Check…the game is in Check

People she is a lying, conniving, possibly mental, definitely troubled person.  The fact that now her “stories” and “memories”, at least what she said she remembered, are all falling apart is both not surprising, and expected.

The Dems wanted or expected BK or Trump to withdraw.  Trump doesn’t withdraw, he tilts (advances).  They really believed more “witnesses” or “accusers” would step forward to bolster their narrative.  They didn’t, and all their attempts to manufacture more have failed and backfired.

They stalled for more time, BEGGED kicking and screaming for another FBI investigation, and hoped by doing so the pressure would mount on Trump or BK.  Trump won’t fold.  He has the ace.  The midterms.

He knows this is BS, the dems have over reached, and that ordinary people, both men AND women are PISSED at what has been done to BK.  Women are more pissed about what has been done to BK’s wife and children, than what they are about what has been done to BK, and they are PISSED OFF about that.  They have husbands, sons, fathers, and brothers that they know could be next someday if needed.

The boomerang is now on its way back to DF and the Dems.  The few polls run in red states with Dem Senators was the first shot across the bow, next will come suddenly shocking polls in “safe” Dem seats in the Senate AND the House in “blue states”.  Then lastly, the Dems will realize they are FUBAR.  They will know any dem in a red state who votes against BK is TOAST…burnt toast.

The red state Dems will HAVE to vote for BK or get nuked.  They then will, which will lead to Trump praising the bipartisan support for Justice Kavanugh.  The Dem lefty looney base will feel betrayed, and either not vote, or vote less in numbers, thus ensuring a red tsunami.

Trump has outmaneuvered them again. This delay and sham has been a gift to him (and the Reps).  It provided another nail in their coffin, they didn’t even see it coming, they did it to themselves.  Trump is brilliant. He didn’t even have to use HIS ace, the declass of Russia, Russia, Russia.  He didn’t have to fire RR or Mueller.  They gave him this gift.  He is now pummeling them with it.

They don’t get it.  The have been in politics so long, and live in the DC bubble, that they have forgotten how real people think and react.  Everything they do is from a political slant, what advantage can they get from it?, and how can they use it to obtain power?…at any and ALL costs.
They listen to the looniest part of their base (while chasing reasonable people away in droves.

Those Dems that have stayed are marginalized, they just haven’t seen it fully yet.  When they do, the party will crumble like the Whigs.  The BK situation as appalled reasonable people.  The Dems only listen to the TPT media, Soros, and the radicals.  They have miscalculated…again…badly.

By the time they finally figure out (if they ever do) that they have showed themselves to be both vindictive, unreasonable, and well bat crap crazy, in attacking BK with all these shams, it will be too late.  They are FUBAR.  Trump knows this.  That is why at his rally he let loose.  He is now hitting them with their own hammer.  ONLY he can, It wouldn’t work with ANY other Rep, not even Pence. He knows they will attack him for it.  He is COUNTING ON IT.   Why, so that it gets reported in TPT media…over and over.

See, they think it shows Trump mocking Ford, it doesn’t.  It shows him questioning her testimony, her credibility, and her truthfulness.  He is poking holes in her testimony, and shredding her truthfulness by a few sentences.  Then TPT media are HAPPILY playing this over and over, thinking people will turn on Trump, BK and the Reps.  Resonable people, ARE listening, and now QUESTIONING why?  They are now taking a look at HER.

The Dems didn’t want that…AT ALL.  Under sunlight, she fades…badly.  Then once she has been exposed, the next question for her and Dems is WHY.  Why did she lie?  What is to be gained?  Why did the Dems attack this man and his family?  Why did the Dems press this without evidence? Why were they so ready to believe her?  She who came out of the woodwork 36 years later with sketchy memories, little facts, and NO corroboration.  Why did the Dems knowing all that and that the witnesses had flatly refuter her  testimony,why did the Dems believe HER, and not BK or the witnesses? See…FUBAR  Apologies, for length.


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