The Broken Road

Anyway you slice this quagmire, ALL roads lead to BHO.  There was only one chief executive that they ALL reported to…BHO.  He is the mark, always has been.  HRC  ETAL are icing, they were all going down one way or another.  BUT, to take down not only an ex President, but your predecessor; who just happens to be the first African American President as well, THAT requires cunning, balls, and absolute perfection.

To half step in ANY way would be used as political revenge (ironically what BHO did in fact do to Trump) to shut it down.  The crimes MUST be revealed in such a way so that EVERYONE (even the most ardent SJW) will realize they were all lied to.

Thomas Jefferson once famously said (paraphrasing) “you can count on the American people to get it wrong, BUT, they will correct it”  Trump is the correction.  Think of it this way, when you were a child, what would get you into more trouble, breaking the lamp, OR lie about breaking the lamp.

People, even the most ardent sycophants, HATE being played (lied to).  When they find out they were played, all sorts of yummy retributions  occur. Soon, now that Pandora’s box has been opened, all hell will break loose.  Rats will jump OR turn on each other, and THAT is when the fun begins.

They will sell out their mothers to avoid life in GITMO or…DEATH.  Yes, ultimate TREASON deserves and must DEMAND the ultimate price.  So NO ONE will dare try this crap again…at least for generations.( I believe it takes 2 to 3 generations to mind numb and manipulate the populous they way we were.) We really were at the precipice of the abyss.  Thankfully we turned.  It will not be EASY.  They will fight with all they have (think a wounded cornered animal), but its too late…they WILL loose.

Justice will prevail, it may be ugly, but it is necessary.  “The tree of liberty must be fertilized from time to time with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.”  also Thomas Jefferson. Take heart fellow patriots, in the end God (and by abstention us) wins.  Righteous! Truth, Justice, and the American way!!!


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