An unconventional strategy to end the lies and take back our country

People, here is example A of WHY the world is where it is, and WHO is truly behind it.

This can only be only a short list of several things

a) sloppy journalism


c) Following the narrative put out by the narrative writers here in the US WITHOUT question

I believe it is a combination of B and C, and NOT A.

The UK and Brazil newspapers either

A) Did not check with ACTUAL reporting, and followed the US LIE.

B) BLATANTLY disregarded the truth to propagate the US LIE.

They too could (SHOULD) be sued for libel. THAT IMHO is who we stop this. TRUTH only gets out when the left have to PAY for their maleficence. Once enough of their LIES are brought into the light AND there are CONSEQUENCES, then things will change

The truth being exposed ALONE is NOT enough. Yes, WE the Patriots ALL know what is going on. But the dull witted, deceived, complacent, or apathetic do NOT. Just getting the truth out will NOT stop this, we have seen it over and over and over. The MSM will NOT recant, acknowledge, or apologize for their LIES. They will either continue to repeat them, OR move on to the NEXT lie that will benefit them and their masters the politicians and globalists. PERIOD.

They NEVER “learn” They NEVER change, and they will NEVER stop. There is NO reason to. They simply obfuscate, and change fronts.

No consequence, NO behavior modification.

IMHO they way to stop this, short of 1776 v2, is to SUE them to OBLIVIAN and insolvency. every time they LIE, which is second by second, put the truth out, but THEN sue the living piss out of ALL of the liars. DO NOT SETTLE. DEMAND jury trials. DEMAND discovery, proving culpability, collision, AND coordination. FLOOD they system. Literally MILLIONS of CIVIL, NOT criminal lawsuits. Class action, ands individual. For EVERY lie. They simply then CANNOT keep up, and will spend what LITTLE resources they have defending their lies AND each other.

Do NOT stop at suing JUST the networks or news orgs, SUE THE IDVIDUAL parties, the reporters like Joy Reid, Don Lemon, Maggie Haberman, etc. ALL they do is lie, which is libel in print and SLANDER. Sue them LOCALLY. Freedom of the press does NOT cover for slander or libel, it used to also have civil and criminal penalties for propaganda, but Obama gutted that.

Take AWAY the BIG arrow of the globalists and tyrant politicians, take away their MOUTH PIECES and enablers by making them spend BILLIONS in court, not to mention TIME. It will be nigh impossible to continue to lie and put out COVER for their masters if they are too busy defending themselves. DO NOT settle. keep them tied up in court 24/7.

In essence, make it cheaper and EASIER to simply report the TRUTH out of FEAR of repercussions FINANCIALLY. Yes I know the govt and politicians pay them to lie, but there is ONLY so much $$$ to go around, even the politicians and govts will not want to throw good money after bad.

Make these FOOLS PAY. Then, like magic, the problem WILL solve itself. Imagine even just 1 MILLION lawsuits against CNN et all. ALL civil. NO settling AND discovery. They then have two choices, tell the TRUTH, give up the narrative writers, OR continue to lie and cease to be.

IF govt funds were enough, they would not need advertising. We have shown that we CAN and WILL change our behavior AND speak with our wallets, by simply changing the channel and spending on alternative goods instead of sponsored ones. it WORKS, but it is NOT enough.

Sue, sue, and sue some more. NEVER settle. The goal is NOT monetary gain, but to bleed the liars resources DRY. Winning is in DISCOVERY and making THEM defend THEMSELVES. Any monetary gains are gravy. Most civil cases will be taken on pro bono by attorneys (if you win, then they get paid) But you do not even NEED an attorney, you only need court costs. FLOOD the system.

This has the added benefit of taking ANOTHER leg of the triangle of EVIL out. The judiciary. Keep the leftist judges, and attorneys too BUSY defending themselves to attack the Constitution.

This same tactic can and SHOULD be used on the Covid “vaccine” scam, immigration, and other leftist causes like transgenderism, CRT, etc.

NOT just the big names need apply. Just ordinary patriots. There at LEAST 100 MILLION of us. Imagine 10 % suing. Don’t stop at MSM, celebrities, politicians, and the money men behind it all. I KNOW they ALL have the means to defend themselves. That is NOT the point, the point is to flood the system and DISCOVERY. The key is to NOT be bought off by settling, that is one way they get away with it. They buy off their opposition, and THEN require NDA’s.

Just imagine, 10 MILLION civil suits against FAUCI. Not even 1 10th of 1 % need be taken up, to be successful. Only ONE victory sets PRECADENT, and ENDS it ALL.

I know there are certain “protections” granted to govt employees, but NOT if those protections are based on FRAUD. They LOSE that protection and become culpable. The ONLY acceptation is the President himself. He is protected against all but criminal acts. BUT he could, as we see with Trump STILL be subpoenaed in civil suits. He STILL has to defend himself OR claim privilege.

I think THIS article.

Proves my point. CNN is VERY worried, as is Biden. The comments he and they made were LIBEL, and Biden made them BEFORE he was “protected” as President.

There is a triangle of EVIL that the left uses against us.

1)Propaganda by the MSM to start narratives. They are then used to propagate the narrative, and DEFEND the narrative and any who enable it in the MSM, celebrity, or legal or political arenas. Celebrities also play a part in furthering narratives. They “influence” opinion using their fame and followers to further the narrative.

2) Political attacks. Using Congress and “laws” or the President and EO’s to further said agendas. Not to mention using the full weight and power of the Federal govt to push their agenda (started by a MSM narrative) AND to bully those opposed to their agenda by regulation, law, or by subpoenas, intimidation, hearings, and the bully pulpit of the House and Senate floors, and the Oval office itself, not to mention the “press briefings”

3)Leftist Judges and courts. Using arbitrary injunctions, passing or ALLOWING the agenda(s) to stand in blatant opposition to the Constitution. Issuing nationwide orders that prop up the leftist narrative, and stymie opposition to the agenda. This includes the FBI and prosecutors who PERSECUTE anyone not on their team by overcharging, intimidation (think FBI raids at 4 AM), lengthy costly “trials” that bludgeon submission via legal fees. People go bankrupt, and then simply give in to the narrative and accept “punishment” because they no longer have the financial means to defend themselves, See Michael Flynn. They also abuse the power of search warrants, subpoenas, and are BLATANTLY now abusing the right to a speedy trial by holding the Jan 6th protestors in terrible conditions, in isolation, and without either bail OR a speedy trial.

This triangle is propped up and funded by leftist billionaires and globalists. They provide the money to enable the agenda. They write the agenda, push it through the MSM, celebrities and politicians, whom they “own” through funding. Then they enforce it through Congress and Courts and leftist attorneys general, judges, and prosecutors, whom they also funded and put in place.

To defeat them, we must ATTACK and take away one or more legs of the triangle of evil. Much like a fire pyramid, in which you must have fuel, an ignition source, and an oxidizer, to have a fire, the Globalists MUST have the MSM, politicians, and the court system to make their agenda work.

Take away any one side of the triangle, and no fire or NO AGENDA IMPLEMENTED.

Since they have control of the MSM, the politicians, and the judiciary, they now control the agenda. They even were able to subvert the ballot box by using their triangle. We must all then use our one advantage over them, sheer numbers, to attack their triangle.

Lawsuits will take out or occupy their mouth piece, and THAT is their WEAKNESS. Without the propaganda and lies, they cannot win at the ballot box, which means they cannot control the politicians or elected AG’s or judges. Once we gain control of the politicians, we can reshape and weed out the judiciary.

THIS is our way forward without bloodshed. For decades the left SUED and manipulated the courts to get what they wanted, we must use their OWN tactics against them. I KNOW they control the judges and prosecutors, but that is why we do NOT settle and INSIST on a jury trial. The left do not yet have a means of control over the jury box. We must use that to get control back of the soap box, the ballot box, and avoid using the ammo box.

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