Wakey wakey.

Folks, it is time to realize that Covid, as a “pandemic” is OVER. Yes people are still getting sick, yes people are still dying. BUT, mercifully, FINALLY, the sheep are beginning to stir and REBEL against their Judas goats. I was at the airport last night picking up mother in law. 1 of every four UNMASKED in the terminal. I live in a very liberal city in a very conservative state, and even here people have had ENOUGH.

From the beginning Covid was ALWAYS just the flu. A flu genetically engineered to be highly transmissible and LETHAL to those with multiple comorbidities, like most elderly. Gain of function by Fauci and the Chinese and our own DARPA made it so. It was FAR more a political fear propaganda device than bioweapon. As a bioweapon, if it was meant to be, it FAILED MISERABLY. 99.8% survivability rate for a bioweapon is a failure.

What it succeeded in being was a PROPAGANDA device. One meant to, with a LOT of dem Govs, MSM, and “health officials” help to make it so. It morphed into a power and CONTROL device, and THAT is where we are.

Covid 19 was nothing but a MILD, yes MILD flu. Had the “health officials like the CDC, Fauci, NIH, and their ilk allowed doctors to actually BE doctors, and had dem Govs not engaged in draconian lockdowns, and sequestered petri dish nursing homes having infected shipped BACK to those petri dishes, to infect more and more. Covid would have already been DONE.

But no, Fauci wrote his protocol where Remdisivr and ventilators were ORDERED to be used. Fauci and the propaganda arm CDC and WHO recommended, nay COMMANDED doctors, hospitals, and health care facilities, including nursing homes, to deny typical protocols of mitigation, therapeutic medicines and treatments, including steroids, that WOULD have saved hundreds of thousands of lives by allowing NATURE and the bodies own immune system to do what it has always done, for THOUSANDS of years, heal itself, with a little HELP.

What Fauci and the CDC, NIH, DEMS, and anyone that enabled them, did was to ATTACK the medical norms in favor of pseudo “science” that on its face was designed not to HELP the body heal, but to PREVENT the body from healing on its own. Doing NOTHING, and I literally mean NOTHING would have been FAR better and killed FAR less. It would have been better to let “survival of the fittest” take hold. I know that sounds cruel, but what is more cruel is to not help, but to actually do things that made things MUCH worse. The Fauci protocols KILLED thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, maybe even HUNDREDS of thousands that would have likely recovered under NORMAL medical treatment and mitigation.

As a person with severe allergies, I have had pneumonia twice, including viral pneumonia, double pneumonia once, and bronchitis too many times to count. Granted I was younger, BUT, each time I was given steroids, therapeutic “Bennett” treatments, (saline) and antibiotics where appropriate. Imagine if ALL that was denied to me in favor of a ventilator and a drug that actually does not drain the congestion in the lungs (Remdisivir) but actually makes them fill up worse. I would have died years ago.

Covid was a perfect storm of an “unknown” strain of the flu, propaganda by the MSM (remember the death tote boards, and now “cases” tote boards) and a mole or two in the CDC, NIH, and Covid task force doing EXACT things to make things WORSE, and not better. All lead by Fauci who has not practiced medicine or research since the 1980’s. Who is invested in SARS Cov -2 as a progenitor of AIDS. Who not only funded gain of function research that LEAD to Covid 19 (and God knows what else), not only used his position at NIH, NAID, and on the Covid task force to lie and manipulate (to the detriment of the world) “treatment”, but is directly profiting from the “vaccines” The CDC and NIH are PARTNERS in the “vaccines” IE they are ALL profiting from the scam.

Dems, especially Biden, and whoever controls Biden, cough Obama, cough, used the propaganda, and SPREAD it, once they realized it could be USED to get rid of Trump, kill the economic boom of the “uppity” middle class, and gain unprecedented political CONTROL. Remember, they were ALL against closing the travel, “vaccines” masks, and lockdowns, initially. That was ALL to allow the weapon time to take hold. Then the propagandas arm of the DNC could take over with fear porn to use AGAINST Trump, and ALL of us. Lives did not MATTER. Only money and POWER. Once they realized this was a crisis they could use, they jumped all in. Have been ever since.

Every time the country, in spite of their draconian lockdowns, and mandates, began to recover, we got a “oh no a NEW “variant” and “spike” in cases. 24/7 fear porn from Dems in Congress, the WH, Dem state houses, health officials, and the MSM. Last year in July, it was Delta. after Republican states reopened and went back to normal. The country began to move on. Then despite “vaccines” Delta destroyed that, more fear, and renewed mandates, including getting jabs that DO NOT work, and you BET do more HARM than good in Myocarditis, Pericarditis, and what I call SDS Sudden DEATH Syndrome.

Now we the people are getting “uppity” again. We have the audacity to live our lives as normal, DENY boosters to something SO ineffective that it does NOT prohibit infection, does NOT prohibit hospitalization, and does NOT prohibit DEATH by Covid. How can I say this? well MORE have died under Biden WITH a “vaccine” AND “boosters” in 2021 than died under Trump in 2020 when Covid was “new and unknown” WITHOUT “vaccines OR therapeutics. NOW they give us “Omicron” OH NO, another ominous sounding “variant” JUST in time for cold and flu season, just in time for the MOST traveled Holidays, JUST in time when Judges, courts, and We the People are in open defiance of Biden’s Mandates.

Dem Govs are AGAIN pushing lockdown and worse. Biden has warned of death and despair. GOOD, he has NOT been right on ANYTHING in over 50 years. We are OPENLY seeing those who have been double and triple “vaxed” getting Omicron. We are seeing the sports leagues, including Colleges, postponing games AGAIN, despite being 95-100% “vaccinated, and “boosted” How can this be?

SIMPLE. One. Notice that all these new Omicron cases appear strangely asymptomatic, or SO weak that they do not require hospital or Doctor visits, hell, MOST do not even REALIZE they are sick. Thank goodness they were “vaxed” right? WRONG. The “vaccine” IS what is causing Omicron ands any other “variant” that comes along. The “vaccine”, which is NOT a “vaccine” at all is LEAKY at best and harmful at worst.

There are SEVERAL reasons for this new spike, and NONE of them have ANYTHING to do with health.

One, I am polling better than Biden right now, no one even knows who I am, LOL, and Harris and Congress are WORSE. If they are LISTING them in the 20’s, they are really in the LOW single digits. 81 million votes my ASS. They are a DISASTER. Just as Trump told us they would be. I could LITERALLY have not done worse. How? By doing NOTHING. It takes EFFORT to fix things, and it takes EFFORT to screw them up. It takes zero effort to maintain the status quo, which under Trump was pretty good.

Two. With Joe Manchin killing Build Back Better debacle, all the border and foreign policy cluster f*cks, the economy in the shitter, INFLATION at ALL TIME highs, and China, Russia, Iran, and America’s enemies on the march again, the Dems NEED a distraction a BIG one. 2022 is going to make 2010 loses look like huge wins. 2024 will be WORSE. Trump will be BACK, and he will have HELP this time. No one caught it, at least in the MSM, but Trump OPENLY said China owes the WORLD over 60 TRILLION in REPIRATIONS for Covid, BET the farm he runs on that and undoing Covid lockdowns, and fixing the economy and foreign policy AGAIN. This time he will have SUPER MAJORITES to get the jobs done. WOE to the dems and their Chinese enablers. Woe be to any dems left that perpetuated these attacks on America and Americans. PAYBACK is coming. Dems NEED to attack Trump (Jan 6th committee), and they NEED people constantly AFRAID of the new big bad variant to maintain Vote By Mail and CONTROL.

Three. All the pushback legally and by conscientious objection is threatening to BREAK the dems grip on control. Once the people, even the sheep, realize that they have been manipulated, ALL HELL is going to break loose on the Dems. It will NOT just be political retribution, MONETARY is what really scares the HELL out of them. Remember that Dec 17th 2017 EO Trump signed? The ones about SEVERE monetary PENALTIES to those that commit crimes against humanity? Oh, yeah, it is ALMOST like he KNEW what they had planned.

Four. The leaky “vaccines” are starting to “bloom”. They MUST cover for them. They KNOW people can no longer be continuously fooled by MSM fear and propaganda, and Fauci has been tuned out. OVER REACH.

They KNOW the “vaccines” are leaky, and that most of the new cases 90 % or better, of Omicron, are people who are VAXED, and BOOSTED. They tried to push it as a pandemic of the unvaxed, but people saw through it and fought the mandates. Now, if they do not make it LOOK like the unvaxed are the ones getting and spreading Omicron, NO ONE will get the “vaccine” or the “booster”, NO ONE will FEAR anymore. They will THEN begin to realize the SCAM. Then those that sowed this Pandemic, will REAP the whirlwind.

Curious again that all the new cases are “breakout” yet “asymptomatic” No DEATHS, no overloaded hospitals, Omicron is highly transmissible, yet MILD. I submit, the new cases spike, up 68% in a WEEK, is ALL manipulated to again stoke FEAR to push the “vaccine”. Look at ALL the breathless coverage, even high profile dems are getting it, those darned unvaxed, who they all are never around btw, caused this. No, the truth is worse. They need a spike to COVER what IS coming, and that will be SDS, Myocarditis, or Pericarditis among the “vaccinated”. They KNOW that the deaths among world athletes in their 20’s and the heart problems in Euro leagues ARE coming here soon. Is it mere COINCIDENCE that the NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA ALL are “adjusting” their Covid policies, DESPITE being “vaccinated and boosted”? NO, these will be the FIRST places the leaky vax shows its ugly head here, and it will be unavoidable and UNABLE to be hidden. What if some 20 something NFL or NBA or College player DROPS on national TV. Everyone will KNOW they are “vaccinated”, everyone will want to know WHY and WHAT caused it. What if 10 drop? 20? Covid, and its “vaccines” and those that unleashed and MANDATED them are in heap big trouble.

THAT my friends is the reason for the spike in Omicron. ALL manipulated data. They have known ALL ALONG that the “vaccine” is LEAKY. They have known ALL ALONG what the side effects are. They have known ALL ALONG WHO is spreading it. They have known ALL along there are real working, cheap and SAFE therapeutics like HCQ and Ivermectin.

Ever wonder why all the FEAR porn here, but the borders remain wide open. Most see the scam, and think that it is just to get voters, yes, but look DEEEPER. Could it be that there is no need to “vaccinate” those coming from south America and the Middle East? WHAT?!! How can you say that PRex! Simple, those countries almost universally use a couple of anti malarial and anti parasite drugs to fight of parasites and Malaria which are wide spread there to this day. Maybe you have heard of them? HCQ, Doxycycline, Ivermectin. The illegals really do NOT get Covid, they have been taking the working therapeutics for YEARS. What happens when everyone finds out the above and more?

The elites that perpetuated this FEAR that soon, EVERYONE will come to know that, and then they are TOAST.

Remember my Axiom. “when the left need to change the given narrative more than once, the premise and ALL subsequent changes are FALSE.

“15 days to stop the spread”

Then it was ” do it for the most vulnerable”

Then ” Do it for the elderly”

Then “do it for your neighbors as patriotic duty”

Then “do it to help end the pandemic and get back to normal”

Now it is get “vaccinated” “to get back to normal to end the pandemic”

get “vaccinated” “to protect the vulnerable”

get “vaccinated” “to protect others”

get “vaccinated” “to get a prize, free tickets, or discounts”

get “vaccinated” ” to return to school, work, or entertainment”

get “vaccinated” “to travel, even domestically”

get “vaccinated” “or Osha (by proxy will fine your employer”

get “vaccinated” ” to keep your Govt funding or contract”

now it is

get “vaccinated” to stop the spread of Omicron


You have to have your boosters to be fully “vaccinated”


There will be severe illness and death and a dark winter (again) for the unvaxed and their families.

That, by my count is SIXTEEN narrative changes in 2 years, and Covid is, by their own numbers, WORSE now than it was then.

Wakey wakey everyone, the SCAM is laid bare by their own hands. The NFL and other sports leagues, all over 90% vaxed, gave up the ghost when they PANICKED when 100’s got the Omicron “variant” in just a few days, and they were looking at canceling MULTIPLE games. perhaps even the entire thing. They ALL changed the rules and protocols. WHY do that if this is all about “health and safety”? Because, $$$$$ trumps narrative.

All their flailing and narrative changes do is prolong the inevitable. I saw it last night, people ARE waking up. MORE and MORE will soon. PAIN for those that did this is COMING, and no amount of continued propaganda or fear will stop it, it will ONLY serve to FUEL it.

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