Righteous Indignation

Yes then dammit, by all means lets have an FBI investigation.  They want it lets GIVE it to them. first  Interview ALL witnesses again under oath.  Judge, PS, Ford, AND Leland.  Lets find out ALL about ALL their backgrounds, including financial.  I suspect Leland will VEHEMENTLY resist, as will Ford.  Judge will grudgingly, as will Peter.  I suspect suspect # 5 is someone whose house it was, knows of the whole incident, and was “intimately” involved.  It is my firm belief that Ford is baiting and switching BK with mystery man #4.

     Second, then lets have the FBI investigate WHY Feinstein held pertinant information to an ongoing federal conformation, and further, WHO leaked the inf.  Lets suponea DF, and her staff, as well as the California Congresswomen and her staff( her name escapes me too pissed to look it up). 

    Then, lets suponea the WAPO reporter and find out who leaked Ford’s name.  Yes we can, it is a matter of great national importance, and significance.  (right Dems). 

    Then, anyone refusing to cooperate, lets hold them in FEDERAL contempt of Congress, and DETAIN them.   After all the Dems want this as do the RINOS, hell that’s bipartisan (right Dems). 

     Then when the truth is extracted, lets prosecute ALL who are guilty for a) interfering in a FEDERAL conformation.  and B) for lying to federal authorities, and Congress.  INCLUDING ANY who fund, funded, or proffit in /any way from this.  Indictments for all. 

     Then when Sitting Senators and Congress people or their staffs on either side are implicated, IMMEDIATE resignations or expulsions are to be MANDATORY. 

     F’ the games.  You wanna play Dems?  Well Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.  Be damn careful what you wish for, you just might get it. 

     OH and one more thing.  Since we are being so diligent.  Delay the opening of the Supreme Court session (it CAN be done by Congress)  for the same “week” it takes for the FBI to investigate.  It would only be fair to do that if BK is vindicated (he will be) Right Dems?  You have nothing to gain or loose right Dems?  It’s only a week right  Dems? We are seeking to be fair, and to give full benefit to the “victim” and the “accused”  here, right Dems.  We only seek the full truth here right Dems?

    Lastly, NO MORE Senate, or congress sessions (TV drama) All parties agree to abide by the FBI’S recommendations  unilaterally. OK with that Dems? 

     Just  1 more thing (almost forgot), no current FBI critters.  Use ALL veteran impartial former agents to do the report.  No peter Strzks here Dems.  I suspect you really won’t agree to those conditions, I suspect you will flatly reject them ALL.  You don’t want truth.  You just want BK’s scalp.  i hope he sues you all broke, and then overturns ALL your little pet peeves like gay marriage, Roe V wade, and any other damn dem initiative.  Rant over. 


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