Look Squirrel!

My friends, do NOT get distracted by the “squirrel” that is the draft ruling on Roe V Wade. We ALL at least here, knew this was coming the minute RBG got her infernal “reward”. The timing of the release, which I am SURE has been HELD until the right moment, was curious. Most believe it was to gin up the Dem base, it was FAR too early for that, as this will “burn out” WAY before the midterms.

Others believe it was to blunt the release of ‘2000 mules’, but that will NOT stop the release, and that movie is sold out in all 200 venues, and will only SPREAD. Its impact will be a few weeks down the line when enough people see the movie, spread the word, and then others see it and realize the TRUTH about the stolen election.

So WHY did the left release the draft SCOTUS ruling NOW.

Read HERE :https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/05/techno-fog-clinton-campaign-lose-privilege-fight/

Yep, back onto Durham. He IS the 800 lb. gorilla the left FEAR, and they SHOULD. He is about to get ALL the correspondence between Hillary, her campaign, Perkins Couie, Richard Joffe, Orbis International (Christopher Steele), and Fusion GPS (Nellie Ohr) He ALREADY has more than enough info to prosecute Hillary for campaign finance law abuses, (laundering DNC and HFA campaign funds through Perkins Couie to Fusion GPS)but that is NOT the objective. The objective, as I have said before is to PROVE the conspiracy, and get ALL the players.

Once he gets HFA (Hillary for America, Orbis, Joffe, and especially Fusion GPS emails, and correspondence, it WILL open up OTHER doors. Ones that lead to MORE than Hillary. (Hi Barack…SOON bitch!).

Yep, see, there are TWO direct ties already between Barack and this case. One is Joffe. Guess who hired his firm to subcontract WH comms, including those phones, computers, IT, etc. to the INCOMING PEOTUS…one Donald J. Trump.? Why that would be one Barack Obama, Joffe and his firm were the EXCLUSIVE providers of IT and phones for THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT. That would be YOU ALONE Barack.

Then what Joffe DID with those services is IMPORTANT. He put BUGS all through TFA (Trump for America), Trump Tower, the senior TFA staff. and even Trumps CELL PHONES. They were SPYING on Trump electronically through his Govt provided (by Joffe) IT. Then they were using that info to try and FRAME Trump. (ALFA Bank pings on Trump Tower) THAT is how they likely caught Flynn, Sessions, and others as well. See, ANYONE in the transition team talking to the incoming President, likely got the SAME compromised IT. Remember that odd picture of Huawei phones? Who wants to bet that those or some of those were the ones used?

Remember when Rogers went to Trump Tower 10 days after the election in 2016? He TOLD Trump about the spying done in the NSA, and had likely SEEN the about Queries in the NSA database HE controlled and SHUT DOWN Ohr’s access to and went to FISC chief Judge Rosemary Collier concerned about ALL the unmasking of “particular US citizens (Trump and associates). Trump MOVED his transition to Bedminster golf club in NJ the NEXT day. BUT, I am unsure if Rogers knew of the IT provided by Joffe being DIRECTLY as THE source. He just saw the RAW data coming into the NSA, and THEN being accessed by Ohr AND farmed up to Power, Rice, in the WH etc. to be UNMASKED.

Mike Rogers STOPPED the NSA abuses, and alerted Trump. But the Cabal STILL had the IT and phones, and they simply switched to outsourcing the spying to Five Eyes and GCHQ.

The OTHER tie DIRECTLY to Barack is Fusion GPS. Remember, Obama paid @$900000 to Fusion in 2015 for “research” Guess WHO that was on. Then there is the Nellie Ohr 702 “about queries” that she was running on all things Trump using OUR NSA database, and then passing on the masked info to SENIOR Obama officials to be UNMASKED (Ie American citizens…likely Trump and ANY associates.) Samantha Power herself, who reported DIRECTLY to Obama as UN Ambassador, had OVER 300 PER DAY un-maskings.

Barack, as I have said has his paws ALL over this. The evidence is staggering, after all HE opened the first “election interference investigation in Dec 9th 2016, HE signed the EO in Jan 2017 that allowed intelligence sharing among the 17 intel agencies, HE shared his PDB with people throughout his govt including Evelyn Farkus, who blabbed about it in in a MSNBC interview. Never forget THIS “in the END, they ALL had only ONE boss…Barack Hussein Obama” They ALL worked for HIM as the President. ONLY he had the power to order these things, and it makes him COMPLICIT at LEAST. Remember, he also had the power to STOP these things at ANY time. Yet he did NOT, he ESCALATED.

He is STILL running the show today, and ALL narratives are likely coming from HIM, including this draft release. Biden is doing the EXACT things that Obama while in office did on a grander more perverse scale. You could tell in the recent press conference Obama had at the White House WHO the REAL boss is.

ALL roads lead eventually to OBAMA. Durham is HOT on that road. Conspiracy against the US and RICO. BET on it. Therefore, knowing WHO was the boss, who had the motive, opportunity, and POWER to get it all done, AND keep it hidden. Remember, FIVE EYES was ALL directly linked to Obama (through John Brennan and CIA) See Now?

Of COURSE Barack wants to keep it ALL hidden, because he was (Trump spying), has (2020 election), and IS still running the evil show ( inflation, open borders, climate, Covid). ALL his deeds, done by HIS minions. What we lacked was a concrete trail. Durham is ON that trail

Once he gets the communications he is seeking, and he WILL. It will open doors, FORBIDDEN doors. Ones that ol Barry NEVER thought would see the light of day.

There is ONE important thing to remember with Durham, and it is ironically thanks to the Dems and Mueller. See, Durham’s mission statement is to find and prosecute any election spying and the Russia Collusion hoax (political spying as Barr put it) On Trump OR ANY other crimes he finds in the process of that investigation. THAT last part is CRITICAL. ALL Obamas deed can and WILL be discovered, because they ALL use the EXACT same set of people EVERY time.

This is NOT about Hillary, although she will be swept up in it. It IS WAS and ALWAYS will be about Conspiracy against the US and RICO. Conspiracies have collaborators, facilitators AND most importantly…BOSSES.

Rudy Giuliani KNOWS, I still bet he recommended Durham, as they BOTH prosecuted RICO before, as US attorneys, it is their specialty. But Durham can go where Rudy CANNOT (not political) and Durham has Grand Jury and subpoena power. THAT is what Barack FEARS.

See, in all the shit they pulled in Trump from Mueller to sham impeachments (X2) to Jan 6th Committee’s bogus document requests and subpoenas and actions, ALL sets PRECADENT. They TRASHED the Constitution and Trump’s rights to privacy. lawyer client confidentiality, and EXECUTIVE privilege. That is ALL bad for anyone that FOLLOWS Trump. That does not mean chronologically in Presidential order, it simply means ANY cases involving Presidents or FORMER President’s AFTER the dates of what they did to Trump. So ANY THING Durham comes up with AFTER the first precedent was set, like NOW is subject TO that precedent.

That means that Barack, PotaJoe Biden, Billy boy Clinton, Georgie Bush Jr, et AL ARE NOW SUBJECT to those precedents. NO executive privilege, NO client lawyer confidentiality, NO hiding of Presidential documents (thanks Liz).

They are ALL FUBAR. They CANNOT stop Durham either. ANY action from cutting funding to firing to calling him out is NOW also precedent THANKS MUELLER, THANKS SCHIFF. THANKS NANCY!.

NOW look at the release of a draft SCOTUS order in CONTEXT. It completely got the focus OFF of the ACTIVE Durham trial of Sussman didn’t it. They NEEDED a MAJOR distraction from what WILL be coming. WAR in Ukraine was NOT enough, false flags, and Covid, were not enough to move the needle. This was their BIG bullet, and they spent it. They WERE likely holding it for right before (30 days) the midterms, but they HAD to use it NOW. Ask yourself WHY. Because it is ALL about to come crumbling down, THAT is why.

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