Even their “narratives”  re: BK now are wanting. 

1.She’s so scared she had to move from her home do to all the death and harassment threats.  Riiiiiiiggght.  This woman lives in Palo Alto CA.  You know liberal bat crap central crazy town.  Who is threatening her there? Hell, there she’s a HERO.   They are probably laying flowers on her porch. 

2.  She want’s her privacy. Um, OK sure…except she went to WAPO, a sitting congresswoman, AND a sitting Senator with her ‘story’. (surely all them could keep a secret…especially when its against Trump or his interests)

3.  She wasn’t going to come forward.  No, really, most people who had no plans to come forward hire attorneys (in JULY), take polygraphs (in AUGUST), and scrub both all their social medial accounts PLUS have their HS yearbook removed from the internet.

4. She’s not political.  Sure, most apolitical people attend anti Trump political rallies wearing knitted vaginas on their head.

5.She really wants to tell her story.   Except, when given the opportunity (under OATH) and on TV to do just that, she clams up, obfuscates, delays, and generally moves the goalposts. It’s really because of bad Trump and Grassley calling their bluff.

6. She’s really credible and believable.  Yep I was convinced when she couldn’t name the day, month, year, location, time or even who was there except bad ol BK and his bud.  Further all those corroborating witnesses that came forward really helped convince me of her veracity…oh wait…nevermind.

7. She has evidence, she told a her couples therapist in 2012 and passed a lie detector test.  Wow, how did i ever doubt?  Except, the therapist’s WRITTEN notes of their session contradict her story.  First it was four boys, then it was no there was 4 guys at the party, but only bad BK and his bud were “there”.  She said the therapist mis-remembered the details.  Ok, so her notes written AT THE TIME OF THE SESSION (or recorded) were wrong. <eye roll>. Where are the others…oh, that’s right, they are confused cause she won’t tell us where, when, and who was there. Lie detectors are like statistics, depends on your point of reference. Think they would let us see the list of questions asked and the answers?  No, I doan thin so Ba Ba Louie.

8.  It isn’t fair to her to have to PROVE her allegation, she is under no obligation to testify.  Absolutely, that darned ol due process is out the window.  Innocent till proven guilty…NAH, BK is a white middle aged male privileged REPUBLICAN, he has no rights.  BK must PROVE his innocence.  What? wait, that’s it screw the Constitution. 

See how silly there narrative is?  ANYONE above the age of say 3 and 1/2 can see this is complete and utter Blatherskite.

     End this farce now.  Hold DF in contempt or sanction her, neuter the remaining Dems on the committee, hold the dawn vote, confirm BK, Seat him on SOCTUS, then 1st case challenge Roe vs Wade.  Eat popcorn, drink bourbon , watch carnage, and live long and prosper. 

Sorry for the length, but tons of BS requires lines of text to rebut.


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