My response to the WH plea to STOP on vaccine info.

There simply is NOT, intentionally by the way on the part of the CDC and others, data to support whether or not these “vaccines” are safe or effective. We will have to disagree on ANY benefit from them until and unless there are more randomized studies of before and AFTER infected, and vaccinated individuals conducted.

A big clue as to the safety and or efficacy of these “vaccines” is in how they are being mandated without the informed consent of the public. INFORMED CONSENT. People are neither informed nor consenting, they are being bribed, coerced, lied to and then when all else failed threatened and PUNISHED.

My view:

“Working” and “safe” vaccines do NOT need coercion, bribes, threats, or punishment. They simply need open transparency and stats, of their effectiveness (or lack there of, including KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS) which we have very little to NONE, especially coming from the people that produced this (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, and let us not forget their partners the CDC, NIH, and FDA.

“Working” and “safe” vaccines do not need definitions changed to justify their LACK of efficacy, nor do they need nanny state mandates to FORCE people to take them.

“Working” and “safe” vaccines do NOT need 3-6 boosters in a calendar year to “enhance” their efficacy, with no end in sight.

“Working and “safe” vaccines do NOT hide their stats, studies. and side effects from the public, bribe academia, healthy care institutions, and scientists to “push” their efficacy, all the while having these same institutions deny 300 years of modern medical practice by pseudo scientific means like Remdisivir and ventilation protocols KNOWN death sentences to most subjected to them.

“Working and “safe” vaccines” do NOT need “health officials” to down play, smear, deny, and flat out LIE about working alternatives like HCQ, Ivermectin, Doxycycline, which are KNOWN cheap, safe, and effective in numerous open blind studies throughout the world.

“Working” and “safe” vaccines are designed to prohibit the transmission of the disease they are prepared for, long enough for the bodies own immune system to take over and do what it has done for Millenia.

“Working” and “safe” vaccines do NOT hide behind Emergency Use Authorizations in terms of liability, they also do not require “waivers” to further protect the manufacturer from liability.

“Working and “safe” vaccines do not need to use Federal monies, including grant money for research and extra monies for Covid cases identified in health care facilities as a curmudgeons for compliance, employment, and “positive” studies. Trust me, you NEVER give an outcome unfavorable to those that paid, and continue to pay for the studies. At WORST it is written as “inconclusive” Gee, much like the studies above. As close to 50/50 as it can get, depends on point of reference. Sorry seen it 100’s of times, 1 in 10 studies delivers various levels of “bad” news. NONE list 100% contrary views despite data, you cannot continue to get grant funding that way. SOMEONE paid for those and all studies, they are not “free”. Academia like everything else has been politicized and monetized, Don’t believe me? Ask an Academic.

“Working” and “safe” vaccines do NOT have their manufacturers, health officials, and politicians DENY herd immunity, natural immunity, or alternative treatments like therapeutics, that is the GOAL of a real safe and working vaccine, to GET to herd immunity as quickly as possible to SAVE lives.

IMHO, Covid 19 was a designed bioweapon created in partnership with the FDA, NIH, DARPA, and China. It was the culmination of decades of gain of function research using AIDS spike protein married with various influenza and Coronavirus strains over time to produce a highly transmissible, aerosolized, human to human, weapon. A weapon that was funded by OUR tax dollars, was too dangerous for research here in the US any further, and was outsourced to China, and the CCP, and Chinese Military institutions, disguised as academic research.

It was INTENTIONALLY released by China, in an effort to destroy the US, and in particular Donald Trump’s Presidency, as revenge for tariffs, and Trumps policies toward China. The Dem politicians here, never wanting a crisis go to waste, and realizing the mutual benefit of ridding them of Trump, signed on. Fauci, big pharma, the WHO, and CDC realized the potential financial and control gains that this would achieve. People like Gates provided capital. He has his own agendas, none of them good for humanity.

They were all too happy to institute “Warp Speed” something with noble aspirations, that were manipulated and prostituted by Fauci, the CDC, FDA, and Politicians on both sides of the aisle for power and profit. Yes I think those people LIED and manipulated Trump to certain outcomes that he had little choice but to agree to, else he be blamed for the deaths of millions. I think they purposefully held off on vaccine release until he was a lame duck, knowing that when he found the truth out, That the “vaccine was at BEST leaky and ineffective, and at WORST had major problems, there would have been HELL to pay. IF Trump had won, meaning the fraud of VBM had failed, this would have ALL been laid at HIS feet.

Stats now that are obfuscated, hidden, or manipulated, would have been FRONT PAGE 24/7 news. EVERY “vaccine” side effect, lack of efficacy, or DEATH would have been parroted ENDLESSLY 24/7. Trump would have been called a “murderer” and been subject to NUMEROUS House and Senate inquiries, including a THIRD Impeachment. I will bet that when Trump wins in 2024, and he will, if Covid is still a “thing” by then, it WILL be laid at his feet, after all Warp Speed is his baby.

THAT is why Trump has to defend it to a point, if he doesn’t, HE will be blamed for everything that has or WILL happen with it, despite Biden’s actions. POLITICS. Trump wanted to SAVE lives, he was LIED to too many times to count. His instincts after “15 days to stop the spread” were CORRECT. He SHOULD have reopened then and pushed Warp speed and therapeutics. He instead listened to Fauci and Birx’s lies, and believed the now debunked projections. It was a serious mistake we ALL suffer for now. I do not blame him, he is a businessman, he weighed “outcomes” and went for the safety of Americans. He could not have foreseen where we are now, but he now has a point of reference, and that molds his opinion on the “vaccines”.

REAL safe and effective vaccines are designed to stop or significantly slow the progression and transmissibility of the disease they were made for till natural herd immunity kicks in. They are open and transparent in their control groups. The list known side effects. They are not EUA, they are FDA approved. They do not need, bribes, coercion, propaganda, mandates, threats or punishment. They are used on informed consent. People WANT to take them based on FACT not FEAR.

REAL safe and effective vaccines do not need definitions changed. They do not deny or smear therapeutic agents that help, they welcome them.

REAL safe and effective vaccines do not require multiple boosters in a calendar year, as they actually ARE effective on one or two doses.

REAL safe and effective vaccines utilize KNOWN medical practices to mitigate illness, not things that will make it WORSE. They do not belittle competition or alternative methods, they WELCOME it.

Real safe and effective vaccines actually contain dead, weakened, or dying parts of the disease for which they were created, so the bodies own immune system can be what KILLS the disease. They do NOT contain an experimental “new” concoction of God knows what, except that it does NOT contain actual dead, weakened, or dying Covid 19.

REAL safe and effective vaccines have ONE goal. Saving lives. NOT making huge profit hiding behind liability shields while hiding control group studies for 55 years, playing definition games, pushing endless boosters, denying herd and natural immunity, denying competition, and using money and politics for even more money and control.

The goal ALWAYS should have been mitigation among the MOST vulnerable, something KNOWN from the beginning, the elderly and those with serious health conditions. Instead it was pushed via FEAR to everyone, and then MANDATED, to even children who absolutely DO NOT need it unless they are immune compromised. These “vaccines” are a tool of the powerful to manipulate the powerless, for CONTROL and MONEY. They have NOTHING to do with health or safety.

We are ONLY a year in, and there is FAR too much negative data that has leaked out, despite their best efforts to hide it, that screams “Danger Will Robinson” Recall that the swine flu vaccine was PULLED FOREVER because of THREE deaths.

Curious that just yesterday Biden chastised the unvaxxed and those who try to spread the truth in the REAL worrisome effects in these “vaccines” to allow the public something HIS admin will NOT grant and FIGHT against, informed consent.

There is simply far to much smoke (and mirrors) with these “vaccines” and they way they are being foisted upon us for there NOT to be fire. I believe they have done or WILL do far more DAMAGE and HARM than they will good. We simply do not KNOW yet. MOST medications take 7-10 YEARS of study BEFORE they are released to the public, and then IF there are even minimal risks of severe side effects or death, they are PULLED.

We will not know it is too late until it IS too late if we wait on Biden and his Admin to tell us. Full disclosure. I have had Covid, so has my entire family. My wife and I both have multiple comorbidities, as does one of my sons. ALL of us were just fine with but a MINIMAL (allowed) therapeutic regimen. Maybe we are the exceptions, who knows. I do know in my small circle MANY have had Covid, and lived, just like the othe 99.8% have. I also know MANY who panicked and took the “vaccine” while heathy, a few were ok, most regretted it immediately, a few did NOT live to regret it.

I work around and with scientists, researchers, health care providers, doctors, and the like EVERY day, have for 35 years. The politically correct say the jury is still out, the pragmatic say it is 50/50, the REALISTIC say if it looks like a duck, quacks, and has feathers, its a DUCK. Oh, btw, in a supposedly 90% vaccinated site (me excluded), curiously, most of them, 70% are UNVAXXED, NONE will get a booster. That speaks VOLUMES.

Survey says:

These Covid “vaccines” have been weighed, they have been measured, and they most definitely have been found WANTING.

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