Secrets, Deceptions, and JUSTICE!

Yep, Trump and team KNEW. I told you guys, Q was NEVER about 2016, it was ALWAYS about 2020; go back and re-read Q’s drops, especially the EARLY ones. Q was looking FORWARD, not backward. 2016 was OVER, so HOW do you get them ALL for what they did?

You set a trap for what you KNOW they were going to do in 2018, and 2020. It is ALL the EXACT same people.

Trump and team LET them steal the House in 2018, to make SURE they knew JUST how they did it…to the T.

He then went about setting up CONTINGENCIES for 2020…think TRAPS.

FIRST he secured the election via the Sept 2018 Election Interference EO. Making the election CRITICAL US INFRASTRUCTURE. Secured by WHOM? THE MILITARY.

Then he put FISA’s in SECRET, on ALl the Cabal players, to SEE just what, when, where, how, and WHO were going to DO IT. He did that in SECRET.

Want to let me let you in on a secret, one I have suspected for some time..may as well spill it, since we are WELL in the END game….READY?

THAT is why NOTHING was delassed..YET.

THAT is why NO ONE is indicted YET

THAT is why Durham was named a Special Concil.

THAT is why nothing has been revealed YET.

Durham and Barr got FISA’s on them ALL, and surveilled EVERYTHING.

They will NOT reveal them till it is TIME…and that day is VERY VERY NEAR.

The Cabal STILL think they got away with it. LMAO…”Them DEAD and them not even know it”, with apologies to Screw Face from Marked for Death..

I kept asking you…HOW did we get ALl those pristine in focus videos and AUDIO…which I told you was COMING…it HIT a little tease today….from GA, and Ralph Jones telling people to leave. just WAIT, There is going to be a LOT more.

I told you the MILITARY was surveilling (NOW) and recoreded it ALL on the election.

BUT, HOW did the Military KNOW WHO, WHERE, and WHEN to watch?

Barr, and Durham…got FISA’s. They have, as Q said, ALL their comms. They KNEW just what was coming, because dems and the Cabal are ARROGANT, STUPID, and VAIN.

They THOUGHT they would EASILY get away with this. N O P E!

They are…CAUGHT in a TRAP.


The Military has ALL the election intel, including Special opperators ON THE GROUND inside the fraud teams, yes, EVEN Domninion, even GA, even SCTYL, EVEN PA and ALL the rest.

WHERE do you THINK all the stats, videos, photos, and now AUDIO iscoming from? Watnick and Flynn’s ex team.

BUT, FIRST, Barr and Durham had to get just WHO, WHERE, and WHEN to watch. The Military is GREAT, and they have FANTASTIC capabilities, but not even THEY are good enough to be THAT GA, and believe me, EVERYWHERE else in this FRAUD.

They got a HEADS UP. See, that EO play in AGAIN.

That EO in Sept 2018, that the dems DEMANDED..LOL.

READ IT. It authorizes the Dept of Homeland Security, the Treasury, The Attorney General, and ANY OTHER AGENCY deemed necessary to do all it can to find, prevent, and PUNISH ANY “foreign” election interference….HI XI*…slepping well…LOL NOT for LONG.

Barr REASSIGNED Durham WHEN…IN SECRET…October? Durham is NOW a Special Council…gee, WHAT was Durham’s ORIGINAL charge? That’s right to look into the investigation of Trump and “Russian” interference conducted by team swamp. Russian ELECTION INTERFERENCE.

Ah, now you are beginning to SEE.

Q said it about a year ago…FISA’s go BOTH WAYS. Durham has had a FISA on most of team Cabal for OVER a YEAR. They were the PRIMMER…they got the INITIAL intel, then the MILITARY took over, but Barr and Durham are not done…YET.

Once the election is REVERSED, thanks to the Military watching and recording…providing ALL the evidence of FRAUD, THEN Barr and Durham circle back AROUND…then THEY get to prosecute the FRAUDSTERS, and ALl their misdeeds come to light.

See, this was a VERY complex sting. The Military CANNOT surveil US citizens…or even FOREIGN ones…ONLY ENEMIES. BUT, they CAN PROTECT critical US infrastructure. THey CAN use ALL their means and Intel like DIA and Cyber command to do it..SPECIAL OPERATORS too.

NOW, the DOJ, FBI, and CIA CAN surveil US and foreign people. FBI domestically, and CIA in foreign lands. Bu, see, THEY are NOT trustworthy. THEY had to be OUT of the loop ENTIRELY. Hence using Durham, and BARR, EXCLUSIVELY.

POTUS charged Barr, and BARR alone with the declassification of 2016 and BEFORE. A CLASSIC MISDIRECTION. Sessions and then Barr appointed, and REASIGNED Durham. NO LEAKS at ALL. Unusual? in DC? YOU BET!

Barr gave Durham ONE job. See, we ALL fell for it. We ALL thought Durham was looking BACK, and MAYBE originall he WAS. But his REAL charge was looking FORWARD. Forward to 2020. ALL the EXACT same PEOPLE as 2016. Q ALWAYS said things have double and TRIPLE meanings.

FUTURE proves PAST. 2020 PROVES 2016

think MIRROR…as in server mirror…but also as in OPPOSITE. MISDIRECTION

Think you are looking BACK, when you are REALLY looking FORWARD.


I ALWAYS wondered WHERE and WHEN they REALLY got Hunter’s laptop, and WHY we NEVER saw Anwan’s, or Weiners. Because they are EVIDENCE in the GREATEST STING op of ALL time.

WHEN the Military provides THE smoking gun evidence to the SCOTUS in the next week, PROVING FRAUD, and TREASON by allowing foreign interference, using FOREIGN money, FOREIGN servers, and FOREIGN conspirators, collaborators, and COMPANIES, the election gets FLIPPED…the FRAUD is ELIMINATED via SCOTUS, Trump WINS, maybe the House and Senate too.

BUT, that is NOT all. GUESS who gets to come BACK into the picture to PROSECUTE that election fraud and TREASON? That’s right, Barr and SPECIAL COUNSEL Durham.

They will have all their ORIGINAL evidence..IE the PLANNED conspiracy to FRAUD of the Presidential election. Plus, thanks to the Military INTEL, videos, audio, infiltrators, computers, voting machines, tabulators, phony mail in ballots, AND the DOMINION SERVERS. They have it ALL. a COMPLETE forensic trail from vote to tabulator to server and back. IP packets and ALL.

There will be Dominion, dem operatives, election officials, state officials, Hi Kemp and Rassenberg. There will ALSO be team Biden, the Chinese money men, Soros, Stacy Abrams, Zuckerberg, Gates, various MSM, Obama, and any othe rpol or pundit involved. ALL on video, and AUDIO. RICO…CONSPIRACY against the US…Still wonder WHY Rudy is the LEAD?

Wonder WHY they tried to kill him with weaponized Covid?

Wonder WHY the NY Times and WAPO put out that HIT piece on Durham?

Wonder WHY they NY Times and WAPO put out the DISINFO on Barr?

Somebody in team Cabal has figured out that they are NOT the wolves, THEY were the SHEEP.

DDAY is coming. The CLIMAX of the show. Were you paying attention?

COINCIDENCE that Sullivan FINALLY gave up on Flynn?

NO, He was FORCED to.

Shit is about to get DEEP, and those FOOLED are about to have their worlds turned upside down. They NEVER saw this coming. They THOUGHT Trump was an idiot. They THOUGHT they FIUNALLY got him. LMAO…NOPE.

Trup is ABOUT to DRAIN THE SWWAMP, be re-elected, and put MOST of his enemies away for GOOD. ALL in one fell swoop. BIBLICAL

Coincidence that TEXAS filed a SCOTUS lawsuit against ALL the big fraud states? GA, PA, MI, WI?

MORE than enough to flip the election? ALL in ONE. AZ is gonna do it via legislature and an audit, NO SCOTUS needed. NV will come later, maybe MORE too. But, Trump “lost in SCOTUS today” LOL, NO MORE misdirection. Texas, now joined by at least 8 states at the time of this writing, was ALWAYS the plan. EQUAL protection.

The SCOTUS cannot ALLOW the votes in GA, PA, MI, and WI, that are FRAUDS, disenfranchise the OTHER states votes. The 4 states CANNOT be treated DIFFERENTLY, special, by dems, while the others were NOT.

ONLY one remedy. THROW OUT all the FRAUD. LOL been saying it. RESET till @ 130 AM on Nov 4th, the LAST real count. TRUMP WINS.

THAT is an acceptable REMEDY. THAT is what Texas and 8 more ASKED FOR. they will be GRANTED…5-4.

Trump wins, THEN the FUN above begins…as Harvey Keitel told Nick Cage in National Treasure. ” Somepon’e got to go to Prison Ben”

Tell me, does this show deserve an Academy award for best picture?

5 thoughts on “Secrets, Deceptions, and JUSTICE!

  1. REMEMBER POTUS + AG can get a ONE YEAR FISA WITHOUT THE COURTS so just two people and the trusted operatives are involved.

    Now does the AG Session – POTUS ‘feud’ make sense? Remember it was AG Sessions who ORIGINALLY set Durham on the trail.

    I am sure Admiral Rogers and General Flynn were both well aware of China buying/blackmailing our politicians and Wall Street. They would have clued POTUS in on what ever he was not already aware of.

    Then there is Ezra Cohen-Watnick. I am sure he had a critical part to play in the Hunting of Traitors. Remember he spent time under AG Sessions.

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      1. I am thinking that we have not seen the last of Jeff Sessions. Because of his connection to the Trump campaign and Russia, Russian, Russia he HAD to leave and a ‘neutral’ aka Bill Barr had to step in for this phase of the operation.

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