Lincoln, Jackson, and Trump.

Dec 18th came and went, and the report was stalled by the IC. That’s it some say, that was a hard deadline.

Ahh but Dec 18 is NOT a HARD date. Te EO states “on or BEFORE 45 days after the election”

YES Dec 18 was the DEADLINE, BUT the report COULD have (was) delivered before that the Army Navy game. Trump ALREADY has that report. How do I know? Because we ALREADY got “fruiit” from it. Remember the “digital Pearl Harbor”? Remember the CALL for ALL US Govt agencies to shutdown and DISCONNECT all computers/servers/ etc with Solarwinds on it.

AL the bloviation by the seventeen “intelligence”” agfencies STALLING their reports to Radcliffe, is MUCH ADO about NOTHING. Radcliffe and Trump ALREADY have all the info. The 17 intelligence agencies JUST proved their COMPLICITY, therefore, it will be a FIRE SALE, EVERYTHING must GO.

Remember then the RELVELATION that Solarwinds was ON the Dominion machines?

AH, the MORE you know.

Then we get the Sciavino photo, obviously BEFORE winter.

It is MORE important to note who is NOT in that photo…like Wray, Haspel, etc. The ON LY takeaways FROM that photo are Trump, Pence, and a BUNCH of cyber guys…PLUS in FRAME. The TWO Presidents Trump is EMULATING. Lincoln (who suspended Habeus Corpus to save the country, and END slavery and the Civil War, and Andrew Jackson, who fought his OWN cabinet, and TRAITORS within, INCLUDING Federal and yes SCOTUS judges. Jackson FINISHED where Lincoln left OFF. (Reconstruction of the South)

Trump is going to employ BOTH of those Presidents tactics. It is going to get VERY hot, hard, and hairy in the next few weeks. People will FIGHT, some may DIE. LOTS will be arrested or even KILLED.

We were ALL not just TOLD of what happened, we were SHOWN that NO ONE but Trump and a HANDFUL of Patriots CARE.(IN Govt)

What Trump DID was to SET the stage for the ONLY way out of this mess. The Insurrection Act. When Media, Govt, State legislative, and State, Federal, and SCOTUS judiciaries ALL not only FAIL to act, but in their COWARDACE TO act show COMPLICITY, well there is ONLY ONE BRANCH LEFT. The Executive, and HE controls the ONLY reliable forms of BOTH intelligence (DIA, Cyber Command, special operators) AND ENFORCEMENT, the United Sttates Military.

THAT is why Esper HAD to GO. He WENT QUICKLY too. So to did Crebbs, and NOW he is SHOWN to be a LIAR on Election interference. Did the election do that? YES, but, WHAT showed it MORE, the Solar winds hack on EVERYTHING from Dominion, to the NSA (Nuclear Security Agency) to the power grids. The EXACT things Crebbs agencies were supposed to be LOOKING FOR, and PREVENTING.

ALL the TRAITORS are NOW on the record, including John Roberts, the liberals and even some Trump appointees on ther SCOTUS. ALL the State Supreme courts that FOUGHT TRUTH from getting out by NOT even HEARING evidence. ALL the State judges, ALL the Federal Judges, MOST of the MSM, ALL the Dems in Congress, A LOT, more than HALF of the Republicans in Congress, and ALL the state election officials, Govs, Secs of state, that participated in this FRAUD, are ALL NAKED..TOTAL exposure.


Do you guys REALLY think Trump waits until the LAST possible moment to put plans, contingencies and ACTIONS into motion. NO. What Scivino’s photo shows was Trump putting the OPERATION, the STING so to speak, INTO action…WELL before the election…I BET this was EVEN before He named ACB.

Trump has ALWAYS known what the dems, China, and others were going to do. Tell me, has ANY of these actions by bad faith actors, seemed to SURPRISE Trump No.

He has been WARNING them ALL since SUMMER that he KNEW, and that they were going to get CAUGHT, and BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. They just did not listen. They thougt they were just too clever.

Nocol Williamson (Merlin) Once told Nigel Terry (Arthur) in Exalcibar “Remember, there’s ALWAYS something cleverer than yourself”

They THOUGHT that their embeds in MSM, the IC, Congress, the Courts, in the States, including Govs, R Govs, in the SCOTUS, and even in the Military would TELL them of Sting, so they could stop it.

NOW they REALIZE they did NOT stop the sting, they THINK they can STALL its outcome. Run out the clock till Jan 20th.

LOL they DON’T know Trump. NOTHING that man has said or DONE in these 4 years has been WITHOUT purpose. Every action, tweet, press conference, phone interview, etc has a specific PURPOSE.

I give you his March 3rd 2017 Tweet/ paraphrased ” Terible, just found out Obama had my wires tapped, he is a SICK individual”

Do you REMEMBER that? Remember ALL the MSM, Pundits, Govt, and even Rep DENIALS? Was it TRUE?

YES, and they ALL knew it. Remember the Russia HOAX, and Trump saying he did NOTHING wrong? Remember AGAIN all the MSM, pundit, and Govt reactions…Then Mueller was ENDED. Trump was RIGHT again.

Then we have the PERFECT call to the Ukraine and Zelenskey. Remember the MSM, pundit, and Congress reactions, and shampeachment. Trump said it was not HIM but Joe and Hunter Biden that were in the WRONG.

Now we find out, after Trump BEAT the farce impeachment, that Hunter and Joe WERE on the take to not only Ukraine, but Russia, and CHINA.

Trump was RIGHT again, and in the END he is proved so, again, and again, and again.

Now, Trump is telling us ALL tyhat he WON BIG, and that this ALL is a FRAUD. Gee, do you THINK he will win this too? YOU BET.

Because Trump KNEW his enemies, that is STEP one, knowing just WHAT they are CAPABLE of. Step two is KNOWING himself, DUH!. Step three, putting in PLACE means, measures, people, and contingencies to STOP your enemies from carrying out their evil plans to the end.

Step 4 REVELATION of the the FRAUD, and EVIDENCE. Trump ALWAYS reveals the FRAUD, the SCAM,. the HOAX, and the LIE. THEN he PROVES it.

That is step 5..PROOf. Trump ALWAYS proves the evil done, and just WHO did it. OVER AND OVER again. From the dossier, to Russia, to Mueller, to shampeachment, to NOW.

What we ALL have NOT seen, to date, is step SIX…PUNISHMENT. THAT my friends has been, since the BEGINNING, the END GAME, and the ONE outcome Trump wants. His enemies are REVEALED, they will be PROVEN to be TRAITORS to the people, AND the Constitution. (the LAW). ALL that THEN remains is the PUNISHMENT for their deeds.

THAT is why Trump has waited..PATIENTLY. HE SHOWED US ALL what was happening after he WARNED us all. He HAS the proof. NOW after exhausting ALL other means, so many CHANCES and CHOICES for SOMEONE to do the RIGHT thing, they ALL chose POORLY and FAILED their DUTY. NOW comes, regrettably, PAIN, in and by the ONLY remaing avenue, the Military, hey the military even has its OWN Judiciary…which CAN in times of insurrection, be USED against NON military individuals, even ex Presidents, sitting Judges, sitting JUSTICES, SITTING members of Congress, the media, and an ex VP FRAUD usurper to the Presidency.

Miltary justice is MUCH MUCH harsher and SWIFTER than our compromised judiciary. George Washington HUNG an entire regiment during the American Revolution, for DESERTION, DERELECTION of duty, and mutiny, He MADE their own commanders do it, and THEN had the commanders SHOT. This was ALL in ONE day. A fair hearing, pronouncement of sentence, and COMMENCEMENT of sentence.

GITMO, a MILITARY base, for ENEMY combatants, which TRAITORS are, was expanded to WELL over 13000 beds. WHY? for WHOM?

Certainly NOT ISIS, they NO LONGER exist as well as Al Queda, in ANY meaningful way or THREAT to the US.

Trump has ALWAYS known just how DEEP the swamp went. He has ALWAYS known WHAT was going to be the ULTIMATE outcome. He KNEW. I never did. I THOUGHT the SCOTUS would do the right thing. Trump GAVE them a CHANCE, multiples in fact. They chose POORLY. They will, regretably PAY for those actions with consequences MOST severe. DERELCTION of duty, DEFIANCE of their OATH to the Constitution. MORE than removal from the bench my friends, MORE than prison. This must NEVER happen again.

MANY underlings will be FINED, and imprisoned. BUT, it is the PLOTTERS, and the ENABLERS that will face a more HARSH penaty. DEATH. Trump reinstitutes on Dec 24th 2020, a NEW Federal Holiday that Trump ALSO instituted, FIRING squads and HANGING as Federal death penalties. He WARNED them ALL, REPEATEDLY. He gave them ALL repeated chances and CHOICES to do the RIGHT thing. They SCOFFED, they LAUGHED, they LIED, and they FAILED to do their DUTY..NOT to Trump, but to AMERICAN PEOPLE and the Constitution. SUCKS to be them. See THEY thought they had planned everything out, even SCOTUS, to complete ther fraud. They THOUGHT that SCOTUS, as I did, was the FINAL arbitor. They would simply REFUSE to give an evidence a hearing, and simply REFUSE to rule. THAT is a mistake which will COST them ALL dearly.

You see my friends, Trump plays the LONG game, because he is PATIENT. By being PATIENT, OVERLY SO in most of our views, Trump has smoked MOST if not ALL of the traitors OUT, even Fox, even R Govs, even R election officials, EVEN R Congress people. It is ALL the SAME big group that was in on Russia, Mueller SC, Impeachment, and now election FRAUD. Trump KNEW it. He waited, he gathered intel, he gathered PROOF….WHERE do you THINK all those videos, leaked stories of hacks, leaked audio, etc is coming from? TRUMP and his team. ALL this was meant to SHOW the American people the DEPTH of the swamp, and the LENGTHS to which they would go for POWER. Trump was building SUPPORT, AWARENESS, and DEMAND for what MUST be done.

Trump exhausted EVERY other avenue. The people SAW that NO ONE was going to act, despite INCONTROVERTABLE, pervasive, and MASSIVE evidence.

Now Trump is bascally ASKING permission to go Lincoln and Jackson. WE THE PEOPLE are GRANTING IT. How many people are BEGGING for ACCOUNTABILITY, by the insurrection act? 74 MILLION are. THAT is ALL that Trump needed. PERMISSION from US to do the UNTHINKABLE, but alas UNAVOIDABLE.

That permission was GRANTED. The plan is ALREADY in MOTION. Parts were WEEKS if not MONTHS ago. ALL that was left was the ‘GO’ command from Trump, even the EO, and the Insurrection act itself (remember that Scivino photo) is READY, it IS SIGNED. Trump gave the CABAL until the last POSSIBLE moment TO stop AND RECANT, THAT WAS DEC 17TH. yep, seventeenTH. That is when Trump met in the Oval office ALONE with the new Sec of Defense, Chris Miller. I bet it was short, IN PERSON, in the (now) bug free Oval Office…NO LEAKS, NO SPIES. ‘GO’

More’s the pity for the Cabal. The Kracken is unleashed, and once dispatched, CANNOT be recalled until it’s objective, the DESTRUCTION of the enemy, is completed.

Question. WHERE is Gina Haspel?

Question. Where is Christopher Wray?

Question. WHY was Bill Barr’s last day announced as Dec 23rd?

Question. WHY are their massive National Guard and troop call ups in places like Michigan, Georgia, Pennslyvania, and Wisconsin? We are NOT at WAR. There are NO riots ongoing. The Governors of those states did NOT call them up. WHERE are they going to DEPLOY? WHAT is the MISSION?

Did you SEE the ovation Trump got at Army Navy? Was that typical for a CIC who is LEAVING? NO.

Remember that VERY FIRST Q post. “My fellow Americans” It WILL become RELEVENAT before Jan 6th.

The Cabal THINKS they have won, but they have ALREADY lost, they just do not know it yet. They THINK Trump does not have the stomach, balls or SUPPORT to do the last resort. They are WRONG.

See they make a CONSTANT mistake. They THINK this is about Trump. This ALL was NEVER about TRUMP, this is about the Constitution and the American PEOPLE for which it stands. That is WAY more important than ANY one man or group of men. IF this fraud is ALLOWED to stand, America, freedom, and the Constitution are FINISHED. The grand experiment in LIBERTY undertaken bty CORAGEOUS Patriots 244 years ago would go out, not at the point of a gun, but in lies deception, and subversion from within. The VERY thing Jefferson, Hamilton,, Madison, Washington, and Franklin FEARED. The enemy WITHIN.

THIS is Trumps historic moment. He REALLY did NOT want to do it. They left him NO CHOICE. THEY forced this. Trump AGAIN must put COUNTRY above SELF, and SAVE the Republic. ONLY he can. That is a HELL of a thing to put on someone. A man AGAINST war must START a likely NEW Civil War to SAVE the country, and perhaps the WORLD. Just like Lincoln. He KNOWS his enemy, and he KNOWS people likely WILL die. He KNOWS there will be DEEP doubts, and DIVISION. He KNOWS he has to do it, or there will be NO turning back. He KNOWS time is short. A hell of a thing to a man who did MORE good than the last 4 Presidents combined EVER could.

He KNOWS that after the take down, there WILL have to be rebuilding, HEALING, and CONFIDENCE in Govt again. It will be a TOUGH road to hoe. Just like Jackson after a contested election in 1824..winning in 1824. It will require PATIENCE and RESOLVE, but most of all FAITH. Thank God we have a man of DEEP faith in position. A LESSER man would withdraw. THAT is NOT in Trump’s makeup, he ALWAYS tilts instead of withdrawing.

In this most Holy Season. TRY to remember, Trump is NOT doing this for HIMSELF, he could ride into the sunset with his beautiful family, beautiful wife, his business, and his billions. But he INSTEAD chose to FIGHT for RIGHT, and FIGHT for US, the Constitution, and AMERICA. FREEDOM.

He is taking THE stand…WE must JOIN him, even if it means ONLY orur blessings and support.

The greatest man I ever knew, my father, told mne. RIGHT is MIGHT.

Trump FIGHTS for what is RIGHT, THAT is his MIGHT.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and God bless America!

4 thoughts on “Lincoln, Jackson, and Trump.

  1. ThanQ Prog.

    We forget that POTUS KNEW the FBI, CIA et al were CORRUPT TO THE CORE. There was no way he would rely on them for an assessment of the election Fraud.

    Not only Did he appoint Chris Miller DOD, DNI Ratcliffe Named Steve Vanech to serve as NCTC’s next deputy director. AND Ezra Cohen-Watnick became Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, ALSO Military Intelligence was separated from the CIA!!


    Mike Adams @ Natural News on Dec 11th reported:
    Situation Update, Dec. 11th – DoD de-fangs the CIA, 305th intel proves foreign interference, SCOTUS maneuvers

    “Spider” is the expert cyber security witness trained by the 305th military intelligence battalion
    Yesterday, military intelligence analyst Jeffrey Prather dropped a bombshell during his live broadcast: A military intelligence analyst code named “Spider” had filed a sworn statement in a lawsuit handled by attorney Sidney Powell. This sworn evidence was accepted by the court on Nov. 25th, and this same evidence is likely already being submitted to SCOTUS for the Texas lawsuit case which claims “irregularities” took place in the swing states.

    We’ve archived and posted the full PDF at this link, in case it disappears everywhere else:

    “…The Pentagon, under Chris Miller, just cut the CIA’s counterterrorism personnel assets… likely to halt the execution squads from operating in America.

    Meanwhile, key Trump assets inside the Pentagon just cut DoD resources to the CIA’s “counterterrorism” units, which are actually the units that run kidnapping and execution operations around the world. As reported by

    Two sources familiar with the matter said that Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller has sent a letter to CIA Director Gina Haspel saying that a longstanding arrangement offering DOD support to the agency is in jeopardy. The review is the pet project of Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Ezra Cohen-Watnick, one of several top-level political appointees assigned to acting roles in the Pentagon… …”


    One last point. A nation wide emergency HAS ALREADY BEEN DECLARED BECAUSE OF COVID. It would not surprise me in the least to find that Fauci, the CDC, FDA, universities and the DemonRats colluded with China to develop and release the virus to muck up the 2020 election.

    That would ALSO trigger the insurrection act.

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  2. I think Patrick Byrne was fed a sophisticated PSYOPS. Patrick Byrne DID NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP! He is a libertarian so voted third party. He just does not like the voter fraud or Biden.

    Then add this tidbit from Simon Parkes where he mentions a big leak from the Trump camp.

    Video =*

    Meadows and legal staff led by GC Cippolone reflexively shoot down every sober discussion or idea presented. Their frame of mind is automatic: “we better not try that, it may not work, it would hurt your reputation in the press…“ No kidding, they say stuff like that. Tell DJT.

    — Patrick Byrne (@PatrickByrne) December 20, 2020


    My involvement is I was in the room when it happened. The raised voices included my own. I can promise you: President Trump is being terribly served by his advisers. They want him to lose and are lying to him. He is surrounding by mendacious mediocrities. [LINK]

    — Patrick Byrne (@PatrickByrne) December 20, 2020

    Link =* goes to:

    Take The Red Pill
    He was part of a sting operation.
    She accepted an 18 million dollar bribe. Patrick Byrne implicated himself and said he was in the room and he accepts any charges that may come his way. But this is all about what him and his white hats discovered.

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