The Circus main event

There is simply NO EVIDENCE from Ford, only conjecture, hearsay, and possibly “created or false memories”  The three “witnesses” have all flatly under penalty of perjury, denied the event even took place.

It took Mitchell all of 5 minutes and 3 questions to expose the inconsistencies.

For gosh sakes guys, the woman lied about fear of flying (she flew tens of thousands of miles on vacation, for seminars, etc.
She omitted the name of a fourth male (my bet is Mike Garrett) (while vividly recounting ALL others.  It was after all a small gathering.

     She openly lied about hearing conversations down stairs after “they ping ponged down the stairs” .  Wait…I thought MK and MJ turned up the music real loud so no one could hear you yell.  Who turned down the radio?  How could you hear conversations downstairs over the radio, and yet no one could hear you yell?  LIE.  

     She Would love to tell us about her Encounter with Mark Judge, if only we could get her his IRS records so we can learn WHEN he worked at the market, so she could remember the date, month, year, etc.  (even though she remembered what door she choose to enter…oh and who says ‘hi’ to someone who supposedly participated in a traumatic sexual assault… one but her.

      She was so smart that she was able to utilize vocabulary like “episodic”
and Hippocanthus, and brain chemicls and processes, yet too dumb to know what exculpatory was or how to contact Congress, the FBI, or the President.  She KNEW how to contact WAPO though didn’t she. 

      She was so traumatized that she requested privacy, yet told everyone who would listen including 3 friends in 2015-2017, “beach friends”, Fienstein AND her staff, WAPO and their reps and reporters. She also was able hire an attorney, take a lie detector test, wrote numerous letters,  did a sit down expose with WAPO,and her Congresswoman. All in the name of ‘privacy’ yes most people who want to remain anonymous do ALL those things, and these are just the ones we know about. 

     She knew vivid details of the encounter including names, what she was wearing, How much she drank and what, what she was doing before the party and with who (swimming at the CC),100% who did this, and music blaring, the side of the room the bed was on (50 /50 ) and LAUGHTER..oh the LAUGHTER.  Yet, She didn’t know how she got there, or got home, who the mysterious 4th boy was, when the party occurred, (day, month, and time), where the party occurred. She didn’t even know the street it was on, or any landmarks, except it was near the Country club, which was by the way, miles from any of the party goers homes…ESPECIALLY hers (14 miles or so) She didn’t even remember what her address was…WHERE SHE LIVED, it had to be pointed out to her on the map near the CC. 

      Had she never been there before? Or since? Most people, even if they don’t live in a particular area of a town, know landmarks in said town, except apparently her. 

     There are so many holes here, some so big i could drive the battleship Missouri through., and I’m not a lawyer, I don’t even play one on TV, and I haven’t stayed in a Red Roof Inn either.

     She didn’t know who paid for her lawyers, the polygraph, or the security.  She doesn’t know what a ‘go fund me’ account is or how to access it (sure) yet she is  a PHD, has multiple degrees from multiple prestigious Universities, and not only teaches, but PUBLISHES. It is too farcical to believe, unless you are 3.

All these “repressed memories” were brought about by..wait for it…a renovation.  She wanted 2 front doors, so she wouldn’t be trapped.  What?
Hun, you were supposedly allegedly, trapped in a bedroom and a bathroom.  Did the renovation include two doors or escape hatches there?
No one kept you in the house, hell apparently no one knew you LEFT, or DID they? conveniently, she didn’t know how she got home, or if or who she may or may not have spoken to that day/night.  See this is what we call hearsay and supposition.  She’s a psychologist, I think she “projected” these memories.

I have a few questions I wish were asked.

Are you a member of the country club?  No, who invited you?  Yes, did you eat that day, drink, rent towels?  Who paid? If you weren’t a member (likely) did Leyland invite you?, someone else?

Did you ask to see the member and visitor logs from the club?  why/why not.  You can’t just walk into a Country club AND SWIM.  You can’t pay an admission, you must either be a member, or be a guest of a member.  WHO?  Mike Garrett?

Do you know Mike Garrett?  Did you date him around that time? Did he live near the club? (yes very close a few blocks, WAY closer than anyone named at the party, especially Ford and Leyland) Where,?  What was his address?  What did his house look like? Ever been there before?  Inside? Is Mike a member of the club?  Did he or a friend of his invite you to swim that day? Who?

     Was Leyland invited, and you came along? OK, who invited her?  Is she a member  (unlikely as well). 

Since you both live far from the club, how did you get there?  bus? Parents drop you off? Friend?  Who?  Did Leyland drive?  You couldn’t cause you said you didn’t have your licence yet.  It was way too far for 2 young girls to walk, ALONE, in bathing attire, even in the early 80’s.

Was ANYONE else with you at the club?  Were you meeting someone? Was Leyland? 

How did you learn of the party? Who?  When?  That day? Planned? did you know someone at the party besides Leland? Did she?  Who? 

If not, did you often go to strange houses, with strange people, and unknown boys?  Why?

Did you often drink beer, even one, with strange people, and strange boys? Who provided the alcohol to all the minors at this party?

In my humble honest opinion.  she was attacked, just not by BK or Judge.  In that she is not lying.  That is why she was so “credible” to some.  She is intentionally lying about WHO, WHERE, and WHEN.  She knows who it was, she knows EXACTLY when,  and where it was. 

     She knows who was there, and it wasn’t ANY of those listed, with the  exception of Leyland.  Of all those named, it is HER I’d like suponeaed.  She knows FAR more than her statement indicates. My bet is she also knows exactly who, where, and when this happened.

     She just didn’t want a innocent man to go down.  Her conscience got to her.  That’s why she refuted Ford, and then apologized, while saying she BELIEVED her.  She does, cause she knows WHO, and it isn’t BK, She just doesn’t want involved.  At least she had enough integrity to refute Fords testimony, even if she didn’t tell ALL she knew. 

I applaud Leyland’s at least somewhat courage, I bet she is NOT the only one that really knows (besides the perp) She is just the only one willing to at least not let an innocent man go down. 

Sorry for length, just my honest conjecture, no offences, accusations, of malice to anyone.


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