Operation Kracken has been UNLEAHED, there is NO stopping it.

Things ARE turning.

Trump JUST told them ALL the burden of PROOF that BIDEN got 80 million votes is going to be on THEM, not HIM or US.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous “80,000,000 votes” were not fraudulently or illegally obtained. When you see what happened in Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia &amp; Milwaukee, massive voter fraud, he’s got a big unsolvable problem!</p>&mdash; Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) <a href=”https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1332352538855747584?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>November 27, 2020</a></blockquote> <script async src=”https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js&#8221; charset=”utf-8″></script>

Trump also, VERY cleverly, said something PRECIENT. Did you CATCH it?

He said “Just saw the vote tabulations. There is NO WAY Biden got 80,000,000 votes!!! This was a 100% RIGGED ELECTION.”

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Just saw the vote tabulations. There is NO WAY Biden got 80,000,000 votes!!! This was a 100% RIGGED ELECTION.</p>&mdash; Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) <a href=”https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1331987171700510720?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>November 26, 2020</a></blockquote> <script async src=”https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js&#8221; charset=”utf-8″></script>

He said “Just saw the vote tabulations. There is NO WAY Biden got 80,000,000 votes!!! This was a 100% RIGGED ELECTION.”


I’ll translate.

Trump saw NOT the FINAL posted 80 million votes. He saw the REAL vote TABULATIONS. The REAL count. THAT is why he CATEGORICALLY says There is NO WAY Biden got 80 million votes, 100% RIGGED ELECTION.

Trump speaks and types, JUST like I do. CAPS for INFEERENCE. He ONLY capitalizes JUST what he WANTS you to see.

He KNOWS. Looks like OTHERS KNOW now too.

Exhibit A. PA trial judge rules FOR the petitioners to ENJOIN the election results, and give the power BACK to the PA legislature to SELECT electors, and NOT certify the results.

This is HUGE, and the FIRST domino. THIS was NOT Trumps lawsuit, this was the PA legislature’s lawsuit. This means, it is NOW on the DEMS to fightt this judge, and APPEAL IT. THEY are going to have to PROVE they did NOT violate LAW, and DID NOT steal it. Meaning REAL audits, REAL inspections, REAL recounts. It is something the dems HAVE to appeal, and they CANNOT PROVE any of the things this judge WILL ask them to to overturn this.

Even IF it is over ruled by a dem appeals court, it THEN goes to the 3rd Circuit, and even THEN if (wrongly) over ruled, it GOES TO SCOTUS, where (ALITO) WILL take it up. THEN the DEMS have to go BEFORE SCOTUS, and PROVE they did NOT violate LAW, OR steal the election in PA, MI, WI, GA, AZ, NV, etc with FRAUD ballots. THEY CAN’T

KA BOOM…this was a 500 kiloton nuke. RIGHT down Biden way.

PA is ABOUT to FALL from Bidens clutches. Once ONE goes, they ALL go. DOMINOS. The DIE is CAST.

Looks like OTHERS on team Cabal KNOW too. WHY post THIS, AGAIN, after ALL the gaslighting of Biden’s win, and “president” elect.

Fareed Zacharia. NOT a Trump fan. Poseted this originally right after Biden was “declared” the “winner” It was quickly swept under with all the HYPE. WHY repost this, on a Friday late dump AFTER Thanksgiving, BLACK Friday, when MILLIONS are out SHOPPING.

Simple, WHEN (no longer IF, if it ever WAS IF) Trump flips this and is declared the winner because of FRAUD, CNN can say, we SAW this, we SUSPECTED there was something shady with the votes, THAT isa why we were there to tell you FIRST…blah blah. This is ASS COVERING, and it ONLY happens when the SHIT is about to HIT the FAN. CYA. Trying to get in FRONT of what IS coming. There will be MORE. They KNOW. Trump is TELLING them, and the SMART ones ARE begining to LISTEN. They do NOT care about their viewers, or truth. They DO care about their NECKS. Which, if you listened CLOSELY, Trump told them ALL are VERY much in jeporady! (policy changes on Federal executions to include HANGING, electrocution, and FIRING SQUAD)

CNN, is HEDGING. WINNERS never HEDGE, because they WON. CHEATERS hedge in FEAR of their CHEAT getting CAUGHT.

KRACKENS in the armor (PUN most definately intended)

Then we have ALL the other lawsuits in GA, MI, WI, AZ, NV. Plus public hearings, plus NOW RALLIES by Trump. Trump has set SEVERAL clever traps. One was letting them complete the fraud, and inflict HARM, all the while WATCHING, RECORDING, and WAITING, which was the HARD part, to SEE, if they were actually STUPID enough to take the BAIT. They WERE.

Then he remained SILENT, as the MSM and never Trumpers REVEALED themselves once and for ALL, laid BARE. EVEN FOX, and some in the Congress. ALL emperors with NO clothes now. Then he LET the MSM crown Biden “president” just like Nancy said…SELECTED and INSTALLED. ONLY dictators and PUPPETS are INSTALLED. Presidents are ELECTED.

MORE were taken OFF the fence, including embeds, and even FOREIGN “allies” right BORRIS?

Trump gave EVERYONE a CHOICE. NO MORE fence sitting, pretending to be “friends” or CINO s (Conservatives in Name Only.) People were FORCED, subtly, to MAKE A CHOICE. TONS of FOOLS chose POORLY, and jumped the shark. Now NO ONE trusts them. Mission ACCOMPLISHED

This was ALWAYS about draining the swamp, the ENTIRITY of the swamp. More on that in a bit. But, Trump was not finished.

After people CHOSE. The PURGE began. First was Esper. Then the elevation of Miller, and the PUBLIC reveal of Ezra Watnick. THAT should have sent ALARM bells to team Cabal, but they were STUPID. Then he REMOVED Allbright and Kissenger from the defensse advisory board.

Watnick and Miller BOTH played MAJOR roles in the WATCHING, RECORDING, and GATHERING of the PROOF and evidence, including military WITNESSES in the FRAUD. SPIES, inserted INTO Dominion, SCTYL, the Cabal, and MORe, maybe EVEN Biden’s camp. FISA’s after all go BOTH ways. NOW do you SEE why Trump did NOT eliminate FISC YET. He USED the SAME things they used on him to find out JUST what they had planned, and he PREPARED for it. HE inserted patriots in places as WITNESSES. He LET them steal the House in 2018, to see JUST how, where, when, and WHO did it. Then he put COUNTERMEASURES in place and laid a TRAP.

He put TRUSTED people who KNOW ONE suspected in place to do it. Michael Flynn being one, as the enegima known as Q. Then Watnick and Miller who were ALSO part of Q. MESSENGERS to PREPARE the public in subtle ways using complex puzzles that would eventually become CLEAR. Tens of MILLIONS worldwide KNOW what Q is , what they said, and WHAT was coming. They told MILLIONS more, who “dismissed” it. BUT, what hapopens when those who were told and dismissed the info, LEARN the TRUTH. They will RECALL what they were TOLD, in ADVANCE, and UNDERSTAND. BRILLIANT. but WAIT, there is MORE. ALL while the REAL op was being prepared in TOTAL secrecy.

Trump not only let the MSM and RINOS choose, he LET the big tech of Twitter, FaceBook, and Google do their dirty deeds. WATCHING, gathering INTEL, WAITING. He got them ALL on the record saying they did not do it..to the Senate Judiciary. WATCH Cruz AGAIN.. H?e was not only devistating, he WAS the PROSECUTOR. He got Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Sundar Pichai to ADMIT it UNDER OATH that they knew NOTHING about any censorship. Trump just told them ALL he has the evidence they LIED, and they USED that censorship to try and INFLUENCE the election. GOODBYE sec 230. But there is MORE on that. Let me say what else quickly.

Trump KNEW this was coming. He did as DEMANDED by dems in their BOGUS 3 year witch hunt on Russia. He took ACTION by writing a 2018 EO prohibiting FOREIGN election interference. That EO HERE :https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-imposing-certain-sanctions-event-foreign-interference-united-states-election/.

It designated ALL future FEDERAL elections as CRITICAL US infrastructure. With SEVERE penaties, including imprisonment AND the COMPLETE forfeiture of ALL assets, even subsidiaries, even shell companies, absolutely EVERYTHING. In the US, and ABROAD. It includes ANYONE, any ENTITY in the US that aided in that interference. Now, if say big tech, and some MSM aided CHINA or IRAN or any foreign country in the interference of a US Federal election, say 2020 for example, and say by changing VOTES, in a server or tabulator in oh say Barcelona Spain or Frankfurt Germany, WHAT would happen to ALL those big tech people, like CEO’s, assets? That is RIGHT FORFEITURE.

BUT sec 230 makes them exempt…right? WWRONG, and SOON it will be GONE Trump told them ALL that they BLATANTLY interferred by censorship. He GOT THEM ON THE RECORD in the Senate Judiciary testimony, thank you Senator Cruz. NOW they are about to have ALL their assest SIEZED.

But PRex, thatt is ONLY the CEOS, the shareholders, and the senior management, they will STILL be there, and they will just replace the current ones. NO, they WON’T. See when election interference is PROVEN, that gives Congress, and or the Presiodent, to REMOVE section 230. THAT makes Twitter, Facebook, and Google, and ANYONE else, like YouTube, etc, LIBEL. Censorship is a CRIME. With NO section 230. Twitter, FaceBook, and Google, will be SUED to insolvancy by their OWN clients who WERE censored. Thjey will HAVE to file bankruptcy, and will CEASE to BE. So not ONLY do the BILLIONAIRE CEOS get toasted to insolvancy, so to do their left behind COMPAINES entirely. Then, dead broke, those CEOs go to PRISON for LYING under oath to the Senate Judiciary…RIGHT Mr Cruz? …Cruz nodds affirmatively. BRILLIANT.

WHO watches the newly designated CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE of the US elections, including 2020? Why that would HAVE to be the US Military in the form of DIA, Cyber command, and SPEDIAL OPERATIONS. NOw WHO is the NEW head of US special operations? Ezra Watnick, or Ezra Cohen, or Ezra Cohen-Watnick. We REALLY don’t know, because till NOW, NO ONE knew just WHO he was, only that he ONE was a member of FLynns group at DIA, and a desciple, AND he is the one who got Devin Nunes into the WH SCIF in 2017 that PROVED that Trump WAS spied upon. (Obama’s PDB).

Watnick, like Flynn, HIDDEN in PLAI sight, out of MIND, FREE to do what HAD to be done. PREPERATION for the GREATEST sting op of ALL time. ALL watched and recorded, with spies, witnesses, testimony, video, audio, the WORKS, using the FISC court system, and a 2018 September 2018 EO that the DEMS DEMANDED. As I said “They did this to themselves”

Trump just set the LAST Trap, and dumbass Biden took the bait, hook, line, sinker, and bobber. THAT is what you GET dems when you run someone mentally diminshed against a GENIUS.

Trump cleverly put out a faux narrative. One that HE told the GSA head Emily W. Murphy to NOT give Biden any transition funds. Murphy PLAYED along. Refusing. Saying Biden is NOT YET President elect.

Here is a SECRET. One the STUPID MSM fell for too. Murphy and GSA, are INDEPENDENT of Trump and the Executive branch. Trump CANNOT order GSA and Murphy to do ANYTHING to ANYONE. The foremer GSA head, is the one that gave Mueller ALL of Trump teams transition docs..ILLEGALLY. Trump could NOT stop it, so he REMOVED the guy, and replaced him with Murphy. Murphy is a TRUMP apointee. She played her part in this sting MASTERFULLY.

The MSM, dems, and their sychophants mercilessly attcaked and Threateded Murphy,

Biden made up out of thin air his OWN “office” of the president elect. He even FUND RAISED for it. THAT should be an INTERESTING donor list. Biden then went on to institute a FAUX foreign policy team. A CLEAR violation of the LOGAN act. ONLY the PRESIDENT, NOT the president elect or FAUX president elect set US foreign policy. But that was merely step ONE.

Step two involved LETTING Biden do it, and continue to pretend, ALL while being WATCHED (FISA)

Then after Trump recieved more than enough info to indict if needed, he gave Murphy the GO AHEAD to release “preliminary funds” to Biden for a transition. Murhpy complied, even though she was under NO obligation to do so. but it gets BETTER. Step 3, Murphy release some funds, but writes a letter to Biden. Stating ” Here are the funds to begin a transition, I am doing this UNDER DURESS, and AGAINST her better judgement”. Now WHO threatened her? BIDEN people. Then the HOOK. “These funds are PROVISIONARY, and MUST be STRICTLY accounted for”. Provisionary means TEMPORARY. It can also mean being MONITORED for irrregularities. Ever started a NEW job? You are PROVISIONARY for a set amount of time, usually 6 months or less, during which you are NOT protected by company rules per se, you CAN be let go for ANY reason duiring that time, including simply not up to snuff…totally ARBITRARY.

AH, now you see, but WAIT. It gets BETTER. She ALSO informed Biden that he and his team (faux cabinet, or whatever, INCLUDING HARRIS) must sign a DISCLOSURE form to GET the funds. WHAT must they ALL disclose? ANY foreign intanglements, funding, investments, payments, trusts, etc. INCLUDING those involiving IMMEDIATE family. BOOM. THE WORKS…THE HOly grail on Biden, Harris, AND their immediate families, Like James and Hunter for Joe, and Imhoof for Kamala.

They WILL lie and HIDE the dealings, they HAVE to. Then the TRAP is SET. Trump can spring it ANY time. LYING on a FEDERAL form of disclosure is a FELONY. NO ONE who commits a FELONY can BE President OR Vice President. IF they REVEAL the foreign intanglements, Trump does NOTHING. A GSA patriot will simply LEAK ALL the foreign money on BOTH Biden, and HArris, and THEN reveal that they are MORE than compromised, they are BOUGHT. A contingency upon a contingency upon a contingency upon a PLAN. IF the election fraud is not overturned. it WILL be, by SCOTUS, then Biden is either too corrupt to take office with too much foreign money, Harris too, and NOT selected by state electors due to “new” info coming forth. OR a THIRD contingency, Biden and Harris LIED on the disclosure, and then the declass of ALL declasses happens, and Biden and Harris BOTH are DISQUALIFIED for having committed a FELONY. Now BEFORE some smart ass brings up Clinton and Perjury, Clinton was ALREADY President when he committed perjury, he HAD to be IMPEACHED AND CONVICTED. He WAS impeached, but NOT convicted, therefore he was eligable. Complicated. IF Clinton had committed a FELONY BEFORE he was EVER inaugurated, he was INELLIGIBLE. Nixon was PARDONED by Ford too, so before someone brings that up. Even GWB and his DUI was NOT a felony.

Trump is BRILLIANT. He has managed to CONVINCE the Cabal that he is Elmer Fudd, and that he was NOT prepared for this. Tsun Tzu. When you are WEAK, make the enemy think you are STRONG. When you are STRONG, make the enemy think you aree WEAK.

They THINK that Trump is NOW at his weakest, when in REALTY he is at his MOST strong. This has been a PLAN in the making for DECADES. Trump KNEW of the swamp, he fought them and beat them CONTINUALLY for 5 years. He promised to drain the swamp. He KNOWS there is ONLY one way. He had to appear DEFEATED, so ALL the embeds and moles would come INTO the LIGHT to attack him, THINKING they had WON, and he was finally vanquished.

NOW, they are ALL exposed, they stepped OUT of the shadows, and went ALL IN into the light. Basking in their “victory” Trump now has them ALL. He is about to turn ON the light of TRUTH, and PULL the plug to the swamp. They are ALL out now, NAKED and in the open free from COVER.

EVEN Fox. ALL the RINOS were given a CHOICE, NOW or NEVER, team MAGA, or TEAM swamp. SOME, like Graham chose WISELY. Some did NOT. They are revealed. NO one now trusts them. NO ONE believes them. The MSM cannot save them. The big tech cannot save them. The dems cannot save them. Soros and foreign billionaries cannot save them. China, Iran, UK, NK, Germany, France, Canada, cannot save them. They ALL have their OWN necks to protect. They ALL are in the breech.

Suicide and FLEE weekend is COMING, just as Q predicted. When faced with NO help, NO funds, and FULL exposure…despair and PANIC will kick in. REALITY is Trump has them ALL. HE had to LET them pull covid, which IMHO he KNOWS is a fraud. He had to LET them steal the House in 2018. He had to LET them impeach him. He had to LET them Special council him. He had to let them censor him and us. He had to let them infect us and him with a bio agent, that was THEN hyped to epic proportions. He had to LET them reveal their plans for domination by using covid lockdowns. He had to LET them steal 2020, INCLUDING THE ELECTION BY FRAUD.

He did it to get them ALL out in the open for ALL to see, and REALIZE. He took ALL the slings and arrows for us. He fought them ALL the way, even when they persecuted US and his FAMILY. It had to be this way to get them all. He asked us ALL to come out and support him, and we DID, in numbers SO massive they had to abandon and expand their original schemes, and go ALL out.

JUST as the master chess player WANTED. We could NOT simply be TOLD, we had to be SHOWN. The ONLY way was to “lose” and appear “weak” Now the GREAT awakening has HAPPENED. People, even NORMIES KNOW this was a fraud, they will be SHOWN proof. Proof on the GRANDEST stage of them ALL, the SCOTUS. Proof POSITIVE, PERVASIVE, MASSIVE. UNDENIABLE, UNAVOIDABLE. EVERYONE will be watching THE SHOW.

THe MSM cannot NOT cover it. They CANNOT stop what is HERE. They ALl will be swept up in it, and FLUSHED. They did it to themselves. They MADE their choice. They chose POORLY.

THIS my friends is opperation Kracken…THE codename for THE sting. The Kracken, as in Greek mythology is released on the WICKED, to wreak hasrsh justice, wiping OUT the wicked in one fell swoop. Once RELEASED, it CANNOT be stopped. IT MUST complete it’s mission before returning to slumber.

Tell me, does Trump or his team appear WORRIED? NO. They are busy making PLANS to continue MAGA in 2021. The Wll is continuing, peace deals are moving forward, terrorists in Iran and Afghanistan are being eliminated. Troops areFINALLY coming HOME. The Dow is HIGHER than it was BEFORE Covid. Unemployment is NEAR where it was too, and will go LOWER once the Covid Fraud is exposed, and it WILL BE, did you see the Johns Hopkins study they had to delete? BOOM.

Mnuchin is squirlling away Covid relief funds for 2021, DESPITE the demsm OR the HOuse (Which WILL flip btw as well as ADDS to the Senate.) MORE than we know is happening. Trump is NOT shutting down, or lame ducking, he is RAMPING UP. This is NOT false bravado. IT is a PRECURSOR.

Trump is in this instance Zeus. HE commanded Posiden as Flynn and Watnick to RELEASE the Kracken. The Kracken was the operation to watch, surveil, record, expose, and take down the Swamp. The election fraud was the CHERRY. Still wonder WHY Trump HELD the declass? LOL. Soon ALL will know, right Barack? BWAHAHAHAHA!

The KRACKEN is approaching the swamp, it will wreak HARSH justice and devistation.

WOE be unto them. JUDGEMENT has COME.

They NEVER saw it coming. Now it is too late. There is NO Persius to save them. The Swamp is TOAST.

Adding up to FRAUD

So we are suppsed to believe that Biden overcame all these deficits, and won EACH race. I want to side by side this with the total voting. EASY math.

There is 36% of the vote left in PA (though that number KEPT increasing, a SURE sign of fraud)
There is 7% left in GA.
There is i think 425526741 % left in MI Blurry)
There is 6% left in NC they ONLY one that basically HELD
and there is 8% in WI

Biden was down 582664 in PA
Biden was down 311010 in GA
Biden was down 306767 in MI
Biden was down 124270 in WI
Biden was down 76712 in NC

totals at 3am

T 2552674
B 1970010

The final totals PA
B 3458312
T 3376499
Biden “won by” 81813
in the final 36-38 % (because by all the added the totals were ONLY 62% at 3 AM)
Biden got 1488342
Trump got 823825

64% to 36 % and biden picked up thanks to that AMOUNT of votes 664477 enough to win by 81813
UNBELIEVABLE, because it IS.

79.5% of ALL registered voters from the JUNE 2020 primary. 7.5% MORE votes cast in 2020 than 2016.
the final 36-38% votes were 2312127
the TOTAL voters registerd in Allegheny (Pittsburg) and Philadelphia counties is 1975708 IF 100% of them even VOTED that would still leave 336419 votes from other places in PA to make uip the remainig, not impossible. BUT then you start to SEE.

100% of allegheny and Philadelphia would have to have voted, because THEY were the primary places Biden made up ground. Trump WON 55 of the 67 PA counties. Of the 12 that Biden won, in his HOME state, ONLY Deleware, Allegheny, and Philladelphia were “out of wack” With Philly being the WORST at 81-19.

Biden won Phillladelphia and Pittsburg by a combined 618046, with the BULK coming from Philly where SAME DAY turnout was described as LOW.

My point, at 3 AM, MOST of PA wwas IN, ONLY Deleware, Philly, and allegheny had ANY votes left. AFTER 3am, Biden got 64-36% of the vote he got 1488302 viotes AFTER 3am. Trump ONLY got 823825. Nearly ALL of the remaining votes had to be from these three counties, and nearly ALL of them had to be for BIDEN to overcome such a MASSIVE lead that Trump had. The MATH does NOT work.

There had to be FRAUD. Likely vote switching, Trump vote deletion, Biden vote manufacture (mail ins or PROVISIONAL in Philly) or MOST likely ALL THE ABOVE.

81-19 in Philly of 770000 votes.
THAT is where the BULK of the fraud is even in Allegheny and Deleware, Trump got in the 30-40% range, and ALL the other dem counties were 10% or LESS difference.

Trump WON the rest of the 55 counties MASSIVELY. by 30-40 points. NOWHERE did Trump win 81 -19.

I think the mailins and especially the PROVISIONALS will be the KEY, and EASIEST to prove. Provisionals (same ED voting) MUST be ordered by a JUDGE, there HAS to be records. IF Philly had, as I suspect, hundreds of thousands of provisionals, the JIG is up.

From the Philly Inquirer, with ONLY 81% in.
“With an estimated 99% of votes counted, Joe Biden has amassed a 452,000-vote margin over President Donald Trump, with 81% of the vote. Biden has the lead in 1,570 precincts, including 752 precincts where he received at least 90% of the vote. Trump leads in 133 precincts.”

2455 precints. Biden lead in 1570. Biden got MORE than 90% in 752. THERE is your FRAUD RIGHT THERE.

These are NOT 10-20 vote precincts, they are 1-1000 THOUSAND vote precincts Biden winning some 396-6

COME ON. This is JUST Philly, there HAD to be “adjustments” and “insertions” elsewhere, especially in Red areas.

I could go through the rest, but you get the jist.


ONLY dems get the BULK of their votes AFTER 3am. ONLY dems overcome 2/3rds of a MILLION votes to WIN by 81000. ONLY dems win counties 81-19, JUST enough to over come MASSIVE leads. Remember, Trump was winning by OVER 582000 which INCLUDED EARLY VOTE.

I want the NUMBERS of provisionals AND mailins ESPECIALLY in Philly where turnout was LIGHT. See they CAN’T have it BOTH ways, WIN the EARLY vote big, AND win the mailins and provisionals LATE, there HAD to be some comingling, NOT enough votes. IF I can see this with BASIC investigation and stats, just THINK what Trumps team has.

I looked up the provisionals. JUST in Philly 94000. There you GO. 12% of the votes were PROVISIONAL.
I looked up MAIL INS JUST in Philly 350000. 45%.
57% from provisional or mail in. (444000) Leaving 43% in PHILLY for early and in person day of. NO WAY.

They WANT us to believe that on NOV 4th, HALF of Philly’s mailins had NOT been counted, and SOMEWHERE ELSE had lead to Trump LOSING his 582000 vote lead

Trump had LOST 557000 VOTES to ONLY lead by 25000 BUT, ONLY HALF of Phillys 350000 mail in had been counted.

NO WAY my friends. even if ALL 94000 proivisional, and ALL 175000 counted Philly mail ins were in that total, that is ONLY 269000 votes. from THE largest district in PA. That means 288000 HAD to come from OTHER districts even IF 100% of those counted in Philly were for Biden.

Remember this is NOV 4tth, ALL the in person ands EARLY vote is IN this count.

That means ALL the in person voting or the VAST majority of it was IN that 3am total, and ONLY the provisional and mail ins were left. 36-38%, and that MOST of that came from someplace OTHER than Philly. When yopu THEN factor in 175000 LEFT in Philly and Biden won by 81000, but was DOWN still 25000, Biden had to get ONLY 61% of what was left, and DID. That means he had to WIN 80 % of ALL mail ins AND 100% of the provisionals in Philly. 84.5 % total.

COME ON. This is JUST Philly, and even if ALL 444000 votes in Philly were FOR Biden, Trump would STILL have a lead of 138000 in the REST of the state. See the IMPOSSIBILTY of this.

Again. I hope this helps it is SO many numbners, and SO confusing, ON PURPOSE.


PA is the HARDEST, because of the MASSIVE Trump lead with MI, and GA, being next, and then WI.

There is simply NO WAY Biden pulled of “miracles in ALL 4 states AFTER 3AM to erase HUGE leads.

Occam’s Razor, the simpliest answer to a complex question is the most correct. The simpliest answer is FRAUD

Will look at the others later.

Time to pick a side.

This is all going to the SCOTUS. Yesterday, new SCOTUS assignments went out. Basically each Justice gets a region where they can decide alone, to hear “emergency” appeals. ALL the contested states save VA, NV, AZ are in conservative Justice jurisdiction.

I want to know who decides the districts? SURELY it is not Roberts. This was basically the same as last time with the liberals retaining the 9th circuit, and ACB splitting others. HUGE though. We KNOW Alito is going to accept PA. We KNOW, despite the “certification” that Thomas will accept GA, and we KNOW that Kavanaugh and Barrett will accept MI and WI respectively. The ONLY ones not accepted then will be from AZ and NV, and VA. WOE be unto them who do NOT…ROBERTS…because FRAUD will be proven there too, OH, and ONCE the fraud is proven to the entire SCOTUS, 5-4, those results WILL be overturned, which means not only is Trump President, BUT, more importantly, the Republicans will have 54-56 in the Senate AND a majority in the HOUSE…yep the HOUSE.

Gee, WHO impeaches SCOTUS traitors (Roberts) Why YES, it is the HOUSE. I do not even CARE if they have enough to convict him in the Senate, Impeachemrnt of a SCOTUS judge, which is what they threatened Kavanaugh and ACB with BTW, LESSENS his authority. Now would THAT mean at LEAST a NEW chief justice would have to be appointed? IF it did, say hellow to Chief Justice Thomas, and GOODBYE to the FISC court.

We are in for some INTERESTING times. I truly believe that SCOTUS WILL rule the ballots in the cases they hear to be INVALID due to overwhelming FRAUD, giving Trump at a minimum, PA, WI, MI..Guess what that is? 46 electoral votes. Trump NOW has banked 232. 232+46=278. BALLGAME.

Let them steal GA, VA, NV AZ for NOW, they will be reversed LATER, when it does NOT matter, because at 278 Trump is President.

JUST like Gove vs Bush, it need NOT go to the House, The SCOTUS, and ONLY the SCOTUS, can simply rule all fraud ballots tossed as there is NO proof to their chain of custody or lineage. ALL thanks to the dems. That takes care of most of the mail ins, the ones NO ONE but dems got to “see” THAT in itself is enough to reverse PA, WI, MI. THEN the computer fraud comes in. which WILL lead to even MORE Biden fraud tossed.

The point is, Trump only needs out of the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of fraud votes in those states, @12000 tossed in WI, easy peasy thanks to Dane and Milwaukee Counties. He ONLY needs @ 160000 in MI, which will be Wayne and Oakland easy, and that leaves @ 160000 in PA. EASY Philly and Pittsburg.

The SCOTUS CANNOT let FRAUD in 6 or 7 cities and counties out of 4000 counties and TENS of THOUSANDS of cities across the US, TAINT the rest and sway an election.

THAT alone would shread the Constitution. It is EXACTLY WHY we have an electoral college, to PREVENT a party from LOADING UP in the big cities and disenfranchising the REST of the country.

The FACTS are EASY legally. in PA, MI, the dems violated BOTH federal and STATE law in not maintaining the sanctity of the votes, by lineage and chain of custoday AND, refusing to have an OPEN evaluation of the validity of those ballots in ONLY those cities. That was a KEY equal protection law POINT that Rudy Guiliani made. See in the OTHER counties and cities in those states,( and the likely REST of them in the US) ballots WERE put in chain of custody, there WERE open evaluations and contestations by BOTH parties. TWO RULES= BAD, and the RULE (law) breakers get F’d. In some cities and counties in the SAME state, other votes, and voters were subjected to MORE stringent standards than ANY of these dems counties. That means those votes that may or were cast out in those non dem cities and counties were disenfranchised by the liberal methods the dems employed. ILLEGAL! Ruled so in 2000’s Bush VS Gore..IE PRECEDENT. (SCOTUS)

See the Dems did this to themselves, it was they that violated LAWS, AND ruined the sanctity of the votes in those cities, so when ALL have to be tossed, yep ALL, because they CANNOT now GUARANTEE the votes are “pure” ALL their OWN actions. they just NEVER expected to be CAUGHT OR held accountable.

In Bush VS Gore, ONE of the reasons the SCOTUS used to overturn the lower court rulings and STOP the count was because the equal protection of ALL other votes Florida and in the US, that were NOT held to the SAME open standards Palm beach and Broward were using, were being treated UNFAIRLY, and it RISKED disenfranchising ALL the rest for those TWO counties.

The OTHER reason, though it was more due to punch ballots, but it IS precedent, was that the sanctity of the ballots themselves was IN QUESTION because of all the handling.

Things like throwing away or destroying mail in ballot evevelopes, NOT requiring signature match, because there NOW is NO envelope, (GA, PA, MI, and WI), not allowing rep observers to challege those votes in those 6 or 7 dem counties, but having it ENFORCED everywher ELSE (Trump counties and cities), giving WRONG “interpretations” of the rules, allowing ballots to be “cured” IE filling IN missing info, or calling voters to come in and CURE it themselves in DEM counties, but NOT rep counties, NOT allowing challengers in dem counties, but permitting them, in Rep counties, accepting ballots with missing info, or bad marking in dem counties but NOT in rep counties, and most aggregiously, filling IN missing votes fro President, ALL Biden, in ONLY dem counties (determining the “will” of the voter, Ie what the ballot counter THOUGHT the voter MEANT. ALL illegal, ALL in ONLY dem counties, and ALL in the favor of Biden. 2000 was a PICNIC compared to this. ALL equal protection violations, ALL by dems ONLY, and ONLY in the big dem cities and counties that gave Biden his “wins” ALL are going to be TOSSED unless the dems have PROOF, that not ONE of these violations took place on EVERY ballot. They CAN’T, because ALL and MORE occurred, and we have millions of witnesses, and hundreds of FACT witness affidavits who will attest and HAVE attested differently.

The MSM listing NO evidence is laughable at BEST, and deecietful at worst. The SMART ones KNOW where this is headed, and are starting to PANIC, because they are ALL IN, and have NOTHING. Trump is showing FOUR cards The King of Spades, the Queen of spades, the Jack of spades, and the 10 of spades. WHAT do you think his hole card is? The ACE of spades, and they KNOW IT.

This is ALL going to get FLIPPED in court. What do I mean? EASY. Trump will “allege” The equal protection violations in all 6 or 7 dem counties, and likely even GA Fulton too. He will provide FACT witnessses, affidavits, video, audio, pictures, data, and more that ALL I listed above HAPPENED, and the dems did NOTHING to stop it, they PROMOTED, ENABLED, ENCOURAGED, and PARTICIPATED in it. Trump has MORE than enough evidence for it. It THEN becomes the DEMS who have the burden to PROVE that these things alleged did NOT happen. THEY CAN’T. We have the witnesses, VIDEO, AUDIO, and PICTURES that it DID. The dems SCREWED up by NOT allowing Rep ballot watchers in at ALL…100 or more feet away behind glass, sometimes COVERED glass. The dems and MSM thought this was smart, and cute. TOO cute by HALF. The SCOTUS will NOT think it is cute, and will DEMAND reasons WHY. COVID will NOT cut it. People stood in LINE and VOTED with covid, the votes can be counted FAIRLY because of covid.

They are F’D on the equal protection ALONE. They cannot PROVE one single ballot is REAL. They threw away the envelopes and had them shreded, thinking that would do it…we can’t prove they are real, because we have NO signature match, no providence, but here they are, ALL Biden votes. THAT will NOT fly. It would disenfranchise at LEAST 70 MILLION voters, and possibly @ 140 MILLON. ALL for 6 or 7 dem counties. SORRY, not gonna do that. Dems BUILT this fraud, now they are going to watch it be demolished.

In this case, in the 6 or 7 dem counties, there is NO chin of custody, and the process was CLOSED to all but DEMS, so there too is NO sanctity oof the ballots. The DEMS made this bed, ALL will be tossed in Wayne, Oakland, Allegheny (Pittsburg) and Philadelphia counties. Giving Trump PA and MI, because that is where Biden got all or MOST of the mail in ballot fraud, MORE than enough to let Trump win by MORE than the @320000 votes combined he needs.

That leaves WI, where ONLY 10000 or so votes are needed. Trump has paid for a recount in Dane and Milwaukee, and the way WI is doing it, I BET he gets at LEAST 12-15000 votes thrown out Milwaukee too went against open inspection by Rep observers, a violation of STATE and Fed law. WI, may FIX their proble BEFORE it even NEEDS to go to SCOTUS, but the SAME case applies IF they don’t

Then there is option B as others discussed, Run out the clock, or get enough in question so NO ONE gets to 270 by Dec 14th. Then the election goes to the House, and each State gets ONE vote based upon who controls the state legislature. Currently I believe it is 26 rep, to 23 dem, with one tie. 26 wins, and gives the Presidency to Trump. Then the VP goes to the current Senate, which is 53 -47 Rep, so that gives the VPO to Pence.

There IS an option C. That is the state legislatures DO NOT ratify the current certifications in MI, WI, PA, GA, AZ, NV. I believe ALL but NV have Rep legislatures. They would NOT certify, and elect their OWN electors to vote based upon the will of the people minus the FRAUD, thus giving Trump the win, even IF the den Govs, or a rogue Rep Gov, like a duecy or a kemp sent Biden electors along with the Rep Legislatures Trump electors, I believe legally ONLY the legislature electors would be counted as REAL, as a legislative representative body weighs more than a SINGLE person, the Governor. Worst case, BOTH electors are not counted, and ANY state then loses ALL its electoral college votes, and again we get to the LESS than 270 scenario, and it Goes to the House.

In short here, Trump has MULTIPLE ways to win, all legitimate. Biden has ONE and it would be ILLEGITIMATE. IF SCOTUS allowed the fraud to stand. I cannot see that option happening, NOT with 5 strict Constitutionalists on the court. EVEN Roberts would have to CONSIDER the ramifications (to himself) were he to go AGAINST the equal protection clause, One person, ONE vote.

IF that happened, America, as we knew it, is DEAD. There would be NO fair representation, and NO rule of law ever again. Might as well SHRED the Constitution and start over. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Trump HAS this, unfortunately there are going to be many twists and turns, and many tense moments until we get resolution. It will put the country through HELL once again, and the dems, despite their OBVIOUS fraud will continue to resist, and whine, threaten, bitch, and burn.

That is the PRICE for freedom, it is NOT always EASY, it is not always CLEAN, and it must ALWAYS be fought for. But it IS worth it. Thank GOD we have a man like Trump, WILLING to fight for it FOR us. He WILL need US to support him, and we ARE. Ronald Reagan said Freedom is ALWAYS just one generation away from extinction

This is NOT, despite what the lying MSM says, about Trump, he could have simply conceded, and LET them win, and MOVED his HQ, his family, and his wealth, to a foreign country, and WATCHED America implode. He would be fine, but WE will suffer.

He DIDN’T. He WON’T, he CAN’T. He loves this country too much, and yes, that includes ALL of us. He has taken EVERY poison arrow, every slander, every attack, every LIE, ever traitorous moment, in stride, for US. Hell they have even tried to bankrupt him, jail him and his family, threaten even his young son and grandchildren, call his wife a hooker, and even multiple assassination attempts. He ENDURES, a lesser man would have said screw this, it is NOT worth it.

That is why we ALL love Trump, he ALWAYS tilts, (fights) when it wwould be EASY to withdraw (give in or give up).

He does it for AMERICA, and AMERICANS. He is simply the BEST President of my lifetime, and believe me, passing Reagan is an accomplishment. He has done MORE with little to NO help than ANY President save Lincoln. He NEEDS us now, but even MORE importantly , we need HIM.

We will win, but it will be tough, and not pretty or clean.

Time to decide. Is freedom WORTH it? NO more fence sitting. ALL the cards and players are all in, the masks are REMOVED, the traitors and libs in conservative clothing (Tucker, Ingranham, Fox, others) arre ALL in the open.

They CHOSE the easy path to wealth but slavery..yes SLAVERY to anb all powerful govt.

WE chose the DIFFICULT path to FREEDOM, ands govt by the people, OF the people, and FOR the people.

We are siding with the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

They are siding with the Globalists, China, and AGAINST the Constitution.

THIS is it, Valley Forge. suffer, fight and WIN, or give up, go home, and LOSE.

I know wher Trump and I stand. What say you all?

(For YOU dad)

“I am PROUD to be an American, where at least I know I’m free, and I WON’t forget the men who died, that gave that right to me. I’d gladly stand up, next to you, and defend her still today, cause their ain’t no doubt I love this land…God bless the USA.”

With all due credit to Mr Lee Greenwood.

NOTHING can stop what is HERE!


Folks, I am now convinced the raid in Germany was 100% REAL, and NOT “debunked” It was GAS LIT. I smell FEAR.

Just like I said. Trump and team were WATCHING, in REAL time on their server. BUT to PROVE it, beyond reasonable doubt, you would NEED the server at the HEART. You would THEN have a compare and contrast.

I want you all to think on this. Remember the PA theft a few months ago, one where hard drives were “stolen”

MOST think it was the Cabal, prepping their steal. But what IF it was NOT the Cabal. What IF it was Trumps cyber agency, or military? What if the algorithm was put in WELL before ED. Would we NEED that as PROOF? We would ALSO need some voting machines and tabulators as PROOF. We would need them BEFORE and AFTER and DURING to SHOW just what happened. BEFORE any hacks could RESET and or REMOVE the algorithm.

We would be able to COMPARE what was on the machines to AFTER, compare the theft on the blockchain server to the frankfurt server, and be able to SHOW the steal in REAL time by feeding dummy ballots through a compromised machine and tabulator, and then see what is sent to the server. THEN, compare it to the REAL hand count totals, subtracting the created ballots, the DIGITAL fake ballots, from the REAL ballots.

We would SHOW the FLIPS, the digital creations, AND the fare created mail ins. PROOF> BEYOND any reasonable doubt.

I keep thinking back to what Wicktor wrote, about underestimating Trump AGAIN. Then he pointed out the printer stuff, AND used the Iran “raid” where the “Israeli’s” got that treasure trove of Iranian nuclear data.

The Iranian’s NEVER knew, till it was TOO late. The Cabal will NEVER know JUST what Trump has EITHER, till it’s TOO late.

Q said we have it ALL. He also said the people cannot be TOLD, they must be SHOWN, and lastly he said NOTHING, (not even a PHONY election, and MSM propaganda) can STTOP what is COMING.

Trump KNEW, he and his team watched, they WAITED, and now the TRAP is sprung.

The ESPER firing was a KEY TELL. He was BRIEFING Biden. He WOULD have told of the RAID, and the TRAP. But he was OUT of that LOOP. Trump KNEW. He WAITED till ESPER showed his TRUE colors, and AXED him. Then he put into motion the OP that could NOT happen if ESPER was there.

This took BALLS, military and cyber PLANNING, and it took State and yes CIA cooperation.The FBI would NOT know. FBI is DOMESTIC, NOIT foreign, it took CIA.

So we have CIA and DHS (cyber division, likely DIA too) locating and scouting the server location. Then we have CIA and MILITARY assets executing the RAID, and State clearing it ALL through with Germany.

TOTAL secrecy. NO ONE knew till it was ALL said and DONE.

WHY did Haspel meet with McConnel?

LOL many thought to plan the backstab.

Let me ASK you. Is McConnel a member of something BIG in the Govt, that deals weith INTEL and NATIONAL security?

Why YES, he is a member of the Gang of 8. So too is Pelosi, Schumer, Warner, Burr, McCarthy, SCHIFF, and Nunes.

WHO amongst these is TRUSTWORTHY? ONLY McConnel, Nunez, McCarthy, and Nunes.

WHO briefs the Gang of 8 on FOREIGN intel? The DNI AND the CIA.

WHEN did Haspel BRIEF McConnel? RIGHT after the raid on Monday US TIME.

I’ll bet my GOPHER suit she ALSO briefed ALL the “good guys” in the Gang of 8, but NONE of the BAD.

WHY? Because the bad guys in the Gang of 8 would TELL the plan, and ALL OF THEM are IN on the conspiracy, even Burr.

Gee, WHO has come out in FULL support of Trump on this? McConnell, Graham (Senate judiciary..for the TRIALS), Nunes, McCarthy, Pompeo.

Coincidence? NOPE, they KNOW.

WHY did the election “watchdog, in charge of watching election fraud, resign? Because HE was IN THE WAY, and HAD to go.

We ALL need to turn off the MSM, they are gas lighting at a breakneck pace…ask WHY, because they want to RUSH before the EVIDENCE comes out, making it ALL the FRAUD it is. Did they do this in 2000? NOPE. Were they in a RUSH to certify Trump’s wins in 2016? NO, they fought tooth and NAIL, remember the recounts, then the faithless elector shit? ALL dems. RESIST. ALL While a Cabal hatched aplan to UNDO what they could NOT stop.

This time, after 4 years of FAILURE trying to UNDO a legal lawful election, they simply decided to do HERE what they have always done in places like Venezuela, STEAL IT.

They tested their process here in 2018, and Trump LET THEM think they GOT AWAY with it. He WATCHED, as dems STOLE the House, he LEARNED, he knew where, when, who, and HOW.

He put in COUNTERMEASURES to stop it. BUT, instead of merely stopping it, he LET them make the conscious effort to STEAL it when it looked like Trump was going to win BIG. NOW he has to PROVE it. and he WILL.

He COULD have stopped it BEFORE, but then, when he is gone after 2025, OR in the 2022 midterms, the Dems would use it AGAIN, and someone NOT like Trump might “give in” and concede.

THE ONLY WAY was to LET them steal it, expose it, PROVE it, FLIP it, and ARREST the conspirators. THIS IS THE END for the Cabal.

Q TOLD us, prepare for the DARKNESS, 10 days, and put on the FULL armor of God. Be faithful, vigilant, and know that GOD WINS.

He told us ALL , that they have it ALL, that FISA’s (FOREIGN Intelligence SURVEILLANCE ACT) went BOTH ways.
The Cabal THOUGHT their server in GERMANY, you know a FOREIGN land, was SAFEW from US forensic exam. WRONG.

NOTHING can stop what is not COMING my friends. It is HERE. Enjoy the SHOW.

My thoughts on the FRAUD going on.


Check this out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_Identification_Code

Trump has them.

Hey guys, took the day off yesterday to do so research. Like I always say give it 48 hours on a dem narrative, and THAT is what we are in, a NARRATIVE.

The narrative, which Trump and his people told us about BEFORE the election, was that Trump would be WINNING BIG on election day, and that it would be a “red mirage” and Biden would overcome days later.

Even FOX, NO PRIMARILY FOX, helped to perpetuate this narrative.

FOX inexplicably called Arizona for Biden, when ALL the trends across the nation showed in Rep areas Trump was winning 3 to 1. They based this on EARLY VOTE and EARLY returns from the DEM areas of Pima and Maricopa county in Arizona.

The Trump team IMMEDIATELY called them out on it, EVEN CNN retracted as did everyone EXCEPT FOX and AP. Know why? They BOTH were using that TRASH Voter survey exit poll. PURE FICTION, and they KNOW it.

They were USED to make a STALL to Trumps momentum, gee was Nevada STILL voting, you bet. So was CA, OR, WA, HI, AK.

They called AZ so quick, just like VA and EVERY Biden state. Some were not close, but so to were TRUMPS. My state, which I predicted would go over 60% for Trump AGAIN, and DID, they HELD for 30 minutes AFTER the polls closed. They then HELD Indiana which ALSO will go @60% for Trump, and they KNEW IT, for OVER an HOUR. Same with SC, which was 55% Trump, a dem has NOT taken SC this century, not EVEN OBAMA, come on. They HELD EVERY Trump state, EVERY SINGLE ONE except the BLANTANTLY obvious later, once they got Biden a “big lead” One which Trump would have SURPASSED had they simply CALLED the STATES correctly, which BTW was done on EVERY OTHER ELECTION, except this one.

Then Trump is on his way to a BIG WIN, just like 2016, and at 230 AFTER the Florida call, which was HELD for THREE HOURS, they KNEW the numbers folks, they HELD IT and OHIO. People were STILL VOTING IN parts of the country, and they HELD IT.

Then the YAUN, the Chinese currency COLLAPSED, and all of a sudden, the counting STOPPED…FLAT with Trump winning WI by over 120K, Mi, by over 300k, and PA by OVER 700k. With 95% in in WI, 68% in in MI, and 65% in in PA. They REFUSED to call NC, despite 100%, not the 95% they are reporting, 100%, and Trump won it by 75 K. They REFUSE to call GA, and they KEEP FINDING votes, all Biden. by the MOST liberal count, Trump won it by 30K 100% reporting, yet they CAN’T call it.


Know WHY, and it is NOT counting votes folks, they know they can’t get there there. They NEVER want to show Trump a path to 270. But Biden sure has one to 270 EXACTLY, thanks to fox. They will STEAL NV, and boom 270, Biden will declare victory, and all the networks will chime in. HOPING to get Trump to concede. LOL they obviously do NOT know Trump, he will NOT concede, he WILL wait to see AZ be flipped, it WILL, ands the MSMs and dems ALL KNOW IT, that is why they want this “over” today. Because when Az flips, Biden AIN’T got 270, and he AIN’T getting GA, or NC, and they KNOW then that it comes to the challenges in MI, and WI, ANMD PA, which I think Trump will win, and STOP the new ballots being printed, tons of them, ALL for Biden.

AZ, NC, PA GA give Trump 279, and THERE is the rub, and THEY KNOW IT. He WILL get them. He WILL get MI and WI too, he just has to go through courts and recounts to PROVE the fraud we ALL know happened.

There is PLEANTY of evidence. When ONE candidate gets 189k to ZERO, not just for Trump for ALL candidates, in a vote dump done at 4AM, with NO poll watchers in WWI to take the lead, and then the other candidate, who was winning ED vote 3 to one, WITH 18% black votes gets NONE, and it is ALL from ONE county, it does not take a GENIUS to figure it out. Let Steve in CO do the math, some one else did it is 5.5 STANDARD DEVIATIONS. The ODDS of that are 1 to 10 followed by 79 zeros. The odds are in fact better to hit the lottery once a day for a YEAR.

This did NOT just happen once, it happened in MI too where the lead for Trump was even BIGGER. They had MULTIPLE precincts of 26000 to ZERO for Trump OR any OTHER candidate. They had a 128K to ZERO. Oh by the way, ED vote spread, a PREDICTOR of ACTUAL voting trends in all of these even DETROIT, was 60-40, yet Biden got multiple buckets, LARGE ones of 26k and UP to ZERO. I am SURE the same is happening in PA, WI, and even Ga.

AH you see the FRAUD. ALL mail in. ALL Biden. NO FUCKING WAY. Math is math, and it is not just improbable, or unlikely, it is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE, a number so small in odds you would need an ELECTRON MICROSCOPE to see it, and it happened NOT just in WI, MI, it his happening now in PA, where there was an even BIGGER lead of 700K

They are trying to say, with a straight face, that a man, universally unliked, not as bad as Hillary, but NOT popular, got MORE votes by FAR than Obama did in 2008, you know THE historic race of the first AA President. COME ON.
I DEFY someone to show ANY place with ANY kind of that enthusiasm for Biden ONCE.

WI had @90% of eligible voters vote. Now knowing thanks to dem stats, the electorate of REGISTERED voters in WI was 43R/35 D/ 22 I, that means ALL the dems, ALL the I’s and @5% of R’s had to vote for Biden. WHO BELIECVES this, and NINETY PERCENT. Obama in 2008 ONLY had 73% vote. Are we supposed to believe Joe got MORE votes in WI than Barack Obama? Are we supposed to believe 90% of registered voters voted at ALL. Then are we supposed to BELIEVE that Joe got 100% dem, 100% Ind, and 5% Rep. COME ON. The FRAUD is OBVIOUS.

In Michigan 79% of ALL eligible voters voted. That too is MORE than Obama got in 2008. The registration breakdown was 41 R, 39D, and 20 Ind. So there they are saying Biden got most of the D and either half the Ind or 10 % of the R. Say 38 D he would have then have to have gotten 10% IND and less than 1% R, possible, but NOT likely in a state where the AUTO industry, fracking, AND lockdowns were on the ballot, and Trump was winning ED 62-38.

MAJOR fuckery.

ALL designed JUIST as the narrative STATED well before the election by the dems and Trump said. NO WAY they could PREDICT the MASSIVE Trump turnout. THAT is why they STOPPED the counts, ALL of them IN MULTIPLE DEM controlled areas IN DIFFERENT STATES FOLKS.

Trump was sweeping to victory, and their numbers were NOT predicting good. SO, they STOPPED. Did the numbers to SEE what would overcome, and POOF magically at @4-5AM, @ 3 hours later, in the DEAD of night, in MULTIPLE DEM AREAS, in MULTIPLE STATES, the “found” massive buckets of ALL Biden votes to erase the deficits. You do NOT have to be a statistician to know the likelihood of ALL that happening at the SAME time, for the SAME candidate. INFANTESCIMLE.

People BETTING that thing would happen would be OVERNIGHT billionaires.

The bottom line. There is MAJOR fraud, HISTORIC. Biden is ON RECORD saying he and Obama had built the largest voter fraud operation in history. I would call that probable cause. Then ALL the statistical anomalies, and the MSM and Twitter FB and big tech fuckery and censorship, stating ONLY 7 “networks” can “call a race”

Well let me tell you, CALLS by ANYONE mean SHIT if the secretaries of State in all the states haven’t certified it, and EVEN THEN, there WILL be both recounts ands a looming court battle, leading to the SCOTUS.

WATCH what happens today and tomorrow. Biden will “win” Nev, and “declare victory” and the MSMS will all follow, calling on Trump to concede, he WON’T and they will riot, and then they will try the old for the “good of the country shit” and Trump will persevere. THEN, AMAZIINGLY, AZ will “unexpectedly” flip to Trump. Then GA, and NC will be called for Trump, perhaps earlier if they are STUPID. The PA will RUN OUT of votes on Biden, with Trump WINNING by @ 20000 votes.

At that point, it is GAME ON. Trump will THEN ALSO declare victory, and it will be the DEMS going to court in AZ, GA, NC, and PA.

They KNOW that they have ZERO chance of R voter fraud, or winning a recount that has Trump in the lead, they DON’T WANT RECOUNTS, it WILL show DEM FRAUD.

So the Dem play will be “Not every vote counted BS, and try to RINT Biden votes, and postmark them on ED. They have ALREADY been caught trying this,. and were STOPPED by a whistle blower.
In the END, Trump will be shown winner of PA, GA, NC, and AZ, and have 279. Biden will sue to open up “late” ballots in those states, and it will go to SCOTUS, remember, the ruling to SEPARATE any after ED votes. They KNEW this was coming. SCOTUS will STOP the after ED votes, making Trump the winner. Trump will suggest now dropping the recounts in WI and MI, a PLOY. Biden and the “resistance” will fire up, combined with MSM cries of “disenfranchisement”, and THEN Trump will call out the NG to quell the riots, AND the recounts will SHOW the FRAUD in BOTH MI, WI, and others.

The dems will die on the hill of Resistance, and riots. trying to make Trump AGAIN illegitimate. Saying shit like “not every vote was counted” and Biden won the popular vote”

They will SCREAM about the recounts, forgetting Hillary did the EXACT same things in PA, WI, MI in 2016, using Jill Stein. WHEN they found OBVIOUS fraud in BOTH Milwaukee AND Detroit (running the SAME all Clinton ballots through the SAME machine up to 6x, they STOPPED the recounts, because Trump was GAINING those ballots.

I bet the SAME things happened THIS time and got the deficit erased, and THEN they used the mail ins to complete the fraud.

They WILL be caught. Trump will NOT give up. Things like OOPS forgot to count these 600 ALL Trump ballots, and OOPS we added a ZERO to ALL Biden ballots, and OOPS we found ALL Biden ballots in a box DO NOT just HAPPEN. ERRORS in MULTIPLE counties ALL in the SAME DIRECTION, in MULTIPLE states do NOT happen.

This time, they FUCKED up. My BET is that Trump has EVIDENCE, as someone was WATCHING.

See, Fox is NOW putting out their FALSE narrative, one that Biden ONLY needs Nev, and Trump must take them ALL, completely IGNORING AZ.

Three things will happen this election.

Trump will overcome all odds and cheating and win
The dem ages old FRAUD and FRAUDSTERS will be EXPOSED
The MSM, polls, pollsters, big tech like Twitter, and FOX will be DESTROYED.

There will be exposed a conspiracy to defraud the election, and Fox, MSM, Twitter were IN ON IT.

I HOPE there is a RICO case brought.

Rudy is there for a REASON, and it is RICO, not election fraud, unless it LEADS to RICO.

Trump HAD to have a PLAN, and it HAD to involve video, and some sort of ballot tracing to ferret out cloned or fake ballots, mass produced, ALL Biden.

So, KNOWING THATNOW, LOL some on OUR side are claiming that since there are 50 different ballots, in 50 different states, they ALL can’t have a watermark or a hidden form to be able to id real from FAKE.

WHY? They absolutely f ing CAN, CA does it, others too. Q asked us WHO distributes the ballots. The states right, BUT, they have to meet FEDERAL approval now. WHO controls that approval? DHS. CAN DHS make states use ONE or two printing houses, for SECURITY? DAMN straight they did..er can WINK.

Let me ask you. HOW MANY 100.00 dollar bills are printed each day? Thousands? MILLIONS? Tens of Millions? We have different mints, all printing the same thing. Does our currency have security, like a watermark an d MORE? Why YES, yes it does.

SO that establishes that we did… err can (wink) print MILLIONS of different ballots for different states at the same time using ONLY a few select printers, recommended by DHS (WINK WINK)

Now, IF it is established there IS an oversight agency, DHS, and they can recommend or REQUIRE the use of select printers, and they CAN print millions, even TENS of millions of items, (WINK WINK WINK) then they ALSO CAN, in secret, have those printers insert a watermark or something else for SECURITY.

NOT hard to see, not inconceivable, not impossible, VERY doable, especially when WE are in control via DHS. ESPECIALLY when we KNEW they were planning to STEAL the election via vote fraud, USING mail in ballots, 10s of MILLIONS of them.

Now, tell me WHAT happens IF this was done or even something as simple as a serial number? They can TRACK all LEGAL ballots, and then can ALSO track ANY and ALL illegal ones. Makes PERFECT sense when you KNOW what they are trying to do AHEAD of time.

WHAT happens to ALL those ILLEGAL ballots, likely copied or printed in someplace like CHINA?

They are ALL. 100% INVALIDATED>

What happens to Biden’s lead which was OBVIOUSLY inflated at 4 AM after the counting stopped at 230AM? Because the dems KNEW the numbers they had to OVERCOME, and right on cuie, POOF, they APPEARED all at the same time, ALL for BIDEN, ALL magically erasing MASSIVE Trump leads, and ALL in DEM cities, and ALL at the SAME TIME 4 AM.

THAT is why the dems do NOT want poll watchers. They ALSO will NOT want recounts, but they are GETTING THEM. Lawsuits.

Trump ALWAYS knew this was going to the SCOTUS. WHAT will he show them and the WORLD, the watermarks.

Impossible to DENY, Impossible to HIDE, EVERYONE will be watching.

What are two of the things Q has ALWAYS said.

One, you cannot TELL the people, you MUST SHOW THEM.

You are watching a movie, Enjoy the show/

We ALL thought Q was talking about other things, but it was ALWAYS the 2020 election, the REST he told us about will come AFTER.

Enjoy the show. It will be the GREAT AWAKENING. WE ALL learn the truth, that the dems always use fraud to “win”

WHAT happens after that? MORE than just a Trump win taking BACK the country. We ALL want to see the swamp drained, well THIS is how it gets the plug pulled.

Oh, and for some ICING. Read Trumps 2018 EO on WHAT happens to people who interfere in the US elections, boith FOREIGN AND domestic. The DEMS demanded election reforms AFTER 2016, he GAVE it to them.

They WILL NOT like the consequences ONCE it is PROVEN to be THAM and likely CHINA

HINT, think ALL assets SIEZED, even subsidiaries, even shell corps, land, buildings, the ENTIRE BALL OF WAX. READ IT. IT is on the WH.Gov site.

Once you read it, then APPLY it to what is happening. OH BONUS, we are IN an ACTIVE state of emergency since then.

WE ALL knew they were going to CHEAT using the mail in ballots, why they pushed it SO hard, and why COvid was introduced, Q told us so MONTHS ago. Some, espescially the squishy reps will say but this is folly, there CAN’T be 50 different statea with 50 different watermarks it is a “conspiracy theory”

And I Still make the point it would be EASY to print 50 different “sets” of ballots, ALL with a hidden watermark. Those saying it is “impossible” are either mis informed, misguided, or flat wrong.

Proof? 50 sets of ballots WERE printed, they have been counting them for 4 days now.

Why some cannot see thatt, and automatically DISMISS the truth in front of them.

Let me repeat, 50 different sets of ballots in the tens of millions WERE printed. Therefore they ALL could have some hidden marker…that is UNDISPUTED.

We will know for SURE when Trump presents evidence in the SCOTUS, NOT before.

For someone having the election, one in which despite OBVIOUS FRAUD on the other side in the MILLIONS, he would have set a TOTAL vote record in, DESPITE covid,, STOLEN both in the cover of night AND in broad daylight, Trump is REMARKABLY CALM. WHY?

I hope the dems enjoy their faux “victories”. They will be FLEETING.

Look, Trump KNEW this was coming, he told us MANY TIMES, so too did Barr and others.

So they KNEW, WELL in advance. Yet they took NO action. LOL. So NOW Trump is reactionary. LMAO.
He KNOWS something, something the dems and MSM DO NOT, he is TOO confident. Just KNOWING somnething is not enough for such confidence, and RINOS like Graham now flooding to him, means they KNOW something too.

It is NOT enough to just to KNOW something, you have to be able to PROVE it BEYOND ANY reasonable doubt. Do you THINK that Trump AND now even some RINOs, like Miss Lindsey, are so confident if they didn’t have PROOF.

Proof by the way is more than just anecdotal evidence like videos of people dropping off ballots in the middle of the night, and openly changing or SPOILING Trump ballots.

You would have to PROVE that LITERALLY tens to huindreds of thousands of votes were FRAUDS.

Cross referencing the dead, voter rolls, good..and will be THOUSANDS. But the BEST way to prove it would be if their were Hundreds of thousands of COUNTERFEIT ballots. Now HOW would one PROVE that. AH, NOW we begin to see.

There would likely be tracing, SN’s Watermarks, and all kinds of crap, hell there may even be video and chains of “custody”

I REFUSE to believe that after 2018, and KNOWING what they had planned, that Trump and his team would be caught flatfooted and unprepared.

But, PRex, Trump didn’t have enough lawyers and poll watchers set up. Sure, he didn’t, that is why we have ALL these CLEAR videos and whistle blowers, and EYE WITNESSES who have SWORN affidavits saying what they saw/know.

Trump just made it LOOK like he had NO ONE watching, so the dems would feel confident, OVER confident they could EASILY and BRAZENLY steal it.

How do you BEST set a trap? Make the one being trapped feel free and SAFE to do his crime.

The people doing the crimes are NOT pros, the county election officials are the PROS, knowing HOW AND WHERE to slip in the FRAUD, the people ACTUALLY committing the fraud are AMATUERS, and NOT as careful, OR cautious. they WILL be caught. Be patient.

The Art of War. Tsun Tzu.

Keep your plans HIDDEN as dark as night, and when you move make it like a THUNDERBOLT.

Know your enemy, Know yourself, if you KNOW your enemy AND yourself, you have NO FEAR of EVER losing.

When you are NEAR, make the enemy think you are FAR away. When you are FAR away, make your enemy think you are NEAR.

WHO is a Tsun Tzu scholar? WHO wrote a BOOK based on it, and applied those tactics to BUSINESS?

WHO has been employing that for OVER 4 years to defeat the dems at EVERY turn, even when times are DARK, like today?

Who has them CONVINCED that he is Elmer Fudd, and NOT Buggys Bunny?

Michael More Knows…”Trump is an evil GENIUS”

Trump once again will snatch VICTORY from the jaws of defeat, he has a history of doing it.

Trump is like Harry Stampler from the Movie Armageddon. “He will do it, he doesn’t know HOW to lose”

Watch and see. Try to stay calm. I KNOW it is HARD, hell even I had to take a day to reflect. But patience is a virtue. Lets let this play out. I will panic IF Trump does, I do NOT see that happening.

I KNOW it sucks to watch the US be turned into Iran and having open banana republic vote stealing going on. But this HAD to be done, it is TIME the dems got caught, exposed, laid bare, and DESTROYED.

The will have done it to themselves, and ALL the wailing, gnashing of teeth, protests, riots, and talking heads will NOT save them.

Their OPEN defiance of LAW, and transparency is NOW on 24/7 display, for ALL to see, even the dems, even the left, and even the normies.

They will SCREAM bloody murder when this goes to SCOTUS, with Trump trailing, most likely in all the states he won Tuesday,, but have been stolen. He will then PROVE to the WORLD, just what happened. WHERE, HOW, and by WHO. It is the ONLY way he can win.

He COULD, right NOW, go in with the military and SHUT IT DOWN. Stopping the steal COLD, and there would be NOTHING to stop him. BUT, then the dems would say HE stole it, and HE is disenfranchising “voters”

He sadly, MUST let them finish. Then SHOW everyone WHAT they did with PROOF.

Then the SCOTUS, which can NOT order an reelection, ONLY has ONE remedy. Throw out ALL illegal ballots. IF they cannot BE segregated, THAT is on the DEMS for lack of transparency AND NOT following a DIRECT SCOTUS ruling to the LETTER. They were told they could accept ballots after ED, BUT they HAD TO segregate them and SAVE THEM, they DIDN’T, they COULDN’T , Trumps LEADS were too big, so BIG that they had to add even MORE, and are CONTINUING to do so.

Do you KNOW what choice that leaves SCOTUS? ONE and ONLY ONE. EVERY vote from ANY fraudulent county will be THROWN OUT, even the legit ones, EVEN Repub votes. NO WAY, thanks to dems, to sort this ACCURATELY.

WHERE is 99% of the fraud? HEAVY dem counties. WHAT happens if ALL those hundreds of thousands of votes are tossed? Trump WINS BIG.

That is the play. Watch and see.
The dems will cry foul,
NO ONE will listen, because but will be 100% THEIR fault for cheating and HIDING IT, AND ignoring a direct court order.

Their tears will fill the streets, and it will be BIBLICAL.

“I am going to bring the whole diseased corrupt temple down on your head, it’s going to be BIBLICAL. “

If it AIN’T close, they CAN’T cheat.

“if it ain’t close, they can’t cheat” Rush Limbaugh. That is EXACTLY what IS happening now, and going to get WORSE on ED. See the dems know the numbers, that is why they USE VBM and early voting, to predict how much FRAUD they need on ED. It ALWAYS worked before Trump. They are PANICKED by what they see, but MORE panicked by what they CAN’T see. They used to be able to predict their “outcome” and if any “help” was needed.

NOW, that scheme does NOT work. They simply CANNOT predict turnout on ED anymore. Trump voters don’t play by their old rules. They DON’T answer polls, or LIE to pollsters. PLUS Trump gets people, MILLIONS of them, that they CANNOT predict, like those that have not voted for a decade or more. Couple that with the shy Trump voter, and disgruntled dems, Inds, and NEW voters, and the dems have a problem. Then they now SEE the trends on their old staples of Blacks and Latinos, and it SCARES THE SHIT out of them.

Then to put icing on the cake the dems baked, they DO NOT know just how many DEMS are crossing over to vote Trump. Their lockdowns, riots, and draconian polices on taxes, jobs, etc, have driven MANY to vote for Trump. They JUST DON’T KNOW.

I am sure they planned on double the numbers of THEFT that Trump won by in 2016, lets say 100k in Philly, and 30K in Detroit, and 50K in Milwaukee. The problem is they will have been UNDER, WAY under what is ACTUALLY happening. NOW, they want to extend to “get” more votes, it will take DAYS if not WEEKS to cheat, and the SCOTUS has already STOPPED that in places, and WILL stop it in places like PA, and NC.

NO ONE believes their MSM propaganda OR their FAKE oversampled and skewed polls anymore.

In short, the dems are about to get a Reaganesque THUMPING, and their own pollsters are WARNING them, but the warnings have come too late. This is trickling down ( pun intended) to the MSM pundits, who are sounding ALARM bells 7 BELL alarms. The cake is BAKED, Trump will ICE it on Nov 3rd.

I said it before, Trump LET them STEAL the House in the midterms, he set them up. He WATCHED, he LEARNED, he ADAPTED.

He knows ALL their tricks, and has countermeasures in place to STOP it, both “secretly” and LEGALLY. No riots, propaganda, wwailing, or lawsuits can STOP it.

There is a REASON DC is locking down and boarding up, as are other dem areas, and it AIN’T cause Biden is gonna win.

Biden, Harris and others are putting on a “good face” but their TONE betrays them. Their ACTIONS betray them. They KNOW they are toast, and they are PISSED, they, like Hillary, had so many plans, all dashed. They are throwing a public tantrum, only no one covers it, and FEW, VERY few see it.

Now they do not even BOTHER to hide the PATHETIC crowds, they simply try to limit Trump’s via executive fiat. That NEVER works, it only pisses people off FURTHER, and MAKES them validate their Trump vote.

Biden comes in and SCREAMS and LECTURES his 30-50 “supporters” in their little circles, with “dark winters” and DOOM and GLOOM”. Hint, LOOSERS go NEGATIVE, especially when LOOSING big.

WINNERS talk of BRIGHT FUTURES, and GOOD DAYS AHEAD. Optimism WINS. It BUILD enthusiasm. Pessimism builds LOSING.

I ask you, who is OPTIMISTIC? Who LOOKS like a winner? WHO has the enthusiasm? There is a REASON for that. It is REAL, as is Biden’s pessimism.

They THOUGHT and PLANNED for Covid and the riots to depress people, to depress the vote, the EXACT opposite happened. Covid and the riots FAILED, it pissed of America, and NOT against Trump, against Dems that locked them down. They THOUGHT we would blame Trump, and that we would take it out on him in the election, they were WRONG.

They THOUGHT that if Covid and the riots failed, they would always have the fraud to carry them home. They were DEAD wrong on that.

NEWSFLASH, fraud ONLY works in a LOW turnout. That is WHY they could steal the House in the midterms, Midterms are traditionally MUCH lower turnout than Presidential races. They succeeded in 2018, despite a brisk but NOT PRESIDENTIAL turnout. They had NO IDEA that the turnout would be THIS high, they thought WE like their supporters would be SCARED or locked in by covid. FATAL mistake. It is the BIDEN voters who are scared and locked in, not team MAGA.

Biden and some of the pundits were right about one thing, this election WILL be decided by Covid. But NOT as they thought. The people are SICK AND TIRED of the covid scam. They want to GET ON with their lives, FREE to make and take their OWN decisions and risks. They want their lives, jobs, and FREEDOM back.

The ONLY way to get that is to vote Trump. Thanks for the GLOOM and DOOM, and radical promises to re-lockdown the ENTIRE country dumbasses. They THOUGHT that by locking down, spreading FEAR, and DESTROYING the economy that we would blame Trump out of FEAR…being pessimistic. BIG mistake!

It shows JUST how out of touch with REAL America they are. Americans are by NATURE, or divine providence, OPTIMISTIC, we ALWAYS look to tomorrow. Trump brought that BACK, he brought BACK the American dream, and people EMBRACED it, EVERYONE except the few dems in power, their MSM sycophants, the radical left, and the never Trumpers. They were HAPPY to be miserable, and to make and KEEP us miserable, because it KEPT them in power, which made them MONEY.

They do NOT want prosperity for all, they want you DEPRESSED emotionally, physically, AND economically. So THEY can prosper financially off OUR misery.

This election boils down to

pessimism VS optimism
radicalism VS nationalism
Socialism VS Capitalism
depression VS EXPANSION
The American NIGHTMARE VS the American DREAM.

VOTE according to what side YOU want.

I am voting with Trump, because he represents optimism, courage, nationalism, expansion, light, truth, FREEDOM, and the American DREAM.

E Pluribus Unum

God bless America, you all, and Donald J. Trump, the greatest President of my lifetime.

The FBI is toast.

Just had a thought. Recall that BOTH Giuliani and Steve Bannon were investigated by the FBI in the past year. Giuliani had two of his associates from Ukraine ARRESTED. The ones that gave him info on Burisma and the Biden’s. (sources but not all the sources) Then a few weeks later, Bannon was arrested and pulled of the yacht of a Chinese billionaire.

Now putting two and 2 together. Rudy was investigating Biden’s corruption in Ukraine. Bannon was likely investigating Biden’s corruption in China. I wonder if it was a “Chinese” billionaire, or a TAIWANESE billionaire. Two decidedly different things. In any regard. we KNOW the FBI gad possession of Hunter’s laptop during 2019 and the shampeachment. That was sometime between Oct-Dec 2019. Then after the shampeachment failed in Feb, BOTH the guys digging dirt on the Biden’s which NOW looks 100% true, were “investigated, threatened, and either were arrested (Bannon) or had associates (witnesses and sources) arrested.

Now it does NOT take a rocket scientist to put two and two together. The FBI, corrupt to its CORE tried to SILENCE the whistleblowers in Burisma, AND the messengers/investigators in Bannon and Giuliani.

The FBI HAD this info, and instead of acting on the CRIMES, their SWORN duty, they HAD in their possession perpetrated by the Biden’s, let ALONE the National security risks involved, they SAT on those crimes and instead ATTACKED and tried to intimidate and SILENCE the whistleblowers and messengers/investigators.

The FBI, and maybe parts of DOJ need to be DISBANDED, and re constituted..PERIOD…FULL STOP.

Do you realize that NEITHER Joe Biden nor his son, with the info we NOW have, coulld pass a simple background check, let ALONE get a security clearance?

Do you KNOW who is responsible for those kinds of security checks? The FBI.

The FBI TRIED to HIDE this info from the PUBLIC, and SILENCE the messengers.

The FBI AGAIN in the name of politics, had a MAJOR negative impact on a Presidential election. 2016 and NOW.
The FBI favored dem candidates, and HID their crimes, and WORSE, tried to PIN the dem candidates CRIMES on TRUMP.

Hunter and Joe are obviously compromised by the CCP, and likely Russia, Ukraine, and other corrupt officials over OIL AND MONEY. Hunter is a drug addict. Joe is OBVIOUSLY diminished mentally.

The CCP, Russia, Iran, and other enemies of the US would have a FIELD DAY exploiting Joe and Hunter’s “weaknesses” through blackmail, they already did it ONCE when Joe was only VP. As President, Joe would be exponentially more powerful, and the enemies would only ramp up their blackmail.

The FBI has to KNOW this. This is MORE than politics and hatred of Trump, this is the FBI OBVIOUSLY interfering and trying to put in power a SECOND person they KNOW is compromised. That means not only is the FBI political, not only are they corrupt, they are ALSO compromised and complicit. Not only Wray needs to go, they ALL do.

From the agent that took the laptop, to the agent that checked it into evidence, to the agent in charge in Delaware. To the very top.

NOW I know what Q meant in that biblical clip from law abiding citizen. Remember, Jaimie fox’s character was a DOJ attorney, and he and his agents were corrupt, and sold out Gerald Butler’s character. Butler’s character says “I’m going to bring down the whole diseased and corrupt temple on YOUR head, its going to be biblical”

The temple is the FBI’s system of “justice” the FBI as a WHOLE is diseased and corrupted from within. They ALL have to be brought down. Trump is going to do JUST that, with Q AND OTHER’S HELP.

This was NOT about just exposing the Biden’s crimes, it was about exposing the FBI’s complicity, and corruption.

The FBI THOUGHT that laptop was the END, and then they attempted to SILENCE those that had/were/are investigating it. They NEVER thought there was a copy of that hard drive (s) in FRIENDLY hands, they have to KNOW that the enemies have it and WORSE. They NEVER thought this evidence, much like the DOJ/FBI and other docs on 2016, Anthony Weiner’s, Seth Rich’s, Julian Assange’s or Anwan’s, info would EVER see the light of day.

The FBI is NOW a domestic coverup arm of the CCP, DNC, and God knows who else’s crimes. J Edgar Hoover was a PIKER to these guys.

The FBI needs an enema, and FLUSHED.

Tie this all in with what I said yesterday. The Biden’s sold out our country for OIL and ENERGY kickbacks from China, Russia, Ukraine, Khuzestan, and God knows who else. Now Biden admitted in the debate that by 2025 he would transition out of oil and fossil fuels and our new found energy independence again. He would GIVE it back to a now MORE PEACEFUL Mideast. WHO stands to benefit if we kill oil and fossil fuel production and exporting here? Read this too .

I told this to Wolf the other day, it is BIG, and EASY. I am surprised no one has yet made this correlation.

The BIG statement by Biden CAN be connected to the laptop.

Joe Biden ” I am going to eliminate fracking and the oil industry here in the US, NO subsidies” Paraphrased right.

Now, put two and two together. WHY? NOT the green new deal. Think HARDER.

ALL the deals that Hunter got, from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and CHINA were from ENERGY companies…read OIL and NATURAL GAS. BIG money…BILLIONS.

WHO stands to PROFFIT if a president Biden shuts down our new found energy independence? JOE BIDEN, through his SON’s deals with FOREIGN state energy companies. Remember for the first time in 75 years, WW2, the US was energy independent and EXPORTING oil and natural gas. WHERE were they exporting those resources TO? Remember, Schiff, John Kerry (through Devin Archer his step son) and Nancy Pelosi through her son Paul, who ALSO has a deal with a Ukrainian oil company, would ALSO stand to profit.

In short, this IMHO, is NOT about the green new deal, which Biden adopted via Bernie to GET the left on board. It is REALLY about the MONEY that Biden and his family and OTHERS stand to make IF Biden wins and KILLS oil and NOITICE he said FOSSSIL FUELS, that includes NATURAL GAS. The green new deal on carbon emissions was the HOOK to get the far left eco freaks on team Biden, he cares LESS, he wants HIS MONEY.

With the dems, it is NEVER about some “cause” it is ALWAYS on how they can PROFIT from the fools that BELIEVE in the cause. The Bernie bros are being HAD, they just don’t see it, they THINK Biden is on THEIR side. Biden is on BIDEN’s side, and his side is about GREEN as in MONEY, not the environment.

Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, ETC ) Now WHO was NOT able to export, and hold hostage in the cold winter, those SAME areas… Oh right, Ukraine, Russia, and CHINA. Coal is next, cause we export it too which hurts CHINA.

This would be DEVESTATING, and I am surprised no one seems to be making that correlation, YET. I guess I need to send this to Trump’s campaign.

The FBI is aiding and abetting a COVERUP of China and others attempts to compromise a Presidential candidate, via his son and money, to eliminate our energy independence, MILLIONS of jobs, and the economic security of the US, not to mention the National security.

The SAME China that unleashed a global pandemic that killed 225000 Americans.

If that is not TREASON, I do not know what treason is.

The show is on, are you watching?

The Cabal have been, IMHO in the midst of a ongoing coup since 2015. At first to STOP Trump from being elected. Then to try to get him to resign once “surprisingly” elected, via blackmail. When all that FAILED, and they realized just what Trump was going to do, they went about neutering or removing the TWO men that COULD have stopped it COLD, Flynn and Sessions.

Then when Trump removed the chief blackmailer, James Comey, who was using the dossier as blackmail, they put a figurehead in Mueller while the blackmail continued via Weismann and “legal” methods, hoping to build an obstruction case, again using the dossier.

When that went poof, without the desired indictable crimes to impeach Trump, they went with the Ukraine scheme to garner shampeachment. They made the SECOND mistake of using THIER own projected crimes in Ukraine onto Trump, just like Hillary did with the dossier projection of Russian collusion in 2016. Trump endured.

Then they moved to Covid and riots this year to try and subvert the election by destroying lives and businesses, and the greatest economy the world had ever seen. ALL with the same modus operandi, to get rid of Trump before he could GET RID OF THEM.

They now are trying, and LOSING, to cheat an election. They are LOSING guys, and just like I told you the other day, Trump has a plan, and I see it now. ALL their ballot harvesting schemes are being watched, exposed, and FOILED, especially LEGALLY.

He has fought them off, REPEATEDLY, and in so doing, he ALLOWED them to EXPOSE THEMSELVES. The election is nigh, and they have realized they are LOOSING. They realized Trump will have massive COATTAILS and DRAG Republicans to power in the House and the Senate, with the SCOTUS being DONE with a Roberts proof 6-3 advantage, and ALL those Fed Appeals appointments all over the place, means that Trump NOW has the infrastructure in place, and the masks ALL ripped off. Accountability will be the THEME of term 2. This is HISTORIC. This is things that will be discussed and marveled at by our children’s GRANDCHILDREN.

They played their hand, and they are ALL in. BUT, they NEVER knew of the Hunter laptop. It is a MAJOR liability, because as I have said before, they ALL follow the SAME playbook. If Biden was doing it, so to are they ALL, from Obama to Pelosi and Schumer.

What is at RISK now is exposing not ONLY the players, but the GAME, and the “rules of the game”

ALL they have left is a full on civil war or an assassination. Trump is onto the scum in the intel agencies, and I believe he has been for YEARS.

The SUREST way to beat them is to LET them think they have already won, and THEN yank the rug out from under them, at the last possible minute, THAT is what we are seeing and WILL see NOW.

SOMEONE is NOT who they SEEM to be on team Cabal, and THAT card WILL be played SOON. I THINK I know who, but I am not sure just yet. I suspect the next few weeks will REVEAL it, and the Cabal will be DECIMATED from WITHIN.

Hunter revealed the game, now ALL the players are at RISK. Wray is being WATCHED, you can BET on that. Rudy and some others who are more “hidden” in plain sight..Hi Chris Christie, are WELL versed in RICO, and WHAT it takes to bring down a syndicate.

Yes, I said RINO Chris Christie. The BEST way to hide an asset is to make him APPEAR to be a liability.

Christie is STILL there after the transition “debacle” WHY? Was it a debacle? Or was it a flush out scheme?

ONLY Trump knows for sure, but I SEE tells.

Do you find it ODD that Christie went into the hospital the SAME time Trump did, and HE has even WORSE comorbidities than Trump. Yet here he is, out and renewed, deflecting suspicion of the MSM by “throwing them a bone” “Gee, I shoulda worn a mask”, but he OUTED the infection site didn’t he, the Rose Garden. Was it an assassination attempted, preempted , foiled, and turned to ADVANTAGE Trump?

Is it CURIOUS no one asked how Chris, an asthmatic, near 60, and vastly over weight was able to BEAT covid so quickly..just like Trump, in a WEEK.

Then RIGHT after they are all out, and back on the trail, Rudy drops the bombshell.

Can no one else SEE what happened in that hospital. The planning of the storm took place, out of “prying eyes” , MOLES, and listening devices. NO ONE knew where or WHEN Trump was going to the Hospital. or even IF. He went to a MEETING suite, that has NOT been used since the 1980’s. NO BUGS ALLOWED.

TWO former Us attorney’s one from NY, one from NJ. BOTH have RICO as their calling cards. BOTH took on and took OUT the MOB. They KNOW a syndicate when they SEE IT.

WE KNOW Rudy did NOT just get this laptop..he has HAD it for a while. He RELEASED parts of it DURING shampeachment, no one gave him the time of day, VETTING took place, and once corroborated, we get the reveal.

The next couple of weeks will be BIBLICAL.

I factored in all the recent disinfo, and it all fits.

I told you all long ago. Christopher Steele did NOT write that dossier, and NEITHER did Danchenkyo. I told you Steele was ONLY it’s editor and CHIEF promoter to the MSM. Well lookie what Catherine Herrige found.

I found out their scheme LONG ago, and wrote it here and in my book. More proof.

The Cabal had Nellie Ohr do NSA searches on all things Trump. She then had her raw work product unmasked by people at the WH like Rice and Power, probably Ben Rhodes too. Then they sent it BACK un masked to Ohr and Glen Simpson at Fusion GPS, they wrote the original which was WEAK, and needed spicing up, plus throw in some “street cred” from a LIKE organization over seas named Orbis International. The owner of Orbis, a “opposition research” organization, just like Fusion GPS here in the US, was Christopher Steele.

Steele was hired by Fusion to dress up, land credibility to, and to PROMOTE the dossier to the MSM AND foreign Intel. Steele edited Ohr’s RAW work, and dressed it up using “sources” like Danchenkyo. THAT is where the Cabal are trying to throw you all off. Danchenkyo is a FEINT to distract from the REAL author, because that author did ILLEGAL searches, ILLEGAL unmasking, and used OUR NSA, and WH senior staff to do it.

Do you know WHY? Because as I and I think I alone, have said, Obama organized this. Obama PAID $974000 for it in EARLY 2016, he ALLOWED Ohr NSA access to do it, and then he ORDERED Rice and Power to unmask it and give it back to Ohr UNMASKED US citizens that just happened to be running for President in the opposition party, or affiliated or RELATED to Trump. ALL unethical, unprecedented, and ILLEGAL.

Then, to make things better, after Steele had edited the crap dossier into a “workable” intel product, Obama SOLD the dossier to the highest bidder. The bids were between the Free Beacon and their never Trumpers, Jeb Bush, and Hillary. Hillary won the bid…12 Million, that she used CAMPAIGN funds for and laundered the purchase through her lawyers at Perkins Couie. Yes they were HER Lawyers, because SHE was the DNC, thanks for telling us that Donna Brazile. Hillary took on the DNC debt, and had unlimited access to ALL campaign funds, NOT just hers. Even Bernie’s. I think THAT info and the dual dem primary polling places are what Seth Rich found out…that the system was totally rigged for Hillary, and I think it was he that released that info to WikiLeaks, and it got him killed.

Hillary paid the 12 million an outlandish sum for mere “opposition research” especially one that was SO full of crap like the dossier. She did it because it came with not only the dossier AKA known as the PRIMER for what was to come. The ROAD MAP. The KEY.

See If I am right, and it sure looks like I am, the other thing Hillary paid Obama for was ACCESS to the entire US intel apparatus, and even FOREIGN intel. All turned on her political opponent, Donald Trump. THAT is why she could “greenlight” and get approval for the FBI and CIA to go ahead on the Crossfire, because SHE PAID FOR the “rights” to do it. Obama, who is REALLY in charge, rubber stamped it…because he ABRRGATED his powers to Hillary, for 12 million.

INSIDIOUS. See there is subterfuge, lies, secrecy, and plausible deniability EVERYWHERE. THAT is what they are, have been abd will HIDE until it is finally exposed and laid bare. I?t ALL makes so much sense to me now. Everything we have found out is just another piece, but in the end it all ties in to ONE person.

Let me continue. So, Obama outsourced his REVENGE on Trump, the dossier, and Crossfire, to Hillary for 12 million. Now she was in control of the FBI and CIA counter intel op against Trump named Crossfire Hurricane. She NEEDED it badly to be TRUE. One to stop Trump cold, and two because she not only spent 12 million on it, but that 12 million was ILLEGALLY laundered via Perkins Couie, and the funds were campaign funds…NOT just HERS, Bernie’s too, and that is SO illegal. So you see, Hillary is monetarily AND legally obligated. So too is OBAMA.

Even though he basically LAUNDERED the dossier to Hillary. HE had it created illegally. HE had HIS staff unmask it ILLEGALLY, HE paid $974000 to Fusion to dress it up, AND get it to the MEDIA and the intel agencies HERE and ABROAD. HE sold his “authority” via “proxy” to Hillary for OUR intel to use ANY means necessary to make the dossier TRUE. He ORDERED the FBI, CIA, and our intel to help Hillary on the dossier by NOT stopping it.. We KNOW he was briefed. All he had to do was say “no way” But he DIDN’T did he, he “green lighted it”.

Then he did something WORSE, but I need to go back to the scheme first. the part about the circular reporting. This was ALWAYS planned. I kept telling you the origins of this date to EARLY 2015, April to be exact. John Podesta on April 11th 2015, thanks to the WikiLeaks releases , held a meeting two weeks in a row at his house over dinner. One was for the campaign staff and Hillary to PLOT the pied piper scheme on Donald Trump (who was about to announce). The Pied piper scheme was to use the MSM to build up and highlight a “weaker” candidate who would be used as a patsy to attack the stronger Republican candidates and destroy themselves. Because Hillary KNEW Donald Trump, and his methods, HE was chosen to be the pied piper, an unknowing attack dog patsy who would destroy her only REAL competition, would be PUSHED heavily by the MSM, FREE air time, FREE publicity, even free agreement, at first. But, someone who would have NO chance against Hillary.

The Other meeting was to REVEAL the pied Piper scheme to a vast network of about 94 MSM personalities from TV, to print, to Radio, to Pundits. They were told to give Trump carte blanche to attack, and to cover and promote him at every turn. They did so happily for THEIR candidate, Hillary.

Her evil plan was working too, or so she thought. A funny thing happened, all that FREE and extensive publicity on Trump let people HEAR his message. Trump began to LEAD in the summer of 2015,m and would never look back on the Republican side. Hillary HAD to stop the monster SHE created. That is when phase 2 of the pied piper took effect. She and her MSM friends had created the Pied Piper, now they MUST destroy him. That is when Hillary found out about the dossier. That is when she HAD to have it, so she out bid the others, because she understood what the dossier came with, because unlike the others, she KNEW Obama, and she knew his hatred for Trump, he would happily go along and give her whatever she needed to “preserve” his revenge, and his “legacy”

Back to the Crossfire plot. The had the primmer, and it was WEAK, but they were vested and under orders. They had been actively spying on Trump, and his associates, for a while, under orders from Obama dating back to the original NSA access by Ohr. They needed a “kick start” to both justify their previous spying, and to make it all “legal” going forward. Enter the MSM. Remember Hillary’s “friends at the Podesta dinner party, the ones who “made” Trump the pied piper? They would NOW be used to destroy him via the dossier, and whatever followed.

David Korn of Mother Jones, and Ken Bensinger of Buzzfeed were both given Copies of the dossier. Michael Issakoff would be “fed” info on Carter Page to put in a Sept 16th 2016 article “revealing” the counter intel investigation on Trump and his ties to “Russia” making the dossier “important”

The same articles would be used by OUR intel agencies to justify LEGALLY the FISA warrant on Carter Page, to get the REAL target, Donald Trump “legally” spied on. They had been ILLEGALLY spying on Trump and associates for MONTHS way before Crossfire Hurricane began on July 31 2016, at, as we now know, the request of Hillary, and the tacit approval of OBAMA. Carter Page was a PLANT. A CIA asset who had worked FOR our FBI (James Comey) AND our CIA ( John Brennan) before.

Page’s specialty was infiltration and espionage on the target, leading to arrest of the target. He had RECENTLY, 2014, done just that for the FBI and James Comey on Igor Sechin, a REAL Russian Oligarch, but one not tied to Trump. Page had set up and spied on Sechin in NY, and had his associate, a banker, arrested. See what they were using Page for, to try and tie Trump and his finances to RUSSIA…in ILLEGAL activities. Just like they did Sechin. Just as the dossier had stated to look for, Trump being compromised through MONEY owed to Alfa and Deusche Bank over the failed Trump Tower Moscow. That deal was ironically, in 2013, the exact same date Trump was IN Moscow, at that Infamous Ritz Carlton where the dossier alleges the golden showers took place, see the narrative, Trump was compromised to Putin over sex perversion AND money making him a puppet to Putin, an “asset”. All ONLY alleged in the dossier. ALL the times they ask for Trump’s taxes, THAT is what they are looking to provide them a “money trail” They KNOW it does not exist, they just need the 2012-2014 taxes to say a loss, thereby providing a PLAUSIBLE justification for the dossier. They are STILL trying to this day. They EVEN tried via Jean Camp to MAKE a data trail between Trump Tower in NY to Alfa bank in Moscow (because Alfa is tied to Putin directly) Camp FAKED pings between the two on Oct 31 2016, and Hillary AND Podesta BOTH tweeted about it at the same time on that day…coincidence? One problem, despite Page being there spying, he found NO info linking Trump to Russia monetarily or other wise.

They had multiple FISAS signed on Page, and misrepresented to the FISC court. They KNEW Page was an asset and a plant. They had to both BURN him and to COVER their ties to him. The Burn was ISAKOFF and his article, the COVER was Clinesmith altering the FISA request and his letter stating Page was NOT a known asset. We NOW know different. While the MSM continue to portray Page as a “victim” Clinesmith was indicted for his altering. Page KNOWWS he is in on it, and he DENIED any Government work for YEARS until finally admitting to Hannity that YES he did work for BOTH the CIA and the FBI, under Comey and Brennan. But he stated he did it for FEEE, because he was a patriot. Enter my suspicious cat face here.

So you see, that is but ONE instance of a circular report. A Leak on Page, b y someone IN the FBI, an article on the leak by Isakoff, and the the action of burning Page, allowing Clinesmith to hide the TRUTH. To deflect from Page, who was no longer useful. They then went BACK to the previous victims of Manafort, Flynn, Papadopolous, and Cohen. They ALL were arrested, and charged, Page NEVER was. Manafort was set up with his OWN dossier over FARA and ttax evasion in Ukraine by Marie Yovanovich, Bill Taylor, and Alexandra Chalupa, ALL Cabal assets Two worked for State in Ukraine, and One here in DC for the DNC. ALL were connected to the ?Ukraine “whistle blower, Eric Ciaramella. The Manafort dossier was called the Black Ledger, it was produced by a Ukrainian PM, and given to the US MSM by Yovanovich. As we now know, Ukraine would play a central part in the Impeachment sham, but it’s beginnings and players date to EARLY 2016, March to be exact, MONTHS before Crossfire Hurricane began. Again the MSM was used to “report” on the Black Ledger, mistakenly citing “Russians”, when Ukraine is NOT Russia. The Report was used to force Paul Manafort to resign as Trump campaign chairman and used byy SC Robert Mueller to prosecute Maanfort on tax evasion and FARA violations in an obvious attempt to get Manafort to turn state’s evidence on Trump. It failed, and Manafort was gagged legally, forced to remain in solitary, and way over charged by a corrupt DC Judge and sent to prison. We now are finding out that the Black Ledger, much like the dossier, was a LIE created to ensnare, entrap, and persecute legally a member of the TRump team.

Then we have Michael Flynn. He was set up in 2015-2017. He was charged with lying to the FBI, for his phone call to Russian Ambassador Kysliak. McCabe, and Strzok set him up AFTER CBS had interviewed the REAL target of the setup, VP Mike Pence. Pence had stated NO ONE on the Trump team had had conversations with Russia. The MSM AGAIN involved in a setup. Either Flynn or Pence was lying was the report. Flynn fell on the sword. They were Trying to get Pence out of the picture, but Flynn was FINE, after all he knows where all the Obama era dirt lies, he COULD reveal the scheme and stop it, her needed to go to.

There are more instances involving Cohen and the dossier published by Buzz Feed. Trying to portray Cohen as the “bag man” using the dossier AGAIN believing Cohen met Russian’s in Prague. This was Ohr’s ONE mistake when she wrote the dossier, she used the WRONG Michael Cohen, she did not cross check the SS# or the passport data. Trump’s Michael Cohen was NEVER in Prague. The FATAL flaw of the primmer and its premise. Cohen later had a show trial, and has since been turned on Trump, trying to get Trump in campaign finance violations over payments to ex lovers. The only impropriety found was on Cohen himself for FARA violations and tax fraud.

Then we have more and more involving people like George Papadopolus who was set up WAY before Crossfire began in April and MAY of 2016, in London by Stephen Halper, Joseph Mifsud, and Alexander Downer. People like Adam Schiff and Robert Mueller, who had Papadopolous arrested and jailed for two weeks on “lying” to the FBI over a 10 K in CASH payment he was given while on his honeymoon in Greece. He then went to Israel to meet Charles Tawil the man who gave him the money, to talk about a oil pipeline. On Papadopolous’s return, the FBI was waiting and interrogated him about the 10 k for HOURS. Papadopolous had LEFT the money in Greece with his lawyer and his new wife, he did NOT , as was the setup. bring the money back to the U”S, $1 dollar over the allowable amount. THAT is where they FBI “caught” him in a “lie”. The MSM was used to report on this as well, taking the heat off of Carter Page, but they and Adam Schiff FORGOT in the refutation of the Nunes memo, which RIGHTLY states the dossier is the impetus of the FISAs on Page, that Papadopolous was set up WAY before July 31, 2016 and Crossfire BEGAN.

There is even MORE. Remember Don Jr, and the ALSO before Crossfire Hurricane began set up on Don Trump Jr in Trump Tower on June 9th 2016. WE know the story, how Natalia Veselnitskaya met Don Jr to purportedly provide “dirt” (the WikiLeaaks) to Don Jr before their release on July 22 2016. It devolved quickly as Natalia Veselnitskaya was not even supposed to be IN the US. US attorney Preet Bahara had BLOCKED her from coming, someone (Lynch or Kerry) had to approve her Visa and subvert Bahjara. She turned the meeting into a discussion on the Magnitsky act on Russian adoptions, and Trump ended the meeting. Recall that Veselnitskaya met directly BEFORE, and directly AFTER the Trump Tower meeting with Glen Simpson. Yes THAT Glen Simpson of Fusion GPS…another setup that FAILED involving a “Russian” and aq Trump BEFORE July 31 2016.

The MSM tie in was the firestorm over Don Jr’s testimony to Congress. The Dems, particularly Adam Schiff were trying to get Don Jr in a perjury trap, but he TOO had “tapes” and “transcripts” of EVERY word in the meeting…ALL corporate businessmen at THAT level record EVERYTHING in their “private” meeting rooms, to avoid liability and BLACKMAIL. Remember when Schiff went out to take a leak, and then seconds later there was a breaking leak on CNN. The MSM AGAIN.

I could go on and on, but THIS is the basic premise the Cabal and MSM used. Cabal spies, plants info or spies. Someone leaks to the MSM. MSM reports on the “allegation” from anonymous sources” Fbi or Intel then uses MSM reports to “open” an investigation. Thereby making the investigation (read SPYING), which is ALREADY underway, to look needed and JUSTIFIED. Retroactive justification for ILLEGAL acts. Using the MSM reports that they themselves provided leaks to, as justification.

THAT in a nutshell is the dossier. IT was its OWN both premise, AND justification. That is why it ALWAYS fails. It is ALL made from ILLEGAL whole cloth. It was created via ILLEGAL access, ILLEGAL unmasking, ILLEGAL spying. Paid for via ILLEGAL campaign funds. Then it was USED as a predicate to both retroactively “legitimize” its own creation, AND to EXPAND legally using IT as the road map. INSIDIOUS.

ALL we have seen since has been COVER. Obama instigated Crossfire, using Hillary as the patsy after she bought access FROM him. Then he went back to legitimize all the prior spying using Crossfire. When that did not stop Trump, Obama, NOT Hillary, decided to GET Trump legally. Crossfire and the dossier were meant to STOP Trump from BECOMIONG President via SMEARS and faux investigations. When that did NOT work. Obama and his gang, as COVER UP for all the illegalities Trump WOULD find out and expose as President, began an effort to not only legally hamstring Trump, but to Impeach him, remove him, indict him, or force his resignation.

They ALREADY had Crossfire, but it was FLAWED because of Page. They needed MORE. So again it was OBAMA who opened the Dec 9, 2016, US Investigation of “Russian” interference into the 2016 election. Which we KNOW morphed magically into Trump Russian “collusion” to interfere into the 2016 election.

This was used along with all the prior stuff, spying, plants, setups, etc, to form a new narrative. Trump is a traitor and beholden to Russia over money and sex…now where did we hear that, oh yeah, the DOSSIER.

Obama sent his minions onto the new transition team and the PEOTUS. The plan was hatched Jan 5th 2017 in the Oval office by Obama, Comey, Lynch, Yates, Clapper, Biden, Brennan, and Susan Rice who felt the NEED to memorialize it in a memo to self dated Jan 2oth 2017, detailing it ALL who was there, where and when, and WHAT and WHO were discussed. IT was a setup. Comey would use the dossier release as blackmail to try and get Trump to resign the NEXT day when he privately briefed Trump. If Trump would not resign, the dossier would be released, he did not, and on Jan 10th the dossier was printed in full by Buzzfeed (AGAIN the MSM cooperation) Then Comey in the FINEST example of circular reporting would report to Clapper and Obama (in his PDB) about the dossier. One that had been out and KNOWN for a year, as I said, Obama ordered it, why did he need BRIEFED on it?

Two fold, one it got it BACK into the media, as if Buzzfeed was not enough, Two it allowed Obama on Jan 12th 2017 to issue EO 12333 making it EASY for intel (on Trump) to be spread back and forth throughout ALL 17 intel agencies. Obama AGAIN protecting and enabling HIS dossier, and his ass.

Comey would go back AGAIN this time after Trump was inaugurated, and make another attempt at blackmail on the SAME dossier he had JUST briefed him on 3 weeks ago. This time taking “copious” notes. When Trump rebuffed the plan to force his resignation AGAIN. The Cabal and Comey moved to remove a newly confirmed DNI Flynn via the Kislyak setup, while at the same time forcing the recusal of newly confirmed AG Sessions via AGAIN Kislyak, and a dinner meeting that Sessions attended as a memeber of the Armed Services committee. See the SETUPS? The TWO people who could STOP the plot, Flynn and Sessions, were taken out via pre planned setups. I STILL believe the Flynn setup was to get Pence or Flynn, leaving no one to succeed a resigned or removed Trump but Paul Ryan, SOTH.

When this too failed to force out Trump, and Trump revealed to the world via tweet on March 3rd 2017 “Terrible” just found out Obama had my wires tapped” The Cabal went into overdrive and were now trying to indict or remove Trump, not get him to resign. Trump must have found out the plan, and the black mailer Comey was fired. But the Cabal had more Tricks. Comey retaliated and released his notes from the Trump meetings, AGAIN to THE MSM this time via a third party friend. The ploy lead to Mueller SC, and Sessions recusal, with a usurper Rod Rosenstein as the defacto AG in charge of “getting ” Trump. What was used AGAIN almost exclusively by Mueller, the DOSSIER.

We all know the shit show Mueller was, so I will skip that. When Mueller was failing though, the obstruction traps were put in place by the real head of the SC, Andrew Weismann. They tried EVERYTHING to get Trump in an obstruction trap from attacking his lawyer Cohen, his former campaign manager Manafort, his friend and adviser Roger Stone, Papadopolous, and finally Don Jr, his son. They WANT the Grand jury testimonies SO bad, because they THINK they can use the fact that Don Jr over the Trump Tower meeting, in fact HAD a Grand Jury convened on him, but NO charges were issued, and THAT is why they CANNOT get them.

When Sessions was removed by Trump and replaced by Whittaker, who then neutered Rosenstein. The Cabal was SUNK. They knew the jig was up. Whittaker was replaced by Barr, wwho ENDED Mueller. Then the show hearing of Mueller was a reveal that HE was just a figurehead. It cemented the END of that witch hunt. So the VERY NEXT DAY, on MSM reports again, and leaks to them, that is when the Ukraine Impeachment started.

One big LOOONNNNGGG sordid four year PLOT. a consiracy by the former President to as revenge stop his enemy from becoming President, discovering all his crimes including the plot, and then holding him accountable.

This started as a smear, a smoke and mirrors using our OWN assets to intimidate, besmirch, and destroy a US citizen who just happened to be the opposition party candidate. One Donald Trump. When despite all the subterfuge, conspiring, espionage, propaganda, and out right ILLEGAL activities Trump won ANYWAY, they moved as a cover up into full blown subversion, sedition, a coup, and TREASON to remove the sitting President via any and all means including espionage and BLACKMAIL under the color of law. When even that failed they tried plots of Constitutional means like the 25th amendment and Impeachment.

ALL propped up, fomented, and propagandized by a compliant and COMPLICIT MSM. ALL to protect the culpability of themselves AND Obama.

I have told you all since the beginning. “In the END they ALL had only ONE boss, Barack Hussein Obama.”

NOTHING from the document revfeals changes that. Danchenkyo and the Hillary “order” toi the FBI are FEINTS. I just showed you HOW they were used.

The FEINTS are designed, with of course propaganda from the MSM to CONFUSE the real head of this. Danchenkyo is cover for Ohr, because she leads to Obama. Hillary was put INTO the breech by the MSM to SAVE Obama. It won’t work. Because in the END, she had ZERO power to request or ORDER anyone to do ANYTHING. Especially the FBI, CIA, Foreign Inttel and spies, and most important, the unmasking by Rice and Power. Hillary was NOT in that jan 5th meeting, but WHO were? At that time Hillary was NO ONE, and was NEVER going to BE anyone.

When the FULL 100% redacted declass happens, you will ALL see what I have seen and KNOW.

Ah, now you see, She too, ironically, is a patsy, a sacrifice to protect the TRUE boss. Barack Obama.

Ah, now I see the plan, the REAL plan…and it is AMAZING.

Some, like Wolf from Q tree, are saying that the coup can begin in earnest in 2021 after Trump is reelected. In response to a post I made about the slight shift in MSM coverage by some like Jake Tapper on Trump.

Wolf said they did that in 2016 when they realized Trump would win, to try and give the MSM some credence back so that when they went 24/7 resistance and a coup, they could be “trusted” and “believed” enabling the coup, and that was true.

But, I finally realized something and it is earth shattering. We all, especially me were thinking too short term. Yes Trump needs reelected, but I believe that THAT is and HAS been a given for quite some time, at least in Trumps thinking. He plays things out WELL beyond TODAY. We have ALL been concerned with TODAY. Trump knows we are now SAFE. Safe from wars, safe from covid, and safe from economic destruction. He is thinking about not tomorrow, but the FUTURE. Read below. I know it seems out there, but step back, block out the forest, see the single TALL tree standing in the middle, the one that is hiding in plain sight.

I think the MSM shift is most likely an admission that Trump is going to win, and win BIG, and they now know it, so like Wolf said, they are trying to put their mask back on, to enable them to stick it to him later, On that we agree.

This is my response to Wolf.

Perhaps, but I disagree to this point. The coup has NEVER stopped. It began the moment that Hillary REFUSED to concede on election night, and it continues to this day.

They will NEVER stop on their OWN. They MUST be eviscerated, and totally defeated. After Trump’s landslide victory to term two, that is EXACTLY what Trump will do. Whatever is left of the democratic party will be splintered, and shattered by the reveal of said coup, and the arrests of the principals.

I finally see it now. This was NOT about 2016 or 2020, they were hold markers. Laying the groundwork. This is about what comes AFTER. The next generation or MORE.

Remember the one magazine cover meme where the dates kept going up on a Trump[ Presidency to infinity?

There you go. This is MORE than 8 years, this is the foundation for the next FIFTY. By the time Trump is through in 2025, the dems will be so marginalized, and Trumpism will be a thing, a movement.

This was about changing the course of history for a generation or more. FIRST the evil had to be STOPPED in 2016. Then it had to be REVEALED, which happened in 2018 – present. Now it has to be REMOVED in 2020-2022. Then in 2022-2025 the foundation that is also being laid now has to be solidified to everlasting.

This is making the NEXT President after Trump, be it Pence or

Desantis or whomever, unlike following Reagan, CONTINUES the movement, not undo it via subversion like Bush did.

Measures are being put into place to ENSURE that, as well as removing the leftover bad seeds. We were fighting 50-100 years of INFILTRATION, graft, and subversion.

Trump KNOWS it could only be topped, and revealed in 8 years. While some will be arrested, the HEADS, limiting coordination and control. It will take a DECADE or more AFTER Trump to fully remove or replace the bad embeds. That is why the DEVISTATION he does must be total in 2021-2025. The LEADERS MUST be destroyed and the REST marginalized to be picked off LATER.

To do that he needs a hand picked successor, if not LINE of succession, think Don Jr eventually. ALL continuing to build on what he did and left.

No more 8 year band aides, to be subverted or undone by a entrenched bureaucracy there will be little to NO entrenched bureaucracy LEFT, at least not enough to make a difference. There will be NO socialist’s $$ to interfere (Soros) he will be part of the sweep.

I know this sounds far fetched, but it really isn’t. No more so than Trump winning in 2016.

Remember Trump plays the LONG game, he will not be here forever, he wants to make SURRE that all he did is lasting unlike Reagan. THAT is the plan. I see it now.