Trump is a serious Poker player and he is holding a royal flush.

As I have told you guys before, Trump IS NOT bluffing here in regards to immigration.. I love the guy. Just think what he has done to the Dems false immigration “narrative” in just 1 week.

First he said he would dispatch troops to protect the border, he did 15000 PLUS tanks, and support equipment.

Then he said he was going to do a EO eliminating birthright citizenship (anchor babies). He is, and as an added bonus he will take away the 14th amendment loophole that the Dems have been misconstruing for decades.

Now he is changing the rules on asylum. BPE. He keeps the Dems spinning like a top. They haven’t finished their faux outrage narrative on the first issue and he is already on #3. Meanwhile, they are having to refocus resources, people, and time redoing their “narratives” They simply do not move at Trump speed. They just wasted a lot of time on issue #1 for NOTHING. All the while, there is an election in 4 days, and they CAN’T set or reset THEIR narratives, because Trump sets the agenda. It is making them even more nuts. Also, they can’t focus on dirty tricks in the coming election if they constantly have to peel resources (there are only so many faux protesters to go around.) The man is a BRILLIANT tactician.

All the lies the Dems and their lawyers have told the “migrants” about how to game the system on asylum, have now been blown to smithereens. What did the Dems do? EXACTLY what Trump wanted them to do…sue. Now there will be a faux injunction from some leftist court, probably the 9th Circuit, , which will quickly be appealed straight to the SCOTUS ( who BTW is in session, and will HAVE to hear it ASAP due to the serious “humanitarian crisis” that may be incoming. The SCOTUS will, again, affirm the Presidents article 2 powers innumerated in the Constitution on all immigration, plus the right to secure the border from invasion. Trump will seal the border legally as well as physically, and there will be NOTHING the Dems can do.

The Dems now have a BIG problem. They have wasted a lot of resources on this narrative, as well as political capital here ( it will cost them the mid terms) and with the “migrants” Once these people are held at the border, I suspect the others will be forced to either stop in Mexico, or turn around. It will therefore be HARDER to get “caravans” to form in the future once they realize that the Dems betrayed them.

The Dems will try for a false optic and pity about women and children, but that won’t work either. I sure Trump has contingencies for all most all scenarios…including live fire. I am sure that is last resort, but it is an option, what did Mattis say, we don’t do ‘stunts’. I take Mattis and Trump at their words, the rest of the world including Dems had better start!


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