Dear Republicans

Sigh, Dear republicans, the Dems are not your “colleagues”, not your “allies”, and not your “friends” (well except for you RINO deep state never Trumpers out there).  They would crush you if they could.  If the shoe was on the other foot, the liberal judge would already be confirmed, the accuser discredited and ruined, and the drinks would be flowing like water as they planned all our demises.

    There wouldn’t be a damn thing you could do about it. They would steam roll you like Shaq over a 4 yo, laughing all the way as you cried “foul”. This is WAR (political war, but war.)  ever hear the saying “All’s fair in love and war”? 

    You put up a good offer, you simply can’t be so naive to believe they really CARE what you think.  They are using your principles and sensibilities against you. They don’t even care about “Me too” ,Anita Hill, Christine Ford, Tawanna Bradley, or even GASP, Roe Vs Wade.  To them we are sheep to be led, herded, fattened, and either sheared or slaughtered. 

     Everyone and everything to them is simply a means to an end, and they will do ANYTHING to get it by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.  Power.  Absolute power if they could get it. 

     Rules and laws don’t apply.  Conventional wisdom is nothing.  Decorum is laughable.  Opinions, beliefs, faith, morals, scruples, and principles are for the weak (you and us). What do we think?  IT doesn’t matter what we think. (quote Dwayne the Rock Johnson)

     Stop playing nice, follow Trump’s lead.  Destroy them, steamroll them, bury them.  they WOULD do you if they could, don’t think otherwise.  They WILL if they win in Nov.  Be Conan… “what is best in life?  “To see your enemies crushed before your feet, and hear the lamentations of the women.”  Just win baby.

    In sum tell them they had their chance, they blew it,  say the vote is at 4 today.  Show up or not, but the vote is happening.  They didn’t take it serious, now they pay.  NO MATTER WHAT they are going to complain, cry, threaten, stamp their feet, protest, and hold their breath.  Who cares? 

     Somebody once said “elections have consequences, deal with it”  Okie dokie, confirmed (with or without Dems, we DON’T NEED THEM) Suck it. 

     Lastly if Flakey ,Corker, Murkowski, Collins, or anyone else complain or capitulate, REMOVE them, REPLACE THEM, from the committee and if need be, PULL their party affiliations (and funding)  Let them try to get elected as Dems or Inds. Get with the team or get out.

We the people are sick AND tired of the shenanigans.  WE are WOKE, we are WATCHING, we are PISSED, and we are PREPARED to do whatever we need to to get OUR country back!.  don’t make us come up there and fertilize the tree of Liberty, it won’t end well…for you and them. You work for US.  Time that you better damn well act like it!  Rant over.  Again sorry for length…I can’t help it once on roll.


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