The Sting

This has all been a game to the Dems, It isn’t a game to Grassley.  He has put them in check (think chess) since he announced the hearings.  He DELIBERATELY allowed the frivolous delays IMHO.  Why?  To all the Dems to do what Dems always do…overreach.  Which they did with the BS Yale and HS “train” allegations by Marteniz and Avenatti. 

      The tide of public opinion has turned against the Dems. No stopping it now, we all know it was a smear)  I believe Grassley and Trump (not to mention Turtle) KNEW this was all BS.  They knew Ford (the proxy of the Dems) would stall (as ordered) and they thought it would give them time to find MORE women to come forward against BK (cause he must be guilty, after all he’s a white male, hetrosexual, Republican, conservative, Trump nominee.)

     When more didn’t, cause BK is closer to Dudley Doright than Snidely Whiplash, they panicked. See,  they NEEDED another witness as corroboration to prove BK is a deviant (he isn’t) to ratchet up pressure on Collins, Corker, Mukowski, and any other wobbly kneed RINOs in the Senate for cover to vote ‘No’. 

      Hell, they practically got on every platform and BEGGED for someone, ANYONE, to come forward. When they didn’t get a witness they wanted (cause there AREN’T ANY), they did what Dems always do, they made some up. 

      Unfortunately, (for them) they were easy marks for scammers.  Marteniz took down Ryan Farrow, and Avenatti was punked by two people on 4 chan (LMAO). 

     Grassley and Trump gave the Dems the rope to hang themselves with, and being Dems, they obliged, WILLINGLY, HAPPILY. 

Now they are FUBAR, majorly FUBAR. Now Ford MUST testify.  She is scared sh*tless.  She knows she lied, she NEVER thought she would have to go through with it. Heck, I;m sure Feinstein promised her she wouldn’t.  Feinstein now is a liar to Ford.  They are all in a panic.  Especially since they announced Mitchell would do the questioning. 

    She worked for Arpiao, she is a pitbull.  She will immediately sense BS coming from Ford.  She will twist her in knots (hence the 3 statements this morning from Ford that she told her husband and 3 other people. <eye roll>  WHEN? JULY? Are the 3 others Feinstein, Pelosi, and Schumer?  LOL. 

    I too hated the delay, but see it was necessary to let Dems be Dems, so all the RINOS now have no cover to vote ANYTHING but ‘Yea”  (I’m talking to you Flakey and Corker)  This was BRILLIANT.  That’s why I think Trump has ALWAYS been the “conductor” of this.   Notice how he has been ratcheting up the pressure on Ford.  You think BK decided to go on TV by himself?  Nope VSG orchestrated this.  They still think he’s Elmer Fudd. 

Popcorn and bourbon ready for Thursday, it seems quite a few accounts will be settled then…Hi Rod<waves>  Apologies again for length.


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