The Saudi “Narrative”

Please don’t tell me you all believe the “narrative” that has been put forth about former CIA asset Khashoggi. This is designed to drive a wedge between Trump and his Saudi Ally MBS. First To believe that the Saudi’s would be sloppy enough to provide all the video and audio to be unwiped? Unedited?

Second. why kill him at their own Consulate? Why leave a trail? (unless it was intended to look like a trail. (more on that later). Why not just blow up his car? Poison him? Have “failed” robbery attempt? Too convenient. too useful to the deep state.

I personally haven’t trusted Turkey since Erdouan took dictatorial control and went fundamentalist Islamic over secularist. Why would I believe anything they allege? Why so quick to accept their hypothesis? They haven’t truly been our ally on anything since 2012. Remember nearly ALL the “migrants” passed through…you guessed it… Turkey on their way to Europe.

The Saudis have been our allies in the middle East against Iran, ISIS, the Taliban, The Muslim Brotherhood (who Kashoggi was rumored to be a member of), Syria, and to some extent the Palestinians. They have been a reliable ally in the war on terror for the last several years. Has Turkey done anything on those fronts recently? Nope. They even wouldn’t let us use OUR base in Turkey to do air strikes in Syria when Assad gassed his people. We had to use Tomahawks in the ocean. So that is a red flag as well, Turkey doesn’t have any credibility.

Fourth the various uniparty operators in our Govt were all in unison that this was a heinous act and we need to cut ties with the Saudis. Why? Why the rush to judgement? It never bothered them that Assad killed his people. It never bothered them that ISIS was terrorizing the middle east and exterminating 1000’s of years of history as well as 1000’s of Christians. The uniparty neocons could agree on NONE of this and more, BUT this…this they agree on. Red Flag, BS detector pegged. Narrative detected.

The Saudis may well have wanted Khashoggi dead. They may very well have ordered it. They would NOT have been this sloppy, stupid, or open about it. It would have happened quietly. NO witnesses. No Trace. They would NEVER have allowed any evidence, ESPECIALLY audio, video, photos. You think they can’t look at their own cameras at their Consulate and see a car with a woman sitting there? You think they didn’t see Khashoggi exit said car? You think they would allow said woman in said car to leave…even hours later, IF they had planned to or had arranged to murder Khashoggi.

His Fiancee, his car, his phone, his watch and anything related to them would have disappeared. There would have had to be a plan if this was ordered. Khashoggi would have had to have been surveilled and set up to be there, else why a hit team THERE? 15 people? LOL Come on man, If this was an assassination or a hit, it was the most amateurish, sloppy, stupid hit in the history of hits. Khashoggi would have simply disappeared without a trace. the desert is a mighty big place to hide a body. We are still looking for mummies 5000 years later.

They want us to believe that a Saudi Secret Agent chief was in charge of this, and he is a personal guard of the crown prince. Right. Sure. This is either an attempt to damage MBS and or Trump, or a rogue group of actors acting badly. I suspect those responsible for this debacle will themselves be “disappeared” quietly, by real pros of the Saudis. WE WILL NEVER KNOW. That is the point we SHOULDN’T know anything about Khashoggi if it was an ordered hit. yet we do…WHY? Political narrative.


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