More on the BK Circus

The left want us so wrapped up in the allegations that they must be true.  Except they are sketchy at best and obtuse at worst.  Everyone is soooo concerned with Dr ford, and if true, they should be.

However, if it was such a traumatic event, why not report it to police? Why wait 36 years? Why not tell a teacher? A friend? BK’s school counselor? SOMEONE.  I know if I had this on my chest all these years I wouldn’t have waited till now, I would have gotten him when he first went to the DC Circuit.  That was also a lifetime appointment, and is the #2 court to SCOTUS.

Did you know that right now if a case involving Roe vs Wade came up in DC and BK was the deciding vote to over turn it, IT WOULD BE OVERTURNED PERMANENTLY (SCOTUS is 4 v 4 a tie. Defers to lower court ruling, and DC circuit is PARAMOUNT, meaning if the ran it throuth the 9th circuit, it would take a back seat to DC.  So see this is all BS!

No one seems worried at all that they are trying to deny BK due process.  He is already guilty.  Hell Joyless Behar said it on the ‘View’ and several sitting Dem Congress people and Senators have already said “She must be believed”  So, you see, he’s guilty…hang him…screw the Constitution.

No one seems to give a rip about what this is doing to BK, his wife, his children, or the rest of his family.  They are not seeking Justice, they want a scalp, by any damn means necessary.  Did we all forget the circus they already put him trough not 3 weeks ago?  Did that not happen?  I’m sure i saw it.

So far the only thing I see BK guilty of is being male, white, republican, and nominated by Trump.  I for one hope he gets confirmed, and the very first damn case he presides decides Roe vs Wade.  I hope he gets to write the majority opinion, and once read, finishes with “suck it libs, Karma’s a bitch.”


PS on Kamalla Harris the lefts new bright shining star (about as bright as a 1 watt bulb) questioning BK

So, riiight… “F ‘this guy’s’ Constitutional right to due process”.  Screw the bill of rights.  Where did this witch get her “Juris Doctorate”?  Crackerjack?  Some online school?  Did she just print it?  Someone check the ink…see if it’s dry.

She should be dis-barred for even mouthing those stupid words.  If no due process?  Why have him UNDER OATH you bloated, big mouthed, liberal moron.  No due process, no habeas corpus, in other words no law. She just disqualified herself from even being able to question BK at all, let alone be THE questioner. You think if the roles were reversed this would be happening?
My God, If I were BK’s lawyer, NO WAY would I let the biased HACK question my client.  Gee you think BK will get a fair shake from her.  In the real world she would be REMOVED for her prejudices…and wose , SHE SHOULD KNOW THAT.

If she doesn’t, she is even dumber that I think, and that would be pretty low, lower than the sweat on a snakes belly low…think single digits IQ low.

THIS, THIS is the best the Dems have in 2020.  They would be better off running me.  LOL and  I’m a conservative republican Trump fan. She should have to go back to law school and sit in the corner with a dunce cap on, only recognized to speak when she prefaces her questions with ‘Duh’, so they know she is speaking.


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