Dear Mr. President

Mr. President, tear down this wall of corruption and bull excrement.  What has happened to this country in the last two years is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. First with Spy, Russia, FISA gate, The unprecedented assault on our judicial systems by activist judges (travel ban, DACA, illegal immigrant child separation,) ETC. Second with the open assault by progressive zealots and ideologues on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th amendments (The Parkland saga, Conservative censoring in TV, movies, and social media, Due process and the right to privacy in Carter Page, Michael Flynn, yourself, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort and many more.)

The very heart of the constitution itself is under open treasonous, seditious attack by our very own elected leftist progressive Democrats.  They have challenged both your Constitutional enumerated powers of hiring/firing in your cabinet, the nominations to your cabinet  and the Judiciary, the blatant undermining of your foreign policy by Barack Obama, John Kerry, and others, and lastly, the brazen open high treason by the 4 Democratic members of the gang of eight to seditiously withhold, ignore, and falsify classified materials to you.

They have openly asked the DNI, FBI director, and DDA Rosnstein to lie by giving false classified info to you, to delay by not timely releasing said info to Congress who has a Constitutional mandate of oversight, and to flatly ignore your lawful order to immediately release all the classified FISA docs, the government owned texts of James Comey, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Stryzk.  This is a treasonous  assault on the Presidency and its  Article II Constitutional Powers. This has now become bigger than just the swamp vs you, it is the deep state swamp versus the Republic,  the Constitution, and the rule of law.

This is a Coup d’état.  Plain and simple by obviously lawless people outside and within our own government in an attempt to overturn the 2016 election.  Their attacks are systematic and widespread.  They have attacked the basic fundamentals on which the country was founded, those being the rule of law, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the freedoms of speech, religion, press, and rights to privacy, and lastly the concepts of government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

They have attacked the rule of law by attacking law enforcement, sometimes violently, and openly violating the laws set forth and enacted by Congress, most often but not limited to Sanctuary Cities open defiance of lawful immigration orders, and the refusal to cooperate with ICE.  Police and first responders are mocked, ridiculed, assaulted, and even killed.  Blue lives matter too, as does all life, even the unborn.

They have attacked nearly the entirety of the Bill of rights.

The right to life by Roe v Wade, a woman has a right to choose, does the baby get a say? Why do they need abortion now days anyway?  Except in the cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother or child, why?  Multiple forms of birth control exist from condoms all the way up to IUD’s, the pill, and the morning after pill.  It seems to me the only real reason for abortion is that women are too lazy, inconvenienced, or selfish to use birth control, which now, thanks to Obamacare,  readily available everywhere, most for free.  Maybe it is really the booming organ, stem, and blood harvesting from fetus’s that is the real reason?

The right to privacy has been attacked by FISA abuses, unlawful monitoring, collection, storage, and usage of private citizens phone, email, and social media.  No one is safe, not even yourself.  Big Brother has truly arrived. Orwell was right, just 70 years too early. When confronted, they use “in the interests of national security” meme.  But is it really in our interests?  Or is it an affront to all we used to hold dear?

The freedom of religion by openly attacking Christians, the bible, and the 10 commandments, in favor of the ideology of fear, intolerance, and hate by radical Islamists.  The Radicals, and Atheists, openly attack, mock, and demean Christianity by using our own laws and sensibilities against us to “bend” us to their will.  Instead of respectfully agreeing to disagree,  and having open dialogue, they use the courts, the media, and corrupt politicians to label anything they don’t like, don’t agree with, or don’t align with their religious and political views as racist, Islamophobic, or intolerant. Do as we say or else should be their mantra.  That is not what was intended by the founders who fled religious intolerance. This is not the views they had when they said “in God we trust”.

They have attacked freedom of assembly and speech by means of intimidation, censorship, and flat violence.  Groups such as ANTIFA openly perpetrate hateful, violent, bigoted, acts upon Christians, conservatives, and any other gathered group with which they don’t agree. Historic statues are defaced, torn down, or locked away. Conservatives are openly mocked, shouted down, doused with paint, spat upon, and beaten by these thugs.  All the while, leftist controlled cities, universities, and local government officials, stand idly by, giving “stand down” orders to the local law enforcement.  To make things worse, corrupt leftist judges then pose lenient sentences or fines upon the perpetrators, showing no respect for both the law, or common decency.  Thus, with no accountability, the cycles keep repeating, often by the same people or groups. Conservative members of your administration have been shouted at, intimidated, mobbed, chased, and even barred from eating at a restaurant.  All in the name of suppressing Fascism.  Hitler would be proud, Stalin jealous, and Lenin adoring.

They have attacked freedom of speech by openly, brazenly censoring Conservative points of view from social media., canceling conservative TV and radio programs, and singling out and attacking conservative TV hosts, newspapers, websites, actors, and actresses; all while promoting leftist, progressive ideas.  They deny, deny, deny, but the evidence is overwhelming.  Companies such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have engaged in a systemic, calculated purge of all things conservative.  it is too pervasive, coordinated, and wide spread to be “random”.  These companies occupy the public domain, and use public airwaves  or wires.  They have violated the public trust.  They should be  investigated,  regulated, broken up, fined, and if necessary, those responsible charged, fined, jailed, and never be permitted to operate or own a site again.  I do not agree with all Alex Jones’ views, but I will fight to preserve his right to say his views.

They have attacked the 5th amendment by stunningly attempting to deny Brett Kavanaugh the right to face, rebut, and have a speedy resolution to the so far unfounded accusations.  They have tried him in the court of public opinion on a single uncorroborated accusation dated nearly 36 years ago while in high school.  The Senate and Congressional Democrats have brazenly, cowardly,  conducted a character assignation on judge Kavanaugh both on the hill and in the media.  They have convicted the Judge with the flimsiest of evidence, all so far unsubstantiated, or flatly rebutted.  They worry what is “fair” to Ms. Ford, all they while trampling Brett Kavanaugh’s right to due process.  What ever happened to Due process?  What ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?  What about what is “fair to Judge Kavanaugh, his wife, his children, and the rest of his family.  The progressive left, enabled by their benefactors the Democrats in the Senate, have made a mockery of the confirmation proceedings.  If lady liberty or Blind justice could blush or turn away they would while hanging their head in shame.  Uncle Sam would be hopping mad. It seems in this country now, unless you are with them, you are guilty.  The only thing Brett Kavanaugh seems guilty of is being a white male conservative Republican, who just happened to be nominated by you.  To hell with his rights, the Constitution, decorum, and hundreds of years worth of precedent.  Their objectives must be met by any means necessary, and at whatever cost or toll it takes.  What is the value of a man’s reputation?  How does one get it back?  The founders would be ashamed of what this has become.

They have attacked the 2nd amendment  vigorously.  Any shooting is portrayed as the worst tragedy ever, all at the fault of the guns..  If we only didn’t have guns, these shootings would cease to happen.  That is patently false.  The majority of mass shootings occur in “gun free” zones.  If only someone in these zones, like schools, had been armed, the tragedies could be limited, or even eliminated before they happen. I find it highly ironic, that the Democrats, who cannot run fast enough to a camera after a shooting to preach gun control “so we can avoid senseless slaughter”, are strangely silent on all the senseless shootings and murders weekly in Chicago.  The overwhelming number of which are young black males.  I thought Black Lives Matter? Apparently only when it fits their needed narrative every election year.  Guns don’t kill people, people do.  The gun has no fault.  Usually it is either a mental health, bullying, or domestic violence, pattern that lies at the fault of the mass shootings.  All those don’t fit the narrative, and are flatly ignored.

All these things listed above could not have widely taken place, had there not been a compliant, complicit media.  The old print media, the Washington Post, New York Times, the main old guard alphabet networks ABC, NBC, CBS, and Cable news organizations CNN and MSNBC, are all guilty of complicity, collusion, corruption, and propaganda against yourself, your conservative base (the deplorables), and the interests of the country. They have engaged in blatant propaganda, manipulation, withholding of facts, lying, or just plain old ignoring of facts.  They have presented a counter narrative of “fake news” that would make even the most imaginative fiction writer envious.  Their 95% negative slant on all things related to you, your administration, or anything else remotely positive to the interests of the country is exhausting.  They are supposed to be the bastions of truth.  They are supposed to be the 4th estate, those that speak truth to power.  They need to be held accountable.  Fire and prosecute the guilty.

They are so blinded by their hatred of you and anything conservative, that they can’t see the forest for all the trees.  In stead of the ‘paper of record’, or ‘all the news that’s fit to print’, it should be “I’m with her”.  Politics are not supposed to be mixed with “journalism”.  Now, it is so tightly entwined, it is hard to tell the difference between the pundant and the reporter.  The press was a supposed to be unbiased gatekeeper of the peoples information, not the purveyor of propaganda.  They have blatantly, repeatedly, unabashedly betrayed that trust.  They must be held accountable, punished, and purged of political bent or bias.

The left has also assaulted our education system. History is scrubbed, altered, or omitted to fit the leftist idealism. Most students today cannot recount basic facts about the founding fathers, the Constitution, or the declaration of Independence.  Students are not taught about the United States greatness, only our shortcomings.  Teachers do not stress American pride or exceptionalism, only shame, white privilege, apologies, and how we were never really all that great.  We weren’t the beacon of liberty and freedom for the world, we were autocrats who imposed our ideals on everyone and interfered in others business.  We didn’t free the world from tyranny…twice…we oppressed those weaker than us and took what we wanted.  Eisenhower and Roosevelt to them were not liberators, but invaders.  They glorify Socialism, while deriding Capitalism and Americanism (freedom).

The political left, the progressive Democrats in Congress, have also been co conspirators.  They have delayed, obfuscated, fabricated, leaked, and resisted any legislation, appointment, policy or plan which would help the American people.  Policies which would make America safer (the wall, immigration reform) stronger, (the military funding bill, foreign policy), richer ( energy independence, less regulations, tax reform, intellectual property, tariffs, trade re-negotiations ), healthier (repealing Obamacare, VA, and healthcare reform) and smarter (education reform) are stone walled, ridiculed, reviled, resisted, and torpedoed.  The will or welfare of the people be damned.

They are obviously beholden to some other special interest.  The interests of the lobbyists, globalists, Wall St, foreigners, foreign governments, and their own political fringe base far outweigh the needs of main street or the middle class. They are aware that their policies are not in tune with those of ordinary Americans, they simply don’t care. They are there for their own interests, not ours. Attack their funding, starve their slush funds and havens. Prosecute the guilty.  Deport despots like George Soros, let them face justice for their world wide crimes away from the safe haven of America. Sieze their assets for subversion. What can’t be seized, make them sell, divest, or transfer out of our country.

They have openly participated in a resistance to you, your administration, your policies, and the American people.  It is past sedition, it is a treasonous coup.  They have not hesitated to use smears, political hit jobs, character assignation, leaks of classified information (when expedient), withholding of exculpatory evidence, lies, and violence.

They have accused you and us of being racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, and Islamophobic.  We are irredeemable, deplorable, smelly Walmart shoppers, who bitterly cling to our religion and guns.  We believe in freedom and American exceptionalism.  We want to Make America Great Again.  We must be stopped in their minds.  They will, and have used any and all means necessary to achieve their goal of regaining power, absolute power, at all costs. They will not sleep, they will not deter, and they will not stop.


You, with our help and consent must stop this.  Release all the classified documents on the Russia witch hunt, the FISA and unmasking abuses, and all relevant related documents surrounding this farcical coup. expose the traitors within, whoever they may be, and wherever it may lead,  Rip the bandage of the festering sore of corruption in the media, politics, government, judiciary, and elsewhere. Let the disinfection healing of sunlight begin.  Try by jury or military tribunal ALL perpetrators of these heinous acts against the Constitution and the Republic. Then prosecute and sentence all the guilty parties to the fullest extent of the law, even DEATH if need be.  Do what it takes to restore the rule of law, justice for all,  the full authority of the Constitution as written, and the Republic as it was intended.   Restore faith in our government, the media, and the principal of equal justice under the law. Re affirm and commit to government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Ensure, by the harshest possible methods, that no one, NO ONE will ever try to usurp, subvert, or corrupt, the United States of America EVER AGAIN.  God Bless you, your family, and the United States.    Sincerely,







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