The Sky is falling (Not)

Someone said in Response to Rosenstein getting another delay :”Dems are always two steps ahead of Republicans..”

My Response:

Yep! just like they were in the 2016 election. President Hill…oh..wait…they got their asses KICKED. I don’t like the delays either, but until (not unless) we get more MAGA Reps in the House and Senate, we have to deal with the RINOS like Goodlatte and Gowdy. They are a DYING breed. Once we hold the house and the Senate, (we will) Jim Jordan will be named Speaker (shockingly to some LOL) and then the REAL fun can begin.

Meanwhile, Rosenstein and Mueller are NEUTERED. They have NOTHING (if they did, they would have USED IT by now.) They are politically dead men walking, and they KNOW IT. Trump still has one ace that NO ONE can stop or delay…declass. He can play it ANYTIME, even if the Dems take the house.

Oh, right impeachment. Y A W N. IF (a big if) the Dems take the House they will have a razor thin margin. Let them try it, it means NOTHING. There is NO WAY they will get 66 votes in the Senate (when they would need at least 12 Reps to vote to convict. NOT HAPPENING) So, all this pearl clutching needs to stop.

Trump isn’t going ANYWHERE for at least 6 more years, so they better get used to it. But…but they will endlessly investigate him. SO? They have been investigating him, his family, his business, his associates, his friends, his lawyers, his campaign for two YEARS, and found NOTHING…even though they tried to create it..they are STUPID and sloppy, they got caught. Even though they haven’t been punished (yet), they will be. We the people know, and we won’t let it go…not this time.

We have all the power, they just THINK they do. Show them on Nov 6th exactly WHO they work for. Stop pearl clutching and woe is me and VOTE. Then, and only then will we get what we want (and they deserve). BTW IF they win the House, and IF they try impeachment or endless fruitless investigations. ( a lot of if’s…should be the Dems new motto if…) They will get their ASSES handed to them in 2020 by a pissed of electorate (us) There might not be enough Dems left in Congress to fill a broom closet. Only deep blue staters like NY, VT and CT. Then, the REAL fun can begin like Constitutional Amendments, Judicial removals (activist leftists of course), and real investigations, real indictments, real trials, and REAL hangings. Either way we hold all the cards.

The Dems won’t be able to pass or overturn a SINGLE law or EO. They will NOT be able to stop Trump from closing the border if he wants, writing EO s to make things better, or nominating conservative judges. They won’t even have enough power to not ratify the treaties Trump is making (though they will try)

I know, they will control the purse…sure…till Trump shuts down the Govt by Veto. LOL they will be blocked at all turns. The Reps let in Congress will not be siding with them to override any vetos (political DEATH in 2020). Don’t get me wrong, I want us to win and win big, but their are contingencies IF we don’t. Do not fall for the sky is falling TPT media narratives. VOTE!


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