The Plan

High Treason in black and white.  That’s what this is.  The Dems newest stunt Reeks of desperation. Why, if there is no plan only a goal?  Desperate people do stupid things.. like underestimate Trump.

There sure are a lot of desperate Dems scurrying around trying to avoid the sunlight and the hammer therein. Perhaps things are unfolding behind the scenes (that they now realize are unavoidable) that no one knew about.  You know keep your PLANS secret and impenetrable as dark as night (Sun Tzu).  They are so FUBAR.

The beginning of the end for them is nigh and they know it.  Just because Trump doesn’t advertise his plans on twitter, facebook, or youtube, doesn’t mean there aren’t any, and he is is flying by the seat of his pants. Are there hindrances to the plan?  Sure, it wouldn’t be a plan if contingencies were not expected and needed.

We do not know the plan, neither does the enemy.  That’s the point.  If the enemy knew, they would foil it.  They are trying to foil him, but they are FAILING…hence desperation.  Something is causing all the turmoil behind the scenes to make them scurry.  You think all the info released in the various ways wasn’t planned?  LMAO of course it was. Do you think all the firings and resignations throughout the SWAMP just spontaneously happen?  If they were as unstoppable as some would believe, why leave..go dark. They didn’t, they tried, something FORCED them out.

When you are attempting to MAGA (the goal) against EVIL, you simply must have a plan.  Dis info and subterfuge are part and parcel.  Old enough to remember WW2 and Normandy?  The Germans were SURE we were coming at Calais with Patton’s “ARMY”.  There was a plan of dis info and subterfuge that led them to believe it was so.  It wasn’t, though weather almost messed up the plan, they had to adapt and over come.  There were other problems as well like DD tanks, had to be overcome.  Great sacrifices were made, but in the end Victory.

There has ALWAYS been a plan to achieve the GOAL of MAGA.  It IS being executed.  Just because we don’t like the timing, the methods, the dis info, doesn’t mean it isn’t and won’t succeed.  Trump has PLANNED this for 30 years.  He KNOWS what he is up against.  He may have to adapt his plans, but he will, he is the master of contingencies.  To sum up, just because we think we know what’s happening, doesn’t mean all is what it seems.  Logic does dictate SOMETHING big is happening and SOME UNSEEN force is causing it.  Conventional wisdom says we can’t win…too big…too much…enemies all around.  Conventional wisdom got us the clusterf**K we had the last 30 years.  Trump is unconventional. They have him surrounded..right where he wants them to be!  Does he look worried? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain LOL.  Trump has almost EVERYONE fooled…as PLANNED.


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