Sleepy Sessions and my “delusional” view

On the Sessions is useless theory
Just because WE haven’t seen anything public, does NOT mean something hasn’t been going on behind the scenes. I don’t buy this sleepy Sessions routine…too easy.

Do you think all these people have been exposed, caught, deposed, and then fired in RECORD numbers, and nothing is going on?

Just because we are not moving on your timetable, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Trump will declass, arrest, fire, replace, or whatever else may be needed at a time of HIS choosing.

There is NOTHING the Dems can do except wait for the hammer to drop. Everyday for these people is on it. Right now he is “sweating them”. He is toying with them like a lion with a mouse. All the while, in spite of them, his agenda is getting done.

He has kept more promises than all the modern Presidents put together in just under 2 years, with LITTLE help. When he drops the hammer, soon, those on the fence will have a full come to MAGA moment. Those against him will be busy trying to put their party back together. Those already on the MAGA train will keep on rolling, I’m left wondering, which side are YOU on.

Oh, and if the Dems win the House, they may very well try or even succeed in impeaching him. So what. he will NEVER be convicted by 66 Senators in the Senate…NEVER. That’s a TPT Media wet dream.

So, the Dems will have just committed Congressional Seppuku. They will be CREAMED IN 2020 when Trump is re-elected in a landslide. He may even drag 66 Rep Senators and the House with him. Then he will have a MANDATE. The fun then begins…unless you are a progressive liberal…then just get in the long line to jump off the Brooklyn bridge.

The Facts:

Fact one heck of a lot of people got fired in DOJ and FBI for Trump to NOT know what he is doing, and for NOTHING to be going on behind the scenes.

Fact one heck of a lot of Rinos, and people we thought were on our side have been exposed.

Fact Trump has kept more promises than any President I can remember, and he isn’t finished yet.

Fact We are all on Trumps timeline. Not yours, not mine, not the Dems, not the RINOs.

Fact The Dems can’t stop him from declassing any info when he gets a wild hair.

Fact it takes 66 Senators to convict an impeached Judge or President. To which the Dems do not have, and will never get enough RINOS to reach, so Trump isn’t going anywhere.

Fact If the Dems try Impeachment, they WILL get creamed in 2020. There is precedent. see Clinton, William Jefferson in 1998 and how many House seats we lost.

Fact When Trump is re-elected in 2020 the Dems and liberals will absolutely loose their minds like a kindergartner who had his recess taken away.

Fact if Trump wins in 2020 and adds to the Senate, and House Republicans and either keeps or retakes the House, people will consider that a mandate.

If Facts and  questions offended you, debate them.

The facts say one hell of a lot of people in DOJ, and FBI were exposed and FIRED. We simply do not know if Sessions is playing possum or not.

Who has to sign of on all those firings…Roenstein?.No..its SESSIONS. Geez people stop with the TPT Media narratives. Sessions APPEARS inactive…ON PURPOSE.

Who is investigating, and exposing all these people like Page, Ohr, Stroyk, Baker, McCabe? Huber? Who appointed him? Horrowitz? Who does he report to? That’s right ….SESSIONS. What has Sessions done except not arrest anyone…YET.

Perhaps he is looking for BIGGER fish than even Comey, Mccabe, Page, Stroyk, or Ohr, Clapper or Brennen. Perhaps he wants to get to the real head…now who was really in charge of DOJ at the time?

I’ll give you a hint…he’s from Hawaii. We are VERY close to exposing the corruption of BHO. It is just a few hops to him from Comey. Why blow it now by being rash? Trump, and by abstention US, is WINNING, even without help. You think those pitiful indictments Mueller has amassed come up to a hill of beans?

Manafort was indicted and convicted for stuff PRIOR to Trump. Papadopolous is a patsy who got a basic ticket for jaywalking. The 20 or so Russians (who will NEVER be tried) had NOTHING to do with Trump, or ANYONE in the us even Rosenstein said so. Cohn? Same as Manafort…BEFORE Trump. The only one that is of ANY consequence is Flynn. Curiously, after Flynn “cooperated” and plead, they WON”T TRY HIM. They Won’t sentence him, It has been postponed 5x. Ask yourself WHY?

You all keep missing the forrest for the trees. I can’t make you see, nor will I anylonger try. Just know this, Trump could fire sessions ANY TIME he wanted, and the Dems couldn’t do anything but complain, which they will do anyway. Why hasn’t he? Don’t say no one will get confirmed, cause they would by recess if necessary or by appointments clause for 200 days, So WHY?

Perhaps…just maybe…Sessions is really doing as Trump wishes. I know Trump plays good cop bad cop in the MEDIA. Do you not see why? To get them to LOVE Sessions, praise Sessions, and defend Sessions.

Sessions can them come for them as a ‘friend’, and they will have NO way to rebut the guy they just spent 2 odd years defending. Look beyond the “narrative” See the big picture. Trump USES the media..they are his b*tch. If you don’t see it, look how he got them to replay over and over…happily his critique of Ford’s testimony. They said he was mocking…all of them…and they kept on playing. Everyone then got to hear what Trump was saying, reviewed the situation, and had their OWN questions. Brilliant.

When this hits, and it will maybe millions will have been fooled. ON PURPOSE. Geez. Sorry I’m so long winded. I am passionate about this, and want people to step back, access facts. Sometimes the simple answer is not the right answer. Trump is a scholar of Sun Tsu. I suggest all read it. Then maybe you will get a new different prospective.

YOU ARE DELUSIONAL is all I have heard facts…no debate. and I’m the one who’s delusional. Okie dokey. You didn’t dispute a single thing I said. So let me ask you 1 question. what is more delusional to believe that all the exposure, depositions, firings, resignations, and removals in the FBI and DOJ are “spontaneous” and pure luck without a bigger plan. Or that just because nothing has been done in the open (arrests, etc) that NOTHING has or WILL be done? We’re doomed, right Charlie Brown.

I didn’t revert to name calling, I just posted an educated opinion based on my gut and FACTS. If you don’t agree, fine. Just don’t call me delusional without some facts. You, just like Christine Ford have NONE, NOTHING, NADA. Just name calling, speculation, hearsay, and innuendo.

Do I wish Sessions would have already rounded up all these evil crooks, prosecuted them, and placed them in GITMO? HELL YES.

But, I’m not him or Trump. I do not know their or his plan. (nor do you or anyone else) I must therefore assume there is a plan, it is being executed, and will result in action on their time table. Why? because of what has already happened. Because I know all this corruption of decades takes time to weed out, and if it isn’t done absolutely perfectly, we will not get them all, and some big fish will walk on technicalities.

I am willing to be patient to achieve ultimate victory. The Dems are counting on impatient people, sloppiness, or rash actions to save their bacon. Trump won’t do that. I have faith in the man. I trust him implicitly, he hasn’t lied to us yet, he has kept all of the promises that he has made ( that he can do in spite of Congress)

We as a country are WINNING for the first time in nearly a decade. Why be so negative? If you or anyone else want to debat the facts, I will be happy to.

I am done defending myself to people who don’t know me, spackle me with “take a long walk” or “I’m delusional” without rebuttal facts, and simply because they disagree with my OPINION. You want to believe the TPT meda narrative, knock yourselves out.
I choose to look at the bigger picture, and to try to not miss the forrest for the trees.

Trump is smarter than me, the Dems, and about 95% of everyone. I will take it on faith he has a plan. I do know he knows what he is doing, and there simply must be a damn good reason for his action or seemingly lack there of. If it is delusional to believe in Trump, to appreciate what he has done, and to have faith in what he WILL do. Then, I’m delusional. Remember HRC had a 98% chance of winning. It seemed all was lost. How did that work out again? I was delusional then too.


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