Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Her name is Natalie May Edwards.  Senior adviser at the US Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.  or, should i say former Senior adviser.  She was arrested yesterday on counts of leaking classified info (to Michael Avenatti is my bet as well as the NY times.)

Now we know how the NY times got its hands on Trump Family taxes. They need to prosecute the printers as well as the leaker. It only needs to happen once to make a point. Yes, I know the precedent it might set, no I don’t care. They don’t care about our privacy or Trumps. They don’t care about our rights or Trumps. A line must be drawn to show these people that laws do in fact work both ways.

Here’s a hypothetical for you to prove my point. Suppose it was BHO’s tax returns, or his family, or his lawyer. Someone from the Bush admin in Treasury leaks this, which proves BHO was in fact getting foreign student aid, and he declared it on his taxes as income. This is leaked to Sean Hannity, who writes a 17 page article on this. How long before Sean would be: A) fired B) investigated by the FEC, FCC, IRS, USSS, NYPD, and any other agency I forgot to list. and C) locked up till he gave up his source. I’ll answer..a NY minute. Why can’t it work both ways?

We simply MUST stop letting these people use our morals, beliefs, respect, and sensibilities against us. It is time to give as good as we get. Just because we respect the laws, Constitution, peoples privacy, and tradition, does not mean we must constantly be harassed, bludgeoned, threatened, and shamed by using our beliefs against us, by people who have NO regard for us, or our beliefs, the Constitution, or the rules.

Sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire. This isn’t Heaven where all people are law abiding, moral, and caring about their fellow citizens. This is WAR, and we must simply get in the damn game and start acting like it. Trump is, he needs US to help.

I know what you are thinking, why should we lower ourselves to their level? Because we MUST to save the Republic.

In 1776, men of great courage and fortitude gathered in Philadelphia to piece together what would become the United States. The wrote the Declaration of Independence. An over act of War and treason, punishable by death.

They didn’t play nice, they didn’t care about what was proper, and they didn’t care about loyalty to the crown. Why? Because they were unjustly being used for resources, taxed to death, and persecuted by a aloof Govt (King) that didn’t give a rip about them or their families except for the resources they could provide. They also had no representation in Parliament. No advocate for their grievances to the King. Taxation without representation, the stamp tax, sugar tax, and finally tea tax were leading causes of the American Revolution. So they took matters into their own hands, did what HAD to be done.

Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty, or give me death” Bold words, they were met with even bolder actions. From the Boston Tea Party to the Shot Heard Round the World, to finally Cornwallis’s surrender and the the US Constitution. All these actions were politically incorrect, illegal, and treasonous. they were however necessary at the time, and had to be done to make things right.

Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War. Not because it was politically correct, moral, legal, or Constitutional, but because he HAD TO to restore order and save the Republic. He is considered one of our Greatest Presidents. “Sometimes the tree of Liberty must be fertilized by the blood of patriots and tyrants” Thomas Jefferson. I take that to mean , not war in a battle sense, not violence, but that sometimes you gotta do what is necessary to punish evil people. Sometimes you must set aside what may be politically right and do what is righteously right. All my opinions, sorry for length.


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