The FIRST domino is about to fall.

Now pay CLOSE attention. We are in a game of chicken and he said she said now as the scramble begins to HIDE the truth, and serve up a fall guy or two.


I want to remind you guys of a few FACTS. FACTS that are NOT being mentioned in this.

1) yep the info came from Hillary (WHERE did she get it?)

2) yep the FBI KNEW that Sussman worked for Hillary (they want you to naively believe that the FBI did NOT know is their JOB to know, it is called VETTING a source, and it is the FIRST thing you do, Sussman was an FBI informant, as was Joffe. They KNOW them and what they were doing and for WHO)

3) The info on Alfa was manufactured (Joffe and Jean Camp) as part of a BROADER narrative. Now what was the impetus FOR that broader narrative? Of course it was the “Steele” Dossier. EVERYTHING the Cabal did was based on the predicate that that document was TRUE, and they were ALL trying to get ANY shred of evidence to vindicate, propagate, and prop UP the “Steele” dossier This was but ONE track on a multifaceted attack by MULTIPLE agencies including FOREIGN ones.

4) The BROADER narrative, and what STARTED it and WHO REALLY created it, for WHOM and WHY is what the FBI, MSM, and the Cabal are DESPERATELY trying to STILL hide.

5) Durham is ON this. Sussman, I bet WILL be tabbed as the fall guy, but WILL skate because of the leftist judge. BET on it. That IGNORES this important FACT Someone paid for the “Steele” dossier to be created. Someone went to a LOT of trouble and expense to propagate the dossier. Someone had ENOUGH political clout plus AUTHORITY to make 17 govt agencies, plus FOREIGN govt’s to buy all in on this farce, AND to prop it up at ALL costs. Hillary also bought the dossier, but was she the FIRST REQUESTOR or the benefactor of the highest bid? WHO was the seller?

This started in the NSA, FBI and CIA, but was NOT limited to those agencies ALONE.

You simply need to get past the narrative that Hillary, who was a Presidential candidate, a former Senator, Sec of state, and first lady had ENOUGH current power or acolytes in that CURRENT govt PLUS FOREIGN govts to make that happen on the POTENTIAL that she was the next President.

People, and there were a LOT of them were not only risking their CAREERS on this, but ALSO very likely their FREEDOM, and maybe even their LIVES.

Hillary was almost universally reviled throughout Govt AND foreign govts, accept that she was EASY to buy influence from and VERY vindictive. That MIGHT explain Russia who EASILY fleeced her, China and Iran who ALSO easily fleeced her, being in on it. But explain Australia, Italy, New Zealand, and the UK. You can’t. Therefore I go back to my continuing narrative.

ONLY Barack Obama had the CURRENT power and clout to make all these entities act in CONCERT. Only Obama had the office of the President BEHIND this dossier. That means a LOT, much more than money through the Clinton Foundation. and being a candidate. Remember, Bill and Hillary had been OUT of power since 2000, that is nearly 2 DECADES.

Obama had MEANS, MOTIVE, and OPPORTUNITY to bring this to bear. He was after all President, so there is the means. The motive was to further and save his agenda and “legacy” that his MORTAL enemy and “birther” Donald Trump had promised (and later did) destroy and undo. The opportunity was the complicit MSM being also in on it, as well as Obama’s foreign “buddies” That ran the UK, Italy, Australia, New Zealand. Gee did Hillary call these people “friends” NOPE they all HATED her, accept that they could take advantage of HER.

The MSM also, before 2016 HATED Hillary. I remind you of 2008 campaign and what she did to their hero Obama. It was SHE that started the birther movement, NOT Trump. The ONLY reason she got a pass is because she was later endorsed by their preferred love, Obama, and they HATED Trump MORE (because they liked what their hero Obama did, and KNEW Trump was going to UNDO it, while Hillary would basically be what Potajoe is now, a FIGUREHEAD for Obama’s third term.

Come on guys, I have been telling you all along. It is and has ALWAYS been right there in front of you. Obama did this, ALL of it. Hillary was to be the proxy, and thereby benefactor of it. This is and always was about Obama and his ilk protecting OBAMA. Hillary was to BE Joe before Joe. Trump just surprised them ALL.

EVERY action Obama took, and there ae MANY was to prop up that dossier. to SPREAD it as gospel, and to try and illegally or LEGALLY prove it. Why ELSE would ALL these people not only defend it, but take it as GOSPEL.


Who opened the investigation on Dec 9th 2016, and thereby gave clout to the “Russian” election interference narrative? (Russia helping Trump, President ELECT Trump)

Who paid Fusion GPS @$972000 for opposition research in 2015, BEFORE election “season”

Who signed EO 12333 that made intelligence sharing between all US 17 intel agencies EASIER, FAR easier.?

Who broke protocol and as a sitting President ACTIVELY campaigned for Hillary and AGAINST Trump?

WHO met Comey, Biden, Yates, and Clapper in the Oval Office Jan 5th 2017?

Who shared his PDB with everyone in the intel community including Ellen Farkus? Who is the ONLY one that could do that?

Who had Clapper and Brennan brief Congress and the Gang of 8 ON the dossier?

Who REALLY authorized operation Crossfire Hurricane? Who HAD to to make it work?

Who did Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Yates, Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes, Loretta Lynch, Joe Biden, Rodney Joffe, and Susan Rice ALL report to, WHO was THE boss?

Who did the DNI, CIA, NSA, and FBI and other intel agencies EXCLUSIVELY prepare intel about this “Russian interference narrative” FOR (in the PDB)?

Who had a DIRECT back channel to Five Eyes(UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada)?

Who hired Neustar? Who did Neustar provide exclusive IT and phone services to?

Who could have both given Nellie Ohr access to the NSA database for “research” AND ordered Rice, Power, Rhodes, and others to unmask US citizens info caught up in that “research”?

In EVERY instance above, and more not listed, ONLY Obama could have done this. Hillary could ASK, and BENEFIT, but she could NOT on her own do ANY of those critical things that ALL happened. She at that time was NO ONE. She HAD to have a enabler, WHO was that.?

They will TRY to play this as an FBI problem NEXT. WATCH. But no shiny object.

That Rice memo told us ALL what happened and WHO ordered it. Comey was the head of the FBI. WHO ordered him to do this? That’s right Rice told us, where, when, and WHO. Durham IS on this. The blame game of shifting will NOT work, it will ONLY lead to more questions and moving UP to the NEXT domino.

This is how it is done folks. THIS is how you start small and get BIGGER. This is how RICO and CONSPIRACY are built.

I do not CARE if Sussman walks, at this point, he has SERVED his purpose. He is the first die cast. The FBI, and Comey Baker, Strzok, Page, etc will be others. It is the LAST domino I want. That Domino is Obama. Durham WILL prove it legally, AND in the court of public opinion. It WILL be unavoidable.


“in the END the ALL had only ONE boss, Barack Hussein Obama”

Tic Tock Barry

Read THIS re the Durham Sussman trial


Ahem conveniently NOT mentioned in the article. Joffe was not some RANDOM IT guy. He and his firm Neustar, were in charge of IT (including cell phones) for the executive office of the President. IE they were providing IT and phones to Obama’s WH AND the incoming Trump admin. He and Neustar are HOW Obama and others GOT info on Trump and his team AFTER Nellie Ohr and the dossier, which was BEFORE Trump GOT elected. Ohr was shut down by Adm Mike Rogers and FISC Chief Judge Rosemarry Collier EXPOSED and STOPPED the unmasking by Power, Rice, and other WH senior staff.

Obama was looking for ANY WAY to prop up HIS dossier *the “Steele Dossier”, (Obama paid 972 K for it in 2015 to Fusion GPS for “opposition research…sound FAMILIAR?) and make it seem REAL enough to open LEGIT Intelligence operations on Trump and his team AND give retroactive COVER for all the prior ILLEGAL stuff done by Nellie Ohr and our NSA data base, and the un-maskings by Rice and Power. That was what Mueller was ALL about, retroactive proof, when he found NONE, they still tried to Impeach Trump as cover, then THAT failed and now obviously Ukraine and Zelensky was plan B.

Joffe IS Pandora’s box. Sussman was the KEY to GET to Joffe. Joffe eventually gets to Obama and or exposes Ohr, and THAT gets to Obama. Either way this leads inexecrably TO Obama.

THAT is why Joffe had to remain HIDDEN. Not only due to Alpha pings at Trump Tower and their involvement, (Jean Camp) not ONLY where and HOW that data was obtained, but ALSO because GUESS who hired Joffe? Barack Obama.

Newstar was a IT CONTRACTOR for the Obama WH. He has DIRECT ties to Barack Obama, and Ol’ Barry CANNOT say he didn’t know who Joffe was. Once Joffe and Neustar is proven, then we get to Nellie Ohr, and Fusion, then we get to Five Eyes, the UK, Stephen Halper and more.

THAT is why I keep saying tic toc Barack. Durham is COMING for you. Discovery will lead to MANY surprises for some, NOT me. I KNOW what is coming. WINK.


In the END they ALL had only ONE boss. Barack Hussein Obama. TIC TOC Barry!

It has began

If you read my article yesterday, two more things. Durham got the info he sought to court on camera. Step 1 complete. Step 2 public discovery. As I said a while ago, things ARE moving, they just don’t want us to KNOW.

Then this nugget was “interesting”,

FTA “:President Trump before Elon Musk bought it, actually said to go and buy it because the goal of our company is to build a community where people are in a family-friendly safe environment – very much different than Twitter and that’s why we encouraged Elon Musk to buy it because someone has to continue to take on these tech tyrants. Donald Trump wanted to make sure the American people got their voice back.”

if you recall, i said as much Trump had a meeting with Musk back when Space force was formed and about Musk’s Space X. I said then that Trump OPENED Musk’s eyes to the truth. Musk then moved his Tesla manufacturing from California to Texas.

Part of the plan has to be to reclaim the MESSENGER, or the message gets washed. See, THAT is what I was trying to explain yesterday. In the past, when we HAD free open speech in news and social media, the left and PTB would have to create “shiny objects”, like false flags, riots, school shootings, etc. to keep the people’s attention diverted, distracted or DIVIDED. If you were not focused or distracted, the REAL issues slipped by because the MSM IS controlled opposition. In the distant past, the media WERE the gatekeepers, they did NOT (or not as much) allow shiny objects to allow REAL issues from slipping by. Now that is ALL they do, they do NOT report the news, the RECITE the news, all on preplanned leftist agendas and talking points.

Social media, in the beginnings REBALANCED the playing field. Citizen Journalists bloggers, and plain old concerned but aware folks discovered and disseminate the stories the controlled media WOULD NOT.

When Trump won using social media, especially twitter and Facebook, HE set the narratives as a candidate and later as President. The media were FORCED to report HIS narratives and they had to “spin it”, some times absurdly, to try and “win” the agenda. That did NOT work, So the left put in controls to capture and censor social media, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook. Truth, was labeled subversive, a lie, and DANGEROUS by “fact checkers” and “content moderators” Any opposing or contrary postings, no matter how correct, were labeled “disinformation”, roundly scorned by bots, Media Matters, controlled “journalists” and controlled politicos.

That lead to Media Matters (George Soros funded) starting campaigns to attack advertising and monetization’s of key sites “conservative hubs” and that lead to DE platforming, and or outright banning. Once the Hubs were attacked, and either de monetized, DE platformed, banned OR they simply “moderated” their content IE gave in to the pressure and joined the collective. Drudge was the FIRST, as it was covertly sold and completely changed their content. Once the Hubs were controlled, they moved on to the popular blogs and popular politicos even Congressmen and Trump himself. Once the “leaders were gone” they moved on to ANYONE small or large who developed a following deemed large enough to “matter” was scrutinized, attacked, and ultimately banned.

Trump KNEW and KNOWS that to get the truth out it is not the MESSAGE but the MESSENGER that needs attention. The truth is like a lion, it does not NEED defending, it simply needs to be set free and it defends ITSELF. The MSM and censors on social media have been the GATEKEEPERS that held the Lion (truth) in check.

Trump fought back by getting his OWN platform, Truth Social, but that ONLY (for now) reaches his OWN followers, 85 MILLION of them, but that is not enough. Trump NEEDS the regular people, the “normies” to see the truth as well, and the MSM were VERY good in distorting his image, his message, his agenda, and his FOLLOWERS image. That is what the “Jan 6th committee” is ALL about, hiding, distorting, and REPLACING the truth with their version of “truth” Trying to make MAGA into NAZI. Biden himself said it ” we choose “truth” over FACTS.” Truth IS facts, FACTS prove or disprove what IS the truth. The lefts “truth” is lies and distortions of facts that prove REAL truth, replacing real truth with a version of truth that they DEEM to be real. Alinsky tactics, Orwell’s 1984 made real in 2022.

Trump needs the normies to SEE. Truth social is NOT enough in a SEA of leftist dis info labeled “truth” He needed to recapture the messengers, as many as he could. But the left would NEVER allow Trump himself or a subsidiary of his or his families or friends to buy a pillar of leftist dis info like Twitter. The SEC alone would tie it up for YEARS, open endless “investigations” and find ANY reason to dis allow the sale.

Trump needed a proxy. One that had enough clout, enough money, and most importantly enough DISTANCE from himself and his movement to get it done. Enter Elon Musk, the RICHEST man in the world, worth an estimated 300 BILLION dollars. Musk had more than enough clout, more than enough money, and more than enough distance from Trump and his movement to do it. WHY would he do it though? Why risk the inevitable leftist backlash? After all Elon was a perceived leftist in good standing. He was a purported transhumanist wanting chips into humans, forgetting it was for medical issues like epilepsy, and he was an ECO warrior that produced electric cars. The left would not suspect him. Trump as I said had a meeting with him on Space X. Obviously, a fast friendship was struck, how do I know? Because of Musk’s actions after that meeting. (Moving his factory, buying twitter, wanting to save humanity)

Nunez confirmed my suspicions. Musk got this “new attitude” to try and save humanity from all the dis info. Obviously, Trump talked to Musk, and my bet is he showed him TRUTH. Irrefutable truth, truth that lead Musk to be not only receptive to the idea of buy Twitter, but to ACTUALLY do it. It must have been quite an awakening. Trump is persuasive, but 46 BILLION dollars persuasive must have been earth shattering. Musk HAD to know that the left would turn on him and come for him, but he does NOT seem to care. WHAT must he know, and WHO told him to make him undertake such a massive task, knowing what he would risk financially AND personally?

My bet, there IS a plan, and it is WELL in motion, and it involves FAR more than just Musk, see now Elon cannot, despite his wealth, buy anything else that is targeted as needed (Netflix, Time Warner (CNN))? WHO ELSE is there? I am SURE we will know soon. NOTHING now is “coincidental” or “conspiracy” any more. Multiple fronts are now open from Twitter to the Hunter Biden GJ rumors to MAGA sweeps in primaries, to ‘2000 Mules’ release, to election pending (and COMING ) lawsuits to even the SCOTUS opinion that was held and leaked by the left. Moves and counter moves. The lefts counter to Twitter is both scary AND laughable. A real world US of A “Ministry of truth” coupled with a fanatical leftist nut bag to run it. 1984 made real, life imitating art. THAT is an act of DESPERATION.

An act that will be roundly destroyed legally. As I said there is a VAST difference in a private company censoring, and the FEDERAL GOVT doing it through an agency. A difference that soon the left will not only see but FEEL. That pesky Constitution and its Bill of rights curses, foiled again…lol. The left NEVER stop, and they will say or try to say or do ANYTHING. They ONLY succeed if we the people LET them. They chose their side, and consolidated resources and allies.

Trump now is doing the SAME. Do you REALY think it is JUST him and now Musk? NOPE. There are other hidden allies, and they will reveal themselves at the appropriate time. Evil only succeeds when good men and women do nothing. In the absence of light, darkness rules. Their time is short, and I propose they KNOW It. The signs are all over the place if you exercise PATIENCE, know where and HOW to look, you will see that there is something afoot that the left and their globalist masters do NOT like. The winds of change are happening, the sea change is occuring. The left’s greatest ally is operating in SECRET and controlling the narrative. EXPOSURE and losing control of the narrative and WHO sets the agenda is their kryptonite. Remember, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince man he did not exist. SUNLIGHT dis infects all. Normal people do not WANT to see, they must be pursuaded to see, and then convinced what they saw was REAL. FACTS, TRUTH. Enemies of the left, and the armor and weapons of conservatives.

Their narrative is that Trump and all of us, his followers, are “fringe”, dangerous, and “conspiracy nuts” They are the righteous and “mainstream” That is their “truth” and it will be their DOWNFALL. The real truth is WE are the mainstream, and there are FAR more of US than there are of THEM, and our movement is GROWING while there’s is waning. The truth is that THEY are the “fringe” and THEY are the fanantical, dangerous, and out of mainstream MINORITY. We must REVEAL the truth in that. We have to have the messengers to DELIVER that message. One down, MORE to come.

The people have been and will be further SHOWN the true nature of the left and their agenda, and they do NOT like it. Open borders, trans, CRT, abortion, green energy, Covid, all FRINGE minorities propped up by LIES from the left to make them seem popular and “normal” The normies don’t KNOW it, they have just been TOLD it repeatedly. The truth kept hidden. The know something is not right, and they don’t like it, but they are told to like it, or be considered fringe, nut bags, conspiracy nuts, radicals or racist. They don’t like that either, but they accept it to not be “labeled” They will like it even less when the truth is released. Then it is truly showtime. Once people know the game is RIGGED, they do NOT play the game. Once the secret of the magicians tricks are revealed, the “magic” and the magicians loose their power over the audience. The Trick is about to have its secrets revealed.

Begun the great awakening has…..mmmmmmm.

Look Squirrel!

My friends, do NOT get distracted by the “squirrel” that is the draft ruling on Roe V Wade. We ALL at least here, knew this was coming the minute RBG got her infernal “reward”. The timing of the release, which I am SURE has been HELD until the right moment, was curious. Most believe it was to gin up the Dem base, it was FAR too early for that, as this will “burn out” WAY before the midterms.

Others believe it was to blunt the release of ‘2000 mules’, but that will NOT stop the release, and that movie is sold out in all 200 venues, and will only SPREAD. Its impact will be a few weeks down the line when enough people see the movie, spread the word, and then others see it and realize the TRUTH about the stolen election.

So WHY did the left release the draft SCOTUS ruling NOW.

Read HERE :

Yep, back onto Durham. He IS the 800 lb. gorilla the left FEAR, and they SHOULD. He is about to get ALL the correspondence between Hillary, her campaign, Perkins Couie, Richard Joffe, Orbis International (Christopher Steele), and Fusion GPS (Nellie Ohr) He ALREADY has more than enough info to prosecute Hillary for campaign finance law abuses, (laundering DNC and HFA campaign funds through Perkins Couie to Fusion GPS)but that is NOT the objective. The objective, as I have said before is to PROVE the conspiracy, and get ALL the players.

Once he gets HFA (Hillary for America, Orbis, Joffe, and especially Fusion GPS emails, and correspondence, it WILL open up OTHER doors. Ones that lead to MORE than Hillary. (Hi Barack…SOON bitch!).

Yep, see, there are TWO direct ties already between Barack and this case. One is Joffe. Guess who hired his firm to subcontract WH comms, including those phones, computers, IT, etc. to the INCOMING PEOTUS…one Donald J. Trump.? Why that would be one Barack Obama, Joffe and his firm were the EXCLUSIVE providers of IT and phones for THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT. That would be YOU ALONE Barack.

Then what Joffe DID with those services is IMPORTANT. He put BUGS all through TFA (Trump for America), Trump Tower, the senior TFA staff. and even Trumps CELL PHONES. They were SPYING on Trump electronically through his Govt provided (by Joffe) IT. Then they were using that info to try and FRAME Trump. (ALFA Bank pings on Trump Tower) THAT is how they likely caught Flynn, Sessions, and others as well. See, ANYONE in the transition team talking to the incoming President, likely got the SAME compromised IT. Remember that odd picture of Huawei phones? Who wants to bet that those or some of those were the ones used?

Remember when Rogers went to Trump Tower 10 days after the election in 2016? He TOLD Trump about the spying done in the NSA, and had likely SEEN the about Queries in the NSA database HE controlled and SHUT DOWN Ohr’s access to and went to FISC chief Judge Rosemary Collier concerned about ALL the unmasking of “particular US citizens (Trump and associates). Trump MOVED his transition to Bedminster golf club in NJ the NEXT day. BUT, I am unsure if Rogers knew of the IT provided by Joffe being DIRECTLY as THE source. He just saw the RAW data coming into the NSA, and THEN being accessed by Ohr AND farmed up to Power, Rice, in the WH etc. to be UNMASKED.

Mike Rogers STOPPED the NSA abuses, and alerted Trump. But the Cabal STILL had the IT and phones, and they simply switched to outsourcing the spying to Five Eyes and GCHQ.

The OTHER tie DIRECTLY to Barack is Fusion GPS. Remember, Obama paid @$900000 to Fusion in 2015 for “research” Guess WHO that was on. Then there is the Nellie Ohr 702 “about queries” that she was running on all things Trump using OUR NSA database, and then passing on the masked info to SENIOR Obama officials to be UNMASKED (Ie American citizens…likely Trump and ANY associates.) Samantha Power herself, who reported DIRECTLY to Obama as UN Ambassador, had OVER 300 PER DAY un-maskings.

Barack, as I have said has his paws ALL over this. The evidence is staggering, after all HE opened the first “election interference investigation in Dec 9th 2016, HE signed the EO in Jan 2017 that allowed intelligence sharing among the 17 intel agencies, HE shared his PDB with people throughout his govt including Evelyn Farkus, who blabbed about it in in a MSNBC interview. Never forget THIS “in the END, they ALL had only ONE boss…Barack Hussein Obama” They ALL worked for HIM as the President. ONLY he had the power to order these things, and it makes him COMPLICIT at LEAST. Remember, he also had the power to STOP these things at ANY time. Yet he did NOT, he ESCALATED.

He is STILL running the show today, and ALL narratives are likely coming from HIM, including this draft release. Biden is doing the EXACT things that Obama while in office did on a grander more perverse scale. You could tell in the recent press conference Obama had at the White House WHO the REAL boss is.

ALL roads lead eventually to OBAMA. Durham is HOT on that road. Conspiracy against the US and RICO. BET on it. Therefore, knowing WHO was the boss, who had the motive, opportunity, and POWER to get it all done, AND keep it hidden. Remember, FIVE EYES was ALL directly linked to Obama (through John Brennan and CIA) See Now?

Of COURSE Barack wants to keep it ALL hidden, because he was (Trump spying), has (2020 election), and IS still running the evil show ( inflation, open borders, climate, Covid). ALL his deeds, done by HIS minions. What we lacked was a concrete trail. Durham is ON that trail

Once he gets the communications he is seeking, and he WILL. It will open doors, FORBIDDEN doors. Ones that ol Barry NEVER thought would see the light of day.

There is ONE important thing to remember with Durham, and it is ironically thanks to the Dems and Mueller. See, Durham’s mission statement is to find and prosecute any election spying and the Russia Collusion hoax (political spying as Barr put it) On Trump OR ANY other crimes he finds in the process of that investigation. THAT last part is CRITICAL. ALL Obamas deed can and WILL be discovered, because they ALL use the EXACT same set of people EVERY time.

This is NOT about Hillary, although she will be swept up in it. It IS WAS and ALWAYS will be about Conspiracy against the US and RICO. Conspiracies have collaborators, facilitators AND most importantly…BOSSES.

Rudy Giuliani KNOWS, I still bet he recommended Durham, as they BOTH prosecuted RICO before, as US attorneys, it is their specialty. But Durham can go where Rudy CANNOT (not political) and Durham has Grand Jury and subpoena power. THAT is what Barack FEARS.

See, in all the shit they pulled in Trump from Mueller to sham impeachments (X2) to Jan 6th Committee’s bogus document requests and subpoenas and actions, ALL sets PRECADENT. They TRASHED the Constitution and Trump’s rights to privacy. lawyer client confidentiality, and EXECUTIVE privilege. That is ALL bad for anyone that FOLLOWS Trump. That does not mean chronologically in Presidential order, it simply means ANY cases involving Presidents or FORMER President’s AFTER the dates of what they did to Trump. So ANY THING Durham comes up with AFTER the first precedent was set, like NOW is subject TO that precedent.

That means that Barack, PotaJoe Biden, Billy boy Clinton, Georgie Bush Jr, et AL ARE NOW SUBJECT to those precedents. NO executive privilege, NO client lawyer confidentiality, NO hiding of Presidential documents (thanks Liz).

They are ALL FUBAR. They CANNOT stop Durham either. ANY action from cutting funding to firing to calling him out is NOW also precedent THANKS MUELLER, THANKS SCHIFF. THANKS NANCY!.

NOW look at the release of a draft SCOTUS order in CONTEXT. It completely got the focus OFF of the ACTIVE Durham trial of Sussman didn’t it. They NEEDED a MAJOR distraction from what WILL be coming. WAR in Ukraine was NOT enough, false flags, and Covid, were not enough to move the needle. This was their BIG bullet, and they spent it. They WERE likely holding it for right before (30 days) the midterms, but they HAD to use it NOW. Ask yourself WHY. Because it is ALL about to come crumbling down, THAT is why.

All for OIL

ANNNND here it is. I could NEVER figure out WHY Putin was doing this and WHY we were SO certain he was going in and WHY the WRONG people were on the side of Ukraine. NOW I know.

Watch these:

Full disclosure, I do not know who these people are in the videos, but what they say wake perfect sense.

Essentially in 2014, Obama (through Biden who was put in charge of Ukraine negotiations) we instituted a coup on the existing Pro Russian Govt and President backed by some bad people (Neo Nazi’s, likely the same as the Azov brigade that was stationed on the Donbas region, the two regions just recognized as independent states by Russia, where they first moved into Ukraine,

Those 2 regions were “separatists” due to the coup in 2014 that removed Viktor Yanukovych. People were killed by their own in the Donbas region, and Yanukovych was blamed and ousted in favor of Viktor Yushchenko who was recommended, IE installed by Victoria Nuland (remember her from my book and from the sham impeachment) and the US ambassador at the time Geoffrey Pyatt, who was succeeded by Marie Yanovich (remember her from the same in my book and from sham impeachment). Basically the US backed neo Nazi’s in the Azov brigade (the people Putin FIRST went after in this war) instituted a coup of a Russian puppet Yanukovych, in favor of a US puppet in Yushchenyko. The reason being OIL and GAS in the Donbas region (see first video) Yushchenyko was corrupt and ousted by the current President Zelensky in an “election”

Both Yushchenyko and Zelensky are pro western. Both are corrupt. That’s right BOTH. Yushchenyko was the one Biden was on tape extorting the removal of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Hunter and his dealings with Burisma for a billion dollars in US aid. It all fits. This ALL started in 2014 Obama through Biden removed the Pro Russian leader, installed a US favorable one, and pushed Ukraine getting in NATO, not to defend against Russia, but over the OIL and GAS reserves in Ukraine which were being funneled as skim to the US politicians like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi (her son) and John Kerry’s son.

NATO in proper mission has NOTHING to do with this except for sales of weapons to arm an new member (their “cut”) This is ALL to do with the oil and gas reserves in Ukraine and WHO will control that $$$$$$$$$. See Ukraine does not have the MONEY to develop the mining and refinement, we would need to send in Western companies to do so. BUT, they won’t OWN the land, just the oil and gas contracts to extract, refine, and ship the product. THAT is what Burisma was doing, PAYING OFF Biden through Hunter to get those contracts for development.

THAT is why the coup/revolution was started in 2014. It was over WHO, the US or Russia. Russia wanted the oil, because it would be DIRECT competition to them in Europe if the US or west developed Ukraine. Russia took Crimea from Ukraine because of the VAST oil and gas reserves in their territorial waters when Shell and Exxon were coming to start developing it for Ukraine.. The US removed the Russian favorable President and installed a US favorable one for those rights. Putin invaded BECAUSE of that. Then the Danbas, one of the other land locked oil and gas rich areas in Ukraine seceded because of it, It is NO coincidence.

Putin wants the oil, but so do WE. Biden is getting his cuts through Hunter to make SURE the US gets it and NOT Putin. See the first video I posted today.

Ukraine also is the current right of way for a gas pipeline to Germany and Western Europe, they make BILLIONS off the tariffs for the right of way. BUT, if Ukraine shut the Russian tap, because they could produce their OWN oil and gas, they COULD use the existing Russian pipeline to pump it, cutting Russia off at the knees, THAT is what Nordstream 2 was ALL about, it was Putin’s workaround to the current pipeline (no more tariffs) When we stopped that Putin absolutely could NOT let Ukraine develop its own oil. Here we are.

This is yet ANOTHER war for oil. Biden CANNOT let Putin take Ukraine because HE loses HIS cut, and future cuts once Ukraine is up and producing. He basically used NATO expansion and Nordstream as levers to get Putin to go into Ukraine to defend his interests. NATO would make money for the MIC here in weapons sales, and likely get its own cut of the soon to be allied oil production in Ukraine. Putin used the two separatist areas which just happen to be where the OTHER oil is located that Ukraine COULD develop is at, to stop the NATO plans and Biden’s takeover of Ukrainian futures through Hunter and Burisma. THAT is why Putin is slow and methodical and ONLY in the southern and Danbas regions. He is protecting HIS (or his perceived) oil from Biden and the US.

BOOM all this ties in every bit of it from 2014 on, even what they did to Trump and WHY. See, Trump did not CARE if Putin produced oil, and was NOT going to try to take it for himself. We he knew have enough of our OWN oil and gas, and we were simply going to out produce Putin HERE, not interfere in another country.

Putin IMHO would have staid OUT had Biden not gotten greed AGAIN and wanted that oil. Putin would have happily let the oil in the Danbas remain after taking Crimea, because Ukraine had no means ACCEPT through him to to produce or develop that oil, hence the two separatist areas.

Biden WANTS his cut, so he tried to use NATO expansion to get access to that area. He HAD to know Putin would NEVER allow it. He further goaded Putin by cutting of Nordstream. Biden and his handlers now WANT full on war between the US and Russia over that oil thinking it is a win win. IF Putin withdraws or Ukraine becomes NATO, they get the oil. If Putin tries to take over the entire country it is a NATO threat, and the FIRST thing to go will be that Ukraine pipeline, neutering Russia’s path to Europe and $$$$$$$ If all out war breaks out, we could cripple Russia’s oil production and bankrupt them. Putin would then be out or killed or both, removing a big thorn in the Globalists side.

Biden is goading Putin. Putin does not want Kiev, if he did he would HAVE it, he also does not want the rest of Ukraine, only the southern ports, Crimea and the Danbas for OIL. He will attack to free up water to Crimea, but the western half is NOT going to be touched. It all makes sense now.

Trump was going to find out about this stuff, and STOP it (Burisma) THAT is the ENTIRE reason for the sham impeachment. Zelensky is another corrupt puppet who was going to work with Biden on that oil, bet on it. THAT is why he is still alive, WE are protecting him because he is in Biden’s pocket, just like Yushchenyko.

This is ALL over OIL and GAS, and we have ZERO business being there. We have more than enough of our OWN we proved it 2 years ago. Gee, what will war do? Drive up the price of oil and gas, which we will get in the aftermath. NOW i know why people like Hillary, Soros, and the usual suspects are defending Ukraine and propping Zelensky, and it has NOTHING to do with the PEOPLE of Ukraine. Propaganda says so many “civilians” are dying if they are, it is either for the shock value to get us there (so we can get the oil) or worse, it is pro Ukrainian forces killing their own, it has happened before, in Danbas in 2014. There was a cease fire in 2014, the Minsk agreement. Guess who violated it and is continuing to violate it? The Ukraine and Zelensky…THAT is where the OIL AND GAS ARE.


Hillary may be next, but she is NOT last!

Ahem again BOOM!

It is NOW discovered that the CIA was spying on Trump, using info garnered FROM the Neustar taps, and transmitted to the CIA via a Clinton Operative. I was 100% right. So was Trump. they WERE tapping his phones and IT, (Remember his March 3rd 2017 tweet “just found out OBAMA had my wires tapped”) THEN giving it to the Intel community to open “legit” surveillance. NOW I know EXACTLY what Rogers was briefing Trump on in Nov 2016 at Trump Tower. It is ALL here.  

BREAKING: OBAMA’S CIA SPIED ON PRESIDENT TRUMP – Was Fed President Trump’s Transition Material by Hillary Operatives

NOW we KNOW that The CIA used the data supplied by Neustar. Now We KNOW why Rogers went, and now we KNOW why Trump moved his transition to Bedminster the next day.  

Neustar, I bet was spying on Trumps govt supplied phones and IT as PEOTUS (before his SCIF was installed,) they were spying on his transition team, and then passing on info to the CIA and other branches, again laundering the ILLEGAL info back through “legit” intelligence agencies. This is what happened NUMEOUS times, and this was about the same time Obama issued his EO 12333 that enabled that ILLEGAL data to be easily shared AND put in his PDB (so Obama could keep taps on HIS operation). BOOM. I am right, Durham IS after NOT Hillary, though she IS a part, he is after OBAMA, because HE was the one that requested, authorized, was kept up on in his PDB, had WH meetings on, AND did NOT STOP the spying on Trump. BOOOOOOM.  

Neustar was and IS the linchpin after the NSA searches got shutdown which was the apparatus used to fabricate the “Steele” dossier, which was THEN unmasked by Power Rice, Rhodes, Jarrett, and other senior WH admin staff with CLEARENCE (Biden too??). That info was used to go to the FISC court, and have legit FISA warrants issued to “legally spy on American citizens, in this case Trump.

Once that was shut down BEFORE Trump won the election and AFTER Carter Page’s FISA was issued, Neustar was plan B. They were already the contractor for IT for the Executive in the WH, IE the President’s office and staff. They ALSO were doing “phone work” for Clinton’s campaign. In other words they were spying on Trumps IT, and then using their Clinton contract to pass on the info directly to her.

The Clinton campaign then passed that info through back channels to legit intel agencies to “retroactively justify” REAL spy taps and warrants (FISA). The EXACT scheme used with Five Eyes to launder intelligence through (think the dossier) back channel to “legit” Intel agencies like the CIA, FBI, etc. Then that info was put in the PDB, the Gang of 8 was briefed by Clapper and Brennan on it. The EXACT same thing was used by the MSM (circular reporting) which was also used by the FBI etc. as “confirmation sourcing” Three pronged attacks, all using the SAME illegal and fabricated info which was laundered back through the MSM, Five Eyes, and the Clinton campaign and surrogates. ALL to give it “legitimacy” and corroboration” A high end game of telephone. All this lead to Mueller and REAL investigations with REAL warrants and REAL surveillance. All perceived” as legal because it was “multi sourced” from not only Clinton contacts, not only the MSM but ALSO Five Eyes and other “trusted” foreign intel agencies.

The point is as I have always said. it was ALL fruit of the poisoned tree, because ALL of it was based upon info ILLEGALLY obtained, and then LAUNDERED back to give it “legitimacy” using third parties, MSM, and foreign allies and contractors to make it all look real, pervasive, and widely sourced. ALL to circumvent culpability for the REAL head of this Obama.

It was ALL bullshit and illegal because it ALL came from the SAME original source with ILLEGAL (and false) info obtained by a “contractor” Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS.

We know this looking back because they ALL reference the SAME premise contained in the dossier. Trump colluded with Russia due to being monetarily and sex blackmail compromised by Putin. ALL based on the dossier, ALL a LIE, and we first knew it because Nellie made a MISTAKE, she put the WRONG Michael Cohen in the dossier because she carelessly forgot to cross check travel, passport, and SS# info on Trump’s Michael Cohen when she wrote he went to Prague to meet Russians. If that material fact is WRONG, and it was, it tainted the ENTIRETY of the REST of the fabrication about the Ritz Carlton sex aspect.

Then they had to go BACK later and try to “right the dossier” by inserting and asserting the Alfa bank pings to Trump Tower by Jean Camp and Neustar. How do you think Camp got ACCESS to those pings…Neustar had Trump’s IT and phones.

IT ALL fits, and explains itself now. Neustar and Joffe were the missing pieces. As I long suspected, everything they did from Mueller on down was to prop up the original lie, the “Steele” dossier”. ALL trying to prove even one fact in the dossier as justification for what they had done and WOULD DO. Mueller even stated the dossier was his predicate and “roadmap” One problem, it was ALL a lie, a house of cards, smoke and mirrors. ALL based upon something materially FALSE, and UNABLE to be proven because the proof was both predicate AND “evidence” for ITSELF, an impossibility and doomed to be an abject FAILURE, which it was, is and WILL be.

After Mueller FAILED, they have been in full cover up and distraction mode, sham impeachment anyone, so bad that they had to RIG an election to put a puppet in the WH to screw up everything so badly that we the people would be more concerned with the F ups, foreign policy, and Covid shams, than to worry about the real espionage and subversion and TREASON committed in 2015-2020.

I believe they all thought Durham could at first be slowed by Covid, and then mislead to dead ends so that the TRUTH which ties in EVERYTHING after the original sin, from the Dossier to Covid, because i believe it is all related. They THOUGHT he would stop and settle. Covid was unleashed to foment mail in balloting and Dominion, ALL to go back to the ORIGINAL objective, to remove Trump from the WH. Covid and MIB were plan E and F after the dossier, spying, Muller, sham impeachment, FAILED to oust Trump.

Through it all Durham has endured, and now he is finally about to bear FRUIT, big fruit. Hillary is but a piece of fruit on the tree, it ALL leads to Obama. Hell one need look no further for proof than to see where we are today, IN Obama’s third term, the same screwups, the same wrong agendas, the same bad actors. the same domestic “race” agendas, the same wealth redistribution, the same foreign policy debacles with Russia and Ukraine, the same Iran screw ups, the same war on fossil fuels using bogus “climate”, the same inflation, the same soon to be monetary problems and porculous bills that do no real good for Americans, the same porous border, and importing and scattering of illegals. ALL the same agenda, all the same players save ONE. The man who is really pulling the strings. The one the MSM, and all the other coverups have been protecting and hiding since the beginning. Hint’ it isn’t Hillary OR Soros. It is and always was Obama.

Durham is on that scent, and if you but look logically, you will see it. Sussman was an IN to get to the missing link, Joffe and Neustar. Each lie now is 100x bigger, and each protestation will only make it worse, they have lied too big too often, it cannot be kept straight without revealing MORE and bigger clues to BIGGER fish.

I believe Durham has all the other tie ins from John Brennan, James Clapper, Bruce Ohr, Bill Priestep, James Baker, Victoria Nuland, Jonathan Winer, Stephen Halper, Nellie Ohr, Alexander Downer, Jim Comey, Sally Yates, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Glen Simpson, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Joseph Mifsud, John Kerry, Carter Page, GBHQ, Five Eyes, Steele, and MORE.

He needed the Joffe tie in to explain the Alfa pings, and how intel was obtained AFTER Rogers closed NSA. Now we know. Here is a BIG tell, one NO ONE is mentioning save me NOW. Gee how did the MSM and Yates get that tip on Michael Flynn with his call to the Russian Ambassador? Flynn was IN the WH under official duties…in the Executive offices, using Executive office phones…they got it not FROM the FBI, but TO the FBI through Neustar to Clinton to Yates and then Comey.

Remember Flynn HAD to be removed BEFORE Mueller could come in and Comey could do his things. Flynn surely would have found the leak was Neustar, and he HAD to be taken out.

It ALL fits, and Durham is right there like a tick on a hound. It is NOT to get just Hillary, and it is NOT to just come off with some lame CYA that lets off the DS. That could have already been done MONTHS ago.

No, this is DS Armageddon. He is after it ALL, and it ONLY leads to one person. As I have said all along, “they ALL had only ONE boss, Barack Hussein Obama”

For you doubters, I know Obama has handlers, and a boss, I KNOW he was put in power. BUT that is not the point. This ALL was too sloppy for the elders (Obama’s bosses) They would have merely tied up lose ends, and not went through all the coverups and lies. Obama would have simply met a “tragic end” in a plane crash, or ANY of their enemies. No this shamble of an op was ALL Obama. PURE Chicago tactics by a pure bully, purely SLOPPY and WAY too many players and stories that need covered, and THAT will be the ultimate downfall, ALL the multitudes of players and lies, it is too big to cover up now. Durham has them. Just a few more hops to where it all lies. Hillary may be next, but she is certainly NOT LAST. WATCH. Trump on March 3rd 2017 told the WORLD who was behind it ALL, no one paid attention, he was mocked.

He was, as per usual RIGHT!

Who controlled access to the NSA database using contractors?

Who ordered senior Admin staff to unmask the NSA illegal info? Who COULD?

Who did Brennan and Clapper and Rogers report to directly?

Who opened the official investigation into 2016 Russian election interference on Dec 9th 2016?

Who created and signed the intel sharing EO 12333?

Who had the Jan 6th Oval office meting with Comey, Clapper, Yates, Biden?

Who controlled Five Eyes back chanel?

Who shared his PDB with 17 other agencies?

Who hired Neustar as IT specialist for the Executive office of the President?

Who stood to gain from Trumps ultimate demise? WHY?

Who paid Fusion GPS $924000 for “consulting” BEFORE the 2016 election year? WHY?

Who was kept in DAILY briefings on Trump Russia via HIS PDB (even though he shared it)?

Who was rumored to have a “hammer” database by both Maxine Watters AND Edward Snowden?

Who had the stroke to get other foreign heads of state in on the scheme like Australia, New Zealand, UK, Italy, and more?

Who ordered James Clapper to brief the Gang of 8?

Who ordered John Brennan to brief Congress? and Intel committees?

Who could do ALL this and more? Who did they ALL report to?

NOT Hillary!

Do not waiver, do not falter, do not fail.

Again, SOOO close it appears others are getting close to see what Durham is REALLY up to, hint they are missing the LOGICAL tie ins to Obama. They all seem unable to make the “leap” that it was HE that controlled and enabled it ALL. Clinton was a participant, and used her assets (see Hillary’s friends in my book), but she was Obama’s pawn, much like Biden is NOW. Biden benefits (by being put in “power” ) using Dominion, and the same spying apparatus, MSM, and DS agencies to GET there, but, Biden is CONTROLLED because of his own corruption, dementia, his son’s issues, and all his various illegal actions in his current and former political life.

Hillary would have been EXACTLY the same due to all her obvious issues with her emails, server, etc. Puppets, but the puppet master, the one who is pulling the strings THEN and NOW is Barack Obama, yes he has a person pulling HIS strings too, and THAT is why it is important to get to him, and not dismiss him as “untouchable” due mostly to his skin pigmentation. Look at what is happen today with inflation, oil, foreign policy, domestic strife, gas, etc. We HAVE seen this before, in 2009-2016, this IS Barack’s third term. Is it REALLY out of the stretch of imagination to think Dominion and the same tactics that got Biden “selected” were that much different then.. if you think so remember ACORN.

Now all that said, the author of this excellent piece

does a good job of seeing WHERE Durham is putting his eggs, into the spying and political espionage. What the author fails to connect is WHO was running the show. Is the narrative now, they think Hillary will go quietly as the “sacrificial lamb” and that the DS, including its former and CURRENT head, Obama will be left intact. Attacking the puppets, who yes, WOULD have been benefactors, but to WHAT extent? Do you REALLY think Hillary would have been THAT much different than Biden (dementia aside) Hillary had major healt issues TOO. She would have been CONTROLLED to push Obama’s 3rd term just the same, and if she did not play nice, would have been taken out. Bet the farm on that. She might have THOUGHT she was “in control” but she would not have been.

Back to the piece, while excellent in pointing out one phase of the Cabal’s spying and framing of Trump and his team, the author merely glosses over and frankly omits OTHERS.

Yes, Trump was spied on using his IT, we just learned of Joffe, and Neustar, and what they were up to in the Alfa bank plant. That is the final straw and the tie that binds it ALL together, the one piece I could never figure out, what was next aftter the NSA stuff, and WHAT Rogers was really telling Trump when he met him in Trump Tower right after the election. NOW I know.

See my article here:

Neustar and Joffe were but phase two, after the original was shut down by Mike Rogers, that being using contractors like Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS to use OUR NSA database to spy on Americans, have them unmasked, and then distributed through Five Eyes, and the MSM to launder back false info through legit sources to make REAL investigations happen in the FBI, CIA, and our other intel agencies, as well as FOREIGN intel agencies, AND the FISC and FISA abuses shut down by FISC chief justice Rosemary Collier and Rogers.

The article mentions Halper, Steele, Mifsud, Downer, and GCHQ. GOOD!. but it FAILS to mention the former head of GCHQ resigned the DAY of Trump’s inauguration, it FAILS to mention Five Eyes and that back channel. It fails to mention the unmasking scandal by Rice, Power, Rhodes, Jarrett, and more senior WH personnel. (Like Biden) It fails to mention the Comey Oval office meeting on Jan 5th 2017 with Sally Yates Obama, Biden, Comey, Rice (remember her CYA memo?) andd more.

It mentions the intel sharing EO 12333 that made it easier to share intel between all our 17 intel agencies and more (remember Elleen Farkus). It FAILS to mention WHO signed that EO. It FAILS to mention what that intel was (the PDB) and WHO that intel was on (Trump). Devon Nunes KNOWS, he saw it at the behest of Ezra Cohen Watnick in the White House SCIF, went straight to the press, told the WORLD Trump was right he WAS spied on, and for his trouble he was investigated and temporarily taken out of his chairmanship on House intel by Adam Schiff.

The article mentions Victoria Nuland at state, but forgets to mention Jonathan Winer, and WHO briefed them, on what (Steele on the “Steele” dossier) and WHERE they went with it (to John Kerry). The article mentions the MSM’s role, but forgets WHO gave them that info, Sid Blumernthal ring a bell. I have said before that Steele was NOT the author, he was its PROMOTER. Nellie Ohr wrote it. THAT is still what they are ALL trying to hide.

The article mentions Igor Danchenyko as the dossier source. LOL NO!. Danchenkyo was investigated and met several times with Peter Strzok, remember him, and guess WHO ELSE. Bruce Ohr, you know A DOJ chief, one that happens to be Nellie Ohr’s husband, oh AND is implicated in passing intel via USB drive to…Christopher Steele.

Read this:

Then tell me what was left out, and WHO was intentionally left out. Look, this is ALL too mixed and convoluted, on PUURPOSE. Plausible deniability. Using 3rd parties, using GCHQ, Five Eyes, and the MSM to launder the info back. All designed to give cover, and plausible deniability to ONE person. All designed to throw good articles off course into the mire that omits the big crimes and the REAL big guy.

I have said it before, and here once one. “They ALL had ONLY one boss, Barack Hussein Obama”

I was right then when I wrote this:

I suggest reading the GP piece, then reading my book, then “slowly” and then finally “so close” See what was true THEN and is STILL true now. All the stuff coming out now from Durham is leading in ONE direction. Hillary is but a step, the PRIZE is Obama, all this was started, and approved at HIS behest, using HIS admin, his agencies, and HIS EO’s and power, including Five Eyes, Brennan to brief Congress, and Clapper to the Gang of 8. The unmasking was HIS senior staff. The NSA searches by Ohr was in HIS database, the Hammer Maxine Watters and Edward Snowden TOLD us of. Obama opened the first investigation into “Russian election interference on Dec 9th 2016. NEVER forget these FACTS. ALL info was inserted into Obama’s PDB. That is how he kept tabs at an arms reach. He made ONE mistake, the Jan 6th 2017 meeting with Comey, Rice, Biden, Yates, and more. THAT along with his PDB do not give him “cover” OR “plausible deniability” it makes him CULPABLE.

Most thought Rice was CYAing herself, some thought it was some sort of retroactive justification, no it was EVIDENCE to help keep Rice from the NOOSE when the truth came out. It was a DIRECT breadcrumb marker to WHO was the boss, and that he was NOT out of the loop. Rice and the others were following ORDERS from their boss.

Durham is ON that and heavy. the Cabal are throwing out info, and dis info to throw the scent. They WILL offer up a sacrificial lamb, likely Hillary. It WON’T work. Too much leads to Obama. to many ties, Durham if he is honest, and I believe he IS, cannot stop there. DC needs this enema to eliminate the enemies within. One to make it sooo horrible a consequence that NO ONE dares try this again. Look at the now consequences of what has happened. Then factor in this, they are all panicked and rushing to “finish” what they started with Covid, Dominion, climate change, inflation, destroying faith in institutions, faith in police, faith in healthcare, faith in govt, and faith in faith its self.

WHY so rushed. Because they KNOW the truth is their Achilles, and someone is RIGHT there. SOO close.

Short of Revolution, bloody revolution, ONLY Durham can do what must be done.

I pray he has the armor of GOD, and does what must be done, The alternatives are too horrible to mention. God speed Mr. Durham, do not waiver, do not falter, and do not fail. The WORLD is watching and waiting.


Getting CLOSER now. THIS is HUGE!

Now, Biden’s presidential campaign is tied to the SAME firm, Neustar, and Ronald Joffe, that I wrote about the other day on my blog. One HILLARIOUS mistake the Biden campaign made when using Neustar, they listed as paying them nearly $20k for “accounting services” Hillary paid them @$6K for phone and IT services. Now, here is the kicker, pay attention. Neustar in 2015-2020 was the IT specialist for the WH and Executive office of the President.

GET IT? They were the EXCLUSIVE IT specialist for the office of the President before and during most of the Trump years, yet they ALSO provided “IT and phone services to Hillary and her campaign, and “accounting services” to Biden and his campaign, listed as the ONLY two campaigns to ever list Neustar according to FEC records.

Gee now WHICH is it, is Neustar an IT company? are they a phone company (plausible VOIP) OR are they an “accounting firm”? see the difference? Biden is now inexorably linked to Neustar, who is about to be PROVEN to have spied on their client at the time, Donald J, Trump, who just happened to be first a Presidential candidate, then PEOTUS, and finally POTUS.

Neustar was ILLEGALLY spying on Trump, they concocted the IP spoof on Trump Tower, and Alfa bank that Jean Camp “found”, and Jake Sullivan, who just happened to have worked FOR Hillary’s campaign AND is now Biden’s NSA. Sussman, who was indicted for LYING to the FBI about the IP spoofs, by Durham. Sussman was a lawyer FOR Sullivan and Hillary.

This whole thing leads TO Obama, we are NOW at Biden. Both Hillary AND Biden paid Neustar RIDICULOUSLY low amounts for their “services” Biden or his handlers tried to MASK it by using Neustar for “accounting” instead of “phone or IT services” GET IT?

Let me spell it out. Neustar and their CEO Joffe, were using their IT services contracts, EXCLUSIVE contracts, to SPY on the Office of the Executive, IE the PRESIDENT, or in this case, the President ELECT, and THEN President. They were passing that info to Hillary’s Campaign, and likely Biden’s, and then Sussman and others were laundering, or attempting to launder the info to the FBI or other US intelligences, to be used against Trump before, and during his time as President.

THAT my friends is one of the things Mike Rogers found out about, along with Nellie Ohr and Fusion using the NSA database. When Rogers and Rosemary Collier closed the NSA contractor loop, this was the fall back plan. Rogers KNEW, and went to Trump tower to tell Trump himself, remember, Trump moved his transition to Bedminster golf club the NEXT day. IT was not part of the spy network being used. BOOM. Remember when Trump said, to much ridicule, that he “just found out OBAMA had my wires tapped”? EVERYONE assumed it was surveillance, and it WAS, but it LITERALLY was his WIRES BEING TAPPED, his CAT 5 IT wires.

Who wants to BET that part of Neustars “services” to the executive office of the President, was “securing” the communications (in the SCIF) for the INCOMING President (Trump) as well as the sitting President (later Trump)?

Once the NSA loop was closed, this was the alternative, and then Five Eyes etc were used to disseminate, and they feed back through “legit channels” (Think UK (Halper and Steele))and Australia.(Alexander Downer)). BOOM BOOM

Now, HOW does Obama tie in? Well you know about him being the ONLY one who could not only grant NSA access to Fusion GPS and Ohr, but also have that info unmasked by SENIOR WH Admin staff (Power, Rice, Jarrett, Biden?, and Rhodes) but ALSO use the Five Eyes back Channel AND ensure the info was disseminated through his PDB to ALL US Intel agencies. Now the ICING. Someone gave Neustar the contract to be the EXCLUSIVE IT people to the Executive office of the President in 2015/ Gee, WHO was President in 2015? Why of course, it was Barack Hussein Obama. Trump TOLD US who it was on March 3rd 2017. “Just found out Obama had my wires tapped” BOOM BOOM BOOM.

Durham is ON this, he has them, he HAS to KNOW to just where this leads. He HAS to KNOW to WHOM this leads. He is NOW at Biden, who was at the Jan 5th Oval office meeting, used Neustar, and has Jake Sullivan (National Security Adviser), an OBAMA staffer (as special adviser to the President) BEFORE he was a Hillary staffer at Dept of State and her campaign. BANG!

The smoking gun, THE tie ins. THAT will be their downfall, ALL of them, using the SAME tactics, and SAME people OVER and OVER again, just like I always said “It is the SAME people in it ALL”.

For context on what I wrote the other day

THIS about Neustar was the missing pieces to tie it ALL up. Everyone, me included, thought it was the FBI or NSA or CIA spying on Trump, it WASN’T, it was Neustar through the IT. (which includes Voice Over Internet Protocol phones (VOIP)).

NOW we know how they were getting the original Australian PM phone conversations leaked, the Mike Flynn phone calls, the Zelenski Ukraine phone calls, and likely MORE. Trump did NOT use email, but he DID use the PHONES.(including wireless) They were ALL being “tapped” by NEUSTAR, the EXCLUSIVE IT provider to the Office of the Executive, IE the PRESIDENT and his SENIOR staff. We HAVE the LEAKS. THIS is where Durham is going, THIS is what Barr meant by “political espionage”

Durham has slyly told us WHO (Neustar). Soon he will tell us HOW (IP taps including wireless), and then he HAS to tell us WHY (who ordered it…OBAMA) we already know WHERE it was all Trump’s (and his STAFFS) Govt phones, including WIRELESS.

This WILL bring down the entire stinking mess, because as soon as we know how, and for WHOM, the next logical question was for WHAT purpose, and then it is game on, because IMHO they ALL know form The gang of 8 down, then it was HOW it was disseminated, by whom and TO WHOM.


The truth slowly eeks out

The author of this, is SOOOOO close, but he misses some obvious “tells”

He rightly highlights Obama as the head of the “political espionage” on Trump. He fails to realize some things. For example, the “special relationship” he cites in his article between the US and the UK on intelligence sharing. That is called Five Eyes. It not only includes the US and UK, but other players involved in this in Australia (look at the Papadopolous setup it was a former Australian PM that used Five Eyes to help Halper set up and disseminate info on Papadopolous’s April meeting in…the UK using Josef Mifsud) Canada and New Zealand are also part of the Five Eyes with France.

Five Eyes is a back channel intelligence sharing operation between the members. It was put in as a cold war era deterrent to Russia. It requires NO Congressional notification or approval. But, you know who DOES get the info? Clapper as DNA, Brennan as head of CIA, and they put it IN…the PDB.

Johnson mentions Mike Rogers at NSA, and that is WAYYYYYY off base. It was Rogers who STOPPED the NSA about searches by “contractors” through an audit (can you say Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS? i knew you could). Recall that it was Rogers who went tp Trump Tower to WARN Trump that he was being spied on…and then Brennan wanted him fired for it. Rogers is a good guy, the rest not so much.

It is my contention that the GCHQ was used as a substitute and conduit to get info that Ohr, Steele, Simpson, Obama, and Clinton wanted out there to the intelligence community AFTER Rogers shut down the NSA mining by Ohr/Fusion GPS. I know it was expressly used on Papadopolous, and was likely used on Page, Manafort, and Mike Flynn as well as many others. This was Obama’s MO, and his back channel, plausible, deniability, to get political espionage on his political enemies.

The way it worked, if I am right, is first intel was gathered ILLEGALLY by NSA about queries on victims (702 queries). The queries were then unmasked by senior Admin officials like Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Valerie Jarret?, Ben Rhodes, and who knows, maybe even the VP at the time Joe Biden. Once unmasked, there were two conduits used. One was Five Eyes to disseminate the info to other intelligence agencies, who then laundered it back as legit intel either through other intelligence channels, or back through Five Eyes its self. (Ex ample, UK tells Australia, Australia tells NZ, who then passes the same info BACK to the US in a big freaking circle. ) Then that info is spread to the other US Intelligence agencies like the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, etc, as “legitimate” and “multi-sourced” Then our Intel agencies use the bogus info, because it “appears” legit due to the sourcing (all from the SAME source) to open “legit” investigations. All leaving Obama and the other perps to appear “clean” (Brenna, Rice, Power, Rhodes, etc) ALL hiding the real source, Nellie Ohr like contractors, who did illegal searches on US citizens WITHOUT a warrant OR probable cause.

See how that works, Obama could dig up and fabricate ANY info or story he wanted out on an opponent, and have it ALL done by outsourced third parties. Well, see then, he just HAD to act, after all our own Intelligence got the info from “trusted sources” (Five Eyes).The info may or may NOT be true, it doesn’t have to be 100% true, it just needs to APPEAR to be true, so it can be used to lead to REAL investigations, and the clouds of suspicion they lead to..and PRESSURE to defend one’s self. It WAS done to Trump and his associates that way, One Michael Cohen was the reason we ALL know about this. For as insidious and illegal as this is, a SIMPLE mistake revealed it ALL. when Nellie was searching the NSA database, in her zeal to frame Trump and or his associates as Russian spies, she found something that had to make her mouth water. Michael Cohen had a meeting in Prague with Russians. That just had to be the smoking gun, Cohen was the “bag man” passing intel to the Russians on Hillary, her server, and the DNC hack..IE the WikiLinks docs. She had her made up predicate, and all could then be tied to Trump as a Russian asset who was colluding with a foreign power to rig the 2016 election against Hillary…projection at its FINESET. One SMALL problem. After Ohr had put this info in HER dossier, called the “Steele” Dossier, and Five Eyes and others had disseminated it, it was discovered that it was the WRONG Michael Cohen. The Trump Michael Cohen, his lawyer, his “fixer” was 100% at a California recruiting trip for his son to play baseball at USC. OOOPS, Nellie had NOT cross checked FACTS, SS#’s, or even passport data. Trump DID check, Cohen had NEVER been to Prague, EVER, Trump had Cohen even turn over hiss passport to PROVE it.

That SHOULD have been the END to the entre sham, but it wasn’t, they were ALL IN, especially after Rogers had went to FISC Judge Rose Mary Collier about both the NSA abuses, access, and what (FISA warrants against US citizens) that info was being used for.

Now the had to cover it ALL up, and make it ALL seem legit. Enter Robert Mueller and the Special Counsel. Mueller revealed the scam (to me anyway) when he used the bogus “Steele” Dossier” as his PREDICATE. He tried seven ways from Sunday to prove ANY fact in the dossier, yet he could NOT. Now the bogus dossier was both predicate and justification for ITS SELF. See how stupid this ALL was, ILLEGAL and just plain DUMB. ALL to use a 2013 Miss Universe trip to the Moscow Ritz Carlton to try and frame Trump as compromised by sex (hookers peeing on a bed) A classic Obama /Clinton hit piece using sex. But WAIT, it got BETTER. The also insinuated that Trump was broke and owed both ALFA bank (who is basically Putin) and Deutsche Bank For a failed Trump Tower Moscow venture. Now you know why the ALFA bank pings by Hillary supporter Jean Camp were put in the mix, yes Hillary paid Perkins Couie, and Joffe to fabricate the story, yes Jake Sullivan and Mike Sussman were lawyers involved, the latter indicted, yes, Jean Camp was used to “discover” the pings. Likely planted by Crowdstrike, but that is FLUFF. We KNOW Hillary and Podesta were also involved, they BOTH tweeted on the story on Halloween before the election. Yep that is how they are ALL gonna go down, but this is the BEGINNING, which all leads to the parts above. This was another justification, and part of the COVER UP from the REAL espionage going on.

The Cover up was to hide the FACTS that our intelligence agencies used stolen info on US citizens, who were unmasked by WH SENIOR staff, and then laundered back to our intelligence agencies through Five Eyes to give it legitimacy. ONLY one person had the POWER to both grant access to outside persons (Contractors IE Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS) then have SENIOR WH staff unmask the ill gotten info, AND then launder it BACK to our own Intel agencies through Five Eyes. This person was then kept in the loop not directly from the players, but through his President’s Daily Brief, which he conveniently, through Executive Order, made it far more readily available and SHARABLE throughout his Admin. Remember Ellen Farkus? That is how SHE knew about the Trump Russia bogus scandal. She admitted it on LIVE TV on MSNBC. Remember, it was Obama HIMSELF who started the investigation into the Russian election interference on Dec 9th 2016. It was Obama himself who signed the EO’s to share the intel in his PDB among the 17 US intel agencies. It was Obama himself who called the now infamous Jan 5th 2017 Oval office meeting with Comey, Sally Yates, Joe Biden, and others that gave Comey the go ahead to “brief (IE set up) Trump in Trump Tower on Jan 6th, 2017 about the Dossier. The was ALL 100% Obama. The REST is the cover up. Wait and see, Durham is on it, lets see if he truly goes to the bottom of the rabbit hole.

There is one more aspect of this setup that I cannot leave out, and it is a BIG part. To make this ALL work, Obama and Clinton used the Main Stream Media. While Clapper Brennan, and others were using FIVE Eyes to add “legitimacy” to the Dossier, Steele, was using media contacts and others like Sid Blumenthal (Bill and Hillary’s fixer) to use their contacts in the pro Clinton media (see Hillary’s friends meeting in April 2015 from my book) to spread the Dossier in that context. While the Dossier was making its rounds in the intel communities, it was also being spread like wildfire through the MSM. First speculated on by Michael Issakoff, and later published by BuzzFeed on Jan 10th 2017, just days after Comey “briefed” Trump, and the WH Oval office meeting, and just 10 days before Trump’s Inauguration. The MSM and their circular reporting and leaks on this all from BuzzFeed, to Mueller, to Ukraine, and all in between are complicit. They kept the lies going, and fed the narrative back and forth, seeming to give it all legitimacy when in relity it was all a LIE, and a LIE based on an illegality. In essence to was an organized propaganda mission that morphed into a REAL attempted Coup de tat, which culminated in two sham impeachments, and served to damage both Trump, his agenda, his legitimacy, and very really hurt the country.

The REAL story here is the crime ( of spying on US citizens) and much worse the lengths they went to to propagate their ill-gotten info (Five Eyes, MSM) AND the coverups that followed. (Mueller, Ukraine, Impeachments.)

Notice that still today, more than 7 years later, the SAME names come up, the SAME places. Biden was willing to go to WAR with Russia over Ukraine, after the Zelensky fiasco, it makes me wonder what really is in Ukraine, and why does Obama and especially Biden feel the need to risk war, and conduct a bogus impeachment over whatever it is. Never forget as well that Marie Yavanovich, a key player in the sham impeachment, was the Ambassador to Ukraine, and may have had a role in the black ledger that was used against Paul Manafort, another part of the original set ups.

Putin KNOWS something on this, IMHO he used the threat of invasion in Ukraine to get Biden to risk war, and overreact and send US forces in the region as well as allies in NATO. Then Biden capitulated on the oil pipeline to Israel (once again NOW routed through Russia) and Putin is pulling back. there is more than meets the eye in Ukraine, and Putin, likely through Hunter blackmail, KNOWS it. I will bet my gopher suit this ALL ties in to the very beginning, and that Obama is in it too. They HAD to stop Trump from getting in, and then they HAD to stop Trump from any friendly actions toward Russia OR Ukraine, then they HAD to get Trump out when he began investigating Ukraine. Ukraine is the keystone. I hope Durham or someone gets there, because it will bring them ALL down. Is there a secret intelligence server there on US citizens, the Hammer Maxine Watters spoke about? One thing is certain, neither Obama, Biden , or the Globalists want Putin (who truly is NO globalist) nor Trump anywhere near Ukraine, and it is WAY more than oil. Time WILL tell.

There is this and much more in my book, still posted on my blog here. It is worth the read as the heat gets turned up on this.

Confirmation, not speculation


Speculation no more, confirmation. What this project “diffuse” application is saying, in its RIGHTLY rejection. is exactly what I and others here have been speculating on since this began.

Fauci and Daszak and others are GUILTY of crimes against humanity, and violations of Nuremberg code.

1, Daszak tried HARD to get DARPA to fund this bioweapon, and there is no longer ANY misconception, it IS and WAS a bioweapon. DARPA (our military research arm of the US military) REFUSED.

There is NO reason, to submit this to the MILITARY, if as Daszak states, it was to develop and distribute a “bat vaccine” ostensibly to PREVENT China or anyone else, from doing EXACTLY what they did, develop a bioweapon under gain of function research.

Ostensibly it was to be conducted studying live bats and their Corona viruses (in China) and THEN develop a “vaccine” to cure the corona viruses IN the bats BEFORE they could be weaponized using the spike protein and grafts of the furin polybasic cleavage sites and then map out future evolutionary paths IE mutations.

There is absolutely NO reason to do this EXCEPT to make a weapon, and “color” or “mask” it as legit research to “prevent” a weapon. In other words, we are going to MAKE the weapon, and THEN figure out how to beat it by a vaccine, and THEN immunize the hosts (bats) to prevent someone ELSE (China) from doing what THEY JUST DID.

Give me a f%#@ing break.

To make matters worse, once DARPA rejected the proposal (for grant money) Daszak went to the NIH and NAID here in the US and began the program at UNC and Duke. Obviously circumventing US law, not to mention international law in weapons research, by coloring it as preventative research against a weapon. Fauci BIT and funded them (grants) with OUR tax dollars. I would give my eye teeth to see the grant applications to NIH and NAID on this.

To boot, they used the EXACT same people in the DARPA application, Zheng-Li Shi of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina, Linfa Wang of the Duke University-National University of Singapore Medical School, to conduct the “research” at UNC and Duke (2/3’s of the vaunted NC research triangle btw).

Something obviously happened here, likely someone died or the results got VERY scary, and Obama, NOT FAUCI, pulled the plug, and the money.

2, once the money HERE was dried up, Zhen-Li Shi and Baric were “outsourced” (by Daszak) to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in mainland China, under the complete control of the CCP and Chinese Military. Daszak AGAIN got funding for the project in China from the NAID and his old buddy Fauci. There they completed their “research”.

3, sometime during that process, the completed weapon either leaked or was intentionally RELEASED into the Wuhan province population where it was HIDDEN from the world, and then SPREAD to the world. My bet, it was NO accident. It was INTENTIONALLY released as revenge on the US especially for Trump’s economic and foreign policy attacks on China. NO WAY they released this virus WITHOUT first having the ANTEDOTE…it is even mentioned IN the DARPA request “develop a bat vaccine to immunize AGAINST the virus”…IE have the antidote FIRST.

4, Once released, it was used as a political and power control weapon by the left, and as a money maker for Fauci, big pharma, and CHINA, who was the major supplier of PPE, drugs, ventilators, etc, that would be NEEDED across the world.

5, Fauci and his merry band of co conspirators in WHO, John’s Hopkins, CDC, big Pharma, and the political class did EVERYTHING they could to prop up, and ENABLE the spread and SEVERITY of this “pandemic”. From flawed protocols, lockdowns, shut ins, denying therapeutics, smearing contrary opinions, studies, articles, news, and Scientists, researchers, and doctors to keep this thing going. Then they developed a “vaccine” one that this DARPA application states would be developed for BATS, not people to make their REAL money.

That’s right, it was ALWAYS about the money and how much Fauci and his “friends” could make. The goal was ALWAYS to create a virus, distribute and spread the virus, down play competition, make things seem WORSE in the “pandemic” and then PROFIT from it on both the front end (PPE) and the back end (vaccine). Recall all the Politicians doing stock trades, and then Pelosi shielding and defending it? There you go. PROFIT.

Fauci and the CDC, NIH, WHO, NAID, and FDA have ALWAYS been the point people.

They have ALWAYS had the “vaccine” you NEVER make a bioweapon without FIRST making the antidote. One small problem, the “vaccine” was NOT tested thoroughly enough (likely because it too was developed in China at the same time), and it is having horrendous consequences, and DEATHS. That folks, despite an EUA and a “waiver” WILL threaten and eventually TAKE all of their ill gotten PROFIT.

This is the beginning of the END for Fauci, his merry co conspirators, and the Covid “pandemic” They CANNOT hide this ANY longer, and if you read the signs, there are MANY, the rats are beginning to jump the sinking ship.

Soon, the MSM will see or sense the change in the wind, and begin to actually start to tell the truth and ATTACK the conspirators, even though the MSM is a MAJOR player, they will pretend they were “duped”

THAT is what is going on and why Fauci and some politicians are beginning to SWEAT. Fauci and Daszak are DOOMED. They will not just be fired, they will not just be jailed, they face the VERY real possibility of being EXECUTED for this.

The MSM, politicians, and others will soon TURN on Fauci. HE will be the fall guy. Like we are supposed to forget all the help he had in perpetrating and EXPANDING this deadly fraud. I fully expect that when the heat is turned up on him, he will cave, or begin to talk, and THEN Dr Fauci, will tragically, die from his OWN monster. WATCH.

This is a TRILLION dollar scam, multi trillion. It killed (needlessly) MILLIONS. The economic impact alone, let alone the human costs now and in the future will be hundreds of trillions of dollars.

These “pentagon papers” (The DARPA rejection) ARE the smoking gun.

It proves that they ALL knew this was a weapons project EXPLICITLY forbidden by Nuremberg and other treaties. DARPA was smart enough to reject it, in writing. Fauci, not so much. He not only illegally funded illegal research on US soil, he doubled down and RE-funded it on enemy soil, with OUR tax dollars. Then he HID it, lied about it, and attacked ANYONE that threatened his “baby” Covid 19. He nurtured it by his protocols, he allowed it to flourish with his policies, position, and propaganda. He eliminated any threat to end it, denied REAL science of over 400 years, and REAL medical procedure, and medicines that would have saved lives.

Now, he has promoted the 2nd part of the equation, the “vaccine” he has protected and nurtured it the EXACT same way he did his weapon. He is CAUGHT in a trap of his OWN design. He has NO way out but DEATH. If he were to come clean, he will be imprisoned or killed before he can reveal it all.

Fauci is ALL IN. He is VERY much panicked. He has to know he will be the first to the rope, as he and his allies did everything CONTRARY to Nuremberg and not only US law, but international law. Even IF he gets protected on US soil by his allies, there are hundreds of countries that WILL want his head on a plate. It is HIS face on TV, it is HIS signature on the funding, not once but TWICE. It is HIS medical protocols of masking, social distancing, Remdisivir, ventilators, denying therapeutics, herd immunity, and REAL vaccines. Fauci is doomed. My guess is that some of his “allies” like Daszak, Shi, and others will begin to “disappear”

Pandora’s box is wide open folks. They will NOT be able to lie their way out of this.

This guy and his allies makes Mengele look like Dr Seuss, and the Nazi’s look like the YMCA. .