Don’t Freak out!

I am sure the original plan was to have the docs released after BK was confirmed.  Then it would be like a snowball effect on the Dems for the midterms.

There was a BS delay by them Dems, hence, Trump “delays” the next nail in the coffin.  That’s why we have contingencies.  Trump is the master of adapting and overcoming.

Who here wants to bet that 24 hours after BK is confirmed( he will be early next week), the hammer will drop.

The Dems will have, by there BS delay, actually HELPED Trump in the timeline.  How you say? We are what 44 days from the election?  Minus the 1 week delay in the timeline =37 that’s 5 weeks.

Enough time to drip, drip, drip, out in chunks the info.  First the texts, then the 302’s, then the FISA, then lastly the rest of the docs PDBs WH emails, DOJ and FBI emails, which i’m SURE prove UK, Aus, MSM, and OBAMA involvement.

The whole enchilada.  By doing it in stages this late, the Dems will be crushed, they will barely be into their 1st BS narrative to discredit the first release when the 2nd will drop proving the first drop and creaming the Dem narrative.  By the Time they try to start the 2nd narrative, we will be on the third, and so on and so on.

Two things will be accomplished.  Complete and utter sunlight on the vampires in the cabal PLUS MSM. Not only will their crimes and TREASON be exposed, but the 4th  estate will be de-railed maybe irreparably.  They will be exposed covering up a cover up of a failed coup. BRILLIANT.

Two, they will have NO time to formulate any semblance of a counter-attack, they will barely have time to catch their breath.  It takes TIME to brainwash the sheep, and they won’t have any…till its too late.

The people who are woke are PISSED and motivated.  Millions of them, they don’t need motivation.  Those who will BECOME woke when the curtain is pulled will be emotional AND PISSED, they WILL be motivated by the fact they were played, and there are millions more of them.

Those who are asleep and rabid lefties will be too shell-shocked to mount their effective resistance.  They will try but be engulfed.
It will be a biblical red wave. How biblical? So bad that some old guy will be gathering animals 2 x 2 in a large wooden boat biblical.  Again, absolutely brilliant.  They still believe in the Elmer Fudd babe in the woods narrative.  He is a genius, they refuse to see it….good! Trump is more like Godzilla to their Bambi. (hint, it doesn’t work out well for Bambi)  .


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