Boom Boom Boom Boom.

I find this VERY interesting…VERY VERY interesting.

Sean davis tweeted

“The White House announced today that Trump signed an order on Dec. 18 giving John Durham the authority to present classified information to a grand jury investigating the Russian collusion hoax.

WHAT does the BLUE highlight MEAN?

Previous DOJ regulations required the consent of the specific classifying agency.”

Now FIRST, NOTE THE DATE, Dec 18th, remember the hubub about the IC NOT being able to meet the Dec 18th deadline to Ratcliffe?

Methinks in me wittle conspiracy fed mind, that THAT was a DIVERSION, as I said BEFORE, Trump ALREADY GOT the report, it was given to him in PERSON along with Miller at the Army Navy game the Sat DEFORE the 12th…the EO stated that the report had to be delivered BY the 18th, NOT ON the 18th…wink.

Now what I find TRULY enlightening about the Davis tweet, is NOT ONLY the date, but the SUBSTANCE.

This order, most likely an EO, BYPASSES any VETO from the FBI, CI, NSA, or ANY OTHER agency ON THE DECLASS details. They CAN’T stall or STOP it.

Now were that not ENOUGH.

Most are MISSING the BIG item.

Did you catch it?

The fact that Durham can NOW give declassed CLASSIFIED info is NOT the POINT.


the POINT, is that Durham can PRESENT IT TO A GRAND JURY.


Not a FUTURE grand jury, that would be SILLY.

NOT enough TIME.

This ORDER means IMHO, that there is ALREADY a SITTING Grand Jury, and they NEEDED to be ABLE to HEAR classified INFO on the Russian Hoax to DECIDE to INDICT or NOT. NOW, they CAN.

BEFORE the EO, they could NOT.


Why this is important. A Grand jury coinveined in a CRIMINAL case, hearing CLASSIFED info means SOMEONE’S about to get INDICTED, maybe LOTS of someones.

Riddle me this Batman, CAN a PEOTUS or his running mate BE inaugurated IF they are INDICTED, or maybe in PRISON awaiting TRIAL?:

This or these grand jury(s) have obviously been conveined for a WHILE, in SECRET. (Covid DELAYS)

Remember, Obama, Biden, and MOST of the dem heirarch WERE also involved in the Russia hoax, including Harris, Pelosi, Kerry, Schumer, Swalwell, Schiff, Warner, Comey, Brenan, Yates, Lynch, Power, Rice, McCabe, and TONS more, ALL or MOST picked for SLOTS in the new Biden “administration”

POP. You see, you CANNOT be INAUGURATED IF you are undere arrest OR criminal indictment for, wait for it, ELECTION interference in 2016.


This may be a contingency, but it is a BIG ONE.

NO SCOTUS needed, or avalable for the “rescue”

NO Congress needed or available (cause there will likely be LOTS of them under indictment) for the “rescue”

NO MSM “rescue”

NO Gov interference for the rescue

NO EC interference for the rescue

ONLY the state legislatures MAY provide any action, as THEY will have to provide NEW electors, since Biden’s won’t be available, after all we CAN’T inaugurate a CROOK, that is either arrested and AWAITING trial OR is under indictment for ELECTION fraud, espionage, treason, conspiracy, etc from 2016, the LAST time he was IN office.

BOOM> Then Trump can go about TYING THIS election fraud INTO the stuff from 2016.


They NEEDED the MASSIVE FRAUD to STOP THIS from EVER coming to light. Let them CRY, but THIS is a VIABLE option. Doing it LAST MINUTE, is POETIC.

Essentially, IF Biden et al are arrested and or INDICTED on the 20th, they CAN’T BE INAUGURATED. LEGALLY or ETHICALLY.

They essentially would be VOIDED. What happens if your opponent is VOIDED?


BRILLIANT contingency Perhaps THE contingency.

The BEST part. WHEN the dems CRY foul, and they WILL, and say Trump did this, its a coup blah blah..politics..blah blah. NO, Trump didn’t, he COULDN’T. LOL Durham was made a SPECIAL COUNCIL (By Barr in OCOBER 2020) He is INDEPENDENT of Trump. Trump CANNOT order him to arrest, indict or NOT arrest indict, THAT would be obstruction..WINK. LMAO, ROTFLMMFAO.

THAT would be LITERALLY CHECKMATE, and Trump would LITERALLY have NOTHING to do with it, accept granting a REQUEST to declass to the GJ…THAT’S IT.

What happens IF two days BEFORE Jan 20th, Biden et al are ARRESTED. LOL. The MSM and dems will go NUTS, but they CAN’T stop it. Durham will simply state, I cannot under my OATH and in good conscience LET a criminal be inaugurated. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM.

THEN a newly inaugurated, and 100% LEGAL 2nd term of Trump can SYSTEMATICALLY reveal, and prosecute THIS years fraud on TOP of 2016. THAT my friends DRAINS a ENTIRE lake Superior sized part of the swamp.

One thing IS certain. SOMEHING IS happening. Time is SHORT. Is it SHORT for Trump and US or for the CABAL. My bet is ALWAYS on Trump beating them…ALWAYS!

8 thoughts on “Boom Boom Boom Boom.

  1. On New Years they will all be drunk as skunks….

    New Years eve is the 10 days for a pocket veto of the Porkulus Act….

    OH, and Durham can send them to a MILITARY TRIBUNAL.

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  2. Mitch McConnell has made a deal with Chuck Schumer to block a potential Trump veto of the National Defense Authorization Act.

    President Trump has threatened to veto the bill because it allows Big Tech to censor conservatives.
    In the proposed post-Christmas gathering, lawmakers will “process” a veto override, according to McConnell (R-Ky.).

    “In the event that President Trump does elect to veto this bipartisan bill, it appears the House may choose to return after the holidays to set up a vote to consider the veto … In the event that the president has vetoed the bill, and the House has voted to override the veto, the Senate would have the opportunity to process a veto override at that time.”….


    So it looks like we are coming up to ‘The Day’

    The Porkulus Bill and now this have NAILED Mitch’s HIDE to Chyna.

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    1. Well, lets SEE if this was smoke, or LIES. Trump JUST vetoed the Defense bill. I KNOW he is vetoing the spending and Covid bill. Sure does not ACT like a man going ANYWHERE does he.

      Even Wicktor now agrees with me, SOMETHING will happen BEFORE Jan 1. Buckle up!


      1. Or ON NY eve….

        Can you imagine waking up with a terrible hangover to realize that nightmare of getting arrested and hauled off to GITMO was REAL???

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      2. I can’t, but THEY will be able to. Gee, I WONDER if the MSM would even cover it? What would we do if we turned on the TV, and instead of the usual teleprompter readers, LT Smith or CPL Johnson were on telling us all about the raids…It is a DREAM I have.

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