The Circus

I know a way to make all this Kavanaugh vs Ford crap evaporate….quickly. President Trump…declassify the slush fund list by all of congress for payments to victims of Congressional Sexual harassment. Name all the names..and payouts (not the victims)…POOF, look at the time….time to have a vote right hey guys…

ALL of them are a bunch of anachronistic arrogant hypocrites. Hold them up to a mirror…they won’t like what they see. if they were held to the same standards to which they are attempting to hold Judge Kavanaugh to, WITHOUT EVIDENCE, they would all squirm and cry like 2 year olds who just dropped their ice cream. WTF happened to due process? Now all the Liberals have to do is make an unfounded sketchy allegation from many years ago, with no corroboration or evidence. The accused is automatically guilty, and must PROVE his own innocence. This shit right there is banana republic. Stalin would be so proud, Hitler envious, and Lenin has a new crush. They were all armatures.

Liberals, IF they succeed, will have done to America what those 3 could of only hoped to do in their wildest dreams. SMDH.


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