The false “Putin’s puppet” narrative

I absolutely HATE VISCERALLY the farce that the MSM has perpetrated that Trump is Putin’s puppet. For someone (Trump) to be someone’s (Putin) puppet, Trump sure as hell is putting the ass whooping to Putin’s wallet. First, he sold LNG to Hungary and Poland, thereby cutting major $$ and leverage from Putin (no more holding those countries hostage in the cold winter by threatening to close the tap if they either misbehaved or didn’t agree to exorbitant prices)

Second, Trump increased our energy output while limiting our imports from Iran, Venezuela, and some in the ME.Iran and Venezuela are Putin cronies at least and proxies at worst…that cost Putin more $$$.

Third, Trump put China and NK, in a time out by using our economic might. He made trade deals with Japan, South Korea, and KSA. Why is this important? Because 1, it gives us a presence economically in Putin’s back yard, not to mention potentially militarily. KSA spent $$$ on our weapons ans I am sure have agreed to “help” trump with oil output ( a MAJOR Russian export) thereby keeping PRICES LOW, again hitting Putin in the nads.

Then Trump Hit NATO members making them UP their contributions. He ALSO made Merkel (by shear force of will and embarrassing her)give UP a 700 billion dollar oil deal and pipeline with Putin and Russia. AGAIN hitting Putin SQUARELY in the wallet. He backed us out of TPP and the Paris accord (which Russia was never going to obey. Saving us trillions that I am sure Putin would have exploited and reaped profits from.

Trump imposed tariffs on China, the EU, Canada, and Mexico. a little known fact is that RUSSIA also profited from the loopholes in NAFTA. Uranium anyone? Mineral rights? Get the picture?

Trump then CREAMED Russia’s proxies and “merks” in Syria. You don’t think we “accidentally” wiped out those 200 or so “merks” do you? I suppose you also believe that we also “informed” Putin we were going to blow up most of Assad’s air force (which just happened to be stationed at the SAME base where there were thousands of Russian troops and BILLIONS of dollars worth of Russian equipment, ALL OF IT under Russia’s “advanced” missile and radar defenses. I have oceanfront property in Kansas to sell you if you do. Those 58 or so tomahawks wiped out BILLIONS in Assad’s air force and base. Who do you think “ate” that cost?

Then, just for kicks, Trump scuttled the Iran Russia, Syria oil pipeline. He put US troops in Syria, destroyed ISIS, and stopped Assad’s genocide (which started the European migrant crisis). He put CRIPPLING sanctions back on Iran AND blew up their covert nuclear and chemical weapons outposts and depots IN SYRIA.

Now Trump is leaving because we STOPPED the genocide which was actually a two pronged attack on the west. One flood Europe with poor, uneducated Muslim migrants who would overwhelm, overburden, and eventually overwhelm the wealth of France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and other European countries.

Two, the “war” in Syria IMHO was for OIL and $$. They started a genocide so they (Iran, Assad, Turkey perhaps, the Globalists powers that be, and RUSSIA) could build a pipeline from Iran through Syria to the sea. They would then have access to Europe and the west through Syrian ports. Russian, Iran, Assad, the Globalists, and I am sure Eroduan had his mitts in it for allowing the horde through Turkey to Europe, were going to make BILLIONS, maybe TRILLIONS.

The Iran sanctions on selling oil would have been superseded or circumvented (just as Saddam Hussein did in Iraq). Trump blew that all away, and an ALTERNATE pipeline was just approved through Greece and ISRAEL. KSA is going to ENSURE Iran and Turkey behaves (Sunni vs Shia Muslims) when we leave. IT IS ALL ABOUT $$ folks, and Putin has lost BILLIONS because of Trump, maybe even potentially, TRILLIONS. Sure as hell NOT the way to behave if you are someone’s “puppet”.


Checkmate coming

Folks,  ALL of this “Russian Dossier” was to spy on Trump, put out enough dirt they found to keep him from being POTUS, One MAJOR problem. They did NOT find any dirt. So, like good little Communists, BHO and his Cabal MANUFACTURED the APPEARANCE of dirt or “smoke” . There are several problems with that FUBAR initiative. One it is unethical (they did not give a flying f about ethics) to “spy” or insert spies into an opposition candidate.

Two, and the BIGGER problem. It is ILLEGAL to use the powers of not only the FBI, and US Intel agencies, BUT ALSO foreign entities to gather info through us intelligence apparatus IE surveillance on AMERICAN citizens. (remember all the unmasking going on?)  Then to COMPOUND what they did, to try and make it look “legal” they came up with that bogus 3rd grade “dossier” to try and legitimize all the surveillance they were doing through “contractor” about queries in the US database on EVERYONE even mildly associated with Donald Trump.

Then they use the phony dossier, spread in different tidbits to different agencies (state, DOJ, FBI, CIA briefings) , to make it look legitimate to gain a legitimate FISA warrant to try and back justify all their spying efforts both domestic AND foreign. They used fabricated fraudulent info and tactics (media reports and circular reporting) to persuade the court after a first attempt had failed. That my friends goes BEYOND sedition to treason. They also disseminated their phony propaganda through a network of biased complicit MSM (by Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele himself)…also at LEAST sedition if not treason.

Lastly, they have used all the above plus the media and select members of BOTH the Democrat (Warner, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, and others) and Republican establishment(Ryan, Flake, McCain, Corker) in various House and Senate committees, senior members of the DOJ (Lynch, Page, Baker, Bruce Ohr, Rod Rosenstein), FBI (Comey, McCabe, Stryk), State dept(Kerry), CIA (Brennan) AND most importantly the MSM  (see ANY CNN or MSNBC segment, WAPO and NY TIMES, Bloomberg, Axios, etc) to COVER UP their whole scheme through both either fake news, distorted news, or even worse omission. That may be their worst betrayal of all.
Now, what we are seeing is the mis info prep for the end game. This NY times and the WAPO pieces are designed to try and provide both plausible deniability to the Cabal AND a plausible “scenario” as a cover for the cover. They are so F*CKED it isn’t even funny.

They have told SO many lies, to SO many different people, they can’t unravel the knot they will soon find themselves in. Now, no matter how much more they try to make Trump look bad, and them look legit, people realize that it was ALL a lie, and they are CAUGHT.

Mueller was nothing more than a clean up op after their Coup failed and was exposed.  His job was to try and incriminate the ancillary principles of the Trump investigation (Papandopolous, Manafort, Flynn, and Carter Page.  ANY attempt to end the farce before conclusion was to be played as obstruction of “justice” by Trump.

They found NOTHING.  Not even after they SHREDDED attorney client privilege by searching and confiscating Michael Cohen’s records.  They they tried through SDNY to implicate Trump in Cohen’s misdeeds. (tax evasion)  They forced Cohen to “flip” and “compose”  Only one problem, Cohen had, has, and never will have any credibility.  He is a convicted LIAR.  No one believes him now, we all know he is “singing” to save his own ass.  Despite ALL this, the Cabal FAILED to get ANY real dirt on Trump, his family, his business, or his associates.  Now, they realize the “jig” is almost up. Mueller failed, ALL they have left is a futile attempt at impeachment. They WILL try it, and it will fail and only make it WORSE for them…everyone who signs off on impeachment using this garbage is complicit in the coup IMHO.

All this was to protect NOT HRC, but BHO. BHO wanted his legacy saved, and with HRC it would have been. He knew “crooked Hillary” would happily join in the cover up as long as SHE benefited.  He did EVERYTHING he could to stop Trump. From illegal unmasking of United States citizens (Susan Rice and Samantha Power), to illegal surveillance of Trump tower, to setting up Michael Flynn to planting several spies into the Trump camp (most probably by a combination of Brennan and Clapper), to trying to entrap Trump campaign members Papadapolous, Flynn, Manafort and Donald Trump Jr. (the Trump tower meeting with Don Jr. and the Russian honeypot who was recently indicted)  The Constitution , laws, and protocol be damned. HRC is merely complicit, She only funded the Op research of the Steele “dossier”. BHO is the head of this snake. He is the one who used, prostituted, and signed off on using the broad intel powers to try and utilize the garbage “dossier” to prohibit or OUST Trump after the election. That is why this has all taken so long, they are trying to cut the head of the snake OFF.

The irony is the MORE they try and cover up and make excuses for BHO’s and his minions actions, the MORE guilty and the brighter the spotlight on HIM becomes. He was after all the boss. He knew, he authorized, and he condoned IT ALL. He is GUILTY. That is what all the cover up has been to PROTECT BHO at all costs for his attempted soft coup de tat on a duly elected President.

The proof lies in the still classified PDB, Lisa Page and Peter Stryzk texts, the FISA apps, and the 302’s of Michael Flynn. I believe with ALL my heart that Sessions KNEW, and was too weak to do what MUST be done…indict a former President and his senior admin for TREASON. It was simply historically too big for Sessions. He did NOT have it in him. Does that make him too complicit? perhaps. But, someone WILL take this mantle.

Rest assured that Trump KNOWS, and so do other white hats. It WILL ALL come out, it has to. They tried to “get” Trump before he could reveal their coup, they failed, they THINK they still can get him, they CAN’T. He has them. Once they play impeachment, he WILL drop the hammer. Muller will look at BEST like a fool and at worst as a co-conspirator.

BHO’s sycophants were merely following orders that HE laid out (Crossfire Hurricane). I believe HE is also in with both feet on the cover up. He MUST pay. He should hang, but the optics would be too painful. SO he MUST instead see life in prison. He violated not only the Constitution, but also the rules of law. He abused both his powers and the public trust. He violated his sacred oath to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign, AND domestic. He himself WAS the enemy.

The Coup de tat

They HAD to remove Flynn at all costs. do not think for ONE minute that CBS and their reporters were not IN ON THIS. Too convenient, and NO ONE mentions that it was their report of what Pence said that was used to put Flynn in a box.
The “conspiracy theorist” in me postulates this: What if it was NOT Flynn who was the target of the initial setup. What if it was PENCE. Think about it. If Flynn had told the whole truth and said “yeah I spoke to Kislyak, about it, what of it, it is normal procedure, the VP was mistaken.” Then McCabe and the Cabal would have went after Pence for lying. You KNOW that Pence was also bugged, no telling what they might have had on him. It was a catch 22, someone was going to be sacrificed. Rather to give up Flynn than Pence.
This was a coup folks, plain and simple. IMHO their plan was to trap and remove Trump AND Pence. Who then was next in the line of succession? That’s right, Mr RINO himself Paul Ryan. Ryan KNEW, he had to, he is a member of the gang of eight.
If my theory is right, that is why Ryan fought against Trump the whole way. he thought HE was going to be installed as POTUS when Trump AND Pence were impeached. Maxine Watters even SAID as much, (Pence will be impeached too)and even though she is bat shit crazy, her loose lips spill out details often like Obama’s database on everyone.

This explains A LOT. Ryan was complicit as were the other members of the gang of eight. They committed treason when they asked Coats and the intelligence agencies to WITHHOLD classified info from Trump. They even brazenly put it in a signed memo.
So there you have it a coup de tat in our time. Now you know why the DOJ is so damn against releasing ANY of this to the public. It is a coup involving the Cabal AND senior members of Congress to OVERTURN a legitimate election. The SOTH was complicit and fought Trump and the agenda the whole way along with the uniparty. They thought Trump and Pence would BOTH be gone by now, and we could get back to business (globalism) as usual with a president Ryan. That is what Nunez found out, that is what they are hiding,that is what Trump and others know, and THAT is why Ryan “resigned” and “sabotaged the House for the midterms.” WHOA.

They were trying to set up Pence who had interviewed the day before with CBS and said NO ONE had any contact with the Russians. This was a coup de tat. ” the insurance policy”  They were bugging EVERYONE from Trump on down. There were trying to use Flynn AGAINST Pence, and when Flynn “lied” They used Pence against Flynn. Flynn fell on the sword to protect Pence and stop the coup. They were going to impeach BOTH Trump and Pence for “lying” to the FBI. (Pence WOULD have been the next “interview” if Flynn had contradicted the CBS interview and said Pence was mistaken, BET on it.

Think guys, they used the EXACT tactic to get Sessions to “recuse” Thereby installing RR. This was a WELL thought out calculated plan. Surveil EVERYONE. Use the media to get people “on the record” then use the bug tapes and media interviews to help set up perjury traps to EVERYONE. The used it on Sessions, Flynn, Pence, and Trump.
When Flynn fell on the sword to protect Pence, he had to be eliminated to prolong the coup. Flynn, being DNI, WOULD have discovered their plot and put an end to them as soon as he did.

One problem, the 302 from Polentka EXONERATED Flynn by saying he did NOT believe Flynn lied. Polentka WAS NOT in the coup, he was collateral in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was just a good guy. Stryzk WAS the coup member. When he read Polentka’s exoneration, that would NEVER do. Their plans WOULD be exposed. So, ergo, Stryzk FORGED the 302 submitted to McCabe, who then APPROVED it because HE was in the coup too

Mueller found out something fishy from the IG (probably Poletka’s conscience was bothering him and he went to the IG because he figured the “fix was in at the top with Comey, Yates, and McCabe. He didn’t know who to trust.) Mueller then was confronted by the IG, interviewed Stryzk, and then fired him. Mueller provided all the subsequent ammo to the IG, so Stryzk would be the fall guy. Stryzk was fired, McCabe was fired, and Mueller APPEARED to be the “good guy” for outing them. One problem, Mueller is in on the Coup too, and a mistake was made when the WRONG 302 was used on Flynn. Mueller KNOWS it. He knows that the real 302 will completely exonerate Flynn, and cast some VERY bright sunshine on the Cabal and their coup.

Mueller has fought Flynn sentencing from DAY ONE. Almost EIGHT months!  WHY? He knows it was based on deceit, FRAUD, and subterfuge. A FEDERAL judge was “recused” cause “someone” outted this crap, people forget that. This coup attempt was broad and multi faceted. It involved Congress uniparty, gang of eight, at least one federal judge, almost the entirety of the DOJ brass, a LOT of the media, and several ex Obama admin officials including Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Powers, Rhodes, Yates, Lynch, Comey, and Obama himself, not forgetting the Clinton’s and their ilk.

It is the ONLY thing that explains all the redactions, secrecy, lying, stalling, and PANIC.
they were found out folks, probably by Rodgers. He informed Trump, and Trump through a “back channel” ( I can’t remember they guys name) gave it to Nunez. Nunez was so shocked, he looked like someone shot his dog. He went straight out and reported what he had found to the media, and then Schiff (also a cabalist) had him “removed” for FOUR months for “ethics complaints” This allowed the Cabal TIME to regroup and time to plan other routes (Stormy) to try and attack Trump on other fronts, all the while continuing the “Russia” Coup attempt.

It is ALL slowly coming out, it is ALL bad for the Cabal, and they and their sycophants are in total PANIC about it. They KNOW Trump has the declass high card. They know he is going to use it, and they know there are some going to PRISON once he dose, some may HANG.

That, explains the new Cohen angle through SDNY. A ‘hail Mary” to try and get Trump or one of his family BEFORE on campaign finance or some other crap before he can drop the hammer. Too late. This WILL be in the history books folks. The Coup de tat in OUR country. Pulitzers and Oscars for books and movies that will be told to the future generations. Statues, plaques, and memorials to the victors. Infamy, prison, and perhaps DEATH,  to the losers. What a time to be alive and “woke”  This shit should give EVERYONE pause, heartburn, and trepidation.  All to protect HRC, Obama, and the Cabal, ALL to retain power at ALL costs.  These people are EVIL, SICK, and diabolical.  Thank God for Trump, a lesser man would have folded.  Trump is “all in”  FOR US.  May God bless and protect him and his family.

Tick Tock

I agree with MOST of what Sundance from the Conservative Tree house said About Trump using the FISA document Declassification as leverage over the deep state Cabal. I have basically been espousing the same. Some things I do not,  Sundance speculates that Trump would be willing to lose in 2020 to achieve MAGA, I do not agree on 2020. Trump knows he MUST win in 2020 to shore up all he has accomplished in the past two years. He will use the declassification as leverage over ALL his enemies both foreign and domestic. However, circumstance may dictate that he HAS to use some of his leverage soon. If the Cabal persist in the resistance, try and Impeach him, sabotage, or hamstring his economic, trade, and foreign policy then he MUST bring down Thor’s hammer upon them AND their MSM sycophants that have both enabled, promoted, and propped up the Cabal and the Russia “narrative”.

My belief is Trump is waiting for Mueller to spend the last of his “ammo” before releasing. Trump doesn’t have to release EVERYTHING at once. He could selectively release just info info to destroy key parts of the Cabal like Mueller and Schiff, while saving others like the five eyes “allies” for when it was most expedient or as Sundance says, get what he wants from them.

He can expose the DOJ in RR, Page, Strzok, and Comey without exposing Obama or Clinton. He can spread out the leverage over time, using pieces when they are the most damaging to the opponent. Knowing Trump and his like, he won’t shoot all his ammo at once and then risk being “empty” when the inevitable counter attack occurs…be it fake news or not. Trump is a master at having his opponents out themselves and subject themselves to maximum risk by getting them ANGRY and careless. How many have underestimated him? LOTS. Trump KNOWS they want his head, and he uses it against them constantly.

Trump knows they will over reach, and get way out over their skis. He is COUNTING on it. Their own rage and egos don’t allow them to see the trap Trump has them in. When one member of the Cabal over reaches, and is way over exposed, THAT is when Trump will strike, always holding more back just in the event that it is needed.

I believe the “rift” over the declass has come from people being impatient for “justice” being served to the Cabal. Because all has not been blown up and the Cabal not punished YET, people think it will NEVER happen. They could not be further from the reality. Trump could have used all his leverage before the mid terms, and possibly saved the House. To what ends? McCarthy is Ryan lite. A Rep civil war only aids the Dems and the Cabal.

Better to have Pelosi as a foil. She will spout nonsense, and definitely get out over her skis. She is one of the ones with the MOST to loose. She is after all a gang of 8 member. She knows well what the Cabal has done, and how they all have tried to institute a coup. Trump can use MASSIVE leverage on her now. He can show her HER name in the ledger so to speak. He can use it to GET the wall. IF the Reps had the majority, they could have played the same ole uniparty shuffle.

Trump is FAR smarter and politically savy than anyone of the Cabal give him credit for. That will be their demise. Once his agendas have been met, (the economy and trade are stable, the wall built, and immigration fixed, China and Iran neutered permanently, and the middle class rescued.), and the agenda “anchored” so some future Dem cannot simply EO it out of existence (that is WHY 2020 is so important, and VITAL that Trump is re-elected), THEN Trump can use the full Docs to decimate what is left of the Cabal…PERMANENTLY.

Make no mistake, the Cabal, including HRC, Obama, and his sycophants WILL pay, and WILL be brought to justice. Trump will NOT let them off the hook. Right now, he is “sweating” them. Soon some will think he is cowed or bluffing, and get exposed, he will then selectively CRUSH them as an example. THEN he will have even MORE leverage on the rest of the Cabal to get MAGA. Someone soon will be the Guinea pig, the only question is who will it be. It has to SUCK to be a member of the Cabal now…never knowing just how much risk you have, and when the “reaper” will come, but knowing in the end…he will.

They all know, no matter how much they bluster, that they are FUBAR. They all KNOW Mueller is ending and he found NOTHING. They all KNOW that the MSM can’t save them, and they will turn on them at the drop of a hat to try and save themselves and their “credibility”. The Guardian tried to “help” prop up Mueller the other day, and now are smashed.

Mueller is flailing trying to get ANYONE to save him and give him ANYTHING on Trump. There simply isn’t any info to give, at least not from the ones he has. Manafort, Corsi, and Stone all KNOW Mueller is tapped, and they know he has lost leverage over them. They know they will either have their “convictions” overturned, be made null, or pardoned by Trump. Therefore they don’t have to “play ball”. Mueller knows too. He knows he is now leashed, AND being watched by Whitaker. He knows he has only a few moves left, and one of them will nuke him (Flynn). He will write his report, and it will be innuendo, smoke, and plausibles, but in the end be found “wanting”.
He KNOWS Trump can release a few lines in the Declass to completely blow up and incriminate RR and himself. He has maximum exposure, and he KNOWS the Cabal will abandon him like last weeks Romaine lettuce if he fails to deliver. Mueller knows it will be HIS head in the noose, with NO ONE to save him, he has NO cover, hence the flailing. Mueller may very well be Trumps “pigeon” an example to be used against the rest. Soon, things will happen, and it will be glorious for us, and VERY bad for the Cabal. Tick Tock.

A contrast of epic proportions

Obama trashed Trumps policies because they are anti-Obama. IE Trump is America and AMERICANS first, Obama was Globalist and illegals first. Obama was wealth redistribution, socialism, and high taxes and deficit spending, and burdonsome excessive regulations on the backs of Main St while he and his Wall St buddies got rich. Trump is about tax cuts for the middle class, lower taxes for business, controlled Govt spending, less regulations, and Nationalism.

Obama was for food stamps, Govt assistance, and Govt dependency for all (except the elite) Free stuff for all we will pay for it later. Trump is for PERSONAL accountability, less Govt dependency, and making it easier for people to get a job and LIFT themselves out of dependency. Trump wants to LIMIT the free stuff for all and make people ABLE to get stuff by the sweat of their own brow.

Obama was for jobs outsourcing jobs to Mexico, Canada, or ANYWHERE else in the world but HERE. He was pro TPP, pro NAFTA, and pro Paris accord…ALL job and economy killers for the US. Trump is America first. Made in America, buy American, and hire American. Trup wants us to make most if not ALL of our goods and services HERE. No TPP, no more NAFTA, and definitely no Paris accord (thank God).

Obama was pro free trade, as long as WE got screwed (and HE and his buddies got rich). Trump is about free trade, provided it is EQUAL and reciprocal. He will use Tariffs to end the screwing we have been taking, and level the playing field. Just the threats have ALREADY worked, see the USMCA, EU deal, etc.

Obama was a USA apologist, he hated America, and what she stood for, he apologized to the world for all the “atrocities” America had supposedly committed. Trump BELIEVES in America, Americans, and American exceptionalism. He will NEVER apologize for America being the greatest country in the history of the Earth He WILL defend America against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. Trump is a Patriot, Obama was and is at least a Seditionist, if not a flat out TRAITOR.

Obama allowed anyone and EVERYONE in our borders, without vetting, to try and destabilize our heritage, economy, and culture. Trump WILL protect our borders, WILL build the wall (is but slowly) and WILL fight to vet all immigrants, so as to NOT destabilize our culture, heritage, or economy. Obama wanted us energy dependent on foreign countries, most NOT friendly to us. He closed TPP, Anwar, off shore drilling, and Dakota Access, all crippling Americas energy sectors. He cause coal mines to close, and would not allow exploiting of another abundant American resource, LNG. He invested in fruitless “alternative energy sources like wind and solar, all high cost low yield boondoggles, He cost people, communities, and cities jobs, money, and in some cases, their very existence. He did not care if we the people suffered the burdens of higher fuel, heating, and transportation of goods costs. He didn’t care he DESTRYOED communities. He didn’t pay for ANY of that, we did. He and his “wife” traveled anywhere and everywhere often on OUR dime, eating Kobe beef, throwing lavish parties, and drinking expensive liquor and wine. Trump WANTS us energy INDEPENDENT. He opened TPP, Dakota Access, Anwar, and off shore drilling. He reinvigorated the coal AND steel industries (Steel industries depend on coal, and coke a coal derivative to function.) He invested in LNG and we began EXPORTING it. Trump brought BACK jobs, communities, and cities that most thought were gone forever. Our energy sector is BOOMING. We are now the worlds leading exporter of BOTH crude oil and LNG (a fact NEVER mentioned by the MSM). Fuel and heating costs are lower and stable, as is the transportation costs. Ever see just how many SEMIs are on the road now? It is because they are BUSY, effective, and CHEAP to ship. We now MAKE money from energy, instead of wasting it on low yield solar and wind.

Obama left the world a dumpster fire, and HE was the gasoline. NK, Iran, Russia, ISIS, Syria, AL Queda, Lybia, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, you name it, he and his administration and their policies and rules f*cked it up…BIGLY. Americas foes were rewarded by 10’s of billions in questionable funds, bogus “treaties”, a turned head on their anti American actions, apathy, odd and ineffectual AND dangerous rules of engagement. Obama did ALL he could to weaken the Us foreign policy AND our military. He cost America and Americans, blood, treasure, lives, and reputation. He fired senior military officers who dared question these policies, he eliminated hundreds of officers from colonel to Major. His sequester allowed Americas Air force, Army, and Navy to dwindle in equipment, size, and ability to project force where needed. The military had to SCAVENGE ‘bone yards’ to keep equipment functioning. We didn’t build any new equipment either, he decommissioned dozens of Navy ships. He made our military, weak, ineffectual, smaller, and complacent, right where he wanted it. Trump has historically reigned in NK, we may even be on the way to PEACE after 70 years. He had our soldiers remains returned, NK commit to denuclearization, and STOP firing missles at our allies Japan, Taiwan, and Guam. It didn’t cost us a single penny to do it, THAT is diplomacy. If Trump did NOTHING else that would have been more than Obama, but wait, it gets BETTER. He ended the “treaty” with Iran, reinstated and toughened the previous sanctions Obama removed, stopped giving foreign enemies aid, suctioned Russia for their misbehavior, stabilized the war in Afghanistan, ended the atrocities and escalation in Syria, DESTROYED ISIS, rekindled our relationships with allies like Poland, Hungary, UK, and Israel. He made NATO members pay their FULL share for the first time in decades. He put the EU and Germany on notice about “migration”. He founded new allies in KSA, Jordan, Egypt, and UAE. Together, they have helped to reign in terrorism, and terrorists organizations like Al Queda.

Forget the Kashoggi “incident” that was a set up by Turkey and people who ARE NOT our friends. They are trying VERY hard to destabilize our alliance with KSA and MBS. It didn’t work. It Can’t. Trump has BIGGER plans like PEACE in Israel, and the Mideast. KSA is too important to that goal. The Globalists know it, and tried HARD to paint this Kashoggi as a simple “journalist” who was brutally murdered. In REALITY Kashoggi was a CIA asset, a member of the Muslim brotherhood, and a Saudi dissident. He was NOT our friend, even if he wrote op eds for WAPO. Do we condone murder? No, but my bet is it was a setup to damage MBS.

Trump has rebuilt our Military buy securing nearly 1.5 Trilion dollars in spending. He has eliminated the lawyers from our rules of engagement, and put command BACK in the hands of the commanders. We are becoming lean and mean again. We are commissioning NEW ships, and planes, fleets of them. We no longer scavenge spare parts to keep things going. We are building bigger, better, smarter weapons again. Trump is revamping our nuclear capabilities. Trump has also had the foresight to create a military for the next frontier…SPACE. America’s military is BACK, we are once more a force for good that NO ONE wants to challenge.

Obama through his policies and either incompetence or disdain weakened, divided, and almost destroyed America as we know it. Trump has taken a blowtorch to Obama’s legacy. Trump sees GDP’s of 3-5 in our future, Obama NEVER got to 3. 1-2 was his new “norm” Trump strengthened our economy, our allies, our border, our, military, our rule of law, and our future. Obama tried to destroy all that and more. Obama downed America and Americans. He divided us among race, color, creed, religion, and social standing. Trump is lifting ALL Americans up. Despite what the MSM will tell you, Trump has tried to UNITE America and Americans. He is NOT racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, or anti-Semitic. All one needs to do is look at the unemployment at historical lows for Blacks, women, Asians, and Hispanics to see that Trump is a NATIONALIST, and NOT a “white” Nationalist. Don’t believe the propaganda. Trump has done more for minority Americans than ANY President in at least 40 years. Contrast the black unemployment at its BEST under Obama was somewhere between 11-15%. Under Trump it is sub SIX PERCENT!

The media fawned over Obama, let him ramble, lie, obfuscate, embellish, and mumble, while giving his teleprompter “speeches” and press “conferences” with never a question or harsh word. Trump and the people in his family, and administration have been subjected to the most vile, abusive, petulant, rude, and abhorrent treatment imaginable by the press. He has been called a dictator, Hitler, Nazi, racist, misogynist, bigot, tyrant and traitor…ALL by the media. Trump, his family, his business, his friends, and his administration have been under constant harassment and investigation by EVERY media outlet, government agency, private investigators, law enforcement agencies, state agencies, and Congress (mostly Dems but a few RINOS and never Trumpers too). He has had to fight, berate, and DRAG his own party to the MAGA agenda.

Obama, was given a free pass by the media. He was NEVER fully vetted, even though he had numerous questionable allies including domestic terrorists, Socialists, and even Communists. He dares call Trump a racist when he sat in the pew of the most vile bigoted, racist anti-white, anti American pastor and “church” for DECADES. People fawned over Obama, even when he screwed up, read the wrong speech, stuttered, became angry, obfuscated, and LIED flat out. he was NEVER questioned, EVER. Do you think that someone could do what Jim the Acoster has done to Trump and Sanders to Obama, and his press Secretary? No way, that would be disrespectful and RACIST. Anyone who did would have been barred if not tarred and feathered, at least their career would be over, Decent was not allowed.

Obama had his party and the RINOS in lock step with whatever he wanted to do no matter how illegal, stupid, dangerous, or un Constitutional. He blatantly flaunted his phone as his pen to make law by fiat, circumventing both Congress and the will of the people. totally unquestioned, and unchallenged. He issued “proclamations like DACA, DAPA,  trangender bathrooms, and trangenders in the Military. He used his DOJ to intimidate people and organizations into compliance by suing and threats of suing.  He used His IRS to harass, fine, and torture conservatives and their orgs.  He investigated and bugged reporters, citizens, and Congress.  He is the walking epitome of abuse of power.  Trumps DOJ has been AWOL at best and traitorous at worst.  All he has accomplished is in SPITE of the Cabal, the courts, the Dems, and the RINOS. Trump has been hamstrung by his government, not assisted.

Trump was a scholar and an athlete at the Warton school of business, the New York Military Academy, and Penn. Obama was a drug addled anti American dissident at Harvard. we do not know if he was a scholar, as he sealed his records to prevent us seeing them. He claimed to be a “good” basketball plyer, but I once watched him miss 26 STRAIGHT 15′ “jump” shots. His game was weaker than my 11 year old grandson, and he doesn’t PLAY basketball

In closing, and so sorry for the length. Obama will be reviled in history, a footnote of the first anti American President (not his race , religion, or skin color). Trump will be featured and honored as the man who despite all odds, and against a cabal of globalists, RINOS, never Trumpers, MSM antagonists, and foreign enemies, Made America great again! Trump will wind up in a monument like Rushmore, Obama will be consigned to the dust heap, an example of what NOT to ever let happen here again. Obama KNOWS this and everything I wrote. He KNOWS Trump is his antidote, his kryptonite. he KNOWS Trump is succeeding in undoing his damage. He KNOWS soon his “legacy” will be an asterisk. That is why he is pissed and acting out.

He has Trump penis envy. Trump will be everything Obama wanted to believe he was. Obama got rich while in the White House, VERY rich.  Trump has only LOST money, had to give up his business interests, and endure all the punishment from the Cabal and their sycophants…all for ONE DOLLAR. .  Trump is a winner, Obama is a looser, a sore looser, a childish petulant abomination of a sore looser.It is that simple!

The Art of the Deal on Display

Trump in yesterdays presser was Brilliant!

First I have to comment on the Acosta incident and CNN and others defense of him.


CNN wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them. Slowed down or not, you can CLEARLY see the interns whole shoulder twist as Acosta pushes her hand away. That is the definition of assault. Acosta should be lucky he only had his credentials suspended, he could face charges.

All this by the most propagandized “news” outlet in the US. Anyone remember the false accusations against Corey Lewandowski? Then Trump posted the video which clearly showed it was BS. There was much less contact by Lewandowski in Mar a Lago than Acosta yesterday, and they all wanted Corey FIRED. Why isn’t CNN firing or suspending Acosta? Why are they defending him? The media lambasted that video too as “edited” Wasn’t it CNN that got caught with some “creative” camera shots in New Orleans, and Houston? Wasn’t it CNN who got who got caught FAKING a Gulf War bombing at their “hotel” (which was actually a studio).

Now on to Trumps Brilliance

This press conference yesterday was BRILLIANT by Trump. He did not spin anything, laid it all out in facts, and then offered an olive branch of bipartisanship, which the media quickly broke and stomped on. Trump KNEW they would. He WANTED them too, and they happily obliged.

Now the whole world saw them for what they are rabid petulant partisan childish bullies. I have a question, do winners act like that? NO. I thought they just won this major blue wave victory? That wasn’t gloating, that was attacking. Why if they had just won? Because they know they DIDN’T win, and they were PISSED about it.

Trump let their own anger for him and US show for the whole WORLD to see. They know that even though they “won” they are screwed. Why? How? Because they now have to PRODUCE and legislate, and they CAN’T. Without the massive blue wave in the house and without the Senate, they know they can’t pass ANY legislation that Trump doesn’t like, and that doesn’t help MAGA. He will VETO it.

If they somehow get enough votes in the House to override the Veto, (highly unlikely they get 2/3 with a 11 seat majority) what ever it is will DIE in the Senate. They HAVE to compromise. They HAVE to deal with Trump, a man they have spent 3 years trying to destroy. Think he is going to make it easy on them? No. He has ALL the leverage now. He can, and WILL make them the bad guys who are stalling MAGA.

He is doing what winners do, taking lemons and making it to his advantage as lemonade. He will get more done than people think, MAYBE even more done legislatively than he did with RINO Ryan. How, because he could not use his own party as the enemy, he CAN and WILL with Pelosi.

But, you say, they will impeach him and investigate him and his Admin to death. No they won’t, they CAN’T impeach him (they can, but he wont be convicted in the Senate, so it would be political suicide to try.) He let the cat out of the bag yesterday as to what he would do to them if they tried to harass him or his Admin through Suponea, he will do the same to them by using the newly MAGA’d Lindsey Graham.

They DO NOT want that, their real crimes will be exposed, and people will be indicted. They may saber rattle, and even a couple may try it. They will quickly get nuked by reciprocal actions. See, it is just like Reagan did to the Soviets, MAD. Mutually Assured Destruction. It worked, the Soviets capitulated. It will work on the Dems too. They have FAR more to lose as Trump did nothing wrong and they KNOW it.

They have done MANY crimes, Trump knows it, has evidence of it, and WILL use it if necessary. Plus he has two more aces now. 1. declassification, that fully exposes the Dems and their crimes. 2 the new AG. Without Sessions and RR as a block, the Mueller hoax is over, and as an added bonus, we will finally get justice in the form of indictments against those who perpetuated the fraud.

Pelosi and Schiff KNOW they are in deep do do as well as Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Lynch, Comey, Powers, and most importantly Clinton AND Obama. How far does Trump want to go up the ladder is all we need to see. I hope he goes all the way to the top, but he may use the threat on the top as a sword of Damocles…always hanging, never knowing if or when it will strike.

He HOPES Pelosi is speaker, he is COUNTING on it. He has MASSIVE leverage on her and her crimes in the Russia hoax (she was a member of the gang of 8, she knew and did NOTHING…consequentially, so is SCHIFF)

See, the art of the deal, brilliant! They know he has them, and THAT is why they were so rapid after supposedly winning.

Oh, if by chance Pelosi isn’t speaker, Trump still wins, it will then be a weaker, more easily persuaded, person more willing to compromise. If it is Waters or another rabid leftist, Trump will send the Dems all roses for the gift, and we start all over at the game, either way Trump, and US win.

The man is simply smarter and 4 steps ahead of them all the time.  The STILL think he is Elmer Fudd.  They are very slowly coming to the realization of what we are up against.  It is Godzilla vs Bambi, and Trump is Godzilla to the Dems Bambi.  Hint, it doesn’t work out well for Bambi, and it won’t for the Dems.

They have him surrounded, EXACTLY where he wants them to be.  They will NEVER see it coming….but coming it is. The Senate was step 1, and Sessions is step 2.  I shortly expect steps 3 and 4 the firings and ending of the Russia SC hoax to happen soon.  Then, step 5 is where the actual fun begins, it can be the declassification, and that can happen under an intrum (insuring the new guy or girl isn’t “tainted” by it…just doing their job.).

Step 6 is the new AG, someone who WILL prosecute the crimes.  Step 7 is the pain.  Now comes the indictments and trials.  These will be the most watched trials since Nuremberg, topping OJ.

Step 8 is the hardest…JUSTICE.  Prison or worse for the head traitors.  The country will be ripped apart, but it MUST happen to survive.  Law and order and the rule of law as well as equal justice MUST prevail, and they will.  It will be painful, and many will suffer.

Step 9 is hard but doable…reconciliation and healing.  Once the crimes are exposed, those responsible punished, and the rule of law reestablished, then order and peace can and WILL be achieved.

We will need a strong leader, one who is both charismatic, and compassionate.  One who is firm but understanding.  One who can bring all sides to the table, negotiate,  AND achieve a compromise and peace.

Trump is literally PERFECT.  It is why I think he WAS called by God to do this.  It is why he won, has not failed, and continues to endure and flourish despite all that has been thrown against him.  He was chosen, and not only WON’T he fail, he CAN’t fail, all because God is on his side,

Step 10 is easiest..we  (the USA and the world) WIN!

Trump is a serious Poker player and he is holding a royal flush.

As I have told you guys before, Trump IS NOT bluffing here in regards to immigration.. I love the guy. Just think what he has done to the Dems false immigration “narrative” in just 1 week.

First he said he would dispatch troops to protect the border, he did 15000 PLUS tanks, and support equipment.

Then he said he was going to do a EO eliminating birthright citizenship (anchor babies). He is, and as an added bonus he will take away the 14th amendment loophole that the Dems have been misconstruing for decades.

Now he is changing the rules on asylum. BPE. He keeps the Dems spinning like a top. They haven’t finished their faux outrage narrative on the first issue and he is already on #3. Meanwhile, they are having to refocus resources, people, and time redoing their “narratives” They simply do not move at Trump speed. They just wasted a lot of time on issue #1 for NOTHING. All the while, there is an election in 4 days, and they CAN’T set or reset THEIR narratives, because Trump sets the agenda. It is making them even more nuts. Also, they can’t focus on dirty tricks in the coming election if they constantly have to peel resources (there are only so many faux protesters to go around.) The man is a BRILLIANT tactician.

All the lies the Dems and their lawyers have told the “migrants” about how to game the system on asylum, have now been blown to smithereens. What did the Dems do? EXACTLY what Trump wanted them to do…sue. Now there will be a faux injunction from some leftist court, probably the 9th Circuit, , which will quickly be appealed straight to the SCOTUS ( who BTW is in session, and will HAVE to hear it ASAP due to the serious “humanitarian crisis” that may be incoming. The SCOTUS will, again, affirm the Presidents article 2 powers innumerated in the Constitution on all immigration, plus the right to secure the border from invasion. Trump will seal the border legally as well as physically, and there will be NOTHING the Dems can do.

The Dems now have a BIG problem. They have wasted a lot of resources on this narrative, as well as political capital here ( it will cost them the mid terms) and with the “migrants” Once these people are held at the border, I suspect the others will be forced to either stop in Mexico, or turn around. It will therefore be HARDER to get “caravans” to form in the future once they realize that the Dems betrayed them.

The Dems will try for a false optic and pity about women and children, but that won’t work either. I sure Trump has contingencies for all most all scenarios…including live fire. I am sure that is last resort, but it is an option, what did Mattis say, we don’t do ‘stunts’. I take Mattis and Trump at their words, the rest of the world including Dems had better start!