What are we doing here exactly?

I have been saying for months, that these people in Govt, CDC, Biden, Fauci, et al, have been denying 300 years of modern medical science to prop up their monster (Covid 19) for profit.

They have changed the definitions of vaccine, Compound, pandemic, therapeutic, and more. They have manipulated statistics, conflated numbers (flu and Covid). they have fear mongered with their lies, deceit, and death tote boards propagated by the MSM and Fauci himself.

They denied basic health protocols for respiratory disease in favor of inaction or worse, over action by ventilators.

They denied the science and studies that proved conclusively that their “vaccine” and protocols did NOT work, and were in fact harmful.

They dismissed, smeared, obfuscated, demeaned, attacked, threatened, and flat LIED about ANY study or ANY doctor, researcher, healthcare professional, or person that did NOT toe their preferred methodologies and narratives. All while promoting like minded, though WRONG “fellow travelers”

Worst of all they denied, threatened with loss of funding, or licensure, or worse ANY therapeutic drug, like HCQ and Ivermectin, that would have saved lives, while at the same time pushing KNOWN killer protocols, like ventilation, KNOWN bad drugs, like Remdisivir, that do not only not work on Covid 19, they make it WORSE. Then they foisted out an unknown barely tested, clinically UNPROVEN, rushed experimental “vaccine”. Then there is the sequestering of infected elderly in nursing home petri dishes. ALL recipes for disaster.

A “vaccine” that they changed the definition of the word vaccine to make it seem viable. In reality, it is an UNCONVENTIONAL mRNA experimental drug that is the antithesis of what a REAL vaccine is supposed to do, STOP the transmission of the disease it was designed to work against. Real vaccines are meant to stop transmission, severity, and longevity of a disease by using dead, dying or weakened parts of the actual pathogen to stimulate our own bodies immune system response to the pathogen. Then it is our immune system that kills the pathogen, AND prevents that pathogens reintroduction into the body. It works, always has. When was the last time you were vaccinated against Measles, Mumps, or Rubella? For most it was high school, and that was years if not decades ago. No 3 month 4x a year “boosters” DONE. If we need vaccines so much, why are there not yearly outbreaks, epidemic level, of those three, ALL of them are at LEAST as contagious as Covid 19? Simple, herd immunity. REAL vaccines are DESIGNED to promote and AMPLIFY herd immunity. FAKE ones DENY and stymie herd immunity. WHICH is the Covid 19 “vaccine”?

These fools DENY the immune system, as being superior to ANY “vaccine” or drug. Worse they DENY herd immunity AND the ability to pass on through genetics the immunity gained by ones own immune system fighting off the “disease” Something that has been KNOWN and PROVEN for CENTURIES. Easy proof, if herd immunity and our immune systems were NOT the best thing going, God given, EVER, then how own Earth did the human species survive for thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of years?

There were NO vaccines before about 1798. Killer viruses and bacteria have been aroound, mutating into “variants” for MILLIONS of years.

From “immune.org”

“The practice of immunization dates back hundreds of years. Buddhist monks drank snake venom to confer immunity to snake bite and variolation (smearing of a skin tear with cowpox to confer immunity to smallpox) was practiced in 17th century China. Edward Jenner is considered the founder of vaccinology in the West in 1796, after he inoculated a 13 year-old-boy with vaccinia virus (cowpox), and demonstrated immunity to smallpox. In 1798, the first smallpox vaccine was developed. Over the 18th and 19th centuries, systematic implementation of mass smallpox immunization culminated in its global eradication in 1979”

Gee, there we go Buddhist monks knew, the Chinese knew in the 17th century, and the first real and widely produced vaccine was developed in 1798. Before that there were NO vaccines. Survival of the fittest? What does not kill you makes you STRONGER, ring bells?

BUT, those listed above were REAL vaccines, as was the work of Louis Pasteur (small pox) and Jonas Salk (Polio), these Covid “vaccines” are not even a distant relative of REAL vaccines, nor are they a product or purveyor of REAL SCIENCE. They are an experimental hodgepodge of ingredients that DO NOT “cure” diminish, stop, or even slow down the pathogen for which they were “designed” I submit on PURPOSE. We do not, intentionally, know what is in them, what the efficacy is, what the benefit, or detriment is, or what they will do to our own immune systems, organs, or health in the distant or NEAR future.

We DO know that they are being foisted upon us via “mandates” and regulations (OSHA) forcing people, even children, to take these, NOT for health reasons, or personal choice, but for financial reasons. People are being forced to either capitulate or lose their livelihoods. Businesses, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and researchers are being forced to capitulate or lose Govt funding, be subject to fine, or legal penalties. Children are being forced or manipulated into taking it to stay in school, play extracurricular sports or activities, or participate in general social interactions with classmates and friends.

First the Govt tried mass fear to try and force people into taking this ” or die” despite a 99.7% survivability rate. Remember the death tote boards, breathlessly quoted every hour by the MSM, Dem state Governors, and “health care professionals” at the CDC, NIH, and Fauci? Then they tried propaganda using celebrities and sports stars. ” Lebron got the shot, you should too” Then they used bribery by offering “perks” and discounts. “Get 10% off today with proof of “vaccination” Then it was the threat of penalty like loss of travel, loss of in person dining and entertainment like concerts, movies, and ETC. When ALL that did not work, they moved to mandates and the PENALTY phase. Masks and social distancing, REALLY ANTI social distancing, and lockdowns were the “new normal”.

Yet another change of narrative. Remember it was masks and social distancing and lockdown to:

“15 days to stop the spread”

Then it was ” do it for the most vulnerable”

Then ” Do it for the elderly”

Then “do it for your neighbors as patriotic duty”

Then “do it to help end the pandemic and get back to normal”

Now it is get “vaccinated” “to get back to normal to end the pandemic”

get “vaccinated” “to protect the vulnerable”

get “vaccinated” “to protect others”

get “vaccinated” “to get a prize, free tickets, or discounts”

get “vaccinated” ” to return to school, work, or entertainment”

get “vaccinated” “to travel, even domestically”

get “vaccinated” “or Osha (by proxy will fine your employer”

get “vaccinated” ” to keep your Govt funding or contract”

Propaganda, coercion, bribery, threat, penalty. See the pattern?

Remember these two axioms, one from my friend Abergine at the Q tree

never assume incompetence where malice can be substituted (paraphrased)

My Axiom

” If the left needs to change the narrative more than once, then the original premise and all subsequent changes are FALSE”

We are on like change 13 or 14 in this “pandemic” narrative.

Remember, the virus IS real, I had it, I recovered. BUT, the HYPE and the propaganda use of the virus is NOT. The MSM and dems as well as big pharma and Fauci ALL have an agenda, and your health and stopping a “killer” pandemic is NOT it. MONEY and POWER IS.

Fauci is a sadistic narcissist, who is enamored with his fame and HIS Monster, akin to Victor Frankenstein. Fauci may not have “created” Covid 19 by hand, but he did by deed, funding the Chinese in gain of function “research” with OUR tax dollars. REALLY?! Gain of function ONLY has ONE purpose…to make something LETHAL, WEAPONS grade LETHAL. It is ILLEGAL here in the US, for good reason, it violates treaties, the Nuremberg code, and laws SPECIFIC against it. That is why Fauci outsourced it to China, and the Chinese MILITARY, all research in China is MILITARY, controlled lock stock and barrel by the CCP. Fauci is tied to Bill Gates and his agenda 21 esque “vaccination agenda” You know the one that killed so many and sickened far more in Africa? All in the name of “good intentions” BARF. All in the name of a sick manifesto that stresses population control and REDUCTION by 2030. THAT is Fauci’s agenda, money from Gates and big Pharma, power to feed his own narcissistic needs, and FAME. Fauci after all “is science” he said so on CNN.

Thje Dems reasoning is obvious, they use Covid for POWER, vote by mail (fear) allowed them to steal the Presidency, the House, AND the Senate. Mandates and executive orders entrench and expand that power. You KNOW they are making money of this too, TRILLIONS. Infrastructure “stimulus” bill anyone. 5.4 TRILLION, in reality likely MORE, will “fix” infrastructure” like Obama’s “shovel ready” porculus did, it will ENRICH Dem and leftists policies and unions and causes, as well as the politicians that passed it, while doing NOTHING for we the people except raising taxes, lowering wages, increasing inflation, and MISERY of the middle and poor classes…PERIOD. I can here it now “We don’t know WHERE the money went, we had good intentions, it looks like shovel ready was not shovel ready after all? Now where have we ALL heard, seen, and FELT this before? Oh yeah Obama in 2009. Never let a good crisis go to waste. What that REALLY means is never let a good crisis pass without we dems EXPLOITING it for power and money!

Big Pharma’s part is easy. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Trillions of it. ALL liability free.

The MSM will HAPPILY parrot ANY lie to help their elite friends and cohorts exploit, demean, and even murder we “smelly Wal Mart Trump voter little people in flyover country”

For our OWN good, after all we are inferior, they are our “betters” they all have degrees after all. We are but working rubes. SERFS. PEONS. Yes THAT is how they see us, a necessary EVIL, someone to mow their grass, prepare their meals, wash their cars, and clean their toilets. Well, until they import our replacements, who will come CHEAPER, and not be “uppity” like we are, from Mexico and Latin America.

By the way, if the Pandemic, and Covid are SO killer, like the new Baba Yega, the Omicron variant…ohhhhh scary name right…BAH, WHY are the borders still open, and illegals are allowed to flood the southern border without consequence, hell in fact they (The Feds) are REDISTRIBUITING them throughout the country, without masks, and WITHOUT being “vaccinated” NO plans to, never was, NEVER will be. Now would THAT not be an EXTRORDINARILY BAD idea if Omicron and Covid were so KILLER that We the little people MUIST mask, up, MUST be locked down, and MUST, under penalty of loss of job and or privilege’s, be “vaccinated”?

Why are WE vulnerable as citizens, and accountable, while illegals are FREE?

Why are illegals “immune” but we citizens are not? So immune it is deemed safe to distribute them all over, without even knowing WHERE they will go?

Why must WE face consequences, and be over lorded with regulation and mandates which violate OUR rights as citizens, but DARE not be imposed on NON citizens, ILLEGAL ones that are NOT protected under OUR Constitution?

THINK folks.

ALL for something that does NOT work and will NOT stop the pandemic, only make it worse, potentially MUCH WORSE. More have died AFTER “vaccine” release than BEFORE release. Many more are sick, and many more will become sicker, and die.

WHAT the HELL are we doing listening to Fauci, the CDC, MSM, and Biden for? They DENY science, and promote pseudo science. They have been WRONG this entire time. Time to BREAK the cycle of FEAR and oppression, ONCE and for ALL.

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