Caravan or invasion.

I posted this on GP 2 days ago, some has come to pass.

Political theater. the plot is designed to climax about 1 week before the mid terms so Dems can say those mean ole Rebs are separating/turning away “refugees” again. Nothing more than using those people as a photo op. Tired, lame, and contrived.
The solution is simple. 1 inform all countries that are permitting this “caravan” to pass trough that they need to secure their borders, or no funding for thee…INCLUDING Mexico.(happened)
2nd, drop leaflets on these people (in Spanish) saying simply ” you are not welcome, you WILL be either detained or turned away once you reach the US border. If you bring children, they may be separated from you and detained in a separate facility.” If you illegally enter the US you WILL be Arrested, tried, and deported. Deportations will not to your country of origin, but over the border you crossed.” Make them Mexico’s problem then, they don’t treat illegals as “softly” as we have. Ask Sgt. Tammorrese. (didn’t happen yet )
I suspect foreign “agents” are misinforming these people (intentionally). There should be coordinated efforts to find, try and to imprison these “agents” whomever they may be. (happened 1 arrested, people found paying migrants cash, and now linked to Soros)
The main part is to NOT let anyone in. The dems are seeking a photo op. Don’t give it to them. If they want one, they will have to go to MEXICO to get it.
Let our new “friend” in Mexico know we will NOT look kindly on allowing illegals free access through his country to our border. Tell him the newly signed USMCA will be in jeopardy if they do. Hit them two fold in the wallet. $$$$$ talks more than political nonsense. (implied happening Mexico sending in Federales)If they stand to lose both jobs, money, foreign aid, and will be locked out of the US market, I suspect the Mexican Govt will turn these people away before they ever get close, therby denying the Dems and their minion media their “narrative”

Then this yesterday About Trumps response

Told you. ALL political theatre. It is designed to have them at our border 1 week before the midterms. Trump isn’t stupid, he will FORCE Mexico, Honduras, and any other country involved to stall or divert the caravan.
$$$$ from USMCA is far more important, valuable, and leveraged than the fee dollars Soros groups are passing out. 1 foreign leader has already been arrested, there will be more, hopefully here. Soon it will be Mexico’s problem, we will see if they “value” our friendship. If not they will be economically crushed.
They have to know Trump is NOT bluffing. USMCA is worth 10s of billions of dollars to Mexico, more than Soros can or will pay. Lastly, this is also another huge miscalculation by the Dems. People are wise and woke to their games. They want the photo op, if they get It. It wont motivate THEIR base, it will PISS off ours. These people ARE stupid.

And finally from today after Trump threatens to close the border and station the Military on the border.

Boom! That is how you stop this mess. THE boss. No funding, turn it into Mexico’s problem. Threaten mass arrests and deportations. Close the border, AND station the military to stop the invasion. (that is what it really is).
The Dems and Soros are funding this. They are telling these pawn migrants that all will be well if they just reach the border. They are giving them a few “crumbs” along the way. They are selling the pawns a bill of goods. They just want the photo op and the narrative. They don’t give a rip about any consequences to the pawns, they must be “sacrificed” for the cause of liberalism.
Trump doesn’t play their games. He doesn’t surrender, doesn’t capitulate, and doesn’t deviate from his core values. He only accepts victory (winning). They hate him for it. We love him for it. Thank God he is on our side.


I really think someone from the admin is reading my posts LOL I wish!


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