The false “Putin’s puppet” narrative

I absolutely HATE VISCERALLY the farce that the MSM has perpetrated that Trump is Putin’s puppet. For someone (Trump) to be someone’s (Putin) puppet, Trump sure as hell is putting the ass whooping to Putin’s wallet. First, he sold LNG to Hungary and Poland, thereby cutting major $$ and leverage from Putin (no more holding those countries hostage in the cold winter by threatening to close the tap if they either misbehaved or didn’t agree to exorbitant prices)

Second, Trump increased our energy output while limiting our imports from Iran, Venezuela, and some in the ME.Iran and Venezuela are Putin cronies at least and proxies at worst…that cost Putin more $$$.

Third, Trump put China and NK, in a time out by using our economic might. He made trade deals with Japan, South Korea, and KSA. Why is this important? Because 1, it gives us a presence economically in Putin’s back yard, not to mention potentially militarily. KSA spent $$$ on our weapons ans I am sure have agreed to “help” trump with oil output ( a MAJOR Russian export) thereby keeping PRICES LOW, again hitting Putin in the nads.

Then Trump Hit NATO members making them UP their contributions. He ALSO made Merkel (by shear force of will and embarrassing her)give UP a 700 billion dollar oil deal and pipeline with Putin and Russia. AGAIN hitting Putin SQUARELY in the wallet. He backed us out of TPP and the Paris accord (which Russia was never going to obey. Saving us trillions that I am sure Putin would have exploited and reaped profits from.

Trump imposed tariffs on China, the EU, Canada, and Mexico. a little known fact is that RUSSIA also profited from the loopholes in NAFTA. Uranium anyone? Mineral rights? Get the picture?

Trump then CREAMED Russia’s proxies and “merks” in Syria. You don’t think we “accidentally” wiped out those 200 or so “merks” do you? I suppose you also believe that we also “informed” Putin we were going to blow up most of Assad’s air force (which just happened to be stationed at the SAME base where there were thousands of Russian troops and BILLIONS of dollars worth of Russian equipment, ALL OF IT under Russia’s “advanced” missile and radar defenses. I have oceanfront property in Kansas to sell you if you do. Those 58 or so tomahawks wiped out BILLIONS in Assad’s air force and base. Who do you think “ate” that cost?

Then, just for kicks, Trump scuttled the Iran Russia, Syria oil pipeline. He put US troops in Syria, destroyed ISIS, and stopped Assad’s genocide (which started the European migrant crisis). He put CRIPPLING sanctions back on Iran AND blew up their covert nuclear and chemical weapons outposts and depots IN SYRIA.

Now Trump is leaving because we STOPPED the genocide which was actually a two pronged attack on the west. One flood Europe with poor, uneducated Muslim migrants who would overwhelm, overburden, and eventually overwhelm the wealth of France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and other European countries.

Two, the “war” in Syria IMHO was for OIL and $$. They started a genocide so they (Iran, Assad, Turkey perhaps, the Globalists powers that be, and RUSSIA) could build a pipeline from Iran through Syria to the sea. They would then have access to Europe and the west through Syrian ports. Russian, Iran, Assad, the Globalists, and I am sure Eroduan had his mitts in it for allowing the horde through Turkey to Europe, were going to make BILLIONS, maybe TRILLIONS.

The Iran sanctions on selling oil would have been superseded or circumvented (just as Saddam Hussein did in Iraq). Trump blew that all away, and an ALTERNATE pipeline was just approved through Greece and ISRAEL. KSA is going to ENSURE Iran and Turkey behaves (Sunni vs Shia Muslims) when we leave. IT IS ALL ABOUT $$ folks, and Putin has lost BILLIONS because of Trump, maybe even potentially, TRILLIONS. Sure as hell NOT the way to behave if you are someone’s “puppet”.

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