The Art of the Deal on Display

Trump in yesterdays presser was Brilliant!

First I have to comment on the Acosta incident and CNN and others defense of him.


CNN wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them. Slowed down or not, you can CLEARLY see the interns whole shoulder twist as Acosta pushes her hand away. That is the definition of assault. Acosta should be lucky he only had his credentials suspended, he could face charges.

All this by the most propagandized “news” outlet in the US. Anyone remember the false accusations against Corey Lewandowski? Then Trump posted the video which clearly showed it was BS. There was much less contact by Lewandowski in Mar a Lago than Acosta yesterday, and they all wanted Corey FIRED. Why isn’t CNN firing or suspending Acosta? Why are they defending him? The media lambasted that video too as “edited” Wasn’t it CNN that got caught with some “creative” camera shots in New Orleans, and Houston? Wasn’t it CNN who got who got caught FAKING a Gulf War bombing at their “hotel” (which was actually a studio).

Now on to Trumps Brilliance

This press conference yesterday was BRILLIANT by Trump. He did not spin anything, laid it all out in facts, and then offered an olive branch of bipartisanship, which the media quickly broke and stomped on. Trump KNEW they would. He WANTED them too, and they happily obliged.

Now the whole world saw them for what they are rabid petulant partisan childish bullies. I have a question, do winners act like that? NO. I thought they just won this major blue wave victory? That wasn’t gloating, that was attacking. Why if they had just won? Because they know they DIDN’T win, and they were PISSED about it.

Trump let their own anger for him and US show for the whole WORLD to see. They know that even though they “won” they are screwed. Why? How? Because they now have to PRODUCE and legislate, and they CAN’T. Without the massive blue wave in the house and without the Senate, they know they can’t pass ANY legislation that Trump doesn’t like, and that doesn’t help MAGA. He will VETO it.

If they somehow get enough votes in the House to override the Veto, (highly unlikely they get 2/3 with a 11 seat majority) what ever it is will DIE in the Senate. They HAVE to compromise. They HAVE to deal with Trump, a man they have spent 3 years trying to destroy. Think he is going to make it easy on them? No. He has ALL the leverage now. He can, and WILL make them the bad guys who are stalling MAGA.

He is doing what winners do, taking lemons and making it to his advantage as lemonade. He will get more done than people think, MAYBE even more done legislatively than he did with RINO Ryan. How, because he could not use his own party as the enemy, he CAN and WILL with Pelosi.

But, you say, they will impeach him and investigate him and his Admin to death. No they won’t, they CAN’T impeach him (they can, but he wont be convicted in the Senate, so it would be political suicide to try.) He let the cat out of the bag yesterday as to what he would do to them if they tried to harass him or his Admin through Suponea, he will do the same to them by using the newly MAGA’d Lindsey Graham.

They DO NOT want that, their real crimes will be exposed, and people will be indicted. They may saber rattle, and even a couple may try it. They will quickly get nuked by reciprocal actions. See, it is just like Reagan did to the Soviets, MAD. Mutually Assured Destruction. It worked, the Soviets capitulated. It will work on the Dems too. They have FAR more to lose as Trump did nothing wrong and they KNOW it.

They have done MANY crimes, Trump knows it, has evidence of it, and WILL use it if necessary. Plus he has two more aces now. 1. declassification, that fully exposes the Dems and their crimes. 2 the new AG. Without Sessions and RR as a block, the Mueller hoax is over, and as an added bonus, we will finally get justice in the form of indictments against those who perpetuated the fraud.

Pelosi and Schiff KNOW they are in deep do do as well as Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Lynch, Comey, Powers, and most importantly Clinton AND Obama. How far does Trump want to go up the ladder is all we need to see. I hope he goes all the way to the top, but he may use the threat on the top as a sword of Damocles…always hanging, never knowing if or when it will strike.

He HOPES Pelosi is speaker, he is COUNTING on it. He has MASSIVE leverage on her and her crimes in the Russia hoax (she was a member of the gang of 8, she knew and did NOTHING…consequentially, so is SCHIFF)

See, the art of the deal, brilliant! They know he has them, and THAT is why they were so rapid after supposedly winning.

Oh, if by chance Pelosi isn’t speaker, Trump still wins, it will then be a weaker, more easily persuaded, person more willing to compromise. If it is Waters or another rabid leftist, Trump will send the Dems all roses for the gift, and we start all over at the game, either way Trump, and US win.

The man is simply smarter and 4 steps ahead of them all the time.  The STILL think he is Elmer Fudd.  They are very slowly coming to the realization of what we are up against.  It is Godzilla vs Bambi, and Trump is Godzilla to the Dems Bambi.  Hint, it doesn’t work out well for Bambi, and it won’t for the Dems.

They have him surrounded, EXACTLY where he wants them to be.  They will NEVER see it coming….but coming it is. The Senate was step 1, and Sessions is step 2.  I shortly expect steps 3 and 4 the firings and ending of the Russia SC hoax to happen soon.  Then, step 5 is where the actual fun begins, it can be the declassification, and that can happen under an intrum (insuring the new guy or girl isn’t “tainted” by it…just doing their job.).

Step 6 is the new AG, someone who WILL prosecute the crimes.  Step 7 is the pain.  Now comes the indictments and trials.  These will be the most watched trials since Nuremberg, topping OJ.

Step 8 is the hardest…JUSTICE.  Prison or worse for the head traitors.  The country will be ripped apart, but it MUST happen to survive.  Law and order and the rule of law as well as equal justice MUST prevail, and they will.  It will be painful, and many will suffer.

Step 9 is hard but doable…reconciliation and healing.  Once the crimes are exposed, those responsible punished, and the rule of law reestablished, then order and peace can and WILL be achieved.

We will need a strong leader, one who is both charismatic, and compassionate.  One who is firm but understanding.  One who can bring all sides to the table, negotiate,  AND achieve a compromise and peace.

Trump is literally PERFECT.  It is why I think he WAS called by God to do this.  It is why he won, has not failed, and continues to endure and flourish despite all that has been thrown against him.  He was chosen, and not only WON’T he fail, he CAN’t fail, all because God is on his side,

Step 10 is easiest..we  (the USA and the world) WIN!


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