An unconventional strategy to end the lies and take back our country

People, here is example A of WHY the world is where it is, and WHO is truly behind it.

This can only be only a short list of several things

a) sloppy journalism


c) Following the narrative put out by the narrative writers here in the US WITHOUT question

I believe it is a combination of B and C, and NOT A.

The UK and Brazil newspapers either

A) Did not check with ACTUAL reporting, and followed the US LIE.

B) BLATANTLY disregarded the truth to propagate the US LIE.

They too could (SHOULD) be sued for libel. THAT IMHO is who we stop this. TRUTH only gets out when the left have to PAY for their maleficence. Once enough of their LIES are brought into the light AND there are CONSEQUENCES, then things will change

The truth being exposed ALONE is NOT enough. Yes, WE the Patriots ALL know what is going on. But the dull witted, deceived, complacent, or apathetic do NOT. Just getting the truth out will NOT stop this, we have seen it over and over and over. The MSM will NOT recant, acknowledge, or apologize for their LIES. They will either continue to repeat them, OR move on to the NEXT lie that will benefit them and their masters the politicians and globalists. PERIOD.

They NEVER “learn” They NEVER change, and they will NEVER stop. There is NO reason to. They simply obfuscate, and change fronts.

No consequence, NO behavior modification.

IMHO they way to stop this, short of 1776 v2, is to SUE them to OBLIVIAN and insolvency. every time they LIE, which is second by second, put the truth out, but THEN sue the living piss out of ALL of the liars. DO NOT SETTLE. DEMAND jury trials. DEMAND discovery, proving culpability, collision, AND coordination. FLOOD they system. Literally MILLIONS of CIVIL, NOT criminal lawsuits. Class action, ands individual. For EVERY lie. They simply then CANNOT keep up, and will spend what LITTLE resources they have defending their lies AND each other.

Do NOT stop at suing JUST the networks or news orgs, SUE THE IDVIDUAL parties, the reporters like Joy Reid, Don Lemon, Maggie Haberman, etc. ALL they do is lie, which is libel in print and SLANDER. Sue them LOCALLY. Freedom of the press does NOT cover for slander or libel, it used to also have civil and criminal penalties for propaganda, but Obama gutted that.

Take AWAY the BIG arrow of the globalists and tyrant politicians, take away their MOUTH PIECES and enablers by making them spend BILLIONS in court, not to mention TIME. It will be nigh impossible to continue to lie and put out COVER for their masters if they are too busy defending themselves. DO NOT settle. keep them tied up in court 24/7.

In essence, make it cheaper and EASIER to simply report the TRUTH out of FEAR of repercussions FINANCIALLY. Yes I know the govt and politicians pay them to lie, but there is ONLY so much $$$ to go around, even the politicians and govts will not want to throw good money after bad.

Make these FOOLS PAY. Then, like magic, the problem WILL solve itself. Imagine even just 1 MILLION lawsuits against CNN et all. ALL civil. NO settling AND discovery. They then have two choices, tell the TRUTH, give up the narrative writers, OR continue to lie and cease to be.

IF govt funds were enough, they would not need advertising. We have shown that we CAN and WILL change our behavior AND speak with our wallets, by simply changing the channel and spending on alternative goods instead of sponsored ones. it WORKS, but it is NOT enough.

Sue, sue, and sue some more. NEVER settle. The goal is NOT monetary gain, but to bleed the liars resources DRY. Winning is in DISCOVERY and making THEM defend THEMSELVES. Any monetary gains are gravy. Most civil cases will be taken on pro bono by attorneys (if you win, then they get paid) But you do not even NEED an attorney, you only need court costs. FLOOD the system.

This has the added benefit of taking ANOTHER leg of the triangle of EVIL out. The judiciary. Keep the leftist judges, and attorneys too BUSY defending themselves to attack the Constitution.

This same tactic can and SHOULD be used on the Covid “vaccine” scam, immigration, and other leftist causes like transgenderism, CRT, etc.

NOT just the big names need apply. Just ordinary patriots. There at LEAST 100 MILLION of us. Imagine 10 % suing. Don’t stop at MSM, celebrities, politicians, and the money men behind it all. I KNOW they ALL have the means to defend themselves. That is NOT the point, the point is to flood the system and DISCOVERY. The key is to NOT be bought off by settling, that is one way they get away with it. They buy off their opposition, and THEN require NDA’s.

Just imagine, 10 MILLION civil suits against FAUCI. Not even 1 10th of 1 % need be taken up, to be successful. Only ONE victory sets PRECADENT, and ENDS it ALL.

I know there are certain “protections” granted to govt employees, but NOT if those protections are based on FRAUD. They LOSE that protection and become culpable. The ONLY acceptation is the President himself. He is protected against all but criminal acts. BUT he could, as we see with Trump STILL be subpoenaed in civil suits. He STILL has to defend himself OR claim privilege.

I think THIS article.

Proves my point. CNN is VERY worried, as is Biden. The comments he and they made were LIBEL, and Biden made them BEFORE he was “protected” as President.

There is a triangle of EVIL that the left uses against us.

1)Propaganda by the MSM to start narratives. They are then used to propagate the narrative, and DEFEND the narrative and any who enable it in the MSM, celebrity, or legal or political arenas. Celebrities also play a part in furthering narratives. They “influence” opinion using their fame and followers to further the narrative.

2) Political attacks. Using Congress and “laws” or the President and EO’s to further said agendas. Not to mention using the full weight and power of the Federal govt to push their agenda (started by a MSM narrative) AND to bully those opposed to their agenda by regulation, law, or by subpoenas, intimidation, hearings, and the bully pulpit of the House and Senate floors, and the Oval office itself, not to mention the “press briefings”

3)Leftist Judges and courts. Using arbitrary injunctions, passing or ALLOWING the agenda(s) to stand in blatant opposition to the Constitution. Issuing nationwide orders that prop up the leftist narrative, and stymie opposition to the agenda. This includes the FBI and prosecutors who PERSECUTE anyone not on their team by overcharging, intimidation (think FBI raids at 4 AM), lengthy costly “trials” that bludgeon submission via legal fees. People go bankrupt, and then simply give in to the narrative and accept “punishment” because they no longer have the financial means to defend themselves, See Michael Flynn. They also abuse the power of search warrants, subpoenas, and are BLATANTLY now abusing the right to a speedy trial by holding the Jan 6th protestors in terrible conditions, in isolation, and without either bail OR a speedy trial.

This triangle is propped up and funded by leftist billionaires and globalists. They provide the money to enable the agenda. They write the agenda, push it through the MSM, celebrities and politicians, whom they “own” through funding. Then they enforce it through Congress and Courts and leftist attorneys general, judges, and prosecutors, whom they also funded and put in place.

To defeat them, we must ATTACK and take away one or more legs of the triangle of evil. Much like a fire pyramid, in which you must have fuel, an ignition source, and an oxidizer, to have a fire, the Globalists MUST have the MSM, politicians, and the court system to make their agenda work.

Take away any one side of the triangle, and no fire or NO AGENDA IMPLEMENTED.

Since they have control of the MSM, the politicians, and the judiciary, they now control the agenda. They even were able to subvert the ballot box by using their triangle. We must all then use our one advantage over them, sheer numbers, to attack their triangle.

Lawsuits will take out or occupy their mouth piece, and THAT is their WEAKNESS. Without the propaganda and lies, they cannot win at the ballot box, which means they cannot control the politicians or elected AG’s or judges. Once we gain control of the politicians, we can reshape and weed out the judiciary.

THIS is our way forward without bloodshed. For decades the left SUED and manipulated the courts to get what they wanted, we must use their OWN tactics against them. I KNOW they control the judges and prosecutors, but that is why we do NOT settle and INSIST on a jury trial. The left do not yet have a means of control over the jury box. We must use that to get control back of the soap box, the ballot box, and avoid using the ammo box.

Cracks in the Dam?

Ahem, I was just discussing yesterday. Rand Paul KNOWS, and now so too do lawyers. Lawsuits will FINALLY shut this shit down. I smell LOTS of mea culpas, bankruptcies, and passing of blame coming in 3…2…1

I think in a 2nd Trump admin Rand goes OFF on the CDC Fauci et al as Chairman of Health Education and Labor, no it will NOT be Burr. I smell LOTS of hearings, subpoenas, and yes INDICTMENTS. (Finally)

I was speaking to a friend today about NONE of the numbers on the Covid Hype machine adding up

99.7 % survival rate,

39 million flu cases in 2019, 6000 in 2020, 39 million Covid cases in 2020.

700000 dead with Covid but only 6000 FROM Covid, and of those most had 2 or more comorbidities. Hell the Us mortality DECREASED in 2020 over 2019 despite this “pandemic”.

The vast majority of deaths with covid had multiple comorbidities and were over age 75.

The erroneous Covid Hospital protocols (written by Fauci) of no treatment until very ill, ignoring therapeutics, even steroids, and utilizing ventilator which by themselves have an 80% mortality rate.(because no EUA if there are viable therapeutics on the market)

Threatening Doctors who wanted to use therapeutics like HCQ and ivermectin with loss of licenses and fines and shame.

The MSM smearing of said doctors and therapeutics, despite Ivermectin winning a 2015 Nobel prize in medicine FOR its use and effectiveness in HUMAN coronavirus infections.

The open checkbook billing coding for anything Covid with big $$$ Federal monies guaranteed to hospitals and doctors. Gee ya think if the hospital gets $13000 plus for a Covid case and @ $2000 for a flu case, which do you THINK they are gonna mark up. Especially since testing cannot 100% differentiate coronaviruses including Covid 19 from even the common cold.

Fauci acting as chief propagandist and cheerleader for covid, vaccines, masks, and against therapeutics, and using his position on NAID to influence CDC, NIH, and FDA policies and decisions, not to mention the Covid task force.

Ignoring 300 plus years of modern medical science and practice for THIS ONE VIRUS. in the past, live but weakened or dead virus was used to stimulate the human bodies OWN immune system to do the job. Gee how did the human species survive throughout 50000 or so years of evolution WITHOUT vaccines? One answer herd immunity coupled with hereditary DNA. Once enough people got a virus or disease, overcame it, and adapted to it genetically, they passed it on for generations, rendering the virus or disease less lethal or even extinct. A study was commissioned recently where an 8 year old girl’s blood was exposed to 1919 Spanish Flu, you know the last REAL pandemic. Do you know what happened? A girl who was not even alive 100 years ago, had her immune system in that blood develop antibodies, attacked, and killed the Spanish Flu. Now HOW could that possibly happen, there is NO vaccine for Spanish flu. Only one way, herd immunity passed on through hereditary DNA over generations. Fauci and all his minions DENY herd immunity in favor of “vaccines” with endless boosters. Some are on their FOURTH booster in less than 1 year. MADNESS.

Did Polio need endless boosters? NOPE one and DONE, FOREVER. Hell, the last booster all of us can relate to was the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) Most of us had our last booster in High School. For me that was DECADES ago, as in most people. WHY do we not need ENDLESS boosters for that? How come there are not “variants” of that, Spanish Flu, or Polio? Simple, herd immunity helped by REAL vaccines was achieved, and passed on through heredity, eradicating (basically) the threat. Why for THIS virus is everything “special?

Is Covid 19 robust? NO not according to all I have read. UV light (IE sunlight) kills it INSTANTLY. Covid dies in temps below 40F and over 80 F. Covid DIES in RH above 40%. Simple cleaning solutions, not even bleach kill it on contact. Is Covid 19 highly trnsmissible? Sure, so is measles, so was Polio, HIGHLY contagious. So are most Coronaviruses. The ONLY thing special about Covid 19 is the spike protein.

The spike protein ONLY exists in nature or Science in THREE known virus strains. Covid 19, SARS, and AIDS. Who wants to bet ALL of these are NOT from mother Nature’s kitchen? Is it coincidence all three were “discovered” under the time and auspices of one Dr Anthony Fauci? I think not. Supposedly billions of years of evolution, and these 3 UNIQUE viruses were discovered in 40 years…c’mon man. Is it also “coincidence” that 2 of the three were directly tied to and started out in China? More coincidence right. Is it coincidence that Fauci was involved in funding for “research” in all 3? Too many “coincidences”.

Changing standard definitions of vaccine, pandemic, therapeutic, to fit the Covid vaccine narrative. Definitions that stood for DECADES were changed basically overnight for THIS virus ALONE.

Obfuscating facts, data, contrary studies, and dissenting opinion from not only the US medical community, but the WORLD. Flat out LYING about the manipulated data. How many times has the CDC and Fauci backtracked and flip flopped again, I lost count.

Denying and hiding from the public facts and data from the VAERS site which would influence informed consent. Not just data, but contradictory and derogatory Data to the Covid vaccine effectiveness AND side effects. Question, is DEATH a side effect? YEP for Covid 19 it is. To me DEATH seems pretty PERMANENT.

Mandating and then using a Federal regulatory body to enforce Covid “vaccine” mandates via proxy of forcing businesses to arbitrarily enforce said mandate up to and including loss of employment. Typical Leftist policy. But WHY did they first try to propagandize the “vaccine”, then try to BRIBE people to take it, they to coerce through “mandate and propaganda, no who end up PENALIZING via loss of privilege’s and or employment. Were the “vaccine” that safe and or effective, NONE of that would be necessary for a “killer” pandemic. Could it be that Covid, with its 99.7% survival rate is NOT the “killer” the hype and lies have portrayed it to be? YEP.

why did Congress not simply pass a law? Because they KNOW it will be struck down as unconstitutional before the ink is dry. The OSHA trick of enforcement is meant to circumvent that, but eventually, and it only takes ONE win as precedent, will be civilly sued into OBLIVION soon enough, especially as deaths and harm from the “vaccine” mandate increases, and it IS. This is trying to pass on liabilty to the EMPLOYERS verses the Govt. Wait till employers are SUED to insolvency, and they WILL be when people are MADE to take something OBVIOUSLY with adverse side effects to keep their jobs, NO form of “waiver” or following of a “regulation” will suffice, as they also have a duty to make SURE the regulation is NOT harmful to the health or well being of the employees, even the ones they FIRE for non compliance. IGNORANCE will not suffice, nor will “only following orders”

All this and we have not even gotten into the arbitrary and capricious selective “exemptions” to getting the “vaccine” passed to Congress, big unions, the USPS, and others, not to mention companies UNDER 100 employees. Gee how many corps will NOW employ 99 people? A LOT.

Then we have the arbitrary and capricious applications of lockdowns, mask mandates, etc by Dem and RINO Govt’s at the local, state, and Federal levels. Things like Walmart and big stores, not just groceries being left open while small service private companies were made to shut, oh except the liquor stores.

Why this has not already been civilly sued to oblivion is beyond me, except the fact that liberals have control of the courts, and are selectively sandbagging the lawsuits, but that only can continue so long, even using Covid itself as a factor to slow things down. Eventually the numbers overwhelm and CANNOT be hidden or stalled any longer. I think the RUSH to push this is evidence that that is in fact the case and things are about to POP…and once Pandora’s box is open, all HELL breaks loose.

In the END all their lies, obfuscation, distortion, propaganda, and arbitrary actions like mandates WILL come back to haunt them ALL. This is not even taking into account that WE under Fauci commissioned, created, paid for, and then outsourced to China for implementation, the Covid 19 virus via gain of function.

They CAN’T hide it forever, eventually the TRUTH comes out, and it bursts free like a super nova, for ALL to see. When that day comes, there will be a lot of BLAME and shame, but we KNOW who they are, never forget. NEVER trust them again, infact they ALL we need removed or NO ONE will EVER believe them. A “waiver” will NOT save them, especially when LIES were told to obtain and MAINTAIN that waiver. Something obtained under FALSE pretenses is ILLEGAL.

THAT is where we are headed. May God help all those lied to, and all those who have suffered and lost so much over this LIE. The virus is REAL, they HYPE is not, and it was used for power, and control ALL for $$$ TRILLIONS of $$$. I hope they LOSE all their ill gotten gains, their jobs, and their freedom, and perhaps even more. . It will not make up for the loss of life or fortune, or suffering, but it will be an effective deterrent to future attempts at this shit.

WE have met the enemy and it is our own Govt agencies.

Friends, we have met the enemy and it is our own agencies, Fauci is NOT Mengle, he is VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN.

First read this:

From 2019 no less, couple that with event 201. CONSPIRACY, not a theory, a REAL CONSPIRACY.

Then just add this :

WE made Covid, WE funded it, WE researched it for YEARS, and then WE partnered with China through DARPA and NIH to WEAPONIZE it. We started it HERE in NC, but it got to risky, so we OUTSOURCED the development and implementation to CHINA.

Fauci is Victor Frankenstein, COVID is HIS monster. He nurtured it for MANY decades of “AIDS research” NOW he has done EVERYTHING he can to protect his monster. He will DIE for it, just like Frankenstein.

I told you all that “They want there weapon” and THAT is what Covid is DAPRA involvement PROVES it. That explains why they put out that BS story on the origins, Because WE are the origins, to reveal it would simply require holding up a mirror.

Nuremberg 2.0 Crimes against humanity. This kind of thing is EXPRESSLY forbidden in the Nuremberg code. There are TREATIES preventing EXACTLY what they did here. The penalty for what they did is DEATH, not prison.

The Military (DARPA) under the color of “research” developed a BIOWEAPON. One Fauci had been working on since the 1980s using AIDS. There is a REASON ONLY SARS, AIDS, and COVID have the EXACT same spike protein in them.

Yep I m going there ALL three are BIOWEAPONS. NOT from Mother Nature’s kitchen friends. CREATED. RELEASED, and STUDIED. We are ALL Guinea pigs Think, first it was the homosexual community, no one, according to the PTB cared about them. BUT, it sure got 100s of BILLIONS in research dollars didn’t it with NO “cure” or “vaccine” in OVER 40 years. WERE do you THINK all that research money went?

Then we had SARS in 2003, again from CHINA. but it didn’t kill enough. NOW they have Covid (literally SARS 2.0) They are LITERALLY flaunting it in our faces. I bet if one searches long enough on Gates and Fauci they intersect many times before SARS. Remember Gates FAILED AIDS “vaccine” in Africa, 2000. Just another step, it didn’t matter it KILLED thousands.

The PTB have been plotting and researching this our demise for DECADES. They just needed a reason to unleash it and a means to propagate it. Destroying the US economy and Trump was the needed motivation, the video PROVES they were plotting it in 2019 on multiple fronts, The went ALL IN to get rid of Trump. It did not matter that the genie was out of the bottle or that Pandora’s box was open. Trump had to go. The ONLY way to do that was a hyped pandemic and DEATH. Enough hype and death to cause PANIC, thus enabling lockdowns and destroying of a juggernaut economy through misinformation, lies, hype, and yes MISMANAGEMENT.

Only the “pandemic” of Covid 19 went against EVERY medical and scientific norm of treating viruses and disease in the last 200 years. Putting elderly people in sequestered petri dishes, horrendous medical protocols calling for Remdisivir and ventilators, sequestering EVERYONE, and not just the sick or elderly, the most venerable, lockdowns of select businesses. suppressing VIABLE, cheap, and readily available therapeutics, a death tote board. It all was meant to make Covid FAR worse than it HAD TO BE.

Intelligently designed as weapon. One meant to kill just enough, with LOTS of help, to induce PANIC so normally rational people would capitulate their freedoms to stay “safe”. They would eveen BELIEVE that not 1, not 2, but THREE “vaccines” were developed in UNDER 10 months that were ALL supposedly 90+% effective. Come on folks, time to wake up and admit we were HAD. 90+% “vaccines” do NOT require 3 month “boosters”. The last disease cured was Polio. PERIOD, Because there is NO money (or benefit to the PTB) in a cure, The money (and POWER) lies in the disease, and the control it has granted the PTB.

There is ZERO reason that our Govt, were they to TRULY have our best interests at heart, would not at least institute a real TRIAL of Hydroxy and Ivermectin. They REFUSE to even TRY. What does that tell you, despite success VERIFYABLE in Japan, India, and other places. They instead suppress through the MSM and CDC. They LIE about the REAL deaths and harm their “vaccines” are causing. They FUDGE the numbers, just as they have ALWAYS done on this monster.

Remember all the exponential projections…yeah they NEVER were going to happen, and they KNEW it. ALL part of a plot. You think that special billing code for Covid and all that extra money to strapped Hospital and healthcare systems might just have caused some to FUDGE their Covid reporting? Of COURSE it did. Using a PCR test that requires 40 plus cycles to produce *the desired) result should have been a KEY, as well as its ability to NOT distinguish between ANY Corona virus, even the common cold. What happened to all those regular (verified through statistical trends over DECADES) 39 MILLION flu cases from 2019 in 2020 -21. Of thats right they dropped to less than 7000. COME ON. I could END Covid tomorrow, by simply taking away the teet of special money. Overnight the regular flu would reappear. Coincidence that they estimated 39 million Covid cases in 2020-21? Covid is simply a bioengineered FLU. It was meant to infect, kill and then burn out, like ALL flus do. But once they got control, well they don’t want to give it up. They now will use Covid as a means of intimidation to push “vaccines” which besides being HUGE cash cows ad infinity, are very HARMFUL. But hey you can’t sue…they have indemnity. THAT is the key to these things NOT being FDA approved. FDA approvals do NOT require WAIVERS saying you can’t sue if something goes wrong. Emergency Use Authorized drugs do, but they CANNOT legally be issued IF there are viable therapeutics on the market. Now you see why the all out attacks on Hydroxychloroquine which has been in widespread use since the 1940s, and Ivermectin which has been in use for 20 years and won a Nobel prize in 2015.

This has all been a deadly game of Control and manipulation using all their resources from the MSM, CDC, NIH, State, local and Federal govt’s to medical professionals and Hospital and healthcare systems (through intimidation, bribery, and coercion). Now they are using the arm of the Federal Govt to try and FORCE free individuals to take their weapon. One problem, the hype train and propaganda did not work, so they are outsourcing it to local companies under duress by OSHA…REALLY. Where the FUCK is the SCOTUS on this OBVIOUS 4th amendment violation. See, it isn’t really Biden, it is your employer.

They have LOTS more to worry about besides being sued. Tyrannical overreach NEVER works out well for the tyrants in the end, and usually sparks violent retribution, and sometimes revolution.

Who will be Todays Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton? They faced no less that what we are today, tyranny. King George did not use a bioweapon. The founding fathers found a remedy for their tyrant. We too will find one for ours. It will work out no better for ours than it did in 1776.

Throughout history heroes have risen up to beat back tyrants. History is littered with the evidence.

Make it so today. History is calling, and it will not look favorable on the tyrants of today.

Back in Black

I know it has been a long time my friends. I am sorry to have been away for so long. Much has happened in my life including a serious non Covid health issue with Mrs Rex. All is now well and I have returned to my previous employer after a brief “retirement”

I hope to return to my writings here and on my blog. I have found some vey interesting “coincidences” lately in my lurkings and research. One even involving my previous and current employer who just happened to purchase a health care system that was losing @50 MILLION a month, and could not be GIVEN away. The purchase went through late Oct 2019…just before…Covid started to rear its ugly head. To make a long story short, the “worthless” health care system NOW turns a multi million dollar PROFIT. Just 2 short years later…and trust me it has NOTHING to do with improved “management”, and ALL to do with “special” funding given to hospitals, research, and health care providers for Covid. My employer is closely tied to the NIH, CDC, AMA, FDA, and other govt agencies and grants. ALL, you guessed it, researching, testing, and treating Covid 19 (and yes other things, but most notably, Covid now) I am still researching, but it is too cute by half to go from rags to riches in such a short time. Something is definitely wrong with the picture. But I will hopefully post more on that later.

But, I came here to post about some interesting things I am seeing, in the background behind all the Covid, election fraud, Afghanistan, border, and other Biden chaos.

I think there is a small but GROWING crack in the dam, and one that COULD bring down the entire thing. Recall that Durham, yes that Durham, recently indicted Michael a Sussman, a Hillary Clinton and Perkins Couie (remember them from all my writings?) lawyer. On the surface it seemed a big nothing burger meant to distract and placate us on team MAGA, while the Arizona audit was being revealed. The MSM even helped to propagate that narrative. BUT, if one were to read the entire 27 pages, it was NOT a nothing burger, but a PREDICATE. This is THE ground work. It is, I truly believe, the beginning of the END of ALL of them. This “talking” indictment mentions in inferences the CIA, FBI, computer and Silicon Valley exec, and high placed people in the Clinton and Obama circles. Lots of those people are currently IN the Biden “administration”

Bringing just ONE of someone with ties to Biden NOW and THEN, brings the whole corrupt thing down. You see, NOTHING changed from the original plot. It is ALL the same thing, by the SAME people. Biden is just the FIGUREHEAD. Obama is STILL in power now. He NEVER left. He ran a shadow govt and a ongoing coup to take out Trump for 5 years. He thinks he succeeded because with all the FRAUD in the election, and with lots of help from China and others, who to one extent or another WERE involved in the “Russia hoax”. Recall that Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden were ALL tied to China. The Clintons gave away military and tech secrets. Obama did the same and allowed China to become a superpower who produced most of our goods, controls our ports, bought up Hollywood, and tech companies, and undermines our foreign and domestic policy. You all know Biden’s ties through Hunter.

There is NO WAY that they all are not on the SAME dole. WHO started the Covid gain of function research HERE at UNC? Fauchi under OBAMA. It was using a CHINESE national in Dr Shi. Then it was OUTSOURCED and PAID for by Fauchi to mainland China in Wuhan under the control of the CCP and Chinese Military. China the rleased it to the WORLD. All to stop Trump, and bring down the economy and used FEAR and intimidation to do it. Mission accomplished. ( or so they think)

The question is WHO benefits? China is EASY. But who else. Why all the corrupt seditionists and coupists that tried to form an insurrection and coup against Trump from 2015 on. After all it ALL gets buried for all time under Biden…right?

China becomes dominant in Asia and the world, with foot holds in Afghanistan to minerals, oil, and DRUGS like heroin made from poppy. China will get to either annex Taiwan or dominate them, perhaps Japan too. All Trumps crushing economic AND military policies are GONE. China wins.

They were more than HAPPY to release a bio weapon that would both cripple the US economy, instill panic, AND lead to the removal of their antagonist Trump. They ALSO get to sell the WORLD cheap Chinese made drugs, PPE, and medical equipment, perhaps even the Covid “vaccine” itself will be made there.

A hell of a scheme IF you get away with it. For NOW they are.

They even I am sure printed ALL the fake ballots used, perhaps even perfectly filled in on the Biden oval but NOWHERE else. I always thought that home made and sloppy because of a rush, but NO. I now think they had these READY to go LONG before Nov 3rd. Trump even TOLD US SO in a speech ” Mail in ballots are a scam. There is no way to track them and you will have millions of fake ballots from China and elsewhere”

Trump KNEW, he ALWAYS knew since Rogers told him the game on Nov 17th 2016 when he went to Trump tower. China made Covid the MEANS to trash the economy AND to get the mail in ballot scheme implemented. There is NO way they were going to NOT profit and have control by making the very ballots. THAT is why the count stopped.

NOT to PRINT ballots, but to actually FINISH the count to see how much they NEEDED from the ALREADY printed Chines ballots to insert. But there was a problem, Trump one so big that the amounts needed were too big, even though I believe they had them in arrears.

They had to have COMPLETE control to not only introduce the fake ballots into the totals, BUT alos to manipulate the scans and computer logs. Adjudication is what they used, and Arizona PROVED it. 257000 votes went through adjudication on the logs. ALL fake. The data had to be scrubbed and REPLACED with the NEW data. Again Arizona SHOWS it when they deleted the db file one day before the AUDIT.

The servers WERE connected to the internet, and the numbers WERE transmitted out, with NEW numbers inserted via adjudication locally. Remember those missing usb drives?

There you go. They had millions ready, but NEVER thought Trump would win so big, when he did, as it appeared he was going to. They STOPPED the count in 5 key states, ALL won by Biden, who was trailing BIG, but just as predicted, won days later. They had the fakes, they KNEW the numbers, they just had to find a way in the background to insert the fakes and make the totals “match” They KNEW a “traditional” recount would only recount the ballots on hand, but NOT look at them forensically. Fraud ballots EXIST, but are FRAUDS, i.e. ILLEGAL i.e. do NOT count. They did NOT insert fake digital ballots. They EDITED the REAL KNOWN data to UPDATE and INCLUDE the fakes.

See the difference and the REASON they do NOT want forensic audits, ESPECIALLY of the router data and machines. Because the router data and the machines contain the REAL unedited data totals BEFORE the fakes were added behind closed doors locally in MI, PA, AZ, GA, WI, and OTHERS as well. I think it was done nearly universally in 2020. ALL 50 states, even the ones Trump won big. They had to “add in” Biden votes to make the trends of previous years match to make it plausible.

All to Install Biden to remove Trump and destroy the US economy. All by the EXACT same people who perpetuated the Russia Hoax, most who are STILL there.

THAT is there weakness. Exposure of Russia brings down what is fraudulently installed (just as Pelosi said INSTALLED).

Back to Durham and WHY it is VITALLY important. Sussman was but the BEGINNING.

Look HERE:

Now it is VERY likely that Biden’s National Security advisor Jake Sullivan is under grand jury investigation and LIKELY to be the next indicted. That leads DIRECTLY to Biden’s White House, much as Flynn did to Trump’s (coincidence? I think NOT). Sullivan ties DIRECTLY to both Clinton and Biden, and leads to the BIG fish. Durham is now OBVIOUSLY looking at those in the FBI, CIA, big tech, Fusion, and those who paid or ENABLED them. Biden and the DEMS cannot stop him. He is totally independent, funding and ALL thanks to Trump and Barr.

We shall see, but I remember a few key things from or 17 friend. One Trump plays the LONG game. Two we are watching a movie. Three sometimes you cannot TELL the people, you MUST show them. Four we have it ALL. And lastly NOTHING can stop what is coming.

Trump is NOT gone, he is WAITING. VOCALLY waiting. Biden is most DEFINATELY a scripted movie..a horror movie. Are we sufficiently SHOWN now what the left will do in power and NO MASKS for the uniparty Rinos either? Info KEEPS coming in from SOEWHERE daily. Nothing will stop the torrent of indictments that come once Sullivan gets Durham to the WH, ALL will be revealed from Russia to Covid to Jan 6th to FRAUD being installed to Afghanistan and China. ALL of it.

I have been wrong before, but this sure seems like a well laid hidden TRAP. It SUCKS the world has to go through it, but maybe it was the ONLY way short of Revolution and bloodshed, let alone WW3.

Durham is building a conspiracy case. One which will take them ALL down. One which will eventually show ALL the graft of our intel agencies, CDC, FDA, Congress, and Govt in general. One which will show the coup that started with Russia and will end with China. One that will show our elections are and have been a SHAM. One showing pour politicians, for the majority part, are INSTALLED, not elected. One which will show how FOREIGN govt’s have bought off, colluded with and manipulated our politicians to the DETRIMENT of the US and US citizens. TREASON all for money and power.

Remember BIG things come in SMALL packages. It all started with a small detail in Watergate. This makes Watergate look like a preschool play. I know it is out there and hope has waned. But while hope is frail its hard to kill.

Durham, if he were a feint, would have just closed shop after Sussman. But he DIDN’T. Lets see if I am right, Sullivan will be indicted soon. Then the games begin, and the Cabal will KNOW that the hound is on the scent. I suspect that if Sullivan gets indicted, there will be a LOT of suicide by Covid hitting the Cabal. Note NO high profile dem has died from Covid, hell I do not think they have even contracted it. Lets see how many DO get it if Sullivan is indicted. A new updated form of akanicide, covidicide.

The question is this. IF Durham IS what I think he is, AND he does bring about the draining of the swamp, WHAT happens? Do we reinstate Trump? A new election? WHAT? Fraud and crime vitiate ALL, but what is the REMEDY and WHO enacts it. THAT is the $64000 question.

Is it the Military? Is it SCOTUS? Is it a states Convention with new electors? One thing is CERTAIN it will not be Harris or Congress deciding, she and most of them will be under conspiracy charges and or removed, resigned, disgraced, or hidden. Some in SCOTUS will be affected too, as well as 95% of the Military brass. Interesting, but horrendous times. Too much suffering and death, never forget what they did for POWER control and money to all of us. The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind absolutely.

TILT, or WITHDRAW Mr. President?

Everyone. I figured it out, I know many here may have too, but for those that haven’t here we go.

Yesterday was Red1 . We are NOW at ZERO hour.


RED1: POTUS twitter removal

RED2: Central communications blackout [continental US]


RED4: Movement of MIL assets [10th Mountain_1st Marine_CPSD_Marine_QVIR] to central locations under guise of citizen riot control.


RED6: SEC OF DEF _instruct1




We read this ALL wrong. Think a MIRROR. We read from TOP to BOTTOM.


Castle Rock was Red EIGHT and the COUNTDOWN start. The NEW Year?

USSS was Red 7, and put in place to watch POTUS, AND keep tabs on all the Cabal…remember, MOST of them are under USSS “protection”

Red 6 was The Miller Instructions to have ALL clandestine Special operators report to Watnick and HIM.

Red 5 Was organized at Cent Com, the planned forces were assembled, briefed and READY

Red 4 was the BUILDUP at bases all around the country that I and others noticed and reported on

Red 3 was the MOVES made by Pence and now PELOSI. Pence Certified the fraud, and now Pelosi wants ANOTHER Impeachment or Trump to be removed by the 25th, she EVEN made a THREAT, LEAVE NOW, or we will impeach.

Red 2 was the Communications blackout, either Nashville explosion, OR we have NOT seen Trump LIVE since EARLY on the 6th, EVERYTHING has been on tape OR through a “spokesman.

Red 1 was YESTERDAY when Trump was, after again playing the “magnanimous one” REMOVED from ALL comms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. MOST of his loyalists were also “purged” PERMANENTLY

We are NOW through the EXACT countdown. It is ZERO DARK thirty. GO TIME.

Things recently did NOT make sense, and THIS explains WHY.

WHY would Trump “concede”, or “capitulate”? There was NO need, we ALL know of the fraud, and we ALL know the infiltrators were ANTIFA at the Capitol, and ENABLED by those on the inside, a set up.

WHY would Pence, knowing the fraud openly, after ALL THIS TIME, go full Et Tu Brute, and stab Trump (and us) in the back? by certifying, in the DEAD of night (3:40 AM), a FRAUD, which he KNEW had pissed off oh about 75 MILLION or so Americans?

WHY after all we had been through would Trump go QUIETLY…and NOT even have a lengthy farewell address, and LIVE?

WHY after Trump had “given up” would Pelosi and the rest feel the NEED to IMMEDIATELY Impeach, threaten, and float AGAIN the 25th amendment fiasco, KNOWING Trump is “gone” in less than 11 days? (TEN days of DARKNESS ring a bell?)

WHY would Trump use short, VERY SHORT, videos on twitter, and “spokesman” to “explain” ? Trump NEVER needs ANYONE else to “explain” He NEVER announces plans or polices involving HIM, via “spokesman, not even his “covid bout”

SOMETHING is NOT as it seems. Trump NEVER uses the words” concede” he NEVER “congratulates” Biden. He ALWAYS makes sure to say the BEST is yet to COME.

Trump NEVER withdraws, he TILTS.

We KNOW he has the evidence.

We KNOW he has had PLANS for YEARS for this.

We KNOW he KNEW the Cabal plans.

We KNOW that pieces including an EO and the Military Command, were put in PLACE to stop this VERY THING from happening AND punishing those involved.

We KNOW we were TOLD years in advance the VERY thing that happened WOULD happen, by BOTH Trump and Q, like CLOCKWORK, and there WAS a grand plan to take them ALL out…PATIENCE.

Well we WERE patient, and for THIS, all steak and NO sizzle?

NO, not yet gonna BELIEVE that.

Trump would NOT go down without EXHAUSTING every weapon in his arsenal. That INCLUDES the Military, and the EO. But we have NOT done that…YET. It is LITERALLY all that is left. THE point.

Trump made a point in his “concession” that EVERY legal option, and EVERY political option, had been EXHAUSTED. He did NOT lose in court or Congress, he was never LISTENED to, and RAILROADED. Just like Russia, just like Mueller, JUST like the FIRST Shampeachment.

The guy that FOUGHT through so much for ALL of us NOW gives up, knowing that He, his family, US his followers, the country, and the WORLD are going to BURN because of FRAUD, LIES, deceptions, and GRAFT. By the VERY people he FOUGHT so hard to REVEAL to all of us? Does NOT fit.

When he CAN literally go 1776 on them ALL, and justifiably, he WON’T, he will “give up” and do the EASY thing, and WALK? Hell, Pelosi and the REST are PROVING that they are going to SCREW him and us ALL just like we ALL feared. WHY would he LET that happen?

The Founding Fathers would have LITERALLY hung them ALL, and I mean EVERY single one of Congress, and the MSM, and those that enabled the persecution, censorship, and FRAUD, like Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Soros, the WORKS.

Trump LITERALLY can, and I am SURE has the motive, MEANS and opportunity. WHY would he NOT exercise it KNOWING what WE ( and HE) all face IF he doesn’t?

The ANSWER is simple, he IS exercising it. WE and THEY have just not seen it. YET. It is LITERALLY Midnight Mr. President, not just for YOU, not just your followers, not just the country, but the WORLD. That is my HOPE.

My message to the President.

WHY would YOU sir, call on ALL of us to do the RIGHT thing, and even Pence and Congress, and when that failed, leaving it ALL up to YOU, and YOU alone, would YOU not be willing, and ABLE to do what you have ASKED others to do? To do the RIGHT thing.

It is ALL up to YOU now sir.

I am asking YOU, because ONLY YOU can, to do the RIGHT thing. END this EVIL, once and for ALL. INVOKE the EO, call in the Military to DEFEND our election and Constitution from USURPERS, TRAITORS, FOREIGN powers, and their enablers. JUST as written in the 2018 EO AND the Constitution.

History is calling.. The ghosts of Washington, Lincoln, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin, Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, and the rest are CRYING OUT for JUSTICE.

ONLY you can do it. Will you be remembered as the LAST legit President of the United States, who went QUIETLY as the Socialist’s stole America, or will you be remembered as the HERO that saved the world by doing the unthinkable, hard, and ONLY choice to save the Republic? The WOLVES are at the door. China, Soros, the Globalists, and the elite are SALAVATING at the REVENGE they will enact upon us ALL for DARING have stood up to them for you and our FREEDOMS.

YOU are the ONLY thing that stands between THEM and US.

ONLY you can RIGHTLY and RIGHTEOUSLY end this, the ONLY way it can RIGHTLY end, via the EO and Military control.

YES, you will be called a tyrant by those that are EVIL, their propagandists, the usurper traitors in Congress, and their enablers. BUT, better to be called and thought a TYRANT by the ENEMY, and to DEFEAT them, than to LET the REAL tyrants take over and DO to US what they SAY you would have done to THEM.

In the name of my Father, in the name of my children, and my grandchildren, and in the name of EVERY Red blooded American, even those blinded by greed, or ignorance, I implore you to do what ONLY you CAN.

It will be HARD, it will be VIOLENT, it will tear the country asunder. BUT, it will be BETTER to HEAL after the evil is defeated, and truth revealed, than to do nothing and watch the EVIL bring us ALL to HEEL.

Are you the man like Washington, and Lincoln to SAVE the Republic, even at GREAT personal cost, maybe even the ULTIMATE cost? Or will you let it DIE, because it will go one of TWO ways if evil wins. Either there will be a full blown Civil War 2.0, with MILLIONS dying and the country in RUINS as well as the world, to whomever is the victor. OR, Evil wins, and we descend into a socialist grip, leading to MILLIONS dying in poverty, starvation, and financial ruin, while the elite, the Chinese, and their enablers laugh.

LAST chance Sir. TILT, or WITHDRAW. I say TILT, you KNOW, we SHOWED you, that WE at least 75 MILLION Americans have your back. WE did OUR part, it is TIME for YOU to do YOURS. FULFILL your oath to PROTECT America and the Constitution from ALL enemies, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC!.

I STILL have faith in God, and YOU. THIS moment is why you are HERE. HISTORY is calling. JUSTICE is calling. The Founding Fathers are calling. WE the PEOPLE are calling.


Sorry if already posted, been away for a day or so. Trump yesterday signed the STORM ACT

Now, it is PLAYED as an Agriculture and land bill.

BUT, if you READ that STORM is an ACRONYM.

It stands for

“Safeguarding Tomorrow through Ongoing Risk Mitigation”

SAFEGARDING. Like the country?



RISK like as in dangerous operations?

Mitigation as in MINIMIZING RISK through Ongoing operations keeping us SAFE for TOMORROW.  

Then you READ the synopsis of the bill from the WH

the “STORM Act,” which authorizes the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide capitalization grants to States to establish revolving funds to provide hazard mitigation assistance to reduce risks from disasters and natural hazards

Authorizes FEMA to provide REVOLVING FUNDS to provide STATES against HAZZARD mitigation to REDUCE RISK from DISASTERS and “Natural hazards”

Now what the HELL is a natural hazard? Why not just SAY natural disaster? Like a flood, Tornado, Earthquake, forest fire, ETC. IF it was referring to cutting undergrowth, why not just SAY SO.

Does NO ONE find the happenings of the previous three days CURIOS save me?

One Trump AND Pence are recalled to the WH EARLY

Two Lin Wood states, PLAINLY, that Epstein is ALIVE and TALKING.

Three, Videos of ballots being reran through counters AGAIN in GA surfaces

Four Video of Enterprise rental trucks are shown

MOVING boxes of Nov 3rd BALLOTS from a warehouse to the Sheriff’s compound in Fulton County GA. Then supposedly being SHREDED.

Five Jovial Pulitzer continues to EXPOSE the FRAUD, by actively linking via WIFI to a poll TABULATOR in GA. AND proving that the results went via a 3rd party to CHINA.

Six Speculation that Pence, after his lawsuit against counting electors may be FORCED to RESIGN.

Now, I KNOW there is a TON of DIS INFO, and it is NECESSARY, the Cabal that organized the last four years and the MASSIVE election fraud is NOT going to sit idly by on their laurels, and LET Trump reveal them (though they really have no choice) they are going to ACTIVELY try and DESTROY both witnesses and evidence and COVER their tracks.

WAY too much is going on behind the scenes.

That is WHY I think the STORM act being signed NOW, it was introduced in 2019 by a dem from MI, WHY hold it till NOW, is HUGE. Especially Trump KNOWING the significance to both Patriots and Cabal combined. DUAL meanings.

Then we have Mitch McConnell ACTIVELY stalling Covid relief to families, and instituting a VETO of a HORRENDOUS defense bill.

Trump WAITED until the VETO was overridden to SIGN the STORM act. Does that mean he Know has let ALL the Cabal, even the most DEPLY embedded, reveal themselves?

This is IT folks. NO MORE games, no more subterfuge, no more disinfo.

Trump JUST went ALL in to CALL the Cabal.

There are no more beets, no more dealing of the cards, time for the REVEALING of the cards, face up. Lets SEE who is holding duces, and WHO has the Royal Flush.

Either Trump WINS in the greatest sting of ALL time, and he takes out each and EVERY one of his (and OUR) enemies, OR the Cabal wins, they oust our LAST BEST hope for America to return to and STAY in glory, by committing the greatest FRAUD ever perpetrated anywhere in the Nov 3rd election, and the COVERUP of that fraud.

Either Trump WINS, and RESTORES the rule of LAW, and EQUAL justice and free FAIR elections by revealing the THEFT, the coverups, and the perpetrators, and ARRESTS them ALL, OR the Cabal wins, and America will NEVER have another free, fair election, and we will be FORCE FED a diet of debauchery, graft, political correctness, theft, fraud, and UNEQUAL justice until we dive headlong into first Socialism, and then Communism.

The politicians will have FAILED us.

The Judges and Judiciary, including the SCOTUS will have FAILED us.

The Media, including Fox will have FAILED us.

The DOJ, FBI, and the Federal Law enforcement will have FAILED us

The Government through political embeds and those indebted to a foreign power will have FAILED us.

The Military through NOT protecting, and then ENFORCING the critical National Infrastructure of our elections will have FAILED us.

Trump will have failed too, but only because he was BETRAYED.

We the People will THEN only have ONE option left. One so terrible, and so horrifying, that it has ONLY happened TWICE in our 240 plus year history.

One that FOUNDED the country from a far away potentate that imposed HIS will on us WITHOUT representation, and recourse in Parliament, the British courts, or the Media. SOUND familiar? The American Revolution. WE the PEOPLE formed militias and then an ARMY, and TOOK our God given FREEDOM from the oppressor’s. We SWORE to NEVER let it happen again, and we wrote the Constitution to make SURE it did not.

The second time was during the time of slavery, and Dredd Scott. Abraham Lincoln made it his life’s mission to END the barbaric practice of 3/5ths of a person, and forced indentured slavery forever. He battled his OWN government, his OWN judges, including a SCOTUS justice, and he fought of traitors from within, and secession by the Southern States known as the Confederacy. Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus (the rule of law, and speed trials) ARRESTED judges AND media. He sent the Union army to the south to END slavery and crush the rebellion. The Civil War pitted BROTHER against BROTHER, State vs State, and North vs South, but it was REALLY FREEDOM vs SLAVERY.

MILLIONS died on both sides in both wars. I fear a second American Revolution will yield no less. But what are we to do?

ALLOW the theft to stand, and pretend that it will never happen again. That the side that had to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, and cover up their power grab, will simply grant us “mercy” now that THEY have stolen absolute POWER. They now will KNOW that they can DO IT, and they will NEVER loose power AGAIN, EVER. That my friends is no more than an Iranian or Saddam Hussein dictatorship. Will it be LONG before some dem decides he will simply be crowned RULER for LIFE, like in Russia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela or any one of a dozen other countries, like CHINA.

America will no longer be the land of the free, and the home of the brave. It will be the land of the indentured, and the home of the bought and paid for and COWARDS.

There will NEVER be another free FAIR, and legitimate election, EVER. “Laws” LOCKDOWNS, and mandates will be FORCED down our throats, those who resist will at FIRST be merely banned or ostracized, then, just like the Nazi’s interred in reeducation camps, to the final solution, ensuring capitulation from the rest.

Think it CAN’T happen? History says otherwise. Those who do not LEARN from History, are DOOMED to repeat it.

THINK what the Nazi’s did to the Jews. First they used Media PROPAGANDA to ostracize, ridicule, and isolate them into interment blocks. Then they confiscated their wealth and weapons. Then when not even THAT was enough, the sent them to forced labor concentration camps like Auschwitz, and Dachau to finally be gassed, cremated, and thrown in mass graves. My father fought these evil people in WW2. I remember the HORROR and TEARS in his eyes when he once briefly described the mountains of peoples shoes, eye glasses, and the mass graves and STENCH from the DEATH. He described the CLAW marks on the inside of the gas chambers, disguised as showers, where people in desperation tried to claw the walls to freedom.

It was WE, the US and Great Britain that STOPPED this horror. MILLIONS of American youth gave their LIVES because they knew what EVIL looked like, and that it was ONLY a matter of time before the Nazi’s came HERE. We gave up a generation to STOP evil from winning. The EVIL never went away, it merely HID. They KNEW that if they ever tried it again, WE would rise up to stop them, just as we had twice before in WW1 and WW2.

Reagan fought the Soviets to a standstill with his famous Peace through Strength, and MAD initiatives (Mutually Assured Destruction). Reagan famously said, “Freedom is not Free, it must constantly be fought for” He rightly coined America the shining City on a hill, the bastion of hope, and FREEEDOM to the world.

The EVIL never left my friends, they simply gave up the frontal attacks, and hid and subverted from within using espionage, human weakness, greed, and sex to subvert.

Now we are literally AT the edge of the Abyss. Once America can be STOLEN, and usurper PUPPETS beholden to foreign powers and foreign blackmail and money, “installed”. Once the same happens to the justices and judicial systems, once the same happens to the law enforcement, Mayors, AGs, Governors, and Govt officials, and once the media is nothing more than a lying puppet arm of those who RUN the politicians, LE, and Judges, WHERE do we the people turn? What recourse do WE have. The rule of LAW will be meaningless to those in power, and make no mistake they will rule with an iron fist.

Protests are fine, even MILLIONS of people protesting. BUT, those things make NO DIFFERENCE unless they are backed up with a THREAT of a RECOURSE if the protest is NOT listened to.

See, the Evil in charge does not care about our protests, they now do not FEAR our voices or our votes either. Our cries, and shouts fall on DEAF ears. Lawsuits will NOT matter. Law Enforcement will simply stand down or turn a blind eye. The media will ignore us, ban us, or call us conspiracy theorists. We will be OSTRACIZED. The ONLY thing they will respect is FEAR that we may rise up, and TAKE BACK by FORCE what is ours. Each day they are allowed to usurp more and more of our freedoms, shred our Constitutional rights, they will grow BOLDER and ALWAYS reach for MORE POWER. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY. They think we are either too morally WEAK or SCARED to do the unthinkable. Their great BLUFF that a powerful FEW could merely bluff the majority into submission.

It is TIME my friends. IF Trump fails, and I STILL hold hope that through God he WILL somehow prevail in the end, it will be up to US.

There is NO ONE else. There will be NO law enforcement or judge to save us. NO politician will save us. NO media will save us. NO foreign country will come to OUR aid as we did theirs.

It will be JUST US verses THEM. WE did not start it, WE do NOT want it, but we DAMN well better be SURE TO END IT. These people NEVER stop. They NEVER quit. They NEVER surrender. They MUST be BEATEN, and BEATEN BACK under the ROCKS from whence they came. DO YOU have the courage or stomach to do what MUST be done should Trump fail?

I think back to my father, my hero. He enlisted at the age of 15, and went to a foreign land, to fight for THEIR freedom, and to protect ours. He bled for my right to live and chose my OWN destiny. He did so because of one simple creed. RIGHT is MIGHT.

GOD would reward him and the US with freedom and victory because we were RIGHT and our cause RIGHTEOUS.

I can do no less for my sons and grand sons than HE did for ME those 75 years ago, long before I was even born. He did it unselfishly, and without reservation. He WAS scared, but he KNEW what was right, and what had to be done. Millions just like him did the same. MILLIONS did not ever come home. They gave the ULTIMATE sacrifice so that WE could live our sheltered, pampered, modern lives.

Can WE do LESS for our future, even IF it means paying a heavy and sometimes ultimate price?

Time to take a STAND my friends, the fork in the road is upon us. I PRAY that Trump wins, and God makes it so that WE do NOT have to do what our Fathers and Grand Fathers had to do. BUT, we MUST be willing, and ABLE to do it IF the time comes.

The wolves are at the door. We cannot ignore them away. We cannot WISH them away, We cannot wait them out. We MUST confront them. IT will be UGLY, hard, and bloody. Just like all the other times great and small men had to go to battle for freedom. It was worth it THEN. Is it any less worth it NOW?

I for one say YES, If need be, I will stand arm and arm with my brothers in arms and do what MUST be done.

God Bless America. “Si vis pacem, para bellum“. Pray for Peace, prepare for war.

A party in DC on the 6th of Jan? Could BE!

Could BE if My previous post is right. BTW listen to the lyrics of this..PROPHETIC?

[Verse 1]

Everybody all around the world
Gotta tell you what I just heard
There’s gonna be a party all over the world
I got a message on the radio
But where it came from, I don’t really know
And I heard these voices calling all over the world

Gee, could we hear on Jan 6th a message, broadcast ALL OVER THE WORLD, on the “radio” form where it came from we won’t even know. EBS broadcasts to aLL devices, TV’s cell phones, etc, bypassing the MSM.


all over the world, everybody got the word
Everybody everywhere is gonna feel tonight

Gee, would MOST of the WORLD be HAPPY if Trump really pulled it out…YOU BET.

[Verse 2]
Everybody walkin’ down the street
Everybody movin’ to the beat
They’re gonna get hot down in the U.S.A
(New York, Detroit, L.A.)
We’re gonna take a trip across the sea
Everybody come along with me
We’re gonna hit the night down in gay Paris
(C’est la vie, having your cup of tea)

Things may get HOT down in the USA if Trump indeed pulls it out!

[Verse 3]
Everybody all around the world
Gotta tell you what I just heard
Everybody walkin’ down the street
I know a place where we all can meet
Everybody gonna have a good time
Everybody will shine ’til the daylight

I know a place where we all WILL meet, DC, and we are gonna have a GREAT TIME, ALL day and night!

You tell me coincidence? I think NOT my friends.

I suspect on or BEFORE Jan 6th we will get the WORD, and the WORLD will PARTY, including HERE on the 6th.

Here’s hoping!

Boom Boom Boom Boom.

I find this VERY interesting…VERY VERY interesting.

Sean davis tweeted

“The White House announced today that Trump signed an order on Dec. 18 giving John Durham the authority to present classified information to a grand jury investigating the Russian collusion hoax.

WHAT does the BLUE highlight MEAN?

Previous DOJ regulations required the consent of the specific classifying agency.”

Now FIRST, NOTE THE DATE, Dec 18th, remember the hubub about the IC NOT being able to meet the Dec 18th deadline to Ratcliffe?

Methinks in me wittle conspiracy fed mind, that THAT was a DIVERSION, as I said BEFORE, Trump ALREADY GOT the report, it was given to him in PERSON along with Miller at the Army Navy game the Sat DEFORE the 12th…the EO stated that the report had to be delivered BY the 18th, NOT ON the 18th…wink.

Now what I find TRULY enlightening about the Davis tweet, is NOT ONLY the date, but the SUBSTANCE.

This order, most likely an EO, BYPASSES any VETO from the FBI, CI, NSA, or ANY OTHER agency ON THE DECLASS details. They CAN’T stall or STOP it.

Now were that not ENOUGH.

Most are MISSING the BIG item.

Did you catch it?

The fact that Durham can NOW give declassed CLASSIFIED info is NOT the POINT.


the POINT, is that Durham can PRESENT IT TO A GRAND JURY.


Not a FUTURE grand jury, that would be SILLY.

NOT enough TIME.

This ORDER means IMHO, that there is ALREADY a SITTING Grand Jury, and they NEEDED to be ABLE to HEAR classified INFO on the Russian Hoax to DECIDE to INDICT or NOT. NOW, they CAN.

BEFORE the EO, they could NOT.


Why this is important. A Grand jury coinveined in a CRIMINAL case, hearing CLASSIFED info means SOMEONE’S about to get INDICTED, maybe LOTS of someones.

Riddle me this Batman, CAN a PEOTUS or his running mate BE inaugurated IF they are INDICTED, or maybe in PRISON awaiting TRIAL?:

This or these grand jury(s) have obviously been conveined for a WHILE, in SECRET. (Covid DELAYS)

Remember, Obama, Biden, and MOST of the dem heirarch WERE also involved in the Russia hoax, including Harris, Pelosi, Kerry, Schumer, Swalwell, Schiff, Warner, Comey, Brenan, Yates, Lynch, Power, Rice, McCabe, and TONS more, ALL or MOST picked for SLOTS in the new Biden “administration”

POP. You see, you CANNOT be INAUGURATED IF you are undere arrest OR criminal indictment for, wait for it, ELECTION interference in 2016.


This may be a contingency, but it is a BIG ONE.

NO SCOTUS needed, or avalable for the “rescue”

NO Congress needed or available (cause there will likely be LOTS of them under indictment) for the “rescue”

NO MSM “rescue”

NO Gov interference for the rescue

NO EC interference for the rescue

ONLY the state legislatures MAY provide any action, as THEY will have to provide NEW electors, since Biden’s won’t be available, after all we CAN’T inaugurate a CROOK, that is either arrested and AWAITING trial OR is under indictment for ELECTION fraud, espionage, treason, conspiracy, etc from 2016, the LAST time he was IN office.

BOOM> Then Trump can go about TYING THIS election fraud INTO the stuff from 2016.


They NEEDED the MASSIVE FRAUD to STOP THIS from EVER coming to light. Let them CRY, but THIS is a VIABLE option. Doing it LAST MINUTE, is POETIC.

Essentially, IF Biden et al are arrested and or INDICTED on the 20th, they CAN’T BE INAUGURATED. LEGALLY or ETHICALLY.

They essentially would be VOIDED. What happens if your opponent is VOIDED?


BRILLIANT contingency Perhaps THE contingency.

The BEST part. WHEN the dems CRY foul, and they WILL, and say Trump did this, its a coup blah blah..politics..blah blah. NO, Trump didn’t, he COULDN’T. LOL Durham was made a SPECIAL COUNCIL (By Barr in OCOBER 2020) He is INDEPENDENT of Trump. Trump CANNOT order him to arrest, indict or NOT arrest indict, THAT would be obstruction..WINK. LMAO, ROTFLMMFAO.

THAT would be LITERALLY CHECKMATE, and Trump would LITERALLY have NOTHING to do with it, accept granting a REQUEST to declass to the GJ…THAT’S IT.

What happens IF two days BEFORE Jan 20th, Biden et al are ARRESTED. LOL. The MSM and dems will go NUTS, but they CAN’T stop it. Durham will simply state, I cannot under my OATH and in good conscience LET a criminal be inaugurated. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM.

THEN a newly inaugurated, and 100% LEGAL 2nd term of Trump can SYSTEMATICALLY reveal, and prosecute THIS years fraud on TOP of 2016. THAT my friends DRAINS a ENTIRE lake Superior sized part of the swamp.

One thing IS certain. SOMEHING IS happening. Time is SHORT. Is it SHORT for Trump and US or for the CABAL. My bet is ALWAYS on Trump beating them…ALWAYS!

Lincoln, Jackson, and Trump.

Dec 18th came and went, and the report was stalled by the IC. That’s it some say, that was a hard deadline.

Ahh but Dec 18 is NOT a HARD date. Te EO states “on or BEFORE 45 days after the election”

YES Dec 18 was the DEADLINE, BUT the report COULD have (was) delivered before that the Army Navy game. Trump ALREADY has that report. How do I know? Because we ALREADY got “fruiit” from it. Remember the “digital Pearl Harbor”? Remember the CALL for ALL US Govt agencies to shutdown and DISCONNECT all computers/servers/ etc with Solarwinds on it.

AL the bloviation by the seventeen “intelligence”” agfencies STALLING their reports to Radcliffe, is MUCH ADO about NOTHING. Radcliffe and Trump ALREADY have all the info. The 17 intelligence agencies JUST proved their COMPLICITY, therefore, it will be a FIRE SALE, EVERYTHING must GO.

Remember then the RELVELATION that Solarwinds was ON the Dominion machines?

AH, the MORE you know.

Then we get the Sciavino photo, obviously BEFORE winter.

It is MORE important to note who is NOT in that photo…like Wray, Haspel, etc. The ON LY takeaways FROM that photo are Trump, Pence, and a BUNCH of cyber guys…PLUS in FRAME. The TWO Presidents Trump is EMULATING. Lincoln (who suspended Habeus Corpus to save the country, and END slavery and the Civil War, and Andrew Jackson, who fought his OWN cabinet, and TRAITORS within, INCLUDING Federal and yes SCOTUS judges. Jackson FINISHED where Lincoln left OFF. (Reconstruction of the South)

Trump is going to employ BOTH of those Presidents tactics. It is going to get VERY hot, hard, and hairy in the next few weeks. People will FIGHT, some may DIE. LOTS will be arrested or even KILLED.

We were ALL not just TOLD of what happened, we were SHOWN that NO ONE but Trump and a HANDFUL of Patriots CARE.(IN Govt)

What Trump DID was to SET the stage for the ONLY way out of this mess. The Insurrection Act. When Media, Govt, State legislative, and State, Federal, and SCOTUS judiciaries ALL not only FAIL to act, but in their COWARDACE TO act show COMPLICITY, well there is ONLY ONE BRANCH LEFT. The Executive, and HE controls the ONLY reliable forms of BOTH intelligence (DIA, Cyber Command, special operators) AND ENFORCEMENT, the United Sttates Military.

THAT is why Esper HAD to GO. He WENT QUICKLY too. So to did Crebbs, and NOW he is SHOWN to be a LIAR on Election interference. Did the election do that? YES, but, WHAT showed it MORE, the Solar winds hack on EVERYTHING from Dominion, to the NSA (Nuclear Security Agency) to the power grids. The EXACT things Crebbs agencies were supposed to be LOOKING FOR, and PREVENTING.

ALL the TRAITORS are NOW on the record, including John Roberts, the liberals and even some Trump appointees on ther SCOTUS. ALL the State Supreme courts that FOUGHT TRUTH from getting out by NOT even HEARING evidence. ALL the State judges, ALL the Federal Judges, MOST of the MSM, ALL the Dems in Congress, A LOT, more than HALF of the Republicans in Congress, and ALL the state election officials, Govs, Secs of state, that participated in this FRAUD, are ALL NAKED..TOTAL exposure.


Do you guys REALLY think Trump waits until the LAST possible moment to put plans, contingencies and ACTIONS into motion. NO. What Scivino’s photo shows was Trump putting the OPERATION, the STING so to speak, INTO action…WELL before the election…I BET this was EVEN before He named ACB.

Trump has ALWAYS known what the dems, China, and others were going to do. Tell me, has ANY of these actions by bad faith actors, seemed to SURPRISE Trump No.

He has been WARNING them ALL since SUMMER that he KNEW, and that they were going to get CAUGHT, and BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. They just did not listen. They thougt they were just too clever.

Nocol Williamson (Merlin) Once told Nigel Terry (Arthur) in Exalcibar “Remember, there’s ALWAYS something cleverer than yourself”

They THOUGHT that their embeds in MSM, the IC, Congress, the Courts, in the States, including Govs, R Govs, in the SCOTUS, and even in the Military would TELL them of Sting, so they could stop it.

NOW they REALIZE they did NOT stop the sting, they THINK they can STALL its outcome. Run out the clock till Jan 20th.

LOL they DON’T know Trump. NOTHING that man has said or DONE in these 4 years has been WITHOUT purpose. Every action, tweet, press conference, phone interview, etc has a specific PURPOSE.

I give you his March 3rd 2017 Tweet/ paraphrased ” Terible, just found out Obama had my wires tapped, he is a SICK individual”

Do you REMEMBER that? Remember ALL the MSM, Pundits, Govt, and even Rep DENIALS? Was it TRUE?

YES, and they ALL knew it. Remember the Russia HOAX, and Trump saying he did NOTHING wrong? Remember AGAIN all the MSM, pundit, and Govt reactions…Then Mueller was ENDED. Trump was RIGHT again.

Then we have the PERFECT call to the Ukraine and Zelenskey. Remember the MSM, pundit, and Congress reactions, and shampeachment. Trump said it was not HIM but Joe and Hunter Biden that were in the WRONG.

Now we find out, after Trump BEAT the farce impeachment, that Hunter and Joe WERE on the take to not only Ukraine, but Russia, and CHINA.

Trump was RIGHT again, and in the END he is proved so, again, and again, and again.

Now, Trump is telling us ALL tyhat he WON BIG, and that this ALL is a FRAUD. Gee, do you THINK he will win this too? YOU BET.

Because Trump KNEW his enemies, that is STEP one, knowing just WHAT they are CAPABLE of. Step two is KNOWING himself, DUH!. Step three, putting in PLACE means, measures, people, and contingencies to STOP your enemies from carrying out their evil plans to the end.

Step 4 REVELATION of the the FRAUD, and EVIDENCE. Trump ALWAYS reveals the FRAUD, the SCAM,. the HOAX, and the LIE. THEN he PROVES it.

That is step 5..PROOf. Trump ALWAYS proves the evil done, and just WHO did it. OVER AND OVER again. From the dossier, to Russia, to Mueller, to shampeachment, to NOW.

What we ALL have NOT seen, to date, is step SIX…PUNISHMENT. THAT my friends has been, since the BEGINNING, the END GAME, and the ONE outcome Trump wants. His enemies are REVEALED, they will be PROVEN to be TRAITORS to the people, AND the Constitution. (the LAW). ALL that THEN remains is the PUNISHMENT for their deeds.

THAT is why Trump has waited..PATIENTLY. HE SHOWED US ALL what was happening after he WARNED us all. He HAS the proof. NOW after exhausting ALL other means, so many CHANCES and CHOICES for SOMEONE to do the RIGHT thing, they ALL chose POORLY and FAILED their DUTY. NOW comes, regrettably, PAIN, in and by the ONLY remaing avenue, the Military, hey the military even has its OWN Judiciary…which CAN in times of insurrection, be USED against NON military individuals, even ex Presidents, sitting Judges, sitting JUSTICES, SITTING members of Congress, the media, and an ex VP FRAUD usurper to the Presidency.

Miltary justice is MUCH MUCH harsher and SWIFTER than our compromised judiciary. George Washington HUNG an entire regiment during the American Revolution, for DESERTION, DERELECTION of duty, and mutiny, He MADE their own commanders do it, and THEN had the commanders SHOT. This was ALL in ONE day. A fair hearing, pronouncement of sentence, and COMMENCEMENT of sentence.

GITMO, a MILITARY base, for ENEMY combatants, which TRAITORS are, was expanded to WELL over 13000 beds. WHY? for WHOM?

Certainly NOT ISIS, they NO LONGER exist as well as Al Queda, in ANY meaningful way or THREAT to the US.

Trump has ALWAYS known just how DEEP the swamp went. He has ALWAYS known WHAT was going to be the ULTIMATE outcome. He KNEW. I never did. I THOUGHT the SCOTUS would do the right thing. Trump GAVE them a CHANCE, multiples in fact. They chose POORLY. They will, regretably PAY for those actions with consequences MOST severe. DERELCTION of duty, DEFIANCE of their OATH to the Constitution. MORE than removal from the bench my friends, MORE than prison. This must NEVER happen again.

MANY underlings will be FINED, and imprisoned. BUT, it is the PLOTTERS, and the ENABLERS that will face a more HARSH penaty. DEATH. Trump reinstitutes on Dec 24th 2020, a NEW Federal Holiday that Trump ALSO instituted, FIRING squads and HANGING as Federal death penalties. He WARNED them ALL, REPEATEDLY. He gave them ALL repeated chances and CHOICES to do the RIGHT thing. They SCOFFED, they LAUGHED, they LIED, and they FAILED to do their DUTY..NOT to Trump, but to AMERICAN PEOPLE and the Constitution. SUCKS to be them. See THEY thought they had planned everything out, even SCOTUS, to complete ther fraud. They THOUGHT that SCOTUS, as I did, was the FINAL arbitor. They would simply REFUSE to give an evidence a hearing, and simply REFUSE to rule. THAT is a mistake which will COST them ALL dearly.

You see my friends, Trump plays the LONG game, because he is PATIENT. By being PATIENT, OVERLY SO in most of our views, Trump has smoked MOST if not ALL of the traitors OUT, even Fox, even R Govs, even R election officials, EVEN R Congress people. It is ALL the SAME big group that was in on Russia, Mueller SC, Impeachment, and now election FRAUD. Trump KNEW it. He waited, he gathered intel, he gathered PROOF….WHERE do you THINK all those videos, leaked stories of hacks, leaked audio, etc is coming from? TRUMP and his team. ALL this was meant to SHOW the American people the DEPTH of the swamp, and the LENGTHS to which they would go for POWER. Trump was building SUPPORT, AWARENESS, and DEMAND for what MUST be done.

Trump exhausted EVERY other avenue. The people SAW that NO ONE was going to act, despite INCONTROVERTABLE, pervasive, and MASSIVE evidence.

Now Trump is bascally ASKING permission to go Lincoln and Jackson. WE THE PEOPLE are GRANTING IT. How many people are BEGGING for ACCOUNTABILITY, by the insurrection act? 74 MILLION are. THAT is ALL that Trump needed. PERMISSION from US to do the UNTHINKABLE, but alas UNAVOIDABLE.

That permission was GRANTED. The plan is ALREADY in MOTION. Parts were WEEKS if not MONTHS ago. ALL that was left was the ‘GO’ command from Trump, even the EO, and the Insurrection act itself (remember that Scivino photo) is READY, it IS SIGNED. Trump gave the CABAL until the last POSSIBLE moment TO stop AND RECANT, THAT WAS DEC 17TH. yep, seventeenTH. That is when Trump met in the Oval office ALONE with the new Sec of Defense, Chris Miller. I bet it was short, IN PERSON, in the (now) bug free Oval Office…NO LEAKS, NO SPIES. ‘GO’

More’s the pity for the Cabal. The Kracken is unleashed, and once dispatched, CANNOT be recalled until it’s objective, the DESTRUCTION of the enemy, is completed.

Question. WHERE is Gina Haspel?

Question. Where is Christopher Wray?

Question. WHY was Bill Barr’s last day announced as Dec 23rd?

Question. WHY are their massive National Guard and troop call ups in places like Michigan, Georgia, Pennslyvania, and Wisconsin? We are NOT at WAR. There are NO riots ongoing. The Governors of those states did NOT call them up. WHERE are they going to DEPLOY? WHAT is the MISSION?

Did you SEE the ovation Trump got at Army Navy? Was that typical for a CIC who is LEAVING? NO.

Remember that VERY FIRST Q post. “My fellow Americans” It WILL become RELEVENAT before Jan 6th.

The Cabal THINKS they have won, but they have ALREADY lost, they just do not know it yet. They THINK Trump does not have the stomach, balls or SUPPORT to do the last resort. They are WRONG.

See they make a CONSTANT mistake. They THINK this is about Trump. This ALL was NEVER about TRUMP, this is about the Constitution and the American PEOPLE for which it stands. That is WAY more important than ANY one man or group of men. IF this fraud is ALLOWED to stand, America, freedom, and the Constitution are FINISHED. The grand experiment in LIBERTY undertaken bty CORAGEOUS Patriots 244 years ago would go out, not at the point of a gun, but in lies deception, and subversion from within. The VERY thing Jefferson, Hamilton,, Madison, Washington, and Franklin FEARED. The enemy WITHIN.

THIS is Trumps historic moment. He REALLY did NOT want to do it. They left him NO CHOICE. THEY forced this. Trump AGAIN must put COUNTRY above SELF, and SAVE the Republic. ONLY he can. That is a HELL of a thing to put on someone. A man AGAINST war must START a likely NEW Civil War to SAVE the country, and perhaps the WORLD. Just like Lincoln. He KNOWS his enemy, and he KNOWS people likely WILL die. He KNOWS there will be DEEP doubts, and DIVISION. He KNOWS he has to do it, or there will be NO turning back. He KNOWS time is short. A hell of a thing to a man who did MORE good than the last 4 Presidents combined EVER could.

He KNOWS that after the take down, there WILL have to be rebuilding, HEALING, and CONFIDENCE in Govt again. It will be a TOUGH road to hoe. Just like Jackson after a contested election in 1824..winning in 1824. It will require PATIENCE and RESOLVE, but most of all FAITH. Thank God we have a man of DEEP faith in position. A LESSER man would withdraw. THAT is NOT in Trump’s makeup, he ALWAYS tilts instead of withdrawing.

In this most Holy Season. TRY to remember, Trump is NOT doing this for HIMSELF, he could ride into the sunset with his beautiful family, beautiful wife, his business, and his billions. But he INSTEAD chose to FIGHT for RIGHT, and FIGHT for US, the Constitution, and AMERICA. FREEDOM.

He is taking THE stand…WE must JOIN him, even if it means ONLY orur blessings and support.

The greatest man I ever knew, my father, told mne. RIGHT is MIGHT.

Trump FIGHTS for what is RIGHT, THAT is his MIGHT.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and God bless America!

Freudian slip, or prophacy of what is to come?

Recall last week that Trump had a press conference, one in which he said ” more info is coming out in the next two weeks, and it has info that will shock you all”

So I started watching, and making a list. What happened in the last week

  1. The Feds announced that Hunter Biden is under investigation for tax evasion and money laundering.
  2. The feds announced that James Biden is under an investigation for tax fraud and money laundering.

What do these two things have in common? One they involve contributors to the “Big Guy” that Tony Bobalinski told us about, and Two, they most likely invole both the Ukraine and CHINA

3. Eric Swalwell, an avid Trump hating Dem on the House IUntel committee who played major roles in the Russia hoax, the Ukraine farce, and the sham Impeachment, was revealed to have had a Chinese Honeypot working for his office and his campaign, even bundling campaign funding for him. it was MORE than intimated Swalwell had a “special” relationship with the woman, named Christine Fang. CLASSIC Chinese infiltration. Given Swalwells position on the intel committee, AND his HATE of Trump, I would call him COMPROMISED at the least.

4. Good old Dianne Feinstein, sahe of the Senate Judiciary committee, and FORMER member of the Gang of 8 as a ranking member of the Senate Intel committee, who was majorly involved in the original Trump Russia hoax, and had her very OWN Chinese spy in her employ for OVER 20 years, is trying to now step down, and retire due to ” mental inadequacies”. She sure did not ACT inadequate when she GRILLED Judge Amy Coney Barrett in her confirmation hearing just 2 months ago. THAT was a FAST drop off…methinks it has MORE to do with Swalwell and what ELSE is coming in relation to China, Russia, and all the dem hoaxes that tried to take down Trump for 4 years, and NOW are trying to STEAL re-election from him via FRAUD.

5. It is revealed that MAJOR funding for the Facebook vote project, to the tune of 400 MILLION dollars came from..CHINA

6. A video in Chinese begins circulating that details an order for THOUSANDS of Chinese made COUNTERFEIT Mail in ballots. The video even states that the state (unlisted) would supply special paper and ink used to make the ballots. If true, this is a FELONY.

7. Now we have word that a list of 1.95 MILLION Chinese CCP SPIES and infiltrators in FOREIGN countries, govt’s and businesses is being released. The FIRST batch includes 8192 names. There is word that these names include such big US companies as Pfiser and Boeing.

Now, this list. i suspect will only GROW in the next few days. But I find something VERY interesting in the list of Chinese spiues released, especially Pfiser. Trump and a LOT of people were touting the Pfiser Covid 19 vaccine. It is purportedly 95% effective. Trump touts it HERE in this video.


Trump keeps referring to PFISER as FISA. REPEATEDLY. Is this a simple mispronunciation? Is it a FREUDIAN slip?

NO in my book it is a MESSAGE. FISA. as in FISC court, as in Foreign Intelligence Survellience ACT. A FISA iis what the Cabal used on Trump and his associates Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, to SPY on them.

Q told us that FISA’s go BOTH ways.

Q told us NOTHING could STOP what is coming.

Could Trump MEAN that he has had a FISA on China and ALL the US operatives here that both perpetuated the covid 19 farce, AND used it in the election STEAL.

Trump plainly says. ” The FISA vaccine will put an END to the Covid pandemic”. He goes FURTHER to state that “CHINA started the pandemic, but we here in the US will END it.” “Life WILL return to NORMAL”

Now Trump is reading from a teleprompter, and he would NOT call Pfizer FISA 4 straight times. It was NOT an accident, it was a MESSAGE. I think that the “pandemic” and the election fraud are inexerably TIED. I believe that when the election fraud is revealed, so to will ALL of China and their enablers misdeeds, and paramount is the Covid 19 farce that has so greatly impacted us ALL in negative ways.

I could not help but notice that the symbolism, and similarities to the VIRUS and the ELECTION are unmistakeable. ALL roads on BOTH lead to CHINA. And we had an ambitious program to STUDY and DEFEAT the virus, AND the election fraud.

As many of you know, my background is in medical research at a major research facility. I can say with relative CERTAINTY that NO modern vaccine has approached anywhere CLOSE to 95% effectiveness. Remeber that Covid 19 is a Corona virus, the same genus as SARS, H1N1, Swine Flu, and the common cold. WWe have ZERO effective vaccines available to date for ANY of these viruses.

ALL of these viruses are MORE lethal than Covid 19. Yet we NEVER bothered to produce an effective vaccine. In fact the most effective seasonal flu vaccine to date, is ONLY 45% effective. HOW did we GET to a 95% effective vaccine in LESS than NINE months. AIDS, which has similar charistics to Covid 19 has been in the public spherre for 50 years. For 40 years, the same Dr Fauci that is in the Covid fiasco vowed over 40 years ago to produce an AIDS vaccine. Despite 40 years, and HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars spent NO AIDS vaccine has EVER been produced.

SO if we had 40 years to produce an AIDS vaccine, and HUINDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars to do so, and a DECADES since the Swine flu, and a DECADE or more since SARS and H1N1, with BILLIONS more spent, and a couple hundred years and even MORE billions spent on the common cold, and yet we have NO vaccines, or cures available for them. Covid is a THIMBALL in an OCEAN of deaths compared to all the others. Covid’s survival rate is 99.5 %, does NOT effect the young, and ONLY seems to kill sequestered populations of the elderly who ALSO have more than one othe comorbidity.

SOMETHING does not add up here. It is MY belief that Trump is playing opossum here. YES people have died from Covid 19. YES, people have been very ill with Covid 19. BUT, NO WHERE near the HYPE of the initial estimates of 2 million in the US alone DEAD.

Trump KNOWS there are CHEAPER, readily available, and SAFE theraputics available like Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Azithromycin. COLOR me SKEPTICAL on this or ANY vaccine purporting to be more than 50% effective in such a short time, and with such LIMITED funding. 14 Billion is a DROP in the bucket.

I must now ask. With all Trump did for Covid, the BILLIONS of PPE, the THOUSANDS of ventilators, and now the multituder of OVER 90 % effective vaccines, the like of which have NOT been seen since the 1950’s Polio outbreak. Was WARP SPEED something ELSE entirely? Was Warp Speed a COVER?

IMHO YES. See the ONLY way that anyoine could produce not one but SEVERAL 90 plus % effective vaccines was IF they had the COMPLETE sequence of the virus. THAT in itself could have taken more than the 9 months ALONE. Then there is the reverse engineerring of the genome, then there is the finding of WHERE to attack and effectively destroy the virus OR prohibit it from bonding to the human cells, which is INHERENTLY hard to do.

If one believes that Covid was a bioweapon, I happen to, and it was produced at first in North Carolina at UNC, and then outsourced to Wuhan China and their BSL 4 military lab, then one must recognize that it took a DECADE or more to reverse engineer the Bat Corona virus and splice both HIV and SARS proteins to it to make it ABLE to bond to a human cell. One must ALSO then realize, that the ONLY way we COULD have produced a vaccine that is 90 plus effective against a BIO WEAPON, is to have what was produced at the SAME time by the SAME labs in China. The ANTIDOTE. One NEVER creats a WEAPON that one cannot CONTROL from killing YOURSELF as well as the enemy.

I have LONG thought that China has had not ONLY the Virus weapon, but ALSO the ANTIDOTE.

THAT explains WHY the virus was able to travel around an 8000 mile globe, but NEVER made it less than 200 miles to Beijing.

Imagine WHAT else we will learn in the next few weeks!

Now tin foil hat time. What IF China was TASKED to produce this weapon, release it to DESTROY the world and US economy, and have the hype and FEAR of it lead to mail in balklots being used. What IF China provided those mail in ballots and OR the MONEY to perpetuate that fraud. What IF China had LOTS of MSM, politicians, CEOS, State officials, including AG’s and Governors, and people on the ground here on the payroll or COMPOMISED by money, sex, and spies. Would China have provided the ANTIDOTE to those people? Certainly, as THEY cannot become sick. Did anyone notice that virtually NO high profile dem pundit or politician contracted Covid, despite people like Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo being out in public at the TIME covid was active and spreading like wildfire? This DESPITE being in the HIGH risk population of over 70 years old.

Would China via that compromise of the antidote, money, sex, and blackmail have been able to ENSURE complicity in the coming election fraud. ESPECIALLY from politicians AND State officials?

Would China USE its embeded spies to make SURE that the fraud was enacted, AND covered up?

Would China FUND certain orgs like Facebook to PAY for on the ground help?

Would China print FAKE ballots, ship them to compromised states, and ensure they were “rolled in”

Would China ensure through the procurement of controlling interest in a voting machine company called Dominon, throgh a third party company, YEP.

Would China want ASSURANCES that the 2020 election REMOVED a major throne in their side, Donald Trump? YEP

Would they want the results to be manipulated via computer fraud, throught the company they purchased, ballot fraud using ballots they themselves printed, and state and political actors they controlled via blackmail, sex, and money, to ALL make that happen? YEP

There you have it. Call me crazy. THAT is how it ALL ties in. CHINA bought the political assests needed to make the fraud possible.

China provided the virus to make the fraud possible.

China bout the computer voting systems and company to ensure the votes were edited to make the out come possible

China bought, printed, and exported counterfeit ballots in the event the computers failed

China paid Zuckerberg and Facebook millions to pay local like minded people on the ground to roll in the ballots when needed, AND cover it up afterwards in KEY swing areas, cities, and states.

China used their blackmail via embeds on various politicians, Governors, and state officials to COVER UP the fraud by HIDING the evidence, stonewalling exposure, and falsely certifying the fraud.

I also believe that China has compromised MANY judges, lawyers, and court officials to further the cover ups by NOT hearing ANY evidence. It sure would explain the LACK of curiousity, and the non leggal and nonsensical rulings by various state and federal courts without hearing ANY evidence.

China ALSO used their ace in the hole, the owned corporate MSM to coverup, obfuscate, hide, and LIE about the election results, AND the challenges. Falsely perpetuating the narratives that Biden was legit, and inevitable, even FOX.

China had it ALL planned out meticiulously, they WANTED their PUPPET who is MAJORLY compromised himself via his brother and son, and his own dirty dealings. Joe Biden.

Biden would be SOFT, and bought and paid for on China. Trump will CONTINUE dismantling China’s control on America.

China made a series of mistakes.

1. They underestimated Trump and his resolve

2. They assumed Trump (and the military) was NOT watching.

3. They assumed Trump could be coerced to concede BEFORE their fraud was revealed.

4. They underestimated the lengths and tactics that Trump has and WILL employ to reveal and take DOWN China and ALl of their enablers and pawns.

5. They NEVER knew the MASSIVE ammount of voters Trump would get, making the needed ammount of FRAUD WAY more than anticipated, making the FRAUD OBVIOUS to anyone who was aware enough to see it.

China and their pawns bought their own bullshit. They THOUGHT that Trump was NOT popuilar, and it would be EASY to steal, and then force Trump to concede before they were CAUGHT.

China NEVER assumed Trump was SMART enough to be WATCHING, and laying traps of his OWN.

China NEVER thought that we Trump supporters would STAND up and DEFEND Trump.

China was WRONG on all counts.

It WILL cost them and all their minions DEARLY. This was TWO acts of WAR on the Us. One a bio weapon to enable the later fraud, and TWO the election fraud and interference itself.

Trump wrote an EO specifically for the EXACT situation that China perpetuated. It includes ASSET forfeiture in the US and ABROAD fo ALL involved. BYE BYE China debt.

What remains to be seen is WHEN the hammer will drop, and WHAT Trump will do to China, and their minions here. One thing is CERTAIN, It will be MASSIVE, SWIFT, and pervasive when it hits.

My HOPE is all the assests seized from the perps WILL be used to give RELIEF to each and EVERY American that SUFFERED at aLL that China and their minions pulled this year.

What price is peoples lives?

What price is the freedom we lost?

What price is all the destruction, mayhem, and rioting?

What price is all the deaths, despair, emotional distress, worry, and opression caused?

What price is all the homes, jobs, cars, businesses, and general destruction of peoples retirements, bank accounts, and livlihood.

China and their minions must PAY dearly in money, and if need be BLOOD.

Those directly responsib le are guilty of treason, and MUST pay the ultimate price, including the CCP who have committed WAR CRIMES against humanity.

I think Warp Speed was more about finding the PROVIDENCE of Covid 19, than it EVER was about a vaccine.

China and their minions ROBBED everyone of an entire YEAR of their lives. They MUST and WILL pay, if for no other reason than so this will NJEVER EVER be attempted AGAIN.

The next few weeks, if I am right will reveal MORE shocks, and MORE takedowns, the flipping of a fraud, and finally JUSTICE harsh and COLD to the people that robbed us ALL.

God Bless America. We have not seen days like this since Pearl Harbor, and maybe even the Civil and Revolutionary Wars. Watershed moments. Decisions by strong leaders saved us then, as will Trumps decisions in the next few weeks. It will NOT be easy, these people will NOT give up without a fight. They MUST be totally defeated, or the grand experiment in FREEDOM that is America, the LAST bastion of freedom and peace in the world, and the greatest source of good will be forever diminished, or destroyed.

The torch of liberty MUST be passed on, it cannot be allowed to burn out. HARD choices ahead. Thomas Jefferson once famously said. “The tree of liberty MUST be fertilized from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots.

Patrick Henry once said “give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH”

Benjamin Franklin once said to the question of what kind og government should the UY have, : Arepublic, IF you can keep it”

Finally Ronald Reagan once said ” Freedom is never FREE, and never more than one generation away from extinction, it MUST be FOUGHT for. “

Reagan ALSO compared America to a shining city on the hill, a BEACONJ to the world of FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

Great men ALl. Many more great menb and women DIED to make us and KEEP us free. Let not their SACRIFICE be for NAUGHT. Time to STAND UP. PICK A SIDE. Defend America if NOT for yourself, for your children, and your children’s children to time immorial.