Answers to questions.

The following is a long response to a series of questions I was asked on the “Gateway Pundit” On a series of posts about Carter Page.

I was asked how did the Cabal know that Trump was going to be the winner and plant spies like Page and things like the dossier, when he had not yet defeated Cruz when some of these things began.

First on the “How did they know before 2016 when Trump had not yet won the  primaries totally.”  There are two things to this part. First Trump was selected as the “Pied Piper” candidate in an April 2015 meeting at John Podesta’s house between Hillary and her Senior staff. The strategy, detailed later in the WikiLeaks Podesta releases, was to pick a weaker candidate, and using Hillary’s connections in the media, push him with free air time across ALL forms of media, TV, print, Social media, and radio. The objectives was to “saturate” the airwaves with this candidate, thereby “starving” the other candidates messages. Hillary feared Jeb and Cruz the most, along with Chris Christie. Jeb had the money, the connections politically, and the NAME recognition. He had also been a popular Governor of a crucial state, Florida. Cruz was feared because he was young, smart, charismatic, from a large state, and he was a conservative icon. She feared Christie despite his recent missteps and the bridge gate scandal, Christie was from NE state, was previously VERY popular in the traditionally Dem region. Christie was well spoken, fiery, charismatic as well, and could be considered a “moderate” thereby appealing to swing and independent voters.
They picked between Marco Rubio and Donald Trump to be the pied piper. It was decided it would be Trump because he was an outsider, hand little to no political connections ( IE big donor money like the Koch brothers) and he was a brash “radical” with “radical” positions on things like immigration ( the Wall), taxes, trade (tariffs), and he was a fierce nationalist.
Trump was however very rich and very famous thanks to his Apprentice TV show. Hillary though that Trumps divorces and playboy ways would be his downfall, the “war on women” would be rehashed. So, Trump’s job as the pied piper was to sufficiently wound, eliminate, or weaken the stronger candidates she feared. She correctly guessed that Trump would be brash, bold, outspoken, and do her dirty work for her in destroying her feared competition. Either the strong candidates would be sufficiently wounded by Trump to let her easily finish them off, or best case Trump would win, and being a novice with “woman” problems ( divorces and playboy ways) she would make mince meat of Trump.
One of the BIGGEST political miscalculations in history. While Trump did in fact destroy the competition, ALL his exposure and Trumps ability to reach and hold an audience with catchy phrases and production style rallies were gathering a HUGE following. His MAGA and other polices struck a nerve among many who had all but given up hope of EVER seeing the good old days come back. Hillary and her team, along with ALL the free air time had created a MONSTER, and he needed to be stopped at ALL costs. Hence the overboard dossier and the silly golden showers part. The dossier was meant to be the KILL shot after the access Hollywood tapes

The second part of it was that although Trump had not yet won the primaries, he WAS going to. He was ALWAYS way in front. The MSM polls were RIGGED and manipulated, even the primary ones. The REAL internal polls showed Trump would beat Cruz AND beat Hillary handily. That is why they had to go to Five eyes in early to mid 2016 and pull ALL the stops, because they had inadvertently created a MONSTER, and conventional dirty tricks would NOT intimidate Trump, he had to be bludgeoned.
They tried their usual sex tactics, and it FAILED. They tried smearing Trump as rich, and he EMBRACED it, so it FAILED. They tried racism, but Trump had ALWAYS been a champion of minorities, he had even dated an African American, been the first to name African Americans to positions of prominence in his business in the EARLY 80’s, and had even received awards from Jessie Jackson and Rosa Parks, civil rights icons. So, that too failed. They tried anti Semitism, but forgot that Trumps daughter and grand children were JEWISH (Ivanka by conversion) They tried anti gay, but Trump was NOT a bigot, he believed people were people, and their choices in the bedroom were their own.
ALL they had was the war on women. But, like African Americans, Trump had been one of the first to promote women to positions of power in his business. So ALL they had was the dossier and the Access Hollywood tape. They tied them together, and I believe the dossier was actually supposed to be released in late October, but the Wiener laptop scandal forced Comey to reopen the Hillary email case to take control of the “situation” and that pushed the dossier out of the picture until after the election.
Lastly, I want you to think about this, there were OBVIOUSLY dossiers on ALL the Presidential candidates in 2016, even Bernie. Hillary was leaving NOTHING to chance after losing in 2008. The ONLY reason we only saw Trump’s was because that he was the front runner, and then the eventual nominee, and the eventual winner.

I was asked about Carter Page being a plant, and his “duping” of Sean Hannity for so long about being a US intelligence spy.

As for Page, I have basically cemented in my mind that he is in fact a plant. He had a FISA on himself in 2014 for his work on the Igor Sechin case. Sechin is a Russian “oligarch”. You and I would call him a mobster. I watched Page for almost two years go on TV and radio ONLY on “conservative” cites, and DENY time after time that he had EVER worked for ANY US intelligence agency. I knew different, as it is basically public knowledge that he DID on MULTIPLE occasions for MULTIPLE agencies.
Recall that Page was the LAST of all the people that I suspect actually had FISA’s on themselves (October 2016)  (Manafort, Cohen, Papadopolous, and Page). Page was originally supposed to be THE reason for Crossfire Hurricane which was supposedly THE start of ALL spying on things Trump. Several things ALWAYS stuck out to me. IF this guy was THE head and REASON for “believing” Trump was a Russian compromised “agent”, wouldn’t Page have had to have done SOMETHING to make them believe that? If he did, why was he the ONLY one that was NEVER charged with ANY crime. Too convenient. Plus supposedly, PAGE was the target, and had his FISA renewed FOUR times, would there not have had to have been SOME underlying reason (crime) for that? Of COURSE there would need to have been, and yet Page was NEVER charged.
ALL the others I mentioned that I suspected had FISA’s were charged with SOMETHING directly related to those FISA’s. Papadopolous with lying to the FBI, although NOT curiously about Halper and Mifsud, about Charles Tawil and the 2nd attempted setup in Greece and Isreal  a YEAR later than the original, involving a purported “money trail” of $10 k in cash form “Russians”.

Manafort over his FARA and tax problems related to the Black Ledger files, money for lobbying from “Russians”, that were REALLY Ukrainians that the Podesta group was ALSO tied to (notice they were allowed to “amend” their FARA status right before Manafort was charged).

Cohen got nicked because of some dealings and tax problems involving taxi medallions and ALSO FARA violations. Cohen had a FISA because of his erroneous mention in the “Steele” dossier. They NEEDED Cohen to have met with “Russians” in Prague over Trump Tower Moscow’s failure to make it look like Trump owed Putin and Alfa bank big $$. ALL these people went to jail along with Michael Flynn (who was compromised like Sessions by Kislyak. Flynn did NOT have a FISA, Kislyak was the mole, and HE was under surveillance. ONLY Page never was charged. He did not have immunity either, know how I know? Because as I said he was ALL over TV and radio selling his story, If he was immunized, he could NOT talk about ANY of it, not just not mention his CIA and FBI work.
If that was not enough, then this was the “kicker” for me Page told Hannity the other day that not only was he a government asset, not only had he done it before in 2014, not only had he worked for BOTH the FBI and the CIA, but he also did it for FREE. My big butt he did. NO ONE does spying and infiltration on the Russian mob for FREE. These people dismember and mutilate you BEFORE they go to work on you, then they kill you and YOUR family for the trouble. NO WAY, he was and IS a SPY, and he was planted BECAUSE of his dealings FOR us against the Russian mob. ALL his Russian mob contacts were meant to VALIDATE ALL the other “Russian” spy operations on people like Flynn, Sessions, Manafort, Cohen, Papadopolous AND Don Trump Jr. (remember I believe the Trump Tower setup on Don Jr involved Paul Manafort’s FISA being used to surveil the ENTIRE meeting, and that is why they KEEP trying to set up Don Jr. )
I love Hannity, but he is being DUPED in his zeal to get there FIRST.  Hannity is a Patriot, and a FRIEND to Trump.   He is merely overzealous to try to get to the TRUTH, and he is on the track, he just does not realize that the people in this will mislead him and USE him and his platform to try and mislead US away from the real truth.

Page IMHO, now is nothing more than a DIS information agent, trying to lead as far away from the original timeline with Manafort, Cohen, Papadopolous, and Don Jr. as possible, because they were ALL before Crossfire BEGAN, and they ALL will lead back DIRECTLY to Obama. Does ANYONE really think Hillary had enough power to ACTUALLY get the CIA, FBI, Five Eyes, foreign spies, grant access to the NSA database, AND get Power and Rice to unmask Americans for HER. NO, it was ALL arranged, monitored, allowed, and supervised by OBAMA.


I am VERY passionate about all this and as I have said, so much so I actually wrote and published a book on it. I simply LOVE the discourse, and will be HAPPY to answer any questions, I just don’t want to upset Mr Hoft, this was after all on his blog. If he is monitoring, I wish to thank him for allowing we to have my say. I would LOVE to talk to him and volunteer any help to ALL. The more who know what I do, and I think I know the truth, the better. Happy Father’s day to ALL.



Last night on Hannity, unnoticed by all, especially Hannity himself was Devin Nunes stating that he had finally seen the Mueller scope Memo provided by Rod Rosenstien in response to the Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort trials.  I love Hannity, buy he has an annoying habit of interrupting the IMPORTANT parts of what his guest is trying to say.  Nunes was just about to go into more detail, and Hannity, in his zeal to get his point across, steeped right on Nunes mid sentence. ARGHHH.  Come on Shawn, it IS your show, but let your GUEST speak, listen, and then follow up.  We would ALL have so much more if you did,

Nunes, when interrupted, stopped short of saying what he was about to reveal, and instead made a cryptic remark that should have the Cabal VERY worried.  He mentioned the spying and wives of DOJ employees being VERY worried.  He was talking about Nellie Ohr.  He also said as I have MANY times, that htis had to go back to 2015 because of the process of all the setups.  I suspect that the Mueller scope memo was nothing more than bullet points from the “Steele” dossier for Mueller to follow, investigate, highlight, and try to prove in ANY way he could.

But, we were told by every dem near a mic that the “Steele” dossier was NOT the predicate for the Trump Russia collusion counter intel investigation known as Crossfire Hurricane.  The Predicate at first was Carter Page, Michael Isakoff from Yahoo news was the one who revealed him in Sept of 2016 and the FISA for Page (in my book a RENEWAL from his one in 2014) was issued in October 2016, using in footnotes the “Steele”dossier as a predicate.  But they did NOT want that fact out, and when it was used and listed by Nunes in his Memo in early 2018 as THE predicate for Crossfire Hurricane, Adam Shiff PANICKED.

He wrote a counter memo detailing that the “Steele” dossier was not the ONLY predicate used, and it was not THE most important predicate.  That was instead George Papadopolous a fringe young Trump foreign policy energy consultant that had contact with “Russians”.  A couple HUGE problems. One Papadopolous was set up in APRIL 2016 and MAY 2016.  Months before Crossfire Hurricane which was supposed to be THE start of ALL the spying. Two, the “Russian” was NOT a Russian, he was a Maltese agent of either or both of Italy, the UK, and the CIA.  Papadopolous  and the Don Jr. Trump Tower meeting setup on June 9th 2016 are MAJOR outliers to the Cabal timeline.  Shiff in his urgency to defend and obscure the dossier had inadvertently blew up the ENTIRE timeline, which throws the whole scheme into chaos.

You see the Timeline with Page protects and demeans the usage of the dossier as THE predicate, but that is NOT the reason they keep defending the fact that it was THE predicate for itself AND the entire foundation of the scheme.  It was ALSO used as a justification for the investigation and ALL the spying that was done before and after Crossfire, including the spying that resulted in the creation of the dossier.  So it was a justification for its self.

The real reason they keep trying to push the dossier out and highlight Page is because the dossier start had to be BEFORE 2016.  They also do not want know the sources and methods used to create the dossier.  Because they were ILLEGAL, and authorized, approved, and monitored by Obama.  The closer we get to the REAL author of the “Steele” dossier, the REAL start date of the spying, and the REAL methods used to creat the dossier, the closer we get to the HEAD of this Cabal, Barack Obama.  The Cabal can’t have that.  I suspect that the scope memo that Nunes finally saw, coupled with what he ALREADY knew about all the spying from the PDB he saw in the WH SCiff that lead to his memo, has cemented in him that Ohr was the author, and that the dossier was the predicate and then the road map for Mueller to try and prove facts in.  Now he is wanting to know when the dossier was created, and how it was created. He is already sure of WHO created it, and what and how it was used.  The BIG questions of WHEN and WHERE the info came from will lead to this being BEFORE 2016, and point the finger directly at Obama, who he KNEW from the PDB was aware and had approved the operation using the dossier.

The paper trail is there with Obama’s nearly 1 million dollar payment to Fusion GPs, Nellie Ohr’s employer.  This will ALL lead to the uncomfortable questions of why this was done, when was it done, who knew, who authorized it, who participated, and what was the methods and tactics used.  It will eventually lead to Obama, and the questions of what did Obama know, and when did he know it.  Nunes ALREADY knows that Obama was aware and had approved it, then when and why and had this been done before and how often are REAL problems for the Cabal and their head Obama.  He is ALREADY proven aware and having money in the game, so he is complicit.  When it is proven how this was done and that he authorized it he is at LEAST going to prison for sedition, conspiracy against the US,  abuse of power, 4th amendment violations, and TREASON against a sitting President his successor.

That is why Carter Page is being trotted back out spewing his dis info, to try and get the focus back on HIM and away from Papadopolus and the Dossier.  The timeline is their BIG problem because it leads directly to Obama.  Page is attempting to get it back in line with the original Cabal timeline of July 31st and AFTER.  Nunes knows, the Scope memo was ALL he needed to very his suspicions.   The fun is about to begin, buckle up!

Hannity is sidetracked and now behind.

Gee guys, maybe Hannity needs to talk to me. I have been telling any one, elsewhere, and here at my blog that EXACT thing for MONTHS WITH sourcing. That after the NSA and unmasking holes were closed by Rogers and Collyer that they Cabal under Obama’s orders and blessing outsourced the spying to Five Eyes allies how planted spies and relayed info BACK to Brennan through the Five eye channel. ALL to avoid accountability, culpability, and circumvent US law and the Constitutional 4th amendment violations on AMERICANS. I also notice that Tom Fitton was on and was talking about Johnathan Winer and Victoria Nuland at State ANOTHER thing I have been saying here for MONTHS. Winer was briefed one on one at State by Steele and given a 4 page condensed version of the dossier which Winer gave to Victoria Nuland. Nuland then gave that straight to Kerry, who went to Obama with HIS version.

One thing though, Hannity and others STILL do not realize that Carter Page was/is a PLANT. One would think that after Hannity asked Mr Page REPEATEDLY over the past few months about working for the CIA and FBI and Page DENIED it, that Hannity would figure that something was “up” and ODD that Page NOW admits it..and he says he did it for FREE. I am sorry, I am not a saint, but there is NO WAY Page did the undercover “informing” on Russian mobsters like Igor Sechin, risking his LIFE for FREE or patriotism. That dog won’t hunt. Page was a SPY for US plain and simple, and then he was used as a SPY against Trump because of his Russian work. PERIOD.

Then we have the silly notion that Hannity apparently bought that Page was THE backdoor into the Trump campaign. Hello, that is the narrative that the Cabal WANT us all to believe, which would fit their timeline for Crossfire Hurricane of July 27 2016 (Page was FISA’d in October 2016 RIGHT before the election. This COMPLETELY discounts Carter an my point about the UK and Australia being used to setup Papadopolous in APRIL of 2016, THREE months BEFORE Crossfire, which was supposed to be the START of ANY spying on Trump or his associates. These two things plus Don Jr on June 9th, and Paul Manafort being setup with the Black Ledger File release in MARCH 2016, DO NOT jibe.

Plus we KNOW that Michael Cohen was setup because he was listed in the Dossier which Hillary admits to buying sometime in MAY OR JUNE of 2016 ( a LIE, it was earlier, but the point is she admits to at least that date), so that means Cohen was ALSO setup BEFORE Crossfire began. The Cabal is AGAIN trying to muddy the timeline.

Hannity, Carter, Jarrett, and others have done GREAT work, they just need to step back and see what is happening. They are being USED by Page a proxy of the Cabal to muddy the timeline again. Page is important, but he is NOT on our side. He had a PREVIOUS FISA in 2014 for his CIA and FBI work on Sechin. He only needed a RENEWAL on that FISA, which is FAR easier to get than a NEW one. The 4 FISA’s they ALL keep talking about are NOT all renewals of Page IMHO, they are the FOUR FISA’s issued to FOUR different people (Cohen, Manafort, Papadopolous and Page).

IT is all ANOTHER attempt at a smoke screen. Wait till they get to another guy I have told you about Charles Tawil. He set up Papadopolous a SECOND time in Greece and Israel to try and produce a money trail ($10 k in CASH) between “Russians” and Trump that would have been used by Mueller. That is what Papadopolous was charged with lying about and sentenced to TWO weeks in prison for NOT the Halper and Mifsud meeting. They ALL want that meeting with Halper and Mifsud to go away because it BLOWS UP their timeline. THAT is why Page is back to regain the timeline in THEIR version. At the rate they are going, they should get there to that by August.

I also love Tom Fitton, and he and his org have done YEOMENS work on exposing Government corruption and obfuscation. BUT, I believe that he has ALSO fallen for the Cabal smokescreen trap. I do not think there were multiple dossiers on Trump, I think there were multiple dossiers issued, but they were ALL from the same source and MOSTLY but not 100% the same.

It was an effort to spread around through multiple channels relatively the SAME info, but because it was from MULTIPLE sources like State, John McCain, Sydney Blumenthal, the various MSM, DOJ with Bruce Ohr, Comey in the FBI, and Five eyes through Alexander Downer, it made the TOTALLY unverified piece of garbage SEEM legit because so MANY different people had a “version” of the same things. It was like a high tech game of telephone or a reverse barium meal.

Each of these people were given a different VERSION with slightly different details or wording and “sourcing” but the BASIC core was the SAME and it ALL came from the SAME source document that Steele edited and spread around. THAT was Steele’s job to edit Nellie Ohr’s work, spice it up and DECIMATE IT all over the place. If Steel had used the EXACT same dossier each time, he and it could have been discounted entirely. But, because he used slightly DIFFERENT versions form DIFFERENT “sources” it made his AND the slightly different ones seem LEGIT and CORROBORATED.

Again, we are BACK to the dossier as THE key. It was a predicate for ITS SELF and justification for all the PREVIOUS and future spying that would be conducted.

The Tariff lie.

I keep hearing all the Chamber of Commerce controlled pundits, the Dems, and the MSM keep bitching and moaning over the “terrible” Tariffs that Trump has employed against China and Mexico.  All I hear is how they will only lead to what is tantamount to a tax on on the American consumer.  What these people as well as the “economists” they sight FAIL to realize is two things.  One the American consumer has ALREADY been being taxed and ripped off by the countries like China and Mexico.  Do they not factor in that the trade imbalances with these countries IS tantamount to a tax on us?

If we cannot get true fair and equitable trade with these countries, are we not at their mercy already?  Do they not already manipulate the price we must pay for goods if they unfairly artificially manipulate their currency to WEAKEN our buying power?  What about the theft of OUR intellectual property?  does THAT pass on a cost to US consumers?  You bet your sweet petunia they all do.  So that is part one of the fallacy.

Part two is even EASIER to understand.  The common misnomer and conventional thought is that placing a 5% tariff on a good AUTOMATICALLY means that that cost is past on to us the consumer.  Well yes and NO.  Yes if it is an exclusive, rare, or hard to replace item.  Fo example, uranium ONLY comes from certain areas, is VERY rare, and is costly to mine and export thanks to regulations and the danger.  In this example ANY tariff on that good would necessarily be passed on to the buyer, therby giving the seller leverage against any punitive tariffs.

Now, lets move on the the FALLACY.  Suppose that the 5% tariff was on TV’s made in Mexico. An automatic cost pass off to the US consumer would be STUPID and HARM the manufacturer.  How? Simple, the one thing we the US consumers have that BLUNT all tariff price increases here, and something the pundits and MSM will NEVER tell you, is that in America we have CHOICE.  We import goods like TV’s from MANY different countries,   like Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.  Most goods bought here are the same way.  If a Mexico manufacturer were to pass on the 5% tariff directly to the US consumer, we simply would NOT buy TV’s that were made in Mexico because they cost MORE.  We would simply then buy TV’s made in Japan or whichever one was cheaper.

That is called competition, and BUYING POWER.  When you have choice, YOU have the power and NOT the seller.  That is why Mexico caved so quickly.  were the Tariffs imposed, and then the manufacturers tried to raise the price to offset the tariff instead of cutting profit margin, they would have DECREASED sales to next to nothing, and then, went BANKRUPT.  Now there is A limit to tariff benefit.  If the tariff was too harsh too fast, there would be no way for the manufacturer to “absorb” the original cost without pain to its self.  If that same manufacturer reflexively passed those costs directly to the consumer, they would decrease their sales and that would destroy their profit margins which would lead first to layoffs and then to closing down or moving the plant AWAY from the tariff zone.

Business is cut throat.  That is our other advantage in a tariff situation.  Japan and other manufacturers would not simply be content to take the 5% new sales boost, they would cut their prices by a few % to try and DESTROY the competition that could no longer keep up.  Which would actually be to the BENEFIT of the US consumer.

The MSM and COC are simply LYING to you.  Question.  Have you noticed the prices have risen on anything we get from China?  Answer NO, despite the tariffs being in place for MONTHS. China cannot risk LOSING the US market, so they are absorbing the costs and then trying to hit back on things that we export like grain and soybeans, just to hurt Trumps farmer base.  Two problems with that.  One China cannot feed its people and NEEDS our grain, the tariffs are only hurting THEM.  Two Trump is simply subsidizing the farmers losses.  But HOW?  Why, by giving them some of the INCOME FROM the Chinese tariffs.  China is essentially STILL buying our grain, only at a PREMIUM.  Brilliant!

Mexico does NOT have the power to try and hurt us like China can.  We simply do not export as much things to Mexico like grain that we do to China.  One last thing.  The Mexican tariffs would have CREAMED China again.  HOW?  Because China uses Mexico since NAFTA as a pass through for Chinese goods made in China but assembled in Mexico.  There was WAY more to the Mexican Tariffs cave that the MSM would NEVER tell you simply to try and deny Trump a win.  They do not care that in the end this will lead to reciprocal trade which will be BENEFICIAL to you and me as consumers by increasing competition and LOWERING prices.  Do you know who would lose in the Tariffs?  NOT you and me.  The real losers would be the COC and their minions in Congress.  The represent the the big money manufacturers, and they would lose PROFIT. That is why the whaling over tariffs, it is ALWAYS about $$, THEIR $$ and NOT yours!

Page seriously rubs me the wrong way.

I told you this guy Carter Page was CIA, and that he worked for the FBI. He was a SPY for US against Russian Igor Sechin in 2014. He had a FISA on himself in 2014 because of that. for a YEAR he would NOT admit he was an ACTUAL spy for the CIA, and NOW, all of a sudden he is talking at EASE with Maria Bartiromo about it like it was COMMON knowledge and no biggie, heck he even did it for FREE. Does no one else find his sudden case of candor a little too convenient? His aw shucks schtick has ALWAYS rubbed me wrong. I now think more than EVER as I have said before this guy was a PLANT.

I speculated the other day that there were all sorts of plants throughout the periphery of the Trump campaign in 2016 including Mifsud, Halper, Downer, Veselnitskaya, and Kilimink. I thought that Page was a possible unknowing and unwilling plant. His performance today turned me back to my original thought, he was 100% a CIA Brennan plant, and that is why he had no handler like the rest had Halper. This guy was the LAST setup in October of 2016, and HE was supposed to be THE reason we had Trump/Russia collusion connections. He was the LAST one in after Manafort Papadopolous, Michael Cohen, and Don Jr., and HE was the impetus, and yet HE was the ONLY one NOT charged by Mueller.

It sounds to me like the OTHER plants did NOT bear any “Russian” fruit, and Page who was a KNOWN mole for us WITH Russians, was thrown in to “cement” the weak ties with the others. IE Page was a PLANT, and THAT is why he was the main impetus…until that is, until Schiff panicked in response to the Nunes memo and revealed that it was Papadopolous and not Page that was the impetus, thereby throwing the Cabal timeline into chaos.  The Cabal NEEDED to get as far away from the “Steele” dossier writing in April 2015 as they could, and Papadopolous with Don Jr, was a BIG Ol sore thumb sticking out. They would necessarily push back the start of the spying to EARLY 2016 AT LEAST.  When you throw in that Manafort and Cohen were set up even earlier in 2016 to March or even January, that pushes the start date into 2015 just like I speculate, and that would majorly implicate Obama, and that had to be hidden.   That is why Page was inserted (planted) LATE in Oct 2016 right before the election with ALL his time dealing with Russians, the fact  that he worked FOR us and AGAINST the Russians would be obscurred, omitted or IGNORED, all to CHANGE the timeline to fit with the Crossfire Hurricane being the beginning of the spying.  We all by this time know it IS NOT.

Now we have Page making his rounds, trying to take BACK the impetus, as IMHO a distraction AWAY from the Papadopolous timeline. It is NOT gonna work with me, I know that the Papadopolous setup in APRIL completely blows up the July 31 2016 start date of Crossfire Hurricane, and that is a HUGE problem for team Cabal. The Page grand tour, IMHO is an attempt to again obscure the timeline that Page fits in October 2016 while Papadopolous in April 2016 does NOT. Do NOT fall for it. Methinks the crap is about to hit the fan this week, and THAT is why they are getting their narratives in order. Page WILL be used to obscure Papadopolous by the MSM, BANK on it. Eyes on the prize.

Spies, Lies, and MORE Spies.

This whole thing had NOTHING to do with Russia. This whole thin is a CHARADE based upon lies, innuendo, plants, and a damn joke told by Trump on July 27 2016. Now the pictures are coming into focus even more. I have stated MANY times that there were FOUR different FISA warrants on FOUR different people, and NOT just four FISA renewals on Carter Page.

The four were Michael Cohen, George Papadopolous, Paul Manafort, and Carter Page. We have known, and I have stated , that Joesph Mifsud, Stephen Halper, and Alexander Downer were used to set up Papadopolous, plant “evidence” that fit the current NEEDED narrative the Cabal was pushing, and then that evidence was harvested by Downer and relayed BACK to Brennan through 5 eyes. Now I see a pattern. Hear me out.

Papadopolous had 3 spies, and Mifsud was supposedly the “Russian” even though he was Maltese, and worked FOR the CIA, MI6, and Italian Intelligence. One FISA, One “Russian” spy asset relayed through 5 eyes. Now, we learn of Konstantin Kilimnik who was also labeled a “Russian” who was used to set up Manafort. Most probably the setup was the Black Ledger files that came from Ukrainian lawmakers leaking it and it making its way to the US press. I have stated before that I believed the leak to come from the US Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Louise Yovanovitch, who was recently RECALLED. It fits then that she received the info FROM not a Ukrainian lawmaker yet unnamed, BUT Konstantin Kilimnik. Kilimnik is the one with the Ukrainian political contacts and State Dept contacts., HE is most likely who the unnamed official gave the Black Ledger to, and then Kilimnik passed on that info to Yovanovitch ( another State Dept employee) who leaked it to the US press through another yet unnamed person, but they too WILL ALL be found.

SO, FiSA #2 on Manafort liked to a State Dept spy Mr. Kilimnik. That is why Kilimnik was so prominently mentioned in the Mueller report he was Manafort’s “Russian” spy and set up man. The 3rd FISA, on Carter Page, and the LAST new one issued, did not HAVE a “Russian” set up spy. It did not NEED one, because ALSO as I have been saying, and Hannity blurbed past QUICKLY last night with Solomon, Carter Page WAS a spy. He was a CIA and FBI spy FOR the US against Russian Igor Sechin in 2014.

Halper was involved with Page, because he was the STATION chief for ALL the foreign spies used. He is DIRECTLY linked to Mifsud, Downer, and Page. Who want’s to bet that he will ALSO soon be linked to Kilimnik? I have maintained that Page was a PLANT, and this all but seals it for me. He would have been the EASIEST of all the people to get a FISA on, as he ALREADY had one on him for his 2014 work against Sechin.

The 4th person that had a FISA was Michael COHEN, NOT Michael Flynn. Why? Because Cohen was DIRECTLY singled out in the “Steele” dossier as having business dealings with “Russians” over the failed Trump Tower Moscow project. The meeting was supposedly in Prague, but Cohen had NOT been to Prague, or even out of the country.  A fact proven and admitted MANY times by Cohnen himself and even his lawyer Lanny Davis.

A simple slip up by Nellie Ohrin her NSA searches, it was the WRONG Michael Cohen. She had forgotten to cross reference the Passport ID. She gave the info as GOSPEL to Samantha Power or Susan Rice as she had done before, they had NO reason to verify as Ohr had always been reliable.  Once that Power and or Rice had unmasked a “normie” and NOT the correct Michael Cohen, the Cabal was STUCK. They were most likely already in progress for Cohen’s FISA, and had LIED on the FISA app and said that info was “verified” on the WRONG guy.

The original set up was supposed to be the Trump Tower Project had compromised Trump with Putin over money from Deutsche bank, BUT, without COHEN the lawyer who was the “point” man, it ALL fell apart. This was early 2016 before March when the Manafort files were released and before April and Papadopolous, and WAY before Page in Oct 2016.  That is when the “narrative” had to change, and Steele was brought in to work with Simpson and Ohr, on the Hillary paid for dossier project. “Steele” added, at Hillary’s behest, the salacious part of the Golden Showers in the Moscow Ritz Carlton from 2012 into the dossier, which would be used with the Access Hollywood tape to paint Trump a serial harasser and pervert. Steele repackaged the raw intel in Ohr’s work into a legit looking piece of “raw intelligence” instead of what it was a garbage piece of opposition research designed to smear Trump and prevent him from becoming President.

Ohr’s original purpose of the searches was to find just enough real or close data from the NSA database to make the dossier plausible, she f’d up.  Steele’s presence allowed several things, one, it could be repackaged and made to look like a legit piece of intel, thereby COVERING the Cohen mistake.  Two, Steele’s contacts from his former job as the Russian desk head of MI6 could be used to dig up “dirt” on Trump’s time in Russia.  Steele even PAID them to do it, he did not CARE if it was ACCURATE, only “plausible” to fit the dossier’s new purpose, using Russia to label Trump as a Russian asset who was COMPROMISED by money AND sex.  See how that worked, The Cohen thing was bogus, so they needed MORE, hence the golden showers insertion.  They KNEW people would focus on the SEX part, and NOT the money part, which would be a secondary plausible confirmation.  It would fit the coming Access Hollywood narrative, so it was GOLDEN. The last thing Steele gave the Dossier was instant credibility with the IC community, as his work with MI6 had lead to contacts with BOTH the CIA and the FBI.

Cohen was FIRST, and it was based on the WRONG guy. The Cabal PANICKED, and were scrambling. But, before they could correct their error, and do MORE searches or plant the info, Rogers cut off the NSA access. They then had to go to plan B, using 5 eyes. They needed a NEW angle, and a NEW patsy, as Cohen was out. Enter Papadopolous. Page was added later as a corroborating factor with contacts to an ACTUAL Russian. Remember Mifsud and Kilimnik were NOT Russian. A Ukrainian is NOT a Russian, hasn’t been since the Soviet Union fell in 1989. It now ALL makes sense as to the “spies” Last proof, Of all the people I mentioned, ALL were charged EXCEPT Page, making him suspect in my book, especially since for a time HE was supposedly the impetus for this all.

Papadopolous was set up TWICE (Charles Tawill, another CIA Brennan spy, in 2017 over 10 k in CASH) and was charged with lying to the FBI on the SECOND setup. He was sentenced to TWO weeks in prison…a SLAP ON THE WRIST. Manafort was setup with the Black Ledger files and sentenced to FARA, Tax evasion, and bank fraud FROM those files. Manafort was abused and squeezed but he would NOT compose, so they threw the book at him.

Cohen was sentenced later on UNRELATED stuff that was found from his OFFICE and HOME searches in 2017, and NOT the original set up of Prague, even though he was convicted of “lying” over the original date, the MEAT came from the Tax evasion and medallion fraud. NOW you know just why he was raided late, just why Cohen had his farcical testimony. They could NOT sentence Cohen for a long time for lying to the FBI or Congress when Papadopolous had ALSO “lied” to the FBI about a meeting with a “Russian” like Cohen had lied over the Trump Tower Moscow with “Russians”

You could NOT give Papadopolous TWO weeks and throw the book at Cohen for the SAME crime by the SAME prosecutor(Mueller) on the SAME case. Hence the raid and all the OTHER stuff which was used to “flip” Cohen and get him to “compose” which ironically, was a DISASTER for the Cabal.

Cohen, Papadopolous, and Manafort were ALL sentenced to jail for their involvement to primarily keep them QUIET and to try to get them to compose, only Cohen did. Papadopolous had them, Manafort MAY. Cohen is just stupid and weak as well as corrupt. He still did not deserve the tactics they employed against him and his family. NONE of them did.

Next we have the June 9th 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Don Jr (the TARGET) Jared Kushner (TARGET 2), Paul Manafort (who at this time HAD a FISA and WAS being surveilled) and the “Russian” Natalia Veselnitskaya.  The set up was “dirt” on Hillary from Russia TO Don Jr.  It flopped as Manafort and Kushner LEFT and the meeting which was to try and get Don Jr or Kushner to bite or even MENTION the forth coming WikiLeaks.  When that did NOT happen, they tried to use the tapes from the Manafort surveillance ON Don Jr. like they did Flynn and Sessions, ONE problem, Don Jr. recounted the ENTIRE thing in contemporaneous notes and emails, and told the TRUTH, even though they had cleverly laid a trap for him.

Veselnitskaya,was NOT even supposed to BE in the Country as Preet Bahara had BLOCKED her entry, which was overruled by either the State Dept or Loretta Lynch issuing a “special” VISA AGAINST Bahara’s wishes.  Veselnitskaya met with HER handler immediately before and after the Trump Tower meeting.  His name was Glen Simpson.  It ALL ties in.  There were MULTIPLE setups using spies who were labeled “Russians” whether they were or not to try and implicate Trump or ANY of his team to “Russia” Even his son.

On to one more. Contrary to some beliefs, Michael Flynn IMHO DID NOT have a FISA on him, he and Sessions were on a separate branch of the Op. They were both set up using Sergey Kislyak the Russian Ambassador who was ALREADY under surveillance. Flynn was MASSIVELY fooked because he KNOWS all the dirt on Obama and the Cabal, he HAD to be silenced and removed. The ONLY way to do both was to set him up, apply pressure using his son, and then string out his “sentencing” in perpetuity until the Op was over. That is why, despite pleading GUILTY over nearly TWO years ago, he has NOT been sentenced. He was delayed at least FOUR times. Flynn can NOT speak publicly UNTIL his sentence is imposed, a convenient excuse to keep him SILENT. The ONLY one not charged in all this is Carter Page, to some the START of this ALL. WHY? Because Page too was a spy and a PLANT. Wait and see, it WILL come out.

Avoid shiny objects and pawn sacrifices

Sigh, DO NOT get distracted, the Cabal, through one of their minions the Washington Post (CIA dis-info feeder) WANT you all to think that this stuff all started AFTER Crossfire Hurricane was began on July 31 2016. They WANT you to believe that Crossfire STARTED and authorized ALL the previous spying on team Trump, there by making it “legal”. So, a meeting in August 2016 fits THAT narrative.
HOWEVER this ALL began WAY before August 2016, way before July 31 2016, and even way before April 2016 when Papadopolous was set up. The cabal has been and are STILL desperately trying to re-align their flawed and fake timeline. Papadopolous set up in APRIL 2016 and that being revealed by Schiff and actually put in WRITING in his Nunez counter memo is their FATAL flaw. The info that Halper and Mifsud planted into Papadopolous was ALSO flawed and BEFORE any of the WikiLeaks were even RELEASED, which means that even IF Trump did in fact have advance info, so too did the Cabal, and how would they know that Trump had it without SPYING on him BEFORE even April when Papadopolous was set up?…GET IT!  The ONLY one who used foreign “collusion  to damage a 2016 Candidate was the Cabal and Hillary Clinton.

I have said here, in my book , and elsewhere MANY times that this all began in April of 2015 when Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS were granted Access to the NSA database “illegally” IE. unauthorized access by not cleared contractors. The used that access to conduct 702 searches on AMERICANS who just also happened to be 2016 Presidential candidates or their affiliates.  Those searches were unmasked ILLEGALLY without a FISA by Samantha Power and Susan Rice. and given BACK to Ohr to form the raw document that would be called the “Steele” Dossier later after Simpson hired Steele to dress and spice up Ohr’s raw research.  He also gave it credibility because of his status in the intel community and work WITH MI6 and FOR the FBI and CIA here.  Steele to this DAY refuses to testify here, and states he cannot verify anything in the dossier that bears his name, because HE did not write it, he only edited it and peddled it to the IC and MSM.
Now I will tell you another tidbit straight from my book that I have waited to explain. This was wide open in front of everyone, but I never explained it here or elsewhere. Since this began in April 2015, that was BEFORE Hillary hired Steele and Fusion GPS through Perkins Couie using laundered DNC campaign funds (a MAJOR violation) in the guise of legit campaign “legal” work.  Hillary contends it was in June 2016 (still BEFORE Crossfire began) and that the Washington Free Beacon hired them from April 2016 to Oct 2016. All these are lies meant to distract and blur from who REALLY hired Fusion GPS and Nellie Ohr FIRST, gave them NSA Access, then used his senior staff to unmask their “research”, and had used them many times before 2016 in the exact same “sources and methods”.
We learned this earlier this year when a @ $972,000 payment was discovered (the $$ trail). It was Barack Hussein Obama. THAT is why they want all this stuff pushed to July 2016, to protect Obama’s involvement and the fact that this was used MANY times before on his political enemies, like Mitt Romney. Obama then used his powers as President to have our Five Eyes “allies” plant spies, continue and EXPAND the spying, and set up Trump transition personnel. It was all after Rogers had conducted an audit on the NSA database, found the unauthorized access by contractors, and STOPPED it permanently. Rose Mary Collyer then Stopped all the unmasking from that spying which was performed by Susan Rice and Samantha Power. Who was their ONLY boss again? Oh, yeah, BHO. Hillary NOR the Free Beacon had that kind of connections OR power.
The Free beacon may have hired Fusion for opposition research, but they were to be used as a cover (a patsy), a Republican leaning paper conducting Op research on Trump was a PERFECT cover. Hillary could then both use the Free Beacon as a cover, and then herself become a cover…for OBAMA. Fusion GPS and Nellie Ohr were TRIPLE dipping, that is getting paid by THREE different sources to do the SAME work at relatively the SAME time.
Hillary had them add Steele for the “salacious” parts of the Golden Showers, to further HER upcoming release of the Access Hollywood tape. Obama approved because Steele and his Russian contacts from his days in MI6 were a PERFECT fit for the spying that Obama had would be that Trump was a Russian “asset” and that would be their justification, so the narrative “morphed” to the Russians used WikiLeaks and Trump to “steal” the election from Hillary, Trump was a traitor because he “colluded” with Russians and accepted their aid (the WikiLeaks releases).
This ALL took place BEFORE July 31 2016. Remember that it was June 9th 2016 when Don Jr was set up with a “Russian”, Natalia Veselnitska, in Trump Tower. It was ALSO over the Wikileaks (Hillary dirt) but it was turned into the Magitsky act as a cover. Papdopolus was setup originally in London in April 2016 by Stephen Halper (MI6, CIA), and Joseph Mifsud, but the info was harvested in London in MAY 2016 by Alexander Downer (MI6, CIA, Australian Intelligence). Again, Mifsud was supposed to be a “Russian” but he was NOT he was either CIA, MI6, or Italian Intelligence.
The narrative as I have discussed many times before was changed at least FOUR times to “fit” the desired hit toward Trump. First it was “Russian hacked the DNC”, then “Russia hacked the 2016 election”, then the Dec 9th 2016 investigation started by Obama himself to look into “Russia interference in the 2016 election) As one narrative was debunked, it morphed into another, culminating with Robert Mueller’s mandate, “Trump/Russian collusion to interfere in the 2016 election”. ALL of this is to protect the fact that Barack Obama was a TRAITOR that abused his powers, and the vast powers of the US and FOREIGN intelligence, to intimidate, smear, spy on, unmask, and yes even BLACKMAIL his political opponents. He used Fusion GPS as a layer of plausible deniability, and he did it MANY times over MANY years. My bet dating to 2011 after the 2010 midterm debacle.

Obama committed espionage, abuse of power, 4th amendment violations, blackmail, sedition, and conspiracy against the US with foreign governments…IE TREASON. He needs to hang. It will ALL eventually come out IF we ALL do NOT get distracted by “shiny” objects that the Cabal who protect themselves and their head (Obama) throw at us. They will even throw us bones and lower level indictments like Page, Strzok, and even McCabe and Comey. We CANNOT stop there, we need the head of this snake, and we cannot be satisfied UNTIL HE is brought to justice. In the end, they ALL had ONLY one boss. Think if someone, or a group in the Trump admin did all this, WHO would get the blame? Right, TRUMP. The SAME standard applies to Obama.
This ALL began WAY before August or even July 2016, PERIOD. Do NOT let ANYONE try and distract for that. Do NOT let ANYONE tell you different. Do NOT let ANYONE obfuscate or demean those dates they are CRUCIAL, as it DESTROYS ANY “legitimacy” for Crossfire Hurricane, which in turn DESTROYS the Cabal. Sorry length, but as I said LOL I wrote a book on this!