Letters to Dems

Dianne Feinstein D (Beijing) proving the need for not only term but age limits on Congress.

Dear DF, YOU and the Committee interviewed BK and Ford last Thursday ON NATIONAL TV and UNDER OATH. The only “questions” you all had then were about Mark Judge and any other “witnesses”.

You begged for an FBI review knowing they only provide info, not conclusions…thanks Biden. Now you are trying to move the goalposts BEFORE the report has even been issued.

It must not reveal what you wanted huh. Too bad. Trump gave you a review, the 7th of BK, and it lasted longer than the 3 days of Thomas (the “standard”) So in short, suck it.

Nothing could have been done any different if Ford and BK had been interviewed under oath again except a 2nd instance of perjury for Ford when she lies. again. One felony, two felonies, at this point “What difference does it make”

You, your party, your sham investigation, and your ideology are toast. Someone take DF out to pasture before she hurts herself trying to formulate a cogent thought.


Little Dickie Durbin saying the FBI investigation is not for real

Dear dumbass Durbin and Dems , Bk has passed BI (background checks since the GWB Admin. As you have apparently forgotten, he was the Staff Secretary to GWB. You remember, you requested 14000 documents from his time there.

He had one of the highest security clearances in the GWB admin, up to and including the NUCLEAR CODES. This was before your savior Obama passed out clearances like tic tacs to known communists, subversives, radicals, and MB foreign agents (hi Valerie, hi Huma).

Those clearances (before Obama) were taken VERY seriously, DEADLY seriously. They would NOT have given it to ANYONE who had violence, gambling, sexual, alcohol, drug, or anything else that could be subject to blackmail (hi Hillary).

They used to be like a proctology exam done from the oral orifice. BK then passed 5 more. One before he became a federal district judge (another lifetime appointment) on the 2nd highest court in the land. Again another anal exam for ANY blackmailable offenses.

BK passed them ALL with flying colors, else he would not have had either job approximately 7 years apart. Never a hint of impropriety, EVER. He was confirmed by the same Senate Judiciary Committee in 2006 by a 10-8 vote. He then was confirmed to the senate 57-36.

Remind me, WHO controlled the Senate in 2006 again? oh that’s right you Dems thanks to 2 “independents” that caucused with you. (52 48). The DC circuit is just as prestigious and almost as powerful as SCOTUS. BK was a lifetime appointee there by YOU then. What has changed in the last 12 odd years, NOTHING with BK, he is the same person he was, with the same philosophies. ONLY you have changed, you are now radically rabidly left. In the 50’s you would have made McCarthy look timid.

BK is only guilty of being a good, moral, Christion, white male republican who nominated by Trump. That is his truly unforgivable sin. Once he is confirmed, and he will be without you, there WILL be hell to pay. Oh, not from BK, he is simply too righteous for that.

You will fear US, we the people. There I’s a storm coming, it is coming for YOU. You are totally exposed, try to avoid the lightning strikes. You have no shelter, and NO WHER TO HIDE. We will not forget, we will not rest, we will not falter, and we will not fail to get you back for this. Your days are numbered.

Enjoy what time you have left, for the mid terms are nigh, righteous indignation is our shield, voting is our sword. Your ousting from seats of power is our goal, our cause, and our mission! Revenge is a dish best served cold, it is getting mighty cold Dems.

Schumer and Feinstein bloviating at the dais

Dear Schumer (D NY), Feinstein (D Beijing), and all you other looney Dems. I would like to remind you of a quote by one of your “heroes” Quote:
“Elections have consequences. You are welcome to come along for the ride, but you aren’t driving, you need to get in the back. “

Time again to reap what you sow. Don’t get too comfortable though, its about to get worse for you (mid terms), and MUCH WORSE (FISA and Russia doc declass).

Enjoy your ride, we are dropping you and a lot of your colleagues off at GITMO. Your reservations are being confirmed, and your rooms are ready. Enjoy your stay. Signed We the Deplorable People.


LMAO, they are INSANE. They filed an INJUNCTION IN CIRCUIT COURT to try and stop the vote. 


Dear Insane Dem dumbass. Please read the thing you swore an oath to uphold. Please focus intently on the first 3 articles. They detail this little thing called” separation of powers” and co-equal branches”.

Once you have read that, get off your high horse, shut up, go sit in the corner, put your dunce cap on, and begin writing on the chalkboard 100000000x “I will not grandstand with stupid political stunts, I am a nitwit.”

When you are finished, go quietly to detention for the next 6 years and contemplate the consequences of your actions. Signed the Founding Fathers



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