Tick Tock

I agree with MOST of what Sundance from the Conservative Tree house said About Trump using the FISA document Declassification as leverage over the deep state Cabal. I have basically been espousing the same. Some things I do not,  Sundance speculates that Trump would be willing to lose in 2020 to achieve MAGA, I do not agree on 2020. Trump knows he MUST win in 2020 to shore up all he has accomplished in the past two years. He will use the declassification as leverage over ALL his enemies both foreign and domestic. However, circumstance may dictate that he HAS to use some of his leverage soon. If the Cabal persist in the resistance, try and Impeach him, sabotage, or hamstring his economic, trade, and foreign policy then he MUST bring down Thor’s hammer upon them AND their MSM sycophants that have both enabled, promoted, and propped up the Cabal and the Russia “narrative”.

My belief is Trump is waiting for Mueller to spend the last of his “ammo” before releasing. Trump doesn’t have to release EVERYTHING at once. He could selectively release just info info to destroy key parts of the Cabal like Mueller and Schiff, while saving others like the five eyes “allies” for when it was most expedient or as Sundance says, get what he wants from them.

He can expose the DOJ in RR, Page, Strzok, and Comey without exposing Obama or Clinton. He can spread out the leverage over time, using pieces when they are the most damaging to the opponent. Knowing Trump and his like, he won’t shoot all his ammo at once and then risk being “empty” when the inevitable counter attack occurs…be it fake news or not. Trump is a master at having his opponents out themselves and subject themselves to maximum risk by getting them ANGRY and careless. How many have underestimated him? LOTS. Trump KNOWS they want his head, and he uses it against them constantly.

Trump knows they will over reach, and get way out over their skis. He is COUNTING on it. Their own rage and egos don’t allow them to see the trap Trump has them in. When one member of the Cabal over reaches, and is way over exposed, THAT is when Trump will strike, always holding more back just in the event that it is needed.

I believe the “rift” over the declass has come from people being impatient for “justice” being served to the Cabal. Because all has not been blown up and the Cabal not punished YET, people think it will NEVER happen. They could not be further from the reality. Trump could have used all his leverage before the mid terms, and possibly saved the House. To what ends? McCarthy is Ryan lite. A Rep civil war only aids the Dems and the Cabal.

Better to have Pelosi as a foil. She will spout nonsense, and definitely get out over her skis. She is one of the ones with the MOST to loose. She is after all a gang of 8 member. She knows well what the Cabal has done, and how they all have tried to institute a coup. Trump can use MASSIVE leverage on her now. He can show her HER name in the ledger so to speak. He can use it to GET the wall. IF the Reps had the majority, they could have played the same ole uniparty shuffle.

Trump is FAR smarter and politically savy than anyone of the Cabal give him credit for. That will be their demise. Once his agendas have been met, (the economy and trade are stable, the wall built, and immigration fixed, China and Iran neutered permanently, and the middle class rescued.), and the agenda “anchored” so some future Dem cannot simply EO it out of existence (that is WHY 2020 is so important, and VITAL that Trump is re-elected), THEN Trump can use the full Docs to decimate what is left of the Cabal…PERMANENTLY.

Make no mistake, the Cabal, including HRC, Obama, and his sycophants WILL pay, and WILL be brought to justice. Trump will NOT let them off the hook. Right now, he is “sweating” them. Soon some will think he is cowed or bluffing, and get exposed, he will then selectively CRUSH them as an example. THEN he will have even MORE leverage on the rest of the Cabal to get MAGA. Someone soon will be the Guinea pig, the only question is who will it be. It has to SUCK to be a member of the Cabal now…never knowing just how much risk you have, and when the “reaper” will come, but knowing in the end…he will.

They all know, no matter how much they bluster, that they are FUBAR. They all KNOW Mueller is ending and he found NOTHING. They all KNOW that the MSM can’t save them, and they will turn on them at the drop of a hat to try and save themselves and their “credibility”. The Guardian tried to “help” prop up Mueller the other day, and now are smashed.

Mueller is flailing trying to get ANYONE to save him and give him ANYTHING on Trump. There simply isn’t any info to give, at least not from the ones he has. Manafort, Corsi, and Stone all KNOW Mueller is tapped, and they know he has lost leverage over them. They know they will either have their “convictions” overturned, be made null, or pardoned by Trump. Therefore they don’t have to “play ball”. Mueller knows too. He knows he is now leashed, AND being watched by Whitaker. He knows he has only a few moves left, and one of them will nuke him (Flynn). He will write his report, and it will be innuendo, smoke, and plausibles, but in the end be found “wanting”.
He KNOWS Trump can release a few lines in the Declass to completely blow up and incriminate RR and himself. He has maximum exposure, and he KNOWS the Cabal will abandon him like last weeks Romaine lettuce if he fails to deliver. Mueller knows it will be HIS head in the noose, with NO ONE to save him, he has NO cover, hence the flailing. Mueller may very well be Trumps “pigeon” an example to be used against the rest. Soon, things will happen, and it will be glorious for us, and VERY bad for the Cabal. Tick Tock.


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