Checkmate coming

Folks,  ALL of this “Russian Dossier” was to spy on Trump, put out enough dirt they found to keep him from being POTUS, One MAJOR problem. They did NOT find any dirt. So, like good little Communists, BHO and his Cabal MANUFACTURED the APPEARANCE of dirt or “smoke” . There are several problems with that FUBAR initiative. One it is unethical (they did not give a flying f about ethics) to “spy” or insert spies into an opposition candidate.

Two, and the BIGGER problem. It is ILLEGAL to use the powers of not only the FBI, and US Intel agencies, BUT ALSO foreign entities to gather info through us intelligence apparatus IE surveillance on AMERICAN citizens. (remember all the unmasking going on?)  Then to COMPOUND what they did, to try and make it look “legal” they came up with that bogus 3rd grade “dossier” to try and legitimize all the surveillance they were doing through “contractor” about queries in the US database on EVERYONE even mildly associated with Donald Trump.

Then they use the phony dossier, spread in different tidbits to different agencies (state, DOJ, FBI, CIA briefings) , to make it look legitimate to gain a legitimate FISA warrant to try and back justify all their spying efforts both domestic AND foreign. They used fabricated fraudulent info and tactics (media reports and circular reporting) to persuade the court after a first attempt had failed. That my friends goes BEYOND sedition to treason. They also disseminated their phony propaganda through a network of biased complicit MSM (by Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele himself)…also at LEAST sedition if not treason.

Lastly, they have used all the above plus the media and select members of BOTH the Democrat (Warner, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, and others) and Republican establishment(Ryan, Flake, McCain, Corker) in various House and Senate committees, senior members of the DOJ (Lynch, Page, Baker, Bruce Ohr, Rod Rosenstein), FBI (Comey, McCabe, Stryk), State dept(Kerry), CIA (Brennan) AND most importantly the MSM  (see ANY CNN or MSNBC segment, WAPO and NY TIMES, Bloomberg, Axios, etc) to COVER UP their whole scheme through both either fake news, distorted news, or even worse omission. That may be their worst betrayal of all.
Now, what we are seeing is the mis info prep for the end game. This NY times and the WAPO pieces are designed to try and provide both plausible deniability to the Cabal AND a plausible “scenario” as a cover for the cover. They are so F*CKED it isn’t even funny.

They have told SO many lies, to SO many different people, they can’t unravel the knot they will soon find themselves in. Now, no matter how much more they try to make Trump look bad, and them look legit, people realize that it was ALL a lie, and they are CAUGHT.

Mueller was nothing more than a clean up op after their Coup failed and was exposed.  His job was to try and incriminate the ancillary principles of the Trump investigation (Papandopolous, Manafort, Flynn, and Carter Page.  ANY attempt to end the farce before conclusion was to be played as obstruction of “justice” by Trump.

They found NOTHING.  Not even after they SHREDDED attorney client privilege by searching and confiscating Michael Cohen’s records.  They they tried through SDNY to implicate Trump in Cohen’s misdeeds. (tax evasion)  They forced Cohen to “flip” and “compose”  Only one problem, Cohen had, has, and never will have any credibility.  He is a convicted LIAR.  No one believes him now, we all know he is “singing” to save his own ass.  Despite ALL this, the Cabal FAILED to get ANY real dirt on Trump, his family, his business, or his associates.  Now, they realize the “jig” is almost up. Mueller failed, ALL they have left is a futile attempt at impeachment. They WILL try it, and it will fail and only make it WORSE for them…everyone who signs off on impeachment using this garbage is complicit in the coup IMHO.

All this was to protect NOT HRC, but BHO. BHO wanted his legacy saved, and with HRC it would have been. He knew “crooked Hillary” would happily join in the cover up as long as SHE benefited.  He did EVERYTHING he could to stop Trump. From illegal unmasking of United States citizens (Susan Rice and Samantha Power), to illegal surveillance of Trump tower, to setting up Michael Flynn to planting several spies into the Trump camp (most probably by a combination of Brennan and Clapper), to trying to entrap Trump campaign members Papadapolous, Flynn, Manafort and Donald Trump Jr. (the Trump tower meeting with Don Jr. and the Russian honeypot who was recently indicted)  The Constitution , laws, and protocol be damned. HRC is merely complicit, She only funded the Op research of the Steele “dossier”. BHO is the head of this snake. He is the one who used, prostituted, and signed off on using the broad intel powers to try and utilize the garbage “dossier” to prohibit or OUST Trump after the election. That is why this has all taken so long, they are trying to cut the head of the snake OFF.

The irony is the MORE they try and cover up and make excuses for BHO’s and his minions actions, the MORE guilty and the brighter the spotlight on HIM becomes. He was after all the boss. He knew, he authorized, and he condoned IT ALL. He is GUILTY. That is what all the cover up has been to PROTECT BHO at all costs for his attempted soft coup de tat on a duly elected President.

The proof lies in the still classified PDB, Lisa Page and Peter Stryzk texts, the FISA apps, and the 302’s of Michael Flynn. I believe with ALL my heart that Sessions KNEW, and was too weak to do what MUST be done…indict a former President and his senior admin for TREASON. It was simply historically too big for Sessions. He did NOT have it in him. Does that make him too complicit? perhaps. But, someone WILL take this mantle.

Rest assured that Trump KNOWS, and so do other white hats. It WILL ALL come out, it has to. They tried to “get” Trump before he could reveal their coup, they failed, they THINK they still can get him, they CAN’T. He has them. Once they play impeachment, he WILL drop the hammer. Muller will look at BEST like a fool and at worst as a co-conspirator.

BHO’s sycophants were merely following orders that HE laid out (Crossfire Hurricane). I believe HE is also in with both feet on the cover up. He MUST pay. He should hang, but the optics would be too painful. SO he MUST instead see life in prison. He violated not only the Constitution, but also the rules of law. He abused both his powers and the public trust. He violated his sacred oath to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign, AND domestic. He himself WAS the enemy.

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