Times Up!

All this pearl clutching about Dems opening NEW investigations through Congress on SDNY, without seeing the BIG picture. If the Dems want to go down with the SS Cohen, so be it, the flailing should be spectacular. Cohen is a known and CONVICTED liar. He has as much credibility now as a fox in a hen house full of dead chickens blaming the rooster…IE NONE.

No one has seen the significance apparently, that TWO DAYS after Barr was confirmed, Mueller is wrapping up? WHY? Didn’t he just indict Roger Stone? So, that was it? NO, Barr has “pulled” Mueller’s plug. This farce is about to END and end BADLY for the Cabal. Once Mueller is kaput next week, I HOPE the Dems leak some some and innuendo. So DOES TRUMP!. That way, it will be MUCH easier to round up the cabal for prosecution for TREASON.

Gasp! you say, BUT they will leak info and use that to START NEW committee investigations which will lead to articles of impeachment. Right? WRONG! I am sure that is their plan, along with using PinocCohen. But, ONE very large 800 ton gorilla is sitting in the room that  is conveniently forgotten.

Once Mueller is a wrap, IT IS CLASSIFIED. ONLY Barr can decide IF and WHAT to release, IF ANYTHING. The MSM and Dems can hem and haw, the MORE they do or leak the BETTER. WHY? Well has everyone forgotten that Bar is now there? NOT RR, Not an interim, NOT Comey?

IF the Dems try ANYTHING further (Trump is hoping against hope they do, as there will be NO need for a campaign in 2020 Trump may win all 50 states) Trump will simply RELEASE the KRAKEN. You know ALL the “classified” docs, the FISA app, the 302’s, the IG report un-redacted, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to do with all this farce. That will be akin to dropping a 10 trillion megaton nuclear bomb into the swamp. DEVASTATION.

ALL the Cabal, foreign agents, spies, foreign Govt’s, Uniparty Congress and Senate, MSM facilitators and enablers, and ESPECIALLY OBAMA will look like the corrupt fools and seditious treacherous TRAITORS they are. It will make the forthcoming arrests easier for the masses to pallet.

ANY further attempts to “prolong”, tangent, or reopen this coup based upon the previous lie will to be considered TREASON. So, by ALL means Nadler, Pelosi, Cohen, Schiff, Schumer, Watters, and whoever else, jump into the boiling cauldron, the water is FINE.

Face it, some don’t want to admit it, but I will. This is OVER. The Dems and Cabal with their MSM sycophants tried, and they FAILED. Their time is UP. ANY further attempts will not only be seen by us (Trup supporters) as treason, but also as the politically motivated hit job it was and is by REGULAR non MAGA people.

The 25% or so of the hard left will NEVER see anything but Trump is bad, but the 50% of us will be vindicated, and the other 25% who were on the fence or against Trump will come over to OUR side, realizing that they had been played. ANY further attempts will mean not only Trump’s re election (that is almost a given now) BUT also the END of the Democratic party, possibly FOREVER. So if they feel “froggy” by all means jump!. Watch out for that first step though, its a loo loo!


The end to this nightmare is nigh!

Sigh, where to begin. Just because something doesn’t “appear” to be done, does NOT mean nothing is or HAS been done behind the scenes. Just because no one in the Cabal has been indicted YET does NOT mean they won’t be.
You may have “fallen” for the same trick that the Cabal have. They THINK they got away with it, they THINK they are winning. They are about to find out just how WRONG they are. Trump has played the “wounded duck” very well..too well it would appear to some, as even some of his supporters have took the bait.
Did it EVER occur to all you doubters that Trump has ALLOWED the Cabal to “drive” the narrative? did you ever consider that by going OVER the top on people like Cohen, Stone, Manafort, Papadapolous, and Flynn, that the Cabal has inadvertently set PRECEDANT on how THEY will be treated, indicted, tried, and sentenced? I thought not.

See it was perfectly OK to do the things they did to those people, they and the MSM told us so OFTEN. Now, when Cabal members are surveilled, their attorney’s offices raided, their homes raided by armed men at 3 in the morning, what leg do THEY have to complain on? Right, NONE. What was that old saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” The Cabal is about to learn that..BIGLY.

Trump has been kicking their asses for nearly 3 years. They have thrown EVERYTHING in their play book at him including the kitchen sink, and NOTHING has stuck. They themselves did indeed set the “narrative” They have screamed and broadcast it 24/7 for 2 years. “Collusion with Russia is BAD” ” We can’t allow foreign interference in our elections” it is impeachable, it is indictable. All we have heard right?

Well, ahem, Trump did not collude or conspire (that, if this was all real, would be the charge NOT collusion), they have looked for it for TWO years and all they have found is that the CABAL DID conspire with Russia, through Steele, Simpson, Clapper, and others.
They did use Five eyes allies and spies to interfere in the election and beyond. They did use our intelligence agencies and Government agencies, as well as CONGRESS in a conspiracy to keep Trump from office, then try to remove him, then cover it up.
Now, by setting the “narrative” what have the Cabal, including the MSM set themselves up for? That’s right…now you start seeing the BIG picture. They have used their own words to set themselves up for their own hanging.

Now we are in the END game for the Coupists. Trump has “set the hook”. He has ALL he needs now, hence the sudden FLOOD of info being released…ALL OF IT BAD for the Cabal and the Coupists.

Someone has been investigating, gathering, compiling, organizing into coherent texts, and RELEASING this info. WHO? My bet, the erstwhile Mr. Huber. You know, the guy who has been working…silently… with the OIG Horrowitz for the past year.

Huber DOES have subpoena powers. Huber CAN convene a grand jury or juries. Huber can INDICT. Horrowitz can investigate and corroborate. All this was done, hard as it is to believe, IN SECRET. Wow, what a novel concept in DC, a truly SECRET operation. NO LEAKS…NONE. WHY?

Perhaps the Cabal THOUGHT they were winning and safe and were going to get away with it AGAIN (like many here and elsewhere did). No such luck this time. They are (shortly ) cooked.

These people had to “appear” incompetent, feckless, weak, and possibly on the same team as the Cabal, to be EFFECTIVE. They too played the wounded duck well. ALL the facts, players, and EVIDENCE, must now be at hand. It is being slowly but steadily spoon fed to we the people. The Hammer is ready to drop, MANY will be shocked when it does, ESPECIALLY the Cabal and the MSM.

It took a LONG time to put this together. It took a LONG time to weed out all or most of the Cabal, and an even LONGER time to identify, isolate, and gather intel on ALL the players. This is going to be HUGE. BIBLICALLY HUGE.

I too wanted swift action, I too wanted justice, I too became despondent at times, I too thought at times they would win, I too thought it was too big to contain let alone stop, even for Trump. I was WRONG. Trump has played the long con on ALL of them, and they, thinking he was Elmer Fudd, bought it hook, line, and sinker. We and they are about to see the fruit of “playing wounded duck”

It will be the MOST watched TV of ALL time when this really hits, despite the MSM being on team Cabal, there are a few who WILL defect, realizing the tide has turned, and there is $$$ to be made, as well as trying to “atone” for their sins. The Cabal IS on the clock, and it is rapidly approaching ZERO.


O M G RBG and Roberts

There ARE no verifiable signs of life of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, . I myself debunked the concert “appearance” the other night. No pics it didn’t happen.  What cancer doctor would allow his recent post op 3x cancer survivor who just had a major part of her lung removed, to go out in the cold damp air to a concert with dozens of people and BILLIONS of germs?   Answer NONE…RBG is AT LEAST immune system compromised because of if not JUST radiation, and surgery, but also most likely chemo as well.  NO cancer doctor would allow that in ANY circumstance, UNLESS there is NOYHING more that can be done, and she is in Hospice.

The fact that not only is Roberts VOTING with the liberals, but ALSO allowing RBG to vote by PROXY ( she is NOT in chambers, and has NOT been there to hear oral arguments on the RECENT cases, she is supposedly reviewing the dockets FROM HOME) is proof that he is INDEED compromised. He should be investigated, found compromised and impeached. This is a FARCE.

Quick question for ALL who question that RBG is not incapacitated. Why do we suddenly see a RASH of state laws being passed in liberal cities and districts on late and even POST birth abortion? Why the sudden URGENCY?  Answer, because RBG is either dead, or incapacitated, and that fact CANNOT be kept from us (and Trump) much longer.


Then Trump will get to replace Ginsberg with Amy Coney Barrett, and not even traitor or Liberal in Conservative clothing Roberts will be able to STOP the overturning of Roe V Wade.

It will then TRULY be 5-4 with Roberts taking on his TRUE form of liberal and being REMOVED at least as chief Justice (the one who sets the agenda AND controls the judges on the FISC court.


O M G . I JUST figured it ALL out guys….GASP….This whole show of Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, and the subsequent coverup of the FISA and FISC abuses was NOT just to cover up for Obama and the Cabals Coup de tat, , but ALSO ROBERTS.

Once revealed in the declassification documents, this will take down not only a former President, but ALSO the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS. NOW it ALL makes sense. When you realize, as I just did, that ROBERTS was a VITAL part of the coup, it ALL FITS.

Roberts sets the SCOTUS itinerary, Roberts is in charge of WHO sits on the FISC court, Roberts REVIEWS FISC court findings, Roberts would be the presiding judge in ANY Presidential trial in the Senate.

Roberts has recently been CONSISTANTLY siding with the liberals since RBG had her surgery. Roberts is ALLOWING RBG (most likely her staff…liberals ALL) to vote by PROXY. ROBERTS IS A TRAITOR. O M G.

THAT is why the FISC cover up, IT ALL leads to ROBERTS. He is a Manchurian Justice. He is IN on the Coup at the ground floor. Who wants to bet that Roberts himself is somewhere mentioned in the classified documents?

THIS is EARTH SHATTERING, and to my knowledge, no one has seen it. Didn’t someone prophesize this? That Trump would appoint FOUR Justices, and One hidden would be “removed” WOW.  This coup attempt not only involved a former Preisdent (Obama), his senior staff ( Rice, Powers, Clapper, Rhodes, Jarrett), Members of the FBI(Comey, McCabe, Stryzk), DOJ( Lynch, Ohr, Page Priestep, Baker), CIA(Brennan), and State (Kerry).  It involved the MSM (Isakoff, Yahoo, Wapo, NY Times, CNN. MSNBC. Buzzfeed, and MORE it included  Six members of the current Gang of eight( Burr, Warner, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, MConnell  plus three former members in Feinstein, Ryan, and Reid.  Only Nunez, who tried to stop this farce and reveal it is safe.  McCarthy is an unknown at this point. This wide raging multifaceted Coup also included FOREIGN Govt intelligence agencies in the 5 Eyes (UK and Australia)  plus at least Three foreign spies in Halper, Steele, and Misfud.   All of three of them are at least tied to MI6 and also Brennan and the CIA.

Now the last piece just “hit” me.  Chief Justice of the SCOTUS is also in on it.  They thought they had ALL the bases covered.   from intelligence, to foreign Govt approvals, Five Eyes inquiries,  and intelligence agencies, to select MSM running a 24/7 psyop in TV, Print and the internet.  From DOJ, and FBI lawyers, administrators, and agents.  from Senior members of the previous Administration up to and including the former President.  From members of Congressional and Senate committees, to the Senior gang of 8 themselves.  From the State dept. and foreign spies, to John MCcain and his aide. From the Fisc court and justice Rudolph Contreras ( who not only approved at least ONE FISA app, he also was the judge who was forced to recuse in the Flynn case)to Chief Justice Roberts himself.

Hillary Clinton only laundered the money through Perkins Couie, and hired Glen Simpson and Fusion GPS for OP research, who then hired Steele.  I am sure She is in on it, but NO WAY she ran all this.  She may be a player, but they thought she would win and cover it up.  ALL this lies at the feet of ONE man, weather or not he was the “mastermind” (it had to be someone else..Jarrett perhaps as this was ALL VERY complicated) Obama sanctioned, approved, and was constantly updated via PDB.  HE ALLOWED it to continue from a smear network to keep Trump out, to trying a coup to remove Trump before he became entrenched, to now the cover up with the Mueller SC.

We are living IN history here folks.  This must NEVER be allowed to happen again, and those responsible MUST pay the ultimate price for their TREASON…DEATH.  When this history is written, MANY will go to jail, a few will pay with their lives.  Trump will go down in history as the man who SAVED the country from the attempted coup.  Obama and the cabal will go down in infamy as TRAITORS and failed coupists, even WORSE than Benedict Arnold.

Drink it in, research, listen, be awake, stay informed, and most importantly, TEACH your children and grand children about this treachery.  Show them what depths evil corrupt people will go to.  Teach them right from wrong, about the consequences of your actions.  Teach them about deeds and not just words.  Show them light vs dark.  Don’t turn away, face the truth…cold and harsh.  Learn from it.   God bless America, pray for his guidance and comfort in the days ahead when this is revealed, we will need it!





Where we are now…

Here’s my take on this whole sordid mess. They are setting (offering) up the Ohr’s as THE sacrificial lambs. Nellies job was to gather info by using the NSA database about queries, provide it to steele through her husband Bruce on to Glen Simpson. Bruce would also pass the info to to Bill Priestep , which would, when Steele produced the SAME thing for Clapper and Brennan, give Steele dual sourcing, and “legitimacy” At the same time Steele and Simpson were using THEIR MSM contacts Isikoff and several reporters NOT yet named to disseminate the Dossier (Most likely Haberman from the NY Times and some reporters from WAPO). This gave it THREE “sources” In reality, IT WAS ALL FROM THE SAME “source” “They” think that we will all “buy it”. Nope. See, all this “chaff and countermeasures” is STILL to prevent ONE thing. More on that later

The Ohrs, are being served up to protect their “handler” Simpson. If Simpson is implicated, so are HIS handlers Steele and the UK MI6. If MI6 is implicated so are others like Misfud and Halper. If Misfud and Halper are implicated, it links back to BRENNAN. If Brennan is implicated, it snares Rice, Rhodes, Clapper, Powers, and Jarrett. More later.

That was the “intelligence” facet of this. we also have the FBI facet. On that side we have Stryk, Page, McCabe and Comey. Ohr ties to BOTH Page and McCabe. Ohr implicates ALL of these “players”. Their jobs were to gather all the mis-info, process it, launder it through THEIR MSM contacts at the WAPO (forgot his name), and to intimidate, interview, and if necessary FALSIFY witness info to meet their objective (Stryzk). (see Flynn, Page, Papadapolos, Manafort. ALL these “witnesses” were Spied on by MI6 and “tainted by former CIA and MI6 spies (Halper and Misfud or in Flynn’s case the CIA wiretap and Yates.)

Now we have the DOJ side, this IS Ohr’s dept. That brings in Baker, Preistap , Yates. Ohr implicates ALL these people as well, we now KNOW he told ALL of them that the Steele Dossier was crap, and met with Baker. Ohrs job was to (Through Baker, give the Dossier a FOUTH source). I suspect ol Brucie figured out that he was awfully exposed with his fly wide open through his involvement and that of “beautiful” Nellie on the dossier, and that is when he told them the dossier was not to be trusted…DIRECTLY against what he was supposed to do.

The FBI side was to initiate the coup through the insurance policy of a special Council. Once Comey and Yates were fired, it fell to one Rod Rosenstein, who then brought in Mueller and his 17 strong band of Trump hating “believers”, and that is where we are now. Rosenstein also signed off on at least one of the fraudulent FISA applications to the FISC court. Their job was to tie in all the garbage “gathered” and processed in the Steele dossier into something that the SC could use to EXPAND more into Trumps life, and get some REAL dirt on Trump, (it FAILED) which would JUSTIFY the dossier, and ALL the illegal acts committed to initiate this plot like unmasking, spying, altering of 302’s, witness intimidation, lack of due process, attorney client privilege violations, Constitutional rights violations, fraud FISA applications, the works!

Now we move to the Gang of 8 (at the time Schumer, Burr, Warner, Pelosi, Ryan McConnell, Schiff, and Nunez). ALL of them HAVE SEEN the unredacted FISA files (Burr and Warner actually HAD the first FULL unredacted FISA application for MONTHS, we know this through the Wolfe leak,  It was given in its entirety to Ms. Watkins), just NOT ALL at once…back to Brennan and Clapper, as they BOTH briefed at one time or another ALL of them.

I suspect the ONE good guy, Nunez, was given an ALTERED version than ALL the others who most surely were uniparty (by Clapper). THAT is what Nunez read in the SCIF, the REAL unredacted FISA, which used the Steele Dossier as an impetus, and WAS INCLUDED IN THE PDB. Nunez KNOWS the truth. This was a COUP!.

It involved ALL the players mentioned above, to one extent or another. Burr, Warner, Schiff were the “intelligence” uniparty facet of this multifaceted attack. They were there to use their powers to “implicate” Trump or someone close to him to instigate the coup., PLUS through Wolf, LEAK (to his female concubine, Ali Watkins, selected bits to the NY times. Schiff is a walking “leak” had a hand in having Nunez “temporarily” removed from his chairmanship, and made the infamous counter memo to Nunez’s attempt to tell us ALL the truth.  Schiff’s memo has now been PROVEN to be a lie and mis info.  Schiff also may have lied to Congress, SEVERAL times. Once caught their job became to deflect, stall and OBSTRUCT any attempts at the truth.  (Warner is ALSO ESPECIALLY  in deep with his ties to Halper, and Steele)

Now we move to the political “leadership” facet of the Uniparties job. Pelosi and Schumer (Schumer was briefed ALONE by Brennan) were to use the completed Mueller info to start the Impeachment proceedings to try and remove Trump. They will take the Mueller info, combine it with the garbage Steele dossier, launder it through ALL their MSM sycophants, and begin the by filing articles of Impeachment.

Ryan and McConnell’s job was to STALL both the Trump agenda (Wall, legislation, judiciary appts, real cabinet appts) prevent allies from helping Trump by NOT confirming or going into “recess”, and to PREVENT the release of ANY info which could implicate the scheme or ANY of the players. Ryan, would have gone along with Pelosi and filed articles of impeachment weather justified or not. Now it is on Pelosi, no doubt what she will do.

MCConnell’s job, in conjunction with Schumer, was to stall ALL confirmations ESPECIALLY judicial, SC, and Trump Admin (new AG). McConnell would enact the “trial of Trump” in the Senate using Pelosi’s BS articles of Impeachment. MConnell would also PREVENT Trump from making ANY recess appointments by “keeping the Senate in Pro Forma session” Thank God Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins had their moments of sanity and passed Brett Kavanaugh through.

Now we move to someone who is DEFINATELY NOT MAGA, and who is seldom mentioned. Chief Justice John Roberts. His ONE job would be to preside of the “Trial of Trump” and to direct the conviction and removal of Trump (spit).
Now, the climax of this little story, THE TRUTH. Barack Hussein Obama was the leader, instigator, and signatory of this little Coup de tat. He initiated this coup to protect his “legacy” He did not like HRC, he did not want HRC, but he tried to install HRC for ONE reason. He knew SHE would keep and expand upon his legacy, thereby making him not only King, but KINGMAKER, she would enable and yet still OWE him (think SC Justice Obama in place of Justice Gorsuch).

He commissioned Clapper and Brennan to begin “Crossfire Hurricane”. He used both his powers as President and Clapper’s contacts to enlist the UK (MI6), New Zealand, and Australia (five eyes) to begin spying on candidate Donald Trump. Mi6 would insert spies, and assist former member Christopher Steele in gathering dirt AND then packaging it and delivering it to the US (through the erstwhile John McCain to the FBI). Australia and NZ would VERIFY the “intelligence” through their use of the five eyes database.

On our end (US), Obama directed Rice, Rhodes, and Powers to begin searching the NSA database and unmasking anyone who could be used against candidate Trump. He directed Clapper to oversee this process, and to hire “contractors” to peruse the database through less official channels (hi Nellie Ohr).
Comey and then later Yates were to wiretap and monitor ALL people associated with PEOTUS and any transition team members.  They would “bug” Trump tower and I am sure Mar a Lago. Admiral Mike Rodgers BLEW THAT ALL UP, he found out about ALL the unmasking Rhodes, Rice, and Powers were doing (Powers alone was over 300x the normal amount), as well as unclassified contractors using the NSA database. Yates at the same time with members of the Uniparty would pressure newly confirmed AG Sessions to “recuse” himself, thereby exposing Trump to legal jeopardy, and preside over the setup of Mike Flynn.  Yates ALSO signed at least one FISA application.

He had a Judge Rosemary Collyer Verify it, and then he closed the loophole. ( I believe it was SHE was the first FISA judge who turned down the initial request.  No more “about queries” , No more Nellie Ohr. He also found out that Comey was surveilling Trump tower, and went DIRECTLY to PEOTUS once his SCIF was built to tell him. Trump IMMEDIATELY afterwards moved his transition team to New Jersey. Subsequently BOTH Clapper and Brenna tried to have Rodgers fired for insubordination. Rodgers is a HERO along with Nunez.

Clapper brought the Steele Dossier to Obama, and “briefed him on it” Giving the trash legitimacy as “intelligence”. He also included it in the President’s Daily Brief. Obama KNEW, he was getting DAILY updates on it in his brief (something I also think Nunez knows, as that was also what he was read into in the WH SCIF). Page and Stryzk texts CONFIRM this as Page states “POTUS wants to know what we are doing”

Obama therefore started crossfire, hurricane, got daily updates on it, and by NOT stopping it gave tacit approval of the COUP. HE IS COMPLICIT. They ALL report to him, and THAT is what they ALL are trying DESPERATELY from being released. NOT PROVED, the have all the proof in the PDB, RELEASED to we the people. Obama also is complicit in the coverup. See, the steels dossier was meant to KEEP Donald Trump from ever BEING President. When he was elected, they sent Comey to “brief Trump on the “salacious and unverified” dossier. BS this was a BLACKMAIL attempt to get Trump to “resign” before he could uncover, prove, and reveal the truth to US.

When Comey, who signed the first FISA applications, was fired, unexpectedly, they used their “insurance policy” Rod Rosenstein to convene SC Mueller to try and cover up ALL the coup and underlying crimes.  (or find ANYTHING on Trump to remove him before the COUP could be revealed in its entirety to US).  Ironically (not really, as it was most likely a setup) It was Rosenstein who recommended Trump to fire Comey.

That insurance policy was concocted by someone (my bet Valerie Jarrett, she is not innocent, and she was Obama’s chief strategist, no way she did not have her hands in this) and discussed on the meeting made (in)famous by Susan Rice and her “by the book” CYA memo she typed on Jan 20th hours before Trump took power. Why would she feel the “need” to do this? To save her neck (literally) perhaps?

Now, this Cabal of ALL these players mentioned are DESPERATE. Things are starting to “break” and they ALL are in too deep to get out. Mueller MUST deliver. IF he can’t, the “jig” is up. That is why Mueller is flailing and going all gestapo raid on 66 yo non violent men and their wives at 4AM in the morning. All to protect BHO the worst Obomination of a subversive, divisive, unqualified, America hating, seditious, TREASONOUS President we ever had. NEVER forget that folks, no matter WHO the Cabal offer up as a sacrificial lamb.  Ohr is a weak link,  he is wobbily.  It is NATURAL with his wobbliness and exposure, for the Cabal to “float” him as said “lamb”  They will use Nellie as a hammer over Ohr’s head to get him to “accept” his fate as the sacrifice.

This is NOT to save the intelligence community. this is not to save the DOJ, this is NOT to save the FBI, this is to same Barack Hussein Obama from being outted as the criminal mastermind of a smear campaign on an opposition candidate and his ultimate successor. Then a seditious conspiracy to spy and PREVENT his successor from assuming power, then a TREASONOUS Coup de tat to try and REMOVE his successor, and when that failed, now to try and cover the whole thing up. I wish I were a writer or a producer. The books and movies made for this once over will be LEGEND. This is HISTORY people. The first recorded, discovered, and hopefully punished coup de tat in American history. so sorry for the length

The first Salvo…

Devin Nunez KNOWS folks. Remember that time he went into the White House  SCIF? He came out ashen, and went DIRECTLY to the cameras to tell us this was ALL BS, bad, bad BS. He knows that Trump was the VICTIM here of first a spying and smear campaign, then later a coup, and now a cover up of the failed coup.  Nunez is a member of the gang of 8.  HE KNOWS and has known that the Uniparty, MSM, and the Cabal have been actively been attempting to overthrow a legitimately elected President.  He KNOWS that the other members of the gang of 8 (McConnell, Burr, Warner, Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, and Ryan at the time were at LEAST complicit and turned a blind eye or worse IN ON IT.  They cannot be trusted.  They even tried to oust Nunez, they were able to remove him from his chairmanship for a period after he told the truth TO US and Trump.

When HE says something like “the Steele Dossier was used AS the instructions for the Muller investigation” to Maria Bartiromo  it means all HELL is getting ready to break loose. He WOULD NOT hint this if it could be proven otherwise. He hinted what was in the Memo he released from Congress, and it was ALL true. He would NOT do this if bad news for the Cabal  wasn’t coming hard and fast.

IMHO this was the first salvo in the coming war for America, and yes it will be war, it may not be a shooting war, but make no mistake, it will be WAR. The Cabal MUST be destroyed utterly, AND very publicly. They will lie, lie, accuse, accuse, and obstruct with LOTS of help from the MSM. They will not go quietly. But, in the end, there are a couple of absolute MOABS that will totally destroy them all.

First, and NO ONE is even mentioning this, I believe Jullian Assange WILL in fact release that Seth Rich was the initiator of the WIKI leak DNC docs and NOT RUSSIA. He has the PROOF, and it will destroy the VERY essence of the “Russia narrative” AND the need for Mueller’s existence. The Cabal is continually putting pressure on Assange, and they want him imprisoned or dead, this may be his ONLY lifeline. I know his credibility is important to him, but so is his life, NO ONE could blame him for this one time revealing of a source to end his sequester and perhaps save his neck.

That will send the Deep State, the Cabal, and the MSM in an absolute conniption fit. Then, Trump will order ALL the documents declassified AND released BECAUSE of the Assange release. See, Trump will then have both a reason to release, and corroboration, the Cabal then CAN’T claim either obstruction or interference with Mueller (even though they WILL, the point will be rendered moot BY the releases). Trump verifies Assange, (and much worse)and Assange verifies that this WAS a witch hunt.  Assange has PROOF that it was Seth Rich downloaded and then delivered the “leaks” to Wiki leaks.


It was NEVER a “hack”.  The only ones who perpetrate this is the Dems and MSM. But, they have proof they were “hacked” What? a report by a heavily DNC connected firm in Crowdstrike?  That proof that Croudstrike said yep, it was fancy bear malware, therefore its the Russians.  Did the FBI ever see or examine the DNC server?  NO.  WHY?  Why, if it were the “Russians”, and it was soooo bad, would the FBI NOT get to examine the DNC server?  Because, the DNC would NOT let the FBI, and they being the good little Marxists they were under Comey said..DUH, OK.

What did the DNC have to hide?  Perhaps the Bernie Sanders shenanigans?  Maybe the illegal campaign finance funneling from the DNC state offices to the Clinton Campaign?  Or, could it be that there was a sophisticated voter fraud scheme laid out on the server.  Nope, or maybe ALL that.  But my guess, the FBI would have found out there was NO hack, but that Seth Rich downloaded the info to a flash drive.  Now why would the DNC want to hide that?   What?  Oh yeah, Seth Rich was MURDERED soon after the Wiki leaks were released.  THAT would be a BIG reason to NOT want the FBI anywhere near the DNC server..can you say motive, I knew you could.

Why would Trump proffer a deal with Assange now? well, because of all the shenanigans by Pelosi and the Dems. When they went over the top with the military style raid on Roger Stone, that was both an act of desperation AND escalation. There is now a VERY real chance someone will be hurt or killed in one of these “show” raids (Roger Stone’s wife is DEAF. Imagine the visual of her being rousted at 3 AM by men with M16’s and NOT being able to hear commands. NOT a pretty picture.

My view has always been the Trump would release the declassified documents as a counter to the Impeachment narrative, and that that would put an end of the couponce and for all AFTER they had totally stepped in it in a “show trial”. Now, he MAY preempt their impeachment wet dream, by not even giving the Cabal and Uniparty time to make their treasonous case in a “show of the century” made for TV event. Muller in his desperation, has went beyond the pale, and now MUST be ended before people are hurt or killed.

Trump will still accomplish his goal of utterly destroying the Cabal, Mueller, DS, Uniparty, and the MSM. I think it is just now the time tables in the plan have shifted, and it it NOT because Trump is ANY danger of being exposed, it is because the next armed raid may be on someone with a child. Bad unspeakable things can happen when armed men enter houses at 3 am with weapons drawn and children present. THAT is precisely WHY these armed show raids are a stupid risky ploy and RARELY used, unless you are a Trump associate, this makes TWO. Plans change, I am sure this was a contingency, and that there are others as well. Barr’s confirmation may well be the linchpin to “execute” the plan. Trump MAY still wait, but I sensed a “sea change” yesterday in both Trumps Tweets, and with Nunez and others “hints” Tic Toc lol.

We have met the Enemy…

Trump has been almost screaming for 2 years that the MSM is the enemy of the people. They ARE the opposition. There is no “blurred line” between the Dems, left, and the partisans. They ARE the partisans. They ALL must be held to account. Some MUST at least go to prison for their complicity, some a worse fate should be used. WHY? Because they ALL betrayed their sacred charge, which is to speak the TRUTH to we the people, no matter WHERE or to WHOM it leads. They went from arbiters to cheerleaders.
They FREELY betrayed the public trust.

The ONLY solution to EVER get that back is to come clean, and burn it ALL down, meaning heads MUST roll, some maybe even LITERALLY. I believe there will be at least ONE, and perhaps ONLY one of the major MSM who will have a “turn” once the end is nigh for the Cabal. It will NOT be Fox, it has to be one of CBS, ABC, or NBC. Why will one turn?

Self preservation AND the once in a lifetime chance to DESTROY the competition, ALL the competition. Will they do it for Truth, justice, or righteousness? NO, they will do it for $$ and the chance to go down in HISTORY as #1, the one media source who realized the truth that this was coup, and the one and ONLY wan to reveal it to the masses. Much like in a plea deal, the first to cop to the crime and implicate the others gets the best DEAL.

This was all a sophisticated multi faceted spying and smear campaign using key MSM, Uniparty members of Congress the intelligence agencies of both the US and they Five eyes “allies”, and the Clinton and Obama political cartels and organizations. It morphed from simple dirt and Smear by ILLEGALLY gathered intel to PREVENT Trump from winning o an attempted coup de tat ONCE Trump was elected by the Obama admin and their senior cabinet and officials.

Now, we are in the attempted cover up of the coup to protect those in the Obama administration who were complicit up to and INCLUDING Obama himself, it WAS ALL in his PDB, they know it, they KNOW Obama knew and SANCTIONED it. They knew he was getting DAILY updates on its progress and ultimate FAILURE.  Trump KNOWS this too, he and Nunez have seen the PDBs from Obama.  Remember the Nunez trip to the WH SCIF?

So, some Senior admin concocted “the insurance policy” (Bob Mueller) and the Russia “investigation”. Its job, was to by legal, or ILLEGAL means, intimidation, subversion, Gestapo tactics, and large scale abuses of the power of both the DOJ and the judiciary, cover up, hide, obscure, and DESTROY ANY evidence of the smear, the failed coup, and the means, methods, and persons involved. They would also “muddy” the waters by attacking, indicting, and using process crimes and intimidation ANYONE in the Trump Admin or associate who could reveal the scheme. This was all concocted in early Jan, in the meeting which Susan rice found the need to mention on her “memo” on her last day before Trump took over. Remember the “by the book” memo and the meeting described therein? There you go. (continued)

Now, the Cabal, and their “insurance policy” are getting DESPERATE. They failed to remove Trump before he could be entrenched. They failed to prevent he and other “white hats” from slowly, methodically releasing the TRUTH out to the public. Weather it was through Trumps, tweets, Nunez’s memo, the myriad of House and Senate investigations, or from Bloggers like Sundance, Thomas Paine, Wictor, Hoft, or others, or weather it was from Hannity, Jarrett, Sarah Carter, John Solomon, Rush, Bongino, Digenova or other media sources, or weather it was the mysterious “Q”, the info has slowly, but steadily gotten out.

It has gradually painted a very detailed picture of the absolute corruption of the Cabal, and the evil lengths to which they will go to achieve their goal of overturning an election an removing a duly elected President. It is not a pretty picture.

They had hoped to remove Trump or weaken and isolate him so he could not find the truth, and that even if he did, he would be too weak to reveal it. They miscalculated the resolve of Trump and all of US his supporters. He has endured, and now he is prepared to bring down the whole ball of wax with the document declass. They don’t think he has the balls to do it, because it would DESTROY the DOJ, Five Eyes alliances (UK, and Australia), the Uniparty, and the MSM. They don’t think he has the balls to do it, they are WRONG.

They hoped to take over the House and Senate, and then to prohibit ANY Trump agenda or appointments from happening, thereby “neutering” and isolating Trump, getting him ready for the “kill” …Impeachment. One problem, they did NOT take the Senate,and their numbers in the House are tenuous. Now, Trump can get both Judicial AND administration cabinet appointments….ESPECIALLY AG. He can get them through by 51 votes, the nuclear option. and the Dems CAN’T stop it. They must really FEAR Barr, as their desperation has reached new highs.

They REALLY f*cked up in their over the top “raid” on a 66 year old “conspiracy theorist” Roger Stone. they sent more firepower and vehicles against a old man, his deaf wife, and his cats, than they did Osama Bin Laden. All televised LIVE by a “lucky guess” CNN. Mom and Pop America don’t like that look, and they are now beginning to TURN on the Mueller witch hunt. Desperate people do desperate stuff, stupid over the top stuff, and they miscalculate.

They only have ONE card left, and that is impeachment. It will fail, they know it will fail, and they know Trump knows it will fail. Trump will then DESTROY the whole house of cards by declassing it ALL. All their plots and schemes, all their subversion and Treason. All laid bare for the WORLD to see. It will not end well for the Cabal, and ANY who were complicit, including the MSM. There is ONE other thing that could also be used as corroboration. or could also blow it all up, and that is Julian Assange, he KNOWS the truth too, and he has PROOF.

All this to first provide a safeguard to Obama’s miserable legacy, and then to protect Obama from being implicated and punished. This has little to do with the “protecting” the DOJ narrative, and ALL to do with protecting Barack Hussein Obama. They never thought she would loose, and when she did, they made it MUCH worse by trying to “undo” the will of we the people.

They think they are above the law, and they think they will get away with it, after all, they ALWAYS have before. Why not this time? Because Donald J. Trump, and some brave supporters and allies ripped off their masks, exposed them ALL, and they will NOT let them win. We ALL should thank GOD everyday for ALL Trump has done for and endured for US, for $1 mind you.

He deserves his visage on his OWN mountain. In History, he WILL be viewed as THAT important, the man who faced seemingly insurmountable odds, battled the Cabal, the Deep State, the Uniparty, and the MSM to make America Great once more. He did it for US and our children, and his children and grandchildren.  He endured more hate, lies, smears, vitriol, attacks, and obstruction of his agenda from ALL sides than ALL other presidents with the possible exceptions of Washington and Lincoln.  Where are those guys visages displayed for all time again?  Both Washington and Lincoln SAVED the Republic at GREAT cost, so too has Trump.  He deserves our thanks, our prayers, and our LOYALTY.  We must all do our part, no matter how small, to help Trump win and make America the shining city on the hill again, just the way it was ordained to be by God.


The false “Putin’s puppet” narrative

I absolutely HATE VISCERALLY the farce that the MSM has perpetrated that Trump is Putin’s puppet. For someone (Trump) to be someone’s (Putin) puppet, Trump sure as hell is putting the ass whooping to Putin’s wallet. First, he sold LNG to Hungary and Poland, thereby cutting major $$ and leverage from Putin (no more holding those countries hostage in the cold winter by threatening to close the tap if they either misbehaved or didn’t agree to exorbitant prices)

Second, Trump increased our energy output while limiting our imports from Iran, Venezuela, and some in the ME.Iran and Venezuela are Putin cronies at least and proxies at worst…that cost Putin more $$$.

Third, Trump put China and NK, in a time out by using our economic might. He made trade deals with Japan, South Korea, and KSA. Why is this important? Because 1, it gives us a presence economically in Putin’s back yard, not to mention potentially militarily. KSA spent $$$ on our weapons ans I am sure have agreed to “help” trump with oil output ( a MAJOR Russian export) thereby keeping PRICES LOW, again hitting Putin in the nads.

Then Trump Hit NATO members making them UP their contributions. He ALSO made Merkel (by shear force of will and embarrassing her)give UP a 700 billion dollar oil deal and pipeline with Putin and Russia. AGAIN hitting Putin SQUARELY in the wallet. He backed us out of TPP and the Paris accord (which Russia was never going to obey. Saving us trillions that I am sure Putin would have exploited and reaped profits from.

Trump imposed tariffs on China, the EU, Canada, and Mexico. a little known fact is that RUSSIA also profited from the loopholes in NAFTA. Uranium anyone? Mineral rights? Get the picture?

Trump then CREAMED Russia’s proxies and “merks” in Syria. You don’t think we “accidentally” wiped out those 200 or so “merks” do you? I suppose you also believe that we also “informed” Putin we were going to blow up most of Assad’s air force (which just happened to be stationed at the SAME base where there were thousands of Russian troops and BILLIONS of dollars worth of Russian equipment, ALL OF IT under Russia’s “advanced” missile and radar defenses. I have oceanfront property in Kansas to sell you if you do. Those 58 or so tomahawks wiped out BILLIONS in Assad’s air force and base. Who do you think “ate” that cost?

Then, just for kicks, Trump scuttled the Iran Russia, Syria oil pipeline. He put US troops in Syria, destroyed ISIS, and stopped Assad’s genocide (which started the European migrant crisis). He put CRIPPLING sanctions back on Iran AND blew up their covert nuclear and chemical weapons outposts and depots IN SYRIA.

Now Trump is leaving because we STOPPED the genocide which was actually a two pronged attack on the west. One flood Europe with poor, uneducated Muslim migrants who would overwhelm, overburden, and eventually overwhelm the wealth of France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and other European countries.

Two, the “war” in Syria IMHO was for OIL and $$. They started a genocide so they (Iran, Assad, Turkey perhaps, the Globalists powers that be, and RUSSIA) could build a pipeline from Iran through Syria to the sea. They would then have access to Europe and the west through Syrian ports. Russian, Iran, Assad, the Globalists, and I am sure Eroduan had his mitts in it for allowing the horde through Turkey to Europe, were going to make BILLIONS, maybe TRILLIONS.

The Iran sanctions on selling oil would have been superseded or circumvented (just as Saddam Hussein did in Iraq). Trump blew that all away, and an ALTERNATE pipeline was just approved through Greece and ISRAEL. KSA is going to ENSURE Iran and Turkey behaves (Sunni vs Shia Muslims) when we leave. IT IS ALL ABOUT $$ folks, and Putin has lost BILLIONS because of Trump, maybe even potentially, TRILLIONS. Sure as hell NOT the way to behave if you are someone’s “puppet”.