WE have met the enemy and it is our own Govt agencies.

Friends, we have met the enemy and it is our own agencies, Fauci is NOT Mengle, he is VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN.

First read this:

From 2019 no less, couple that with event 201. CONSPIRACY, not a theory, a REAL CONSPIRACY.

Then just add this : https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/leak-faucis-henchman-daszak-applied-develop-novel-corona-virus-darpa-dollars-wuhan-2018/

WE made Covid, WE funded it, WE researched it for YEARS, and then WE partnered with China through DARPA and NIH to WEAPONIZE it. We started it HERE in NC, but it got to risky, so we OUTSOURCED the development and implementation to CHINA.

Fauci is Victor Frankenstein, COVID is HIS monster. He nurtured it for MANY decades of “AIDS research” NOW he has done EVERYTHING he can to protect his monster. He will DIE for it, just like Frankenstein.

I told you all that “They want there weapon” and THAT is what Covid is DAPRA involvement PROVES it. That explains why they put out that BS story on the origins, Because WE are the origins, to reveal it would simply require holding up a mirror.

Nuremberg 2.0 Crimes against humanity. This kind of thing is EXPRESSLY forbidden in the Nuremberg code. There are TREATIES preventing EXACTLY what they did here. The penalty for what they did is DEATH, not prison.

The Military (DARPA) under the color of “research” developed a BIOWEAPON. One Fauci had been working on since the 1980s using AIDS. There is a REASON ONLY SARS, AIDS, and COVID have the EXACT same spike protein in them.

Yep I m going there ALL three are BIOWEAPONS. NOT from Mother Nature’s kitchen friends. CREATED. RELEASED, and STUDIED. We are ALL Guinea pigs Think, first it was the homosexual community, no one, according to the PTB cared about them. BUT, it sure got 100s of BILLIONS in research dollars didn’t it with NO “cure” or “vaccine” in OVER 40 years. WERE do you THINK all that research money went?

Then we had SARS in 2003, again from CHINA. but it didn’t kill enough. NOW they have Covid (literally SARS 2.0) They are LITERALLY flaunting it in our faces. I bet if one searches long enough on Gates and Fauci they intersect many times before SARS. Remember Gates FAILED AIDS “vaccine” in Africa, 2000. Just another step, it didn’t matter it KILLED thousands.

The PTB have been plotting and researching this our demise for DECADES. They just needed a reason to unleash it and a means to propagate it. Destroying the US economy and Trump was the needed motivation, the video PROVES they were plotting it in 2019 on multiple fronts, The went ALL IN to get rid of Trump. It did not matter that the genie was out of the bottle or that Pandora’s box was open. Trump had to go. The ONLY way to do that was a hyped pandemic and DEATH. Enough hype and death to cause PANIC, thus enabling lockdowns and destroying of a juggernaut economy through misinformation, lies, hype, and yes MISMANAGEMENT.

Only the “pandemic” of Covid 19 went against EVERY medical and scientific norm of treating viruses and disease in the last 200 years. Putting elderly people in sequestered petri dishes, horrendous medical protocols calling for Remdisivir and ventilators, sequestering EVERYONE, and not just the sick or elderly, the most venerable, lockdowns of select businesses. suppressing VIABLE, cheap, and readily available therapeutics, a death tote board. It all was meant to make Covid FAR worse than it HAD TO BE.

Intelligently designed as weapon. One meant to kill just enough, with LOTS of help, to induce PANIC so normally rational people would capitulate their freedoms to stay “safe”. They would eveen BELIEVE that not 1, not 2, but THREE “vaccines” were developed in UNDER 10 months that were ALL supposedly 90+% effective. Come on folks, time to wake up and admit we were HAD. 90+% “vaccines” do NOT require 3 month “boosters”. The last disease cured was Polio. PERIOD, Because there is NO money (or benefit to the PTB) in a cure, The money (and POWER) lies in the disease, and the control it has granted the PTB.

There is ZERO reason that our Govt, were they to TRULY have our best interests at heart, would not at least institute a real TRIAL of Hydroxy and Ivermectin. They REFUSE to even TRY. What does that tell you, despite success VERIFYABLE in Japan, India, and other places. They instead suppress through the MSM and CDC. They LIE about the REAL deaths and harm their “vaccines” are causing. They FUDGE the numbers, just as they have ALWAYS done on this monster.

Remember all the exponential projections…yeah they NEVER were going to happen, and they KNEW it. ALL part of a plot. You think that special billing code for Covid and all that extra money to strapped Hospital and healthcare systems might just have caused some to FUDGE their Covid reporting? Of COURSE it did. Using a PCR test that requires 40 plus cycles to produce *the desired) result should have been a KEY, as well as its ability to NOT distinguish between ANY Corona virus, even the common cold. What happened to all those regular (verified through statistical trends over DECADES) 39 MILLION flu cases from 2019 in 2020 -21. Of thats right they dropped to less than 7000. COME ON. I could END Covid tomorrow, by simply taking away the teet of special money. Overnight the regular flu would reappear. Coincidence that they estimated 39 million Covid cases in 2020-21? Covid is simply a bioengineered FLU. It was meant to infect, kill and then burn out, like ALL flus do. But once they got control, well they don’t want to give it up. They now will use Covid as a means of intimidation to push “vaccines” which besides being HUGE cash cows ad infinity, are very HARMFUL. But hey you can’t sue…they have indemnity. THAT is the key to these things NOT being FDA approved. FDA approvals do NOT require WAIVERS saying you can’t sue if something goes wrong. Emergency Use Authorized drugs do, but they CANNOT legally be issued IF there are viable therapeutics on the market. Now you see why the all out attacks on Hydroxychloroquine which has been in widespread use since the 1940s, and Ivermectin which has been in use for 20 years and won a Nobel prize in 2015.

This has all been a deadly game of Control and manipulation using all their resources from the MSM, CDC, NIH, State, local and Federal govt’s to medical professionals and Hospital and healthcare systems (through intimidation, bribery, and coercion). Now they are using the arm of the Federal Govt to try and FORCE free individuals to take their weapon. One problem, the hype train and propaganda did not work, so they are outsourcing it to local companies under duress by OSHA…REALLY. Where the FUCK is the SCOTUS on this OBVIOUS 4th amendment violation. See, it isn’t really Biden, it is your employer.

They have LOTS more to worry about besides being sued. Tyrannical overreach NEVER works out well for the tyrants in the end, and usually sparks violent retribution, and sometimes revolution.

Who will be Todays Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton? They faced no less that what we are today, tyranny. King George did not use a bioweapon. The founding fathers found a remedy for their tyrant. We too will find one for ours. It will work out no better for ours than it did in 1776.

Throughout history heroes have risen up to beat back tyrants. History is littered with the evidence.

Make it so today. History is calling, and it will not look favorable on the tyrants of today.

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