The JIG is UP for the Cabal and their Vius weapon


I wrote this to my friend Church mouse he has an EXCELLENT blog you might want to check out.


Anyway, people are STARTING to wake up to the fact we were HAD

Did you see this “Dr. Birx: “The predictions of the models don’t match the reality on the ground in either China, South Korea, or Italy. We’re about 5 times the size of Italy. If we were Italy, and you did those divisions, Italy should have close to 400,000 deaths. They’re not close to achieving that.”

I told you my friend, and I tried to tell EVERYONE. we were HAD. Trump had to play the game, and now we ALL have suffered, some have DIED, ALL for a narrative and a Cabal Op. Make NO mistake, that is what this was. Using a REAL virus, a virulent UNKNOWN, and NEW version of the flu, and hyping the ordinary death and infection rates WAY out of proportion to scare the shit out of the world.

ALL to get people to WILLINGLY give up their jobs, their businesses, their livelihoods, and especially their FREEDOMs.

Now, more and more people are waking up to the fact, that while bad, death and illness are always bad and SAD, but NOWHERE near the gloom and doom Farcedemic numbers we were pumped with by the MSM, our left, and “health officials”

Now, the REAL numbers, as I predicted, are NOT adding p, AND the people that perpetuated the FRAUD, like Neil Fergusson of Imperial college, are SCARED SHITLESS, and having to try the old tied and true…”I was mistaken routine”… AFTER the damage is done of course.

I hope they take people like him, the head of the WHO, the CDC official, Rosenstein’s sister, and other propagandists (the MSM and their talking heads) and sue them ALL to insolvency. THEN they ALL need to be PROSECUTED in WORLD court for crimes against humanity, and convicted, and then face the SAME justice that the Nazi’s got after WW2. The business end of a 6′ rope over a sudden 8’drop!

Trump was SMART. He KNEW he HAD to act, act bigly, and QUICKLY, just incase this was REAL. If it WAS, he would be hailed as smart, a savior, and he would be able to SEE it in the REAL numbers on the ground and adjust. He would have SAVED lives at the temporary cost of the economy. He KNOWS he can rebuild THAT, and do it QUICKLY, and even BIGGER. Bye bye China manufacturing ANYTHING deemed “critical here”, and that will be a BIG list. That will bring MORE manufacturing factories and the jobs they contain HERE, more than enough GAINS to ffset the losses incurred by the shutdown. Plus, he made sure that we would get a short term reimbursement for our losses, in the form of FOVGIVEN loans, and MONEY, which he KNOWS many will simply turn around and SPEND right away, an INSTANT stimulus until the NEW manufacturing kicks in, and BOY WILL IT EVER KICK IN.

Trump ALSO, being smart, gave us the 15 days to stop the spread, That was a NATURAL pause, to SEE the REAL numbers on the ground and adjust. Again, he knew it would destroy the economy temporarily, but for the reasons above, he KNEW he could fix it, and we would be BACK, back BIGGER, and back QUICKLY once this was over.

He used the pause to SEE, and I KNOW he suspected, if this was going to be as BAD as they said. It gave him TIME, and the ability for HIM and his taskforce to gain CONTROL of the message, and mitigate the FEAR being spread by the MSM and left. That is one reason why the MSM are SO upset at his briefings. One he LOOKS compassionate, informed, and IN CONTROL, which means he is an EFFECTIVE leader, and the NEW polling number SHOW it, and NOT just for and from Trump fans, EVERYONE.

Two, it allowed him to surround himself with those that had snowed him based on the projections…cough..Fauchi…cough. Thereby gaining CONTROL of him and people like Brix. Were they to “buck” he would then know for CERTAIN they were NOT being helpful, and therefore PART OF THE PROBLEM, and not the SOLUTION. In essence, he hung it around their necks to SEE what they would do when the REAL numbers came out…they CONFORMED, they HAD to! The added benefit of putting suspected Cabal on the team and putting them out front FIRST, was that as they touted the agenda the MSM and Cabal wanted, the MSM would FAWN over them, and pump them up, giving them INSTANT credibility, so that NOW when the “turn” comes, thes “credible” people MUST be trusted and BELIEVED. BRILLIANT.

Just yesterday, Brix blew to HELL the Cabal virus narrative stating as I told you “Dr. Birx: “The predictions of the models don’t match the reality on the ground in either China, South Korea, or Italy. We’re about 5 times the size of Italy. If we were Italy, and you did those divisions, Italy should have close to 400,000 deaths. They’re not close to achieving that.” Brix was now turned from HERO to heel in a split second, and the MSM did NOT like it. Even that wolf in sheep’s clothing Fauchi KNOWS he must BEGRUDGINGLY toe the line, it was written ALL OVER his face, but he MUST. Trump OWNS them now. If they try to continue the lie, they will be outted, outted BIGTIME, and made the pariah for all this grief. THEY are the faces. It was BRILLIANT.

Now, the REAL numbers are in, and Trump has a HANDLE on it. He was compassionate, he did what he had to to STOP the madness, gain control, and see the TRUTH. Now that he HAS the truth, and he is FORCING his new buddies Fauchi and Brix to TELL EVERYONE the truth, he can begin undoing the DAMAGE.

He ALREADY put relief in the works for the losses. He has made arrangements for the FUTURE in regaining the supply chain, manufacturing and JOBS. He ALSO had the ADDED benefit in these to weeks to FORCE the deportation of THOUSANDS of illegals, while ALSO COMPLETELY shutting BOTH borders, AND STOPPING ANY immigration…BRILLIANT. Using their “crisis” AGAINST them. They NEVER saw ANY of that coming as they were too blinded by glee thinking their plan was working in destroying all Trumps (and our) gains in jobs and the stock market. They were GIDDY when Trump declared a National emergency, thinking their local Govs and Mayors could use it, and they DID, but it is ONLY temporary. Trump used it to ACHIEVE total border security FINALLY, NO IMMIGRATION, illegal or otherwise.

Then he went FURTHER. He issued the Defense Production Act, The left was GIDDY, now Trump would dictatorily FORCE American factories into making stuff they did not want to, were NOT prepared for, and would have to be reengineered to do so. They thought that would then cause MASSIVE delays and confusion, which would STALL people getting back to work, because the reengineered factories would need to be re fitted to normal before production, and the jobs, would be restarted, and that would take MONRY, and most companies DON’T have it, so what would they do? Shut down. WRONG.

Trump beat them AGAIN. He did not ORDER companies, he ASKED for volunteers, and he got them, BIGTIME, they were WILLING to do some reconfiguring, they ALREADY had in the past, and they KNEW how to do it, and do it QUICKLY, CHEAPLY, and in a NON permanent way.

All the DPA did was ALLOW Trump to stipulate that NOTHING critical to the US supply chain, medical supplies, or critical goods, would EVER be made in CHINA or ANYWHERE ELSE but HERE in the good ol USA. BRILLIANT. China is DEAD as a superpower, they just don’t KNOW it yet, but they will and SOON. Trump is 5 steps ahead of these fools. He used THEIR weapon AGAINST them, and they are too short sighted to see it, though they WILL find out SOON.

Trump ALSO put in place the CRITICAL supplies, ventilators and CURE for this virus, he cut ALL the red tape of the FDA, NIH, and CDC. The supplies are in place, being remade and STOCKPILED, and they are made and stored HERE by MULTIPLE companies. NEW companies. PLUS he KNOWS Chloroquine is not only the CURE for the sick and dying, it is the prophylaxes for PREVENTING the disease spread,

The pause allowed him to SEE the results of the cure, here and abroad, AND to then get MASSIVE quantities in the PIPELINE. We have Norvartis, Mylan, Bayer, and Israel prviding OVER 165 MILLION doses. And they are ALREADY made and here or ON THE WAY. With MORE coming. Again BRILLIANT. IF the Cabal tries to reseed the virus once the restart happens, they WILL, to blame it on Trump being to eager and reckless, he WILL simply RELEASE the cure to EVERYONE, problem SOLVED. BRILLIANT, simply BRILLIANT.

Now, as WARM weather, the cure, the preparedness in PLACE, and the TRUE numbers come out. Trump WILL reopen the country on a rolling stage, any reseeding by the Cabal will IMMEDIATELY be addressed, and STOPPED. The economy, having ONLY missed a few weeks to a month, WILL recover, quickly and BIGGER than before. People will have CHECKS to make up for any losses, ALL the banks, which were CONVENIENTLY taken care of in phase ONE, will FORGIVE any late payments, and STILL pay investors. The small and large businesses will get loans to bridge the losses, from those SAME banks, and those will be MOSTLY forgiven.

Then the MONEY in the form of checks WILL BE SPENT by MOST people INSTANTLY, which will be the JUMPSTART to restart the economy! BRILLIANT.

We WILL recoup the losses in the stimulus by the repaying by big corps and banks of their loans, AND the NEW tax base created with all those NEW jobs of the stuff that will have USED to be made in CHINA.

Abso-fuckin-lutely BRILLIANT. Then WHO will be hailed as the SAVIOR of the country, the LEADER who saved us all from this monster “killer” farcedemic, both in LIVES AND in the economy? Donald J. Trump, ALL by EASTER. and ALl just in time for the REAL election season.

They will NEVER see it coming till it is TOO LATE. Only Trump could do this.

The Cabal NEVER learn. Trump was smarter than all of them BEFORE he was President, he is smarter than all of them WHILE he is President, and he will be smarter than all of them AFTER he is President in Jan 2025. NEVER go against a guy that knows his enemy AND himself. He will beat you EVERY time, and he HAS. He even beat them so bad that they were DESPERATE enough to try and wreck the world and KILL MILLIONS.

They might have been able to do it to, if it weren’t for that PESKY Trump!

Take care my friend, I am posting this on my blog, feel FREE to use it!

The END is NIGH, and not for the world, for the Cabal virus narrative.

The guy that wrote the original farcdemic “projections, from imperial University, which SNOWED the WORLD, has NOW revised his forecast for the UK,  . Originally, he said OVER 500000 UK DEATHS, now he has “revised” his numbers to 29000. But WAIT, it gets BETTER….fully HALF of them, he states, were going to DIE BEFORE the end of the year REGARDLESS of Covid 19. Let me translate, those people who got this, ( I am starting to think they didn’t “get” it, they were GIVEN it) would have DIED ANYWAY because they ALREADY had another terminal disease or ailment.

look HERE:
Now, keep in mind TWO things, they did NOT yet list the REVISED US numbers (conveniently). We are a full TWO weeks and MUCH more restricted than the UK. Now, WHAT does that tell you about OUR over projected 1.9 MILLION deaths. That’s right, it is ALL bullshit….The deaths ARE real, ands so is the virus, but this IS as I have said, a BAD case of the flu, NOT the Spanish flu. They used our openness, and our inherent goodness and caring for each other, AGAINST us, fueled by BULLSHIT “scientists” and BIGGER BULLSHIT “projections” and fanned to a firestorm by a compliant propaganda MSM AND the radical left.
They used a REAL disease, one that I now more than EVER believe was a created event, SEEDED us while under the COVER of an impeachment. Conveniently downplayed the ORIGINAL warnings, origin of the disease, AND attacked Trump when he took BOLD decisive, action to STOP the problem from being WORSE.
The problem was we were ALREADY seeded BEFORE the ban, we ALL got it, and now Oxford (another UK institution..HMMM) has done a study that CONFIRMS my suspicions, we were ALL seeded WAY earlier than we were told, and there were MANY more people who got it, didn’t know it, and SPREAD it far and wide. The Oxford study believes that the UK has already PEAKED, and they are TWO weeks behind us, What do you think that means HERE.  Look HERE:
We were SNOWED folks. revisions to the LIES will not be good enough to me and all those that lost their livelihoods and had their freedoms infringed, and those that DIED or were very ill for their little op.
If ANYONE needed ANY reinforcing confirmation of this OP, after ALL the data that I, Daughn, Gail, GA/FL and YOU have posted, hear THIS. Hillary Clinton, the VILE one, is NOW ATTACKING Trumps efforts, AND calling for a NATIONWIDE shutdown for TWO MONTHS. Obama, the OTHER evil one, ALSO came out with the SAME thing and told Americans to simply stay home.

Look here again, thanks to the Gateway Pundit and Mr Hoft.

That, coupled with ALL else we know, tells me this is a FARCDEMIC. The Hillary and Obama comments SEALED it. It was ALL a REAL virus, put to a MASSIVE lie to give us to WILLINGLY give up our freedoms, and to CRASH the greatest economy the world has seen.
Now there WILL be some who say (Hi Steve, waiting for it LOL) that “Wait, how could we have been seeded earlier, look at NY and CA.” Answer, we were RESEEDED there in Feb. It would be EASY to do it with international ports and airports, LARGE immigrant populations, leftist Govs, mayors and local officials, AND sanctuary cities and those policies.
EASY to redo. Only problem, once this is done, and it LOOKS like NY IS moderating, they will have NOTHING. I suspect they WILL TRY to reseed once Trump reopens the country, probably starting Monday. BUT, that was why the chloroquine tests AND supplies were SO massive, and SO LARGE. They KNOW they will try to reseed as soon as the country reopens, to say Trump acted too soon, and that the 2nd wave is “worse” and it will ALL be Trump’s fault. You heard it from ME first.
One problem, the cure of chloroquine and z pak is prophylactic. That means it will be used to PREVENT new infections, by the MILLIONS. just like a vaccine, without the genetic and RFD monkeying around. And Trump has ordered (gotten but believe me he ASKED) over 150 MILLION doses of Chloroquine from Bayer, Mylin, and Israel.
That coupled with those that have ALREADY been infected, and RECOVERED, and are now IMMUNE, will prove the END of the Cabal viral weapon. WATCH.
Oh, plus, the economy is going to explode WELL over 30000 DOW, the jobs will EXPLODE as critical supplies, will now be made HERE. Then there will be the PENT up demand for EVERYTHING, including vacations, leisure time, etc, as a MONTH of cabin fever combined with SPRING and NO sports, WILL lead to a BOOM.

Trump is gonna BEAT them AGAIN, he WILL reopen the country within DAYS.

People, they are DESPERATE. The cynic in me ALWAYS thought this virus was just another ploy, and damned if the cynic wasn’t right again.

I have been deadpanning the exponential projections on this since it started. The numbers just DON’T and up, it is like someone had a REAL projection, and added three zeros to it. Would it surprise me if they did? No.

My new hypothesis is this virus was MORE than just a pathological weapon, it was a PSYCHOLOGICAL weapon of TERROR and fear of the unknown, hyped to the nth degree by the sycophant MSM, and a few key “health officials”.

the cynic was right again, they WANT, no, they NEED their weapon. Without the hysteria, crashing of the markets, and flooding of the unemployment offices because of it, they and their mannequin candidate Biden have about as much chance of winning in Nov as I do in getting Mrs. Rex let me start dating Jennifer Anniston on the side, IE ZERO.

Trump is BUSY destroying their weapon by being compassionate, hell he shut down the country because of it. He is FLOODING the zone with supplies, money (if they would just pass it) and information.

Now, since they are playing GAMES with the relief, the phase 3 part, you know, the part that goes directly to we the people and the small businesses that employ HALF of Americans, AFTER they EASILY passed the parts that bailed out the banks, and then airlines, WHY fight THIS part? WHY NOW?

Why try to, as a last minute effort to STOP it OR to hold it hostage by loading it with green new deal pork, that would be WORSE for the country than the virus itself?

See, I think Trump’s message of “we cannot let the CURE, be worse than the disease” Has TWO meanings. One, the literal and OBVIOUS meaning of the closing down of the country to stop the spread, which is KILLING the economy ESPECIALLY the small business owners as little Napoleons in some of the states (Governors) are MAJORLY going to the nth degree overboard, and over extending their “power”, which they forgot comes from WE the people, all in the name of “patriotism”, “civic” duty, and “public health”.  Some have even said. OPENLY, that they will IGNORE the President, should he lift the national emergency and the “guidelines”  Guess what, WHEN he does lift it, and then the little Napoleons TRY to ignore it, and keep the misery, WE THE PEOPLE will simply IGNORE THEM.  Let them TRY and arrest or fine us, I hope they ALL have good, no VERY good lawyers, AND DEEP pockets of THEIR own cash, not the states, we CAN and WILL sue them PERSONALLY, and we will WIN and win BIGLY.  TRY IT fools, we DARE you. Your power comes from US, not the other way around.  we can GIVE it by electing you, OR we can TAKE it, by RECALLING you, and we can do it ANY time, even after only a few months in office.   Learn the term PERSONAL LIABILITY, you will NEED it, and you WILL have to justify your actions in COURT.  Good luck on “good intentions and projections, when the President RUNS the COUNTRY.

The second meaning was DIRECTLY to Pelosi and Schumer, and whomever wrote this TRASH bill. The “cure” for we the people’s monetary ills, CANNOT be worse than the current situation, and passing ANY of these green deal items would have LONG term DISASTER for SHORT TERM relief. It would be FAR worse for the country than the virus and it’s intended economic havoc.

Trump KNOWS this, he IMHO, now knows that he was SNOWED by Fauchi, and others over the “projections”, notice how Fauchi, after being REVEALED to have NO clothes by his “love letters” to Hillary, was CONSPICIOUSLY absent from the daily briefs.  The MSM sure missed him, even Brix shot them down at EVERY turn yesterday, she gave them NOTHING but the fact that their weapon was SOON going away.

Trump now knows Fauchi and others were Trojan Horses, like SO many others seeded throughout the government by the left.

He is BUSY taking their weapon from them. One, he is MASSIVELY flooding the hotspots with supplies, MEDICNES (the cure) and federal aide.

Two, he IS going to stop the economic terrorism of the virus by REOPENING the country, and my bet, in sections, starting MONDAY the 30th. There will be requirents to social distance the ELDERLY (ONLY the elderly and sick), which SHOULD have been done from the START, but everyone else, NOT sick, BACK to work. It will then “roll” to ALL parts of the country as the cure proves at LEAST effective enough to STOP the fear of the virus. The 3 hotspots, ALL dem stronghold, will be LAST, and they will be sequestered only a little while longer than the reast of us, until the cure can be WIDELY distributed, thereby DESTROYING their weapon, once and for ALL.

Then, the GREATEST economic revival the world has ever seen will take place here. AUGMENTED by the phase three which will MAKE UP for the lost revenues and wages, maybe even spur NEW expansion to meet what will SURELY be MASSIVE demand after America has been sequestered for this “crisis” for these few weeks. People will, with their aide money, go on a shopping spree that will make Black Friday look like a lemonade stand.

People WILL FLOCK to the vacation spots IN country, just to get over their cabin fever (with the warm weather) FILLING hotels,

Their will be LITTLE fear, because the virus will have LOST it’s mystique once the cure is effective, it WILL BE, coupled with the warm weather.

The dems, will have miscalculated again BIGLY. They used their LAST shot, and it ALMOST worked. BUT, trump beat them AGAIN. They went so far as to try and release a global killer to stop HIM and US, think about that come Nov 3.

The dems and left, to cover their crimes, and to try and retain power at ALL costs, actually played with peoples money and LIVES, and then tried to USE the fear, and hysteria as COVER to install their “policies” that they could NEVER get passed.

They did not give two rips about the REAL death and damage they caused the American people and the WORLD.

I believe they got in “bed” with their besties in China, and together they came up with the virus, AND the economic leverage (short sells) to ALMOST meet their objective.

They thought they couldn’t lose this time. Either Trump underreacted (their plan) and they would blame the devastation on him, and the DEATH. Or, they thought he would react smally, and that by Nov, we would be in a DEPRESSION. They NEVER thought he would sacrifice the economy short term, and go BIG.

Welcome to Trump time, he went BIGLY and BOLDLY. He KNOWS that he could, in the name of safety, temporarily wreck the economy, HE basically created.

He was WILLING and able to TRASH three years of gains for THE PEOPLE. They NEVER thought he would. They thought that they HAD him.

The underestimated him AGAIN. Now he did trash his own economy, but he WILL fix it, QUICKLY and BIGLY, BIGGER than ever before, and he KNOWS it. He knows the SECRET, that these fools will NEVER learn, the American people are RESILIANT, you knock us down, and we hit back TWICE as hard. We will SUPPORT our small and lager businesses MASSIVELY when this ends, and it will be a boom.

Three or so weeks for a BLAST off. Yes sir WATCH. Trump WILL make up the difference to all of us that sacrificed, with or WITHOUT, Congress.

He does not NEED their bill. He can do it HIMSELF. He CAN, because he JUST did move the income tax deadline, OR suspend it INDEFINATELY. I believe he WILL. I don’t know if he can do the payroll tax, but I bet, under a national emergency, he CAN. Tax free till 2021. Sounds good doesn’t it. Plus the first phase checks WILL be going out soon.

Now, you tell me, WHAT will people do with that money and the extra in their checks once the crisis is over? RIGHT 90% will SPEND it.

Plus, there is the ADDED bonus, one the Cabal did NOT count on, of SAVING 320 million lives from this “killer” pandemic.

People will have seen that it was Trump, and HIS administration that ACTED, and STOPPED this, all while the dems played POLITICS with their money and their LIVES.
Do you think they will be GRATEFULL come Nov 3? Y E P!

Trump is a master, we will likely NEVER see his like again. He beat the Cabal at EVERY turn, even a man made pandemic and catastrophe. ONLY God could have given us someone like him to do it. We are BLESSED

Political games…never let a good crisis go to waste…right Nancy and Chuck.

Nancy and Chuck THINK they have Trump boxed now by their obstruction of the phase 3 corona funding, you know the part that helps the forgotten men and women and the small businesses like MINE.  They THINK now, that they can load up all their goodies from their precious new green deal, which all have NOTHING to do with corona relief, and do things like forgive ALL student debt, fund abortions (PP), and God knows what other nasties, and that Trump will be FORCED to signet, FORGETTING that THEY blocked over 1.5 T RI L L I O N dollars in DIRECT aid (checks) to Americans FIRST.

Trump does not, and WILL not sign away the farm for this “crisis” He does NOT have to. He can simply WAIT till Sunday, see the results from NY, which WILL mean that he has the cure, and then the FEAR goes away.  He can then simply release everyone BACK to work, once he does that on a National level, even the leftist Governor’s, like my own, who are RELISHING their little Napoleonic reigns of terror will have to RELENT and allow the country BACK to work, or be SUED to oblivion, and or IGNORED.

Then the economy will begin to recover on it’s OWN, and there would be NO need to rush a porkulus bill version 2.0.  We, especially the small businesses would still need and use the money, but we could be OPEN and wait for it, because it WOULD have to come, one way or the other, but not filled with crap that is NOT needed.

They think they have Trump again, they are WRONG.  With a cure, time and leverage are on HIS side.

It would not be the FIRST time that chicken Litt…er  the left, wrote Trump’s eulogy. Trump has ALL the leverage he WANTS right NOW. All he has to do is go on TV and hang the no vote on aid to 100000000 Americans because Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer played politics instead of caring about the American people.
He WILL do that, or something like it, and Nancy and Chuck WILL cave.

ALL Trump has to do is point out that we do not have TIME (the dems FAVORITE line) even though we DO, and Nancy is SCREWED. The bill is THERE, and it ALREADY passed the House, Trump has said he will sign THIS bill, why then go BACK and start over, because it isn’t ENOUGH money? That is BEYOND asinine, they can ALWAYS add more money LATER, IF needed.

No, THIS my friends shows you just how “serious” this “crisis” is. Were it REALLY the catastrophe the MSM and left made it to be, there is NO WAY IN HELL, they would RISK playing political games over it.

The fact that they ARE tells me THREE things. One they WANT and NEED their weapon (the virus) to continue ravaging the country, ESPECIALLY the economy. The MORE misery the better for them (they THINK).

Two, the virus numbers do NOT match the projections, and with WARM weather coming in a week or two they KNOW that is the END of their weapon, and then they will have done NOTHING to help, only obstructed, which again, Trump will hang around their necks come Nov 3.

Three, and this assumes their weapon is this massive 1918 terror level global killer that the MSM and left made it out to be ( It IS NOT, and it is NOT even close, the numbers NOW prove it is LESS than the flu, and that will only go DOWN the more numbers are put to it, and the REAL facts come out that this has been here since November or December, NOT Feb and March as the start that they would have you believe)

That means that if it is a real killer, that the combination of Chloroquine, Azithromycin, AND the weather are going to heal the sick, KILL the spread, and ELIMINATE the threat (If you have the cure, what is the threat of the disease? NOTHING,) IE back to work, and the GREATEST short term fall and rise in world HISTORY will be upon us as business and America return to work, the economy will recover by SUMMER to where it was, possibly HIGHER. AGAIN with the dems having done NOTHING but fearmonger, propagandize, obfuscate, and OBSTRUCT.

We the people, ALL the people this time, even ALL but the most ARDENT leftist (5-10% of the population at BEST) ALL know who stood WITH us in the trial of our times, Trump, and who stood AGAINST us (the dems in Pelosi, Schumer, and their caucuses, not to mention 99% of the MSM.

There WILL be a price and a RECKONING for that come Nov 3, and it AIN’T good for those who stood against us. By Nov 4th, the democratic party as constituted will be a more ENDANGERED species than their precious Wuhan weapon, which will be nothing, like their party in 2020, more than a terrible footnote in the pages of HISTORY.
I would have done it differently, but I must say, Trump played this EXACTLY right. Instead of the villain, he is the white knight that rescued the damsel (America) from the clutches of the Black knights (the dems, MSM, and the left) and their horrible dragon, the Wuhan virus.

Even though this IMHO was ALL an overhyped overblown hysteria, and I think we went WAY overboard on the closings, Trump STILL played it right. WHEN this is over (SOON my friends, by EASTER at WORST), the economy WILL explode, and then Trump gets a two fer, he saved us from the virus, AND he restored the economy AGAIN.

They want their weapon…

I told my wife immediately after the 3 o’clock presser where Trump to announcement the potential cure, that IF the msm or the left attacked it, it WOULD reveal the TRUE narrative behind covid 19. It took less than five hours and there it was.
One must simply ask themselves this question, WHY, if this was SUCH a global catastrophe, and so many people were going to all die, as their exponential projections they all love to tout say, WHY would they not WELCOME with OPEN arms a possible END to the catastrophe, ESPECIALLY a QUICK and SAFE end.
The answer is SIMPLE, the want their weapon. If you watch the movie outbreak notice the similarity when Cuba Gooding Junior asked Dustin Hoffman why would they kill the town we have the cure Dustin Hoffman replies I know they want their weapon THAT is what the msm want, their WEAPON agains t Trump and ALL OF US..
Now does it make sense? Absolutely it does this was an attack using a very real virus hyped by exponential potential the fear of the unknown and a 24 seven media frenzy that fell upon itself. Now it is too big for the media to fail they want their weapons they don’t care if people die or If the economy does. That should tell us all what we need to know and what we should know that this is a narrative designed to destroy the US they don’t care by death they don’t care by economic disaster they just want their weapon.
The numbers on the disease as I have stated many many times before do not add up to the projection not even close especially the Dess we are now down to .01% and DECREASING each day. yet they continue the hype and the fear Then when good news comes out with verified multiple studies from various other countries and the US what do they do deadpan it deny it attack it only one reason why this was all manufactured a manufactured crisis never let a good crisis go to waste… They want their weapon then when good news comes out with verified multiple studies from various other countries and the US what do they do deadpan it deny it attack it only one reason why this was all manufactured and manufactured crisis never let a good crisis go to waste… They want their weapon
Trump was right this is a war but it is not a war against an unseen enemy of a virus it is a war against the left and the Dems that would propagate a virus for political and financial gain at the expense of world and US lives and heartbreak. I hope that those that did this and make no mistake they did do this pay the ultimate price no more footsie. Time to get tough
It is my opinion that the Chinese and globalists coupled with our own Dems and media unleashed an attack, a multifaceted attack, of a real virus that really hurt people and hysteria from that, to destroy the economy which will hurt far more people, and cost way more lives than any virus.

The MSM and the left are now DIRECTLY attacking Trump and calling for him to be taken OFF the briefings.  IMHO, Trump will use the Reagan model. take it DIRECTLY to the people via National address. No wonder the left are now calling for Trump to be taken OFF the air waves, AND having a counter covid 19 briefing by Biden (adviser).
This SHOULD tell EVERYONE just what is going on here.

One, Trump has been compassionate, expedient AND EFFECTIVE in battling this crisis he did NOT lead from behind, he grabbed the reigns and LEAD.
Two, the dems care more about politics and attacking the messenger (Trump) than they do the DISEASE, which is supposed to be one of the WORST ever. During 911, everyone came together, even the left, this…no where NEAR.
Three, and this SHOULD correlated with the other two, IF this disease is really a world pandemic, WHY are the left downplaying the potential treatment, ATTAKING and spreading FEAR of it’s usage, attacking the message and the messenger, playing political games with relief bills, butting together a COUNTER briefing (IE propaganda COUNTER to the info the President is putting out), and continue spreading FEAR,PROPAGANDA, and Hysteria?
Why do the msm have an OBVIOUS lack of constructive criticism over the VIRUS projections, but have an overblown criticism of Trump, the potential cure, and the response?  Where are the critical questions regarding the draconian measures, and freedoms being infringed?  Where are the critical questions of the overblown projections? Where is the criticism of CHINA, not the DEFENSE of China?  Where are the questions about the % level of beds being used NOW in the hospitals?  The numbers of ventilators being used?  Where are the questions on potential cures?  Those cure distributions? When they should become available?  Where are the questions to the Dems like Pelosi for stalling a relief bill by inserting so much pork that it was overwhelmed with NON virus related items, and less than HALF for the actual virus relief?  How about the questions regarding ABORTION funding being inserted in this bill? Where are the questions about what needs to be done in MOVING our critical medical manufacturing FROM China and BACK to the US?


There are NONE.  Instead we get criticism of Trump for the numbers of test kits available for something that they admit did NOT exist.  We get criticisims of Trump CLOSING the flights from China early, calling it xenophobic, at a time when Dems were preoccupied with a BOGUS Impeachment.  We get criticism of Trump RIGHTLY calling it the Chinese Wuhan virus, AFTER the MSM themselves had rightly done it MANY times, calling him AGAIN xenophobic.  Lastly we NOW get criticism of Trump who RIGHTLY shuts down, slaps, and attacks a MSM that is MORE concerned with name calling and Chinese propaganda, than it is of a world wide pandemic.

We get criticism of the POSSIBLE cure, and calls for the President to remove himself from the briefings, because he was “mean” to the idiotic reporters asking LOADED, propagandized and politicized questions, WASTING his time, instead of doing what they are supposed to do, ask pointed, informed questions about the VIRUS, it’s relief, the ongoing struggle to get AHEAD of its curve, and the FIGHT for a cure to you know SAVE LIVES.

Trump is EFFECTIVE, INFORMATIVE, and COMPASSIONATE, IE he is LEADING, the MSM can’t STAND that.  His actions are SAVING loves, the MSM don’t care, they just want their WEAPON.

Answer: that means the dems are MORE concerned with defeating Trump than they are this virus. That means that this virus, as I have called it IS THEIR WEAPON, they WANT their weapon, and they will DEFEND their weapon. The virus AS a weapon ,is NO WHERE near the hype nor the hysteria, it is merely THE weapon against trump and US.

Want to be scared to death?   What if Hillary had won?  What would be FORCED to give up in rights, FOREVER.  How many MORE would die, because of her PC?  All she would do is USE the crisis to HER advantage, she would NEVER let this once in a lifetime crisis go to waste.  We would have losrt our guns, our freedom, our money, and maybe a whol LOT more, like our lives.  Think on that for one minute, agenda 69.

Then thank GOD we have Trump there to, once again, FIGHT for us, and try to do his best for America and Americans.

This virus is LITTERALLY an act of terrorism, and not just pathologically, it is being used to induce FEAR, and Hysteria in the US and world to DESTROY the world economy.

Anyone the perpetuated in this needs to skip jail and go directly to the business end of that 6 foot rope over a certain 8 foot drop.
This,  as in everything else, has been stopped and revealed by Trump he is beating them once again at their own game in my humble opinion he knows we have the cure and he knows what this was and now he’s going to put it into it probably as planned by Easter the rebirth of the country only God could’ve scripted that

Something is ROTTEN with the covid 19 numbers, the WHO and CDC projections


These numbers are from an article in Time, so NOT right wing. They are from 2015, and that means the numbers only were HIGHER I want EVERYONE to take this into account The next time the msm spread panic, these people should be more than ashamed, they should be prosecuted. Here goes, now remember, 2015, and I am using a bare minimum for the number of persons per flight.

In 2015, there were 2038 flights by the main four carriers from China TO the US per WEEK. During that same time there were 1853 US flights from US carriers per WEEK. That is a total of 3881 flights PER WEEK from China to the US.

That number extrapolates to 15524 PER MONTH total flights China to US.

Let’s assume that each flight had only 50 people ( in reality, it was more like. 100 to 150). (50*15224)

That is a total of 776200 people coming from China PER MONTH at least, if only 10% of those people were infected, that means 77620 carriers were spread all throughout this country in a SINGLE MONTH.

Now knowing that China was raging in at LEAST September and October of 2019, and Trump didn’t suspend travel until mid December 2019, that means we had at LEAST 2 to 2 and 1/2 months of infected people coming and going, and that is just from China, that does not include Italy or Iran, or South Korea. If it is even 1/5 of my projections, that is STILL 38810 (194050*.2). (194050 came from (77620*2.5 months) (77620 is 10% of 776200)

That is a LOW guesstimate of infected here in the US from China ONLY, in October 2019 to mid December 2019. There were here, most (8 of 10 ) with little to no symptoms, but STILL contagious and moving FREELY all throughout MAJOR airports in MAJOR cities with MAJOR populations.

You do not need fancy exponential hypothesis to tell you that those people infected MANY thousands to tens of thousands more, and so on. That is NOT a exponential estimate, that is plain old basic math and common sense.

We are ALL already exposed, TENS OF THOUSANDS IF NOT hundreds of THOUSANDS perhaps even MILLIONS.

Most (8 out of 10) had too mild a case, chalked it up to a cold, the regular flu, or allergies, never knew they had it, and recovered, but not before passing it on to those around them.

The CDC would have you believe that the first case of corona just happened a week ago, if I’m right we’ve already Apexed their predictions and their numbers were not right, ESPECIALLY the deaths, and hospitalizations, but they’re never going to backtrack on their projected numbers, that would not induce the fear necessary.

According to Harvard’s Corona virus fact sheet, the mortality rate, you know the one the WHO and CDC spiked fear with by saying tat it was 3.4 to 3.8 %.  You know that’s MUCH higher than the regular flu of .1%, except that number comes NOT from the real actual flu cases and deaths, which is actually 10% 222000 cases and 22000 deaths.  No, they get their numbers by using the ESTIMATED 36 million infected, NOT projections.  In Covid 19 they are using the ACTUAL case numbers and deaths to get the 3.4 to 3.8%, which, in reality is nearly 3x LOWER THAN THE REGULAR FLU.  Couple that with the NEW revelation that the new numbers indicate that the mortality rate of covid 19 is closer to 1%, that’s right 10x LOWER than the regular flu mortality, but that would NOT fit the agenda, and NOT induce fear or panic enough to crash the economy and infringe on your  rights in the name of”public safety”  now would it?

What would happen if, after all this hysteria, and draconian measures, people found out they ALREADY had what they were being scared to death of, and that it was NO WHERE  NEAR AS BAD AS WE WERE TOLD?  There would (WILL BE) hell to pay.

They are “projecting” over 1 to 2 million deaths in the US, NOWHERE the virus has already raged and gone has come CLOSE  to those numbers, why would WE with MUCH lower population density, and far better healthcare and sanitary conditions exceed the norms?  We would NOT.  They damn well know it, but yet they continue to lie to the President and us ALL 24/7.

I submit again that my theory is why the numbers are not adding up. China nor South Korea had ANYWHERE near the numbers of deaths, infected, or doom and gloom that are being projected here, one must ask WHY?



I think you know my and THE answer.


The following is my reply to a poster on the Q tree on the exponential numbers of the corona virus,  this needs to be said, and you all know me, I can’t keep my big mouth opinions to my self.

First, I want to tell you all that I am a student of statistics and probability.  All statistics are based on your point of reference, and your own preference, for example is the glass half empty, or half full.  Then you must remember that ANY statistic is only as good as its input numbers.  Garbage In Garbage Out  GIGO.  That means skewed, flawed, or INCOMPLETE data means you get a flawed answer.  Keep that and the principle of Akum’s razor, which states all things being equal, the simplest answer is probably correct, in mind as you read the following.. PRex
Nice work on the math and the explanations. I agree, except for one important, yeh unmentioned point, the math and the doom and gloom predictions ARE NOT following that math. The “projections” are way out of whack with what is ACTUALLY happening.

I submit tat that can only mean one thing, The numbers, ie the sample size in the domain, is flawed. Probably WAY too few. I propose, and I will either be proven very right, or very wrong, there is no in between.

Bear with me, we now know that coved 19 was raging and unchecked in China as far back as July 2019. We first had alarm bells sounded by the young Chinese doctor, whose name escapes me, and who later died from coved 19 . He was raising the alarm as far back as August 2019.

That means that the virus was raging in China as far back as AT LEAST that time frame. Bear in mind further, that Trump did not halt travel to and from China until JANUARY 2020, and that was not implemented until mid January 2020’ despite protests from the dems, the WHO, and UN.

Also, keep in mind that there were no such limits enacted ANYWHERE else, including Italy, South Korea, Iran, or other hot beds.

That means, that for at least 90 days, thanks to Chinese CCP hiding, lying, and secrecy, we, and the rest of the WORLD were secretly exposed to this new, virulent, unknown, virus, UNABATED..

We the did not even KNOW we had it coming in from China and the other hotbeds. We were almost all assuredly exposed, and had it transmitted WIDELY, yet we didn’t even notice until thanks to China and South Korea began openly acknowledging that they had a problem.

This was in late December of 2019.

That means my friends, for @90 days, and at LEAST 30-40 days we all were widely exposed all over this country, and no one knew it. It was TOTALLY UNABATED. There were people coming and going freely from all the hot beds of China, South Korea, Italy, and even Iran (students). That my friends means that this virus was literally everywhere, from colleges and schools, to big cities, to small towns, and no one knew it.

Now given the postulated gestation of 2 to 3 weeks, and even as much as a month, with little to no symptoms, but still contagious, I submit that we have ALREADY apexed. Why did we NOT have panic then? Because, this is the height of cold, flu, and allergy season, MOST people who got it, simply chocked it up to one of those things, which are COMMON, WIDESPREAD, NORMAL, and EXPECTED this time of year. Most probably already self quarantined, self medicated, or went to the doctor, andwed were misdiagnosed as the seasonal flu, or even a cold.

Why can I say this with confidence? Because according to both the CDC, WHO, and those interviewed, 80%, that is 8 out of every 10 cases have MILD to NO symptoms. Now factor in that this same virus seems to ONLY infect 1% of adolescents, and LESS than 1% of children younger than 10, and you start to see why I believe we almost all have certainly either had it or ALREADY been exposed.

The only people who seem dramatically affected are the 20% that are either elderly (above 70), or who have preexisting health issues that make them highly subseptable to respiratory illness. These are the people that would up in hospitals or have passed away. Factor in that with the fact that still over 50% of the deaths occurred in ONE critical care elderly facility in Washington state, and you start to see the reasons why the doom and gloom exponential hypothesis is NOT matching the real numbers on the ground.

Then you have to factor that not everyone is or WILL BE tested, further skewing the numbers. ONLY the symptomatic are being tested, and we know that up to 80% of infected NEVER have symptoms or they are so mild they are discounted as something else. You then have to see the problems with the exponential hypothesis.

This is not even factoring in the reliability of the testing, false negatives, OR false positives, which would further dilute the numbers.

The reason, imho, that we are not aligning are multiple. One ONLY the 20% who are symptomatic or need hospital care are being reported both HERE and the WORLD with the possible exceptions of Taiwan and Bahrain, which are mandatorily testing their entire populations. That means that here and in the world 80% are NOT being tested, OR reported, because they have little to no symptoms.

Two, the reliability’s of the tests, coupled with mis diagnosis by either people themselves or doctors that were not aware on coved 19, and compounded by the large percentage of a symptomatic people, AND the VERY low percentage of children affected , further skew the numbers.

Lastly, couple all that with the fact that no one seems to accurately know the true gestation period, or reliably when patient zero happened, which means we do NOT know when first exposures happened. Now you couple that with the secrecy, and negligence of China, and having open travel to and from hotspots for weeks if not MONTHS, and you start to see that the numbers we are being given, which are NOT adding up, shows that there is a DEFINATE problem with the model.

The very fact that no one seems to report, recognize, or even consider that possibility is troubling to say the least.
Notice we are ONLY being given the absolute worst case scenarios, and then you see why my spider senses are in overdrive.

Several actions by the cabal, and their sycophant msm, only further my suspicions. One, the abject politicization of the issue by the dems and msm, never let a crisis go to waste. Two the 24/7 hysteria being pumped out by the majority of the msm, so much so that the public was scared into a run on Hanna sanitizer and toilet paper, even though diarrhea is NOT one of the symptoms of coved 19.

Couple that with the blame games, mixed messages of gloom by a bevy of “health officials” and the MASSIVE attacks on the stock market (short sells) and the overreactions of closing major sports, you start to see a pattern,.

Then you realize it is an election year, and the opposition coordinating and fostering the hysteria to panic the people, are the same party that is openly running a candidate in the early to mid stages of dementia, after having DISASTROUS failures in a shampeachment, primary in Iowa, and a mosh pit of a debate, not to mention obvious collusion against candidate Sanders AGAIN, and you start to see an agenda to induce as much panic and fear in the public to tank a roaring economy, lay blame on a President for something that is literally uncontrollable, AND take the focus off their own electoral processes and candidates.

Then came the icing that cemented my suspicions. In rapid succession, the dems opposed Trump’s very reasonable ban of travel to and from the new hotbed of virus activity Europe, even trying to get an injunction. Then, and remember this is a level 10 crisis according to them, they were at first opposing Trump’s measures, attacking them, and were going to go on recess (vacation) having done NOTHING, until McConnell called them out and stopped the Senate recess. Nancy had to then come back, and pass something.

Was it serious? Apparently not, as the dems felt the need to load up the bill with all sorts of unrelated and unnecessary pork like funding for abortion and food stamps. When Trump and the REPS called them on it, they had to backtrack, and cobble something together in the dead of night to pass, they had NO sense of urgency, other than to get to their vacations. Tells one ALL one needs to know.

For all these reasons, the fuzzy and skewed projections using at best a skewed sample size of those 20% who were affected seriously enough to be tested, die, or be hospitalized, while NOT taking into account the 80% who are not tested due to no or mild symptoms, the NOT factoring of not knowing, when, where, and how many were infected before we shut off the travel, and who the infected interacted with,where, and when, let alone how many. Then coupled with the obvious hysteria pumping, plus coordinated attacks on the economy, and you start to see a very clear picture, an AN AGENDA, and it has nothing to do with protecting we the people.

We simply have NO way of knowing when, where, and how many people have been infected, and have already spread it and recovered. I submit it may be tens of thousands if not millions, and we are already past the apex, and that is why the projections are not jibing. Is it over. No, but I think it was FAR less severe than we are being led to believe, and no where near the hysteria and panic we are enduring.

Time will tell, one thing I know, if I am wrong, it will prove out in the next month, and I will admit I am and was wrong. But, if I am right, I submit that people will NOT be very happy or go gentle into the good night when they learn that they were scammed in the biggest, most serious hoax of all time, NOT the virus, that is very real, but the hysteria is nearly 100% created. If I am right, will the hoaxers that sent this country into a panic apologize? Will they be held to account for the damage they caused?

This, if I am right, will have far reaching consequences. Think of the boy that cried wolf, and what happened to him. What happens IF this event is proven overblown? The next time, we may face a REAL killer pandemic, one where instead of 20% having severe symptoms, 80% do, but people WON’T believe it, because of the hysteria THIS time, THAT is the inherent danger in pumping undo hysteria based on projection with FAR too many unknown variables to be remotely accurate. If these projections were right, then China would have MILLIONS of cases, not 80000. Think of the conditions, living arrangements, poor healthcare, squalor, sanitation, etc, and they by all accounts are nearly done, South Korea as well, though they are light rears ahead of China, they still have a dense population, many in less than ideal conditions.

I still also find it VERY strange that places in Africa, Mexico, Latin and South America have reported LESS THAN 10 cases, if true, then warm wet weather must wreck havoc on this particular virus, like most others, and by mid April, the bulk of cases will decline rapidly here as well.

There are too many “odd” things about this virus, too many unknowns, or un reported, and FAR too much hysteria. I will get ripped for this, but there is no way this virus was from nature’s kitchen. I am with wolf on that, which means that this virus was man made, and it was man introduced, and therefore it is also man hyped.

I hope all are well, and this is not to dismiss the virus, or it’s potential to kill, it is meant to promote critical thinking of the doom and gloom hype surrounding it. Remember the same people promoting the hype are the same people that produced the Russia hoax and say that we are all dead from climate change in less than 12 years. Were it found that this virus, and others like it die in warm wet conditions, I wonder what the climate change people will say then, that would tell you ALL you need to know. Remember this STILL is not about the health and safety of the American people to the cabal, it is simply a means to an ends to them, and their actions proved it.