Blatant Hypocrisy and Censorship

As those few of you who follow me here know, I am an outspoken opponent of the Cabal, and I try to spread the truth through my book and through posing on popular conservative sites.  I started on Conservative Treehouse, but was unceremoniously banned over disagreements with Sundance, without warning, and without opportunities to  redress.  I then began posting on the Gateway Pundit over a year ago.

Recently I was put in “spam hell” for some reason.  I complained to the editors, the comment moderators, and finally the board moderator.  All I got was a stupid form letter telling me I had violated the polices for posting on GP.  WHAT? How? I asked how to the board moderator, got another form letter, and went ballistic.  I threatened to write every conservative pundit, news site, and even CNN telling them all of the open BLATANT HYPOCRISY on display by Gateway Pundit.  I got a real response then.  But that response was worse.  The moderator told me I had violated one or more of the board rules many times like spelling and grammatical errors, using excessive emoticons, or punctuation, using profanity, using short comments like “right” or using “flowery language”.

The moderator response:


The “spam policy on Gateway Pundit:

If you are getting caught in the spam filter repeatedly, make sure to avoid…

  • Excessive punctuation (e.g. …, ???, !!!)
  • Emoticons
  • Off topic comments
  • Short comments (e.g. “This is great” or “That is awesome”)
  • Comments about the spam filter (e.g. “Am I stuck in the spam box???”, “Why are you calling me spam!”)
  • Spammy sounding language (e.g. “My sister’s brother likes to walk to the store every day to get milk” – Note “my relative did X” matches all of the “My relative or friend makes thousands working from home”)
  • Colorful language (e.g. “While strolling though the dark forest at night my feet began to sink into the squishy mud” –  If you sound like you are writing a novel you might get caught up in the filter)
  • Misspellings and use of non English works (e.g. Demoncrat, Shiftyshiff, Obozo, etc)
  • Off topic comments.

99% of people caught in the spam filter are being filtered for one of the reasons above. We do not respond to emails related to the spam filter because we don’t have control over it and everything we have to say on the topic is listed above.”


The BLATANT hypocrisy here is RICH.  Gateway Pundit is ALWAYS one of the first ones complaining over censorship and algorithms omitting their content from being seen on Facebook, Google, Twitter, or the like.  and what do they do?  (Thier lead article on Aug 14th) Allow a 3rd party to run their spam filter, and use a algorithm to boot to do it. What does that algorithm do?  Censor posts like mine, that just happen to be anti Cabal and informative ABOUT the Cabal.

There is NO WAY that in less than 8 hours that some moderator at Gateway Pundit read “nearly all” of my @3000 posts as stated.  In short, he lied.  Then to make it WORSE, he told me that he had contacted Discus, who is their comment vendor, and they told him I had low rep?  I have @ 3000 posts and @ 8400 likes in a year.  I am terrible at math (not really) but that is nearly 3 likes per post. Something is not jibing here. I did not attack anyone, I did not use profanity, I did not post walls of text, I NEVER use emoticons of even excessive punctuation.

You all know that I am long winded at times LOL, but I also have many posts stating “exactly” or “amen”  Something big must be coming, like say tomorrow LOL.  I am being censored, by people who constantly complain ABOUT being censored, and they refuse to do anything about it.  You cannot make this stuff up.

WTF?  I responded thus:


“Let’s see where to begin.  first, I have posted on this site for over 1 year with zero issues like this. I have been consistent in the way, subject matter, and manner in which I post.   Second, I do not post in all caps, only caps for emphasis because there is no bold option that I am aware of.  It is a writing technique used by many people, not a yelling as some call it, and you should know it.   Third, I am always on topic, though I do get long winded.  Fourth I do not use emoticons ever.  Fifth, I do not use excessive punctuation unless you count the occasional use of ellipsis’s.

I really would like your feedback on this.  I want to HELP spread the word, not make money, which is what I really think is some of the more well known sites agenda. I do not advertise this site nor my book, perhaps I should.  I look forward to any suggestions, comments, help, or advice.
PS Rex.

The truth about Bruce Ohr and MORE.

I have never revealed what I am about to here before, but enough of the subtle tactics and innuendo, people are freaking over Comey not getting arrested for the espionage act violations.  Trust me, that is the LEAST of his worries.

I will spell it out for you all.  Fist though, about Bruce Ohr.

I have Told you, Bruce and Nellie Orh are up to their EYEBALLS in all this. Bruce is NOT a friendly, and I HATE when Hannity spouts his “Bruce Ohr tried to warn everyone to NOT trust Steele” line. Bruce Ohr was working WITH Steele to promote his wife’s work product called the “Steele” dossier. He even went to Oleg Deripaska and tried HARD to get him to say something bad about Manafort, that would lead to Russian “connections” to Trump. Deripaska REFUSED (Strzok ALSO tried the same game). Ohr was the CONDUIT between DOJ, Simpson, Strzok, McCabe, and Steele, passing the dossier and info on flash drives back and forth and probably being paid for it by Fusion.

He was not WARNING anybody, he was SPREADING the info through out the DOJ, that was an OVERT act. He KNEW damn well what his wife was PAID to do, who set it up, who she worked for, what she wrote, and WHO authorized and PAID her. Remember that Obama $900,000 payment to Fusion GPS in 2016.  Nellie Ohr was working for Fusion GPS while simultaneously working for the CIA and DOJ.  She was getting PAID all over the place.  She did the NSA searches that were passed on to Rice and Power to be unmasked, and then given BACK to her.  She used that info to write the RAW dossier.  She was used by Fusion because she had CLEARANCE from her CIA and DOJ work.  BUT, someone had to STILL authorize her NSA access, and that came from the TOP.  Someone ALSO had to authorize Rice and Power to unmask the info.  When this info was passed back and forth, it was HIGHLY classified, so THAT is why Nellie was used.  She and NOT Steele had the clearence to SEE let alone search the NSA database for the info, especially AFTER unmasking.  These were AMERICAN citizens, only some one with a TOP clearance could SEE that info (that is why Rice and Power had to do the unmasking, it takes a SENIOR admin official, to unmask an American, and that has to be AUTHORIZED by the TOP.  Who was Rice and Powers ONLY boss again?

Steele DID NOT have those clearances in the US, but he DID have connections to Russia from his time as the MI6 Russian desk chief.  He also had the foreign ties in MI6 to connect to Halper, Mifsud, Downer, and Wood.  Steele used his expertise in counter intel, and his connections in Russia to edit Ohr’s raw product and SPICE it up with Russian propaganda on the Ritz Carlton hooker Golden Showers from 2012. Steele was hired by Glen Simpson to do this, and then to be its PROMOTER to the MSM and places like Mother Jones (David Korn) and Michael Isakoff at Yahoo.  He aslso used his contacts at the State Dept like Johnathan Winer and Victoria Nuland to get the Dossier to Kerry.  One of his attempts was detailed by John Solomon.  But that one FAILED, as the woman denied his attempt, and flagged his work as questionable and with an agenda.  His OTHER attempt with Winer DID work, and it was passed to Victoria Nuland as a condensed version, SHE gave her version to Kerry.

John McCain got a version from a MI6 asset, and Steele associate, Andrew Wood.  Wood gave a Steele copy to David Kramer, who was McCain’s top aide.  McCain gave his copy to COMEY directly.  Do you see what was happening here?  The dossier was spread FAR and wide to not only OUR agencies, OUR MSM, and OUR Congress, but ALSO to FOREIGN agencies.  They were ALL getting copies of the SAME BS, and passing it back and forth to make it look LEGITIMATE.  That way when phase two was initiated, the Dossier  would be a valuable “verified” tool. It was made to LOOK legit and corroborated because it was WIDELY disseminated. Sydney Blumenthal was passing on Hillary’s copy to his media and govt contacts.  McCain was passing his on to Comey and Congress uniparty.  Steele was giving his copies to MSM and State.  Brennan was giving copies through Five Eyes, who were then GIVING it back to him and Clapper.  Clapper put it in Obama’s PDB.  Bruce Ohr was passing it to the FBI and DOJ.  Once it was in the PDB, Clapper and Brenna could brief the Gang of 8 and Intel committees in Congress.  See how that works.  They ALL knew folks.  It was made easier by EO 13333 which made it easier for ALL intel agencies to spread inf (or DIS info) around.  Ellen Farkus gave that all up to Mika on Morning Joe, you just had to read between the lines. “sources and methods” my rear.  They do not want us all to know that they ALL knew of it. They ALL knew it was at BEST questionable, and they ALL knew WHAT it’s purpose was and WHO was the target. BUT, What they may or may not know is a BIG secret, and it is one that the Cabal are DESPERATE to hide.  What I am about to say is a BIG secret, but it will come out.


What if it was NOT Hillary who PAID FOR the dossier to be MADE, but she just BOUGHT the finished product. What if OBAMA PAID for, authorized access for, and then set Hillary up to use the dossier. (GET IT). Why else was Obama paying for Fusion GPS services? Why else would the Cabal and MSM and even Mueller always USE the dossier as a predicate, but NEVER thought to verify it? Why else do they ALWAYS change the subject when the dossier is shown to light?

Bet you won’t hear THAT on Hannity. I wrote a book on this crap, and I KNOW who is behind this ALL, and I know ALL about his “sources and methods” that EVERYONE keeps trying to HIDE from us. WHY? Because it leads DIRECTLY to OBAMA. There is a VERIFIED money trail.

Why do you REALLY think Steele could NEVER verify his own named “product” Because, 1. he did not white it, he was the editor and promoter, and 2. He does not WANT to know where the info came from (but he DOES). In the end they ALL had only ONE boss. Obama was playing both ends against the middle (Trump).

HE had the dossier created by using the NSA, HE paid Fusion and Nellie to make It for plausible deniability. Then THEY sold it to Hillary (Obama was to NEVER be outted as the originator). Hillary used HER network of political and MSM contacts to spread this crap far and wide, It was only meant by her to be a smear document to crush Trump and tie in to the womanizer narrative.  But, THEN, Obama had HIS DOJ, CIA, FBI, NSA, all of the other 17 intelligence agencies SPREAD IT AROUND internally (EO 13333).

Then they ALL went to work to PROVE the dossier and use it to destroy Trump, even using FOREIGN spies to PLANT info. ALL using the dossier as a predicate, even MUELLER, whose SOLE job was to prove the dossier and use it to impeach or indict Trump, he FAILED.

Congress uniparty HELPED in this especially gang of 8 and McCain (David Kramer). Obama used our own Five Eyes allies and some of his foreign globalist buddies to try and facilitate this internationally, and that my friends is TREASON. Italy, Australia, New Zealand and especially the UK were ALL in on it thanks to OBAMA. That is an act of WAR, subversion, Treason, and a CONSPIRACY against the US to a COUP. These people BETTER HANG.

This started as a mere smear campaign to KEEP Trump from winning, then it morphed when it looked like he would win to branding Trump a Russian asset, who used the WIkiLeaks to collude with Russians to deny Hillary.  In reality, WikiLeaks was a DAMAGING reveal on the internal workings of the DNC, and to kill two birds with one stone, they “married” the wikiLeaks to Trump and Russia. The narrative morphed SEVERAL times, and I have detailed that before.  They adjusted the narrative to fit their needs until that part was debunked, BUT, the main premise stayed the same.  The BASE part of the dossier was left in tact which was Trump was beholden to Russia and Putin because of a failed Tower project in Moscow, and he owed Deutsche and Alfa bank MONEY.  The Golden showers were also a blackmail “Kompromat” to make Trump play ball.  It was ALL hogwash, and no matter how many times they tried to prove it, from the WRONG Cohen meeting in Prague with “Russians”, to Jean Camp and her Alfa bank Trump Tower server “pings”, it ALWAYS was debunked.  Trump won, and now they had a problem.  ALL the laws and resources misused by Obama to KEEP Trump out and from destroying his “legacy” had failed.  Trump WOULD find out, and then he would DEMAND accountability,  This is when it morphed into the coup using Mueller and other things like BLACKMAIL by Comey, RR, and Mueller to try and get Trump to resign.  There ONE fatal flaw  was always going BACK to the dossier.  It was used in the Blackmails, which failed, but lead to the consequences of Flynn and Sessions being fired and recused.   Then after Comey was fired for his actions, RR inserted Mueller as Special Counsel to go about REMOVING Trump legally.

But, that too failed because ALL Mueller’s work was based on the dossier, trying to PROVE anything in it.  When he could not prove a Trump Russia conspiracy, he moved to squeezing people like Manafort, Papadopolous, Cohen, Flynn, to try to get them to compose dirt on Trump.  He had them on setups that were organized and propagated by the Cabal, and he thought it would work, but it DIDN’T. That is when RR moved to the 25th scam and suggested wearing a wire to setup the ACTUAL target of Trump himself.  That act lead to Trump actually taking BACK control.  He was able to fire a neutered Sessions, thereby getting a CHECK on RR.  Matthew Whittaker.  Whittaker was able to STOP RR, flip him for his roles, and prep the feild for Barr who was about to be confirmed.  Barr used the flipped RR to END Mueller, and this farce.  ALL this to protect Obama and his precious “legacy”  Lies, Innuendos, Sedition, and TREASON.  The first DOCUMENTED failed coup in American history.  People are going to prison and the gallows for this, regardless of what the MSM tells you.  Even Solomon and Hannity do not know or are afraid to say how bad this is.  Hannity still trusts Carter Page, and that is a BIG mistake.  When this hits it will be BRUTAL, and people will be SHOCKED.  ALL roads only lead ONE place.  In the end they ALL had only ONE boss.

Do not get distracted by the 3 ring circus today, the Cabal is stepping into a TRAP.

What have I been telling you all. Solomon just found out that Mueller intentionally labeled Misfud as a “Russian”  No offense, but DUH.  Papadopolous is a KEY. He was set up twice BEFORE Crossfire, which supposedly authorized the BEGINNING of the spying. Papadopolous is a TIMELINE problem for the Cabal. Papadopolous was NOT in the predicate for Mueller’s work, the “Steele” dossier, so he just was using that setup and the Don Jr setups to try and provide a “proof” of “collusion” between Trump and or his associates with “Russians”. That is why he labeled Papadopolous and Halper as “Russian” agents.

The Don Jr and Papadpolous ops failed so SPECTACULARLY that they had to bring in Page the plant to provide a “legit” connections between “Russians (Igor Sechin)” and a Trump associate (Page the plant). This all but CONFIRMS my conclusion that Carter Page WAS and IS a plant, put there by the FBI and or CIA, to provide some sort of retroactive “justification” and “corroboration” for the “Steele” dossier. Page was a KNOWN CIA and FBI asset, and he had a 2014 FISA on him for his work in infiltrating and spying on the Igor Sechin business. He told Hannity he did it for FREE after MONTHS of denying he EVER worked for the US Govt. Sechin is a Russian MOBSTER, who litterally risks LIFE and limb to set up and then help bring down a Russian mobster for FREE. Answer NO ONE, except a Govt AGENT.

Mueller’s ENTIRE job was to somehow justify, corroborate, and prove ANY allegations in the “Steele” dossier. The dossier was his predicate and his road map, THAT is why he NEVER discussed it in “his” report. He considered it EVIDENCE, all he needed was to PROVE it. He failed MISERABLY. The dossier was and IS a lie, it was used as both the predicate AND justification for ITS SELF. The Dems and Cabal want to USE the allegations in it to bring down Trump, except it is UNPROVABLE because it was ALL based on LIES and innuendo from Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS doing NSA Database searches on Trump, his family, his associates, and his business. Nellie Ohr then gave the raw info to Samantha Power and Susan Rice to be unmasked. It was then given BACK to Ohr , who put in a raw unverified report of “facts” “summations” and innuendos that would later be named the Steele dossier.

Steele was hired by Fusion and Glen Simpson to dress up Ohr’s work product, make it believable, organize and edit it, use some of his Russian contacts to give it “spice” as a hook (2012 Ritz Carlton golden showers) to make people take an interest in it (sex sells). Then to PROMOTE the dossier to the MSM, and various Govt agencies like the State Dept throgh PROXIES like Johnathan Winer , Victoria Nuland, Alexander wood, and his contacts in the FBI, CIA, and John McCain’s top aide. That is why Steele can not VERIFY the dossier that bears his name, he did not WRITE it, he did NOT gather the original data and put it together, Ohr did.

Much like Steele, Mueller did NOT write his report, Weismann did with obvious assistance from the guy testifying with Mueller today. The Cabal used PROXIES, SPIES, and PATSY’s in this coup. ALL to protect the dossier, because where it came from, how it was gathered, who authorized access to the data base, and who ordered the unmasking ALL lead to Obama. It was a tactic and scheme that must have been used MANY times against his opponents. Any ordinary man would have folded too under the pressure, and THAT was the paln, to make Trump resign BEFORE being elected, and then before he could take full control. Then the made a mistake in their desperation, they tried to use the scheme in a coup to REMOVE Trump when he would not succumb to the blackmail. That made it TREASON. ALL to protect Obama and his “legacy”. In the end, they ALL had only ONE boss.

Today’s farce is a FEEBLE attempt to restart and retake the narrative, Mueller is a figure head, that is why the OTHER guy is here.  He is going to be the one that gets MOST of the Dem questions, because HE knows the scheme, we assuredly helped write it.  Hopefully, the Republicans will EXPOSE Mueller as a fraud and a mere figure head using his “name reputation, and integrity” as a cover for the REAL writer Weismann, who is the worst sort of partisan political hack that has no ethics, integrity, and has been ROUNDLY admonished by pundits and the SCOTUS for his tactics and methods.  He was once overturned 9-0 in the SCOTUS for withholding exculpatory evidence.  Sidney Powell wrote a best selling book on Weismann, called “Licence to Lie”. It is not a cooincidence that she was named Flynn’s new attorney.  Flynn was given the Weismann special, and that will be coming out soon.

Trump has them folks, and today WILL be the last gasp of the Dems and Cabal.  Once Mueller does his robotic bit, and either expands on stuff he CAN’T, or lies about the facts, he will be TOAST.  The dems will portray these lies as truths, and hyperventilate over impeachment, AGAIN, and the MSM will chime in.  Trump will LET them.  He will give them just enough rope to blather,lie, and spin the facts, and gin up their base witht the willing help of the MSM.  Then after a good 48-72 hours of this, enabling ALL the fools including the RINOS and never Trumpers to weigh in, Trump will drop the hammer, and have Barr declass it ALL, thereby DESTROYING the narrative, the witch hunt, and ALL those that participated in or enabled this and the original coup.  People will find the TRUTH that I know and wrote here and in my book about, that this was ALL a seditious, abuse of power,  foreign spy setup, 4th amendment violating, COUP. It was an attempt to overturn the will of the people which was a REPUDIATION of ALL things Obama.

Obama wanted to protect his legacy, and cover his crimes, he KNEW Hillary would protect them both because she was in on most of them.  He KNEW Trump would find out, and DESTROY his legacy, and prosecute him and his Admin for their crimes against America and Americans.  They literally pulled out all the stops to BLACKMAIL Trump at first to get out, and then to resign, when those MULTIPLE attempts failed, they panicked and tried to remove him via coup, labeling him a traitor, and going to elaborate means and measures to set him up.  Guilt by association and innuendo, with NO REAL PROOF, the SAME things used on Manfort, and Flynn.  The SAME thin used on Kavanaugh.  It was used on Trump FIRST.

Obama used this tactic MANY times, he used the broad powers of the US intel services including the NSA,CIA, FBI, and FIVE eyes to gather intel, and then smear his opponents into capitulation or resigning.  He used it on Roberts, he used it on the TEA Party, he used it on Romney, he used it on Ryan, he used it on McCain, he used it on Boehner, He used it EVERYWHERE he could to achieve HIS objectives, the rule of law be damned.  He put like minded cronies in key positions of power, and they helped enable his schemes.

Maxine Waters,  and Evelyn gave the scheme up by accident.  Waters said “Obama has a database that has info on EVERYBODY”. Farkus said on MSNBC ” If the Trump admin knew the sources and methods we used they would STOP it”   The clues are there folks, you just have to pay attention.  You just need to know where and HOW to look.

Today is a big day for the Cabal, they will think they won again, their victory will be fleeting, and when the hammer drops it will be too late to stop it, and only then will they realize that they themselves were the hunted, and they fell right into the trap.  Trump needs good reason to overrule the swamp dwellers and order the declass, this is IT, it was planned this way, the players just had be put in place, to take the bait, to run with it, and then the trap can be CLOSED.  END GAME coming for the Cabal.

Watch and see. Be vigilant, listen to you heart, think things through, apply logic, and then DO become outraged, DO demand accountability, and DO demand JUSTICE, no matter WHO was involved, and WHAT their punishment is.  This is HISTORY.  Remember it well, for it is the doom of men that they forget.




Things are coming together

Folks, things appear to be coming along in the plan to bring down the Cabal and drain the swamp. The Epstien case broke wide open, Christopher Steele was SECRETLY interviewed by the DOJ IG’s office after having a last minute “change of heart”  (translation, fear of neck rope burns).  More and more is coming out exposing Mueller and “his” team as a FRAUD.  The UK to Us Ambassador was outted and forced to resign in SHAME.  Even the ruling supposedly AGAINST Trump banning Twitter trolls.

They are ALL related, and IMHO ALL part of a grand plan to get them ALL.   I often wondered just how Trump was going to approach taking down not one but TWO former opposition party Presidents PLUS the First Lady of one of them, and NOT have it look like “political revenge”.  You KNOW that is how the MSM would portray it. Now, I think I see just how. One of the oldest battle tactics in history, DIVIDE and CONQUER.

First up, former President Bill Clinton.  He is much loved on the left and MUCH hated on the right, he was a pervert, lawless, and arrogant.  He got away with more corruption in his 8 years of scandal than any modern President with the exception of Obama.  He got away with committing perjury, and sexual abuse if not sexual harassment of a young intern in the White House.  Even though he was Impeached, he was not removed, and he got re-elected easily because of it.  He played the victim when he was the predator.  Some of us NEVER forgot it.  Now, thanks to Epstein, Clinton is going down, and it has NOTHING (tangible) to do with politics, and EVERYTHING to do with perversion, and child sex crimes.  He simply has NO sound reason to be taking ALL those trips to Epstein’s private island on board the “Lolita express” TWENTY SEVEN times with under age female CHILDREN on board with a KNOWN convicted Pedophile who is soon to be convicted for REAL this time.  He claimed he never went, but that was a LIE.  There are numerous photos, witnesses, AND flight logs that say otherwise.  Clinton also claimed that he NEVER was without his Secret Service detail, but AGAIN the logs prove different. Epstein, with his life on the line, WILL turn, and I am sure there ARE witnesses who will come forward, if they haven’t already.   Clinton will have no excuse, and not even the good ol boy network will help him out if there is proof of child sex crimes.  He will be TOAST, and Trump will have ZERO culpability for the MSM to try and blame him.

Next up Hillary.  She will be exposed for her various crimes on the espionage act and her email server.  Strzok and Comey are LONG gone, Barr and Durham do NOT play, and Durham’s specialty is RICO and government corruption…right up Hillary’s alley.  Never forget that Huber is ALSO out there…silent…investigating the Clinton foundation…with ZERO leaks.  It is my belief that the Clinton Foundation and the Epstein case WILL intertwine.  See, I believe that the Clinton foundation was the laundering entity for all the child trafficking from Hati, Latin America, and Mexico, the Coyote’s and the Cartel is the supplier, the buyer were the rich perverted elite in the US and the perverted in the Middle East in Countries like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, ETC.  The Clinton foundation was the “conduit” from the buyers to the sellers, and they took a cut of the “profits”  Epstein was a buyer, but he ALSO may have been a BROKER. He provided his friends and clients “merchandise” for a cut and being able to sample the “goods” himself.  I also believe that the Cartel was also involved with and using the Clinton Foundation to launder drug money on drugs like Fentynol from China passed through Mexico to clients in the US and middle east.  Can you think of a better way to SECRETLY get LARGE amounts of cash from the Buyers in a foreign country to the sellers who are ALSO in a foreign country than a international “Charity” organization? You do not think the CF, which has a SMALL amount of donations to charities and organizations, but a LARGE overhead of salaries to the Clinton’s themselves was a REAL charity did you?  You did not think that the Dems wanted open boarders just for votes did you?  NOPE, that is icing.  The REAL reason is free pass for the human and child trafficking, drug running, weapons running, and the MONEY that it brings in. Follow the money trails, it is ALWAYS about the money with the Dems..ALWAYS.  Then you have Hillary’s server, which was THE communication network AND had all the financial transactions, buyer names, and seller names IN it. You don’t think she risked prison destroying just pay for play docs did you?  It was what was SOLD for pay to play…IE CHILDREN.  One of those things WILL be the END of Hillary, and again, it has NOTHING to do with Trump, not even the MSM can save her from being a “pimp” of trafficked children.


Last, Obama, well, if you read my posts here, or on the Gateway Pundit, or my book, you KNOW that Obama is going down for sedition, abuse of power, 4th amendment violations, espionage, misuse of US Government assets and resources, Conspiracy AGAINST the Us with foreign entities like the UK, Italy, Ukraine, Australia, and New Zealand in trying to OVERTURN an election, set up a sitting President for crimes and Impeachment, and TREASON.  Trump will be accused of political revenge on this, but the crimes against him, his family, his associates, his business, and this COUNTRY will be too pervasive, heinous, and severe to try and avoid accountability.  The MSM, do not forget is COMPLICIT and CULPABLE in this coup attempt, they will be too busy trying to save their OWN necks and livelihood to save Obama.  In fact I believe when it is ALL revealed they will TURN on him and throw him completely off the cliff, in order to save themselves and what VERY LITTLE credibility they have left. In essence they will HELP destroy him to save their institution, in the hopes that we the people will forgive and forget.

The beginning of the end is at hand my friends, pay attention, be vigilant, and as ALWAYS use your own good common sense and take NOTHING the MSM gives as gospel.



On this new SECOND hidden Scope Memo from Rosenstein to Mueller

We must Follow the timeline and the plan laid out in the “Steele” dossier. The first part of Mueller’s investigation was trying to prove the dossier allegations that Trump was “compromised” by Putin over money in the failed Trump Tower Moscow project and sex over the allegation that Trump hired hookers for a golden shower in the Ritz Carlton Moscow in 2012. The second scope memo (really just an EXPANSION of Mueller’s investigation) was to try and get Manafort on the Black Ledger files from the Ukraine, and to use that to try and “flip” Manafort to roll something on Trump, which did not work because not only was the Ukraine stuff bogus, and a setup to get a FISA on Manafort, Manafort simply did NOT have any info on Trump to OFFER.

Logically, since I highly suspect Page was a plant with his own FISA, a renewal of the one from 2014 for his FBI work on Igor Sechin, and he was NEVER charged with ANYTHING, despite being the supposed START predicate for Crossfire Hurricane (which he was NOT). BOTH Manafort, Papadopolous, and Cohen were setup BEFORE July 31 2016, and Page was not used until OCTOBER 2016 after Crossfire had began. Page was a spy FOR the US against the Russian Oligarch Sechin.  Mueller flipped it and said Page was a Russian spy.  If he were as Mueller said, why was he working for US MANY times by his own admission..and FREE.  The free part is the kicker, NO ONE goes in as a mole into the Russian mob for FREE.  The free part, I know believe is to dissuade people from looking to see that Page was in fact being PAID by our FBI and or CIA. That fact would DESTROY Mueller’s assertion that Page was a RUSSIAN spy if WE were paying him to spy.  Page is nothing more now than a disinfo opp.  Poor Hannity, he does not yet get it.  Soon I hope he will.

My next logical step leads me to Michael Cohen. Cohen I believe ALSO had a FISA, and being mentioned in the dossier, and being Trump’s lawyer, was an obvious target EARLY and often. The Cabal had ALWAYS intended to use Cohen as part of the Trump Tower Moscow thing, hence the part in the dossier about Cohen meeting “Russians” in Prague. One slight problem, it was the WRONG Michael Cohen. Trump’s lawyer Cohen had 100% proven NEVER been to Prague.  Nellie Ohr made a simple mistake when she was preparing the raw document that was used to start this all and would later be named for its editor and promoter Steele.  She had not cross checked the Cohen in re researches passport ID and Social Security number.  It was a DIFFERENT Michael Cohen in Prague, but it FIT her preconceived plan and her raw data, so she went with it.

In my estimation this NEW 2nd scope expansion was to circle back to Cohen and involved the FBI raid on his home and offices. They were looking for dirt to “flip” Cohen on Trump, and they found it in the tax evasion, FARA violations, and NY Taxi medallion scam. Cohen did “flip”, only he had NOTHING to really flip on, so he made it up and told Mueller what ever he wanted to hear. This all culminated in Cohen going to jail and a DISASTROUS Congressional hearing before Elijah Cummings committee in which Cohen only revealed that he had a VIVID imagination in trying to save his own rear by smearing Trump.  Cohen and his Lawyer, Lanny Davis a Clinton sycophant, even AFFIRMED that Cohen had NEVER visited Prague, one of the key assertions in the dossier was just blown to smithereens.

See, this would ALL fit my hypothesis. Mueller was using the “Steele” Dossier as his road map. Then he was using the spies planted against Manafort, Papadopolous, Don Jr,, Michael Flynn, and Jeff Sessions to further that narrative and fill in the blanks. ALL of these people were surveilled along with Carter Page the plant who ALREADY had a FISA from 2014 and Michael Cohen from being in the dossier in the first place. ALL these people with the exception of Page had an opp ran on them by foreign spies with the exception of Cohen who was in the dossier, and Page who himself WAS the opp.

ALL of them except Don Jr, Sessions, and Page were CHARGED with something by Mueller. Mueller could not charge Sessions, for the optics in charging his boss, besides, he was neutered by recusal. Mueller tried like HELL to set up Don Jr with the Russian honeypot Natalia Veselnitskaya over the WikiLeaks. He failed even though I believe Manafort was an unknowing mole in the room because he was being actively spied on. The narrative on Russia collusion changed several times to fit the narrative, and one change that was needed to downplay the WIkiLeaks releases, which were devastating to the DNC, was that WikiLeaks was a Russian front and Proxy.

This narrative would also serve to explain the DNC server leak away (Seth Rich) as a “Russian hack” to help Trump defeat Hillary.  It would essentially kill two birds with one stone.  It would be used to downplay the releases themselves as Russian illegal hacked material…never mind they were true, you can’t look because they were “illegally” hacked.  Two, it would be used to disparage Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, so that any further releases would be discounted because they were “illegal” and nothing more than a “Russian”scheme to cheat Hillary and help Trump.  Third, it would then be used to try and portray Trump as unfit because he was a traitor mole that was compromised and aided by Putin.  IT was pure 1000% BULL shit, but with their MSM sycophants spouting their BS as Gospel.  If though it looked like BS, smelled like BS, it was really ice have some..mmmm.  It was ALL based on the “Steele”  dossier that was created by Ohr.  A flawed narative made up of lies and flawed data.  They HAD to do something, and since Rogers and Collyer closed the NSA and unmasking loophole, they brought in 5 eyes…at OBAMA’S request, approval, and supervision.

The ONLY one who was crystal clear and NEVER charged despite BEING the supposed start was Carter Page. You do the math why.  Because he was a PLANT, and he confirmed it to me when he told Hannity that despite his numerous early denials, he did in fact work for the FBI and CIA, but he did it for FREE.  More BS.  Carter Page was a US CIA SPY sent to infiltrate the Russian mob of Igor Sechin.  NO ONE who was NOT a CIA plant and agent would in their right mind risk life and dismemberment from the Russian Mob for FREE.  Page was a VERY convenient set up.  He already had a FISA, was a trusted CIA/FBI mole whose specialty was INFILTRATION, setup, and revealing evidence gathered to the agency for he was doing a particular job for.   He had worked with a real ACTUAL Russian oligarch, unlike the other patsies that were previously set up.   Ties could be EASILY established, and just a SMALL omission that Page was not a RUSSIAN spy working against the US, but  A US spy who worked FOR the US AGAINST Prussians would work.  That is EXACTLY what Mueller did in his “report”. A second scope expansion would fit, there may even be MORE scope expansions we have yet to hear about. I just look at who was mentioned prominently by Mueller, and who was CHARGED.

There is also a possibility that the 2nd Papadopolous set up using Charles Tawil in Greece and Israel to try and establish a money trail between Trump and the “Russians” by giving Papadopolous $10k in CASH while he was on his honeymoon, to come to Israel to “consult”. Papadopolous did go to Israel to consult, and he did take the money. Only he LEFT the money in Greece with his lawyer, and did NOT bring it back to the US. The FBI was waiting on him when he returned from Israel and detained and questioned him for HOURS at Dulles Airport. Then Papadopolous was charged by Mueller for LYING to the FBI ABOUT that setup, He was sentenced to TWO weeks in prison. This was a FAILED opp to plant 10k , JUST over the limit to bring into the country undeclared, but STILL a FELONY. They were trying to get Papdopolous as the “bag man” and get him on a felony to connect Trump to “Russians” and $$.

Since Papadopolous WAS under a FISA, he was being surveilled, that is WHY the FBI was waiting on him on his RETURN to the US. They were looking for that $10k, but they were outsmarted. SO, they improvised, interrogated Papadopolous, and caught him in a “lie”. Who gets ONLY two weeks for “lying” to the FBI? ONLY a patsy who was setup in a botched sting would get that.    Papadopolous was also fined a very convenient $9500.00 or almost the EXACT amount that he was set up with.

SO, the 2nd IMHO was either on Cohen and then the subsequent raids, OR the 2nd Papadopolous setup. Heck, maybe BOTH have scope expansions. I wote extensively here and in my book on this, the Manafort setup, they Flynn setup, and even the Cohen setup.  I even speculated that Sessions was ALSO set up and compromised by Kislyiak into recusal.   Real BIG stuff is coming folks.  HISTORY big.  Pay attention, eyes on the prize, and remember in the end, they ALL had only ONE boss, Barack Hussein Obama.

Answers to questions.

The following is a long response to a series of questions I was asked on the “Gateway Pundit” On a series of posts about Carter Page.

I was asked how did the Cabal know that Trump was going to be the winner and plant spies like Page and things like the dossier, when he had not yet defeated Cruz when some of these things began.

First on the “How did they know before 2016 when Trump had not yet won the  primaries totally.”  There are two things to this part. First Trump was selected as the “Pied Piper” candidate in an April 2015 meeting at John Podesta’s house between Hillary and her Senior staff. The strategy, detailed later in the WikiLeaks Podesta releases, was to pick a weaker candidate, and using Hillary’s connections in the media, push him with free air time across ALL forms of media, TV, print, Social media, and radio. The objectives was to “saturate” the airwaves with this candidate, thereby “starving” the other candidates messages. Hillary feared Jeb and Cruz the most, along with Chris Christie. Jeb had the money, the connections politically, and the NAME recognition. He had also been a popular Governor of a crucial state, Florida. Cruz was feared because he was young, smart, charismatic, from a large state, and he was a conservative icon. She feared Christie despite his recent missteps and the bridge gate scandal, Christie was from NE state, was previously VERY popular in the traditionally Dem region. Christie was well spoken, fiery, charismatic as well, and could be considered a “moderate” thereby appealing to swing and independent voters.
They picked between Marco Rubio and Donald Trump to be the pied piper. It was decided it would be Trump because he was an outsider, hand little to no political connections ( IE big donor money like the Koch brothers) and he was a brash “radical” with “radical” positions on things like immigration ( the Wall), taxes, trade (tariffs), and he was a fierce nationalist.
Trump was however very rich and very famous thanks to his Apprentice TV show. Hillary though that Trumps divorces and playboy ways would be his downfall, the “war on women” would be rehashed. So, Trump’s job as the pied piper was to sufficiently wound, eliminate, or weaken the stronger candidates she feared. She correctly guessed that Trump would be brash, bold, outspoken, and do her dirty work for her in destroying her feared competition. Either the strong candidates would be sufficiently wounded by Trump to let her easily finish them off, or best case Trump would win, and being a novice with “woman” problems ( divorces and playboy ways) she would make mince meat of Trump.
One of the BIGGEST political miscalculations in history. While Trump did in fact destroy the competition, ALL his exposure and Trumps ability to reach and hold an audience with catchy phrases and production style rallies were gathering a HUGE following. His MAGA and other polices struck a nerve among many who had all but given up hope of EVER seeing the good old days come back. Hillary and her team, along with ALL the free air time had created a MONSTER, and he needed to be stopped at ALL costs. Hence the overboard dossier and the silly golden showers part. The dossier was meant to be the KILL shot after the access Hollywood tapes

The second part of it was that although Trump had not yet won the primaries, he WAS going to. He was ALWAYS way in front. The MSM polls were RIGGED and manipulated, even the primary ones. The REAL internal polls showed Trump would beat Cruz AND beat Hillary handily. That is why they had to go to Five eyes in early to mid 2016 and pull ALL the stops, because they had inadvertently created a MONSTER, and conventional dirty tricks would NOT intimidate Trump, he had to be bludgeoned.
They tried their usual sex tactics, and it FAILED. They tried smearing Trump as rich, and he EMBRACED it, so it FAILED. They tried racism, but Trump had ALWAYS been a champion of minorities, he had even dated an African American, been the first to name African Americans to positions of prominence in his business in the EARLY 80’s, and had even received awards from Jessie Jackson and Rosa Parks, civil rights icons. So, that too failed. They tried anti Semitism, but forgot that Trumps daughter and grand children were JEWISH (Ivanka by conversion) They tried anti gay, but Trump was NOT a bigot, he believed people were people, and their choices in the bedroom were their own.
ALL they had was the war on women. But, like African Americans, Trump had been one of the first to promote women to positions of power in his business. So ALL they had was the dossier and the Access Hollywood tape. They tied them together, and I believe the dossier was actually supposed to be released in late October, but the Wiener laptop scandal forced Comey to reopen the Hillary email case to take control of the “situation” and that pushed the dossier out of the picture until after the election.
Lastly, I want you to think about this, there were OBVIOUSLY dossiers on ALL the Presidential candidates in 2016, even Bernie. Hillary was leaving NOTHING to chance after losing in 2008. The ONLY reason we only saw Trump’s was because that he was the front runner, and then the eventual nominee, and the eventual winner.

I was asked about Carter Page being a plant, and his “duping” of Sean Hannity for so long about being a US intelligence spy.

As for Page, I have basically cemented in my mind that he is in fact a plant. He had a FISA on himself in 2014 for his work on the Igor Sechin case. Sechin is a Russian “oligarch”. You and I would call him a mobster. I watched Page for almost two years go on TV and radio ONLY on “conservative” cites, and DENY time after time that he had EVER worked for ANY US intelligence agency. I knew different, as it is basically public knowledge that he DID on MULTIPLE occasions for MULTIPLE agencies.
Recall that Page was the LAST of all the people that I suspect actually had FISA’s on themselves (October 2016)  (Manafort, Cohen, Papadopolous, and Page). Page was originally supposed to be THE reason for Crossfire Hurricane which was supposedly THE start of ALL spying on things Trump. Several things ALWAYS stuck out to me. IF this guy was THE head and REASON for “believing” Trump was a Russian compromised “agent”, wouldn’t Page have had to have done SOMETHING to make them believe that? If he did, why was he the ONLY one that was NEVER charged with ANY crime. Too convenient. Plus supposedly, PAGE was the target, and had his FISA renewed FOUR times, would there not have had to have been SOME underlying reason (crime) for that? Of COURSE there would need to have been, and yet Page was NEVER charged.
ALL the others I mentioned that I suspected had FISA’s were charged with SOMETHING directly related to those FISA’s. Papadopolous with lying to the FBI, although NOT curiously about Halper and Mifsud, about Charles Tawil and the 2nd attempted setup in Greece and Isreal  a YEAR later than the original, involving a purported “money trail” of $10 k in cash form “Russians”.

Manafort over his FARA and tax problems related to the Black Ledger files, money for lobbying from “Russians”, that were REALLY Ukrainians that the Podesta group was ALSO tied to (notice they were allowed to “amend” their FARA status right before Manafort was charged).

Cohen got nicked because of some dealings and tax problems involving taxi medallions and ALSO FARA violations. Cohen had a FISA because of his erroneous mention in the “Steele” dossier. They NEEDED Cohen to have met with “Russians” in Prague over Trump Tower Moscow’s failure to make it look like Trump owed Putin and Alfa bank big $$. ALL these people went to jail along with Michael Flynn (who was compromised like Sessions by Kislyak. Flynn did NOT have a FISA, Kislyak was the mole, and HE was under surveillance. ONLY Page never was charged. He did not have immunity either, know how I know? Because as I said he was ALL over TV and radio selling his story, If he was immunized, he could NOT talk about ANY of it, not just not mention his CIA and FBI work.
If that was not enough, then this was the “kicker” for me Page told Hannity the other day that not only was he a government asset, not only had he done it before in 2014, not only had he worked for BOTH the FBI and the CIA, but he also did it for FREE. My big butt he did. NO ONE does spying and infiltration on the Russian mob for FREE. These people dismember and mutilate you BEFORE they go to work on you, then they kill you and YOUR family for the trouble. NO WAY, he was and IS a SPY, and he was planted BECAUSE of his dealings FOR us against the Russian mob. ALL his Russian mob contacts were meant to VALIDATE ALL the other “Russian” spy operations on people like Flynn, Sessions, Manafort, Cohen, Papadopolous AND Don Trump Jr. (remember I believe the Trump Tower setup on Don Jr involved Paul Manafort’s FISA being used to surveil the ENTIRE meeting, and that is why they KEEP trying to set up Don Jr. )
I love Hannity, but he is being DUPED in his zeal to get there FIRST.  Hannity is a Patriot, and a FRIEND to Trump.   He is merely overzealous to try to get to the TRUTH, and he is on the track, he just does not realize that the people in this will mislead him and USE him and his platform to try and mislead US away from the real truth.

Page IMHO, now is nothing more than a DIS information agent, trying to lead as far away from the original timeline with Manafort, Cohen, Papadopolous, and Don Jr. as possible, because they were ALL before Crossfire BEGAN, and they ALL will lead back DIRECTLY to Obama. Does ANYONE really think Hillary had enough power to ACTUALLY get the CIA, FBI, Five Eyes, foreign spies, grant access to the NSA database, AND get Power and Rice to unmask Americans for HER. NO, it was ALL arranged, monitored, allowed, and supervised by OBAMA.


I am VERY passionate about all this and as I have said, so much so I actually wrote and published a book on it. I simply LOVE the discourse, and will be HAPPY to answer any questions, I just don’t want to upset Mr Hoft, this was after all on his blog. If he is monitoring, I wish to thank him for allowing we to have my say. I would LOVE to talk to him and volunteer any help to ALL. The more who know what I do, and I think I know the truth, the better. Happy Father’s day to ALL.


Last night on Hannity, unnoticed by all, especially Hannity himself was Devin Nunes stating that he had finally seen the Mueller scope Memo provided by Rod Rosenstien in response to the Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort trials.  I love Hannity, buy he has an annoying habit of interrupting the IMPORTANT parts of what his guest is trying to say.  Nunes was just about to go into more detail, and Hannity, in his zeal to get his point across, steeped right on Nunes mid sentence. ARGHHH.  Come on Shawn, it IS your show, but let your GUEST speak, listen, and then follow up.  We would ALL have so much more if you did,

Nunes, when interrupted, stopped short of saying what he was about to reveal, and instead made a cryptic remark that should have the Cabal VERY worried.  He mentioned the spying and wives of DOJ employees being VERY worried.  He was talking about Nellie Ohr.  He also said as I have MANY times, that htis had to go back to 2015 because of the process of all the setups.  I suspect that the Mueller scope memo was nothing more than bullet points from the “Steele” dossier for Mueller to follow, investigate, highlight, and try to prove in ANY way he could.

But, we were told by every dem near a mic that the “Steele” dossier was NOT the predicate for the Trump Russia collusion counter intel investigation known as Crossfire Hurricane.  The Predicate at first was Carter Page, Michael Isakoff from Yahoo news was the one who revealed him in Sept of 2016 and the FISA for Page (in my book a RENEWAL from his one in 2014) was issued in October 2016, using in footnotes the “Steele”dossier as a predicate.  But they did NOT want that fact out, and when it was used and listed by Nunes in his Memo in early 2018 as THE predicate for Crossfire Hurricane, Adam Shiff PANICKED.

He wrote a counter memo detailing that the “Steele” dossier was not the ONLY predicate used, and it was not THE most important predicate.  That was instead George Papadopolous a fringe young Trump foreign policy energy consultant that had contact with “Russians”.  A couple HUGE problems. One Papadopolous was set up in APRIL 2016 and MAY 2016.  Months before Crossfire Hurricane which was supposed to be THE start of ALL the spying. Two, the “Russian” was NOT a Russian, he was a Maltese agent of either or both of Italy, the UK, and the CIA.  Papadopolous  and the Don Jr. Trump Tower meeting setup on June 9th 2016 are MAJOR outliers to the Cabal timeline.  Shiff in his urgency to defend and obscure the dossier had inadvertently blew up the ENTIRE timeline, which throws the whole scheme into chaos.

You see the Timeline with Page protects and demeans the usage of the dossier as THE predicate, but that is NOT the reason they keep defending the fact that it was THE predicate for itself AND the entire foundation of the scheme.  It was ALSO used as a justification for the investigation and ALL the spying that was done before and after Crossfire, including the spying that resulted in the creation of the dossier.  So it was a justification for its self.

The real reason they keep trying to push the dossier out and highlight Page is because the dossier start had to be BEFORE 2016.  They also do not want know the sources and methods used to create the dossier.  Because they were ILLEGAL, and authorized, approved, and monitored by Obama.  The closer we get to the REAL author of the “Steele” dossier, the REAL start date of the spying, and the REAL methods used to creat the dossier, the closer we get to the HEAD of this Cabal, Barack Obama.  The Cabal can’t have that.  I suspect that the scope memo that Nunes finally saw, coupled with what he ALREADY knew about all the spying from the PDB he saw in the WH SCiff that lead to his memo, has cemented in him that Ohr was the author, and that the dossier was the predicate and then the road map for Mueller to try and prove facts in.  Now he is wanting to know when the dossier was created, and how it was created. He is already sure of WHO created it, and what and how it was used.  The BIG questions of WHEN and WHERE the info came from will lead to this being BEFORE 2016, and point the finger directly at Obama, who he KNEW from the PDB was aware and had approved the operation using the dossier.

The paper trail is there with Obama’s nearly 1 million dollar payment to Fusion GPs, Nellie Ohr’s employer.  This will ALL lead to the uncomfortable questions of why this was done, when was it done, who knew, who authorized it, who participated, and what was the methods and tactics used.  It will eventually lead to Obama, and the questions of what did Obama know, and when did he know it.  Nunes ALREADY knows that Obama was aware and had approved it, then when and why and had this been done before and how often are REAL problems for the Cabal and their head Obama.  He is ALREADY proven aware and having money in the game, so he is complicit.  When it is proven how this was done and that he authorized it he is at LEAST going to prison for sedition, conspiracy against the US,  abuse of power, 4th amendment violations, and TREASON against a sitting President his successor.

That is why Carter Page is being trotted back out spewing his dis info, to try and get the focus back on HIM and away from Papadopolus and the Dossier.  The timeline is their BIG problem because it leads directly to Obama.  Page is attempting to get it back in line with the original Cabal timeline of July 31st and AFTER.  Nunes knows, the Scope memo was ALL he needed to very his suspicions.   The fun is about to begin, buckle up!

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