Mueller report

Wow, I am about 100 pages through the Mueller report.  All it is a “justification” and prop up narrative for the Steele Dossier.  It has so far done nothing but CONFIRM the conclusions I wrote in my book.   A few interesting tidbits.  Page was indeed a plant, as they used his 2003-2007 Russian work ans an INFORMANT for the FBI as a predicate that Page was a Russian spy, no he was a Cabal spy.

They are trying to smear and lump WikiLeaks with Guccifer2.0 and DC Leaks, which everyone knew were phony and probably NOT Russian assets, but CIA assets used to obscure the TRUE Wikileaks.  Notice that NO ONE and nowhere is the information released by WikiLeaks disputed, only the method by which it was obtained and by whom (Seth Rich now more than EVER is a real possibility)


This is big, Sessions was not feckless, he was in all likelihood blackmailed.  The redacted Scope memo was redacted for good reason, Mueller was authorized by Rosenstein to investigate Sessions (their boss) for lying to Congress over his contacts with Kislyak in Sept 2016 which the Mueller report itself says was a nothing burger.  In other words, just like in my book, they set out in the beginning to remove two people who could end the farce in Sessions and Michael Flynn.  They used the threat of a prosecution for lying during confirmation hearings as BLACKMAIL to make Sessions recuse and then be “compliant” and deferential to the Cabal.

I will post more later, but that is HUGE. Rosenstein had NO business making that scope.  Rosenstein is going to club Fed soon.  When Barr looks into this it is CURTAINS for the Cabal.  Trump will let them run their mouths on this, and then declassify ALL the documents that PROVE he was a victum of a coup, and then Barr will pounce.  Pay close attention people, this is HISTORY.


What happened pt 4

As we have seen the Cabal set up a spying operation against Trump, and they surrounded his campaign with spies who were constantly probing for information and attempting to seed disinformation into those around Trump including Donald Trump jr.  At they very least, by their very appearances in and around Trump they were able to give the impression that Trump’s people were “compromised” by foreign agents, even though though those foreign “agents” were in fact themselves, and they were working for a Cabal of our own people and Government trying to take out a first a candidate, and then a President elect.  They had perpetuated the Russia narrative, and had changed the premise three times, as each previous premise was debunked, disproved, or destroyed.  They had finally settled on “Russia interfered” as the preferred premise in Dec of 2016.  Now, they would go about trying to provide proof for  for that narrative.  They would use the spies who were surrounding  the Trump campaign info, coupled with the “Steele” Dossier, information obtained from Five Eyes intelligence, and propaganda from a compliant main stream media to perpetuate a fraud on the country.  the plan was evolving from smears and resistance, to full on portraying the President elect as a recipient of “aide” and “comfort” from a sworn enemy, Russia, to “cheat” the rightful winner (Hillary) out of the Presidency.

The media would run with ANY article that might portray or intimate Trump campaign contacts with any Russians as both bad, and proof that there was something “shady” going on between Trump, his associates, his campaign, and the Russians.  There would be “whispers” of the still unpublished “Steele Dossier”, coupled with some timely leaks, and circular reporting to build the hysteria.  All the while, the spying was STILL going on looking for the elusive “smoking gun” that never came.  It HAD to be there, they just were not looking in the right places.

Trump was moving along with his transition team and interviewing candidates for the big important cabinet positions that would need to be filled.  As the process was ramping up shortly after the election, leaks were prevalent, and many withdrew shortly after being interviewed, as many derogatory stories were written by the MSM on each candidate that they did not “agree” with.  More resistance.  People began to wonder why people who had accepted interviews would so soon decline the position.   It was part of the Cabal’s strategy to “isolate” Trump and portray his agenda as not mainstream.

The REAL answer was soon to be revealed to Trump.  On Nov 18, 2018, Admiral Mike Rogers, the head of the NSA, paid an unscheduled visit to Trump Tower.  What he revealed must have shocking.  Rogers had waited until just after Trump Tower’s SCIF was completed to make his visit.  The very next day after the meeting, Trump moved his transition operation from Trump Tower to Bedford New Jersey.  It was an odd choice.  Trump had always used Mar a Lago as his second work site, but no this time.  This time he chose a small secluded, and not well known golf club for his meetings to occur.  December in new Jersey instead of Palm Beach Florida?

It is my belief that Rogers revealed a secret.  A secret so profound that it required a face to face unauthorized and unscheduled meeting in a SCIF at Trump Tower.  What could have been so profound to require such secrecy and measures?  This is when I believe that Rogers informed Trump that he, his campaign, his business, and even his FAMILY, were being spied on.  Trumps home and favorite clubs were obviously “bugged”, so he moved to an off the beaten path club in New Jersey.  Rogers, for his act would be confronted and threatened by John Brennan and Ash Carter the Sec of defense upon his return to Washington.  They wanted him FIRED.  Obama did not, and I think I know why, he simply did not know exactly what Rogers had revealed.  He did not know if Rogers had revealed the previous NSA searches, the subsequent spying, the FISAs, the plants into the campaign, or merely the surveillance of Trump Tower.  Obama knew that if he fired Rogers for doing what all good NSA chiefs should do, brief an incoming President, there might be questions to just why this happened so soon after that “briefing”  The spying would then surely come to light, and the Cabal had not fully implemented their insidious plot.  Rogers would have to stay.

Meanwhile, the resistance was in full swing.  Protests were held, people screamed at the moon, and even had “witches” cast spells to “bind”  Trump.  Doom and gloom was predicted and spewed with zeal by the propagandist media. Recounts were ordered in three “blue” states that Trump had won, which would only reveal some potential fraud on the Dem side.  When some precincts in Michigan and Philadelphia had anomalies of 125% or more of registered Dems in only Dem precincts, the recounts were shut down.  Trump had only gained votes.  Then, they would try some shenanigans with the electors in the Electoral Collage.   Several electors vowed to go rogue and vote against the will of the people in their states and defect to Hillary.  This too backfired, as Trump gained electoral votes while Hillary LOST votes.  The plans to stall or stop the inauguration had failed.  Trump was going to take power on Jan 20 2017.  They had to stop it by any means necessary.  Trump was not only going to undo Obama’s legacy, he was going to discover the plot to stop him, and more importantly the means and resources that were used and by whom.  In short, Trump was about to blow it all up.

A meeting was held on Jan 5 2017 between Obama and most of his senior staff including Rice, Power, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, and Comey.  This was the “by the book” meeting which Rice would reveal in her memo on Jan 20th, 15 minutes before Trump took power.  This meeting is a KEY.  This IMHO was when the plan was changed from resistance to removal. It is my belief that the original plan was to try to get Trump to resign by using intimidation, smears, innuendo, and threats against not only Trump himself, but his business, and especially his family. They all just knew that bad things were out there on Trump and his finances. They just knew that Trump was beholden to someone or had engaged in some questionable business activities, they just knew the info would come to light, and then Trump would be Impeached and maybe even he or his adult children would be indicted.  That is why the Cabal wants Trump’s tax returns in such a bad way.  They think that the “smoking gun” is in them.  Hillary had even said as much in the 2nd debate when she was attempting to smear Trump as being beholden, overextended, or not as rich as he claimed.   They simply deny the basic fact that Trump is and has been under both state and federal tax audit for over 15 consecutive years.  Don’t you think that ANY impropriety would have been shouted from the rooftops before, during, and AFTER the election if it were there? Of course it would, it would be round the clock news on every channel including the Disney channel.  There is NOTHING.

The revamped plan was put into motion when the Steele Dossier, despite its unverified nature was disseminated throughout the Government thanks to Obama’s last minute Executive Order making it EASIER for intelligence to be shared among the entire intelligence apparatus.  Lets see if I can break down the ways it was passed around.  Nellie Ohr wrote the dossier, she gave it to her husband Bruce, who would give it to people in the DOJ upper management like Bill Priestap and Jim Baker.  Glen Simpson would give a copy to David Korn at Mother Jones, and a Copy to Hillary Clinton.  Hillary would task Sidney Blumenthal to disseminate the dossier throughout his media contacts. Christoper Steele would give a copy to Michael Isikoff at Yahoo news.  Johnathan Winer would give a “summary” to Victoria Nuland at State, who would then pass it on to John Kerry. It is my assumption that Kerry then gave it to John Brennan, who disseminated it through Five Eyes allies like Australia and the UK.   The UK MI6 gave a copy to Andrew Wood.  Wood would give a copy to David Kramer, John McCain’s senior aide.  Kramer would give his copy to both John McCain and BuzzFeed.  McCain would give his copy to James Comey.  Comey would give it to James Clapper, who would then put it into Barack Obama’s Presidents Daily Brief.  Once there, Brennan and or Clapper would brief the members of the Gang of 8 individually. One big circle of the same document, but making it “look” like it was completely independent sourcing.  This coupled with the PDB and Gang of 8 briefings, made the Dossier look important and REAL.

The media would then do its part.  BuzzFeed would publish the entire salacious unverified opposition research document on Jan 10th 2017, just 10 days before the inauguration. Now we move from smears to actual sedition.



What Happened Pt3

As You have seen, the stage was set for one of the greatest political debacles in our History.  The Cabal had at first merely attempted to spy on Trump and those around him by gathering evidence from our own Government sources and methods.  That info would be used to destroy his candidacy  and clear the path for Hillary.  They were using our own intelligence apparatus of the NSA database to gather “dirt” on their political enemies.  This is OBVIOUSLY a tactic that had been employed before,  probably many times. The setups were too smooth and planned to have been an original run.

They were using an outside contractor in Fusion GPS to do the searching so that there were no “direct” ties to anyone in the Obama administration.  I am sure their plan was to say that the contractor went “rogue” if they were caught.  Obama would of course claim he had no idea, and that he first learned about it on the news.  The worst they though could happen was that they would be “chastised” for allowing a rogue contractor access.  The compliant media, being part of the team, would never ask the relevant questions of why was this happening,  who knew it was happening, who allowed it to happen, who gave the contractor access, who vetted the contractor(s), why was this not stopped, and what were we going to do to prevent it from happening again. The compliant media would simply parrot the rogue narrative and move it along till people forgot.

Sometime between Nov 8th 2016 and Jan 20th 2016 is when the whole thing shifted from a simple smear to strop Trump from winning; into an operation to try to stop Trump from being inaugurated. Since they no longer had a President Hillary to count on to cover their tracks and deeds, they needed someway to either justify their previous spying, or a means to force Trump to “play ball” or else be “removed”.  I believe that at first they thought that Trump could be “neutralized” by “resisting” Trumps policies and agenda at every turn.  I believe they ramped up their surveillance  of all things Trump by using the previous spying to obtain and weaponize existing FISA warrants.  Trump was surveilled at Trump tower during the transition to try to figure out what his plans were so that “resistance” could be mounted by counter measures, media smears, and any info that could be gleaned on the people who were being interviewed for the key cabinet and administration posts.  They would make a hit list of anyone who was interviewing, and use spying and their compliant media to degrade, smear, or find ANY dirt on anyone who would help Trump forward his policies.

Does it make sense now of the plethora of people who were interviewed and then declined a position?  Does it make sense now ALL of the derogatory stories and hit pieces that came out on anyone who was associated with the campaign.  Remember all the stories that came out against people like Rudi Giuliani  and Chris Christie?  They were trying to blunt Trumps agenda by denying him ALLIES.  They were trying to isolate Trump from like minded people.  Then, they could portray Trump, his agenda, and his policies as against the mainstream, it would be like he never even won in an electoral landslide.  The narrative would be that Trump was too radical to have actually won, that NO ONE was actually for Trump’s policies.  The idea was to delegitimatize Trump’s victory, and then to say he would have never even won if it hadn’t been for something “fishy” like Russian interference.

Recall that there were at least three narrative “shifts” at this time, with one more to go.  Recall that at first, it was Russia “hacked” the DNC when the WikiLeaks email releases occurred in July.  No one believed that, because it was soon revealed that the emails were not “hacked” but leaked by an insider.  The media and Cabal, could not let that stick, because if they were to persist in the “hacked” the DNC narrative, people would need proof, and it would take more than the DNC provided in a third party vendor, CrowdStrike, for people to believe it.  The FBI would have to be involved, and they did not want ANYTHING like that happening, even though the FBI was full of “fellow travelers”.  The actual trail could not EVER see the light of day, because that would lead to “other problems” and other questions being asked, like who leaked the files that was in the DNC.  Was it Seth Rich? If it was, that would open questions into what happened to Rich, and they ALL just wanted that to go away.

Trump had just won, and the Cabal was shocked.  They needed an excuse to cover up their spying, so they went with the Russia “hacked” the election.  They thought that that narrative would help explain just why after such a “commanding” lead, Hillary had “shockingly” lost, and it would also serve as a predicate for all the spying that was STILL occurring.  One problem, everyone knows that the overwhelming majority of votes in the election are not electronic, they are paper.  Also the ones that are electronic, are NOT connected to any computers or internet.  This made the Russia “hacked” the election IMPOSSIBLE, since they would have to “hack” over 120 million votes and 4500 precincts individually, a physical impossibility.  They there fore had the THIRD narrative change in a little less than 5 months.  The new narrative was that Russia “interred” in the election to help Trump defeat Hillary buy Obama himself on Dec 9 2016.   

This switch would would serve to use the Steele Dossier, Trump’s July 27th joke about Russia being able find Hillary’s 33000 missing emails, and some contacts made by Trump associates like Papadopolous, Page, Manafort, Flynn, Sessions, and even the attempt in June 2016 on Donald Trump Jr, to open a legit counter intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign.  This would justify both any previous and FURTHER spying that occurred.  Now they could ramp up the spying and “find” the dirt that they just KNEW had to be there. They had attempted to implicate Trumps associates and campaign by INNUENDO, and smoke and mirrors.  This morphed into a plan, Crossfire Hurricane.  This origins of this plan would be revealed by Susan Rice and her Jan 17th detailing of a Jan 5th meeting held by Obama.  This was the now infamous “by the book meeting”  a CYA of sorts for what they had attempted to do.  They had surrounded Trump and his campaign with spies in an attempt to gather intel and or PLANT info.  In nothing else the mere appearance of “impropriety” would be used.  ALL to cover their original spying op.  That is the “sources and methods” all the people from Andrew McCabe, James Comey, John Brenna, james Clapper, to Evelyn Farkus were talking about “protecting”.   The using  of our OWN intelligence apparatus  against the Cabal’s enemies.  Now you know why Obama was allowed to get away with so much that was either questionably illegal, or at least extra Constitutional, He had intel on EVERYONE that he used as leverage.  Knowledge is power folks.  The NSA, FBI, CIA, Five Eyes, and God  knows what else were WEAPONIZED against our own.  Mike Rogers and Rosemary Collyer stumbled upon it, stopped it, and made the Cabal scramble for “other means” That is when they used Five Eyes, and spies. 

ALL of this was ILLEGAL, with a retroactive attempt to make it “appear” legal, in the guise of a “counter intelligence investigation”  It was a counter intel investigation alright, into at first an American citizen opposition candidate, and then into a President elect, and finally into a sitting President.  Their ONLY predicate was from planted info from spies, and a LIE opposition smear document, the Steele Dossier. It would get worse.

What happened Pt2.

As I left off the other day, Hillary had already set up a network of “friendly” media, rigged the DNC primary, and laundered campaign money through Perkins Coie to hire Glen Simpson’s firm Fusion GPS, who employed Nellie Ohr.  Simpson was used as a “filter” to separate Hillary from the dirty smears that would follow, and the SOURCES for those smears, the NSA database, and some Russian “informants” That my friends is more than collusion.  It is first a campaign finance violation, money laundering, and espionage if not sedition.  Simpson, who knew where his info came from ALSO needed a filter, so, he hired Christopher Steele.  Steele would use his Russian informants and Nellie Ohr to write a “hit” piece opposition research document.  Steele’s informants were Russian, and PAID.  Is that not collusion?

Steele, and Ohr would collaborate and use each other’s sources to compile a “dossier” implicating Donald Trump as not only a pervert, but also as an asset who was under blackmail from the GRU (the Russian equivalent of the FBI) and Vladimir Putin himself.  It is my belief that Mrs Ohr and Steele communicated with those sources through Ham Radio, to avoid a paper trail and direct contact.  The Dossier was meant to be a kill shot to take out Trump’s campaign at the last possible moment, thereby clearing the road for Hillary for an EASY win.  Once Hillary won, all the illegal spying, methods, and players would be forgiven and hidden for ALL time.  Notice at the time that ALL the media, and All the media polls just KNEW that Hillary was going to win, and win BIG.  Even though she could not stay healthy, she was barely seen, and when she was seen she was massively unlikable, and drawing minuscule crowds.

This was part of the ruse to make Hillary seem not only inevitable, but impregnable.  I think she used her 65 or so MSM friends to parrot that narrative, and the fake polls and aura of inevitability.  I also believe they mostly KNEW it was all smoke and mirrors, and that they were all vested in the lie.  That is why when Trump won, they all went batshit crazy. Some were dupes, but it is easy to dupe the WILLING.  One or two in key positions could influence the whole news division opinions.  Everybody loves a winner, and if it their ” gal” more the better.

Back to Steele and Ohr, Nellie Ohr WAS the author of the dossier, Steele was a facade.  He was the cover for Ohr, just like Fusion and Perkins Coie were the cover for Hillary.  Their plans were all going along well, until the “pied piper” not only began to win, he began to win BIG, and people actually came to think he could win, despite the polls and the MSM narratives of inevitability for Hillary.  I believe that is when Obama panicked, and hedged his bets. He KNEW that IF Trump won, his crimes would be exposed, his policies rescinded, and his legacy SHREDDED.    Obama could not have that.

Hillary had problems, she was in BIG trouble for her email server, and she might even be indicted.  Obama basically ordered Lynch to prevent that from happening.  He even gave them all  the predicate in a CBS interview, calling Hillary “careless”, and that she didn’t “intend” to do anything wrong.  Basically EXACTLY what Comey would state in “clearing Hillary on July 5th, since Lynch could not because of her Tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton.  The wording was changed on Comey’s statement by Peter Strzok on advice from Lisa Page.  Strzok was also the agent that interviewed Hillary on Jul 2 2016 in the email case.  Both Strzok and page are players later in this mess.

This is when (Sometime around late May or early June) that Obama had Clapper and decided to “hedge” their bets in the unlikely event that Trump would win.  They needed an ace in the hole to make sure that that did NOT happen.  The previous 702 searches had yielded little to destroy Trump, they needed MORE, and they needed it in time to DESTROY Trump so late that he could not recover by Nov. Trump had just named, on pressure from outlets like the NY Times and the Washington Post, some ancillary foreign policy members and advisers to his campaign.  He named Carter Page and George Papadopolous as economic, energy, and foreign policy “advisers” to placate the calls by the media for the politically inexperienced Trump to name some members of his “team” that would help form his agenda. this was ALSO a setup by the media.  Trump got the names he submitted on advice from Jeff Sessions.  I am not sure who recommended them to him, but I suspect it was Sam Clovis.  I do not know if they were simple Patsies, or if they were seeded because of what would happen next.

Clapper would, on orders that could ONLY come from Obama, begin surrounding these advisers with spies that would attempt to ingratiate themselves into the Trump campaign.  People like Stephen Halper, Joseph Mifsud, George Tawil, and Alexander Downer.  Halper would set up both Page, and Papadopolous by introducing them to OTHER spies like Downer and Mifsud.  Halper would try to ingratiate himself with Trump adviser Sam Clovis. Page, I believe was a plant, and Halper was used to deflect from that fact.  Halper was meant to be the focus, and NOT Page.  Carter Page was hired as a foreign policy adviser, had already been an FBI spy on Russian Igor Sechin in a case from 2014 a fact the FBI conveniently forgot to tell Trump I bet.  Page was an informant FOR the FBI  AGAINST the Russian Sechin.  Page ALREADY had a FISA warrant on himself from that case in 2014.  That’s right, Page was ALREADY able to be spied on, all they needed to do was RENEW it, which would be easy.  I would like to know just how in two years that Page went from an FBI asset to a Russian spy.

Papadopolous, who would be used again as a patsy later, was setup by Halper to meet Joseph Mifsud a Maltese academic. Mifsud, in a meeting in April of 2016 in London, would sow the seeds of a narrative in the young naive Papadopolous.  Mifsud would tell Papadopolous about some “damaging” info that was coming out soon on the DNC, Hillary and John Podesta. He was talking about the WikiLeaks email releases that had long been rumored, but not yet released by Julian Assange.  Mifsud would plant that seed, and that Trump knew about it into Papadopolous.  Those seeds would bear fruit  a month later, again in London.  That is where Mifsud would get Papadopolous drunk in a bar, introduce him to another spy Alexander Downer, a former Austrialian leader and politician. Mifsud and Downer would induce Papadopolous to talk about the WikiLeaks release info that Mifsud had earlier given Papadopolous.  Downer, would take that info, and run it to Five eyes “allies” like Andrew Wood, who would then give this info that a Trump aide was blabbing that Trump had advance or intimate knowledge of the WikiLeaks releases BACK to John Brennan through Five Eyes.  Obama and or Brennan would then ask Five Eye allies the UK, Austrailia, and New Zealand , to surveil Page and Papadopolous, their data would be used to get a legitimate FISA on both Papadopolous, and a new unrelated FISA on Page.  This thereby bypassed the NSA scrutiny put in by Rogers and Collyer.  This ALL setup the coming narrative that Russia had hacked the DNc, and then used their “front” Wikileaks, to disseminate the damaging data on the DNC and Hillary to Trump.

Simpson would be another part of that scheme when he was used as a “handler” for Natalia Veselnitskaya. Veselnitskaya would be used  in an attempt to spread “dirt” from Russians on Hillary Clinton in a meeting on June 9th 2016 in Trump Tower with Donald Trump Junior, Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner.  Veselnitskaya would be referred to Don Jr by a friend who had worked with Trump before on the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow.   Veselnitskaya would get the meeting offering dirt, but would switch the topic to the Magnitsky Act. Don Jr would blow her off, and end the meeting in 20 minutes.  The media would try to use this later as “evidence” along with Page and Papadopolous encounters, to form a “Russian Collusion” narrative.

I believe this 2nd auxiliary plan, would be used to build insurance in case the Steele Dossier, Access Hollywood, and womanizer  narratives failed.  The fact that Russians, and WIkilLeaks were used would help further the credibility of the Steele Dossier.  The Cabal would send Robbie Mook out in July 2016 on CNN shortly after the WikiLeaks releases revealed that the DNC was rigged against Bernie Sanders both with resources, and the opinions of the leaders., which cost Debbie Wasserman-Shultz her job as DNC chair.  Mook would open the FIRST narrative by stating that “Russia  had “hacked” the DNC”.

Several things happened to both the first and 2nd plans that would cause MAJOR ramifications and scrambling later.  First, the Steele Dossier was NOT being published AT ALL, despite being widely disseminated amongst the MSM by Steele and Simpson.  It was simply too far fetched, too unverified, and too salacious.  So the kill shot was not being used in mid October following the Access Holly wood tape release on Oct 9th, and the various bevy of women that followed it.  Trump had apologized and survived the tape release.  He had cleaned Hillary’s clock in a debate two days after the release, saying “because you’d be in jail”.  He then would deny, refute, and debunk the bevy of women who tried to portray him as a womanizer. Hillary had simply forgotten that she had no moral place to take a stand on Trump because of what her husband Bill had done, and her defense of his actions.  She NEEDED the dossier to come in.

She was about to get it released, when Comey dropped a bomb on her.  He reopened her email investigation on Oct 28th 2016  because of new info that came to light in an unrelated sexting case of Anthony Weiner.  SDNY Police had confiscated a laptop in Weiner’s house that belonged to him and his wife Huma Abedin, who was a major assistant, colleague, and friend of Hillary. On the laptop, SDNY found @ 600000 emails that came from Hillary’s now wiped email server.  Were the 33000 of so missing emails there? Comey HAD to be sure, he HAD to reopen the case, or SDNY might have, and he would have lost CONTROL.  This simple action DOOMED a pre-election release of the Steele Dossier.  Hillary’s campaign  was now DOOMED.

Actions had to be taken to try and stop the now inevitable Trump win.  After Trump did win on Nov 8th 2016, Obama and a slew of Dems Cabal, and never Trumpers would DEMAND to know how Trump won over the heavily favored Hillary?  They would speculate that since WikiLeaks had released the info that damaged Hillary, and WikiLeaks was a Russian “front” the Russians “hacked the election”  to help Trump win, furthering the narrative put out by Robby Mook in July on CNN.( notice the shift from Russia hacked the DNC to Russia hacked the election)  This would be made into Narrative 2 by Barack Obama on Dec 9th 2016.  He would begin expelling Russian Diplomats and closing Russian embassies, as he announced the opening of an investigation into “Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election.”

This is all further described in more detail in my book the Cabal’s list.  Please check it out!  If you like this please comment, and I will soon post part 3.



What happened, and what is coming. PT 1

As I have said before, I have researched this exhaustively, and written a book on it. People need to know what happened.  We need to spread the tragic details far and wide, and that is precisely why i did what I did, to give the masses a road map.

Yesterday, I posted the entire timeline from my book.  Today I will try to explain in a little detail exactly who, when, and where this all began.

As I detail, IMHO this all began sometime in April 2015.  During that month, Hillary had two different meetings at John Podesta’s house.  Podesta was her campaign manager.  The first meeting was with 65 or so Main stream Media reporters, TV commentators, Writers, and journalists.  The who’s who of the corporate and cable media, as well as the newspaper industry.  The meeting was to establish the “narrative” that they would all pursue to help make Hillary known, popular, and get her views (only) to the public. This meeting was highly unusual and secret, except that the Huffington post reported it in a blub article, no one else mentioned it.  We all learned of it from a July 2016 WikiLeaks release of a Podesta email that detailed the meeting and the RSVP list.

The 2nd meeting was held a few days later, again at Podesta’s house.  But this time it was with her senior campaign staff.  This meeting was also secret, and in it we discovered the “pied Pier” narrative, which would select a Republican “weak” candidate, and prop that candidate up in an attempt to weaken stronger ones.  ( also learned from WikiLeaks)

Notice that Hillary was NOT worried about the Democratic side, even though their was no incumbent, so they too would have a scramble for the nomination. Why?  because she already had secret deals with both the Super Delegates, and the DNC.  The DNC was broke, so Hillary lent them money.  In exchange Hillary would be in TOTAL control of the DNC.  From who was chair, to how the funding was to be distributed, Hillary controlled it ALL.  No way was she going to be blind sided by another Barack Obama at the finish line.  This was HER turn.  So you see, it was a carefully laid plan, Bernie stood ZERO chance of EVER winning.  Likewise on the Republican side, she would try to carefully orchestrate just who her opponent would be.  Her team picked Donald Trump, a fatal mistake.

So, you see, Hillary was not going to leave ANYTHING to chance this time.  This was ALL a carefully laid out plan.  But wait, it was way more involved.  The would need an ace in the hole, just in case something went wrong.  It is my belief, that it was then that Barack Obama used a tactic that had obviously been done before (Romney?, John Roberts?  John Boehner?  Paul Ryan?)  He would have John Brennan or James Clapper or BOTH grant a 3rd party contractor access to the massive NSA database.  That contractor Fusion GPS would have their employee (Nellie Ohr) conduct 702 “about Queries” on ALL the 2016 candidates, including Donald Trump.  They used a contractor to one not have a “big” name doing a ton of searches on the opposition, and two, plausible deniability. There is one problem in the 702’s, any American citizen results, would be “minimized”  meaning they were masked.  To get them “unmasked” would require a clearance that only existed in the Senior Obama Administration. (Samantha Power, Susan Rice, John Brennan, or James Clapper).

They all thought thought that in April 2015 they had it ALL laid out.  But, as in most best laid plans, something went wrong.  Admiral Mike Rogers discovered or was tipped off about all the searching that Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS were doing.  Rogers ordered an audit, discovered a massive amount of searches, and curious names involved.

Round about that same time, presiding FISC Judge Rosemary Collyer was also concerned about all the unmasking going on on American citizens by those same senior WH personnel.  Apparently, the dolts were applying for a massive amount of FISA warrant applications based upon the 702 searches and unmaskings.  Rosemary Collyer in a redacted 99 page memo, ordered it ALL stopped.  No more contractor access to the NSA database, no more unmaskings.  That is when the Cabal had to scramble and come up with other means to continue their surveillance.  That is when John Brennan began placing spies like Stephen Halper, Joseph Mifsud, George, Tawil, and Alexander Downer around some ancillary figures in the Trump Campaign.  People like Michael Cohen, who was erroneously mentioned in the Steele Dossier, Carter Page, George Papadopolous, and Paul Manafort were ALL put under surveillance.

They used the Ukrainian Black ledger files release (leaked by the US-Ukraine Ambassador Mary Louise Yovanovitch) to get a FISA on Paul Manafort.  They used the erroneous mention in the Steele Dossier, coupled with some shady dealings in the Ukraine to get a FISA on Michael Cohen.  They used a setup by Stephen Halper Joseph Mifsud, and Alexander Downer to get the FISA on Papadopolous.  Carter Page had already been under a FISA in 2014 for his FBI work as an informant in the Igor Sechin case, so his FISA was simply renewed (I have come to believe Page was an intentional PLANT.  Remember the narrative that Page was a SPY.  Yes, he was FOR the FBI AGAINST Russia, not the other way around as we were told.  Off all the four that I belive had FISA’s ONLY Page was never charged with ANY crime.

Since almost all the contacts and locations for the spy contacts either happened in London or the Ukraine, we could use our Five Eyes allies the UK and Australia to both investigate these patsy’s in our NSA database legally (we share intel with other Five Eyes allies freely, including the NSA database) Thereby circumventing Collyer’s order, as Five eyes was not a contractor, but a cleared ally. Now with legit FISA’s they had an open door into the Trump campaign by multiple “assets” Trump was virtually surrounded.  The new FISA’s on these four would give the previous spying by Fusion GPS “legitimacy”.

This was investigation #2.  Investigation #3 would be started when it looked like Trump was going to be the nominee, most probably in late may.  Even though ALL the Polls ALWAYS said Trump had no chance, Clinton’s “real polls’ knew differently.  This is when i believe that Hillary, using DNC campaign funds, laundered through Perkins Coie, hired the same original contractors Brennan had used on the NSA searches, Fusion GPS and Nellie Ohr.  They would use ALL the unmasked data and data from her previous searches, coupled with ANOTHER spy from the UK Christopher Steele, to begin preparing a salacious unverified, but PLAUSIBLE, opposition research document, the “Steele” Dossier.  Steele who used to be the Russian Desk chief for MI6, would use previous paid informants in Russia to “dig up dirt” on Donald Trump.  They would give him the Ritz Carlton golden showers story.  Steele would give that to Nellie Ohr, and SHE would compile that info and some “facts” from her previous NSA searches, to write the “Steele” Dossier (Really it should be the OHR DOSSIER) She made ONE big mistake, she did not cross reference the SS# and Passport ID on Michael Cohen, she used the WRONG Michael Cohen in her “prague” story that was used to “legitimize” the Dossier.  A FATAL flaw, for if that piece was wrong, no way could the rest be VERIFIED, so no one would publish it early.

The “Steele” Dossier was IMHO opinion meant to work in conjunction with the “access Hollywood” tape and the bevy of women that would come out after to destroy Trump. It was all planned to be revealed in late October, but James Comey’s reopening Hillary’s email case blew up the final piece.  I believe the Dossier was originally meant to be the “kill shot” to the Trump Campaign, and it was supposed to be revealed and printed in late Oct, so Trump did not have time to stop it.

Hillary and her campaign staffer had already planted the seeds that would be used to state that Russia had hacked the DNC server.  Remember the WikiLeaks releases that cost Debbie Wasserman-Schultz her job right as the DNC convention opened.  They used CrowdStrike a cyber security firm with close ties to Hillary, to state that the DNC was “hacked” by the “Russians” because they saw two known Russian malware files on the server. The FBI took CrowdStrike’s word for it, and NEVER looked at the DNC server to verify that it was in fact the Russians.  It wasn’t a hack, it was a download, and it was given to WikiLeaks most probably by Seth Rich.  My guess is that Rich found out that the race primary was fixed for Hillary, and his guy, Bernie Sanders was a dupe.  Rich decided to reveal the dupe, and then was shockingly murdered shortly before the WikiLeaks release. NO one knows for sure, but Akom’s Razor.

Robby Mook would go on to state at that convention in July in a CNN interview,  that the Russians had interfered in the 2016 election.  The Russian Interference narrative was born .

If you all would like more, leave me a comment please, and I will move to Pt2 the Bait and switch.  BTW all this info is sourced and in my book, though written differently and with far more detail.







As promised.


• April 7 2015, the “pied piper strategy” was discussed among Hillary’s inner circle, selecting Donald Trump.
• On April 10th, 2015 The Hillary Friends in the media dinner took place at John Podesta’s house. There were approximately 65 Media members, reporters, journalists, newspaper columnists, and TV commentators, and online reporters present. The who’s who of the MSM, except, curiously, no Fox reporters were present.
• On or about late 2015 John Brennan or James Clapper authorized private contractors including but not limited to Fusion GPS access to the classified NSA database on American and foreign persons.
• Fusion GPS hired and used Nellie Ohr to conduct “about searches’ on American 2016 Presidential candidates and their associates including but not limited to Donald Trump.
• The results of those searches were masked. Senior members of the Obama administration un-masked those searches, revealing the U.S. persons’ identities.
• In April 2016 there were a vast number of searches and unmasking conducted. So much so that Admiral Mike Rodgers ordered an audit, and subsequently stopped the access.
• April 2016 George Papadopolous meets with Joseph Mifsud in London the seeds are planted about Trump possessing Hillary’s emails early.
• April 26, 2016, At the same time as Rogers audit, FISC court presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer produced a secret memo revealing exactly the extent of the searches and unmasking, and exactly whom was doing the searches. She would rule that the searches and unmasking must stop, and that the contractor’s access must be stripped.
• In April 2016 at or about the same time of the Collyer memo, the “pied piper strategy” was implemented selecting Donald Trump.
• As Trump would come to the forefront, a plan to stop the “monster” that they had created that just might win it all was hatched.
• At or about the same time as the original searches were stopped, Hillary Clinton, using DNC money hired Perkins Coie to hire Fusion GPS to gather dirt and opposition research on their “pied piper”, Donald Trump.
• After being hired by Perkins Coie, Glen Simpson would hire ex MI6 spy Christopher Steele and Nellie Ohr to gather intelligence and rumors from Russian contacts to write a smear document on Donald Trump.
• April 2016 Ukraine releases the Black Ledger files on Paul Manafort lobbying that will eventually be used to fire, indict, and imprison Manafort, and probably obtain a FISA on him.
• May 2016 George Papadopolous meets with Alexander Downer again in London. A supposedly drunken Papadopolous tells Downer that Trump was in possession of the WikiLeaks emails before they were released. Downer reports this to his 5 Eye superiors who pass it on to Brennan. The setup was complete; the narrative was changed from the Dossier being the source of the Page FISA to the Papadopolous meeting as the source of the Page FISA.
• In May of 2016 Peter Strzok on advice from Lisa Page, his lover and a DOJ lawyer, would change James’ Comey’s charging document from the letter of the law “gross negligence” to Page’s advice of “extremely ‘careless”. It was almost two months before Hillary was even interviewed. She was cleared before she had even been interviewed. Hillary was free to assume her march to the Presidency.
• June 9th 2016 Infamous Trump Tower setup meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Natalia Veselnitskaya was held. Veselnitskaya meets before and after the meeting with Glen Simpson.
• June 20, 2016 Paul Manafort replaces Corey Lewandowski as Trump Campaign manager.
• In June 2016 Loretta Lynch would meet secretly with Bill Clinton in Arizona to discuss what was going to occur to Bill’s wife Hillary just days before it was to be decided whether or not to indict her. (This was the infamous Tarmac meeting.)
• Immediately after Loretta Lynch was recused because of her actions, but the fix was in.
• July 2nd, 2016 Peter Strzok would interview Hillary, with Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin present, about her email server.
• July 5th 2016 James Comey, replacing Loretta Lynch, and using wording and advice from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, clears Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing in her email investigation just days after she would be interviewed by Strzok, and despite obvious crimes of obstruction, and possessing , mishandling and improper storage of classified info. Comey would cite no intent and state that Clinton was extremely careless, and that no reasonable prosecutor would indict her.
• July 10th 2016 Seth Rich is murdered
• in July 21st 2016 Donald Trump would move on to become the very popular Republican nominee, ensuing panic among the Hillary campaign, and senior members of the Obama Administration including Obama himself.
• July 22nd, 2017 WikiLeaks releases the DNC emails.
• July 27 2016 Trump makes his joke about Russia finding Hillary’s 33000 emails in a news conference.
• July 30th 2016 Bruce Ohr meets with Christopher Steele.
• At or about the same time that Donald Trump was about to be the Republican nominee Brennan, Clapper, and other senior Obama Administration members began using our Five Eyes Allies UK, New Zealand, and Australia to open a clandestine counter intelligence investigation on Donald Trump and his associates. “Crossfire Hurricane” was born. They would use his business dealings with Russia as an impetus believing he was monetarily compromised. Probable spies would be sent out and planted around those in the Trump campaign including Carter Page, George Papadopolous, Sam Cloven, and Paul Manafort.
• At the same time that Brennan was placing his spy network around Trump and his associates, and looking for a reason to justify their actions for all the surveillance. Nellie Ohr had finished her dossier and presented it to Christopher Steele to give to Simpson to give to Hillary. She would then give it to back to Simpson to give to Bruce Ohr to give to McCabe, who then gave it to Comey to be utilized in Crossfire Hurricane.
• In August 2016 Strzok would issue his infamous “insurance policy text to Lisa Page.
• In August 2016 Brue Ohr would meet with Andrew Weissmann. Was it to talk about the Dossier?
• August 17 2016 Manafort fired as Trump Campaign Manager, replaced by Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon.
• August 22nd Bruce Ohr meets with Glen Simpson. Is Ohr given the dossier here?
• Sept 2 2016 Page tweets Strzok “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing”
• in Sept 2016 Searches of the NSA database were ramped up by members of the administration like Samantha Powers and Susan Rice. But, what they were doing was not legal, they needed a backstop, and Hillary Clinton had just provided it in the Steele dossier. FISA applications were submitted by Comey using the Steele dossier and Page’s FBI-Russian past. A FISA warrant was issued by a FISC Judge, probably Rudolph Contreras, on Page. Surveillance was conducted on everyone around Trump, including Trump Tower and Mar a Lago.
• On Sept 16th 2016 Sessions would meet in his Senate office with Sergey Kislyak.
•.Sep 23rd 2016 Michael Isikoff’ would write his Yahoo article on Christopher Steele and the dossier.
• Oct 7th 2016 the Access Hollywood tape is released Trump a live late night statement
• Oct 7th 2016, or the same time as the access Hollywood tape release, WikiLeaks would begin publishing the Podesta emails that would reveal the fix was in on the Democratic side of the primaries.
• Hillary would then, using her contacts like Sydney Blumenthal, Steele, and Simpson, attempt to spread the document throughout their media friends network. Only one problem, no one would publish or report on the dossier because it was too salacious and unverified. It was October, and Trump had just survived the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape. Time was running out, she needed this out there to reinforce the Access Hollywood and coming womanizer narratives. The dossier was to be the kill shot October surprise, but NO ONE would allow it out. Hillary was desperate. Crossfire Hurricane and Brennan’s spies were not producing any dirt.
• Oct 9th the 2nd Presidential debate is held, and Trump cleans Hillary’s clock by stating “Because you’d be in jail”
• Oct 28th 2016 James Comey was forced to reopen the Hillary email investigation because of files found on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner during an unrelated child exploitation case in SDNY. Even though Comey would again clear Hillary with a whirlwind investigation, the damage was done. This reopening coupled with WikiLeaks revelations, would doom the Hillary campaign. The writing was on the wall. Trump was going to win, and they could not stop it.
• In late October 2106 The Cabal and Hillary were in panic. Once elected Trump was sure to reopen the Hillary investigation, and without Comey or Lynch to protect her, she was going to jail. Brennan was in panic, because the spy network, surveillance, NSA database searches, and unmasking were all ILLEGAL. Lynch and Comey were in panic because their fixing of the Clinton investigation would be revisited and Lynch’s tarmac meeting would be investigated. Comey had also falsely verified the Page FISA. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were in panic because of their roles in the Hillary investigation fix. Andrew McCabe was in panic because he was a true Trump hater and he also was in on the fix in exchange for Terry McAuliffe’s funding of his wife’s campaign. Bruce and Nellie Ohr, and Glen Simpson were in panic because Simpsons firm was the contractor named in the Collyer memo, and his employee Nellie Ohr was in on the original NSA illegal searches. Barack Obama was in panic because he knew of the events in his PDB, and because he knew his legacy was finished. All his corruption on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Syria, the IRS targeting, and more would be exposed by Trump.
• Oct 31 2016 Jean Camp reports on the Trump tower pings. Hillary and John Podesta both tweet about the report.
• November 8th 2016, and Trump had just won election. All the Cabal were in panic, and desperate to stop Trump’s inauguration. They began to formulate a plant to either stop Trump from taking office, or to remove him or force him to resign. They would ramp up their surveillance on all things Trump. All his named advisers like Page, Papadopolous, and Manafort, and apparently Michael Cohen had their surveillance legitimized by FISA Warrants (a re-up in Page’s case) Trump Tower and Mar a Lago were intensely scrutinized as Trump was interviewing applicants for a part in his administration. What were they looking for? They were looking for any dirt that could be used to validate the allegations in the Steele Dossier which was used to get the original FISA. They would plant pings from a Russian bank (Alfa) on the Trump Tower servers. They would highlight Cater Page, Paul Manafort, George Papadopolous, and Michael Cohen’s contact with foreign spies. One problem in Cohen’s case, he had not been meet Russians in Prague as the Dossier claimed. It was a different Michael Cohen.
• Still in Nov 2016 They would further those plans by using ANY contact with Russian diplomats as “collusion” People like Jeff Sessions and later Michael Flynn would have their legitimate contacts, made to look nefarious. Trump’s joke in July would be used coupled with his failed venture to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, his known dealings in Moscow with the Miss Universe pageant, the Alfa bank pings, the Steele Dossier, and the contacts by his advisers with Brenan’s spies, to formulate the Trump Russia Collusion narrative. They would paint Trump not only as sympathetic to Russia and Putin, but as a compromised asset who would collude with Russia using WikiLeaks a supposed Russian proxy, Russian Facebook trolls, and Russian Intelligence to steal the 2016 Presidential election.
• Nov 18th 2016, Admiral Mike Rogers would go to Trump Tower unauthorized to inform Trump of the scheme and spying. He would wait until Trump’s SCIF was completed, so the Cabal would not know of his revelations. Trump would immediately move his transition to Bedford New Jersey and his golf club there to avoid further surveillance. Rogers upon return to Washington was confronted by Brennan and Ash Carter, who wanted him fired. But, Obama could not, not now and risk Rogers exposing the scheme to the public. Rogers would simply be neutralized and pigeonholed for now.
• Nov 22nd 2016 Bruce Ohr meets with Peter Strzok.
• In December 9th 2016 Obama called for an in investigation into Russian interference into the 2016 election. Obama would expel Russian diplomats and impose sanctions as punishment for the interference (They were willing to risk WAR with Russia over their scheme, think about that). This was the official beginning of the plot put into motion.
• Late December 2016 the dossier was spread throughout the media by Steele and Simpson. Steele would give a copy to Michael Isakoff of Yahoo news. It was spread throughout the State Department through John Kerry who got it from Victoria Nuland. It was spread throughout the DOJ by Bruce Ohr. It was spread throughout our Five Eyes allies by Brennan and Clapper. It was given to Andrew Wood by the UK MI6 Chief. Wood would give the dossier to David Kramer, who would pass it on to Senator John McCain and to BuzzFeed. John McCain would give it to James Comey. Comey would use it and a sept 23 2016 article by Michael Isakoff about the Dossier to justify FISA applications and open a counter intelligence investigation on Trump Russian Collusion. Brennan and Clapper would Brief the Gang of 8, and Obama respectively.
• Jan 5th 2017 Obama would hold a meeting amongst his senior staff AKA the Cabal to manage the Counter intelligence narrative “by the book” meeting.
• Jan 10th 2017, one week before the inauguration, BuzzFeed would publish the Steele Dossier in its entirety. Now the Dossier was throughout the government, throughout the Congress, throughout our Five Eyes allies, throughout our intelligence agencies, throughout the FBI, Throughout the White House, and now throughout the Public.
• Jan 12th 2017 Obama issued Executive order 12333 to facilitate the spread of the scheme, and to allow others to see his PDB, which would provide access to all the dirt gathered.
• Jan 20th 2017 just before Trump took office, Susan rice wrote her CYA meme detailing the “By the book meeting”
• Jan 21 2017 the scheme did not stop the Inauguration. Trump took office as the 45th President. Now they needed “insurance” that Trump would not stay long enough to discover their scheme.
• First, Obama era holdovers still in their jobs until Trumps cabinet would be in place, began a plot to remove Trumps allies that would be in a position to stop the scheme to remove Trump. First up was newly confirmed NSA Michael Flynn.
• Jan 24th Peter Strzok would interview Michael Flynn in a set up interview arranged by acting AG Sally Yates and Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe. Flynn would be said to have lied to Vice President Pence, and the FBI. Trump would fire Flynn the next day.
• Jan 27th Comey would go to the White house and brief Trump about the already in Public Steele Dossier, stating it was salacious and unverified. This was the first shot of the war to come.
• January 30th 2017 Sally Yates was fired for insubordination for her refusal to enforce Trump’s travel ban.
• Feb14th 2017 Comey would have the infamous “loyalty” meeting with Trump.
• March 3rd 2017 after it was revealed that Newly Confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions had met with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak twice. Jeff Sessions was forced to recuse from oversight of the Russian investigation. Dana Boente would be acting AG.
• March 4th 2017 Trump would tweet that he had just found out he had been surveilled at Trump Tower by Obama.
• March 17th 2017 the classified FISA application is delivered to Charles Grassley and Dianne Feinstein of the Senate Judiciary Committee. It is also delivered to The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s Richard Burr and Marc Warner. It is 82 pages long plus a cover page.
• March 17th 2017 SSCI security chief James Wolfe texts Ali Watkins an 82 page document.
• March 20th 2017 Comey had Congressional testimony that revealed that Trump was under investigation for Russian collusion, and he would refute Trumps March 4th tweet saying no surveillance took place.
• March 21st 2017 Nunes is escorted into the White house SCIF by Watnik. There he sees the Obama PDB. Nunes rushes to cameras to inform the public, then Returns to the White House to brief President Trump.
• March 31 2017 Adam Schiff goes to the White House SCIF to see the same files Nunes did. He is markedly unsurprised and calls for a Nunes ethics investigation and removal as House intelligence Chair.
• April 3 2017 BuzzFeed and Ali Watkins publish an article revealing the unknown male in the FISA application given to SSCI and Senate Judicial Committee was Carter Page.
• In Early April Nunes is temporarily removed as Chair of the House intelligence Committee by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan while he is under an ethics investigation. He is replaced by Mike Conaway and Trey Gowdy.
• April 25th 2017 Rod Rosenstein was confirmed as Assistant Attorney General, he would immediately assume oversight of the Russian investigation
• May 9th 2017 on a recommendation letter from Rod Rosenstein Trump would order Jeff Sessions to fire James Comey. The game was now a foot as Comey was the Cabals fire wall.
• Comey would immediately run to the Press stating that he had been removed for failing to promise Trump loyalty, and that Trump had asked him to go easy on Michael Flynn, hinting of obstruction of justice. Comey revealed he had taken and kept contemporaneous notes of the meetings as proof.

  •  May 11 2017 Andrew McCabe testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee..
    • May 12th 2017 Trump would respond in a tweet denying the claims and stating “Comey had better hope that there were not any tapes of their meeting, before leaking to the press. An obvious hint that there were, and that Comey knew it.
    • May 15th 2017 Comey arranged for a friend, Daniel Richman, a Columbia University professor, to leak to the press a memo he had written after a February 14 private meeting with the president. It said Trump had asked him to end the FBI’s investigation into Michael Flynn, the former National Security Adviser. It was meant, as Comey would later state under Congressional testimony, to lead to the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate Trump for obstruction of Justice over Flynn (and for firing Comey).
    • May 17th 2017, the memo and the subsequent media firestorm it created had the desired effect. Robert Muller, who ONE day earlier, after meeting with both Trump and Rod Rosenstein for the now vacant FBI director post, was appointed as a Special Council to look into “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump, and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation” The stakes in the game were raised, the coup had begun in earnest.
    • May 18 2017 James Clapper and Sally Yates testify before the House Intelligence Committee.
    • July 2017 Papadopolous is set up again, this time in Greece by Charles Tawil and given $10000.
    • In July 2017 Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are hired to join Robert Mueller’s Russia Investigation.
    • August 2 2017 Rosenstein writes the Mueller Scope memo in response to a request from Judge T.S. Ellis in the Paul Manafort trial. But Ellis was not allowed to see it unredacted.
    • In august 2017 Peter Strzok and Lisa page are removed from the Mueller Investigation over their anti-Trump text messages discovered by IG Horowitz.
    • Nov 7 2017 Carter Page testifies before the House Intelligence Committee.
    • Nov 14 2017 Glen Simpson testifies before the House Intelligence Committee December 2017 McCabe testifies before Congress that there would have been no FISA warrant without the Steele Dossier.
    • December 2017 McCabe testifies before Congress that there would have been no FISA warrant without the Steele Dossier.
    • Jan 27 2018 Peter Strzok testifies before the House Judiciary Committee.
    • Jan 29 2018 McCabe announces he is stepping down as Deputy Director and plans to retire March 18th.
    • Feb 2nd 2018 after returning as Chair of the House intelligence Committee after being cleared of ethics violations, Nunes would release the Nunes 4 page memo on the FBI maleficence on the Carter Page FISA.
    • Feb 24th 2018 the Schiff counter memo is released, and roundly debunked.
    • March 1 2018 IG Horwitz reveals that he had discovered under an interview that McCabe was a leaker.
    • March 17th 2018 after an internal review which said that McCabe had leaked and lacked candor, Andrew McCabe is fired by Jeff Sessions.
    • March of 2018 a Jeff Session reveals that he had appointed US Attorney John W. Huber of Utah to oversee an investigation into FBI Misconduct in the Hillary Email server and Uranium One cases.
    • April 9 2018 Michael Cohen’s home and office are raided by the FBI.
    • May 17 2018 Robert Mueller finally gives the unredacted Scope letter to Judge Ellis.
    • June 8th of 2018 James Wolf the Security head for the Select Senate Committee on intelligence, is indicted and arrested for leaking classified info to three or more reporters including Ali Wakins with whom he had an affair. Speculation is that one of the things leaked was the original FISA application on Carter Page. Watkins would reveal Page’s identity under her byline shortly after an 82 page text to her from Wolfe. (The Carter Page FISA is 82 pages long plus a cover page.).
    • Jun 20 2018 Victoria Nuland testifies before the House Judiciary Committee.
    • Jun 28 2018 Rod Rosenstein testifies before the House Judiciary Committee.
    • Jul 13 2018 Lisa Page testifies before the House Judiciary Committee.
    • July 2018 Adam Schiff meets with Glen Simpson at the Aspen Security Forum.
    • August 28 2018 Bruce Ohr testifies before the House Judiciary Committee.
    • Oct 3 2018 James Baker testifies before the House Judiciary Committee.
    • Oct 19 2018 Nellie Ohr Testifies before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees.
    • Oct 25 2018 George Papadopolous testifies before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees.
    • Dec 7 2018 James Comey testifies before the House Judiciary Committee.
    • Dec 12 2018 Bill Preistap testifies before the House Judiciary Committee.
    • Nov 7th 2018 Jeff Sessions resigns as Attorney General. He is replaced by Sessions aide Matthew Whitaker.
    • Nov 26 2018 George Papadopolous is sentenced to two weeks in prison for lying to the FBI.
    • November 29 2018 Cohen pleads guilty to tax evasion, loan fraud and campaign finance violations.
    • Feb 2019 McCabe reveals in a 60 minutes interview that Rod Rosenstein had offered to wear a wire in the Oval office in an attempt to remove Trump under the 25th Amendment, and had been in discussions with senior DOJ staff about that plan. Rosenstein would deny the accusation.
    • William Barr is confirmed as Attorney General replacing the interim Matthew Whitaker. He immediately assumes control of the Russia Investigation.
    • Feb 27 2019 Michael Cohen testifies before the House Oversight Committee.
    • March 2019 Doug Collins begins releasing closed door testimony from Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page.
    • Mar 7 2019 Paul Manafort is sentenced to 47 months by Judge T.S. Ellis despite being recommended for 19-24 years.
    • Mar 13 2019 Paul Manafort is sentenced to an additional 55months in prison by Judge Berman, making his total sentence nearly 7 and one half years.
    • March 23 2019 William Barr accepts the finished Mueller report, only stating that there will be no more indictments stemming from the Russian Investigation, thereby ending the almost 2 year witch hunt.
    • March 23 2019 Michael Flynn is still awaiting sentence.
    • March 23 2019 Roger Stone is still awaiting trial.
    • March 23 2019 Jerome Corsi is apparently in the clear since no more indictments are to come down.

The Truth dies in darkness

Well, I am apparently I cant post on Conservative Treehouse anymore.  I did not receive an email, text, blog entry, or tweet.  So I must assume I offended Sundance.  I guess he didn’t like that I had told about my book and or didn’t like that I contradicted some of his posts.  I thought like minded sharing of ideas is what this was all about.  I thought differing opinions were welcomed.  If I had said something or did something right, I would have expected a warning, derogatory post, or email.  I got neither, just can’t post.  It is not the first time.  The last time it was over the mysterious Q.  It is a shame, I really enjoyed the back and fourth.  If I offended anyone, I apologize, I know I have shown a zeal to get the truth out.  That is why I did what no one else has, I wrote a book chronicling in plain English just what had occurred in the last three years.

It is up on Amazon, and I had hoped people would buy it and share it, they have not.  I will try advertising it. I put  A LOT of time and effort to put together a road map for everyone that was both easy to read, and hyperlinked to sources so ANYONE could see and figure out for themselves what I did.  I thought in publishing it, it might reach a broad audience, more so that this anonymous blog. I don’t have the following or resources that some do, so that is why I post on Conservative Treehouse and The Gateway Pundit, to reach as many people as I can with the TRUTH, and IT IS THE TRUTH.  I hoped that others who were confused or did not have the time, would buy the book and learn the truth, all in one place.  I put a LOT of my time and effort into it, as well as my heart and soul. It isn’t about the money folks, the publisher makes most of it after publishing costs, I would make VERY little.

If I thought people would see it here, I would have posted it here for free. Nothing would be more wasteful than if NO ONE saw it. In the effort to show people just how passionate I am about this, I will be posting tonight a VERY important snippet from the book, the timeline, it it’s entirety.  For the few of you who see it here, I ask that you read it, think about it, and if you like, pass it on.  This was a coup folks, and it has nearly destroyed our country.  People NEED to know the TRUTH. I think that is more important than petty bickering and childish actions.  I asked for help, and I even offered with several prominent blogs and Conservative pundits to share my research, I got no takers.

The Truth dies in darkness folks.  Right now, and in the VERY near future we will need to band together.  If what I think comes to pass actually does, we are in for a very tumultuous, though necessary period in our country’s history.  Ordinary people will be confused, angry, upset, and scared.  They will NOT realize what is happening or WHY.  That is the reason I wrote the book in the first place, to help ease that confusion.

My greatest fear is that i am 100% right, and that our country, being so disillusioned by a compliant MSM wilt devolve into riots, rancor, and ultimately Civil war.  NO ONE in the MSM is willing to tell the WHOLE truth and NOTHING but the TRUTH, because they too are somehow vested. Very few in the Congress have the intestinal fortitude to stand up against the Cabal or the Dems. Only Trump can do it, and he will be virtually alone, surrounded on all sides, except for US.  We must be informed, we must be prepared, we must be vigilant, and we must be willing to stand up for what is RIGHT.  People do not know just how close we still are to being to NEVER get out country back the way it was founded.

Obama did his job well, he succeeded in dividing us along racial, political, economic, social, ethnic, gender, and ideological lines better than any foreign power ever did.  Some will NEVER accept the truth. Some already know the truth, some can be reasoned with, and some simply do not know or understand.  It is the latter two that I hoped to reach, so that when the SHTF, they will at least have a resource as to why.  This, folks, will be a more critical time in our history than anything else besides the Revolution and the Civil War, it is that big.  I pray I am wrong, I really do, but all that I researched, and my gut tell me different.  We are on a collision course with a reckoning, there is no stopping it, and there will be no compromises, no surrender, and no avoiding it.  Both sides are dug in.  It is inevitable.

For us to survive as one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL this has to happen.  It will not be painless, it will not be quick, and it will not be easy.  But, it is coming.  The forces who have lied and manipulated us for far too long MUST be held to account.  Time to pay the check!