The Circus main event part 2

Ms ford, you are 100% sure that your alleged assailant was BK, correct?
Had you ever met BK before?
Where? or When? At another party? When? Where?
When did you first meet BK then?
At this party? Who introduced you?
Did BK speak to you or introduce himself?
Have you seen BK sine the incident in person?(except Thursday)

Sine you stated in sworn testimony, under oath mind you, that you had not seen Bk since the incident, only Mark Judge, I am going to assume that answer is no from your sworn testimony.

I am also going to assume that since you were not from the same general “neighborhood”, did not attend the same schools, and did not, except for the possibility of mark judge, even run in the same circles. correct.

Mark Judge was also a friend of your ex boyfriend Chris Garrett, and is that how you knew him right?
If not how?

Lastly, you have testified that 2 boys BK and MK pushed you in a room at a house at a gathering, but that you don’t know when it was, or where it was, or even the time of day, how you got there, or how you got home, who took you to the party, or who took you home.

Just that it was after swimming, during the general summer in 1982, and at a house with a pool in the general vicinity of the Country Club which you did not live near or were not a member. Is that correct?

You also remember music, 4 of 5 people ( who have ALL flatly refuted the allegation) attending the gathering, what you were wearing at the time (1 piece bathing suit under your clothes), what you drank (1 beer), and that 2 people assaulted you in a upstairs bedroom with a bed on the left hand side of the room up a short stair and near a bathroom.

Further that they turned up the music (on a presumed radio playing in the room) so that no one could hear you scream, yell, or even complain.

That BK put his hand over your mouth to prevent you from screaming, then grouped you, and tried to remove your clothing, and was both encouraged and deterred by Mark Judge. You remember their laughter vividly.

Then MJ jumped on you all sending all 3 of you to the floor. You ran to the bathroom across the hall, did you slam the door? were you crying? yelling?

Then after the 2 ping ponged down stairs and you heard them talking to someone else, you went down the stairs and out the door to somewhere without telling anyone. Correct? Were you running down the stairs? Crying? Screaming?

Good, so now that all that is affirmed. A few last questions.

Was it dark in the room? if yes, how could you know it was BK who was on top of you, how can you be sure, it was dark.
If it wasn’t dark, describe what BK was wearing, shorts, jeans, a bathing suit as well? What color? You claim you were intimately close to BK while he was on top of you, What color are his eyes? Did he have any facial hair, any distinguishing marks, scars, moles?

You claim his hand was over your mouth, was his hand smooth or rough? was he wearing cologne? What was playing on the radio as the incident occurred ? What was MJ wearing?

How, after quite a bit of commotion including jumping on you, all three tumbling down to the floor you running across the hall and slamming the door and locking it, and the two boys roughly descending the stairs, did no one else hear the commotion? Oh the music was too loud?

How then could you possibly hear their conversation downstairs to determine it was safe to leave the bathroom. did you run down the stairs, and out the door? were you crying? If yes, SO no one came to the aid of a running, crying teen running out of the house? No one saw you?

So someone gave you a ride home, you took the bus, or you were picked up by a parent or friend because 14 miles is way too far to walk home alone in day or night for a young girl in a bathing suit, even in the early 80’s. So you told whomever rode you home nothing, and they didn’t notice you had been crying or upset?

You didn’t tell your best friend Leland, whom you abandoned alone, in a house with 4 strange boys, 2 of which had just assaulted you, that you were leaving OR what happened…ever. not immediately after the incident? Not in school the next days weeks or months, and not in all the years after, until now. You never warned her to stay away from BK or MJ? Why. You never told anyone, not your mom, brothers. best friend, the police or school councilors, for over 30 years.

Leyland never noticed you were gone from the party? Didn’t notice when she got home somehow that her BEST friend wasn’t there at the gathering , didn’t ride home with her, and she didn’t know what had happened, or how you got home? she never asked? EVER? What best friend who went WITH you to the party wouldn’t see you gone, look for you, call your mom, and then go to your house or call you later asking WTF happened.

The answer is simple, what you have described here is a lie. It never happened, at least not how, when, where, and with whom you have described.

You have no proof, and all the people you have remembered there have testified that it didn’t happen.

All we have is your memories, very sketchy memories, very selective memories, detailed when needed, and vague when needed. No facts, only your word. Your honor, that is not enough to convict BK, in court, or the court of opinion. I move to dismiss, and I rest.


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