Nate Silver and the Blue wave Narrative

Nate Silver says we are doomed.  80%chance the Dems take the house


The same Nate Silver that got it almost EXACTLY backwards in 2016. The same Nate Silver who is using flawed skewed data (%’s from Obama presidential models) to forcast his “predictions”. That Nate Silver? He has been right exactly ONCE…2008, not exactly a long history of accurate out of the box prognostication.

Take it from ol’ Prognosticatasaurus Rex, Silver is WRONG…again. GIGO. His models are skewing things by his bias..LEFT. He is sampling more Dems (cause they supposedly have more enthusiasm). I don’t believe it. Why are we supposed to believe the Dems have more enthusiasm, cause the TPT media tells us so? Where is the evidence? The polls? Circular logic. The Dems support the TPT polls, the media tout the polls, the pendants point to the polls, the media touts the Dems. It is mostly smoke and mirrors like it was in 2016. We were led to believe Clinton was unbeatable (just like the Dems Blue Wave now). She wasn’t it was all based upon BS polls conducted by BS media, with BS data, trying to create “the impression” of inevitability. It was a FALSE premise then, as it is now.

What evidence do we have for the Dems? We know that the mobs (Soros paid ANTIFA) are out, vocal, and doing what mobs do. We know the TPT media HATE Trump, and they are pimping the blue wave narrative. But where is the REAL grass roots enthusiasm? Do the Dems and Dem candidates and their proxies hold rallies for thousands and tens of thousands? Nope. That is the Reps and Trump. Obama could barely fill half of an auditorium coupled with a FREE concert. Bill and Hillary can’t draw flies to their “events”. Biden had a massive throng of 200 the other day, and they were paid union workers. Warren and Waters draw tens of people, not even hundreds. Pelosi only does TV. Booker and Harris are conspicuously quiet, I don’t think they are doing TV or rallies.

I ask again, where is the enthusiasm? According to early voting (something we Reps are NOT good at) R vote returns are UP from 2016, a Presidential year, and D votes are the same or DOWN from 2016. Traditionally A presidential election participation DWARFS mid term participation. Not this year, and not for Reps. We know the Dems will turn out their customary constituencys of hard leftists, unions, illegals, and minorities. BUT, some of their constituents, like unions, blacks, and Hispanics are HAPPY with the Trump policies and economy. Will they really put party before pocketbook? I don’t think so, not with a secret ballot. The Dems are secretly (the TPT media will NOT tell you) hemorrhaging union, black, and Hispanic voters. They aren’t walking away, they are RUNNING.

So, who will the dems pull votes from? Independents? Nope, they like the economy too. Illegals? nope, they are afraid (except in NY and CA) to vote for fear (rightly so) of deportation. Women? Really? you have the young college women who must have their abortion leftists, and the old feminists. But, most college educated single and married women (ALL races) vote their wallet, and times are good and getting better. Where then? White men..LMAO…after Kavanaugh? NO WAY they want Dems in charge after that fiasco.

Dems and the TPT media want you to believe there are more of “them” than “us”. That people are so ashamed of the country and that Trump was elected, and his “disastrous” policies both foreign and domestic, that “they” will vote to undo the 2016 wrong.

Simple question. Are you, and those around you better off now than you were 2 years ago? are we safer? Do we have more income? Better jobs? More Jobs? Higher wages? Are costs like food and gas better? Is the economy strong, improving, and growing? Are we respected abroad again? Is NK a threat now? China? Isis? Iran? Russia? The answers are most likely positive for all. Then why change?

Have the Dems offered better solutions? NO. Have the Dems articulated a brighter vision for America? NO Have the Dems promised you more money? NO they want to RAISE your taxes ( I like my money in MY wallet, not Dem coffers). Their platform consists of Trump is bad, he will be impeached or investigated to death (on our dime btw), free stuff (that WE must pay for), open borders (more of our money to people who don’t deserve it and will provide NO benefit to society, only a drag on the resources we have), and abortions for all (not needed except in the instances of rape/incest, or life and health of the mother or child).

Is that what the majority of “reasonable Americans want? NO!!!!. So, I propose that their “Blue Wave” narrative, the accompanying polls, and the pundits are full of bovine excrement. LOTS of it. Get woke, stay alert, VOTE!


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