Hail Mary

Want to know why Ford won’t testify? Because she is LYING, and everyone with more than 2 brain cells to rub together knows it. If she testify’s, she opens herself up to all sorts of goodies. Perjury, lying to congress, and defamation and slander.

That’s why they realllly don’t want law enforcement involved either (despite their protestations) because filing a false report with the FBI is a FELONY!

I HOPE she testifies. I REALLY do. 2 things will be acomplished. 1. the world will see bat crap crazy liberal on display (who has NOTHING BTW….If she did, it would have already been used.) 2. Grassley, Trump, and BK will DEMAND prosecution for lying (I am 10000% positive they have a big ol hammer in the hole for her to bludgeon her with..and BOTH sides KNOW it.) and restitution in the form of a yuuuuge defamation civil suit against ms ford, and possibly Fienstein and several key Dems.

Either way we win. make it sooooooo bad with either lawsuits of prosecution that no one will attempt this crap again.


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