A contrast of epic proportions

Obama trashed Trumps policies because they are anti-Obama. IE Trump is America and AMERICANS first, Obama was Globalist and illegals first. Obama was wealth redistribution, socialism, and high taxes and deficit spending, and burdonsome excessive regulations on the backs of Main St while he and his Wall St buddies got rich. Trump is about tax cuts for the middle class, lower taxes for business, controlled Govt spending, less regulations, and Nationalism.

Obama was for food stamps, Govt assistance, and Govt dependency for all (except the elite) Free stuff for all we will pay for it later. Trump is for PERSONAL accountability, less Govt dependency, and making it easier for people to get a job and LIFT themselves out of dependency. Trump wants to LIMIT the free stuff for all and make people ABLE to get stuff by the sweat of their own brow.

Obama was for jobs outsourcing jobs to Mexico, Canada, or ANYWHERE else in the world but HERE. He was pro TPP, pro NAFTA, and pro Paris accord…ALL job and economy killers for the US. Trump is America first. Made in America, buy American, and hire American. Trup wants us to make most if not ALL of our goods and services HERE. No TPP, no more NAFTA, and definitely no Paris accord (thank God).

Obama was pro free trade, as long as WE got screwed (and HE and his buddies got rich). Trump is about free trade, provided it is EQUAL and reciprocal. He will use Tariffs to end the screwing we have been taking, and level the playing field. Just the threats have ALREADY worked, see the USMCA, EU deal, etc.

Obama was a USA apologist, he hated America, and what she stood for, he apologized to the world for all the “atrocities” America had supposedly committed. Trump BELIEVES in America, Americans, and American exceptionalism. He will NEVER apologize for America being the greatest country in the history of the Earth He WILL defend America against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. Trump is a Patriot, Obama was and is at least a Seditionist, if not a flat out TRAITOR.

Obama allowed anyone and EVERYONE in our borders, without vetting, to try and destabilize our heritage, economy, and culture. Trump WILL protect our borders, WILL build the wall (is but slowly) and WILL fight to vet all immigrants, so as to NOT destabilize our culture, heritage, or economy. Obama wanted us energy dependent on foreign countries, most NOT friendly to us. He closed TPP, Anwar, off shore drilling, and Dakota Access, all crippling Americas energy sectors. He cause coal mines to close, and would not allow exploiting of another abundant American resource, LNG. He invested in fruitless “alternative energy sources like wind and solar, all high cost low yield boondoggles, He cost people, communities, and cities jobs, money, and in some cases, their very existence. He did not care if we the people suffered the burdens of higher fuel, heating, and transportation of goods costs. He didn’t care he DESTRYOED communities. He didn’t pay for ANY of that, we did. He and his “wife” traveled anywhere and everywhere often on OUR dime, eating Kobe beef, throwing lavish parties, and drinking expensive liquor and wine. Trump WANTS us energy INDEPENDENT. He opened TPP, Dakota Access, Anwar, and off shore drilling. He reinvigorated the coal AND steel industries (Steel industries depend on coal, and coke a coal derivative to function.) He invested in LNG and we began EXPORTING it. Trump brought BACK jobs, communities, and cities that most thought were gone forever. Our energy sector is BOOMING. We are now the worlds leading exporter of BOTH crude oil and LNG (a fact NEVER mentioned by the MSM). Fuel and heating costs are lower and stable, as is the transportation costs. Ever see just how many SEMIs are on the road now? It is because they are BUSY, effective, and CHEAP to ship. We now MAKE money from energy, instead of wasting it on low yield solar and wind.

Obama left the world a dumpster fire, and HE was the gasoline. NK, Iran, Russia, ISIS, Syria, AL Queda, Lybia, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, you name it, he and his administration and their policies and rules f*cked it up…BIGLY. Americas foes were rewarded by 10’s of billions in questionable funds, bogus “treaties”, a turned head on their anti American actions, apathy, odd and ineffectual AND dangerous rules of engagement. Obama did ALL he could to weaken the Us foreign policy AND our military. He cost America and Americans, blood, treasure, lives, and reputation. He fired senior military officers who dared question these policies, he eliminated hundreds of officers from colonel to Major. His sequester allowed Americas Air force, Army, and Navy to dwindle in equipment, size, and ability to project force where needed. The military had to SCAVENGE ‘bone yards’ to keep equipment functioning. We didn’t build any new equipment either, he decommissioned dozens of Navy ships. He made our military, weak, ineffectual, smaller, and complacent, right where he wanted it. Trump has historically reigned in NK, we may even be on the way to PEACE after 70 years. He had our soldiers remains returned, NK commit to denuclearization, and STOP firing missles at our allies Japan, Taiwan, and Guam. It didn’t cost us a single penny to do it, THAT is diplomacy. If Trump did NOTHING else that would have been more than Obama, but wait, it gets BETTER. He ended the “treaty” with Iran, reinstated and toughened the previous sanctions Obama removed, stopped giving foreign enemies aid, suctioned Russia for their misbehavior, stabilized the war in Afghanistan, ended the atrocities and escalation in Syria, DESTROYED ISIS, rekindled our relationships with allies like Poland, Hungary, UK, and Israel. He made NATO members pay their FULL share for the first time in decades. He put the EU and Germany on notice about “migration”. He founded new allies in KSA, Jordan, Egypt, and UAE. Together, they have helped to reign in terrorism, and terrorists organizations like Al Queda.

Forget the Kashoggi “incident” that was a set up by Turkey and people who ARE NOT our friends. They are trying VERY hard to destabilize our alliance with KSA and MBS. It didn’t work. It Can’t. Trump has BIGGER plans like PEACE in Israel, and the Mideast. KSA is too important to that goal. The Globalists know it, and tried HARD to paint this Kashoggi as a simple “journalist” who was brutally murdered. In REALITY Kashoggi was a CIA asset, a member of the Muslim brotherhood, and a Saudi dissident. He was NOT our friend, even if he wrote op eds for WAPO. Do we condone murder? No, but my bet is it was a setup to damage MBS.

Trump has rebuilt our Military buy securing nearly 1.5 Trilion dollars in spending. He has eliminated the lawyers from our rules of engagement, and put command BACK in the hands of the commanders. We are becoming lean and mean again. We are commissioning NEW ships, and planes, fleets of them. We no longer scavenge spare parts to keep things going. We are building bigger, better, smarter weapons again. Trump is revamping our nuclear capabilities. Trump has also had the foresight to create a military for the next frontier…SPACE. America’s military is BACK, we are once more a force for good that NO ONE wants to challenge.

Obama through his policies and either incompetence or disdain weakened, divided, and almost destroyed America as we know it. Trump has taken a blowtorch to Obama’s legacy. Trump sees GDP’s of 3-5 in our future, Obama NEVER got to 3. 1-2 was his new “norm” Trump strengthened our economy, our allies, our border, our, military, our rule of law, and our future. Obama tried to destroy all that and more. Obama downed America and Americans. He divided us among race, color, creed, religion, and social standing. Trump is lifting ALL Americans up. Despite what the MSM will tell you, Trump has tried to UNITE America and Americans. He is NOT racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, or anti-Semitic. All one needs to do is look at the unemployment at historical lows for Blacks, women, Asians, and Hispanics to see that Trump is a NATIONALIST, and NOT a “white” Nationalist. Don’t believe the propaganda. Trump has done more for minority Americans than ANY President in at least 40 years. Contrast the black unemployment at its BEST under Obama was somewhere between 11-15%. Under Trump it is sub SIX PERCENT!

The media fawned over Obama, let him ramble, lie, obfuscate, embellish, and mumble, while giving his teleprompter “speeches” and press “conferences” with never a question or harsh word. Trump and the people in his family, and administration have been subjected to the most vile, abusive, petulant, rude, and abhorrent treatment imaginable by the press. He has been called a dictator, Hitler, Nazi, racist, misogynist, bigot, tyrant and traitor…ALL by the media. Trump, his family, his business, his friends, and his administration have been under constant harassment and investigation by EVERY media outlet, government agency, private investigators, law enforcement agencies, state agencies, and Congress (mostly Dems but a few RINOS and never Trumpers too). He has had to fight, berate, and DRAG his own party to the MAGA agenda.

Obama, was given a free pass by the media. He was NEVER fully vetted, even though he had numerous questionable allies including domestic terrorists, Socialists, and even Communists. He dares call Trump a racist when he sat in the pew of the most vile bigoted, racist anti-white, anti American pastor and “church” for DECADES. People fawned over Obama, even when he screwed up, read the wrong speech, stuttered, became angry, obfuscated, and LIED flat out. he was NEVER questioned, EVER. Do you think that someone could do what Jim the Acoster has done to Trump and Sanders to Obama, and his press Secretary? No way, that would be disrespectful and RACIST. Anyone who did would have been barred if not tarred and feathered, at least their career would be over, Decent was not allowed.

Obama had his party and the RINOS in lock step with whatever he wanted to do no matter how illegal, stupid, dangerous, or un Constitutional. He blatantly flaunted his phone as his pen to make law by fiat, circumventing both Congress and the will of the people. totally unquestioned, and unchallenged. He issued “proclamations like DACA, DAPA,  trangender bathrooms, and trangenders in the Military. He used his DOJ to intimidate people and organizations into compliance by suing and threats of suing.  He used His IRS to harass, fine, and torture conservatives and their orgs.  He investigated and bugged reporters, citizens, and Congress.  He is the walking epitome of abuse of power.  Trumps DOJ has been AWOL at best and traitorous at worst.  All he has accomplished is in SPITE of the Cabal, the courts, the Dems, and the RINOS. Trump has been hamstrung by his government, not assisted.

Trump was a scholar and an athlete at the Warton school of business, the New York Military Academy, and Penn. Obama was a drug addled anti American dissident at Harvard. we do not know if he was a scholar, as he sealed his records to prevent us seeing them. He claimed to be a “good” basketball plyer, but I once watched him miss 26 STRAIGHT 15′ “jump” shots. His game was weaker than my 11 year old grandson, and he doesn’t PLAY basketball

In closing, and so sorry for the length. Obama will be reviled in history, a footnote of the first anti American President (not his race , religion, or skin color). Trump will be featured and honored as the man who despite all odds, and against a cabal of globalists, RINOS, never Trumpers, MSM antagonists, and foreign enemies, Made America great again! Trump will wind up in a monument like Rushmore, Obama will be consigned to the dust heap, an example of what NOT to ever let happen here again. Obama KNOWS this and everything I wrote. He KNOWS Trump is his antidote, his kryptonite. he KNOWS Trump is succeeding in undoing his damage. He KNOWS soon his “legacy” will be an asterisk. That is why he is pissed and acting out.

He has Trump penis envy. Trump will be everything Obama wanted to believe he was. Obama got rich while in the White House, VERY rich.  Trump has only LOST money, had to give up his business interests, and endure all the punishment from the Cabal and their sycophants…all for ONE DOLLAR. .  Trump is a winner, Obama is a looser, a sore looser, a childish petulant abomination of a sore looser.It is that simple!


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