Freudian slip, or prophacy of what is to come?

Recall last week that Trump had a press conference, one in which he said ” more info is coming out in the next two weeks, and it has info that will shock you all”

So I started watching, and making a list. What happened in the last week

  1. The Feds announced that Hunter Biden is under investigation for tax evasion and money laundering.
  2. The feds announced that James Biden is under an investigation for tax fraud and money laundering.

What do these two things have in common? One they involve contributors to the “Big Guy” that Tony Bobalinski told us about, and Two, they most likely invole both the Ukraine and CHINA

3. Eric Swalwell, an avid Trump hating Dem on the House IUntel committee who played major roles in the Russia hoax, the Ukraine farce, and the sham Impeachment, was revealed to have had a Chinese Honeypot working for his office and his campaign, even bundling campaign funding for him. it was MORE than intimated Swalwell had a “special” relationship with the woman, named Christine Fang. CLASSIC Chinese infiltration. Given Swalwells position on the intel committee, AND his HATE of Trump, I would call him COMPROMISED at the least.

4. Good old Dianne Feinstein, sahe of the Senate Judiciary committee, and FORMER member of the Gang of 8 as a ranking member of the Senate Intel committee, who was majorly involved in the original Trump Russia hoax, and had her very OWN Chinese spy in her employ for OVER 20 years, is trying to now step down, and retire due to ” mental inadequacies”. She sure did not ACT inadequate when she GRILLED Judge Amy Coney Barrett in her confirmation hearing just 2 months ago. THAT was a FAST drop off…methinks it has MORE to do with Swalwell and what ELSE is coming in relation to China, Russia, and all the dem hoaxes that tried to take down Trump for 4 years, and NOW are trying to STEAL re-election from him via FRAUD.

5. It is revealed that MAJOR funding for the Facebook vote project, to the tune of 400 MILLION dollars came from..CHINA

6. A video in Chinese begins circulating that details an order for THOUSANDS of Chinese made COUNTERFEIT Mail in ballots. The video even states that the state (unlisted) would supply special paper and ink used to make the ballots. If true, this is a FELONY.

7. Now we have word that a list of 1.95 MILLION Chinese CCP SPIES and infiltrators in FOREIGN countries, govt’s and businesses is being released. The FIRST batch includes 8192 names. There is word that these names include such big US companies as Pfiser and Boeing.

Now, this list. i suspect will only GROW in the next few days. But I find something VERY interesting in the list of Chinese spiues released, especially Pfiser. Trump and a LOT of people were touting the Pfiser Covid 19 vaccine. It is purportedly 95% effective. Trump touts it HERE in this video.


Trump keeps referring to PFISER as FISA. REPEATEDLY. Is this a simple mispronunciation? Is it a FREUDIAN slip?

NO in my book it is a MESSAGE. FISA. as in FISC court, as in Foreign Intelligence Survellience ACT. A FISA iis what the Cabal used on Trump and his associates Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, to SPY on them.

Q told us that FISA’s go BOTH ways.

Q told us NOTHING could STOP what is coming.

Could Trump MEAN that he has had a FISA on China and ALL the US operatives here that both perpetuated the covid 19 farce, AND used it in the election STEAL.

Trump plainly says. ” The FISA vaccine will put an END to the Covid pandemic”. He goes FURTHER to state that “CHINA started the pandemic, but we here in the US will END it.” “Life WILL return to NORMAL”

Now Trump is reading from a teleprompter, and he would NOT call Pfizer FISA 4 straight times. It was NOT an accident, it was a MESSAGE. I think that the “pandemic” and the election fraud are inexerably TIED. I believe that when the election fraud is revealed, so to will ALL of China and their enablers misdeeds, and paramount is the Covid 19 farce that has so greatly impacted us ALL in negative ways.

I could not help but notice that the symbolism, and similarities to the VIRUS and the ELECTION are unmistakeable. ALL roads on BOTH lead to CHINA. And we had an ambitious program to STUDY and DEFEAT the virus, AND the election fraud.

As many of you know, my background is in medical research at a major research facility. I can say with relative CERTAINTY that NO modern vaccine has approached anywhere CLOSE to 95% effectiveness. Remeber that Covid 19 is a Corona virus, the same genus as SARS, H1N1, Swine Flu, and the common cold. WWe have ZERO effective vaccines available to date for ANY of these viruses.

ALL of these viruses are MORE lethal than Covid 19. Yet we NEVER bothered to produce an effective vaccine. In fact the most effective seasonal flu vaccine to date, is ONLY 45% effective. HOW did we GET to a 95% effective vaccine in LESS than NINE months. AIDS, which has similar charistics to Covid 19 has been in the public spherre for 50 years. For 40 years, the same Dr Fauci that is in the Covid fiasco vowed over 40 years ago to produce an AIDS vaccine. Despite 40 years, and HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars spent NO AIDS vaccine has EVER been produced.

SO if we had 40 years to produce an AIDS vaccine, and HUINDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars to do so, and a DECADES since the Swine flu, and a DECADE or more since SARS and H1N1, with BILLIONS more spent, and a couple hundred years and even MORE billions spent on the common cold, and yet we have NO vaccines, or cures available for them. Covid is a THIMBALL in an OCEAN of deaths compared to all the others. Covid’s survival rate is 99.5 %, does NOT effect the young, and ONLY seems to kill sequestered populations of the elderly who ALSO have more than one othe comorbidity.

SOMETHING does not add up here. It is MY belief that Trump is playing opossum here. YES people have died from Covid 19. YES, people have been very ill with Covid 19. BUT, NO WHERE near the HYPE of the initial estimates of 2 million in the US alone DEAD.

Trump KNOWS there are CHEAPER, readily available, and SAFE theraputics available like Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Azithromycin. COLOR me SKEPTICAL on this or ANY vaccine purporting to be more than 50% effective in such a short time, and with such LIMITED funding. 14 Billion is a DROP in the bucket.

I must now ask. With all Trump did for Covid, the BILLIONS of PPE, the THOUSANDS of ventilators, and now the multituder of OVER 90 % effective vaccines, the like of which have NOT been seen since the 1950’s Polio outbreak. Was WARP SPEED something ELSE entirely? Was Warp Speed a COVER?

IMHO YES. See the ONLY way that anyoine could produce not one but SEVERAL 90 plus % effective vaccines was IF they had the COMPLETE sequence of the virus. THAT in itself could have taken more than the 9 months ALONE. Then there is the reverse engineerring of the genome, then there is the finding of WHERE to attack and effectively destroy the virus OR prohibit it from bonding to the human cells, which is INHERENTLY hard to do.

If one believes that Covid was a bioweapon, I happen to, and it was produced at first in North Carolina at UNC, and then outsourced to Wuhan China and their BSL 4 military lab, then one must recognize that it took a DECADE or more to reverse engineer the Bat Corona virus and splice both HIV and SARS proteins to it to make it ABLE to bond to a human cell. One must ALSO then realize, that the ONLY way we COULD have produced a vaccine that is 90 plus effective against a BIO WEAPON, is to have what was produced at the SAME time by the SAME labs in China. The ANTIDOTE. One NEVER creats a WEAPON that one cannot CONTROL from killing YOURSELF as well as the enemy.

I have LONG thought that China has had not ONLY the Virus weapon, but ALSO the ANTIDOTE.

THAT explains WHY the virus was able to travel around an 8000 mile globe, but NEVER made it less than 200 miles to Beijing.

Imagine WHAT else we will learn in the next few weeks!

Now tin foil hat time. What IF China was TASKED to produce this weapon, release it to DESTROY the world and US economy, and have the hype and FEAR of it lead to mail in balklots being used. What IF China provided those mail in ballots and OR the MONEY to perpetuate that fraud. What IF China had LOTS of MSM, politicians, CEOS, State officials, including AG’s and Governors, and people on the ground here on the payroll or COMPOMISED by money, sex, and spies. Would China have provided the ANTIDOTE to those people? Certainly, as THEY cannot become sick. Did anyone notice that virtually NO high profile dem pundit or politician contracted Covid, despite people like Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo being out in public at the TIME covid was active and spreading like wildfire? This DESPITE being in the HIGH risk population of over 70 years old.

Would China via that compromise of the antidote, money, sex, and blackmail have been able to ENSURE complicity in the coming election fraud. ESPECIALLY from politicians AND State officials?

Would China USE its embeded spies to make SURE that the fraud was enacted, AND covered up?

Would China FUND certain orgs like Facebook to PAY for on the ground help?

Would China print FAKE ballots, ship them to compromised states, and ensure they were “rolled in”

Would China ensure through the procurement of controlling interest in a voting machine company called Dominon, throgh a third party company, YEP.

Would China want ASSURANCES that the 2020 election REMOVED a major throne in their side, Donald Trump? YEP

Would they want the results to be manipulated via computer fraud, throught the company they purchased, ballot fraud using ballots they themselves printed, and state and political actors they controlled via blackmail, sex, and money, to ALL make that happen? YEP

There you have it. Call me crazy. THAT is how it ALL ties in. CHINA bought the political assests needed to make the fraud possible.

China provided the virus to make the fraud possible.

China bout the computer voting systems and company to ensure the votes were edited to make the out come possible

China bought, printed, and exported counterfeit ballots in the event the computers failed

China paid Zuckerberg and Facebook millions to pay local like minded people on the ground to roll in the ballots when needed, AND cover it up afterwards in KEY swing areas, cities, and states.

China used their blackmail via embeds on various politicians, Governors, and state officials to COVER UP the fraud by HIDING the evidence, stonewalling exposure, and falsely certifying the fraud.

I also believe that China has compromised MANY judges, lawyers, and court officials to further the cover ups by NOT hearing ANY evidence. It sure would explain the LACK of curiousity, and the non leggal and nonsensical rulings by various state and federal courts without hearing ANY evidence.

China ALSO used their ace in the hole, the owned corporate MSM to coverup, obfuscate, hide, and LIE about the election results, AND the challenges. Falsely perpetuating the narratives that Biden was legit, and inevitable, even FOX.

China had it ALL planned out meticiulously, they WANTED their PUPPET who is MAJORLY compromised himself via his brother and son, and his own dirty dealings. Joe Biden.

Biden would be SOFT, and bought and paid for on China. Trump will CONTINUE dismantling China’s control on America.

China made a series of mistakes.

1. They underestimated Trump and his resolve

2. They assumed Trump (and the military) was NOT watching.

3. They assumed Trump could be coerced to concede BEFORE their fraud was revealed.

4. They underestimated the lengths and tactics that Trump has and WILL employ to reveal and take DOWN China and ALl of their enablers and pawns.

5. They NEVER knew the MASSIVE ammount of voters Trump would get, making the needed ammount of FRAUD WAY more than anticipated, making the FRAUD OBVIOUS to anyone who was aware enough to see it.

China and their pawns bought their own bullshit. They THOUGHT that Trump was NOT popuilar, and it would be EASY to steal, and then force Trump to concede before they were CAUGHT.

China NEVER assumed Trump was SMART enough to be WATCHING, and laying traps of his OWN.

China NEVER thought that we Trump supporters would STAND up and DEFEND Trump.

China was WRONG on all counts.

It WILL cost them and all their minions DEARLY. This was TWO acts of WAR on the Us. One a bio weapon to enable the later fraud, and TWO the election fraud and interference itself.

Trump wrote an EO specifically for the EXACT situation that China perpetuated. It includes ASSET forfeiture in the US and ABROAD fo ALL involved. BYE BYE China debt.

What remains to be seen is WHEN the hammer will drop, and WHAT Trump will do to China, and their minions here. One thing is CERTAIN, It will be MASSIVE, SWIFT, and pervasive when it hits.

My HOPE is all the assests seized from the perps WILL be used to give RELIEF to each and EVERY American that SUFFERED at aLL that China and their minions pulled this year.

What price is peoples lives?

What price is the freedom we lost?

What price is all the destruction, mayhem, and rioting?

What price is all the deaths, despair, emotional distress, worry, and opression caused?

What price is all the homes, jobs, cars, businesses, and general destruction of peoples retirements, bank accounts, and livlihood.

China and their minions must PAY dearly in money, and if need be BLOOD.

Those directly responsib le are guilty of treason, and MUST pay the ultimate price, including the CCP who have committed WAR CRIMES against humanity.

I think Warp Speed was more about finding the PROVIDENCE of Covid 19, than it EVER was about a vaccine.

China and their minions ROBBED everyone of an entire YEAR of their lives. They MUST and WILL pay, if for no other reason than so this will NJEVER EVER be attempted AGAIN.

The next few weeks, if I am right will reveal MORE shocks, and MORE takedowns, the flipping of a fraud, and finally JUSTICE harsh and COLD to the people that robbed us ALL.

God Bless America. We have not seen days like this since Pearl Harbor, and maybe even the Civil and Revolutionary Wars. Watershed moments. Decisions by strong leaders saved us then, as will Trumps decisions in the next few weeks. It will NOT be easy, these people will NOT give up without a fight. They MUST be totally defeated, or the grand experiment in FREEDOM that is America, the LAST bastion of freedom and peace in the world, and the greatest source of good will be forever diminished, or destroyed.

The torch of liberty MUST be passed on, it cannot be allowed to burn out. HARD choices ahead. Thomas Jefferson once famously said. “The tree of liberty MUST be fertilized from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots.

Patrick Henry once said “give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH”

Benjamin Franklin once said to the question of what kind og government should the UY have, : Arepublic, IF you can keep it”

Finally Ronald Reagan once said ” Freedom is never FREE, and never more than one generation away from extinction, it MUST be FOUGHT for. “

Reagan ALSO compared America to a shining city on the hill, a BEACONJ to the world of FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

Great men ALl. Many more great menb and women DIED to make us and KEEP us free. Let not their SACRIFICE be for NAUGHT. Time to STAND UP. PICK A SIDE. Defend America if NOT for yourself, for your children, and your children’s children to time immorial.

Dark to LIGHT.

Do NOT yet despair. I too was as PISSED as PISSED can be at the SCOTUS not even hearing the Texas case. I THINK their motives were two fold. One, NOW they appear to NOT be a “Trump rubber sttamp” as it was the 3 Trump appointees,l Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett, that sided with the liberals to deny cert…Roberts IS a liberal. He WILL pay for that…he is not part part of ANY plan by Trump.

Two, Texas ET AL have not gotten standing, yet, because there is not yet HARM. I know, I know, the FRAUD is harm, but NOT legally, YET, because thre is NOT an EC vote YET. Then there is an ATTEMPT to actually SEAT a fraud. Even certifications, by states and Governors, though FRAUDULENT, are not HARM, until they actually attempt to SEAT the person…IE Monday Dec 14th when the Electoral College meets to certify the election, and count electors.

That act will complete the FRAUD, as the FRAUDULENT phony electors will actually cast votes making a FRAUD PEOTUS. It also COMPLETES all their complicity. There are SEVERAL things in the dissent of Texas that give me HOPE.

One, It did NOT dismiss WITH prejudice, which means it CAN be revisited. TWO, They did NOT rule on the MERITS. They ONLY said Texas ET AL had NO STANDING (YET) because other states can conduct their own elections, EVEN FRAUDULENT ONES.

Monday comes HARM. I know, legal BS. But it HAS to be done BY THE BOOK. NO court has yet HEARD the evidence, but that does NOT mean they WON’T hear it, it just means it is not time YET. If they acted preemptively, they would have been viewed as political, activist, and Trumps puppets.

The Dec 14th is JUST a step. The REAL end date has always been EITHER Jan 6th, when Congress has to certify the EC, OR more importantly Jan 20th, when power is officially transferred.

Texas was a “bolt from the blue” and while creative, was not part of the original suits Trump has. I do not know if it was part of the plan now or not, for the reasons I list above, though it is curious that it givees them (SCOTUS) COVER now. It ALSO got AGAIN, everyone to take a siode except KY and ID.

We deplorables sided with Trump, Texas, and the Constitution, ON THE RECORD. NOW, ALL the dem AGs are ALSO on that record, AGAINST the Constitution.

I am not sure WHEN after Moday the BOMB will drop, will Trump WAIT till all of the dems and Rinos vote to certify the FRAUD in Congress, getting them all in a trap too? With only two weeks before Jan 20th, I think not. I think it comes BEFORE the Holiday break, which menas this week or next. I STILL beleive we are in the END game. I STILL believe the SCOTUS must hear the evidence and RULE.

I STILL believe they WILL, as then the RELIEF can be to UINDO the harm. Texas was asking to PREVENT the harm from happening, they wanted NEW electors by the states legislatures BEFORE the HARM. (EC vote).

This IMHO is the PLAY, and this is the LAST play without all out CIVIL WAR. Dec 14th, the EC meets, and PA, GA, MI, WI, AZ, NV, ALL provide the FRAUD Biden votes, and Biden, a FRAUD is proclaimed officially PEOTUS. THEN the REAL fun begins. NOW, REAL HARM is done to the electoral process, and the COUNTRY by putting a FRAUD on the path to the WH officially. ALL the MSM pronouncements, phony state and Gov certs meant NOTHING till that one deed was done.

THEN, the SCOTUS CAN and MUST take up ANY case, because the entire COUNTRY has standing. HARM DONE to the Constitution, the voters, the election process, including equal protection clause, the states compact, and the rule of law.

They CANNOT then deny “standing” because THEN OFFICIALLY, their EC votes, and their VOTERS are dilluted BY the fraud EC certification of PA, GA, MI, WI, NV, AZ. Trump ALSO now has HARM, and STANDING.

THEN the FUN begins, as the left will SCREAM and HOLLER stating the process is OVER, but it ISN’T it is JUST begun. Think I am full of it. Tell me, does SCOTUS rule PROACTIVELY, BEFORE HARM? or REACTIVELY, AFTER HARM? Ah, you see, they affirm or OVERTURN laws, but ONLY after someone PROVES or does not prove HARM. Like it or not, there is NOT harm to Texas or US until the 14th. I personally HATE IT, but as Trump said…”Complicated business folks”

Want MORE proof that is STILL the play?

Remember Trumps actions.

2018 he put in place the Sept Foreign Election Interference EO. Which gives Treasury, Defense, the AG, and DHS powers to monitor, investigate, stop, and SANCTION any foreign election interference, including DOMESTIC people in the US AIDING that interference. ASSET forfeiture and PRISON are the remedies. ALL ASSETS.

Trump WAS watching in 2018 midterms, so too was the Military. They were seeing just WHO did WHAT, WHERE. They LET them steal it to LEARN. They PUT countermeasures in place. WHY would they NOT, they HAD to KNOW this was coming, they could NOT beaty Trump fair and square. So

So, they enlisted China to release Covid, to help perpetuate the mail in ballot scheme due to FEAR of Covid. China also chipped in BILLIONS to help the fraudsters pay for on the ground people to roll in the fraud ballots, right Zuckerberg? They ALSO may have actually printed millions of counterfeit ballots to roll in if needed and the dominion algorithm failed (it did) .

Trump tweeted as much, because he KNEW.

Recall the BIG thing this EO did was DECLARE from TIME FORWARD that ALL US Federal elections, including machines, votes, vote tabulators, Ip lines, Internet, computers, servers, were CRITICAL US INFRASTRUCTURE. WHO protects that? The MILITARY through US Cyber Command and Deffeenser Intelligence Agency.

The MILITARY was WATCHING and RECORDING IT ALL in 2020. They have video, audio, Ip packets both ways, voting machines, the Dominion and SCTYL servers in Frankfort and Barcelona, and even voting machines FROM the fraud counties. WE KNOW about MI, and Antrim cty. WE have the FORENSIC audit now. We HAVE machines from GA. I think we HAVE machines from AZ, WI, and PA too. We HAVE the servers thanks to the Frankfurt raid. We HAVE the captured IP comms. We have VIDEO, AUDIO, and on scene opperators as witnesses INSIDE. We have aLL the testimony from NORMAL people that witnessed fraud.

What we do NOT yet have is a VENUE to listen to, and RULE on that fraud. We WILL.

This is all a Military op.

What did Trump do next, recall the FIRST and ONLY firing was of Esper as Def Sec. Miller and Watnick, who were obviously behind the Military Op and the special operators involved, were BOTH revealed, and ELEVATED the same day. They BOTH gave a speech at the SAME time, and Watnick a Flynn DIA desciple, took personal opperational control over the Special Operations unit, IE the EMBEDS and those who posses the REAL evidence, CONCRETE, of the FRAUD. Now ALL we are waiting on is SCOTUS to HEAR it, and OVERTURN the FRAUD.

Then Trump pardoned ONLY Flynn. Sullivan tried to AGAIN interfere, but THIS TIME, something STOPPED him, and he said MATEI.

Then we Get the H?unter Biden revealos on Fed investigations on Tax fraud and money lauundring.

Then we get the James Biden reveals on fed investigations, involving tax fraud and money laundring. What do BOTH have in common besides their last names? “The big guy” and CHINA. Who is the BIG guy? Joe Biden. WHO interfered in this election? CHINA.

Then we get the Swalwell revelations of Fang Fang, the Chhinese SPY sharing Swalwells BED, and budling political funds for him, and he was IN on ALL the Trump Russia and Ukraine BS, on the House Intel Committee.

CHINA sure is in the news with a LOT of politicians and families recently, too much COINCIDENCE..WHO is NEXT?

Even Dianne Feinstein who had a Chinese spy in her employ for 20 years is ducking OUT, using “cognitive decline” MY ASS, she was JUST fine interrogating ACB not 2 months ago, she is getting out due to HEAT.

WHY is there ALL this SUDDEN HEAT? Well, a blogger from Your news posted THIS and reminded ME of THIS.

§394. Authorities concerning military cyber operations

(a) In General.-The Secretary of Defense shall develop, prepare, and coordinate; make ready all armed forces for purposes of; and, when appropriately authorized to do so, conduct, military cyber activities or operations in cyberspace, including clandestine military activities or operations in cyberspace, to defend the United States and its allies, including in response to malicious cyber activity carried out against the United States or a United States person by a foreign power.

(b) Affirmation of Authority.- Congress affirms that the activities or operations referred to in subsection (a), when appropriately authorized, include the conduct of military activities or operations in cyberspace short of hostilities (as such term is used in the War Powers Resolution (Public Law 93–148; 50 U.S.C. 1541 et seq.)) or in areas in which hostilities are not occurring, including for the purpose of preparation of the environment, information operations, force protection, and deterrence of hostilities, or counterterrorism operations involving the Armed Forces of the United States.

(c) Clandestine Activities or Operations.- A clandestine military activity or operation in cyberspace shall be considered a traditional military activity for the purposes of section 503(e)(2) of the National Security Act of 1947 (50 U.S.C. 3093(e)(2)).

f) Definitions.-In this section:

(1) The term “clandestine military activity or operation in cyberspace” means a military activity or military operation carried out in cyberspace, or associated preparatory actions, authorized by the President or the Secretary that-

(A) is marked by, held in, or conducted with secrecy, where the intent is that the activity or operation will not be apparent or acknowledged publicly; and

(B) is to be carried out-

(i) as part of a military operation plan approved by the President or the Secretary in anticipation of hostilities or as directed by the President or the Secretary;

(ii) to deter, safeguard, or defend against attacks or malicious cyber activities against the United States or Department of Defense information, networks, systems, installations, facilities, or other assets; or

(iii) in support of information related capabilities.

Gee, now WHO is the NEW SEc of Defense? Chris Miller. This LAW enabled Trump in SECRET and combined WITH his 2018 EO, to PERSONALLY direct the US Cyber Command to “Defend the US” against “malicious cyber activity” by a foreign entity using CLANDESTINE FORCES and methods. These activities WILL NOT be aparent or ACKNOWLEDGED publicly. THIS was the LAW the EO was piggybacked on. NOT an EO, a US CODE. The EO stipuilates the USAGE of this law as it DESIGNATES both a STATE OF EMERGENCY, and ALL Federal elections and materials CRITICAL. The EO lays out PENMALTIES and the COC and SOP of WHAT is to be DONE to those CAUGHT.

Trump invokes foreign interference provision of his 2018 executive order, authorizing military response to cyber warfare, see NSPM 13 – [your]NEWS

We have ALL the evidence to END this, and put ALL the fraudsters in prison AND make them PENNILESS. ALL we need is a LEGAL venue to have it HEARD.

SCOTUS HAS TO BE IT. Once they HEAR it, and ALL this evidence from Watnick, including Trumps authorization for him to DO IT, will FORCE the SCOTUS to do the ONLY thing that can be a REMEDY, they must OVERTURN the EC votes of the Fraudsters..the HARM.

Then, Trumps EO encacts the PENALTY phase, of which I am SURE Treasury Director Mnuchin is read in, as is Sec of State Pompeo, as there will be FOREIGN assests SEIZED as well.

Then AG Barr and Durham come in as Special Counsil and drop the HAMMER, using all they HAVE from 2016, as well as ALL the fraud from 2020. FISAS and Grand Juries ARE in place…ALL involving this and CHINA.

Want PROOF? Look above. Swalwell, Hunter Biden, James Biden, and DI FI jumping ship. There WILL be MORe

Q always said. We have their comms, we have it ALL. WHAT did they USE? FISC. “FISAS go both ways” AND THAT is why Trump reauthorized the FISC act. He USED against the Cabal, what THEY used against HIM. The only difference? HE has EVIDENCE.

The author of the Yournews piece, Mike Adams, also has an INTERESTING thought. Haspel has been STRANGELY quiet, Wray too. The last we heard from Haspel was a closed door meeting with her OLD friend and classmate Mitch McConnell, shortly before that we got news on the Frankfurt raid. I am almost certain the Frankfurt site was a CIA site. Did Haspel, as suggested, CONFESS to an old friend and classmate? Not a PEEP since. IF she confessed as a black hat, OR assisted as a clandestine white hat, she would be kept under wraps for what is coming, as a MATERIAL witness.

Is it COINCIDENCE Trump SEPARATED the CIA funding out of the Military? NO.

Moving the FOCUS from the Middle East, where peace is the new norm thanks to all Trump’s peace deals with Israel, and the destruction of AL Baghdadi, Solemani, and ISIS, to Russia and CHINA.

Trump is at the moment of REVEAL. ALL we need is a venue.

This goes the way Of the SCOTUS I listed above, or it is Insurrection Act time, and an EBS message to all, as the Military and Martial Law take place with the Military rounding up all the fraud.

Trump did NOT expand an EMPTY GITMO for nothing.

Trump did NOT enact the 2018 EO for nothing

Trump did NOT fire Esper for NOTHING

Trump did not pardon Flynn for NOTHING

Trump did not reveal Watnick, Miller, and elevate them to their current positions for NOTHING

Trump did NOT put in Goirsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett for NOTHING

Trump has ALWAYS know what they were going to so, he KNOWS his enemy and he KNOWS himself, therefore he cannot lose (Tsun Tzu)

Trump is ALWAYS prepared, OVER prepared, layers of contingencies

Trump would NOT let them steal it

Trump would have a plan to stop it, and hold them all accounbtable

Trump would not let China or a FRAUD destroy all he accomplished in the last 4 years

Trump would not have MULTIPLE actions to stop it, including the ultimate act. (Insurrection)

Trump would not have endured all he has, and wasted 4 years for NOTHING, to only have it stolen from him and us like this.

Trump would not abandon us

Trump would not lie to us

Trump would be ready, and reward us

Trump would not let them get away with it

Therefore, there MUST be something in the wings, something HIDDEN, else he would give up, and make plays to get out. He is NOT doing that, he is ENTRENCHING, and continuing trade deals, peace deals, and more.

Something BIG going on just out of sight, while we, and more importantly the MSM, and bad guys are distracted by lawsuits, and court “failures”

The MSM are HAPPY to report these, and they are anticipating MORE failure(s). WHAT happens when you get USED to stating something? You LET your guard down and “anticipate” outcomes.

What happens when you cover a suit, “doomed to fail” and it DOESN’T fail, but IS granted Cert? OOPSIE, now you HAVE to cover it.

We are still in misdirection mode, but that is at an END.

The day of Revelation is at hand. It can be nothing else…Black Monday, followed by LIGHT Tuesday. Dark to LIGHT. I TRULY believe this INCLUDES Covid, as it was PART of the fraud, a means to get fear and mail ins, a means to overreach and opression.

It is NOW or NEVER. I chose to still believe it is NOW, and there IS a plan. Multiple plays on that plan, but a plan none the less.

God Bless America, We are in for a wild few days. But, we will have a Meryy Christmas, and a very Happy New Year.

Secrets, Deceptions, and JUSTICE!

Yep, Trump and team KNEW. I told you guys, Q was NEVER about 2016, it was ALWAYS about 2020; go back and re-read Q’s drops, especially the EARLY ones. Q was looking FORWARD, not backward. 2016 was OVER, so HOW do you get them ALL for what they did?

You set a trap for what you KNOW they were going to do in 2018, and 2020. It is ALL the EXACT same people.

Trump and team LET them steal the House in 2018, to make SURE they knew JUST how they did it…to the T.

He then went about setting up CONTINGENCIES for 2020…think TRAPS.

FIRST he secured the election via the Sept 2018 Election Interference EO. Making the election CRITICAL US INFRASTRUCTURE. Secured by WHOM? THE MILITARY.

Then he put FISA’s in SECRET, on ALl the Cabal players, to SEE just what, when, where, how, and WHO were going to DO IT. He did that in SECRET.

Want to let me let you in on a secret, one I have suspected for some time..may as well spill it, since we are WELL in the END game….READY?

THAT is why NOTHING was delassed..YET.

THAT is why NO ONE is indicted YET

THAT is why Durham was named a Special Concil.

THAT is why nothing has been revealed YET.

Durham and Barr got FISA’s on them ALL, and surveilled EVERYTHING.

They will NOT reveal them till it is TIME…and that day is VERY VERY NEAR.

The Cabal STILL think they got away with it. LMAO…”Them DEAD and them not even know it”, with apologies to Screw Face from Marked for Death..

I kept asking you…HOW did we get ALl those pristine in focus videos and AUDIO…which I told you was COMING…it HIT a little tease today….from GA, and Ralph Jones telling people to leave. just WAIT, There is going to be a LOT more.

I told you the MILITARY was surveilling (NOW) and recoreded it ALL on the election.

BUT, HOW did the Military KNOW WHO, WHERE, and WHEN to watch?

Barr, and Durham…got FISA’s. They have, as Q said, ALL their comms. They KNEW just what was coming, because dems and the Cabal are ARROGANT, STUPID, and VAIN.

They THOUGHT they would EASILY get away with this. N O P E!

They are…CAUGHT in a TRAP.


The Military has ALL the election intel, including Special opperators ON THE GROUND inside the fraud teams, yes, EVEN Domninion, even GA, even SCTYL, EVEN PA and ALL the rest.

WHERE do you THINK all the stats, videos, photos, and now AUDIO iscoming from? Watnick and Flynn’s ex team.

BUT, FIRST, Barr and Durham had to get just WHO, WHERE, and WHEN to watch. The Military is GREAT, and they have FANTASTIC capabilities, but not even THEY are good enough to be THAT GA, and believe me, EVERYWHERE else in this FRAUD.

They got a HEADS UP. See, that EO play in AGAIN.

That EO in Sept 2018, that the dems DEMANDED..LOL.

READ IT. It authorizes the Dept of Homeland Security, the Treasury, The Attorney General, and ANY OTHER AGENCY deemed necessary to do all it can to find, prevent, and PUNISH ANY “foreign” election interference….HI XI*…slepping well…LOL NOT for LONG.

Barr REASSIGNED Durham WHEN…IN SECRET…October? Durham is NOW a Special Council…gee, WHAT was Durham’s ORIGINAL charge? That’s right to look into the investigation of Trump and “Russian” interference conducted by team swamp. Russian ELECTION INTERFERENCE.

Ah, now you are beginning to SEE.

Q said it about a year ago…FISA’s go BOTH WAYS. Durham has had a FISA on most of team Cabal for OVER a YEAR. They were the PRIMMER…they got the INITIAL intel, then the MILITARY took over, but Barr and Durham are not done…YET.

Once the election is REVERSED, thanks to the Military watching and recording…providing ALL the evidence of FRAUD, THEN Barr and Durham circle back AROUND…then THEY get to prosecute the FRAUDSTERS, and ALl their misdeeds come to light.

See, this was a VERY complex sting. The Military CANNOT surveil US citizens…or even FOREIGN ones…ONLY ENEMIES. BUT, they CAN PROTECT critical US infrastructure. THey CAN use ALL their means and Intel like DIA and Cyber command to do it..SPECIAL OPERATORS too.

NOW, the DOJ, FBI, and CIA CAN surveil US and foreign people. FBI domestically, and CIA in foreign lands. Bu, see, THEY are NOT trustworthy. THEY had to be OUT of the loop ENTIRELY. Hence using Durham, and BARR, EXCLUSIVELY.

POTUS charged Barr, and BARR alone with the declassification of 2016 and BEFORE. A CLASSIC MISDIRECTION. Sessions and then Barr appointed, and REASIGNED Durham. NO LEAKS at ALL. Unusual? in DC? YOU BET!

Barr gave Durham ONE job. See, we ALL fell for it. We ALL thought Durham was looking BACK, and MAYBE originall he WAS. But his REAL charge was looking FORWARD. Forward to 2020. ALL the EXACT same PEOPLE as 2016. Q ALWAYS said things have double and TRIPLE meanings.

FUTURE proves PAST. 2020 PROVES 2016

think MIRROR…as in server mirror…but also as in OPPOSITE. MISDIRECTION

Think you are looking BACK, when you are REALLY looking FORWARD.


I ALWAYS wondered WHERE and WHEN they REALLY got Hunter’s laptop, and WHY we NEVER saw Anwan’s, or Weiners. Because they are EVIDENCE in the GREATEST STING op of ALL time.

WHEN the Military provides THE smoking gun evidence to the SCOTUS in the next week, PROVING FRAUD, and TREASON by allowing foreign interference, using FOREIGN money, FOREIGN servers, and FOREIGN conspirators, collaborators, and COMPANIES, the election gets FLIPPED…the FRAUD is ELIMINATED via SCOTUS, Trump WINS, maybe the House and Senate too.

BUT, that is NOT all. GUESS who gets to come BACK into the picture to PROSECUTE that election fraud and TREASON? That’s right, Barr and SPECIAL COUNSEL Durham.

They will have all their ORIGINAL evidence..IE the PLANNED conspiracy to FRAUD of the Presidential election. Plus, thanks to the Military INTEL, videos, audio, infiltrators, computers, voting machines, tabulators, phony mail in ballots, AND the DOMINION SERVERS. They have it ALL. a COMPLETE forensic trail from vote to tabulator to server and back. IP packets and ALL.

There will be Dominion, dem operatives, election officials, state officials, Hi Kemp and Rassenberg. There will ALSO be team Biden, the Chinese money men, Soros, Stacy Abrams, Zuckerberg, Gates, various MSM, Obama, and any othe rpol or pundit involved. ALL on video, and AUDIO. RICO…CONSPIRACY against the US…Still wonder WHY Rudy is the LEAD?

Wonder WHY they tried to kill him with weaponized Covid?

Wonder WHY the NY Times and WAPO put out that HIT piece on Durham?

Wonder WHY they NY Times and WAPO put out the DISINFO on Barr?

Somebody in team Cabal has figured out that they are NOT the wolves, THEY were the SHEEP.

DDAY is coming. The CLIMAX of the show. Were you paying attention?

COINCIDENCE that Sullivan FINALLY gave up on Flynn?

NO, He was FORCED to.

Shit is about to get DEEP, and those FOOLED are about to have their worlds turned upside down. They NEVER saw this coming. They THOUGHT Trump was an idiot. They THOUGHT they FIUNALLY got him. LMAO…NOPE.

Trup is ABOUT to DRAIN THE SWWAMP, be re-elected, and put MOST of his enemies away for GOOD. ALL in one fell swoop. BIBLICAL

Coincidence that TEXAS filed a SCOTUS lawsuit against ALL the big fraud states? GA, PA, MI, WI?

MORE than enough to flip the election? ALL in ONE. AZ is gonna do it via legislature and an audit, NO SCOTUS needed. NV will come later, maybe MORE too. But, Trump “lost in SCOTUS today” LOL, NO MORE misdirection. Texas, now joined by at least 8 states at the time of this writing, was ALWAYS the plan. EQUAL protection.

The SCOTUS cannot ALLOW the votes in GA, PA, MI, and WI, that are FRAUDS, disenfranchise the OTHER states votes. The 4 states CANNOT be treated DIFFERENTLY, special, by dems, while the others were NOT.

ONLY one remedy. THROW OUT all the FRAUD. LOL been saying it. RESET till @ 130 AM on Nov 4th, the LAST real count. TRUMP WINS.

THAT is an acceptable REMEDY. THAT is what Texas and 8 more ASKED FOR. they will be GRANTED…5-4.

Trump wins, THEN the FUN above begins…as Harvey Keitel told Nick Cage in National Treasure. ” Somepon’e got to go to Prison Ben”

Tell me, does this show deserve an Academy award for best picture?

Its going to be BIBLICAL!

UPDATE: 12-08-2020 5 PM. Alito DENIED the PA case…bad news right…NO GREAT news. He denied the singular PA case to take the BROADER Texas case, one now joined by LA so far. This case if granted, will rule ALL the fraud ballots in FOUR states being contested…INVALID. I believe it is PA, MI, GA, WI. That is HUUUUUGGGGGEEE. ONE fell swoop, and Trump WINS. AZ is doing it the legislative way, and they WILL de certify, audit, and eliminate the FRAUD with OUT the SCOTUS. It IS on the dockett, and this MAY have been done to EXPEDITE it all, Jay Sekulow is Trumps attorney and he is EXTATIC about this!

DO NOT believe the MSM spin coming on PA….they are WHISTLING past the GRAVEYARD!!

The rest of the post applies….ENJOY! further updates as needed!

OK people, a primer for what is about to go down.

FIRST Tomorrow, Alito will enjoin the results from PA until ALL fraud is DIS proven, which it CAN’T be. The dems WILL appeal to enbanc, meaning the entire SCOTUS will hear. TRap CLOSED. PA WILL FALL in the next few days to Trump. My original premise stands, ALL the fraud will be exposed, and the dems will NOT be able to NOT prove the validity, chains of custody, or WHY the ballots were not subjected to ANY scrutiny during the “processing of the mail in ballots, especially in Philly and Pittsburg. The dems did this by NOT allowing ANY true examination, or contestation of the mail ins, which is required by BOTH PA law, AND Federal law. The PA Supre court ignored law, and played gemes with tthe first Alito order, they WILL pay for it.

Therefore, PA will have ALL those totals, and they ARE known, Trump told us the EXACT number 682,706, SUBTRACTED, and reset to @ 130AM on Nov 4th the LAST true verified, accurate, and secure open count (processed WITH witnesses) PA will then have their Biden certification VOIDED, and the totals from 130AM will be ORDERED to be the last, best, accurate account. Precedent of Gore vs Bush under equal protection will be cited, as will the FAILURE of the dems to obey Alito’s orders of segregation of mailins, TWICE. ALso, the PA Supreme courts activism in overriding the LAW made by the legislature of PA to NOT extend the counts PAST election day will be cited, as VOIDING those ballots as unlawful. The PA Supreme court, Gov, and boards of elections will be eviscerated in this ruling.

The ruling WILL be 5-4, with Amy Coney Barrett as the deciding vote. The majority opinion will be written by Clarence Thomas. Roberts will side with the liberals. Bryer will write the desenting opinion…which will be a JOKE. Trump WILL be awarded PA by Fiday.

This is the FIRST domino to fall, but NOT the last. That will put the count at Biden 286, Trump 252. I suspect the SCOTUS will FURTHER order that NO electors from the other states SHALL be recieved or certified by the Electoral College UNTIL all other cases pending are fully reviewed by the SCOTUS. I do not know the legal wording, BUT I can guarantee that with ALL the evidence being presented in GA, wich is NEXT on the docket thanks to the 11th circuit denying Woods appeal. Tream Trump WILL file an Amicus brief on that case, and it WILL be heard probably dec 15th or earlier, thus the NEED to postpone the Electoral College meeting due to the HARM to equal protection and sanctity of the election vote. There IS precedent for doing so. One election was NOT decided or certified until THREE days before the Jan 20th inauguration. That was 1876, and it was NOT over until MARCH 2nd between Republican Rutherford B. Hayes and Democrat Samuel J. Tilden.

The liberals will SCREAM, but that is ONLY because they are CAUGHT, and they will KNOW the end is NEAR. Once ONE falls, they ALL will. The IMPORTANT part is gertting Trump OVER 270. That will be accomplished in the NEXT moves. Where goes ONE, goes ALL. Sound Familiar?

With PA removed from Biden, and awarded rightfully to Trump, the FOCUS then becomes GA and its 16 electoral votes.

GA, is NEXT in the breech, on deck so to speak. Will ALL the FRAUD, caught on VIDEO featuring Ruby Freeman, her daughter Shaye Moss, and the election “supervisor” Ralph Jones. It is PAST the 11th circuit now. SCOTUS time.

Accortding to the Gateway Pundit linked HERE:

HUGE! WE CAUGHT THEM! Criminal Conspiracy Revealed — 3rd Suspect in GA “Suitcase Scandal” is Also the Same Man Who Spread Lies that Water Main Broke in State Farm Center! (

These are the people who perpetuated voter FRAUD on a MASSIVE scale. It was ALL caught on video tape (at LEAST…WINK) and it was shown to the GA Legislative hearing last week, AFTER they had pronounced their election “clean as the driven snow” and “smooth”.

This for you lurking MSM is called EVIDENCE.

We saw the video where these were three of the 4 or 5 individuals left behind @ 10:45 PM on Nov 3rd, after a supposed “water main break” was discovered, and forced the counting to “stop” and ALL but these 4 or 5 individuals were FORCED to LEAVE. That included Republican election monitors AND the media.

As we see in this video from @gummibear737

Which SHOWS all the perps commiting their fraud. We see Rubi Freeman and her daughter Shae taking hidden ballots out from under a table AFTER all the monitors and media were forced to leave because of the “water main break”. All the REGULAR ballots were shown being packed up in totes and put away. Notice the big guy in the red shirt, the one who obviously sees the PRISTINE, unfolded, and non-enveloped ballots being pulled out from under a table. THAT is Ralph Jones Jr. He is a “county election official” and HE is who the GA elections supervisor was referring to as being a “state monitor” the other day. This guy is also a dem, and he and his son are connected to BOTH Atlanta Mayor Kiesha Lance Bottoms, AND Stacy Abrams. Jones was Kiesha Bottoms political consultant in her campaign runoff election, which she won, and his son is Bottom’s online director.

Look at that image from  Yaacov Apelbaum at the Illustrated Primer CAREFULLY. It shows ALL the perps doing their various misdeeds AFTER the room was cleared. It shows Ruby and Shae, under what look like directions from Mr Jones Jr taking out the hidden, and OBVIOUSLY planted pristine ballots to be ran. Ruby and the others get busy running the phony ballots through the counting machines…UNMONITORED, unless you count the FOX (Mr Jones) watching the hen house as “monitored”. Ruby is seen running through one batch of the SAME ballots at LEAST 3 times. I am quite sure those were NOT Trump ballots. But WAIT it gets MUCH better. Guess who ordered out ALL the media and observers? Mr Jones Jr. Mr Jones is ALSO constantly on the phone with someone EACH time a ballot box of the phonies is opened. the calls stared right at 10:58 PM then Jones instructed all observers to leave. . Was he taking directions? From WHO. Oh, it even gets BETTER. GUESS who reported the water main “break”, the one that turned out to be a “leaky toilet”? Mr Jones. Fulton County absentee ballot counting |

From the GP article

According to the composite, the man in red makes two phone calls on Election Night at 10:58pm which then triggers the removal of the ballot cases from under the table covered in black material.  Within a couple minutes four boxes of ballots are wheeled out from under the table.

We now believe the man taking the calls and organizing the massive “suitcase” scandal that night is Ralph Jones.

Ralph Jones is the registrations chief at Fulton County Government.”

Gee, HOW “convenient” this ALL coincides EXACTLY to a drop of which 70% was for Biden that happened @ 1:36 AM.

LOOK at how out of proportion this time drop of 324232 ballots is to the REST. Thatt my friends is corroborating evidence. ALL other drops appear to be within 10 – 20 % of each other. This ONE drop which Biden won by about 116000 votes is WAY more than enough to change the outcome of GA. Biden currently “won” by @13000 votes. Take away or normalize (remove the FRAUD) from this ONE drop, hell make it 60 – 40 (instead of 70 -30) and that gives Trump @ 30000 more votes, IE he WINS GA. Now you KNOW that there is WAY more than this ONE drop. These were ALL just mail in ballots. The computer fraud was NOT enough. As we say, some stats gurus found that Trump voites in a rural GA county were counted as .87th of a vote, and Biden votes were counted as 1.13th of a vote. That my friends is NOT an accident. It is NOT a glitch. It is preprogrammed FRAUD.

Sydney Powell and Lin wood are part of a two part strategy with Guiliani and Ellis. Guiliani and Ellis are working the mail in fraud ballots, and the lack of chain of custody, providence, or observation and scrutiny of the mail in ballots. Powell and Wood are working the Dominion computer algorithm fraud. Together they WILL prove this was MASSIVE fraud. Trump will be proven to win in a LANDSLIDE. But FIRST they have to go about removing Biden and the MSM coverup of the fraud, and the FALSE PEOTUS (President Elect of the US) narrative. Sekulow will presrnt ALL evidence to the SCOTUS.

Biden has to LOSE first, and Trump RIGHTLY declared the winner. The EASIER for the public to absorb, and the quickest, will be the mail in ballot frauds. Pa will be FIRST flipping 20 EC votes from Biden to Trump. Now with all the video evidence above (and MORE WHEN it gets to the SCOTUS) Ga and its 16 EC votes are ALSO flipped to Trump. That makes it Biden 272 and Trump 268. Now we ONLY need ONE morre of NV, AZ, Mi, or WI. Trump is attacking on MULTIPLE fronts here.

In Nevada, there are pending lawsuits where as many as 75000 people voted in Nevada AND an other state. That means those votes SHOULD, and most likely WILL be voided in BOTH states. I suspect the other state would be easily CA, where losing 75000 votes would not effect CA’s voting. EASY to bus across voters to Carson city from LA. LESS than a 3 hour bus trip. It could even be people who MOVED from NV and requested absentee votes in another state, and voted in both. It could be those that moved were INNOCENT, and unscrupulous dems voted the people by absentee at a drop off, not realizing or caring , if those people voted in another state. We know the Las Vegas area has a LONG history of voter fraud, the Harry Reid political machine and the Service Industry Unions are HUGE in that fraud, especially involving Latinos of “questionable” legal status (Think Casino food service, maids, and valets). It is VERY likely there will be fraud uncovered here, and it might well be enough to overturn Biden’s current “win” of @ 35000 votes. But I do NOT trust the dem machine there. It will be HARDEST here, because they are so practiced at it.

Then we have WI. there are NUMEROUS lawsuits involving Dane and Milwaukee counties. There were, like PA, Legislative laws violated in the WI counting of the mail in ballots. Observers were NOT permitted in Milwaukee or Dane, and when the recount happened Trumps team of observers challenged @150000 balloots in those two recounted counties, ballots with the same name signed and no return address, ALL invaild. WAY more than enough to overturn Biden’s “win” of @ 20000. This IMHO is the FALL back should one of the other four not come through, WI will be headed to SCOTUS too, just further behind than GA and PA.

Next, we move to Michigan. Where there AGAIN was ignored standing election laws of NOT allowing ballot scrutiny, and changing of election laws, practices, and standards. MI, is in the courts, and the State courts keep stalling, HOPING to run ort the “safe harbor” rule. One that states all lawsuits must be resoved before the electoral college meets Dec 14th. It is a “rule” NOT a Constitutional LAW. And as we saw in Hayes/Tilden, that date means NOTHING. As I posted above, the SCOTUS, after the PA ruling, and with MORE coming from GA, WI, AZ, MI, they WILL enjoin and MOVE that date to whenever the cases are fully resolved. There is NO rush. this is TOO important, and the dems are trying to run out the clock…FAST, too bad, THAT arbitrary time does NOT matter. With all the evidence presented in the hearings last week from eyewitnesses, plus the denial of scrutiny, plus the lack of chain of custody, plus the obvious fraud found in Antrim, and attributed to a “glitch” that flipped 12000 votes (6000 from Biden to Trump on hand recount) , plus the @173000 votes from some Detroit precincts , which are MORE than total registered voters there, there is WAY more than enough evidence to throw MI, and Biden’s @ 80000 vote “win” in doubt. This too is going to SCOTUS. I believe a few cases were just denied by the 5th circuit, so SCOTUS is NEXT.

But HERE is my pick for the WIN, not the FINAL total, but the WIN. Arizona.

There are MANY irregulatrities in Arizona. The State legislature, despite Gov Ducey, and the never Trump AZ sec of state Katie Hobbs, certifying the results, has requested a full audit of Maricopa county, the states LARGEST county, and a Republican stronghold. AZ took over a WEEK to complete its “counting. MOST from Pima (dem stronghold) and Maricopa. In a recent sampling of a mere 100 ballots from JUST Maricopa, 3 FRAUD ballots, ALL AGAINST Trump (one vote for Trump was “miscounted” and thrown out). Now, they CERTIFIED there was ZERO fraud. 3% is WAY above NONE, and that was JUST a random 100 of 2,036,000 votes, or .0000491% of the vote. To find 3% in THAT small a sample is HUGE. There SHOULD have been NONE. The 3 % is 6110 times the vote (3 divided by .0000491)

Now there were 2,036,000 votes cast in Maricopa county alone. Biden supposedly “won” by @45000 votes. biden “won AZ by @11000 votes. Trump and team were ADAMANT that Trump would and DID win AZ. Fox, in on the fraud, called it WAY early on election night, my bet as the SIGNAL to start the fraud, at that time, Trump was WAY up in all the contested states except AZ and NV. 3% of 2,036,000 votes is 61093. way more than enough to ERASE the @11000 vote Biden “win”. The legislature has ordered a FULL audit of Maricopa. Who wants to bet they find at LEAST 3% fraud? Buehler? Buehler? That’s right, they WILL, and it will cause those votes to be NULLIFIED. Trump will WIN AZ outright , as he rightfully should have on election night.

This is the ONE place where SCOTUS may not be needed. The AZ legislature appears ON IT with the hearings and the sample. IF they do the RIGHT thing, Trump WILL win AZ, and its 11 EC votes. That will give Trump 279 EC votes and the Presidency. Trump can then proceed to be certified by the Electoral College, and either continue or drop the rest of the cases.

This will by NO means be the END. I believe at LEAST WI (10 EC votes) and MI (16 EC) votes will ALSO flip. That would give Trump an additional 26 EC votes to go to 305. I suspect, that EVENTUALLY, like months later after Trump is reinagurated, VA, NV, and perhaps another surprise or two are uncovered and flipped as well, making Trump prophetic when he said “I believe I will get more EC votes this time than 2016). In 2016, Trump got 306. In the END, after all the mail in balklot fraud, ALL the dominion fraud involving vote switching, vote jumping from Trump to Jorgensen to Biden, and all the fractional voting of .87 Trump votes to 1.13 Bideen votes, the results will be MASSIVELY in Trumps favor. Trump currently sits at @74 MILLION votes, which WOULD have been the record, had Biden not chearted to @80 million.

NO ONE sane or honest BELIEVES Biden got 11 million more votes than Obama in 2008. which was a “trasfigurative historic” election of the first African American President. Biden could NOT draw more than a senior citizens bingo parlor ANYWHERE he went. NO ONE watches his videos online. NO ONE watches his TV interviews oir “speeches” WHERE are his 80 million voters? They are GHOSTS, or more exactly CYBER votes, FRAUD printed ballots like GA, and duplicates and the deceased like NV. He had ZERO enthusiasm from the dem base, just the left. NOT 80 million, not even CLOSE.

Biden got ZERO coat tails in his hiostoric “victory” so far, ONE Senate seat, Martha McSally in AZ is flipped, and he LOST at LEAST 15 House seats, DOZENS of state legislatures, and even a Gov. NO WAY a guy with 80 million votes LOSES ANY seats. In 2008, Obama swept in state legislatures, Governorships, AND super majorities in the House AND SENATE (59). ALL FLIPS from Republican. Bush and his two wars were UNPOPULAR, and the economy was CRASHING thanks to the Housing bubble burst.

Trump by contrast has a REBOUNDING economy from a PANDEMIC, which was at HISTORIC levels before Covid. Despite Covid lockdowns, it is NEARLY equal to where it was BEFORE the Pandemic hit, and that is DESPITE 7-10 dem controlled states BARELY participating in the recovery, including TWO of the BIGGEST in NY and CA. Trump has HISTORIC PEACE, and NO WARS, and is bringing troops HOME from Afghanistan and abroad. There is UNPRECEDENTED peace in the Middle East and the WORLD, and Trump has FOUR historic ME peace accords with Israel and Arab states signed, with perhaps MORE and BIGGER (Saudi Arabia) on the WAY. Trump has been nominateed for THREE Nobel Peace Prizes because of it so far. We are also ENERGY independent of foreign oil for tthe first time in 75 years. Peace and prosperity reigns, and yet Trump “lost”because of Covid, a pandemic in which 99.5% survive..RIGHT. Biden did not SWEEP into power, he was CARRRIED to it via OBVIOUS fraud. The dems FORGOT to vote straight ticket, which COST them in their fraud in the House, States, and Senate. They CLAIM the dems split the ticket, or that Trump LOST Republicans, but HOW, he got nearly 10 MILLION more votes than 2016. WHO exactly did he “lose”? Oh, and since he LOST Reps, he GAINED more than 10 million DEMS and INDS? COME ON, then WHO were the 12 MILLION more voters for Biden than Clinton got or the 11 MILLION more voters than Obama got?

Trump could NOT gain Hispanics, Dems, and African Americans to the tune of TEN MILLION more, and LOSE Reps, NOT in a time of PEACE and PROSPERITY. WHO were Biden’s 12 MILLION more voters? He had NO enthusiam, even the bogus polls stated he had a MASSIVE enthusiam gap with DEMS. So are we to BELIEVE Trump LOST Reps to Biden (12 million) but GAINED Dems? And Biden LOST dems, meaning African Americans, blue collar, and Hispanics to the tune of TEN MILLION to Trump but GAINED Reps? COME ON. There were NOT enough REAL votes to do that, and ANYONE with two brain cells KNOWS it.

But it is NOT what we KNOW. It is what we can PROVE.

The dems BEGGED for proof, and they are getting it, NOW after for WEEKS saying there was NO proof of “widespread” fraud, they simply refuse to SEE the same WIDESPREAD proof of WIDESPREAD fraud they BEGGED to see.

As Q once said, you CANNOT siply TELL the people, you MUST SHOW THEM.

The dems and the WORLD are BEING shown. There WILL be more. MORE VIDEOS. MORE stats, MORE eyewitnesses, MORE testimony, and MORE EVIDENCE.

SOON, VERY soon, we will ALL be witness to the GREATEST sting in modern HISTORY. Soon, there will be UNDENIABLE proof. There will be EYEWITNESS testimony coulpled with EYEWITNESS video and audio, WHAT?? IN PERSON video AND audio? YEP. Because Trump and his team were READY. They had this ALL monitored from pillar to post. From the computers, the IP lines, the tabulators, the counting facilities, the ballot printing facilities, right down to the VERY people in EACH area that COMMITTED the fraud and the GOVS, Sec’s of State, and COURTS that LET it happen.

Trump set a TRAP. He WATCHED, and more impoirtantly RECORDED them ALL. HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS are going to PRISON at LEAST.

Why can I say this? Because ONE Trump TOLD us he KNEW it was coming. NO ONE of his level KNOWS something is coming and does NOT put in LAYERS of contingency to stop it, OR better, to EXPOSE IT and the CRIMINALS behind it. TWO. Trump put in place the Sep 2018 EO on Election interference labeling ALL FUTURE Federal elections as CRITICAL US INFRASTRUCTURE. You ALWAYS protect your VITAL INFRASTRUCTURE. WHO does that? The MILITARY. Cyber Command, and the recently REVEALD Special Opperations Unit under Ezra Watnick and Sec of Defense Chris Miller. They were not only WATCHING, and RECORDING, they had SPECIAL OPERATORS INSIDE the fraud teams.

They were REVEALED the DAY Watnick took over Special Operations. “From this day forward, I am designating ALL Special Operators report DIRECTLY to ME”. Now WHO was STANDING RIGHT THERE? Watnick’s NEW boss, Chris Miller. Miller was ALL smiles. That means this was PLANNED.

Tell me DIRECTLY after the FRAUD on Nov 3rd, WHO did Trump FIRE? Def Sec Esper. WHY? Because Esper was, as both the CIA and FBI also, was UNAWARE of the sting. DIRECT orders from POTUS, the Commander in Chief. DIRECT to Miller and Watnick. NO LEAKS. Esper, and Haspel FOUND OUT the day after the election ABOUT the sting. Esper was going to BRIEF Biden. Trump FIRED, and I am SURE promised him a NOOSE if he briefed Biden or ANYONE. Haspel RAN to her OLD COLLEGE (and mine) classmate, who just HAPPENS to be Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Guess what McConnell TOLD HER. “You are FUCKED” I can’t help you. RAIDO SILENCE SINCE. NO Haspel OR Esper sightings, WRAY either. WHY? Because the FBI was OUT of this loop TOO.

Tell me THEN what did Trump do? He LET the dems and MSM take the BAIT, and RUN out the LINE with it. JUST like a big fish. Trump except for a FEW tweets, remained SILENT. He let LAWYERS speak. He let WATNICK and MILLER speak. Trump WAITED. When he HAD the SCYTL servers in Frankfurt and the mirror in Barcelona that were in CIA hands, remember that Frankfurt raid reported and then “debunked”, he POUNCED. NOW he had the COMPLETE trail.

He HAS voting machines from ALl the contested fraud states. He HAS the voting tabulators from those same areas. He HAS the IP lines, and the packet comms both to and FROM those servers overseas, shoiwing the REAL totals sent IN, and the PHONY ones sent OUT. NOW, he had the LAST piece of the pie, the SERVERS themselves. A complete FORENSIC trail. UNDENABLE proof of tthe COMPUTER fraud. But, wait, Prex, you said that Trump is focused on the Mail ins. HE IS. This is the CONTINGENCY, they COUP de grace. THE sword of Damocles.

Know what ELSE he has? Recall that we have TONS of citizen eyewitnesses, and TONS of citizien statistics. We have LOTS of testimony, and LOTS of affidavits from we the people. What we DIDN’t have, until a few days ago, was VIDEO. NOW we DO. The one above and others, including the infamous USB pass from Freemon to her daughter to the “runner” GUESS what is on that USB?EVIDENCE. That is the REAL count…IE TRUMP VOTEES “deleted” and STORED on that USB…STUPID.


WHAT have I been ASKING for the last few weeks? “WHERE is ALL this CRYSTAL clear in frame, STILL, professionally shot photos, and now VIDEO coming from? Is it from citizens I phones? NO. Was it the arena and counting facilitiy security footage? NO, well MAYBE some, but they were CAPTURED from the bad guys who had it OFF. No, my friends this was an INSIDE job. Trump, via Watnick, had PEOPLE in on team fraud. WATCHING, and more importantly RECORDING.

So FAR, we have ONLYT seen SOME video and photos. WAIT till we get the correlating AUDIO. UP close and PERSONAL audio AND more VIDEO, Bet we HAVE that USB too.

But HOW, can you be SO sure PRex?

EASY. KNOWING Trump was PREPARED, WHAT would I do? I would put in embeds. FISAS go BOTH WAYS, and make NO mistake, this WAS FOREIGHN (CHINA) interference. Trump has had ALL their comms and has been WATCHING all the people involved, INCLUDING the underlings like Jones, and Freeman. It is what I would have done. I am NOWHERE NEAR as smart as Trump. He undoubtedly has MORE.

Last and DEFINATIVE proof what I am saying is true. We cauught them on video, MULTIPLE videos in GA. HOW did we know WHO to WATCH? We have the LOVELY in frame videos, the PERFECT pic of ALL of them together. WHERE did that come from? HOW did WE get it? WHEN was it taken? AH, now you see. SET UP. They knew PRECISELY WHERE TO LOOK, WHEN to look, and WHO to look AT. They ALSO made SURE the videos were NOT noticed. You cannot tell me they did not see the Arena cameas IF that isd what was used. They simply THOUGHT that they were OFF and “taken care of”

Wait till the IN PERSON audio and video surfaces in GA, AND elsewhere. IT IS COMING.

I ALSO suspect all the DATA about the machine fraud is coming DIRECTLY from Watnick. Recall, WHO Watnick was a descip[le of? Lt Gen Michael Flynn. Gee, WHO was JUST pardoned? Coincidence in the timing…right? LOL NO. It is TIME for Flynn, who likely ran this whole planned sting from the SAFETY of being under judicial appeal. BRILLIANT. The architect in PLAIN sight, “neutered” or so they were LEAD to beleive. Gee WHO was the TOP lieutenant on the GROUND? Ezra Watnick.

HOW do you keep a SECRET from the FBI, CIA, and the bad guys? You use someone they NEVER would think to look at, and you keep it STRICTLY need to know using the one safe harbor, the Military intelligence, people LOYAL to Flynn, and LOYAL to BOTH the Commander In Chief and the Constitution. You keep it EYES ONLY need to know, DIRECT orders from CIC to Watnick and his group ONLY. Not even Esper knew, till it was too late, and somehow he found out AFTER the fact…but he was FIRED before he could issue the WARNING. TOO late, Biden, the cabal, and the MSM fell into the trap.

Each day they ENSNARE themselves MORE deeper and TIGHTER. With EACH word, obfuscation, lie, and denial, they bury themselves. Most do NOT even KNOW they are TOAST yet, and they WON’T till the Miltary COMES for them. NOTHING is going to stop this now. That is why I feel comfortable in posting this. All this will do is give you the primmer, when the pieces start to fall. The die is cast.

Enjoy the show.

The ART of WAR.

Are you ENJOYING the show? Just WAIT…we are only in the PREVIEWS.

Did you SEE what Trump and his team just did to GA?

They LET the GA legislators go on TV and go on and on bragging how safe and “SECURE” the election was and how PROUD they were of all their workers and their effort. ON AND ON…droning.

Then…POP….comes the VIDEO PROOF of the fraud.

Mind you, this is ONE of MANY they have. This just proves the fraud by showing under cover of a “burst pipe” they pulled out ballots from under a table, AFTER sending ALL the rep poll watchers, media, etc HOME. They proceeded to run 3 machines for 2 straight hours processing these ballots, UN MONITORED. The machies can produce @3000 ballots an hour EACH. That is @18000 ballots. Now, you KNOW those were ALL Biden votes, AND they was NO verifying signature, and NO ONE knew they were EVER there. NO ONE gets to cross reference those. They will NOT let ANYONE see them. NOW you know why.

The GREAT awakening and reveal has BEGUN. What, you do NOT think this is the ONLY video they have do you? LMAO NO. And WHEN they try and debunk this one, they already are, WHAT happens when the REAL videos, the ones with the HIDDEN cameras on the GROUND by Trump inserted MOLES from the Military come out…and OUT they will come?

This is NOT just in GA. This will happen in PA, MI, WI, AZ, NV. and MI at LEAST. There will be HOURS of video, audio footage, tons of first person witness accounts, and LOTS of data. MORE than enough to swing the states to Trump, and more than enough for him to win!

ALL HELL is about to be unleashed. This was just ONE video, from ONE area. They have TONS more…notice ALL hi def, and focused JUST right, like they were PUT there…WAITING for something…WINK.

This is NOT from the regular security system. The FRAUDSTERS were aware of those (or thought they were DISABLED).

So I asked this once before, WHERE are we gettin ALL thses in focus, hi def, pervasive videos from? M I L I T A R Y. This is WATNICK’S boys, which are FLYNN’S boys. They have it ALL.

ALL these 4 weeks have been is LETTING the FRAUDSTERS, including the RINOS, and MSM, slip the NOOSE, around their necks. NOW Trump is preparing to throw the lever. These people JUST got their LAST warning. LOL they will NOT heed it.

They are FUCKED. It IS going to be biblical, OLD TESTAMENT BIBLICAL. (language)

Oh, almost forgot.. Notice how someone got the legislators ON THE record.

Leaving the ballots unsecured is ILLEGAL in GA.
Counting ballots ABSENT inspectors is ALSO ILLEGAL in GA.

ALL these @18000 are GONE. I am SURE Trumps team KNOWS just where they are (marked or UNMARKED). This ONE thing ALONE is enough to give GA to Trump. There WILL be more videos, more frauds revealed, and MORE STATES FLIPPING because of it TO Trump, and with them the election, as it SHOULD have been all along.

This ENTIRE month was letting the FISH take the bait and RUN with it. Just like a big old Bass, whose habbits are KNOWN, they took it ALL , hook, line sinker, and bobber.

NOW, it is TIME to set the HOOK, and then real them in. Trump LET them bloviate. Trump LET them think they had stolen it. He let the gloat, pick cabinets, and tell just WHAT they were planning to do IF they got power. America SAW, America HEARD.. AMERICA was NOT pleased, or amused. AMERICA began to fight back, despite ALL the MSM and tech censorship, despite ALL the debbie downers, gaslighting, and fete de compli narratives. They THOUGHT they could RUSH this, put pressure on Trump to concede, and WE would comply as well.

Trump CALLED on US to NOT give up, to NOT give in, and to FIGHT for him (and ourselves) they way HE fought for us. He waited. His answer came as a RESOUNDING HELL YEAH. Patriots came out of the woodwork. we were CALLEd, we ANSWERED. NOW, Trump will REWARD our FAITH in HIm, ourselves, and JUSTICE.

The dems DEMANDED proof. Well, LOL, they are gonna GET just what they ASKED for. They are NOT going to like it. This will NOT be quick, and they will NOT enjoy it.

THIS is how you DRAIN the swamp. It is perhaps the ONLY way.

Trump played WOUNDED duck. He did it to get them to feel SAFE, and for others to feel safe so they would EXPOSE themselves, Hi Fox news. He let them all pile on while he APPEARED his WEAKEST. In reality he was making a list, checking it twice, and found out just WHO was naughty or nice. Trumpy Claus is coming to town. He seen them when they cheated, he knew they put in fraud, He found out who was bad or good, now they all have to PAY. Dems are getting COAL in their stockings, LUMPS of it. WE are getting a VERY MAGA Christmas.

Now, JUST as they can TASTE victory, here comes the BOOM. NOW, they cannot backtrack. NOW, they cannot deny it, though they WILL try. Trump has a SPECTACULAR set of legal minds from the PROSECUTOR in Giulani, to the pit bull Lewis , to the defense attorney in Wood, to the attack dog in Powell. Then he has the litigator in Sekulow, how has tried dozens of SCOTUS cases, and the tag team of Digenova and Toensing. The AVENGERS level all star cast.

SOON, LOL, they ALL WILL have to cover it. SCOTUS here we come. Trump gave them an appetizer, a BONE, the SCOTUS now has seen just enough preliminary evidence to want the MAIN course. Desert will be GLORIOUS. Amy Coney Barrett was vitally important, now Roberts cannot go squishy.

The ART or WAR baby. “When you are weak, seem STRONG. When you are STRONG, seem WEAK.”

“When you are NEAR make the enemy think you are far away, and when you are far away make the enemy think you are NEAR.”

“Keep your plans secret and as impenatratable as night, and when you move move like a thunderbolt.

They are ALL on the record now. Trump MADE them CHOOSE by playing WEAK Hell you would THINK these fools would have at least READ the Art of War, or hell even watched any TV wresting show. The HERO always gets pummelled, and just as all is lost, he makes the mirtaculous comeback!.

TONS of people chose POORLY, it is a choice they will come to REGRET.

Said it before…CAUGHT in a TRAP, they CAN’T walk out.

Get your popcorn READY. The greatest show of all time is about to start. I hope you have good seats picked out!

Teen 'attacked' for wearing 'Make America Great Again' hat - BBC News

Operation Kracken has been UNLEAHED, there is NO stopping it.

Things ARE turning.

Trump JUST told them ALL the burden of PROOF that BIDEN got 80 million votes is going to be on THEM, not HIM or US.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous “80,000,000 votes” were not fraudulently or illegally obtained. When you see what happened in Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia &amp; Milwaukee, massive voter fraud, he’s got a big unsolvable problem!</p>&mdash; Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) <a href=””>November 27, 2020</a></blockquote> <script async src=”; charset=”utf-8″></script>

Trump also, VERY cleverly, said something PRECIENT. Did you CATCH it?

He said “Just saw the vote tabulations. There is NO WAY Biden got 80,000,000 votes!!! This was a 100% RIGGED ELECTION.”

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Just saw the vote tabulations. There is NO WAY Biden got 80,000,000 votes!!! This was a 100% RIGGED ELECTION.</p>&mdash; Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) <a href=””>November 26, 2020</a></blockquote> <script async src=”; charset=”utf-8″></script>

He said “Just saw the vote tabulations. There is NO WAY Biden got 80,000,000 votes!!! This was a 100% RIGGED ELECTION.”


I’ll translate.

Trump saw NOT the FINAL posted 80 million votes. He saw the REAL vote TABULATIONS. The REAL count. THAT is why he CATEGORICALLY says There is NO WAY Biden got 80 million votes, 100% RIGGED ELECTION.

Trump speaks and types, JUST like I do. CAPS for INFEERENCE. He ONLY capitalizes JUST what he WANTS you to see.

He KNOWS. Looks like OTHERS KNOW now too.

Exhibit A. PA trial judge rules FOR the petitioners to ENJOIN the election results, and give the power BACK to the PA legislature to SELECT electors, and NOT certify the results.

This is HUGE, and the FIRST domino. THIS was NOT Trumps lawsuit, this was the PA legislature’s lawsuit. This means, it is NOW on the DEMS to fightt this judge, and APPEAL IT. THEY are going to have to PROVE they did NOT violate LAW, and DID NOT steal it. Meaning REAL audits, REAL inspections, REAL recounts. It is something the dems HAVE to appeal, and they CANNOT PROVE any of the things this judge WILL ask them to to overturn this.

Even IF it is over ruled by a dem appeals court, it THEN goes to the 3rd Circuit, and even THEN if (wrongly) over ruled, it GOES TO SCOTUS, where (ALITO) WILL take it up. THEN the DEMS have to go BEFORE SCOTUS, and PROVE they did NOT violate LAW, OR steal the election in PA, MI, WI, GA, AZ, NV, etc with FRAUD ballots. THEY CAN’T

KA BOOM…this was a 500 kiloton nuke. RIGHT down Biden way.

PA is ABOUT to FALL from Bidens clutches. Once ONE goes, they ALL go. DOMINOS. The DIE is CAST.

Looks like OTHERS on team Cabal KNOW too. WHY post THIS, AGAIN, after ALL the gaslighting of Biden’s win, and “president” elect.

Fareed Zacharia. NOT a Trump fan. Poseted this originally right after Biden was “declared” the “winner” It was quickly swept under with all the HYPE. WHY repost this, on a Friday late dump AFTER Thanksgiving, BLACK Friday, when MILLIONS are out SHOPPING.

Simple, WHEN (no longer IF, if it ever WAS IF) Trump flips this and is declared the winner because of FRAUD, CNN can say, we SAW this, we SUSPECTED there was something shady with the votes, THAT isa why we were there to tell you FIRST…blah blah. This is ASS COVERING, and it ONLY happens when the SHIT is about to HIT the FAN. CYA. Trying to get in FRONT of what IS coming. There will be MORE. They KNOW. Trump is TELLING them, and the SMART ones ARE begining to LISTEN. They do NOT care about their viewers, or truth. They DO care about their NECKS. Which, if you listened CLOSELY, Trump told them ALL are VERY much in jeporady! (policy changes on Federal executions to include HANGING, electrocution, and FIRING SQUAD)

CNN, is HEDGING. WINNERS never HEDGE, because they WON. CHEATERS hedge in FEAR of their CHEAT getting CAUGHT.

KRACKENS in the armor (PUN most definately intended)

Then we have ALL the other lawsuits in GA, MI, WI, AZ, NV. Plus public hearings, plus NOW RALLIES by Trump. Trump has set SEVERAL clever traps. One was letting them complete the fraud, and inflict HARM, all the while WATCHING, RECORDING, and WAITING, which was the HARD part, to SEE, if they were actually STUPID enough to take the BAIT. They WERE.

Then he remained SILENT, as the MSM and never Trumpers REVEALED themselves once and for ALL, laid BARE. EVEN FOX, and some in the Congress. ALL emperors with NO clothes now. Then he LET the MSM crown Biden “president” just like Nancy said…SELECTED and INSTALLED. ONLY dictators and PUPPETS are INSTALLED. Presidents are ELECTED.

MORE were taken OFF the fence, including embeds, and even FOREIGN “allies” right BORRIS?

Trump gave EVERYONE a CHOICE. NO MORE fence sitting, pretending to be “friends” or CINO s (Conservatives in Name Only.) People were FORCED, subtly, to MAKE A CHOICE. TONS of FOOLS chose POORLY, and jumped the shark. Now NO ONE trusts them. Mission ACCOMPLISHED

This was ALWAYS about draining the swamp, the ENTIRITY of the swamp. More on that in a bit. But, Trump was not finished.

After people CHOSE. The PURGE began. First was Esper. Then the elevation of Miller, and the PUBLIC reveal of Ezra Watnick. THAT should have sent ALARM bells to team Cabal, but they were STUPID. Then he REMOVED Allbright and Kissenger from the defensse advisory board.

Watnick and Miller BOTH played MAJOR roles in the WATCHING, RECORDING, and GATHERING of the PROOF and evidence, including military WITNESSES in the FRAUD. SPIES, inserted INTO Dominion, SCTYL, the Cabal, and MORe, maybe EVEN Biden’s camp. FISA’s after all go BOTH ways. NOW do you SEE why Trump did NOT eliminate FISC YET. He USED the SAME things they used on him to find out JUST what they had planned, and he PREPARED for it. HE inserted patriots in places as WITNESSES. He LET them steal the House in 2018, to see JUST how, where, when, and WHO did it. Then he put COUNTERMEASURES in place and laid a TRAP.

He put TRUSTED people who KNOW ONE suspected in place to do it. Michael Flynn being one, as the enegima known as Q. Then Watnick and Miller who were ALSO part of Q. MESSENGERS to PREPARE the public in subtle ways using complex puzzles that would eventually become CLEAR. Tens of MILLIONS worldwide KNOW what Q is , what they said, and WHAT was coming. They told MILLIONS more, who “dismissed” it. BUT, what hapopens when those who were told and dismissed the info, LEARN the TRUTH. They will RECALL what they were TOLD, in ADVANCE, and UNDERSTAND. BRILLIANT. but WAIT, there is MORE. ALL while the REAL op was being prepared in TOTAL secrecy.

Trump not only let the MSM and RINOS choose, he LET the big tech of Twitter, FaceBook, and Google do their dirty deeds. WATCHING, gathering INTEL, WAITING. He got them ALL on the record saying they did not do the Senate Judiciary. WATCH Cruz AGAIN.. H?e was not only devistating, he WAS the PROSECUTOR. He got Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Sundar Pichai to ADMIT it UNDER OATH that they knew NOTHING about any censorship. Trump just told them ALL he has the evidence they LIED, and they USED that censorship to try and INFLUENCE the election. GOODBYE sec 230. But there is MORE on that. Let me say what else quickly.

Trump KNEW this was coming. He did as DEMANDED by dems in their BOGUS 3 year witch hunt on Russia. He took ACTION by writing a 2018 EO prohibiting FOREIGN election interference. That EO HERE :

It designated ALL future FEDERAL elections as CRITICAL US infrastructure. With SEVERE penaties, including imprisonment AND the COMPLETE forfeiture of ALL assets, even subsidiaries, even shell companies, absolutely EVERYTHING. In the US, and ABROAD. It includes ANYONE, any ENTITY in the US that aided in that interference. Now, if say big tech, and some MSM aided CHINA or IRAN or any foreign country in the interference of a US Federal election, say 2020 for example, and say by changing VOTES, in a server or tabulator in oh say Barcelona Spain or Frankfurt Germany, WHAT would happen to ALL those big tech people, like CEO’s, assets? That is RIGHT FORFEITURE.

BUT sec 230 makes them exempt…right? WWRONG, and SOON it will be GONE Trump told them ALL that they BLATANTLY interferred by censorship. He GOT THEM ON THE RECORD in the Senate Judiciary testimony, thank you Senator Cruz. NOW they are about to have ALL their assest SIEZED.

But PRex, thatt is ONLY the CEOS, the shareholders, and the senior management, they will STILL be there, and they will just replace the current ones. NO, they WON’T. See when election interference is PROVEN, that gives Congress, and or the Presiodent, to REMOVE section 230. THAT makes Twitter, Facebook, and Google, and ANYONE else, like YouTube, etc, LIBEL. Censorship is a CRIME. With NO section 230. Twitter, FaceBook, and Google, will be SUED to insolvancy by their OWN clients who WERE censored. Thjey will HAVE to file bankruptcy, and will CEASE to BE. So not ONLY do the BILLIONAIRE CEOS get toasted to insolvancy, so to do their left behind COMPAINES entirely. Then, dead broke, those CEOs go to PRISON for LYING under oath to the Senate Judiciary…RIGHT Mr Cruz? …Cruz nodds affirmatively. BRILLIANT.

WHO watches the newly designated CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE of the US elections, including 2020? Why that would HAVE to be the US Military in the form of DIA, Cyber command, and SPEDIAL OPERATIONS. NOw WHO is the NEW head of US special operations? Ezra Watnick, or Ezra Cohen, or Ezra Cohen-Watnick. We REALLY don’t know, because till NOW, NO ONE knew just WHO he was, only that he ONE was a member of FLynns group at DIA, and a desciple, AND he is the one who got Devin Nunes into the WH SCIF in 2017 that PROVED that Trump WAS spied upon. (Obama’s PDB).

Watnick, like Flynn, HIDDEN in PLAI sight, out of MIND, FREE to do what HAD to be done. PREPERATION for the GREATEST sting op of ALL time. ALL watched and recorded, with spies, witnesses, testimony, video, audio, the WORKS, using the FISC court system, and a 2018 September 2018 EO that the DEMS DEMANDED. As I said “They did this to themselves”

Trump just set the LAST Trap, and dumbass Biden took the bait, hook, line, sinker, and bobber. THAT is what you GET dems when you run someone mentally diminshed against a GENIUS.

Trump cleverly put out a faux narrative. One that HE told the GSA head Emily W. Murphy to NOT give Biden any transition funds. Murphy PLAYED along. Refusing. Saying Biden is NOT YET President elect.

Here is a SECRET. One the STUPID MSM fell for too. Murphy and GSA, are INDEPENDENT of Trump and the Executive branch. Trump CANNOT order GSA and Murphy to do ANYTHING to ANYONE. The foremer GSA head, is the one that gave Mueller ALL of Trump teams transition docs..ILLEGALLY. Trump could NOT stop it, so he REMOVED the guy, and replaced him with Murphy. Murphy is a TRUMP apointee. She played her part in this sting MASTERFULLY.

The MSM, dems, and their sychophants mercilessly attcaked and Threateded Murphy,

Biden made up out of thin air his OWN “office” of the president elect. He even FUND RAISED for it. THAT should be an INTERESTING donor list. Biden then went on to institute a FAUX foreign policy team. A CLEAR violation of the LOGAN act. ONLY the PRESIDENT, NOT the president elect or FAUX president elect set US foreign policy. But that was merely step ONE.

Step two involved LETTING Biden do it, and continue to pretend, ALL while being WATCHED (FISA)

Then after Trump recieved more than enough info to indict if needed, he gave Murphy the GO AHEAD to release “preliminary funds” to Biden for a transition. Murhpy complied, even though she was under NO obligation to do so. but it gets BETTER. Step 3, Murphy release some funds, but writes a letter to Biden. Stating ” Here are the funds to begin a transition, I am doing this UNDER DURESS, and AGAINST her better judgement”. Now WHO threatened her? BIDEN people. Then the HOOK. “These funds are PROVISIONARY, and MUST be STRICTLY accounted for”. Provisionary means TEMPORARY. It can also mean being MONITORED for irrregularities. Ever started a NEW job? You are PROVISIONARY for a set amount of time, usually 6 months or less, during which you are NOT protected by company rules per se, you CAN be let go for ANY reason duiring that time, including simply not up to snuff…totally ARBITRARY.

AH, now you see, but WAIT. It gets BETTER. She ALSO informed Biden that he and his team (faux cabinet, or whatever, INCLUDING HARRIS) must sign a DISCLOSURE form to GET the funds. WHAT must they ALL disclose? ANY foreign intanglements, funding, investments, payments, trusts, etc. INCLUDING those involiving IMMEDIATE family. BOOM. THE WORKS…THE HOly grail on Biden, Harris, AND their immediate families, Like James and Hunter for Joe, and Imhoof for Kamala.

They WILL lie and HIDE the dealings, they HAVE to. Then the TRAP is SET. Trump can spring it ANY time. LYING on a FEDERAL form of disclosure is a FELONY. NO ONE who commits a FELONY can BE President OR Vice President. IF they REVEAL the foreign intanglements, Trump does NOTHING. A GSA patriot will simply LEAK ALL the foreign money on BOTH Biden, and HArris, and THEN reveal that they are MORE than compromised, they are BOUGHT. A contingency upon a contingency upon a contingency upon a PLAN. IF the election fraud is not overturned. it WILL be, by SCOTUS, then Biden is either too corrupt to take office with too much foreign money, Harris too, and NOT selected by state electors due to “new” info coming forth. OR a THIRD contingency, Biden and Harris LIED on the disclosure, and then the declass of ALL declasses happens, and Biden and Harris BOTH are DISQUALIFIED for having committed a FELONY. Now BEFORE some smart ass brings up Clinton and Perjury, Clinton was ALREADY President when he committed perjury, he HAD to be IMPEACHED AND CONVICTED. He WAS impeached, but NOT convicted, therefore he was eligable. Complicated. IF Clinton had committed a FELONY BEFORE he was EVER inaugurated, he was INELLIGIBLE. Nixon was PARDONED by Ford too, so before someone brings that up. Even GWB and his DUI was NOT a felony.

Trump is BRILLIANT. He has managed to CONVINCE the Cabal that he is Elmer Fudd, and that he was NOT prepared for this. Tsun Tzu. When you are WEAK, make the enemy think you are STRONG. When you are STRONG, make the enemy think you aree WEAK.

They THINK that Trump is NOW at his weakest, when in REALTY he is at his MOST strong. This has been a PLAN in the making for DECADES. Trump KNEW of the swamp, he fought them and beat them CONTINUALLY for 5 years. He promised to drain the swamp. He KNOWS there is ONLY one way. He had to appear DEFEATED, so ALL the embeds and moles would come INTO the LIGHT to attack him, THINKING they had WON, and he was finally vanquished.

NOW, they are ALL exposed, they stepped OUT of the shadows, and went ALL IN into the light. Basking in their “victory” Trump now has them ALL. He is about to turn ON the light of TRUTH, and PULL the plug to the swamp. They are ALL out now, NAKED and in the open free from COVER.

EVEN Fox. ALL the RINOS were given a CHOICE, NOW or NEVER, team MAGA, or TEAM swamp. SOME, like Graham chose WISELY. Some did NOT. They are revealed. NO one now trusts them. NO ONE believes them. The MSM cannot save them. The big tech cannot save them. The dems cannot save them. Soros and foreign billionaries cannot save them. China, Iran, UK, NK, Germany, France, Canada, cannot save them. They ALL have their OWN necks to protect. They ALL are in the breech.

Suicide and FLEE weekend is COMING, just as Q predicted. When faced with NO help, NO funds, and FULL exposure…despair and PANIC will kick in. REALITY is Trump has them ALL. HE had to LET them pull covid, which IMHO he KNOWS is a fraud. He had to LET them steal the House in 2018. He had to LET them impeach him. He had to LET them Special council him. He had to let them censor him and us. He had to let them infect us and him with a bio agent, that was THEN hyped to epic proportions. He had to LET them reveal their plans for domination by using covid lockdowns. He had to LET them steal 2020, INCLUDING THE ELECTION BY FRAUD.

He did it to get them ALL out in the open for ALL to see, and REALIZE. He took ALL the slings and arrows for us. He fought them ALL the way, even when they persecuted US and his FAMILY. It had to be this way to get them all. He asked us ALL to come out and support him, and we DID, in numbers SO massive they had to abandon and expand their original schemes, and go ALL out.

JUST as the master chess player WANTED. We could NOT simply be TOLD, we had to be SHOWN. The ONLY way was to “lose” and appear “weak” Now the GREAT awakening has HAPPENED. People, even NORMIES KNOW this was a fraud, they will be SHOWN proof. Proof on the GRANDEST stage of them ALL, the SCOTUS. Proof POSITIVE, PERVASIVE, MASSIVE. UNDENIABLE, UNAVOIDABLE. EVERYONE will be watching THE SHOW.

THe MSM cannot NOT cover it. They CANNOT stop what is HERE. They ALl will be swept up in it, and FLUSHED. They did it to themselves. They MADE their choice. They chose POORLY.

THIS my friends is opperation Kracken…THE codename for THE sting. The Kracken, as in Greek mythology is released on the WICKED, to wreak hasrsh justice, wiping OUT the wicked in one fell swoop. Once RELEASED, it CANNOT be stopped. IT MUST complete it’s mission before returning to slumber.

Tell me, does Trump or his team appear WORRIED? NO. They are busy making PLANS to continue MAGA in 2021. The Wll is continuing, peace deals are moving forward, terrorists in Iran and Afghanistan are being eliminated. Troops areFINALLY coming HOME. The Dow is HIGHER than it was BEFORE Covid. Unemployment is NEAR where it was too, and will go LOWER once the Covid Fraud is exposed, and it WILL BE, did you see the Johns Hopkins study they had to delete? BOOM.

Mnuchin is squirlling away Covid relief funds for 2021, DESPITE the demsm OR the HOuse (Which WILL flip btw as well as ADDS to the Senate.) MORE than we know is happening. Trump is NOT shutting down, or lame ducking, he is RAMPING UP. This is NOT false bravado. IT is a PRECURSOR.

Trump is in this instance Zeus. HE commanded Posiden as Flynn and Watnick to RELEASE the Kracken. The Kracken was the operation to watch, surveil, record, expose, and take down the Swamp. The election fraud was the CHERRY. Still wonder WHY Trump HELD the declass? LOL. Soon ALL will know, right Barack? BWAHAHAHAHA!

The KRACKEN is approaching the swamp, it will wreak HARSH justice and devistation.

WOE be unto them. JUDGEMENT has COME.

They NEVER saw it coming. Now it is too late. There is NO Persius to save them. The Swamp is TOAST.

Adding up to FRAUD

So we are suppsed to believe that Biden overcame all these deficits, and won EACH race. I want to side by side this with the total voting. EASY math.

There is 36% of the vote left in PA (though that number KEPT increasing, a SURE sign of fraud)
There is 7% left in GA.
There is i think 425526741 % left in MI Blurry)
There is 6% left in NC they ONLY one that basically HELD
and there is 8% in WI

Biden was down 582664 in PA
Biden was down 311010 in GA
Biden was down 306767 in MI
Biden was down 124270 in WI
Biden was down 76712 in NC

totals at 3am

T 2552674
B 1970010

The final totals PA
B 3458312
T 3376499
Biden “won by” 81813
in the final 36-38 % (because by all the added the totals were ONLY 62% at 3 AM)
Biden got 1488342
Trump got 823825

64% to 36 % and biden picked up thanks to that AMOUNT of votes 664477 enough to win by 81813
UNBELIEVABLE, because it IS.

79.5% of ALL registered voters from the JUNE 2020 primary. 7.5% MORE votes cast in 2020 than 2016.
the final 36-38% votes were 2312127
the TOTAL voters registerd in Allegheny (Pittsburg) and Philadelphia counties is 1975708 IF 100% of them even VOTED that would still leave 336419 votes from other places in PA to make uip the remainig, not impossible. BUT then you start to SEE.

100% of allegheny and Philadelphia would have to have voted, because THEY were the primary places Biden made up ground. Trump WON 55 of the 67 PA counties. Of the 12 that Biden won, in his HOME state, ONLY Deleware, Allegheny, and Philladelphia were “out of wack” With Philly being the WORST at 81-19.

Biden won Phillladelphia and Pittsburg by a combined 618046, with the BULK coming from Philly where SAME DAY turnout was described as LOW.

My point, at 3 AM, MOST of PA wwas IN, ONLY Deleware, Philly, and allegheny had ANY votes left. AFTER 3am, Biden got 64-36% of the vote he got 1488302 viotes AFTER 3am. Trump ONLY got 823825. Nearly ALL of the remaining votes had to be from these three counties, and nearly ALL of them had to be for BIDEN to overcome such a MASSIVE lead that Trump had. The MATH does NOT work.

There had to be FRAUD. Likely vote switching, Trump vote deletion, Biden vote manufacture (mail ins or PROVISIONAL in Philly) or MOST likely ALL THE ABOVE.

81-19 in Philly of 770000 votes.
THAT is where the BULK of the fraud is even in Allegheny and Deleware, Trump got in the 30-40% range, and ALL the other dem counties were 10% or LESS difference.

Trump WON the rest of the 55 counties MASSIVELY. by 30-40 points. NOWHERE did Trump win 81 -19.

I think the mailins and especially the PROVISIONALS will be the KEY, and EASIEST to prove. Provisionals (same ED voting) MUST be ordered by a JUDGE, there HAS to be records. IF Philly had, as I suspect, hundreds of thousands of provisionals, the JIG is up.

From the Philly Inquirer, with ONLY 81% in.
“With an estimated 99% of votes counted, Joe Biden has amassed a 452,000-vote margin over President Donald Trump, with 81% of the vote. Biden has the lead in 1,570 precincts, including 752 precincts where he received at least 90% of the vote. Trump leads in 133 precincts.”

2455 precints. Biden lead in 1570. Biden got MORE than 90% in 752. THERE is your FRAUD RIGHT THERE.

These are NOT 10-20 vote precincts, they are 1-1000 THOUSAND vote precincts Biden winning some 396-6

COME ON. This is JUST Philly, there HAD to be “adjustments” and “insertions” elsewhere, especially in Red areas.

I could go through the rest, but you get the jist.


ONLY dems get the BULK of their votes AFTER 3am. ONLY dems overcome 2/3rds of a MILLION votes to WIN by 81000. ONLY dems win counties 81-19, JUST enough to over come MASSIVE leads. Remember, Trump was winning by OVER 582000 which INCLUDED EARLY VOTE.

I want the NUMBERS of provisionals AND mailins ESPECIALLY in Philly where turnout was LIGHT. See they CAN’T have it BOTH ways, WIN the EARLY vote big, AND win the mailins and provisionals LATE, there HAD to be some comingling, NOT enough votes. IF I can see this with BASIC investigation and stats, just THINK what Trumps team has.

I looked up the provisionals. JUST in Philly 94000. There you GO. 12% of the votes were PROVISIONAL.
I looked up MAIL INS JUST in Philly 350000. 45%.
57% from provisional or mail in. (444000) Leaving 43% in PHILLY for early and in person day of. NO WAY.

They WANT us to believe that on NOV 4th, HALF of Philly’s mailins had NOT been counted, and SOMEWHERE ELSE had lead to Trump LOSING his 582000 vote lead

Trump had LOST 557000 VOTES to ONLY lead by 25000 BUT, ONLY HALF of Phillys 350000 mail in had been counted.

NO WAY my friends. even if ALL 94000 proivisional, and ALL 175000 counted Philly mail ins were in that total, that is ONLY 269000 votes. from THE largest district in PA. That means 288000 HAD to come from OTHER districts even IF 100% of those counted in Philly were for Biden.

Remember this is NOV 4tth, ALL the in person ands EARLY vote is IN this count.

That means ALL the in person voting or the VAST majority of it was IN that 3am total, and ONLY the provisional and mail ins were left. 36-38%, and that MOST of that came from someplace OTHER than Philly. When yopu THEN factor in 175000 LEFT in Philly and Biden won by 81000, but was DOWN still 25000, Biden had to get ONLY 61% of what was left, and DID. That means he had to WIN 80 % of ALL mail ins AND 100% of the provisionals in Philly. 84.5 % total.

COME ON. This is JUST Philly, and even if ALL 444000 votes in Philly were FOR Biden, Trump would STILL have a lead of 138000 in the REST of the state. See the IMPOSSIBILTY of this.

Again. I hope this helps it is SO many numbners, and SO confusing, ON PURPOSE.


PA is the HARDEST, because of the MASSIVE Trump lead with MI, and GA, being next, and then WI.

There is simply NO WAY Biden pulled of “miracles in ALL 4 states AFTER 3AM to erase HUGE leads.

Occam’s Razor, the simpliest answer to a complex question is the most correct. The simpliest answer is FRAUD

Will look at the others later.

Time to pick a side.

This is all going to the SCOTUS. Yesterday, new SCOTUS assignments went out. Basically each Justice gets a region where they can decide alone, to hear “emergency” appeals. ALL the contested states save VA, NV, AZ are in conservative Justice jurisdiction.

I want to know who decides the districts? SURELY it is not Roberts. This was basically the same as last time with the liberals retaining the 9th circuit, and ACB splitting others. HUGE though. We KNOW Alito is going to accept PA. We KNOW, despite the “certification” that Thomas will accept GA, and we KNOW that Kavanaugh and Barrett will accept MI and WI respectively. The ONLY ones not accepted then will be from AZ and NV, and VA. WOE be unto them who do NOT…ROBERTS…because FRAUD will be proven there too, OH, and ONCE the fraud is proven to the entire SCOTUS, 5-4, those results WILL be overturned, which means not only is Trump President, BUT, more importantly, the Republicans will have 54-56 in the Senate AND a majority in the HOUSE…yep the HOUSE.

Gee, WHO impeaches SCOTUS traitors (Roberts) Why YES, it is the HOUSE. I do not even CARE if they have enough to convict him in the Senate, Impeachemrnt of a SCOTUS judge, which is what they threatened Kavanaugh and ACB with BTW, LESSENS his authority. Now would THAT mean at LEAST a NEW chief justice would have to be appointed? IF it did, say hellow to Chief Justice Thomas, and GOODBYE to the FISC court.

We are in for some INTERESTING times. I truly believe that SCOTUS WILL rule the ballots in the cases they hear to be INVALID due to overwhelming FRAUD, giving Trump at a minimum, PA, WI, MI..Guess what that is? 46 electoral votes. Trump NOW has banked 232. 232+46=278. BALLGAME.

Let them steal GA, VA, NV AZ for NOW, they will be reversed LATER, when it does NOT matter, because at 278 Trump is President.

JUST like Gove vs Bush, it need NOT go to the House, The SCOTUS, and ONLY the SCOTUS, can simply rule all fraud ballots tossed as there is NO proof to their chain of custody or lineage. ALL thanks to the dems. That takes care of most of the mail ins, the ones NO ONE but dems got to “see” THAT in itself is enough to reverse PA, WI, MI. THEN the computer fraud comes in. which WILL lead to even MORE Biden fraud tossed.

The point is, Trump only needs out of the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of fraud votes in those states, @12000 tossed in WI, easy peasy thanks to Dane and Milwaukee Counties. He ONLY needs @ 160000 in MI, which will be Wayne and Oakland easy, and that leaves @ 160000 in PA. EASY Philly and Pittsburg.

The SCOTUS CANNOT let FRAUD in 6 or 7 cities and counties out of 4000 counties and TENS of THOUSANDS of cities across the US, TAINT the rest and sway an election.

THAT alone would shread the Constitution. It is EXACTLY WHY we have an electoral college, to PREVENT a party from LOADING UP in the big cities and disenfranchising the REST of the country.

The FACTS are EASY legally. in PA, MI, the dems violated BOTH federal and STATE law in not maintaining the sanctity of the votes, by lineage and chain of custoday AND, refusing to have an OPEN evaluation of the validity of those ballots in ONLY those cities. That was a KEY equal protection law POINT that Rudy Guiliani made. See in the OTHER counties and cities in those states,( and the likely REST of them in the US) ballots WERE put in chain of custody, there WERE open evaluations and contestations by BOTH parties. TWO RULES= BAD, and the RULE (law) breakers get F’d. In some cities and counties in the SAME state, other votes, and voters were subjected to MORE stringent standards than ANY of these dems counties. That means those votes that may or were cast out in those non dem cities and counties were disenfranchised by the liberal methods the dems employed. ILLEGAL! Ruled so in 2000’s Bush VS Gore..IE PRECEDENT. (SCOTUS)

See the Dems did this to themselves, it was they that violated LAWS, AND ruined the sanctity of the votes in those cities, so when ALL have to be tossed, yep ALL, because they CANNOT now GUARANTEE the votes are “pure” ALL their OWN actions. they just NEVER expected to be CAUGHT OR held accountable.

In Bush VS Gore, ONE of the reasons the SCOTUS used to overturn the lower court rulings and STOP the count was because the equal protection of ALL other votes Florida and in the US, that were NOT held to the SAME open standards Palm beach and Broward were using, were being treated UNFAIRLY, and it RISKED disenfranchising ALL the rest for those TWO counties.

The OTHER reason, though it was more due to punch ballots, but it IS precedent, was that the sanctity of the ballots themselves was IN QUESTION because of all the handling.

Things like throwing away or destroying mail in ballot evevelopes, NOT requiring signature match, because there NOW is NO envelope, (GA, PA, MI, and WI), not allowing rep observers to challege those votes in those 6 or 7 dem counties, but having it ENFORCED everywher ELSE (Trump counties and cities), giving WRONG “interpretations” of the rules, allowing ballots to be “cured” IE filling IN missing info, or calling voters to come in and CURE it themselves in DEM counties, but NOT rep counties, NOT allowing challengers in dem counties, but permitting them, in Rep counties, accepting ballots with missing info, or bad marking in dem counties but NOT in rep counties, and most aggregiously, filling IN missing votes fro President, ALL Biden, in ONLY dem counties (determining the “will” of the voter, Ie what the ballot counter THOUGHT the voter MEANT. ALL illegal, ALL in ONLY dem counties, and ALL in the favor of Biden. 2000 was a PICNIC compared to this. ALL equal protection violations, ALL by dems ONLY, and ONLY in the big dem cities and counties that gave Biden his “wins” ALL are going to be TOSSED unless the dems have PROOF, that not ONE of these violations took place on EVERY ballot. They CAN’T, because ALL and MORE occurred, and we have millions of witnesses, and hundreds of FACT witness affidavits who will attest and HAVE attested differently.

The MSM listing NO evidence is laughable at BEST, and deecietful at worst. The SMART ones KNOW where this is headed, and are starting to PANIC, because they are ALL IN, and have NOTHING. Trump is showing FOUR cards The King of Spades, the Queen of spades, the Jack of spades, and the 10 of spades. WHAT do you think his hole card is? The ACE of spades, and they KNOW IT.

This is ALL going to get FLIPPED in court. What do I mean? EASY. Trump will “allege” The equal protection violations in all 6 or 7 dem counties, and likely even GA Fulton too. He will provide FACT witnessses, affidavits, video, audio, pictures, data, and more that ALL I listed above HAPPENED, and the dems did NOTHING to stop it, they PROMOTED, ENABLED, ENCOURAGED, and PARTICIPATED in it. Trump has MORE than enough evidence for it. It THEN becomes the DEMS who have the burden to PROVE that these things alleged did NOT happen. THEY CAN’T. We have the witnesses, VIDEO, AUDIO, and PICTURES that it DID. The dems SCREWED up by NOT allowing Rep ballot watchers in at ALL…100 or more feet away behind glass, sometimes COVERED glass. The dems and MSM thought this was smart, and cute. TOO cute by HALF. The SCOTUS will NOT think it is cute, and will DEMAND reasons WHY. COVID will NOT cut it. People stood in LINE and VOTED with covid, the votes can be counted FAIRLY because of covid.

They are F’D on the equal protection ALONE. They cannot PROVE one single ballot is REAL. They threw away the envelopes and had them shreded, thinking that would do it…we can’t prove they are real, because we have NO signature match, no providence, but here they are, ALL Biden votes. THAT will NOT fly. It would disenfranchise at LEAST 70 MILLION voters, and possibly @ 140 MILLON. ALL for 6 or 7 dem counties. SORRY, not gonna do that. Dems BUILT this fraud, now they are going to watch it be demolished.

In this case, in the 6 or 7 dem counties, there is NO chin of custody, and the process was CLOSED to all but DEMS, so there too is NO sanctity oof the ballots. The DEMS made this bed, ALL will be tossed in Wayne, Oakland, Allegheny (Pittsburg) and Philadelphia counties. Giving Trump PA and MI, because that is where Biden got all or MOST of the mail in ballot fraud, MORE than enough to let Trump win by MORE than the @320000 votes combined he needs.

That leaves WI, where ONLY 10000 or so votes are needed. Trump has paid for a recount in Dane and Milwaukee, and the way WI is doing it, I BET he gets at LEAST 12-15000 votes thrown out Milwaukee too went against open inspection by Rep observers, a violation of STATE and Fed law. WI, may FIX their proble BEFORE it even NEEDS to go to SCOTUS, but the SAME case applies IF they don’t

Then there is option B as others discussed, Run out the clock, or get enough in question so NO ONE gets to 270 by Dec 14th. Then the election goes to the House, and each State gets ONE vote based upon who controls the state legislature. Currently I believe it is 26 rep, to 23 dem, with one tie. 26 wins, and gives the Presidency to Trump. Then the VP goes to the current Senate, which is 53 -47 Rep, so that gives the VPO to Pence.

There IS an option C. That is the state legislatures DO NOT ratify the current certifications in MI, WI, PA, GA, AZ, NV. I believe ALL but NV have Rep legislatures. They would NOT certify, and elect their OWN electors to vote based upon the will of the people minus the FRAUD, thus giving Trump the win, even IF the den Govs, or a rogue Rep Gov, like a duecy or a kemp sent Biden electors along with the Rep Legislatures Trump electors, I believe legally ONLY the legislature electors would be counted as REAL, as a legislative representative body weighs more than a SINGLE person, the Governor. Worst case, BOTH electors are not counted, and ANY state then loses ALL its electoral college votes, and again we get to the LESS than 270 scenario, and it Goes to the House.

In short here, Trump has MULTIPLE ways to win, all legitimate. Biden has ONE and it would be ILLEGITIMATE. IF SCOTUS allowed the fraud to stand. I cannot see that option happening, NOT with 5 strict Constitutionalists on the court. EVEN Roberts would have to CONSIDER the ramifications (to himself) were he to go AGAINST the equal protection clause, One person, ONE vote.

IF that happened, America, as we knew it, is DEAD. There would be NO fair representation, and NO rule of law ever again. Might as well SHRED the Constitution and start over. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Trump HAS this, unfortunately there are going to be many twists and turns, and many tense moments until we get resolution. It will put the country through HELL once again, and the dems, despite their OBVIOUS fraud will continue to resist, and whine, threaten, bitch, and burn.

That is the PRICE for freedom, it is NOT always EASY, it is not always CLEAN, and it must ALWAYS be fought for. But it IS worth it. Thank GOD we have a man like Trump, WILLING to fight for it FOR us. He WILL need US to support him, and we ARE. Ronald Reagan said Freedom is ALWAYS just one generation away from extinction

This is NOT, despite what the lying MSM says, about Trump, he could have simply conceded, and LET them win, and MOVED his HQ, his family, and his wealth, to a foreign country, and WATCHED America implode. He would be fine, but WE will suffer.

He DIDN’T. He WON’T, he CAN’T. He loves this country too much, and yes, that includes ALL of us. He has taken EVERY poison arrow, every slander, every attack, every LIE, ever traitorous moment, in stride, for US. Hell they have even tried to bankrupt him, jail him and his family, threaten even his young son and grandchildren, call his wife a hooker, and even multiple assassination attempts. He ENDURES, a lesser man would have said screw this, it is NOT worth it.

That is why we ALL love Trump, he ALWAYS tilts, (fights) when it wwould be EASY to withdraw (give in or give up).

He does it for AMERICA, and AMERICANS. He is simply the BEST President of my lifetime, and believe me, passing Reagan is an accomplishment. He has done MORE with little to NO help than ANY President save Lincoln. He NEEDS us now, but even MORE importantly , we need HIM.

We will win, but it will be tough, and not pretty or clean.

Time to decide. Is freedom WORTH it? NO more fence sitting. ALL the cards and players are all in, the masks are REMOVED, the traitors and libs in conservative clothing (Tucker, Ingranham, Fox, others) arre ALL in the open.

They CHOSE the easy path to wealth but slavery..yes SLAVERY to anb all powerful govt.

WE chose the DIFFICULT path to FREEDOM, ands govt by the people, OF the people, and FOR the people.

We are siding with the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

They are siding with the Globalists, China, and AGAINST the Constitution.

THIS is it, Valley Forge. suffer, fight and WIN, or give up, go home, and LOSE.

I know wher Trump and I stand. What say you all?

(For YOU dad)

“I am PROUD to be an American, where at least I know I’m free, and I WON’t forget the men who died, that gave that right to me. I’d gladly stand up, next to you, and defend her still today, cause their ain’t no doubt I love this land…God bless the USA.”

With all due credit to Mr Lee Greenwood.

NOTHING can stop what is HERE!


Folks, I am now convinced the raid in Germany was 100% REAL, and NOT “debunked” It was GAS LIT. I smell FEAR.

Just like I said. Trump and team were WATCHING, in REAL time on their server. BUT to PROVE it, beyond reasonable doubt, you would NEED the server at the HEART. You would THEN have a compare and contrast.

I want you all to think on this. Remember the PA theft a few months ago, one where hard drives were “stolen”

MOST think it was the Cabal, prepping their steal. But what IF it was NOT the Cabal. What IF it was Trumps cyber agency, or military? What if the algorithm was put in WELL before ED. Would we NEED that as PROOF? We would ALSO need some voting machines and tabulators as PROOF. We would need them BEFORE and AFTER and DURING to SHOW just what happened. BEFORE any hacks could RESET and or REMOVE the algorithm.

We would be able to COMPARE what was on the machines to AFTER, compare the theft on the blockchain server to the frankfurt server, and be able to SHOW the steal in REAL time by feeding dummy ballots through a compromised machine and tabulator, and then see what is sent to the server. THEN, compare it to the REAL hand count totals, subtracting the created ballots, the DIGITAL fake ballots, from the REAL ballots.

We would SHOW the FLIPS, the digital creations, AND the fare created mail ins. PROOF> BEYOND any reasonable doubt.

I keep thinking back to what Wicktor wrote, about underestimating Trump AGAIN. Then he pointed out the printer stuff, AND used the Iran “raid” where the “Israeli’s” got that treasure trove of Iranian nuclear data.

The Iranian’s NEVER knew, till it was TOO late. The Cabal will NEVER know JUST what Trump has EITHER, till it’s TOO late.

Q said we have it ALL. He also said the people cannot be TOLD, they must be SHOWN, and lastly he said NOTHING, (not even a PHONY election, and MSM propaganda) can STTOP what is COMING.

Trump KNEW, he and his team watched, they WAITED, and now the TRAP is sprung.

The ESPER firing was a KEY TELL. He was BRIEFING Biden. He WOULD have told of the RAID, and the TRAP. But he was OUT of that LOOP. Trump KNEW. He WAITED till ESPER showed his TRUE colors, and AXED him. Then he put into motion the OP that could NOT happen if ESPER was there.

This took BALLS, military and cyber PLANNING, and it took State and yes CIA cooperation.The FBI would NOT know. FBI is DOMESTIC, NOIT foreign, it took CIA.

So we have CIA and DHS (cyber division, likely DIA too) locating and scouting the server location. Then we have CIA and MILITARY assets executing the RAID, and State clearing it ALL through with Germany.

TOTAL secrecy. NO ONE knew till it was ALL said and DONE.

WHY did Haspel meet with McConnel?

LOL many thought to plan the backstab.

Let me ASK you. Is McConnel a member of something BIG in the Govt, that deals weith INTEL and NATIONAL security?

Why YES, he is a member of the Gang of 8. So too is Pelosi, Schumer, Warner, Burr, McCarthy, SCHIFF, and Nunes.

WHO amongst these is TRUSTWORTHY? ONLY McConnel, Nunez, McCarthy, and Nunes.

WHO briefs the Gang of 8 on FOREIGN intel? The DNI AND the CIA.

WHEN did Haspel BRIEF McConnel? RIGHT after the raid on Monday US TIME.

I’ll bet my GOPHER suit she ALSO briefed ALL the “good guys” in the Gang of 8, but NONE of the BAD.

WHY? Because the bad guys in the Gang of 8 would TELL the plan, and ALL OF THEM are IN on the conspiracy, even Burr.

Gee, WHO has come out in FULL support of Trump on this? McConnell, Graham (Senate judiciary..for the TRIALS), Nunes, McCarthy, Pompeo.

Coincidence? NOPE, they KNOW.

WHY did the election “watchdog, in charge of watching election fraud, resign? Because HE was IN THE WAY, and HAD to go.

We ALL need to turn off the MSM, they are gas lighting at a breakneck pace…ask WHY, because they want to RUSH before the EVIDENCE comes out, making it ALL the FRAUD it is. Did they do this in 2000? NOPE. Were they in a RUSH to certify Trump’s wins in 2016? NO, they fought tooth and NAIL, remember the recounts, then the faithless elector shit? ALL dems. RESIST. ALL While a Cabal hatched aplan to UNDO what they could NOT stop.

This time, after 4 years of FAILURE trying to UNDO a legal lawful election, they simply decided to do HERE what they have always done in places like Venezuela, STEAL IT.

They tested their process here in 2018, and Trump LET THEM think they GOT AWAY with it. He WATCHED, as dems STOLE the House, he LEARNED, he knew where, when, who, and HOW.

He put in COUNTERMEASURES to stop it. BUT, instead of merely stopping it, he LET them make the conscious effort to STEAL it when it looked like Trump was going to win BIG. NOW he has to PROVE it. and he WILL.

He COULD have stopped it BEFORE, but then, when he is gone after 2025, OR in the 2022 midterms, the Dems would use it AGAIN, and someone NOT like Trump might “give in” and concede.

THE ONLY WAY was to LET them steal it, expose it, PROVE it, FLIP it, and ARREST the conspirators. THIS IS THE END for the Cabal.

Q TOLD us, prepare for the DARKNESS, 10 days, and put on the FULL armor of God. Be faithful, vigilant, and know that GOD WINS.

He told us ALL , that they have it ALL, that FISA’s (FOREIGN Intelligence SURVEILLANCE ACT) went BOTH ways.
The Cabal THOUGHT their server in GERMANY, you know a FOREIGN land, was SAFEW from US forensic exam. WRONG.

NOTHING can stop what is not COMING my friends. It is HERE. Enjoy the SHOW.

My thoughts on the FRAUD going on.


Check this out.

Trump has them.

Hey guys, took the day off yesterday to do so research. Like I always say give it 48 hours on a dem narrative, and THAT is what we are in, a NARRATIVE.

The narrative, which Trump and his people told us about BEFORE the election, was that Trump would be WINNING BIG on election day, and that it would be a “red mirage” and Biden would overcome days later.

Even FOX, NO PRIMARILY FOX, helped to perpetuate this narrative.

FOX inexplicably called Arizona for Biden, when ALL the trends across the nation showed in Rep areas Trump was winning 3 to 1. They based this on EARLY VOTE and EARLY returns from the DEM areas of Pima and Maricopa county in Arizona.

The Trump team IMMEDIATELY called them out on it, EVEN CNN retracted as did everyone EXCEPT FOX and AP. Know why? They BOTH were using that TRASH Voter survey exit poll. PURE FICTION, and they KNOW it.

They were USED to make a STALL to Trumps momentum, gee was Nevada STILL voting, you bet. So was CA, OR, WA, HI, AK.

They called AZ so quick, just like VA and EVERY Biden state. Some were not close, but so to were TRUMPS. My state, which I predicted would go over 60% for Trump AGAIN, and DID, they HELD for 30 minutes AFTER the polls closed. They then HELD Indiana which ALSO will go @60% for Trump, and they KNEW IT, for OVER an HOUR. Same with SC, which was 55% Trump, a dem has NOT taken SC this century, not EVEN OBAMA, come on. They HELD EVERY Trump state, EVERY SINGLE ONE except the BLANTANTLY obvious later, once they got Biden a “big lead” One which Trump would have SURPASSED had they simply CALLED the STATES correctly, which BTW was done on EVERY OTHER ELECTION, except this one.

Then Trump is on his way to a BIG WIN, just like 2016, and at 230 AFTER the Florida call, which was HELD for THREE HOURS, they KNEW the numbers folks, they HELD IT and OHIO. People were STILL VOTING IN parts of the country, and they HELD IT.

Then the YAUN, the Chinese currency COLLAPSED, and all of a sudden, the counting STOPPED…FLAT with Trump winning WI by over 120K, Mi, by over 300k, and PA by OVER 700k. With 95% in in WI, 68% in in MI, and 65% in in PA. They REFUSED to call NC, despite 100%, not the 95% they are reporting, 100%, and Trump won it by 75 K. They REFUSE to call GA, and they KEEP FINDING votes, all Biden. by the MOST liberal count, Trump won it by 30K 100% reporting, yet they CAN’T call it.


Know WHY, and it is NOT counting votes folks, they know they can’t get there there. They NEVER want to show Trump a path to 270. But Biden sure has one to 270 EXACTLY, thanks to fox. They will STEAL NV, and boom 270, Biden will declare victory, and all the networks will chime in. HOPING to get Trump to concede. LOL they obviously do NOT know Trump, he will NOT concede, he WILL wait to see AZ be flipped, it WILL, ands the MSMs and dems ALL KNOW IT, that is why they want this “over” today. Because when Az flips, Biden AIN’T got 270, and he AIN’T getting GA, or NC, and they KNOW then that it comes to the challenges in MI, and WI, ANMD PA, which I think Trump will win, and STOP the new ballots being printed, tons of them, ALL for Biden.

AZ, NC, PA GA give Trump 279, and THERE is the rub, and THEY KNOW IT. He WILL get them. He WILL get MI and WI too, he just has to go through courts and recounts to PROVE the fraud we ALL know happened.

There is PLEANTY of evidence. When ONE candidate gets 189k to ZERO, not just for Trump for ALL candidates, in a vote dump done at 4AM, with NO poll watchers in WWI to take the lead, and then the other candidate, who was winning ED vote 3 to one, WITH 18% black votes gets NONE, and it is ALL from ONE county, it does not take a GENIUS to figure it out. Let Steve in CO do the math, some one else did it is 5.5 STANDARD DEVIATIONS. The ODDS of that are 1 to 10 followed by 79 zeros. The odds are in fact better to hit the lottery once a day for a YEAR.

This did NOT just happen once, it happened in MI too where the lead for Trump was even BIGGER. They had MULTIPLE precincts of 26000 to ZERO for Trump OR any OTHER candidate. They had a 128K to ZERO. Oh by the way, ED vote spread, a PREDICTOR of ACTUAL voting trends in all of these even DETROIT, was 60-40, yet Biden got multiple buckets, LARGE ones of 26k and UP to ZERO. I am SURE the same is happening in PA, WI, and even Ga.

AH you see the FRAUD. ALL mail in. ALL Biden. NO FUCKING WAY. Math is math, and it is not just improbable, or unlikely, it is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE, a number so small in odds you would need an ELECTRON MICROSCOPE to see it, and it happened NOT just in WI, MI, it his happening now in PA, where there was an even BIGGER lead of 700K

They are trying to say, with a straight face, that a man, universally unliked, not as bad as Hillary, but NOT popular, got MORE votes by FAR than Obama did in 2008, you know THE historic race of the first AA President. COME ON.
I DEFY someone to show ANY place with ANY kind of that enthusiasm for Biden ONCE.

WI had @90% of eligible voters vote. Now knowing thanks to dem stats, the electorate of REGISTERED voters in WI was 43R/35 D/ 22 I, that means ALL the dems, ALL the I’s and @5% of R’s had to vote for Biden. WHO BELIECVES this, and NINETY PERCENT. Obama in 2008 ONLY had 73% vote. Are we supposed to believe Joe got MORE votes in WI than Barack Obama? Are we supposed to believe 90% of registered voters voted at ALL. Then are we supposed to BELIEVE that Joe got 100% dem, 100% Ind, and 5% Rep. COME ON. The FRAUD is OBVIOUS.

In Michigan 79% of ALL eligible voters voted. That too is MORE than Obama got in 2008. The registration breakdown was 41 R, 39D, and 20 Ind. So there they are saying Biden got most of the D and either half the Ind or 10 % of the R. Say 38 D he would have then have to have gotten 10% IND and less than 1% R, possible, but NOT likely in a state where the AUTO industry, fracking, AND lockdowns were on the ballot, and Trump was winning ED 62-38.

MAJOR fuckery.

ALL designed JUIST as the narrative STATED well before the election by the dems and Trump said. NO WAY they could PREDICT the MASSIVE Trump turnout. THAT is why they STOPPED the counts, ALL of them IN MULTIPLE DEM controlled areas IN DIFFERENT STATES FOLKS.

Trump was sweeping to victory, and their numbers were NOT predicting good. SO, they STOPPED. Did the numbers to SEE what would overcome, and POOF magically at @4-5AM, @ 3 hours later, in the DEAD of night, in MULTIPLE DEM AREAS, in MULTIPLE STATES, the “found” massive buckets of ALL Biden votes to erase the deficits. You do NOT have to be a statistician to know the likelihood of ALL that happening at the SAME time, for the SAME candidate. INFANTESCIMLE.

People BETTING that thing would happen would be OVERNIGHT billionaires.

The bottom line. There is MAJOR fraud, HISTORIC. Biden is ON RECORD saying he and Obama had built the largest voter fraud operation in history. I would call that probable cause. Then ALL the statistical anomalies, and the MSM and Twitter FB and big tech fuckery and censorship, stating ONLY 7 “networks” can “call a race”

Well let me tell you, CALLS by ANYONE mean SHIT if the secretaries of State in all the states haven’t certified it, and EVEN THEN, there WILL be both recounts ands a looming court battle, leading to the SCOTUS.

WATCH what happens today and tomorrow. Biden will “win” Nev, and “declare victory” and the MSMS will all follow, calling on Trump to concede, he WON’T and they will riot, and then they will try the old for the “good of the country shit” and Trump will persevere. THEN, AMAZIINGLY, AZ will “unexpectedly” flip to Trump. Then GA, and NC will be called for Trump, perhaps earlier if they are STUPID. The PA will RUN OUT of votes on Biden, with Trump WINNING by @ 20000 votes.

At that point, it is GAME ON. Trump will THEN ALSO declare victory, and it will be the DEMS going to court in AZ, GA, NC, and PA.

They KNOW that they have ZERO chance of R voter fraud, or winning a recount that has Trump in the lead, they DON’T WANT RECOUNTS, it WILL show DEM FRAUD.

So the Dem play will be “Not every vote counted BS, and try to RINT Biden votes, and postmark them on ED. They have ALREADY been caught trying this,. and were STOPPED by a whistle blower.
In the END, Trump will be shown winner of PA, GA, NC, and AZ, and have 279. Biden will sue to open up “late” ballots in those states, and it will go to SCOTUS, remember, the ruling to SEPARATE any after ED votes. They KNEW this was coming. SCOTUS will STOP the after ED votes, making Trump the winner. Trump will suggest now dropping the recounts in WI and MI, a PLOY. Biden and the “resistance” will fire up, combined with MSM cries of “disenfranchisement”, and THEN Trump will call out the NG to quell the riots, AND the recounts will SHOW the FRAUD in BOTH MI, WI, and others.

The dems will die on the hill of Resistance, and riots. trying to make Trump AGAIN illegitimate. Saying shit like “not every vote was counted” and Biden won the popular vote”

They will SCREAM about the recounts, forgetting Hillary did the EXACT same things in PA, WI, MI in 2016, using Jill Stein. WHEN they found OBVIOUS fraud in BOTH Milwaukee AND Detroit (running the SAME all Clinton ballots through the SAME machine up to 6x, they STOPPED the recounts, because Trump was GAINING those ballots.

I bet the SAME things happened THIS time and got the deficit erased, and THEN they used the mail ins to complete the fraud.

They WILL be caught. Trump will NOT give up. Things like OOPS forgot to count these 600 ALL Trump ballots, and OOPS we added a ZERO to ALL Biden ballots, and OOPS we found ALL Biden ballots in a box DO NOT just HAPPEN. ERRORS in MULTIPLE counties ALL in the SAME DIRECTION, in MULTIPLE states do NOT happen.

This time, they FUCKED up. My BET is that Trump has EVIDENCE, as someone was WATCHING.

See, Fox is NOW putting out their FALSE narrative, one that Biden ONLY needs Nev, and Trump must take them ALL, completely IGNORING AZ.

Three things will happen this election.

Trump will overcome all odds and cheating and win
The dem ages old FRAUD and FRAUDSTERS will be EXPOSED
The MSM, polls, pollsters, big tech like Twitter, and FOX will be DESTROYED.

There will be exposed a conspiracy to defraud the election, and Fox, MSM, Twitter were IN ON IT.

I HOPE there is a RICO case brought.

Rudy is there for a REASON, and it is RICO, not election fraud, unless it LEADS to RICO.

Trump HAD to have a PLAN, and it HAD to involve video, and some sort of ballot tracing to ferret out cloned or fake ballots, mass produced, ALL Biden.

So, KNOWING THATNOW, LOL some on OUR side are claiming that since there are 50 different ballots, in 50 different states, they ALL can’t have a watermark or a hidden form to be able to id real from FAKE.

WHY? They absolutely f ing CAN, CA does it, others too. Q asked us WHO distributes the ballots. The states right, BUT, they have to meet FEDERAL approval now. WHO controls that approval? DHS. CAN DHS make states use ONE or two printing houses, for SECURITY? DAMN straight they can WINK.

Let me ask you. HOW MANY 100.00 dollar bills are printed each day? Thousands? MILLIONS? Tens of Millions? We have different mints, all printing the same thing. Does our currency have security, like a watermark an d MORE? Why YES, yes it does.

SO that establishes that we did… err can (wink) print MILLIONS of different ballots for different states at the same time using ONLY a few select printers, recommended by DHS (WINK WINK)

Now, IF it is established there IS an oversight agency, DHS, and they can recommend or REQUIRE the use of select printers, and they CAN print millions, even TENS of millions of items, (WINK WINK WINK) then they ALSO CAN, in secret, have those printers insert a watermark or something else for SECURITY.

NOT hard to see, not inconceivable, not impossible, VERY doable, especially when WE are in control via DHS. ESPECIALLY when we KNEW they were planning to STEAL the election via vote fraud, USING mail in ballots, 10s of MILLIONS of them.

Now, tell me WHAT happens IF this was done or even something as simple as a serial number? They can TRACK all LEGAL ballots, and then can ALSO track ANY and ALL illegal ones. Makes PERFECT sense when you KNOW what they are trying to do AHEAD of time.

WHAT happens to ALL those ILLEGAL ballots, likely copied or printed in someplace like CHINA?

They are ALL. 100% INVALIDATED>

What happens to Biden’s lead which was OBVIOUSLY inflated at 4 AM after the counting stopped at 230AM? Because the dems KNEW the numbers they had to OVERCOME, and right on cuie, POOF, they APPEARED all at the same time, ALL for BIDEN, ALL magically erasing MASSIVE Trump leads, and ALL in DEM cities, and ALL at the SAME TIME 4 AM.

THAT is why the dems do NOT want poll watchers. They ALSO will NOT want recounts, but they are GETTING THEM. Lawsuits.

Trump ALWAYS knew this was going to the SCOTUS. WHAT will he show them and the WORLD, the watermarks.

Impossible to DENY, Impossible to HIDE, EVERYONE will be watching.

What are two of the things Q has ALWAYS said.

One, you cannot TELL the people, you MUST SHOW THEM.

You are watching a movie, Enjoy the show/

We ALL thought Q was talking about other things, but it was ALWAYS the 2020 election, the REST he told us about will come AFTER.

Enjoy the show. It will be the GREAT AWAKENING. WE ALL learn the truth, that the dems always use fraud to “win”

WHAT happens after that? MORE than just a Trump win taking BACK the country. We ALL want to see the swamp drained, well THIS is how it gets the plug pulled.

Oh, and for some ICING. Read Trumps 2018 EO on WHAT happens to people who interfere in the US elections, boith FOREIGN AND domestic. The DEMS demanded election reforms AFTER 2016, he GAVE it to them.

They WILL NOT like the consequences ONCE it is PROVEN to be THAM and likely CHINA

HINT, think ALL assets SIEZED, even subsidiaries, even shell corps, land, buildings, the ENTIRE BALL OF WAX. READ IT. IT is on the WH.Gov site.

Once you read it, then APPLY it to what is happening. OH BONUS, we are IN an ACTIVE state of emergency since then.

WE ALL knew they were going to CHEAT using the mail in ballots, why they pushed it SO hard, and why COvid was introduced, Q told us so MONTHS ago. Some, espescially the squishy reps will say but this is folly, there CAN’T be 50 different statea with 50 different watermarks it is a “conspiracy theory”

And I Still make the point it would be EASY to print 50 different “sets” of ballots, ALL with a hidden watermark. Those saying it is “impossible” are either mis informed, misguided, or flat wrong.

Proof? 50 sets of ballots WERE printed, they have been counting them for 4 days now.

Why some cannot see thatt, and automatically DISMISS the truth in front of them.

Let me repeat, 50 different sets of ballots in the tens of millions WERE printed. Therefore they ALL could have some hidden marker…that is UNDISPUTED.

We will know for SURE when Trump presents evidence in the SCOTUS, NOT before.

For someone having the election, one in which despite OBVIOUS FRAUD on the other side in the MILLIONS, he would have set a TOTAL vote record in, DESPITE covid,, STOLEN both in the cover of night AND in broad daylight, Trump is REMARKABLY CALM. WHY?

I hope the dems enjoy their faux “victories”. They will be FLEETING.

Look, Trump KNEW this was coming, he told us MANY TIMES, so too did Barr and others.

So they KNEW, WELL in advance. Yet they took NO action. LOL. So NOW Trump is reactionary. LMAO.
He KNOWS something, something the dems and MSM DO NOT, he is TOO confident. Just KNOWING somnething is not enough for such confidence, and RINOS like Graham now flooding to him, means they KNOW something too.

It is NOT enough to just to KNOW something, you have to be able to PROVE it BEYOND ANY reasonable doubt. Do you THINK that Trump AND now even some RINOs, like Miss Lindsey, are so confident if they didn’t have PROOF.

Proof by the way is more than just anecdotal evidence like videos of people dropping off ballots in the middle of the night, and openly changing or SPOILING Trump ballots.

You would have to PROVE that LITERALLY tens to huindreds of thousands of votes were FRAUDS.

Cross referencing the dead, voter rolls, good..and will be THOUSANDS. But the BEST way to prove it would be if their were Hundreds of thousands of COUNTERFEIT ballots. Now HOW would one PROVE that. AH, NOW we begin to see.

There would likely be tracing, SN’s Watermarks, and all kinds of crap, hell there may even be video and chains of “custody”

I REFUSE to believe that after 2018, and KNOWING what they had planned, that Trump and his team would be caught flatfooted and unprepared.

But, PRex, Trump didn’t have enough lawyers and poll watchers set up. Sure, he didn’t, that is why we have ALL these CLEAR videos and whistle blowers, and EYE WITNESSES who have SWORN affidavits saying what they saw/know.

Trump just made it LOOK like he had NO ONE watching, so the dems would feel confident, OVER confident they could EASILY and BRAZENLY steal it.

How do you BEST set a trap? Make the one being trapped feel free and SAFE to do his crime.

The people doing the crimes are NOT pros, the county election officials are the PROS, knowing HOW AND WHERE to slip in the FRAUD, the people ACTUALLY committing the fraud are AMATUERS, and NOT as careful, OR cautious. they WILL be caught. Be patient.

The Art of War. Tsun Tzu.

Keep your plans HIDDEN as dark as night, and when you move make it like a THUNDERBOLT.

Know your enemy, Know yourself, if you KNOW your enemy AND yourself, you have NO FEAR of EVER losing.

When you are NEAR, make the enemy think you are FAR away. When you are FAR away, make your enemy think you are NEAR.

WHO is a Tsun Tzu scholar? WHO wrote a BOOK based on it, and applied those tactics to BUSINESS?

WHO has been employing that for OVER 4 years to defeat the dems at EVERY turn, even when times are DARK, like today?

Who has them CONVINCED that he is Elmer Fudd, and NOT Buggys Bunny?

Michael More Knows…”Trump is an evil GENIUS”

Trump once again will snatch VICTORY from the jaws of defeat, he has a history of doing it.

Trump is like Harry Stampler from the Movie Armageddon. “He will do it, he doesn’t know HOW to lose”

Watch and see. Try to stay calm. I KNOW it is HARD, hell even I had to take a day to reflect. But patience is a virtue. Lets let this play out. I will panic IF Trump does, I do NOT see that happening.

I KNOW it sucks to watch the US be turned into Iran and having open banana republic vote stealing going on. But this HAD to be done, it is TIME the dems got caught, exposed, laid bare, and DESTROYED.

The will have done it to themselves, and ALL the wailing, gnashing of teeth, protests, riots, and talking heads will NOT save them.

Their OPEN defiance of LAW, and transparency is NOW on 24/7 display, for ALL to see, even the dems, even the left, and even the normies.

They will SCREAM bloody murder when this goes to SCOTUS, with Trump trailing, most likely in all the states he won Tuesday,, but have been stolen. He will then PROVE to the WORLD, just what happened. WHERE, HOW, and by WHO. It is the ONLY way he can win.

He COULD, right NOW, go in with the military and SHUT IT DOWN. Stopping the steal COLD, and there would be NOTHING to stop him. BUT, then the dems would say HE stole it, and HE is disenfranchising “voters”

He sadly, MUST let them finish. Then SHOW everyone WHAT they did with PROOF.

Then the SCOTUS, which can NOT order an reelection, ONLY has ONE remedy. Throw out ALL illegal ballots. IF they cannot BE segregated, THAT is on the DEMS for lack of transparency AND NOT following a DIRECT SCOTUS ruling to the LETTER. They were told they could accept ballots after ED, BUT they HAD TO segregate them and SAVE THEM, they DIDN’T, they COULDN’T , Trumps LEADS were too big, so BIG that they had to add even MORE, and are CONTINUING to do so.

Do you KNOW what choice that leaves SCOTUS? ONE and ONLY ONE. EVERY vote from ANY fraudulent county will be THROWN OUT, even the legit ones, EVEN Repub votes. NO WAY, thanks to dems, to sort this ACCURATELY.

WHERE is 99% of the fraud? HEAVY dem counties. WHAT happens if ALL those hundreds of thousands of votes are tossed? Trump WINS BIG.

That is the play. Watch and see.
The dems will cry foul,
NO ONE will listen, because but will be 100% THEIR fault for cheating and HIDING IT, AND ignoring a direct court order.

Their tears will fill the streets, and it will be BIBLICAL.

“I am going to bring the whole diseased corrupt temple down on your head, it’s going to be BIBLICAL. “