I tried to post this at Conservative Treehouse.  In response to a question Sundance asked. to logically rebut his theory that the swamp was too big, deep, and vast to be defeated.


Sadly, apparently, I have been banned since I tried to dare tell him that ‘Q’ was real, and that there is in fact a plan.  I guess somehow I offended him, he wont answer me as to what I did wrong, in fact i think he flagged me as spam..censorship at it’s finest.

So, I created this site and began posting at Gateway Pundit.  I do this because I love it, not for $$.  I hope whoever reads this enjoys.

You say the Swamp is too vast, too connected, too conniving, and too deep. They keep coordinating “schemes” and they would only try because they knew they would be successful.

And yet, they GOT caught, and they FAILED. so while your premise is valid, the flaw is sticking out like a sore thumb. THEY GOT CAUGHT. Why? They were so confident they wouldn’t because they THOUGHT they had control. Obviously they do NOT have control. Maybe THEY think they do, you and many others seem convinced they do. Yet, with all the vast deepness, and tentacles of corruption and operatives in DOJ, FBI, Media, and DNC. They still keep getting CAUGHT, STOPPED, and EXPOSED. IF the deck is so stacked, as you say, WHY? They have it ALL, WE have no chance.

Wait…they keep getting CAUGHT. They keep FAILING.  Someone somewhere therefore, logically thinking, MUST be on our side. Someone somewhere keeps outing the corruption.Who? It isn’t blind luck that Trump and by abstention US keep winning. It doesn’t matter if we win 1-0…as long as we WIN, and we ARE. They are like a nest of snakes and it is vast. But, every time they stick their heads out they are getting WHACKED. Why?

Simple, because there IS something going on behind the scenes…there HAS TO BE, or they wouldn’t keep getting caught and LOSING…BADLY. Some are reluctant to acknowledge the fact that there HAS to be something going on unseen. Akums razor states all things being equal, the simplest reason must be the answer.

Some are either to jaded, gun shy, arrogant, or blind to acknowledge the simple facts, 1 We ARE winning. 2 They are loosing BADLY. 3. We are wise to their schemes, and getting wiser every day. 4. They keep getting caught every time they try their same old tricks, tricks they USED to get away with, and not too long ago. 5. Someone is exposing all the corruption..all be it slowly…yet steadily.

Just because it is happening slowly does not mean it isn’t happening. Some want decades of corruption in multiple complex layers to vanish overnight. When it doesn’t happen in 2 weeks or even two years, they become jaded, frustrated, and depressed. they become unwilling to see that there are cracks beginning to form in the Swamp, and it is ever so slowly receding. Even if it is too slow..maybe it has to be so by design.

I refuse to believe there isn’t anything happening behind the scenes, there is too much evidence to the contrary. IT ISN’T by chance. Step back, look at things differently, make a list of all that has been exposed. Open your thinking to the possibility you are wrong. You are. Something is happening. We keep winning. Because we have Trump and help… even if the help remains hidden…for now anyway.

This part is new.

The case for ‘Q’

in early 2017 a person began posting on 4 chan, an internet hosting site, like reddit. This person began posting information, pictures, and cryptic messages similar to Nostradamus. This persons handle was Q clearance patriot. It was later shortened to ‘Q’.    Because it was started on 4 chan, people immediately began dismissing the info and Q as a LARP (Live Action Role Play), in other words a sham.

A funny thing about the “sham”  This person began posting info that would suddenly come true. Pictures that would suddenly appear in the MSM after Q posted them,  things like the Whitehouse Christmas tree before it was made public, pictures from inside the oval office, pictures of signed executive orders before they were revealed.  Pictures of pens and Trumps signature on a desk, that was obviously the Resolute desk. Pictures from inside the office on air force one.

Not stock photos mind you, very specific photos, unavailable anywhere else, and things normal people would not have.  People began to wonder, “who is this?, How did he get that?, How could he possibly know that?, how did he get access there?”

Then Q began posting about all the corruption and evil in the world, and in our Government.  Things everyday people had missed or hadn’t bothered to think about.  Things that made us say, “wait…what?”

A few example are things like “the Pope will be having a bad month.”  Then 3 months later…the sex scandals were exposed. Then Q would post things about the corruption in DOJ FBI, and in the Government writ large.  Things like photos of Lisa Page, Peter Strzyk, and James Baker in London from early 2016.  That would become VERY relevant now.  He said to watch the wives, and we find out later about Lisa Barsonian, and Nellie Ohr.  He mentioned things like the Tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, what was really discussed.

He shed light on all the media ties and corruption and how it was ALL coordinated by emails at 4:00 AM.  It turned out to be true.  Then Q told of the Gmail draft and xbox live communications, they have it all and the was months before John Solomon or Sara Carter broke that story.

There are MANY more.  But, beyond a shadow of a doubt was 3 instances that have convinced me Q is real, and connected in some way to either Military intelligence or the inner circle of the White House.  1 was the fact that ‘Q’ posed in January of this year “Deal done, thank you Kim”  He also posted a series of pictures from inside N. Korea.  This was MONTHS before anyone even knew Pompeo was there, let a lone a deal had been struck.  This simply could NOT have been a lucky guess, if it was, the guy should play the lottery or hit Vegas, cause that’s some amazing Kreskin shit there.

The 2nd, and perhaps the biggest clue, even bigger than no. 1.  Is the widespread, coordinated pervasive, attack by the MSM..almost all of them, within hours, on ‘Q’ as a vile conspiracy theory.  100’s of articles, all saying virtually the same thing.  calling Q a cult (dog whistle) and a conspiracy theory (another dog whistle).  Why?  All for a sham, a joke, a LARP. Why even feel the need to mention it?  Could it be that somethings that were supposed to be well hidden, were being exposed by Q?   Of course, Akum’s razor again. 3rd, Trump could at ANYTIME debunk and put an end to Q, with one single tweet.  Why hasn’t he?  You think he doesn’t know?

Is it more likely that Trump thinks Q is a LARP joke, a very serious dangerous one that is passing out some serious stuff real or not.  Or, is Q serving some purpose for Trump? Is he a necessary agent of info that can appear not to come directly from the Administration?  Would that be necessary to bypass both Deep State spies AND the Media? Is it a way to covertly give clues, hints, and secret info directly to we the people without a media bias or filter?  The answer to me is yes, unequivocally.

If this was all a game not only would Trump shut it down, the NSA, CIA, MI, FBI, FCC, or Secret Service would have long ago shut it down and jailed the hoaxers.  It hasn’t happened.  Why?  The media would gleefully report Q’s demise if it had been ended.  Why haven’t they.  Why haven’t Deep State actors been able to shut him down or up?  Surely they have more resources than some conspiracy theorist in his mom’s basement.  Yet, Q endures, he tells us snipetts, to have faith in Trump, to trust Huber, Sessions, and Pompeo.

He states he is part of a team, who want no fame, money or glory. His motto is where we go one, we go all. He states that there is a plan and to have faith and trust in ourselves, that these people (the Deep State) are stupid.  and in the end we will win and 2018 will be glorious.

Is all his info proven 100% true?  No, but that may be part of the plan to keep the enemy off balance, for he knows they are reading and watching.  Is Q real or the luckiest damnest LARP ever conceived and perpetrated on the masses?  It remains to conclusively be seen.  I for one choose to believe.




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