The Coup de tat

They HAD to remove Flynn at all costs. do not think for ONE minute that CBS and their reporters were not IN ON THIS. Too convenient, and NO ONE mentions that it was their report of what Pence said that was used to put Flynn in a box.
The “conspiracy theorist” in me postulates this: What if it was NOT Flynn who was the target of the initial setup. What if it was PENCE. Think about it. If Flynn had told the whole truth and said “yeah I spoke to Kislyak, about it, what of it, it is normal procedure, the VP was mistaken.” Then McCabe and the Cabal would have went after Pence for lying. You KNOW that Pence was also bugged, no telling what they might have had on him. It was a catch 22, someone was going to be sacrificed. Rather to give up Flynn than Pence.
This was a coup folks, plain and simple. IMHO their plan was to trap and remove Trump AND Pence. Who then was next in the line of succession? That’s right, Mr RINO himself Paul Ryan. Ryan KNEW, he had to, he is a member of the gang of eight.
If my theory is right, that is why Ryan fought against Trump the whole way. he thought HE was going to be installed as POTUS when Trump AND Pence were impeached. Maxine Watters even SAID as much, (Pence will be impeached too)and even though she is bat shit crazy, her loose lips spill out details often like Obama’s database on everyone.

This explains A LOT. Ryan was complicit as were the other members of the gang of eight. They committed treason when they asked Coats and the intelligence agencies to WITHHOLD classified info from Trump. They even brazenly put it in a signed memo.
So there you have it a coup de tat in our time. Now you know why the DOJ is so damn against releasing ANY of this to the public. It is a coup involving the Cabal AND senior members of Congress to OVERTURN a legitimate election. The SOTH was complicit and fought Trump and the agenda the whole way along with the uniparty. They thought Trump and Pence would BOTH be gone by now, and we could get back to business (globalism) as usual with a president Ryan. That is what Nunez found out, that is what they are hiding,that is what Trump and others know, and THAT is why Ryan “resigned” and “sabotaged the House for the midterms.” WHOA.

They were trying to set up Pence who had interviewed the day before with CBS and said NO ONE had any contact with the Russians. This was a coup de tat. ” the insurance policy”  They were bugging EVERYONE from Trump on down. There were trying to use Flynn AGAINST Pence, and when Flynn “lied” They used Pence against Flynn. Flynn fell on the sword to protect Pence and stop the coup. They were going to impeach BOTH Trump and Pence for “lying” to the FBI. (Pence WOULD have been the next “interview” if Flynn had contradicted the CBS interview and said Pence was mistaken, BET on it.

Think guys, they used the EXACT tactic to get Sessions to “recuse” Thereby installing RR. This was a WELL thought out calculated plan. Surveil EVERYONE. Use the media to get people “on the record” then use the bug tapes and media interviews to help set up perjury traps to EVERYONE. The used it on Sessions, Flynn, Pence, and Trump.
When Flynn fell on the sword to protect Pence, he had to be eliminated to prolong the coup. Flynn, being DNI, WOULD have discovered their plot and put an end to them as soon as he did.

One problem, the 302 from Polentka EXONERATED Flynn by saying he did NOT believe Flynn lied. Polentka WAS NOT in the coup, he was collateral in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was just a good guy. Stryzk WAS the coup member. When he read Polentka’s exoneration, that would NEVER do. Their plans WOULD be exposed. So, ergo, Stryzk FORGED the 302 submitted to McCabe, who then APPROVED it because HE was in the coup too

Mueller found out something fishy from the IG (probably Poletka’s conscience was bothering him and he went to the IG because he figured the “fix was in at the top with Comey, Yates, and McCabe. He didn’t know who to trust.) Mueller then was confronted by the IG, interviewed Stryzk, and then fired him. Mueller provided all the subsequent ammo to the IG, so Stryzk would be the fall guy. Stryzk was fired, McCabe was fired, and Mueller APPEARED to be the “good guy” for outing them. One problem, Mueller is in on the Coup too, and a mistake was made when the WRONG 302 was used on Flynn. Mueller KNOWS it. He knows that the real 302 will completely exonerate Flynn, and cast some VERY bright sunshine on the Cabal and their coup.

Mueller has fought Flynn sentencing from DAY ONE. Almost EIGHT months!  WHY? He knows it was based on deceit, FRAUD, and subterfuge. A FEDERAL judge was “recused” cause “someone” outted this crap, people forget that. This coup attempt was broad and multi faceted. It involved Congress uniparty, gang of eight, at least one federal judge, almost the entirety of the DOJ brass, a LOT of the media, and several ex Obama admin officials including Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Powers, Rhodes, Yates, Lynch, Comey, and Obama himself, not forgetting the Clinton’s and their ilk.

It is the ONLY thing that explains all the redactions, secrecy, lying, stalling, and PANIC.
they were found out folks, probably by Rodgers. He informed Trump, and Trump through a “back channel” ( I can’t remember they guys name) gave it to Nunez. Nunez was so shocked, he looked like someone shot his dog. He went straight out and reported what he had found to the media, and then Schiff (also a cabalist) had him “removed” for FOUR months for “ethics complaints” This allowed the Cabal TIME to regroup and time to plan other routes (Stormy) to try and attack Trump on other fronts, all the while continuing the “Russia” Coup attempt.

It is ALL slowly coming out, it is ALL bad for the Cabal, and they and their sycophants are in total PANIC about it. They KNOW Trump has the declass high card. They know he is going to use it, and they know there are some going to PRISON once he dose, some may HANG.

That, explains the new Cohen angle through SDNY. A ‘hail Mary” to try and get Trump or one of his family BEFORE on campaign finance or some other crap before he can drop the hammer. Too late. This WILL be in the history books folks. The Coup de tat in OUR country. Pulitzers and Oscars for books and movies that will be told to the future generations. Statues, plaques, and memorials to the victors. Infamy, prison, and perhaps DEATH,  to the losers. What a time to be alive and “woke”  This shit should give EVERYONE pause, heartburn, and trepidation.  All to protect HRC, Obama, and the Cabal, ALL to retain power at ALL costs.  These people are EVIL, SICK, and diabolical.  Thank God for Trump, a lesser man would have folded.  Trump is “all in”  FOR US.  May God bless and protect him and his family.


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