Confirmation, not speculation


Speculation no more, confirmation. What this project “diffuse” application is saying, in its RIGHTLY rejection. is exactly what I and others here have been speculating on since this began.

Fauci and Daszak and others are GUILTY of crimes against humanity, and violations of Nuremberg code.

1, Daszak tried HARD to get DARPA to fund this bioweapon, and there is no longer ANY misconception, it IS and WAS a bioweapon. DARPA (our military research arm of the US military) REFUSED.

There is NO reason, to submit this to the MILITARY, if as Daszak states, it was to develop and distribute a “bat vaccine” ostensibly to PREVENT China or anyone else, from doing EXACTLY what they did, develop a bioweapon under gain of function research.

Ostensibly it was to be conducted studying live bats and their Corona viruses (in China) and THEN develop a “vaccine” to cure the corona viruses IN the bats BEFORE they could be weaponized using the spike protein and grafts of the furin polybasic cleavage sites and then map out future evolutionary paths IE mutations.

There is absolutely NO reason to do this EXCEPT to make a weapon, and “color” or “mask” it as legit research to “prevent” a weapon. In other words, we are going to MAKE the weapon, and THEN figure out how to beat it by a vaccine, and THEN immunize the hosts (bats) to prevent someone ELSE (China) from doing what THEY JUST DID.

Give me a f%#@ing break.

To make matters worse, once DARPA rejected the proposal (for grant money) Daszak went to the NIH and NAID here in the US and began the program at UNC and Duke. Obviously circumventing US law, not to mention international law in weapons research, by coloring it as preventative research against a weapon. Fauci BIT and funded them (grants) with OUR tax dollars. I would give my eye teeth to see the grant applications to NIH and NAID on this.

To boot, they used the EXACT same people in the DARPA application, Zheng-Li Shi of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina, Linfa Wang of the Duke University-National University of Singapore Medical School, to conduct the “research” at UNC and Duke (2/3’s of the vaunted NC research triangle btw).

Something obviously happened here, likely someone died or the results got VERY scary, and Obama, NOT FAUCI, pulled the plug, and the money.

2, once the money HERE was dried up, Zhen-Li Shi and Baric were “outsourced” (by Daszak) to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in mainland China, under the complete control of the CCP and Chinese Military. Daszak AGAIN got funding for the project in China from the NAID and his old buddy Fauci. There they completed their “research”.

3, sometime during that process, the completed weapon either leaked or was intentionally RELEASED into the Wuhan province population where it was HIDDEN from the world, and then SPREAD to the world. My bet, it was NO accident. It was INTENTIONALLY released as revenge on the US especially for Trump’s economic and foreign policy attacks on China. NO WAY they released this virus WITHOUT first having the ANTEDOTE…it is even mentioned IN the DARPA request “develop a bat vaccine to immunize AGAINST the virus”…IE have the antidote FIRST.

4, Once released, it was used as a political and power control weapon by the left, and as a money maker for Fauci, big pharma, and CHINA, who was the major supplier of PPE, drugs, ventilators, etc, that would be NEEDED across the world.

5, Fauci and his merry band of co conspirators in WHO, John’s Hopkins, CDC, big Pharma, and the political class did EVERYTHING they could to prop up, and ENABLE the spread and SEVERITY of this “pandemic”. From flawed protocols, lockdowns, shut ins, denying therapeutics, smearing contrary opinions, studies, articles, news, and Scientists, researchers, and doctors to keep this thing going. Then they developed a “vaccine” one that this DARPA application states would be developed for BATS, not people to make their REAL money.

That’s right, it was ALWAYS about the money and how much Fauci and his “friends” could make. The goal was ALWAYS to create a virus, distribute and spread the virus, down play competition, make things seem WORSE in the “pandemic” and then PROFIT from it on both the front end (PPE) and the back end (vaccine). Recall all the Politicians doing stock trades, and then Pelosi shielding and defending it? There you go. PROFIT.

Fauci and the CDC, NIH, WHO, NAID, and FDA have ALWAYS been the point people.

They have ALWAYS had the “vaccine” you NEVER make a bioweapon without FIRST making the antidote. One small problem, the “vaccine” was NOT tested thoroughly enough (likely because it too was developed in China at the same time), and it is having horrendous consequences, and DEATHS. That folks, despite an EUA and a “waiver” WILL threaten and eventually TAKE all of their ill gotten PROFIT.

This is the beginning of the END for Fauci, his merry co conspirators, and the Covid “pandemic” They CANNOT hide this ANY longer, and if you read the signs, there are MANY, the rats are beginning to jump the sinking ship.

Soon, the MSM will see or sense the change in the wind, and begin to actually start to tell the truth and ATTACK the conspirators, even though the MSM is a MAJOR player, they will pretend they were “duped”

THAT is what is going on and why Fauci and some politicians are beginning to SWEAT. Fauci and Daszak are DOOMED. They will not just be fired, they will not just be jailed, they face the VERY real possibility of being EXECUTED for this.

The MSM, politicians, and others will soon TURN on Fauci. HE will be the fall guy. Like we are supposed to forget all the help he had in perpetrating and EXPANDING this deadly fraud. I fully expect that when the heat is turned up on him, he will cave, or begin to talk, and THEN Dr Fauci, will tragically, die from his OWN monster. WATCH.

This is a TRILLION dollar scam, multi trillion. It killed (needlessly) MILLIONS. The economic impact alone, let alone the human costs now and in the future will be hundreds of trillions of dollars.

These “pentagon papers” (The DARPA rejection) ARE the smoking gun.

It proves that they ALL knew this was a weapons project EXPLICITLY forbidden by Nuremberg and other treaties. DARPA was smart enough to reject it, in writing. Fauci, not so much. He not only illegally funded illegal research on US soil, he doubled down and RE-funded it on enemy soil, with OUR tax dollars. Then he HID it, lied about it, and attacked ANYONE that threatened his “baby” Covid 19. He nurtured it by his protocols, he allowed it to flourish with his policies, position, and propaganda. He eliminated any threat to end it, denied REAL science of over 400 years, and REAL medical procedure, and medicines that would have saved lives.

Now, he has promoted the 2nd part of the equation, the “vaccine” he has protected and nurtured it the EXACT same way he did his weapon. He is CAUGHT in a trap of his OWN design. He has NO way out but DEATH. If he were to come clean, he will be imprisoned or killed before he can reveal it all.

Fauci is ALL IN. He is VERY much panicked. He has to know he will be the first to the rope, as he and his allies did everything CONTRARY to Nuremberg and not only US law, but international law. Even IF he gets protected on US soil by his allies, there are hundreds of countries that WILL want his head on a plate. It is HIS face on TV, it is HIS signature on the funding, not once but TWICE. It is HIS medical protocols of masking, social distancing, Remdisivir, ventilators, denying therapeutics, herd immunity, and REAL vaccines. Fauci is doomed. My guess is that some of his “allies” like Daszak, Shi, and others will begin to “disappear”

Pandora’s box is wide open folks. They will NOT be able to lie their way out of this.

This guy and his allies makes Mengele look like Dr Seuss, and the Nazi’s look like the YMCA. .

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