Freudian slip, or prophacy of what is to come?

Recall last week that Trump had a press conference, one in which he said ” more info is coming out in the next two weeks, and it has info that will shock you all”

So I started watching, and making a list. What happened in the last week

  1. The Feds announced that Hunter Biden is under investigation for tax evasion and money laundering.
  2. The feds announced that James Biden is under an investigation for tax fraud and money laundering.

What do these two things have in common? One they involve contributors to the “Big Guy” that Tony Bobalinski told us about, and Two, they most likely invole both the Ukraine and CHINA

3. Eric Swalwell, an avid Trump hating Dem on the House IUntel committee who played major roles in the Russia hoax, the Ukraine farce, and the sham Impeachment, was revealed to have had a Chinese Honeypot working for his office and his campaign, even bundling campaign funding for him. it was MORE than intimated Swalwell had a “special” relationship with the woman, named Christine Fang. CLASSIC Chinese infiltration. Given Swalwells position on the intel committee, AND his HATE of Trump, I would call him COMPROMISED at the least.

4. Good old Dianne Feinstein, sahe of the Senate Judiciary committee, and FORMER member of the Gang of 8 as a ranking member of the Senate Intel committee, who was majorly involved in the original Trump Russia hoax, and had her very OWN Chinese spy in her employ for OVER 20 years, is trying to now step down, and retire due to ” mental inadequacies”. She sure did not ACT inadequate when she GRILLED Judge Amy Coney Barrett in her confirmation hearing just 2 months ago. THAT was a FAST drop off…methinks it has MORE to do with Swalwell and what ELSE is coming in relation to China, Russia, and all the dem hoaxes that tried to take down Trump for 4 years, and NOW are trying to STEAL re-election from him via FRAUD.

5. It is revealed that MAJOR funding for the Facebook vote project, to the tune of 400 MILLION dollars came from..CHINA

6. A video in Chinese begins circulating that details an order for THOUSANDS of Chinese made COUNTERFEIT Mail in ballots. The video even states that the state (unlisted) would supply special paper and ink used to make the ballots. If true, this is a FELONY.

7. Now we have word that a list of 1.95 MILLION Chinese CCP SPIES and infiltrators in FOREIGN countries, govt’s and businesses is being released. The FIRST batch includes 8192 names. There is word that these names include such big US companies as Pfiser and Boeing.

Now, this list. i suspect will only GROW in the next few days. But I find something VERY interesting in the list of Chinese spiues released, especially Pfiser. Trump and a LOT of people were touting the Pfiser Covid 19 vaccine. It is purportedly 95% effective. Trump touts it HERE in this video.


Trump keeps referring to PFISER as FISA. REPEATEDLY. Is this a simple mispronunciation? Is it a FREUDIAN slip?

NO in my book it is a MESSAGE. FISA. as in FISC court, as in Foreign Intelligence Survellience ACT. A FISA iis what the Cabal used on Trump and his associates Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, to SPY on them.

Q told us that FISA’s go BOTH ways.

Q told us NOTHING could STOP what is coming.

Could Trump MEAN that he has had a FISA on China and ALL the US operatives here that both perpetuated the covid 19 farce, AND used it in the election STEAL.

Trump plainly says. ” The FISA vaccine will put an END to the Covid pandemic”. He goes FURTHER to state that “CHINA started the pandemic, but we here in the US will END it.” “Life WILL return to NORMAL”

Now Trump is reading from a teleprompter, and he would NOT call Pfizer FISA 4 straight times. It was NOT an accident, it was a MESSAGE. I think that the “pandemic” and the election fraud are inexerably TIED. I believe that when the election fraud is revealed, so to will ALL of China and their enablers misdeeds, and paramount is the Covid 19 farce that has so greatly impacted us ALL in negative ways.

I could not help but notice that the symbolism, and similarities to the VIRUS and the ELECTION are unmistakeable. ALL roads on BOTH lead to CHINA. And we had an ambitious program to STUDY and DEFEAT the virus, AND the election fraud.

As many of you know, my background is in medical research at a major research facility. I can say with relative CERTAINTY that NO modern vaccine has approached anywhere CLOSE to 95% effectiveness. Remeber that Covid 19 is a Corona virus, the same genus as SARS, H1N1, Swine Flu, and the common cold. WWe have ZERO effective vaccines available to date for ANY of these viruses.

ALL of these viruses are MORE lethal than Covid 19. Yet we NEVER bothered to produce an effective vaccine. In fact the most effective seasonal flu vaccine to date, is ONLY 45% effective. HOW did we GET to a 95% effective vaccine in LESS than NINE months. AIDS, which has similar charistics to Covid 19 has been in the public spherre for 50 years. For 40 years, the same Dr Fauci that is in the Covid fiasco vowed over 40 years ago to produce an AIDS vaccine. Despite 40 years, and HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars spent NO AIDS vaccine has EVER been produced.

SO if we had 40 years to produce an AIDS vaccine, and HUINDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars to do so, and a DECADES since the Swine flu, and a DECADE or more since SARS and H1N1, with BILLIONS more spent, and a couple hundred years and even MORE billions spent on the common cold, and yet we have NO vaccines, or cures available for them. Covid is a THIMBALL in an OCEAN of deaths compared to all the others. Covid’s survival rate is 99.5 %, does NOT effect the young, and ONLY seems to kill sequestered populations of the elderly who ALSO have more than one othe comorbidity.

SOMETHING does not add up here. It is MY belief that Trump is playing opossum here. YES people have died from Covid 19. YES, people have been very ill with Covid 19. BUT, NO WHERE near the HYPE of the initial estimates of 2 million in the US alone DEAD.

Trump KNOWS there are CHEAPER, readily available, and SAFE theraputics available like Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Azithromycin. COLOR me SKEPTICAL on this or ANY vaccine purporting to be more than 50% effective in such a short time, and with such LIMITED funding. 14 Billion is a DROP in the bucket.

I must now ask. With all Trump did for Covid, the BILLIONS of PPE, the THOUSANDS of ventilators, and now the multituder of OVER 90 % effective vaccines, the like of which have NOT been seen since the 1950’s Polio outbreak. Was WARP SPEED something ELSE entirely? Was Warp Speed a COVER?

IMHO YES. See the ONLY way that anyoine could produce not one but SEVERAL 90 plus % effective vaccines was IF they had the COMPLETE sequence of the virus. THAT in itself could have taken more than the 9 months ALONE. Then there is the reverse engineerring of the genome, then there is the finding of WHERE to attack and effectively destroy the virus OR prohibit it from bonding to the human cells, which is INHERENTLY hard to do.

If one believes that Covid was a bioweapon, I happen to, and it was produced at first in North Carolina at UNC, and then outsourced to Wuhan China and their BSL 4 military lab, then one must recognize that it took a DECADE or more to reverse engineer the Bat Corona virus and splice both HIV and SARS proteins to it to make it ABLE to bond to a human cell. One must ALSO then realize, that the ONLY way we COULD have produced a vaccine that is 90 plus effective against a BIO WEAPON, is to have what was produced at the SAME time by the SAME labs in China. The ANTIDOTE. One NEVER creats a WEAPON that one cannot CONTROL from killing YOURSELF as well as the enemy.

I have LONG thought that China has had not ONLY the Virus weapon, but ALSO the ANTIDOTE.

THAT explains WHY the virus was able to travel around an 8000 mile globe, but NEVER made it less than 200 miles to Beijing.

Imagine WHAT else we will learn in the next few weeks!

Now tin foil hat time. What IF China was TASKED to produce this weapon, release it to DESTROY the world and US economy, and have the hype and FEAR of it lead to mail in balklots being used. What IF China provided those mail in ballots and OR the MONEY to perpetuate that fraud. What IF China had LOTS of MSM, politicians, CEOS, State officials, including AG’s and Governors, and people on the ground here on the payroll or COMPOMISED by money, sex, and spies. Would China have provided the ANTIDOTE to those people? Certainly, as THEY cannot become sick. Did anyone notice that virtually NO high profile dem pundit or politician contracted Covid, despite people like Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo being out in public at the TIME covid was active and spreading like wildfire? This DESPITE being in the HIGH risk population of over 70 years old.

Would China via that compromise of the antidote, money, sex, and blackmail have been able to ENSURE complicity in the coming election fraud. ESPECIALLY from politicians AND State officials?

Would China USE its embeded spies to make SURE that the fraud was enacted, AND covered up?

Would China FUND certain orgs like Facebook to PAY for on the ground help?

Would China print FAKE ballots, ship them to compromised states, and ensure they were “rolled in”

Would China ensure through the procurement of controlling interest in a voting machine company called Dominon, throgh a third party company, YEP.

Would China want ASSURANCES that the 2020 election REMOVED a major throne in their side, Donald Trump? YEP

Would they want the results to be manipulated via computer fraud, throught the company they purchased, ballot fraud using ballots they themselves printed, and state and political actors they controlled via blackmail, sex, and money, to ALL make that happen? YEP

There you have it. Call me crazy. THAT is how it ALL ties in. CHINA bought the political assests needed to make the fraud possible.

China provided the virus to make the fraud possible.

China bout the computer voting systems and company to ensure the votes were edited to make the out come possible

China bought, printed, and exported counterfeit ballots in the event the computers failed

China paid Zuckerberg and Facebook millions to pay local like minded people on the ground to roll in the ballots when needed, AND cover it up afterwards in KEY swing areas, cities, and states.

China used their blackmail via embeds on various politicians, Governors, and state officials to COVER UP the fraud by HIDING the evidence, stonewalling exposure, and falsely certifying the fraud.

I also believe that China has compromised MANY judges, lawyers, and court officials to further the cover ups by NOT hearing ANY evidence. It sure would explain the LACK of curiousity, and the non leggal and nonsensical rulings by various state and federal courts without hearing ANY evidence.

China ALSO used their ace in the hole, the owned corporate MSM to coverup, obfuscate, hide, and LIE about the election results, AND the challenges. Falsely perpetuating the narratives that Biden was legit, and inevitable, even FOX.

China had it ALL planned out meticiulously, they WANTED their PUPPET who is MAJORLY compromised himself via his brother and son, and his own dirty dealings. Joe Biden.

Biden would be SOFT, and bought and paid for on China. Trump will CONTINUE dismantling China’s control on America.

China made a series of mistakes.

1. They underestimated Trump and his resolve

2. They assumed Trump (and the military) was NOT watching.

3. They assumed Trump could be coerced to concede BEFORE their fraud was revealed.

4. They underestimated the lengths and tactics that Trump has and WILL employ to reveal and take DOWN China and ALl of their enablers and pawns.

5. They NEVER knew the MASSIVE ammount of voters Trump would get, making the needed ammount of FRAUD WAY more than anticipated, making the FRAUD OBVIOUS to anyone who was aware enough to see it.

China and their pawns bought their own bullshit. They THOUGHT that Trump was NOT popuilar, and it would be EASY to steal, and then force Trump to concede before they were CAUGHT.

China NEVER assumed Trump was SMART enough to be WATCHING, and laying traps of his OWN.

China NEVER thought that we Trump supporters would STAND up and DEFEND Trump.

China was WRONG on all counts.

It WILL cost them and all their minions DEARLY. This was TWO acts of WAR on the Us. One a bio weapon to enable the later fraud, and TWO the election fraud and interference itself.

Trump wrote an EO specifically for the EXACT situation that China perpetuated. It includes ASSET forfeiture in the US and ABROAD fo ALL involved. BYE BYE China debt.

What remains to be seen is WHEN the hammer will drop, and WHAT Trump will do to China, and their minions here. One thing is CERTAIN, It will be MASSIVE, SWIFT, and pervasive when it hits.

My HOPE is all the assests seized from the perps WILL be used to give RELIEF to each and EVERY American that SUFFERED at aLL that China and their minions pulled this year.

What price is peoples lives?

What price is the freedom we lost?

What price is all the destruction, mayhem, and rioting?

What price is all the deaths, despair, emotional distress, worry, and opression caused?

What price is all the homes, jobs, cars, businesses, and general destruction of peoples retirements, bank accounts, and livlihood.

China and their minions must PAY dearly in money, and if need be BLOOD.

Those directly responsib le are guilty of treason, and MUST pay the ultimate price, including the CCP who have committed WAR CRIMES against humanity.

I think Warp Speed was more about finding the PROVIDENCE of Covid 19, than it EVER was about a vaccine.

China and their minions ROBBED everyone of an entire YEAR of their lives. They MUST and WILL pay, if for no other reason than so this will NJEVER EVER be attempted AGAIN.

The next few weeks, if I am right will reveal MORE shocks, and MORE takedowns, the flipping of a fraud, and finally JUSTICE harsh and COLD to the people that robbed us ALL.

God Bless America. We have not seen days like this since Pearl Harbor, and maybe even the Civil and Revolutionary Wars. Watershed moments. Decisions by strong leaders saved us then, as will Trumps decisions in the next few weeks. It will NOT be easy, these people will NOT give up without a fight. They MUST be totally defeated, or the grand experiment in FREEDOM that is America, the LAST bastion of freedom and peace in the world, and the greatest source of good will be forever diminished, or destroyed.

The torch of liberty MUST be passed on, it cannot be allowed to burn out. HARD choices ahead. Thomas Jefferson once famously said. “The tree of liberty MUST be fertilized from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots.

Patrick Henry once said “give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH”

Benjamin Franklin once said to the question of what kind og government should the UY have, : Arepublic, IF you can keep it”

Finally Ronald Reagan once said ” Freedom is never FREE, and never more than one generation away from extinction, it MUST be FOUGHT for. “

Reagan ALSO compared America to a shining city on the hill, a BEACONJ to the world of FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

Great men ALl. Many more great menb and women DIED to make us and KEEP us free. Let not their SACRIFICE be for NAUGHT. Time to STAND UP. PICK A SIDE. Defend America if NOT for yourself, for your children, and your children’s children to time immorial.

13 thoughts on “Freudian slip, or prophacy of what is to come?

  1. You are echoing my thoughts Prog.

    My only question is WILL POTUS OUT CHYNA and her minions like UNC. Releasing a bio-weapon was AN ACT OF WAR!

    However I do not want to see us in another war so I think an ECONOMIC WAR is the better bet.

    IFFFfff the USA/Trump PROVES China released a bio-weapon AND seeded various countries with spies, I think the world wide up roar will force China to lose ALL OVERSEAS ASSETS including the CCP members seeded around the world. Think of ALL the African and Latin American countries that have gotten entangled in the ‘Belt and Road’ SCAM. Wouldn’t the entire world love to tell China, take your ‘debt Contracts’ and shove them where the sun don’t shine?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yes, and the ECONOMIC sanctions from that and the election interference EO will DEVISTATE China, and WIPE our Chinese debt. Trump will DARE Xi to stop it…trust me, China wants NOTHING to do with our REAL military. Thier smoke and mirror military would ONLY make good TARGET practice.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Excellent article, Rex! I’ve been scratching my head the last few weeks wondering why POTUS keeps touting this vaccine, when most of us DON’T want to take it, and an awful lot of medical professionals are sounding the alarm about it. I hope you are right or I’m still confused. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Missing in your very excellent essay PRex is any mention of the Cabal…………….. the NWO, the Globalists.

    China’s Rise was instigated by the Cabal, and it began not one decade ago but at least two and probably close to three. And the infiltration began with American Pols and tools like Bill Gates and George Soros.

    I have believed since the beginning of “Covid” the hoax that UNC was the site of its development as you have pointed out.

    The monies that have flowed to American politicians etc. has probably come from the Cabal THROUGH China…

    My ol’ brain has been in “sleep” mode for a couple of weeks now and it’s late……………. there’s much more I would like to say about this past year in particular… another time perhaps.

    I appreciate your time and effort in bringing your writings to us… you are very informed. Please continue to share with us.

    POTUS has four years to destroy their “system” that has enslaved humanity for so long. We must do more to support him… financially and emotionally, and most of all, by standing up to this tyranny. No more masks, no more loss of our freedoms. Time for peeps to STAND, take a side… hopefully the right one.

    IIRC, at least one of the 13 ‘families’ of the Cabal is Asian. Gail probably knows for sure.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. TY for the kind words, I try to be insightful! Yes Bill Clinton SOLD the lincoln bedroom in the WH to some Chinese lobbyist. The Cabal is not specifically mentioned, but i did IMPLY them. Fauci was the one that GAVE UNC, AND WUHAN their grant monies to study Covid. Dr Doom as I call him is up to his eyebrows in this. After all the events of today, I believe I am right, ALL MAGA business, which INCLUDES Covid is coming DUE…TIME to pay the CHECK.

      Liked by 4 people

    2. Indeed PR, the Cabal is behind the rise of China as well as Soviet Russia and the rise of world wide communism…all as a means of subjugating the world population.
      A great piece of scholarship that covers the skullduggery of JD Rockefeller & his spawn…Rothschilds & the rest of the banking families as well as the likes of Cecil Rhodes, was published last year:
      “Killing the Planet: How a Financial Cartel Doomed Mankind”
      by Rodney Howard-Browne and Paul L Williams
      So much of modern human suffering…world wars, world drug trade, health / pharmaceutical debacles & more is well documented. “Encyclopedic” is an appropriate description. One other important detail for me is that the authors are motivated by their faith.
      They effectively depict what Qtree followers already know…we are in the fight for our lives.
      The two authors just released a new book in July that I have not yet read:
      “The Phantom Virus – How An Unseen Enemy Shut Down the Planet”

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  4. Remember, Trump is German by blood. He’s pronouncing it the German way. It’s entirely correct the way he’s pronouncing it. He may still be using it as a double entendre, but he’s not mispronouncing it.

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    1. Dad’s Mom and Dad were German and German was spoken in the home and even in school yet Dad, who was a NYC native like POTUS had ZERO German accent. None of his brothers and sisters had one either.

      ALSO unlike Dad, who was the offspring of TWO German immigrants, POTUS had a Scottish Mom. Mary-Anne Macleod Trump was a Scottish immigrant to America seeking work as a Domestic, just as my Grandma did. On top of that POTUS spent five years in a military boarding school thru jr high and high school.

      SO your suggestion is a long shot.

      BTW my Dad, when we visited German relatives in Germany just after I graduated college, could not remember one word of German!

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  5. interesting read Rex!
    I too am intrigued by Operation Warp Speed…
    I’ve questioned a vaccine produced in under a year having a 95% effective rate when we haven’t had that kind of success rate with the regular flu. I think POTUS pushed for that for the people who will not feel safe without one…the rest of us can go without one.

    Liked by 1 person

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