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I think I finally have it Figured out, thanks to Q. It is ALL about the server.

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukah or Kwanzaa, or whatever. I as I am sure the rest of you, took a few days “breather” for the Holidays. I come back to it this morning, and what do my wondering eyes see? A Q post reference #3764.

What is it talking about? The DNC SERVER(S), CrowdStrike, and Ukraine. Recall that I have speculated extensively that this ENTIRE shampeachment was NOT about politics, NOT about Joe and Hunter Biden, and NOT about any Trump crimes or misdemeanors. Hell, it was not even about the MONEY involved. It was ALL about that CrowdStrike server in Ukraine, just as I speculated on my blog here:

In this article I discuss the revealing of Eric Ciaramella, but more importantly, I point to the SEVER in Ukraine. In this short post, BEFORE the one on Ciaramella, I speculate just WHAT that SERVER was. Here:

Q, just basically CONFIRMED my suspicions. That server IS the “Holy Grail” to the Cabal. The fact that Q mentions SERVER(S) …means MULTIPLE servers. He also says they were ALL connected to the DNC, CrowdStrike AND the NSA. HOLY SHIT.

He goes on to state, almost unequivocally what I and others have suspected for a LONG time, I even wrote it in my book, that A DNC intern was the LEAK to WikiLeaks, that the transfer speeds were TOO fas for ANY internet transfer, and had to be done LOCALLY by a staffer to achieve the transfer speeds.

The Cabal never thought to erase the metadata from the WikiLeaks release that PROVE the transfer speeds, because they are STUPID, and NEVER thought anyone would look, let alone understand and reveal their findings.

Q goes on to state that their was a “curious” lack of interest in the “hacked” DNC server by the FBI, who DEFERRED the “investigation” to CrowdStrike. Now we know WHY.

I had speculated to Wolfe on Q tree that CrowdStrike was and IS a CIA or Government FRONT. They were using OUR NSA database to SPY. ILLEGALLY, on political enemies, including Americans, ESPECIALLY Donald Trump. I told Wolfe that the DNC server, I thought, was one of SEVERAL, ALL connected, to OUR NSA database. They were in fact “mirrors” of each other.

I speculated that there was one at the DNC, Hillary had one in her bathroom, we ALL know it as her email server, one in Hawaii, one in North Korea, one in Australia, one in New Zealand, AND one in Ukraine. Someone, I am sorry I do not recall who, also speculated that their may have even been one in Saudi Arabia AND Iran. ALL mirrored together, ALL containing the same info of ALL Cabal corruption, fronts, scams, pay for play, and most importantly an NSA access point to SPY on anyone, anywhere. “The Hammer” as Maxine Waters described Obama’s database on EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING in 2013.

I believe that this was a NSA access point for EVERYONE in the Cabal to access “dirt” on their opponents, and it was used a LOT. Sometimes, it was “outsourced” to Five Eyes (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada), when it was needed to gather “dirt” on Americans and plausible deniability was needed to circumvent 4th Amendment law. Sometimes it was used in the “off book” servers in NK, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, and even Iran when info was too “hot” for even Five Eyes leaves a trail. The Off book ones, do NOT.

I think I finally have it ALL pieced together folks. It ALL fits, even going back to Hillary’s email server. This was ALL connected, EVERYTHING, including the shampeachment, ALL by the SAME people, over the SAME thing, their own GRAFT, CORRUPTION, and kickbacks of US tax payer money to THEM, laundered through the Clinton Foundation, and other “charitable” foundations, Like McCain’s though not yet discovered.

I wrote in my book that Obama ordered the dossier on Trump, and it was compiled using OUR NSA database by Nellie Ohr, and the edited and promoted by Christopher Steele to make it look legit. It was disseminated throughout our Government, Congress, the MSM, and Foreign Intelligence “allies” for “corroboration”

I said that Ohr had accessed it directly through her job with Fusion GPS. That she was specifically used because she was CIA and had “clearance” I said that Obama granted her and Fusion GPS access to the NSA database, and then had Rice and Power “unmask” the 702 queries used to form the BASIC dossier that Obama SOLD to the highest bidder, which turned out to be Hillary. Obama paid Fusion 972 k in 2016 for opposition research. Hillary paid 12 MILLION for the dossier, but laundered it through the DNC, which SHE controlled after lending them money, and Perkin Couie her law firm under the guise of “campaign work”…a CLEAR campaign finance violation, but necessary due to the plausible deniability needed to what came WITH the dossier, NSA access, US and FOREIGN government aide and utilization, including senior WH personnel unmasking Americans by the BOAT load. ONLY Obama could grant and provide ALL those things, and THAT is why it was 12 million. That is why the dossier was “believed” by everyone in the DC bubble, they ALL knew where it came from, it may as well have had the official Presidential seal on it.

The dossier, as I wrote, was meant to be the FINAL nail in Trump’s coffin after Access Hollywood, but the SDNY threat to expose Weiners laptop made Comey reopen the Hillary email case, which knowing what I now know, was IMPOSSIBLE, and had to be a misdirection, ran by none other than Peter Strzok, to GET that laptop from SDNY. That laptop had the KEYS to the OTHER servers, via info Huma STOLE from Hillary’s server, and that could NEVER be allowed out. The dossier was SHELVED, but was it ALREADY used as retroactive cover for ALL the other spying done to Manafort, Trump, Flynn, Papadopolous, and others? I believe it WAS, that is why the EXACT date of the FIRST FISA on Carter Page, who /I still believe a plant, was and IS redacted. Because was it BEFORE or AFTER Comey reopened the email investigation on Oct 28 2016? I bet BEFORE.

It ALL boils down to the dossier folks, and NOT it’s contents, but WHERE, WHEN, HOW, and by WHOM it was constructed. Once the Cabal USED the dossier in “official” FISC court filings, it HAD to be “protected, and HIDDN as best it could, to NOT reveal just how it was made, using OUR NSA. It IS the Holy Grail. It LEADS to the NSA abuses, which LEAD to ALL the OTHER servers, and just how much spying our own Government, and who knows who ELSE had access. Who KNOWS what lives and secrets were LOST for money by BAD actors paid to OUR OWN Government for access to that NETWORK. It is no longer just a server, it was a NETWORK of mirrored severs.

To the point, I now, just today believe I was right all along on Nellie Ohr and her accessing the NSA database to form the dossier. BUT, I always thought she did it HERE in the US. I was wrong. She had a third party (Vindland? Yovanovich? Taylor?) access the info in UKRAINE from their access point and relay that info to her. Was THAT what her ham radio license procured in 2016 was ALL about? I think so.

I think as a “layer” of smoke and deniability, the access of the NSA was done REMOTELY, off book, and it had to be someplace that ONE was an ally, TWO had no logging, Three was completely controlled by friendlies, and FOUR one where a corrupt government would keep their mouths SHUT about what was going on, and FIVE, one that would NEVER be discovered. Ukraine fits ALL that bill, and when you couple the activities HERE of Alexandra Chalupa at the US Ukrainian embassy, with the Ukraine setup on Manafort using the “black ledger”, it ALL adds up.

Ukraine was a DEN of corruption, and completely under US Cabal control. They WOULD play ball as the Biden shakedown proved. Porshenko was in essence a puppet, and Ukraine was a proxy state of the US, used to kick back US taxpayer aide to Cabal members under the THREAT of pulling aide if they did NOT play ball. Just what they accused Trump of doing…projection at it’s finest!

All the Cabal were on the take. Look at the list of people with KNOWN contacts in Ukraine, either PERSONAL, or through family members. It is a Who’s who of the Cabal. Joe Biden through Hunter. John Kerry through his step son. Nancy Pelosi through her son Paul with another Ukrainian energy company that was just revealed that SHE lobbied for. Adam Schiff has PERSONAL connections to a Ukrainian arms dealer Igor Pasternak. You just KNOW that Obama is tied in there somewhere yet to be revealed. Hillary is deeply tied to the Ukraine through Alexandra Chalupa and guess what country was a LEADING contributor to the Clinton Foundation…yep Ukraine.

So you see the dossier leads to Ukraine and the CrowdStrike Server, which leads to ALL the spying done off book by our own Government at the behest of Barack Obama. That is why that dossier MUST be protected, it’s origins lead to the server, and the server leads to all the corruption, and money trails AND the “sources and methods” Evelyn Farcus was talking about, they ALL used that server network for dirt on opponents weather to make a story “disappear” or to get a vote from a compromised Senator on a stupid bill or a Supreme Court Justice to affront the Constitution and make law from whole cloth, it was ALL illegal.

Now you know why that CrowdStrike was in on the DNC server “hack” and most certainly it and Hillary’s email server destruction. The Ukraine server is HOME BASE, installed there by us (CIA) for off book info gathering and used to avoid prying eyes of oversight or an actual MSM investigation. CrowdStrike not only handled the DNC and Hillary coverups, they PLANTED the “Russian” hoax info as COVER. Then they found out just WHO the REAL leaker was…it HAD to be someone named Seth.

Then they went about covering up that loose end by planting “Russian” code on the DNC server that ONLY they could see. That lead to the Obama admin insisting that it was Russia that hacked the DNC, AND that WikiLeaks was nothing more than a Russian proxy who released the data to hurt Hillary and help Trump, therefore “Russian collusion” See BOTH tracks had to be covered, first the Seth guy was “silenced”, did CrowdStrike know? I don’t know that, but I am sure now thanks to Q that it was THEM that outed Seth as the leaker. Then to lead AWAY from the actual leaker, CrowdStrike DID construct a phony “Russian” hack using Fancy Bear malware to obtain the files…an OBVIOUS lie to ANYONRE that knows just how computer systems and the internet works and at WHAT speeds. There is NO SYSTEM available in 2016 that could transfer 1.9 GB at 22 mb/s over a REMOTE server, which is what Guccifer 2, an obvious CIA agent, claimed. it HAD to be a flash drive for that speed.

Once Seth was silenced, and the Russians fingered for the “hack” then the DNC, Cabal, and their opperatives went about smearing the publisher of the leaks, WikiLeaks, as a Russian Proxy to discredit their work. Then that info was later used to perpetuate the entire premise, going along with the dossier, that Trump was in bed with Putin to “steal” the 2016 election from Hillary using info FROM hacks Russia made, gave to WikiLeaks, who then gave it to Trump before publishing it. ABSURD on it’s face, but it is what started it.

It was the WikiLeaks that Mifsud and Halper used to set up George Papadopolous, who was named as THE predicate by Adam Shiff in his Nunes memo rebuttal. It was Alexander Downer that back channeled that info to Brenna through Five eyes, about Papadopolous bragging on info Mifsud had told him in APRIL 2016. Downer found out in MAY 2016 in a bar in London about the WikiLeaks planted into Papadopolous. This was BEFORE the WikiLeaks were even published in July 2016, and WAY before July 31 2026 the start of operation Crossfire Hurricane, which was supposed to be the START of all the spying on team Trump via a counter intel investigation. ONE problem, Papadopolous, Manafort (Feb and March 2016 by the black ledger in Ukraine) and Don Jr Trump Tower meeting in June 9th 2016, were ALL before Crossfire began, ALL were spied upon, and ALL had FISA’s, WHY before they even OPENED the counter intel investigation. Because of the dossier IT was the predicate that Trump was compromised by sex and money by Russia. BUT, it had to remain hidden. They NEEDED justification for ALL their spying on not only Americans, but Americans that were running for President. Enter Carter Page, and HIS FISA, despite having worked FOR our CIA AGAINST Igor Sechin. They omitted and altered that fact.

Page WENT ALONG. He was the only one besides Don Jr of the spying setups to NOT be arrested or CHARGED, despite supposedly BEING the predicate. He was labeled a agent of a foreign power. While Page DID complain, it was weak, ALL he had to do was tell ANYONE about his work FOR the CIA against Igor Sechin IN Russia and their WHOLE house of cards comes tumbling DOWN, and QUICKLY, het he remained SILENT, lying and denying he ever worked for the US Government, and when he DID some 2 and a half years later, admit it, he told Hannity he was a patriot and did it for FREE. RIGHT, most “patriots” infiltrate, set up, and take down the Russian mob and not only LIVE to tell about it, but plaster their faces all over TV and radio. Page was a MEANS to get retroactive justification for ALL the previous spying so that the means and methods used (the dossier) would remain hidden from public view. That way the Server(s) and their true purposes would never be outed.

Trump and Russia were SCAPEGOATS to cover Cabal CRIMES. They are VICTIMS. Russia is NOT an innocent, BUT, they did NOT do what they were accused of, neither did WikiLeaks or Trump. They were simply a means to COVER up the Cabal SOP on opponents.

That is why the narrative KEPT changing from Russia “hacked” the DNC to Russia “hacked” the election, to Russia “interfered” in the election, to Trump and Russia “colluded” to interfere in the 2016 election. They kept the basic premise in the dossier (Russia had compromised Trump) and morphed the acts done by WikiLeaks and Trump’s July 27th joke about Russia being able to find Hillary’s emails to fit the particular need of the moment.

When Trump found out he was being spied upon, and the lengths the Cabal went to thanks to Admiral Mike Rogers Nov 17th 2016 meeting, Trump MOVED his transition operation IMMEDIATELY to Bedford NJ. The Cabal had to know the jig was up. President Elect Trump KNEW he was spied upon, and he WAS going to get the perpetrators.

That is when I believe that the dossier was repurposed as the blackmail to get Trump to resign. Comey met Trump once in Trump tower to “brief” the PEOTUS on the dossier (bugged and Comey’s contemporaneous notes), then again AFTER on Jan 17th, just DAYS before Trump was to be inaugurated. It was BLACKMAIL, It had to be, as sandwiched around the meetings were the Jan 5th by the book meeting Susan Rice wrote about in her CYA memo on Jan 20th 2017, hours before Trump took office. The one that described a meeting between Obama, Comey, Lynch, Clapper, Brennan, Kerry, and other senior WH officials like Rice, Power, Jarrett, etc. Obama ORDERED everyone to do it by the book…meaning the setup. Rice FINGERED them all with time, date, attendees, and place.

Two days later Comey briefed Trump on the dossier the FIRST time. Then on Jan 10th Buzzfeed published the dossier. Comey then went BACK to Trump on Jan 27th to brief Trump AGAIN on the dossier that he had ALREADY been briefed on, and had already been PUBLISHED. WHY do a 2nd brief, in PERSON, and ALONE? Blackmail to get Trump to first withdraw BEFORE he took office on the 7th, and then to RESIGN just 7 days AFTER Trump took office. It is a CLASSIC blackmail scenario, with FOLLOW up, or “consequences” There would be MORE.

Comey would meet Trump on Feb 14 AGAIN ALONE in the WH, to discuss the Flynn setup, which was an OBVIOUS “consequence” of Trump not resigning. It is the one Comey would release to the NY Times through his friend after he was FIRED. Now you know why, because Comey was the POINT man on the black mail, which KEPT failing to get Trump to resign. There were moves (Flynn fired) and counter moves Yayes fired for insubordination. Sessions forced recusal, and Comey FIRED.

When Comey was fired, the NEEDED a NEW point man, enter Robert Mueller. Muller took over the scheme, and met Trump ONE day BEFORE he was named SC by Rod Rosenstein. Another OBVIOUS quid pro quo scheme, resign or Mueller WILL prosecute as SC. That too as we see FAILED.

Even though Mueller wasted @40 million tax dollars, and set up, arrested, and SQUEEZED numerous Trump allies like Manafort, Papadopolous in July 2017, Cohen, and Roger Stone, no evidence to support his road map, the dossier, could be found. The Republican House was busy at the same time getting a lot of the Cabal perpetrators on the record in hearings. There were MAY firings, resignations, and a TON of info gathered that WILL be used by Durham soon.

Mueller FAILED to prosecute Trump, get him to resign, or get him impeached. MISERABLY. His and Rosensteins zeal lead to his own demise (the wearing a wire to entrap Trump) and the confirmation of Bill Barr. ONE day after Mueller failed, and AFTER Barr had revealed in May 2019 that John Durham was on the case and had been for seven months (thanks Mr Sessions) in SECRET, they used the Zelensky call to try and set Trump up in this shampeachment.

The Cabal were OBVIOUSLY keeping close taps on Trump, and were simultaneously watching the events in Ukraine with it’s NEW unexpected President. Zelensky obviously won on a anticorruption platform, and he was VERY friendly to Trump. I believe Trump KNEW the Cabal were watching him and Ukraine, and so he INTENTIONALLY mentioned the CrowdStrike server IN Ukraine to illicit a response, which Schiff, and the Cabal happily obliged.

That’s tight, Trump WANTED them to try this, and WAS ready for it. He INTENTIONALLY brought up that server, CowdStrike, and 2016 in the SAME sentence with Bill Barr and Rudy. He KNEW that would send off alarm bells, was he TIPPED by someone? I am sure that the Cabal main players ARE being surveilled with their OWN FISA’s or warrants. Q said as much. Did Trump bait a TRAP?

He was READY for the Pelosi and Schiff shows, releasing the declassified transcript in RECORD time, almost like it was ready and WAITING till Pelosi and Schiff crossed the line…which they did. Then, what do Schiff and Pelosi do instead of punting? they TRIPPLE down on stupid, going full bore star chamber. Leading to a rushed, one sided, Soviet style railroad job. One leading to a real impeachment, getting ALL the Cabal on the record, something that WAS necessary for their trials later. The Cabal jumped the shark, over that SERVRER, they could not do it over Mueller or Russia, but they HAD to over that server. They give two rips about Joe Biden or Hunter, except that they could LEAD to that server, a NY times reporter STATED as much in an interview where she was NOT in the LEAST concerned about Joe Biden, except that he LEAD to the server. The LEFT always are a bad Batman villain and monologue their plans. ALL of this was to protect that server, just like they protected the dossier.

The SAME players are in ALL the coverups from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, to James Comey, John Kerry, James Clapper, John Brennan, the MSM puppets, to Barack Obama. This time, in this sting, the revealed players like Vidland, Ciaramella, Taylor, and Yovanovich, I bet the SAME people were involved in the 2016 Ukraine setup of Manafort, and the Dossier info sent to Ohr.

Well there you have it. I hope it ALL comes into focus for you as it did me. I know it is long, and very confusing, and that is the Cabal methodology, they want things long, and drawn out, so they can skate. NOT this time, there are MANY more like me on this, they are NOT getting away this time, in fact, they sealed their OWN fate by voting for the sham, and THAT is why Pelosi will not send it to the Senate, for THEN the trial begins in EARNEST, and the TRUTH will come out, ALL of it. Not just Trump’s vindication, but THEIR guilt and schemes and the coverups. But most of all the SERVER. Pelosi realized that she had fallen into a trap, and she THINKS she can just stall and HOPE to create something else, WRONG.

Books, and movies SHOULD be made of this farce, but not under today’s world, this will be HISTORY. Trump has them caught, and the more they squirm, the TIGHTER the snare becomes. IF I am right, and I think I am, especially with what Q has said, MANY will go to prison for this, MANY more will resign, and a FEW at the TOP will pay the ultimate price. They MUST or America as we knew it is OVER. The Cabal themselves said it best, “NO one is above the law”. In the end, they ALL had only ONE boss, and he will be reviled as the WORST, most corrupt, and criminal President EVER. Barack Obama will go down in INFAMY.

The dossier is what is IMPORTANT, NOT the FISA abuse.

This is in response to Wolfemoon from the Q tree, and a linked document highlighting the “hidden hand” behind the spying on the Trump campaign here:


I read it, and while some info is accurate, some is not. First, Steele did not release his dossier AFTER Crossfire began. That dossier was made WELL before July 31 2016, in fact it was actually made BEFORE Manafort, Flynn and Papadopolous were set up.

It’s origins, if I am correct, and I believe I AM based upon my own research, anecdotal and corroborated evidence that was gathered from various other sources, and the words of Devin Nunes, Joe Digenova, and John Solomon that all agree that the dossier was constructed sometime in 2015, they say late 2015, I say EARLY 2015 (April).

On his other premise, There WAS a hidden hand, and his name is Barack Obama. Only HE could request a counter intel investigation into Trump. Only HE had enough “stroke” to get other foreign governments like Italy, Five Eye allies in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the government in Ukraine to interfere in such an over act of ESPIONAGE. Only Obama could get the CIA, FBI, DOJ, State, NSA, and just about every other Government agency here that had ANY intel capabilities to not only ACT, but act in CONCERT with all the other spies.

Only Obama could grant access to OUR NSA database by people like Nellie Ohr, who REALLY wrote the “Steele” dossier. Only Obama could order Lynch or Kerry to grant Natalia Veselnitskaya a “special” VISA to enter the country in June just days before the June 9th Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr AFTER the SDNY US Attorney Preet Bahara had specificially DENIED that access.

Only Obama could ORDER Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and most probably OTHER senior staff to unmask US citizens on the 702 searches that were conducted by Ohr to formulate the dossier on specifically Donald Trump and his family and associates at such a record pace that NO ONE had EVER seen it’s like.

Obama is monetarily tied to the tune of $972,000 in a payment to Fusion GPS in EARLY 2016. Now why did he pay Fusion, an opposition research firm that just HAPPENED to be the firm contracted to CREATE the dossier that large sum in EARLY 2016. He was not running, what did HE need with OP research?

I believe he had it created on Trump as REVENGE for the “birther” scandal, in which Trump basically EXPOSED the Obama fraudulent birth certificate. I think he KNEW that Trump might win, and if he DID , Trump would DESTROY his “legacy” and MIGHT expose Obama’s TRUE origin.

I think Obama had Glen Simpson create the dossier, granted him and his team (Nellie Ohr) access to NSA databases, had HIS senior staff unmask pertinent info, and then return it to Ohr to use.

I think he then, as COVER, put the dossier, and ALL the government IC agencies weight behind it, up for sale to the highest bidder. I think the story that Jeb and the Washington Free Beacon were the origin of the dossier IS PART OF that cover. They MAY have been bidding for it, but Hillary is the one, along with the DNC that SHE controlled who finally BOUGHT the dossier for a reported $12,000,000 in MARCH of 2016, just as Trump was surging and ABOUT to be the Republican Nominee. That is coincidentally when the Manafort set up was coming into the light, but it HAD to be organized earlier.

I then think that the dossier was ALWAYS planned as the “October Surprise” to go along with the release of the Access Hollywood tape, all to paint Trump as a sexual predator and pervert, a VERY Clintonian thing to do.

See the ORIGINAL premise of the dossier was that Trump was compromised over money to Alfa and Deutche bank for a failed Trump Tower Moscow. They were going to use the $$ to blackmail Trump, as the story went, but there was a HUGE problem. The purported bag man between Russia and Trump was Michael Cohen. They SPECIFICALLY had Ohr look into Cohen, because they knew he was Trump’s lawyer, and a known “fixer” who had some shady dealings that COULD (and WERE) used against him to trap Trump (Taxi medallions, bank fraud, tax evasion by Mueller)

So Ohr put Cohen in a place of PROMINANCE in her work, she made ONE mistake, she put in there that Cohen had went to Prague,so she could use the inferred innuendo that he met “Russians” there to coordinate the blackmail on Trump and “fix” it. OOPS it was the WRONG Michael Cohen. Trump’s Cohen had an AIR TIGHT alibi, he was in California on a recruiting trip to USC for his son and photographed there with the USC baseball coach at the time he was supposedly in Prague. He ALSO had NEVER been to Prague, and his passport backed that up.

So MORE was needed, and THAT is when Steele was brought in to “spice” up the dossier and make it go from a “raw” document to a legit LOOKING intel document. I believe it was Steele, using his paid “sources” in Russia which he knew and used before from his days as the head of the MI6 Russian desk to “spice” up the document by adding the 2012 Ritz Carlton story of hookers and golden showers. Those “sources” were outed in the Horowitz report, one was Oleg Deperiska and the other was Sergei Milan. Both had ties to Steele, Brennan, and the Clintons (Think Clinton Foundation). In fact Depereska was interviewed TWICE trying to get damaging info on Manafort to get Trump or confirm the allegation of Putin blackmailing Trump over the Moscow Trump Tower failure. Onece by Peter Strzok, yep, THAT Peter Strzok. The other time it was by Bruce Ohr, you know, the #4 in the DOJ that just HAPPENED to be Nellie Ohr’s husband.

But wait it gets BETTER. Jean Camp, an Indiana University CIS professor, and Hillary campaign worker and DONOR “found” server pings from Alfa bank to Trump Tower NY’s server. How convenient, that was the EXACT premise that Putin was communicating with Trump serendipitously, and maybe even transferring money. Of course it to was a LIE, the pings were mere mass email spam, spam that was created by two people in ITALY, but that is another story. Curiously though, Hillary Sidney Blumenthal, John Podesta ALL tweeted about the pings on the SAME day, Oct 31 2016..Haloween. NO coordination right?

The dossier was meant to be THE kill shot to destroy Trump, and it was to be used AFTER the Access Hollywood tape release of Oct 7th 2016, just before the 2nd Presidential debate.

As “fate” would have it, that release would NOT come to pass. I think it was meant to be released the LAST weekend of October JUST before the election, another VERY Clintonian thing to do. BUT, something stopped it, a BIGGER story.

It was October 28th, JUST before the last weekend in October 2016. James Comey had a “rushed” press conference, in it he SHOCKED the nation, he announced he was reopening Hillary’s email investigation, after NEW evidence had come to light. The “new” evidence, was NOT new, it was STONEWALLED for months by the FBI headquarters. It was Anthony Weiner’s laptop that was seized by the SDNY Police in his “sexting” scandal with a MINOR girl.

The info was SO bad that it was said to involve sex acts with CHILDREN that made VETERAN sops ILL. That laptop ALSO had a curious folder marked “insurance” which purportedly contained over 600000 emails that were from Hillary’s email server. did it contain the 33000 missing deleted emails? Comey would have to “investigate” because SDNY was going to go PUBLIC with the laptop. Comey HAD to get that laptop and gain CONTROL. He HAD to reopen or SDNY would blow open a HUGE under age sex racket . THAT is what blew up the timing of the dossier release.

Curiously, Peter Strzok, yep HIM AGAIN, conducted the email search in less than FIVE days and found NO “new” emails…RIGHT (I did the math, that is LESS than 3 seconds spent PER email, and THAT assumes a 24 hr workday.).

The dossier and its origins were ALWAYS the “hidden hand” of which was spoken in the article link you gave me. EVERYTHING, including this LATEST coup impeachment was meant to “justify” the means to gather the info to either “corroborate” “prove” ANYTHING in the dossier to be true. EVERYTHING failed because it ALL was based on supposition and conjecture and a LIE worse than ANYTHING we could right on this or any blog.

EVERYTHING goes back to that dossier, all the ORIGINAL Russia allegations, the hooker allegations, Cohen, Manafort, Flynn, Papadopolous, Sessions, even Roger Stone were ALL casualties of “protecting” that document and the TRUTH of WHO made it, at WHOSE request it was made, HOW it was mad, WHEN it was made, and WHY it was made. ALL to prove it OR to cover it ALL up.

The Russia narrative changed at LEAST 5 times. The first, and MOST prevelant, straight from the dossier was that Trump was compromised by Putin and blackmail.

It then morphed in July, just after Trump had won the primaries, just after WikiLeaks had released the DNC emails AND the Podesta emails. It was by Robbie Mook on CNN and it was that Russia had USED WikiLeaks to “hack” the DNC. See, THAT would give “cover” to the DAMAGING info IN the WikiLeaks, while DISCOUNTING the actual info they revealed.

The “hack’ part was a cover, and they used Crowdstrike to say it was “Russia” who “hacked” the DNC. You know, the SAME Crowdstrike that was mentioned BY Trump in this years July 25th call to Ukranian President Zelensky. Coincidence right that Trump was ASKING for THEIR server. NOW you know WHY the “impeachment” sham was concocted, and it had LITTLE to do with Biden, though his crimes are there, and EVERYTHING to do with Trump wanting that SERVER. Crowdstrike is BASED in UKRAINE, and it’s owner is a BIG DNC donor AND Clinton friend…coincidence right?

But WAIT, it gets BETTER, the Papadopolous setup, held in APRIL and MAY of 2016 in Italy and LONDON, BEFORE Crossfiire Hurricane BEGAN (which was supposed to be the START of ANY spying on or around Trump) BEFORE July 31 2016. Not only that, but Papadopolous was FED the info about Russia having the WikiLeaks on Clinton and the DNC BEFORE they were released, and BEFORE Mook had insinuated that was even Russia that did the “hack” HOW could that be that Mifsud had that info? It was THAT info that Halper and Downer set up to be extracted from Papadopolous in MAY 2016 in the bar in London. Downer would then report that a drunken Papadopolous told him about the Wikileaks…except they weren’t RELEASED yet, and Mifsud and Halper were the ones that TOLD Papadopolous about them.

Downer then USED that info to notify Five Eyes contacts in the UK AND Australia, where Downer was from and a former MP there. That was transmitted to Brennan through Five Eyes to, according to Schiff, START the spying. EXCEPT that Papadopolous was BEING set up and SPIED on to get that info…WELL before July 31 2016.

See Now they had FOUR setups that were BLOWN BEFORE the “start date” of Crossfire. Flynn in 2015 also by Halper using a unknowing Russian “honeypot” at a conference where Flynn just happened to be sitting beside Putin. Never mind that it was Feb 2015 BEFORE Trump was even RUNNING for President. Strike ONE. The next occurred when a Ukrainian MP released the Black Ledger files on Manafort, which were a FRAUD and that MP went to PRISON over in Ukraine (again). They were hidden lobbying “funds” that proved Manafort was violating FARA regulations and HIDING it and the money. Except that Manafort at the time did not even KNOW Trump and he was working WITH the Podesta group doing the lobbying. The Podesta Group, run by Tony Podesta, John’s brother, was allowed to “amend” their FARA applications, while Manafort was arrested, tried, convicted, and put in prison over HIS, the EXACT same thing the Podesta’s were working WITH HIM on. Two problems besides the fact that this happened BEFORE Trump even KNEW Manafort. One it was NOT “Russians” it was Ukrainians. Two, the info was later found to be a FRAUD, MADE up by the MP in Ukraine and given to Marie Yovanovich (remember her from this current scam?) who THEN gave it to US MSM. All this at the same time that Alexandra Chalupa was working the US/ Ukrainian Embassy here to gather damaging info ON Trump, Russia, and Manafort. Chalupa was ANOTHE RClinton donor and DNC operative…one that just happened to know, work with, and meet multiple times with Eric CIaramella…the “whistleblower” Nothing to see here…right? Strike two.

Then we have Papdopolous, who was set up above. Horowitz found that exculpatory info from Papadopolous was “withheld” and then “lost” by the FBI. RIGHT. I guess that is why they used Charels Tawill later to set him up a year later with 10000 in CASH given to Papadopolous in Israel, while he was on his honeymoon, to finally “get” Papadopolous to “lie” to the FBI about the money, which he LEFT in Greece with his wife and Lawyer. He was arrested anyway at Dules International upon his return. The FBI was WAITING for him…they were looking for that MONEY, and were going to HAMMER Papa with it, it is a FELONY to bring more than 9999 into the US undeclared. When they did NOT find what they were looking for, they interrogated Papa for HOURS at the airport, until they got their “lie” See Papa was STILL under surveillance. But this was strike three AND FOUR. None of the people Papa met with were “Russian”. Hapler is from the Uk, Downer is from Australlia, Mifsud was maltese, but WORKING FOR Italy, and Tawil was from Israel. No Russians there.

They tried to set up Don Jr on June 9th 2016, ALSO before Crossfire…how can that BE? That was the Trump Tower meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya over the Majitski Act and Russian adoptions. Manafort was THERE, and it WAS surveilled because Manafort ALREADY had his FISA..WELL before July 31 2016 right? They were trying to entrap Don jr meeting with a Russian and discussing dirt on Hillary…the WikiLeaks again…BFORE they were released. As I said earlier Natalia Veselnitskaya. was not even supposed to be in the COUNTRY. Yet there she was attempting to set up Don Jr…with a RUSSIAN, over compromising Hillary info, to fit the narrative that WAS COMING and FROM the dossier that Trump was working as an asset of Russia because he was BLACKMAILED. Don jr BEAT them, I believe, because he TOO had tapes of the meeting, and he restated them VERBATUM in Congressional hearings. They were laying a perjury trap, but DOn Jr had his office recorded, a COMMON bib business practice that the Cabal DID NOT count on (Mueller). They thought they could get Trump to drop out using his son, just as they would do to Flynn to get him to plead guilty to BOGUS lying to the FBI charges. That is why the dems were so “hot” for the grand jury testimonies from Mueller’s investigation. Even though he was NOT indicted, they were going to USE the fact that Don Jr was even looked at by a grand jury to get Trump… even if it was ILLEGAL and a set up to GET that grand jury. There were getting DESPERATE. Strike FIVE.

See, all the previous spying, INCLUDING the dossier and Cohen, was NOT bearing fruit. NO Russian contacts or illegalities could be found OR manufactured. They needed SOMETHING to retroactively justify and give cover to ALL the previous spying, ESPECIALLY all the FOREIGN agents and setups in FOREIGN countries by FOREIGN spies, and ACT of WAR, especially since we were TREATIED with the FOUR countries that were DOING the spying, even if, secretly, they were doing the spying at OBAMA’s request.

Enter Carter Page. He was illegally FISA’d using the VERY DOSSIER that was the start of it all. Page fit the bill to GET a FISA that would make ALL the other spying “legal” He had ACTUAL contacts with a Russian bad guy, Igor Sechin.

One slight problem Page was working FOR the CIA and the FBI here to set up and take down Sechin, which he DID in 2009-2014. Page was OUR asset, and that is what the FISA application was ALTERED to omit, so page, a MASTER spy and infiltrator, could be INSERTED in the Trump campaign to infiltrate, and GATHER info. EVERYONE he taled to would be surveilled, and then everyone THEY talked to would ALSO be surveilled and so on. Page was and IS a plant. No way he did NOT know wha this tasks were and WHO he was to make contact with, even BRIEFLY. Not only that, but he LIED about his work with the CIA for THREE YEARS to every conservative TV and radio host he could talk to…PUBLICALLY. When he RELUCTANTLY told Sean Hannity the truth, he said he did work for the US government, but not WHO, and he did it for FREE…RIGHT…MOST people infiltrate a Russian mob, set them up, get them arrested, and then not only live with all appendages, but go on NATIONAL TV and Radio REPEATEDLY to talk to EVERYONE. No FEAR, NO hiding.Out in the OPEN. O?NLY an “protected asset” could do that. Only an experienced AGENT WOULD do that. Page was a means to an END. He was the justification.

He was the predicate to link Trump to Russia. He was the cover for the REAL predicate, the dossier. Mueller used him, but FOLLOWED the dossier, NOT Page’s story. Page was NEVER arrested like ALL the others except Don Jr (who was put up before a grand Jury, just NOT indicted).

WHY? Page was the agent of a foreign power that lead to the FISA, even though he wasn’t and they KNEW IT, why did they NOT arrest him to complete the illusion? Because they NEVER thought they would get caught, and they NEVER thought that Schiff would F up their carefully reconstructed lie and timeline by refuting the Nunes memo, which RIGHTLY named the dossier as the predicate, by using Papadopolous as the START. Whoops, Papa was not only BEFORE Crossfire began, did NOT meet with ANY Russian’s, he had EXCULPATORY evidence “lost” AND was set up AGAIN in 2017.

ALL this to hide that dossier, Only something VERY bad could make the Cabal want to hide that garbage work. We already supposedly know that it was debunked. We already supposedly know who paid for it, how much and when. We already supposedly know who made it and what smethods and sources were used, OR DO WE?

Ask yourself ONE question. If this dossier was such garbage and we know so much about it, WHY do the Cabal, the ENTIRE Cabal, keep trying to HIDE and DOWNPLAY it, DESPITE the fact that it was used as a predicate FOR Papa, Cohen, and all things to get Trump. Despite the fact that it was Mueller’s road map. Despite the fact that Schiff had to construct a MASSIVE lie filled counter memo to Nune’s memo JUST to hide the dossier usage.

It AINT to cover up simple FISA abuse and lies on Page. There is MORE her LOOK DEEPER. In the END, they ALL had only ONE boss, and that is HIS dossier, obtained ILLEGALLY and then covered up by TREASON using foreign spies, governments, OUR government, FBI, CIA, State Dept, NSA, Congress, Five Eyes, the MSM, and MORE.

ALL 4th amendment violations, espionage, FISA abuse, LYING to a court, FRAUD, sedition, conspiracy, TREASON, and MORE. ALL to protect a “garbage document” WHY?

Pandora’s BOX is OPEN. There is NO Return.

What a disgrace! That is why they HAD to have Carter Page (the plant) and his FISA in an ATTEMPT to hide the dossier, but USE it’s predicates to smear Trump into withdrawing, and then into resigning.  Because ONLY Page could be portrayed as an “agent of Russia” because he did work FOR our CIA and FBI ON Russians. He was the retroactive justification for EVERYTHING else they did, including the dossier and the previous setups by SPIES on Manafort, Flynn, and Papadopolous.

Look, people do not want to go there, and this may get me flagged by WP, but so be it. The TRUTH is the TRUTH. The people that orchestrated, perpetuated, and PERSISTANTLY kept trying to cover up and justify their CRIMES for the last three plus years (on this, imagine how many OTHER times they got away with this shit) MUST HANG for their TREASON. Not “should”, not “might” , and not “may”… they MUST.

Yesterday was the LAST straw, Pandora’s box was opened, there is NO going back.

The Cabal, the Dems, and the MSM WILL portray this as “purely political” when the time comes, they WILL say that THEY were just being “political” and tryto DOWNPLAY their acts of TREASON. They will BEG for mercy…too late…fresh out.

This SHAM yesterday moved BEYOND smears, BEYOND politics, BEYOND “resistance”, BEYOND innuendo, BEYOND simple lies, BEYOND sedition and EVEN BEYOND TREASON. Yesterday was a orchestrated COUP, a “Revolution” a VAST CONSPIRACY to overthrow a DULY elected President AND GOVERNMENT. TO UNDO an FAIR, FREE, ELECTION of the people and BY the people and FOR the people.

NO MORE GAMES. NO MORE playing nice, the GLOVES are OFF, this is WAR for the Republic and the NATION as a whole. There is MORE at stake than JUST our Constitution, it is our FREEDOM of CHOICE that they are after, freedom of choice on EVERYTHING from guns, religion, free speech, free elections, freedom FROM illegal searches and seizures, even LIFE (abortion AND euthanization) They are after AMERICA as a FREE nation. They WANT power, absolute POWER, and they are will to do ANYTHING to get it, they will NOT stop, unless they ARE stopped. They will LIE, they will USE the MSM, they will CHEAT, they will STEAL OUR tax dollars, they will IGNORE the will of the people and their constituents, they will DENY due process, they will SMEAR, they will use innuendo they will SPY on US, they will BETRYA their country, their people, their Constitution, their LAW, and their OATH of office.  They will even KILL.

They have THREATENED this since BEFORE Trump was elected by WE THE PEOPLE. They Plotted to stop him, they SPIED on him, his family, his friends, his business, and his campaign, they smeared himusing a BOGUS “dossier”  to try to get him to resign, they opened a SHAM counter intel investigation as COVER for their spying and plot. They used FOREIGN spies along with OUR government agencies all the way to, and INCLUDING the Oval office. They instituted a SHAM special counsel that went after his lawyer, his cabinet members, his FAMILY, his FINANCES, his BUSINESS, and ANYONE that was in or around his campaign. Then after MILLIONS of wasted tax dollars and YEARS of time, they simply closed THAT lie, and invented ANOTHER.

When THAT failed, because Trump RELEASED the transcript, they STILL held a star chamber inquiry that was TOTALLY one sided, denied the President BASIC due process that ANYONE should get in a traffic court.

Now we are here, they have finally, after PROMISING to do so for OVER three years at Impeachment.  Impeachment on a BOGUS non crime, based on LEAKED (IE ILLEGAL) hearsay and innuendo of the SAME subversives that attempted the FIRST smear job on Russia.  The same people that instituted T?HAT crime, instituted THIS one.  Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, John Brennan, John Kerry, AND Barack Obama.  This time it was not instituted in the DOJ or FBI, this time it was STATE, but people don’t realize that STATE under Kerry, was involved DEEP in the FIRST place on the Russia hoax.  They simply took “point” this time. NOT Pompeo, these were ALL deep imbeds in the NSC and FOREIGN Embassies.

Yovanovich was in DEEP on the FIRST hoax, so it is NO surprise that she was used here.  ALL to cover up Trump asking for the Ukraine to “help” and give him that server.  Biden is a shiny object, which Rudi, KEEPS highlighting, JUST to keep the Cabal off balance while the REAL key is being investigated…that Server and it’s treasure trove of Cabal info.  Make no mistake, Biden IS crooked, and he IS in deep, byt Trump wants his BOSS, the BIGGER fish, and he still thinks he is well hidden in the deepest corner of the swamp, but he is WRONG.

Impeachment was INEVITABLE, and as it ironically means, NECESSARY.  Trump HAD to get them ALL on the record for this sham, mission accomplished.  Now when the HAMMER drops on these subversives, they will have NO cover, and get NO sympathy from we the people.   They ALL did what they ALL usually do, go over the top.  Those fine speeches and pronouncements about “No one is above the law” and “we ALL must do our duty” and ” There are consequences for abusing your power and oath of office” will look MIGHTY GOOD when they get FLIPPED on THEM.  No amount of flipp flopping or backtracking will help them, we ALL were forced to watch and listen to their sham show for MONTHS at one time or another, and NOW it WILL come back to BITE them. The Cabal and Dem’s chickens…coming home to ROOST.

They went AGAINST the will of the American people by EVERY poll, even the RIGGED ones. THEY ALL knew there was NO crime here.  They ALL knew this was a railroad job WITHOUT due process. They ALL knew just WHAT the Constitution SAID, and the FOunders MEANT.  They ALL knew this was a political hit based on LIES and hearsay.  They ALL knew what America WANTED them to do.  They ALL knew what they DHOULD have done.  They ALL knew what was right.  They ALL knew that this was Unconstitutional, ILLEGAL, and an AFFRONT to the rule of law.  They ALL knew that this had ZERO chance of passing the Senate.  And yet, they STILL chose to vote “Yea”, grandstand, preach, and DISOBEY the LAW, CONSTITUTION, the will of the people, AND their oath to protect and up hold the Constitution.

They SEALED their OWN fate, and NOW they are trying one last game, to Impeach, but DENY the Articles to the Senate so that Trump can be acquitted AND VINDICATED.  They will pay a price for THIS too, as this TOO is illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  Pelosi and the Dems KNOW they are fooked, they just are hoping that we the people will “let it go” since there would be no trial, Trump would not be in danger to be removed, they THINK they will get to have their “cake” (Impeachment) and eat it too (getting to SMEAR Trump and use it EVERY time he does an EO, nominates a SCOTUS judge, or signs a law or treaty.  They are WRONG.

These people are SUBVERSIVES. They are TRAITORS. Time to TAKE OUT the TRASH. The ONLY way to stop their lust for power, constitution and ELECTIONS be damned is to HANG the TRAITORS.  What would the Founding Fathers have done?  They would have ALREADY hung them, after a fair OPEN trial of course.   If they think Trump won’t have the balls to do it, they have NOT been paying attention to him the last 72 years.  If they THINK we the people do not have the stomach for it, well they have not been paying attention to US either for the last 3 plus years. Lastly, if they THINK that the MSM or ANYONE else can save them, they are NOT paying attention to US and Trump NOW.

We will ALL see soon.  Threy did say one thing correct yesterday. “NO ONE, is above the law or bigger than the COUNTRY”  That includes THEM ALL as well.

DO NOT fall for the Carter Page narrative

Everyone keeps focusing on Cater Page, he was a PLANT. He is the LESSER of two evils for the Cabal. They KNEW he was a CIA asset, hell THEY used him as well as the CIA on Igor Sechin. The CIA used him to infiltrate Sechin’s business, gather intel (wear a wire, surveillance) and THEN the FBI used him to PROSECUTE and raid Sechin’s business interests HERE.

This was in 2012-2014, and Page had a FISA on him THEN so the FBI could USE that info he gathered. FISA’s and this is the part EVERYONE is hiding/ignoring are that the FBI uses them , to surveil DOMESTICLY on FOREIGNERS NOT on AMERICANS unless it is PROVEN that they are an agent of a FOREIGN POWER. The CIA uses the warrant to spy on FOREIGNERS OUTSIDE the USA. . FISA stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

From Wikipedia “Approval of a FISA application requires the court find probable cause that the target of the surveillance be a “foreign power” or an “AGENT OD A FOREIGN POWER”, and that the PLACES at which surveillance is requested is USED or will be USED BY THE FOREIGN POWER OR IT’S AGENT”.

Page was FISA’d BOTH places by BOTH agencies. The CIA went after Sechin in RUSSIA, the FBI went after Sechin and his interests HERE. The FBI KNEW Page was an asset, but he was NEEDED. So they USED his contacts and original work AGAINST Donald Trump by lying and calling Page a FOREIGN AGENT. He was NOT, and the CIA memos meant NOTHING, and they are LYING, the FBI ALREADY used Page HERE in 2014 against Sechin, that is HOW they knew of him in the FIRST place, and WHY he was “inserted”

Do not fall for the narrative that he was “abused” you can’t “abuse” the WILLING. Page LIED to EVERY conservative outlet for OVER three years about his work for the FBI and CIA…WHY? All he had to do to GET people on his side and BLOW THIS THING SKY HIGH was to STATE that fact to the MSM. Yet, he DID not. Did he have a NDA? NOPE, cause he tells us NOW. Sorry folks, he IS in on it, his SPECIALTY was infiltration and intel gathering…what do you think he was doing to Trump?  He told Hannity finally that he did work for the Government, but that he was a patriot and did it for FREE.  NO one who is NOT a protected asset betrays the Russian mob and LIVES, let alone goes on TV and Radio tours.

The ONLY reason he was used at the time he was is because he was the ONLY team Trump member to ACTUALLY have a contact WITH a Russian. The FISA was abued, to HIDE his prior work and KEEP Page a secret PLANT. They NEEEDED Page because he was AFTER the July 31 START DATE of Crossfire Hurricane (October 2016, though CURIOUSLY the FISA date is ALWAYS redacted…I have to wonder IF Page was FISA’d in response to the RE OPENING of the Hillary email case on Oct 28th 2016…Just TEN days before the election BUT Isakoff reported on him in SEPTEMBER 2016…that means Page was KNOWN and being used then or before.

In any case Page was put in, and Devin Nunes stated this the other night on Hannity, to make ALL the PREVIOUS spying that happened BEFORE Crossfire Hurricane, retroactively “legal” and “justified.
ALL the other spying was done by SPIES. Some on foreign soil by FOREIGN spies Papadopolous, and Manafort. The ATTEMPT at Don Jr using Natalia Veselnitskaya was done HERE…the CIA CANNOT LEGALLY operate DOMESTICALLY, that is the FBI.

Look, put simply Stephen Halper was the CIA handler for the Manafort, Page, and Papadopolous operations which were done OVERSEAS IE CIA opp. The Don Jr. opp, and the Carter Page FISA AND the Trump Tower surveillance were done HERE by the FBI. I think Glen Simpson is ON the FBI payroll and HE is the handler for Natalia Veselnitskaya.

They CANNOT explain OR justify LEGALLY ALL they FOREIGN spying OR the domestic spy attempt on Don Jr, because they HAD NO LEGAL warrant to do so BEFORE July 31 2016 when Crossfire Hurricane was OPENED. Crossfire Hurricane was a COUNTER INTELLIGENCE operation by the FBI, NOT the CIA. It HAD to be requested ONLY by Obama. Comey could NOT, Lynch could NOT. ONLY Obama could request a counter intel operation. It HAD to bye a counter intel operation because it was supposedly justified as trying to BLUNT Russia’s “interference.

ONE problem, when the FIRST spying was going on, and this is ANOTHER reason for the timeline problems, the WikiLeaks files, and the DNC hack, which were the supposed EVIDENCE used to finger Russia’s “interference” had NOT occurred yet. Manafort HAD to be set up in Feb or March of 2016, Flynn was sometime in December 2015, and Papadopolus was in EARLY April and MAY of 2016. The “hacking” of the DNC did not happen until sometime in APRIL 2016 and the WikiLeaks did not become public until JULY 2016. That is ALL before Cartr Page in Oct 2016, and WAY before Crossfire in July 31 2016.

So riddle me this, how the HELL could the FBI AND CIA be SPYING on AMERICANS both FOREIGN and DOMESTICALLY BEFORE ANY of the “evidence of Russian interference (THE predicate to do so) OR the WikiLeaks (the product of the “interference”) WAS KNOWN, let alone “verified” They did NOT just put spies into place on forign soil or get Natalia Veselnitskaya a SPECIAL VISA to enter the US in a DAY or even a few weeks…which means what? IT ALL started WAY before Crossfire OR Carter Page, which makes him a PLANT.

The ONLY thing out around the time they BEGAN spying was the “Steele” Dossier. NOT the DNC hack rumors, they were revealed to the public on July 9 by Robby Mook on CNN. NOT the WikiLeaks, they were put out, conveniently, at the SAME time Mook claimed the “hack”. So, how the FOOK were they SPYYING BEFORE July 31 2016 WITHOUT their stated “predicate” and without their stated “evidence” against Russia? Answer, it was ALL based on the dossier PERIOD. ALL the other shit was COVER for the dossier and spying. Russia was used as the boogeyman because Trump wanted to reopen talks with Putin after Obama and HILLARY had FAILED in their reset.

They labeled WikiLeaks a Russian “asset” because that would DISCREDIT their damning Podesta and DNC leaks. They linked Trump to Russia because of the DOSSIER PERIOD, but they could NOT find or even manufacture the “evidence” to force him to QUIT, and THAT is what they wanted, Trump to throw in the towel.

They KNEW his message was sticking, they KNEW he had momentum, they KNEW he would CRUSH Clinton, they KNEW she was a corrupt and FLAWED, and UNPOPULAR candidate. They tried EVERYTHING to stop him from the dem playbook. From labeling him a serial sexual harasser, the Access Hollywood tape, to suggesting he was hiding his finances and was really broke, to finally going BACK to the dossier and saying he was beholden to Russia over sex and a failed land venture in Moscow. They even PLANTED false pings on the Trump Tower server from Russia’s Alfa bank to try and manufacture it. They had NOTHING, so they smeared Trump with “Russia” and he just HAD to be cheating to beat Clinton. PFFFFTTT. Remember the “Russia narrative morphed FOUR times, from Russia “hacked” the DNC, to Russia “hacked” the ELECTION, to Russia “interfered” in the 2016 election
to finally Trump and Russia “colluded” to steal the 2016 election. Why if they HAD their ONLY predicate in July, did they keep MOVING the GOALPOSTS.

What Nunes saw was the Presidents Daily Brief. In the WH SCIF. It showed him there WAS spying on Trump AND his family. That Obama ORDERED it, and that Obama was kept UP on it. IMHO it also showed WHEN it truly began, and it was WAY before July 31 2016.

Schiff, ironically is the VERY reason for the eventual downfall. He is the one that BLEW up the timeline and the narrative that Carter Page (justified) was the predicate, and the ONLY predicate for Crossfire. He did so in his counter Nunes memo in early 2018. He simply FORGOT that Papadopolous, Flynn, and Manafort were ALL spied on BEFORE July 31 2016, and BEFORE October 2016. In fact, Page had NEVER met Papadopolous, Manafort, and Flynn, so how could HE be used to iniatiate surveillance ops on THEM and BEFORE Page was EVEN FISA’d HIMSELF. Lastly, of ALL the people mentioned, surveilled, and put in the report, ONLY Carter Page was NOT charged, DESPITE being the “predicate’, AND a supposed “foreign agent” for Russia. WHY? Simple, he was and IS a agency PLANT tp back justify ALL the previous spying AND to lead away from the REAL predicate and REAL start of the spying. the “Steele” dossier.

The Steele dossier IS the holy grail, it WILL come out. The REAL origins, the REAL funder, the REAL enabler, the REAL methods used, the REAL author, and the REAL timeframe. ALL the rest, including and ESPECIALLY Carter Page were to cover FOR the dossier. Nunes KNOWS the truth, it will come out. The fact that he keeps getting attacked and that he KEEPS highlighting the dossier and now the TIMELINE prove to me he KNOWS, and he is determined to have it come out.

Hope this helps, I wrote ALL of this and more in my blog and book, I researched it significantly. I have been DEAD on with the exception of Flynn having a FISA and not yet proven that Cohen has one, but I bet it WILL be. Cohen was MENTIONED in the dossier, he was a KEY cog for the Cabal, and he went to prison because they could not prove he went to Prague, so they “got” him in other ways, and got him to “flip” on Trump, just like they TRIED to get Papadopolous, Flynn, and Manafort to do. They went to jail because they would NOT flip. It AIN’T over, but the fat lady IS warming up, and when she sings it will be LOUD, CLEAR, and DEVESTATING.

Horowitz was but the beginning, Pandora’s box has been opened, what is done, cannot be UNDONE.

My take on ALL this. One simple, yet OVERLOOKED statement by Devin Nunes on Hannity last night. He stated that Papadopolous, Flynn, and Manafort, were ALL setup before July 31 2016, JUST as I have been saying…the Cabal have a MAJOR timeline problem, Nunes KNOWS it. He WILL act on it, as I am SURE Barr and Durham will. That was HUGE for him to say it. Now you know why Schiff went after Nunes phone records and lied to smear him, JUST as he did when Nunes went to the WH SCIFF to see Obama’s PDB. Schiff filed ethics complaints against Nunes, and had him recused while under a bogus ethics complaint.

That delayed the release of the Nunes memo, which Horowitz just CONFIRMED. The dossier WAS the predicate as I have always known and stated. It was the entire enchilada, and even Mueller used it, his entire job was to verify just ONE thing in it, and he COULDN’T.

Schiff in his counter memo stated it was NOT the dossier, but Papadopolous that was the predicate. WHOOPS. He forgot that Papadopolous was APRIL and MAY of 2016 BEFORE Crossfire began. Timeline problem, ESPECIALLY when my suspicions were CONFIRMED by Horowitz, Papadopolous had a FISA on him at that time, as did Flynn and Manafort, WAY before July 31 2016..WHOOPSIE! People think Schiff is smart, he ISN’T. He is the DUMBEST “lawyer” I have ever seen. He makes mistakes that even Michael Avenatti would not make, like forgetting their LIE dates.

I also now suspect that Don Jr did NOT have a FISA on him simply because Manafort DID. The June 9th Trump Tower meeting, of which there was OBVIOUSLY surveillance, was using Manafort’s FISA to ensnare Don Jr with Fusion GPS controlled Natalia Veselnitskaya. THAT is why the dems wanted Grand Jury sealed testimony from Mueller, I will bet my Gopher suit that that info was ON don Jr, who was NOT indicted. I theorized before that Don Jr BEAT them by one simple thing, he ALSO had tapes of that meeting, ALL big businessmen TAPE their meeting rooms to get a competitive advantage, Don Jr, knew and IMMEDIATELY released ALL his emails.

Don Jr testified for something like 12 hours before various House committees…remember Schiff running to the MSM during a restroom break,,,,they were trying to use a simple word mistake to ENTRAP Don Jr. One false word= perjury, ONE problem, he too had the EXACT transcript, and I bet he read from it VERBATUM.
I told you guys Carter Page was a SPY, he FINALLY admitted it to Hannity last night. I STILL think he was a plant, i do NOT buy his “AW shucks” routine. The FACT that they brought him in LATE, his FISA was issued in OCTOBER 2016, and that they USED and LIED about his contacts with Igor Sechin which were FOR our CIA, speak VOLUMES. Carter Page KNEW he worked FOR the CIA, yet he kept that HIDDEN for nearly THREE years. If at ANY time during Mueller, he would have BLOWN up the Russia Narrative THEN.

Carter Page LIED to Hannity and other CONSERVATIVE outlets for over THREE years, always presenting himself when Mifsud, Halper, and Papdopolous came into the light. He even told Hannity that he did his work for FREE. Page was a CIA SPOOK, he was SENT to infiltrate Igor Sechin’s organization, gather info, and then turn states evidence, that is a SKILLSET. Why should we BELIEVE that he was not doing the EXACT same thing on Trump?

Because he looks like Opie? Because he said he did it for free and was a patriot? Because he says he was a VICTUM? I want you to think about this, Cater Page was VERY familiar with FISA warrants and surveillance, he was spying FOR our CIA on Sechin in 2014, and he HAD a FISA on him then to USE that info. Do not try and tell me he did not know then that he did, I guess he didn’t know he was wearing a WIRE either and he did not know just WHAT he was trying to get out of Sechin, If you believe that I have some oceanfront property in Nebraska to see you CHEAP!

Page was a MEANS to retroactively “justify” ALL the previous spying on Papadopolous, Flynn, and Manafort. ALL those operations to tie Trump to “Russians” FAILED bigtime, they had EXCULPATORY evidence on them ALL that they “lost”, my considerable ASS they lost it, that info went straight to the shredder.

One last thing on this, which ALWAYS gets “conveniently” overlooked by the MSM and nearly everyone. Trump Tower and likely the WH were BUGGED because of this crap. The REAL spying was THERE and the NSA abuses, and THAT is the Dossier. The FISA abuses were to prove and or “justify” the dossier, NOTHING more. Ask yourself this, what was the dossier contention? That Trump was compromised by Putin and “Russians” and that they colluded to “interfere” in the 2016 election. I guess NO ONE remembers that the dossier was out WAY before Carter Page’s FISA in October 2016, it just was NOT public. Where did THAT info come from? What were ALL the spies in foreign countries and here supposed to be DOING? Establishing the premise that Trump and his campaign had contacts with “Russians” to collude.

One BIG problem. FLynn’s contact was LEGIT, there were MANY Congress members that had contact with Kislyak the Russian Ambassador. Manafort was setup by bad actors in UKRAINE, which turned out to be another lie and setup orchestrated by Cabal members in State like Yovanovich, Winer, Nuland, Kerry, Taylor, and Vidland, and Alexandra Chalupa a DNC operative. NONE of these people are RUSSIANS.

It was the WRONG Michael Cohen listed in the dossier, so there was NO Prague meeting with Russians there.

Papadopolous was setup by Mifsud (Italy and Maltese), Halper (UK and CIA), and Downer (Australlia). Again NONE Russian. They TRIED with Veselnitskaya on Don Jr, that too FAILED as Veselnitskaya’s ties to Glen Simpson and Fusion GPS, as well as her not even supposed to have been admitted to the county, blew that up.

They NEEDED the Russia connection to make their scheme work…enter Carter Page, the ONLY man that actually had contact with a Russian in this whole scheme. Keep in mind of ALL the people set up by the Cabal ONLY Carter Page was NOT charged, despite being accused of ESPIONAGE with Igor Sechin by the FBI, which was the VERY REASON for his FISA (supposedly). Even Don Jr was setup to be indicted, he just BEAT them.

I want to state this LOUD and CLEAR. Russia DID NOT, in ANY substantive WAY interfere in ANY way with our 2016 election. It was ALL smoke and mirrors to cover up Hillary’s flaws, her Server problem, and the damaging WikiLeaks releases that likely came from a now deceased DNC operative Bernie Bro who found out that the DNC primaries were RIGGED against his candidate, and wanted that revealed.

Then NEEDED the Russia Babayega to explain their faults, their candidates weakness, AND to cover up their political spying on the opposition candidate(s). They CHANGED their narrative MULTIPLE times to cover that, starting with Robby Mook in July 2016 telling CNN that Russia “hacked” the DNC. Then it morphed into Russia hacked the election, then Russia “interfered” in the election for Trump against Clinton, and finally to Trump and Russia “colluded” to rig the 2016 election against Hillary by using WikiLeaks releases. ALL bullshit to cover THEIR crimes.

What did they do instead of moving on? Doubled down and tried to make Trump resign at first by using the Dossier as “blackmail” by James Comey…MULTIPLE times, while under OBVIOUS surveillance in Trump Tower. Then when they realized that Trump would NOT resign, and he FIRED Comey for his maleficence, they moved to Mueller to try and INDICT a sitting President for TREASON with Russia, when they could find ZERO evidence, despite trying multiple times to manufacture it (Alfa bank pigs being another..Hi Jean Camp..), they set obstruction of justice traps that Trump did not fall for. To make it all work they set up Flynn and Sessions two staunch Trump allies who COULD have stopped and revealed it ALL.

When Mueller was BADLY failing Rosenstein panicked and offered to wear a wire to set up Trump DIRECTLY. Andrew McCabe, of ALL people, blew that open, and THAT lead to Sessions resignation, Whittaker being appointed to neuter Rosenstein (he had ONE job to FREE Barr from being labeled a lap dog). Whittaker was the place holder for Barr. Barr came in and ENDED the Mueller farce and used Sessions SECRET weapon John Durham, to get to the bottom of what happened and WHO was a participant AND who was RESPONSIBLE.

That is were we were before the current FARCE of an Impeachment. Horrowitz fact gathering was DEVISTATING, and i believe he had this ALL ready for MONTHS. The delay was just HOW to try and word it so the Cabal could save face, hence the “no political bias” bullshit. Now we are waiting, as are the Cabal, for the LAST shoe to drop. His name is John Durham, and he will BRING the PAIN. Barr will deliver the PUNISHMENT.

What did the Cabal do? Tripled down on stupid, now going through a fruitless, ONE sided, PARTISAN, unfair impeachment inquiry. Which ONLY served to SHOW that Trump was RIGHT, these people are sick, evil, and LUST for ONLY power. They do not believe in the Constitution, they SHRED it unless they can manipulate it to their WHIM. These fools just produced two articles of Impeachment WITHOUT basis in fact, conducted in a kangaroo court that even Stalin would be ashamed of.

They are charging the President of obstruction of Congress for failing to cooperate in a kangaroo ILLEGAL court, one held in mostly secret, with cherry picked one sided evidence, monopolized by a partisan hack Adam Schiff, denying the President representation, due process, and the ability to both face his accuser and call witnesses and subpoena documents. They RAILROADED this through despite lack of first hand witnesses, withholding of exculpatory evidence AND witnesses, and all based upon hearsay and what they THOUGHT Trump though, not what he did. Where did we hear that before..oh year the Three year witch hunt and Mueller fiasco based upon a dossier which was ILLEGAL and bullshit.

The baseless charge of Obstruction of Congress WILL be thrown away, executive privilege WITHOUT formal articles and a FORMAL impeachment HOLDS, especially when you factor in the strong arm kangaroo court tactics employed by Schiff and Nadler.

As for abuse of power? LMAO. So conducting foreign policy, using NEGOTIATING is an abuse of power. Right. Then NO President can EVER again negotiate ANY deals using CONTENGENCIES. My ass. The Dems tried to do what they ALWAYS have done. Create a crime or appearance of a crime and work BACKWORDS to the trial. That is EXACTLY the opposite of our Constitutional due process, and the kind of things that happen in banana Republics or Communist states.

ANY fool that votes for this can kiss their seat and possibly their FREEDOM goodbye. I really do NOT think their will be a Senate Trial, I think Durham will SEE to that. I cannot see how they can work together unless the trial, the REAL trial is not on Trump, but on the CABAL. The Senate CANNOT prosecute, Barr and Durham CAN and WILL.

I think, They will Impeach, BUT the Senate will simply NOT take up, because there WILL be NEW evidence of the conspiracy against Trump, and it will come AFTER the House vote,, getting them ALL on the record..for a coup…based on a sham, and then Durham indicts the conspirators on the FIRST coup, who just happen to be the SAME ones from THIS coup…which forces the Senate to throw it out, AND the NEW SPOTH to WITHDRAW the impeachment base upon that new evidence. See, NEW SPOTH House will be there because Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler, WILL be indicted for their roles in the PREVIOUS coup. Durham HAS the Gang of 8 transcripts, and the underlings WILL squeal to save THEIR necks.

That’s my take, The conspirators will be indicted, the scheme WILL be revealed, and the Impeachment sham will be revealed as a LAME attempt by the SAME conspirators to cover up the FIRST. That is the ONLY way we can keep the country from ripping itself apart. Reveal the scam, and the scammers, then punish them ALL, and allow what is left of the dems to “save face” by recalling a phony impeachment.

Trump WILL win in a landslide, the country will heal, and the conspirators WILL pay. The dem party will be RIPPED asunder, and will not be what it once was. If we have to go through a Senate Trial, things will be MUCH worse for the country and the conspirators and their party. There will be DEEP lasting divisions. I hope my first scenario happens instead of the latter, scorched earth burns both sides.

The Winter of Cabal discontent

I was just saying yesterday that all the Cabal creatures coming out of the woodwork was ALL “whistling past the graveyard” and “spin” to try and put a happy face on what SURELY will be a dark day for the Cabal and Dems. My bet is that Horrowitz added a “lifeline” to the Cabal that HE could not determine that there was not a predicate (even though we KNOW there was) He will state something like” based on the LIMITED information I could obtain, I did not see that there was no CLEAR predicate. BET ON IT. BUT, the other 99.9% of his report will be TOTALLY damning to them ALL. In other words, Horowitz will not make the OBVIOUS leap that there was no predicate, despite OVERWHELMING evidence to the contrary that HE himself and his team found. He will just “not be able to establish a CLEAR non motive”

We have seen this type of duplicitous swamp coverage before, and FROM Horowitz himself. He just won’t be able to see the forest for all those damn trees, because he KNOWS what it means, and he does not want to be the one that “burned the swamp down” Even though, ironically, he WILL be.

See just because HE won’t go there, does NOT mean that Barr and Durham won’t. My bet is they were able to see the obvious in his report, investigated it, and then found PROOF. Indictments are coming folks, take heart.

Do NOT let the MSM and the Cabal “spin” you into confusion or depression. That is their GOAL. To try and make something of the big old shit storm they are about to find themselves in. The double talk from the NY times stating that there will be a finding of NO FBI spies inserted, (they were CIA and State Dept spies, the FBI can only operate domestically, and ALL the malfeaseance took place over seas in London, Greece, Australia, Ukraine and Italy. The CIA operates EXCLUSIVELY outside the US) There WERE spies inserted, and the part that the article wholeheartedly skipped is they ALL knew that there were spies AND foreign interference, and yet they STILL went there. Ther is NO cover for the FBI and that section of the Cabal, they are TOAST.

Want to know WHY I am so confident that they will NOT be able to down play it or spin it the NY Times way? Two words…two BIG words. Christopher Steele. Gee, what was Christopher Steele? A former foreign SPY, and not just ANY spy, the former MI6 head of the Russian desk SPY, whom the FBI PAID ON THE RECORD. They used and totally depended on HIS work product (really Nellie Ohr’s but THEY made that mess, and they cannot now unfuck it)

By not only reviewing and using the Steele Dossier, but using it MULTIPLE times, they cannot lie their way out of the is the use of SPIES, and their work product to achieve a goal and “get” Trump. They have screwed themselves into a corner here folks.

Bear with me. Remember here and in my book, I have discussed at LENGTH that the “Steele” dossier was not written by Steele, but EDITED and promoted by him. Nellie Ohr wrote it..and the WAY she got her material is why they are FOOKED. She may have indeed gotten info from the Ukraine, but I have a theory for that that fits my contention that she got nearly ALL her info from NSA “about queries” in OUR database, gave the masked info to Samantha Power and Susan Rice, to be UNMASKED..ILLEGALLY (without a warrant). They then gave her BACK the unmasked names, and she used conjecture and a FLAWED narrative and ONE giant F Up (using the WRONG Michael Cohen) to write her raw dossier, that was then polished up by the Fusion GPS and Glen Simpson hired Christopher Steele to be gift wrapped to the DOJ, CIA, FBI, State Dept, and MSM to use AGAINST Trump.

Steele used his Russian and intelligence knowledge to polish up and make the raw product look legit. Then he went about disseminating and promoting it EVERYWHERE to make it look “LEGIT” and “VERIFIED” by the use of circular sourcing AND reporting by the MSM. They ALL got copies of the SAME THING from DIFFERENT “sources” so it HAD to be legit…right? WRONG, they were ALL from Steele, his second job was PROMOTER.

Now the REAL reason they are fooked. They have played a nearly THREE year game of what if and maybe, using the “Steele” dossier, but they DON’T want us to KNOW it was used. One because it was total GARBAGE based upon flawed data and speculation. And TWO and more importantly, the flawed data and conjecture was obtained ILLEGALLY by spying on Trump, his family, his business, and his associates using OUR intel apparatus, specifically the NSA database.

Now on to THAT part. I wrote here and in my book that Nellie Ohr used OUR NSA database to make her dossier. But, it kept coming up the data was from Ukraine elsewhere. At first, I thought it was “smoke” to throw off the trail. But, recently I postulated  to Wolfe and Wheatie and others at the Q tree  that the reason for the Ukraine “shampeachment” was NOT over Joe Biden, it had NOTHING to do with him from a Cabal perspective BIG picture, they would simply BURY him and his son. No, the REAL reason was that Trump mentioned Crowdstrike, server, and UKRAINE all in the same sentence. He told the world that there was a Crowdstrike server in Ukraine that had it ALL from 2016. BOOM, that is what set them off. That Server is the “holy grail” and I bet WE now have it. Recall that Crowdstrike was the firm the DNC used to “prove” their server was “hacked” by Russia. We ALL know that is the very HEART of their entire narrative, that Russia “hacked the DNC, and colluded with Trump to “interfere in our 2016 election” It is ALL bullshit, and that server PROVES it

But, that server was conveniently DESTROYED by the Cabal, as was Hillary’s email server. My contention is this, ALL of these servers were ILLEGALLY linked to the NSA database, and they were but “mirrors” of each other, and there were others like in NK, Australia, NZ, Hawaii, AND Ukraine.

ALL the others were deleted and removed as Trump went after them. Remember the Hawaii nuke drill went wrong, the Google exec going to NK, the frequent trips to NZ and Austrailia by Brennan, Clapper, Hillary, and Obama. The DNC and Hillary ones were deleted by Crowdstrike and Platt River.

The ONLY one out of reach and STILL viable was Ukraine. It may be THE server the others were all mirrored by, and it was taken from Cabal control AFTER Zelinsky won unexpectedly. They NEVER thought we would get to see that one, and it would remain “secret” But Trump not only knew it was there (Crowdstrike is BASED in Ukraine) he knew what it held. That is the “smoking gun” and they could not let Trump get his hands on the PROOF, but he HAS, at least the Cabal thinks so, hence the rush to shampeachment.

Now more good stuff. The Cabal as I said is fooked, they are TRAPPED. They cannot have the dossier origins revealed, so they need something ELSE as a predicate for the spying they did. One YUGE problem now, they can’t as Schiff did before, use Papadopolous as the predicate, because he was SPIED upon and set up by Stephen Halper. If they use that, it goes against the narrative AND my Horowitz lifeline that no evidence was found for a NON predicate.

ALL the foreign spying will be out, because that would be treason, but the dossier itself, along with all the actions they took is ALSO treason. By this new sham, they have doubled down on treason. They are STUPID, and Trump knows it, and he has them. He has them ALL.

Trump WANTS to be impeached. He wants ALL the Cabal rats on board the treason ship ON THE RECORD voting for this act of treason. Then he can have his Senate Trial, declass EVERYTHING, and sink the SS treason ship taking them ALL to Davy Jones locker. In his Senate trail he can and WILL call witnesses and evidence that will expose it ALL from the very beginning, to the VERY top, Barack Obama.

Notice how QUIET ol Barry has been on “impeachment”? Mr. “scandal free” has a LOT to hide, a LOT to lose, and a LOT to answer for. He is DEFINATELY whistling past that graveyard. He will face severe judgement, the moment this all comes out, and out it WILL come. The dems, ironically, will have ONLY themselves to blame, they stepped headlong into Trumps CAREFULLY laid trap. They happily meandered right in and shut the lid themselves.

The won’t see the eyes of the demon till him come a callin for them. He IS coming, and they will NEVER see it till it is too late.

So, in closing, take heart, and sit back and look at the BIG picture. Barr and Durham are waiting to pounce, and no gobblity gook lifelines written in to muddy the FACTS that are and will be OVERWHELMING in the Horowitz report, will save them. See, much like Mueller, Horowitz did NOT write this report, he merely sanctioned and compiled it. Agents in his OFFICE wrote it, and presented the FACTS. Horowitz will merely “interpret them” as best he can to try and save the deep state bureaucracy. It won’t work, as Barr and Durham have EVIDENCE, they just could NOT act until Horowitz released, else the dems would have SCREAMED partisanship, which they will anyway, and ALREADY tried on Ukraine when they tried to declare that Barr Should be impeached too.

Trump was SMART, he put in Mr Clean Durham to do the investigation leg work, get the proof, and write the indictments. He was put in over a YEAR ago by none other than the MUCH maligned Jeff Sessions, in SECRET. Sessions is NOT so sleepy, he was in on it from the START as was Flynn, but that is another story.

ALL Barr has to do is AGREE, and that will be EASY. Barr will then turn lose Durham to do what MUST be done. They ARE FOOKED. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and NO ONE to save them, not even their precious MSM, they will be equally complicit, and ONE of the biggies WILL turn, (my bet CBS) wait and see, there is NO honor among thieves and liars, and self preservation will trump (pun intended) party and ideology. Indictments ARE imminent, and they will be BIG players, looking up to the BIGGEST player.

The Cabal’s ONLY hope is to defeat Trump in 2020, and they will not be able to do it WITHOUT cheating with their current crop, and I would bet my Gopher suit Trump has a BIG trap and surprise waiting for them on THAT too.

In short, it will be a VERY MAGA Christmas and a Happy MAGA New Year for US and America. The Cabal? They will get COAL, lots and LOTS of coal…oh and a pretty new orange suit to wear until their belated present is built in GITMO made of Pine and hemp, it will be quite impressive.