would take about 2 weeks to vet for “proprietary” inf0related to the drug company practices, and then 30 seconds to release the data. To ask for 2 plus GENERATIONS of time to release it can ONLY mean one thing, the truth is BAD, Nuremberg genocide BAD.

      Sorry to rant, but I was ‘around” for the Fauci AZT DISASTER, and this smells WORSE. At least those poor souls had a CHOICE. They were not MANDATED. Remember, they HID those results too, and there has yet been NO accountability to Fauci et al. I am telling you, this makes AZT and Africa look like a first grade outbreak of the chickenpox, this is going to be EARTH SHATTERINGLY bad in the amount of DEATH and suffering caused by Fauci’s “vaccine” and his protocols like vents and Remdisivir, coupled with the dem govs putting the elderly in petri dishes. These people ALL need to meet the business end of a 6’ rope over an 8 ‘ hole. The Nazi’s were PIKERS compared to this tragic scam, and it is GLOBAL.


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