The Circus continued

Are you old enough to remember Anita Hill? Ford will make her look like a piker. Sympathy is all she has.

Big bad Brett abused me 36 years ago and destroyed my life. (teenagers never engage in heavy petting or the like while drinking) Even though I can’t remember the time, the day, the exact location or who was there besides BK and his bud.

Also, I needed to do this for my sanity, cause you know it bothered me so much that I had to wait 36 years to tell my congresswoman. (not the police) I told my therapist, but she mis-remembered her written notes of our session…cause I remember it different or some such junk. I also had no intention of coming forward publicly so I scrubbed my social media, hired a lawyer, and took a polygraph…all to protect my privacy.

I had to stop Trump…er Brett because he couldn’t hold this much power over women (abortion). Even though no crime was committed, and no one else knew, and I really want my privacy ( till I right my book anyway), I just had to come forward….BK is tha devil. He broke me!

Pop question. if she just couldn’t let BK be on the SC because too much power Paraphrasing her own letter to Feinstein), Why didn’t she say something when BK was confirmed to the DC court 12 years ago? Did she not realize that any BK court opinion there (there were many) which were up held by the SC became LAW. It’s all BS folks.

They did it to Romney, they did it to Bork. They did it to Herman Cain and Roy Moore. They attempted it with Trump and Clarence Thomas. Know why they succeeded with some and failed with others? The ones who fought back against this BS vigorously won, those who didn’t lost. I for one hope BK fights…HARD.


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