Speak now, or forever hold your peace

Why we MUST and WILL have Military tribunals for the swap at large. They are trying to have their cake (you can’t release the FISA, it is improper and would set a bad precedent, and may be illegal) and eat it too (impeach Trump with smoke and mirrors) all because Toto (Sessions) can’t pull the curtain back because the Wicked Witch (Hillary) and flying monkeys (the swamp, Roseinsein, Muller, etc) are holding the curtain, so that the Wizard (Obama) doesn’t get exposed.

Thank God Trump has Brains like the enlightened Scarecrow, Courage like the emboldened Cowardly Lion, and Heart like the enlivened Tin Man.

Trump will do what needs to be done. He HAS TO! Else, we are definitely not in Kansas (USA) anymore. The Ruby slippers are the declassified documents. We have had the power to go home all along, Just tap them together 3x (release them FISA’s 302’s, all texts and docs relative) and then say “There’s no place like GITMO, there’s no place like GITMO, there’s no place like GITMO…

Soon all will be well the Wicked Witch will melt. The Wizard will be revealed. The Lion will find his courage. The Scarecrow will have his brain. The Tin Man will get his heart, and Dorothy (US) will be home safe in Kansas with Auntie Em (Liberty and Justice for ALL…FREEDOM!). Plus, don’t forget…it all started with a storm.

LOL. Seriously though. Since the Justice Dept is so corrupted, we really only have one way back from the abyss. Who else can prosecute to achieve justice; if Justice is corrupt? It has to be BROKEN so it can be fixed. Only way IMHO.


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