Cracks in the Dam?

Ahem, I was just discussing yesterday. Rand Paul KNOWS, and now so too do lawyers. Lawsuits will FINALLY shut this shit down. I smell LOTS of mea culpas, bankruptcies, and passing of blame coming in 3…2…1

I think in a 2nd Trump admin Rand goes OFF on the CDC Fauci et al as Chairman of Health Education and Labor, no it will NOT be Burr. I smell LOTS of hearings, subpoenas, and yes INDICTMENTS. (Finally)

I was speaking to a friend today about NONE of the numbers on the Covid Hype machine adding up

99.7 % survival rate,

39 million flu cases in 2019, 6000 in 2020, 39 million Covid cases in 2020.

700000 dead with Covid but only 6000 FROM Covid, and of those most had 2 or more comorbidities. Hell the Us mortality DECREASED in 2020 over 2019 despite this “pandemic”.

The vast majority of deaths with covid had multiple comorbidities and were over age 75.

The erroneous Covid Hospital protocols (written by Fauci) of no treatment until very ill, ignoring therapeutics, even steroids, and utilizing ventilator which by themselves have an 80% mortality rate.(because no EUA if there are viable therapeutics on the market)

Threatening Doctors who wanted to use therapeutics like HCQ and ivermectin with loss of licenses and fines and shame.

The MSM smearing of said doctors and therapeutics, despite Ivermectin winning a 2015 Nobel prize in medicine FOR its use and effectiveness in HUMAN coronavirus infections.

The open checkbook billing coding for anything Covid with big $$$ Federal monies guaranteed to hospitals and doctors. Gee ya think if the hospital gets $13000 plus for a Covid case and @ $2000 for a flu case, which do you THINK they are gonna mark up. Especially since testing cannot 100% differentiate coronaviruses including Covid 19 from even the common cold.

Fauci acting as chief propagandist and cheerleader for covid, vaccines, masks, and against therapeutics, and using his position on NAID to influence CDC, NIH, and FDA policies and decisions, not to mention the Covid task force.

Ignoring 300 plus years of modern medical science and practice for THIS ONE VIRUS. in the past, live but weakened or dead virus was used to stimulate the human bodies OWN immune system to do the job. Gee how did the human species survive throughout 50000 or so years of evolution WITHOUT vaccines? One answer herd immunity coupled with hereditary DNA. Once enough people got a virus or disease, overcame it, and adapted to it genetically, they passed it on for generations, rendering the virus or disease less lethal or even extinct. A study was commissioned recently where an 8 year old girl’s blood was exposed to 1919 Spanish Flu, you know the last REAL pandemic. Do you know what happened? A girl who was not even alive 100 years ago, had her immune system in that blood develop antibodies, attacked, and killed the Spanish Flu. Now HOW could that possibly happen, there is NO vaccine for Spanish flu. Only one way, herd immunity passed on through hereditary DNA over generations. Fauci and all his minions DENY herd immunity in favor of “vaccines” with endless boosters. Some are on their FOURTH booster in less than 1 year. MADNESS.

Did Polio need endless boosters? NOPE one and DONE, FOREVER. Hell, the last booster all of us can relate to was the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) Most of us had our last booster in High School. For me that was DECADES ago, as in most people. WHY do we not need ENDLESS boosters for that? How come there are not “variants” of that, Spanish Flu, or Polio? Simple, herd immunity helped by REAL vaccines was achieved, and passed on through heredity, eradicating (basically) the threat. Why for THIS virus is everything “special?

Is Covid 19 robust? NO not according to all I have read. UV light (IE sunlight) kills it INSTANTLY. Covid dies in temps below 40F and over 80 F. Covid DIES in RH above 40%. Simple cleaning solutions, not even bleach kill it on contact. Is Covid 19 highly trnsmissible? Sure, so is measles, so was Polio, HIGHLY contagious. So are most Coronaviruses. The ONLY thing special about Covid 19 is the spike protein.

The spike protein ONLY exists in nature or Science in THREE known virus strains. Covid 19, SARS, and AIDS. Who wants to bet ALL of these are NOT from mother Nature’s kitchen? Is it coincidence all three were “discovered” under the time and auspices of one Dr Anthony Fauci? I think not. Supposedly billions of years of evolution, and these 3 UNIQUE viruses were discovered in 40 years…c’mon man. Is it also “coincidence” that 2 of the three were directly tied to and started out in China? More coincidence right. Is it coincidence that Fauci was involved in funding for “research” in all 3? Too many “coincidences”.

Changing standard definitions of vaccine, pandemic, therapeutic, to fit the Covid vaccine narrative. Definitions that stood for DECADES were changed basically overnight for THIS virus ALONE.

Obfuscating facts, data, contrary studies, and dissenting opinion from not only the US medical community, but the WORLD. Flat out LYING about the manipulated data. How many times has the CDC and Fauci backtracked and flip flopped again, I lost count.

Denying and hiding from the public facts and data from the VAERS site which would influence informed consent. Not just data, but contradictory and derogatory Data to the Covid vaccine effectiveness AND side effects. Question, is DEATH a side effect? YEP for Covid 19 it is. To me DEATH seems pretty PERMANENT.

Mandating and then using a Federal regulatory body to enforce Covid “vaccine” mandates via proxy of forcing businesses to arbitrarily enforce said mandate up to and including loss of employment. Typical Leftist policy. But WHY did they first try to propagandize the “vaccine”, then try to BRIBE people to take it, they to coerce through “mandate and propaganda, no who end up PENALIZING via loss of privilege’s and or employment. Were the “vaccine” that safe and or effective, NONE of that would be necessary for a “killer” pandemic. Could it be that Covid, with its 99.7% survival rate is NOT the “killer” the hype and lies have portrayed it to be? YEP.

why did Congress not simply pass a law? Because they KNOW it will be struck down as unconstitutional before the ink is dry. The OSHA trick of enforcement is meant to circumvent that, but eventually, and it only takes ONE win as precedent, will be civilly sued into OBLIVION soon enough, especially as deaths and harm from the “vaccine” mandate increases, and it IS. This is trying to pass on liabilty to the EMPLOYERS verses the Govt. Wait till employers are SUED to insolvency, and they WILL be when people are MADE to take something OBVIOUSLY with adverse side effects to keep their jobs, NO form of “waiver” or following of a “regulation” will suffice, as they also have a duty to make SURE the regulation is NOT harmful to the health or well being of the employees, even the ones they FIRE for non compliance. IGNORANCE will not suffice, nor will “only following orders”

All this and we have not even gotten into the arbitrary and capricious selective “exemptions” to getting the “vaccine” passed to Congress, big unions, the USPS, and others, not to mention companies UNDER 100 employees. Gee how many corps will NOW employ 99 people? A LOT.

Then we have the arbitrary and capricious applications of lockdowns, mask mandates, etc by Dem and RINO Govt’s at the local, state, and Federal levels. Things like Walmart and big stores, not just groceries being left open while small service private companies were made to shut, oh except the liquor stores.

Why this has not already been civilly sued to oblivion is beyond me, except the fact that liberals have control of the courts, and are selectively sandbagging the lawsuits, but that only can continue so long, even using Covid itself as a factor to slow things down. Eventually the numbers overwhelm and CANNOT be hidden or stalled any longer. I think the RUSH to push this is evidence that that is in fact the case and things are about to POP…and once Pandora’s box is open, all HELL breaks loose.

In the END all their lies, obfuscation, distortion, propaganda, and arbitrary actions like mandates WILL come back to haunt them ALL. This is not even taking into account that WE under Fauci commissioned, created, paid for, and then outsourced to China for implementation, the Covid 19 virus via gain of function.

They CAN’T hide it forever, eventually the TRUTH comes out, and it bursts free like a super nova, for ALL to see. When that day comes, there will be a lot of BLAME and shame, but we KNOW who they are, never forget. NEVER trust them again, infact they ALL we need removed or NO ONE will EVER believe them. A “waiver” will NOT save them, especially when LIES were told to obtain and MAINTAIN that waiver. Something obtained under FALSE pretenses is ILLEGAL.

THAT is where we are headed. May God help all those lied to, and all those who have suffered and lost so much over this LIE. The virus is REAL, they HYPE is not, and it was used for power, and control ALL for $$$ TRILLIONS of $$$. I hope they LOSE all their ill gotten gains, their jobs, and their freedom, and perhaps even more. . It will not make up for the loss of life or fortune, or suffering, but it will be an effective deterrent to future attempts at this shit.

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